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陕西省中医院消化病收费贵吗陕西省胃泰医院收费好不好延安市妇幼保健院消化病要预约吗 Whole Foods Market全食超市Victim of success成功的受害者A peddler of pricey organic and natural foods finds it has competition贩售昂贵的天然有机食品的商贩发现了竞争对手but itll cost you但是售价太高了THE colourful chalkboards and baskets of fruit that greet customers at the entrances of Whole Foods Markets shops paint a rosy picture. Yet shares in the American seller of organic and natural food have fallen by more than 40% since hitting a peak last October, in a period when stockmarkets have been strong.在全食超市的入口处,色斑斓的的黑板画和篮筐里五颜六色的水果迎接着顾客,描绘出一幅乐观的景象。然而美国的天然有机食品售卖者的利润自去年10月触及峰值后,已经下降超过40%,这一时期股票市场一直很强劲。It is not that the retailer is in immediate crisis: its latest quarterly figures, on July 30th, showed sales and profits both up a bit. And it is not that people are going off the idea of paying more for food produced without chemical fertilisers, pesticides or additives: the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements reckons that the industrys worldwide revenues were a record of 63 billion in 2012; and Techsci Research, a market-research firm, predicts that the American market for such foods—the worlds largest—may grow by 14% by 2018.这并不是说零售商的危机迫在眉睫:7月30日,最新一季度的数据显示其销售收入和利润都有所回升。这并不是说人们不想花更多的钱来购买在生产过程中不施用化肥、杀虫剂和添加剂的食品,国际有机农业运动联合会估计,世界范围内此行业2012年年收入为630亿;据一家名为Techsci Research的市场调查公司预测,到2018年,此类食品的世界第一大市场——美国市场的增长也许会达到14%。The problem is that at Whole Foods, shoppers have been paying way over the cost of regular produce, and its success in getting them to do so has now attracted a lot of competitors, from rival organics chains like Sprouts and Trader Joes to mass-market retailers like Walmart and Costco. As a result, the price premium for organic produce is crashing down. On a recent shopping trip, a pound of organic apples cost 2.99 at Whole Foods but just 1.99 at Sprouts and even less at Costco.问题是,在全食超市,消费者购买农产品的花费比其常规生产成本高很多,且如今全食超市的成功已经吸引来更多的竞争对手,从有机生产链竞争对手如Sprouts和Trader Joes到大众市场零售商如沃尔玛、好事多。因此,有机农产品的溢价空间骤缩。近来在各大市场走一圈,一磅有机苹果在全食超市要2.99美元,而在Sprouts仅需1.99美元,在好事多超市价钱甚至更低。The firm has been trimming costs to keep its margins up, but the slump in its share price reflects investors expectation that this cannot continue, that profits will suffer and that Whole Foods dominance of the market is coming to an end.全食公司正削减成本以维持利润空间,但其股价的暴跌反映了投资者的预期:这不能继续,利润就会受到影响,以至于全食公司的市场主导地位将会被终结。That the company has had to recall a number of products—in late July it and other grocers recalled plums and peaches suspected of contamination with Listeria bacteria—has made it harder to maintain an air of superiority over its competitors. Organic foods claim to superiority is questionable anyway. Both Britains Food Standards Agency and the Annals of Internal Medicine, a journal, concluded after reviewing the extensive studies on the issue that there is no substantial difference in the nutritiousness of organics and non-organics. In some respects organics may be bad for the environment, because growing them uses land less efficiently than non-organics.全食公司不得不召回大量农产品——在7月下旬,全食公司以及其他零售商召回了怀疑受到李斯特菌污染的梅子和桃子,这使其更难维持其竞争优势。无论如何,有机食品所宣称的优势存在问题。英国食品标准局与《内科医学年鉴》杂志,在对此问题的广泛研究进行审查后得出结论:有机食品和非有机食品在营养成分上没有实质的区别。在某些方面,有机食品也许会对环境不利,因为种植有机蔬菜比种植非有机蔬菜的土地使用效率低。As for “natural” foods, there is no official definition of this, inAmericaat least; so the label, which Whole Foods also applies to many products, is close to meaningless. Alan McHughen, a botanist at theUniversityofCalifornia,Riverside, argues that the whole industry is “99% marketing and public perception,” reeling people in through a fabricated concept of a time when food, and life in general, was simple and wholesome.对于“天然”食品,没有官方定义,至少在美国没有;因此全食公司在其许多产品上贴上此类标签,近乎毫无意义。加州大学河畔分校的植物学家Alan McHughen认为,整个行业就是99%的市场营销和公众看法,这些把人们卷入一个被捏造的观念中:这个时代,食物和日常生活就是简单与健康。