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Infertility rate rises in young generation80后成不不育主力军 Recent surveys show infertility rate is on the rise in Chinese between the ages 25 and 30, Xkb.com.cn reported. 据新快网报道,最新调查显示,我国25岁至30岁人群中,不不育者的数量正在上升。 Repeated abortions, excessive sex and unhealthy bodyweight have all lead to this rise, Dr. Zhang Meimei, a chief gynecologist in Guangzhou Women's Hospital, said. 广州女子医院张梅梅主任表示,反复流产、性生活过于频繁和不健康的体重都导致了这一趋势。 Zhang said that repeated abortions will severely damage the women's physical functions, resulting in infertility. 张梅梅医生说,反复流产会严重损害女性生理机能,导致不。 Zhang also said young couples who plan to have children tend to be indulgent in sex, wishing to increase the odds. "That's also bad for health and will reduce the ability to have children," Zhang said. 她还说很多夫妻为了能早日生育,不控制性生活频率,“那对健康不利,而且也会降低生育能力”。 Moreover, unhealthy bodyweight -- too heavy and too thin—may also be a major cause, Zhang said, adding that first-time pregnancy is the most important, and young couples should cherish it. 此外,体重过胖或过瘦也是不不育的主要原因。张医生还提醒,第一次怀非常重要,夫妇都要特别珍惜。 /201110/158859Men hit on hotties despite their own unattractiveness, study confirms. 最新的一项研究实了人们的一个常识:不管多么差劲的男人都会自认为自己能赢得美女的芳心。 ;You#39;re prettier than I am,; Seth Rogen#39;s character drunkenly slurs to Katherine Heigl at one point in the 2007 movie ;Knocked Up.; Now a new study confirms what most of us have known all along: Men, no matter how unattractive, think they#39;ve got a chance with beautiful women. 在《Knocked Up》的一幕场景中,Seth Rogen扮演的角色醉醺醺的对Katherine Heigl嘟哝:“你比我漂亮!”最新的一项研究实了人们的一个常识:不管多么差劲的男人都会自认为自己能赢得美女的芳心。 Researchers studied ratings and dating information from 16,550 members during a 10-day period in 2005. All members studied were heterosexual, with 75 percent males and 25 percent female. 研究者研究了2005年10天内16550个会员的得分和约会情况。所有被试的性取向均为正常,其中 75%为男性,25%为女性。 Using this data, they determined that the physical attractiveness of a potential mate was more important to men than women. And men were less likely than women to think that their own lack of attractiveness — based both on a self assessment and the ratings of others — should stand in the way of a date with someone ;hot.; 通过这些数据,研究者认为,男性比女性更看重未来伴侣的外表。比起女性来,男性较少考虑这个问题:自身缺乏吸引力——不管是自认为的还是在别人看来——会阻碍自己与有“魅力”的人进行约会。 Maybe men think women have all ;The Frog Prince; and taken it to heart, allowing us to look past an ugly exterior in the search for inner beauty. Or perhaps it#39;s that men have internalized the messages in the popular media: movies like ;Knocked Up,; where the slacker hero lands a beautiful babe, or TV shows like ;According to Jim,; in which a difficult, slobby guy is coupled with a gorgeous wife. 也许男人以为女人都看过《青蛙王子》的故事并铭记在心,于是我们女人可以追寻男人的内在美而忽略男人的丑陋外表。或者,男人内化了大众传媒传递的信息:比如《Knocked Up》这样的电影,一个懒鬼赢得了美女的芳心;比如《According to Jim》这样的电视剧,一个麻烦、糟糕的男人娶到了漂亮的老婆。 The lead author of the study, Leonard Lee, an assistant professor at Columbia#39;s Graduate School of Business, thinks these far-fetched movie and TV couples might explain why unfortunate-looking men tend to hold out such high hopes. But he wonders whether the unattractive guys eventually learn that their chances are slim regardless of what they see on screen. There#39;s another important finding in the study, he says: The 10s among us, both male and female, want only to date other 10s. 该研究的主要作者,哥伦比亚大学商学院副教授 Leonard Lee认为,电影、电视剧中那些不般配的夫妻也许能够解释为什么那些貌似倒霉的男人会抱有如此高的期望。但他不知道那些缺乏魅力的男人最终是否会明白,在现实中,他们的机会渺茫。该研究还有一个重要的发现:不管男女,都想要跟别人约会。 There are hints in the HOTorNOT.com data that suggest men do learn to accept their limitations: They apparently hedge their bets by asking for more dates. In fact, the men in the study requested a full 240 percent more dates than the women. Researchers didn#39;t look at how many of these online come-ons were successful, but the number of dates most men asked for might be a sign that the less attractive among us — even the men — recognize that they may have to settle for dating someone who is closer to them on the ;hotness; scale. 来自HOTorNOT.com的数据提示,男人须要学会接受自己的局限:他们显然应该邀请更多的约会,以增加