If true, the trick has worked nicely for Whole Foods. But its success has attracted so many imitators that it is losing its uniqueness. Even recent speculation about a takeover bid has failed to lift its shares. It may insist its food is sustainable. But it seems its prices are not.如果真是如此,这招对全食公司很有帮助。但它的成功吸引来如此多的效仿者以至于它正失去其独特性。甚至最近,一个关于收购全食公司的炒作也未能提振其股价。它也许坚持认为其食品是可持续发展的。但似乎其食品的售价并非如此。 /201408/318059Don: Hey Yaeuml;l, I was wondering–why dont we hear much about the moon anymore? 嘿,Yaeuml;l,我在想——为什么我们现在没什么跟月球相关的消息了呢?Yaeuml;l: Whadya mean, Don? Don,你是什么意思?D: Its just that back in the 1960s and 70s, sending astronauts to the moon was a big deal, but nobody talks much about it anymore. 早在二十世纪六七十年代的时候,送宇航员上月球是个天大的事儿,但却没什么人再谈论这件事儿。Y: Well, actually NASA is planning to send astronauts back to the moon. 事实上,NASA正计划送宇航员重返月球。D: Really? 真的吗?Y: Yep. And this time theres talk of building a lunar base where astronauts can stay for weeks and months at a time to conduct experiments in low gravity. 对呀。这次他们说要建立一个月球基地,宇航员一次可以停留几周或几个月在低重力的条件下进行实验。D: Cool. 很棒啊。Y: But there are a few kinks to work out–like what to do about moon dust. 但还存在几个问题要解决——比如说月球尘埃怎么办。D: Wait. Why is moon dust a problem? 等等。为什么月球尘埃会是个问题?Y: Well, for one thing, it has chemical properties that resemble fresh fractured quartz, which is pretty toxic. 嗯,一方面,它的化学性质,像断裂的石英,那是有剧毒的。And moon dust is clingy; it gets all over spacesuits and inside space capsules.而且月球尘埃很有依附性,太空太空舱里面都会有。Astronauts from the 60s and 70s used to complain that there was so much dust inside the capsule that they could smell it. 二十世纪六七十年代的宇航员们曾经抱怨,太空舱里面有太多的灰尘,甚至他们都能闻得到。D: So is the dust actually dangerous? What happens if it gets in the lungs? 那么灰尘对身体有害吗?如果它进入肺里会怎样?Y: Thats what scientists are studying now. 那就是科学家们现在正在研究的。One issue is that the moons weak gravity could allow dust particles to float around in an astronauts airway, which could let moon dust penetrate deeper into the lungs. 一个问题就是,月球的低重力会让尘埃粒子飘进宇航员的导气管,这可能让月球尘埃更深地穿透进人的肺部。D: Which increases the health risks.这就增加了健康风险。So what can astronauts do to breath in less dust? High-tech feather dusters? 那么怎么做才可以让宇航员吸入较少的粉尘?高科技的鸡毛掸子吗?Y: Funny. But its a good question–one that scientists are busy looking into before sending astronauts up there to set up house on our very dusty moon. 太逗了。不过这确实是个好问题。这是科学家们正在忙于调查的问题,要在将宇航员们送上太空造房生活之前解决的问题。201308/251148咸阳第一人民医院胃肠科电话号码是多少

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平凉第一人民医院胃肠科预约Business in the UAE阿联酋商业Improving the desert climate提升沙漠气候A draft companies law in the emirates is a bit disappointing阿联酋的公司法草案不孚众望FOREIGN investment is flooding back, the malls are filling with shoppers and deals are being struck: business in the ed Arab Emirates is booming once again. The IMF this month upgraded its forecast for the emirates economic growth in 2014 from 3.9% to 4.4%.外国投资如潮水席卷而来,商场里顾客肩接踵交易量激增:阿联酋的商业再次繁荣,国际货币基金组织对阿联酋2014年经济增长的预算从3.9%上调到4.4%。As memories of the crisis recede, companies are remembering the reasons that make the emirates attractive. The high income of the population, 84% of whom are expatriates, is one. Geography is another. The country is conveniently located between Europe and Asia, with two world-class airlines, Emirates and Etihad.随着金融危机的记忆消退,很多公司正慢慢记住让阿联酋有如此吸引力的原因:一方面源于人口的高收入,其中84%是外籍人士。另一方面是阿联酋地处亚欧之间的地理位置,拥有两个世界级的航空公司—阿联酋航空和阿提哈德航空。The UAE has done a lot to make life easy for firms, keeping paperwork to a minimum and moving much of it online. It comes 23rd out of 189 economies in the World Banks latest ranking for the ease of doing business, the highest in a region that has seen a tumultuous few years. It takes only eight days to set up a business, three fewer than the average for the OECD, a club of mostly rich states. “Two years ago Id have said the UAE does well relative to the region,” says Habib al-Mulla of the Dubai office of Baker amp; McKenzie, a law firm. “Today Id say it globally, too.”阿联酋在为让企业生活方便上做了很多的事情,比如文书工作在线以保持最小化移动。 阿联酋在世界最新的189个经济体的商业排行榜上名列第23位,成为混乱的几年里在该地区中最高的。只需八天的时间,阿联酋就能够成立一个企业,用时平均比作为大多数富裕国家的俱乐部的经合的成员国少三倍。“两年前我会说阿联酋是一个相对的区域。”迪拜的一个法律公Baker amp; McKenzie的办公室人员Habib al-Mulla说,“而今天,我要说它一样是全球化的”On April 13th the countrys president, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan, signed into law a measure to promote smaller firms by giving them greater access to official contracts and loans. Yet businesspeople are disappointed by a draft of a broader companies law, which is expected to be sanctioned soon. The bill fails to solve the two big problems hampering business in the emirates. First is the lack of a proper insolvency regime that makes clear the duties of a firms directors and the rights of its creditors if it hits financial trouble. Despite its high overall rating, the UAE comes 101st on this score in the World Banks ratings. Such minor matters as being late paying a phone bill may be treated as criminal offences rather than civil matters; businessmen tell tales of colleagues going to the airport only to be told they are banned from travelling.四月十三日,国家总统哈利法·本·扎耶德·阿勒纳哈扬,签署相关法律文件,一个重要举措即通过给予更多的官方合同贷款来促进小型企业的发展。然而,商人们对一个预计将很快批准的公司法草案普遍感到失望。货币未能解决的两大问题阻碍了阿联酋的业务发展。首先是一个一旦公司陷入财务困境,能够明确公司董事义务和债权人权利的合适的破产制度。尽管它的总评价较高,但这件事上阿联酋在世界的排行第101。诸如此类的小事,比如延期付电话账单可能被视为刑事犯罪而非民事;比如商人告诉同事去机场,却被告知他们被禁止旅行的故事。The second issue the proposed legislation leaves untouched is foreign ownership. International businesses that set up local limited-liability companies, as most do, can own only 49% of them, and thus must find trustworthy local partners. Dubai has created several “free” zones, where full foreign ownership is allowed, but the other emirates have been slow to follow. Analysts reckon that full liberalisation of ownership would attract more businesses.第二个是立法留下不变的外国所有权的问题。国际企业建立在阿联酋设立有限责任公司,无论做多少,都只能拥有公司百分之四十九的份额,因此,企业必须在当地寻找可靠的合作伙伴。迪拜创造了几个允许全外资所有权的“免费”地带,但其他酋长国照做的速度却很缓慢。分析师们认为,企业所有权的全面开放将会吸引更多的企业。Investor protection is another worry. The UAE has made progress: its courts tend to recognise the decisions of foreign arbitral tribunals. But enforcing contracts can be tricky, and the new law does not help much. Its biggest potential benefit is its lowering of the percentage that companies must float in an IPO from 55% to 30%. This should encourage more family-owned firms, hitherto worried about losing control, to raise capital to expand.投资者保护是另一个迫在眉睫的问题。阿联酋已取得的进步:其法院倾向于承认外国仲裁法庭的决定。然而,合同的执行却是棘手的,并且新法律对此并没有多大的帮助。其最大的潜在的好处是它降低了公司IPO指数必须浮动在55%到30%之间百分比的。这将给更多一直担心因为提高资本扩大规模而使的公司失控的的家族企业以信心。Further legislation on insolvency and foreign ownership is promised. But when things go well in the Gulf, as they now are, the authorities tend to lose interest in reform. Still, businessmen agree that the UAEs advantages far outweigh its handicaps. Fadi Malas, the boss of Just Falafel, a local fast-food operator, says it is ideal not just as a place to do business but as a springboard for expanding across the region and beyond:plans are in hand for the chain, currently 55 outlets, to grow to more than 900 worldwide. Like the Lebanese-British Mr Malas, entrepreneurs choose the UAE over neighbouring countries not least because it has both electricity and stability—two things other places sorely lack.当局在关于破产和外国所有权进一步的立法问题上给出了承诺。但当事情顺利发展的时候,当局却失去了改革的兴趣。总是如此,在商人们的心中,阿联酋的优点远远大于它给的障碍。一位当地的快餐店经营者,ust Falafel的老板Fadi Malas说,阿联酋不仅是一个做生意的好地方,还是一个可以扩展到整个地区甚至地区以外的跳板:他计划的产业链条是,目前55家店成长到超过全球900家的数量。像黎巴嫩籍英国人Malas先生一样,企业家们选择在众多邻国中选择阿联酋,至少是看中了其他国家和地区所缺乏的电力资源和稳定的环境。 /201404/291437 西安胃泰胃病科医院网上咨询西安省人民医院胃病胃肠地址在哪

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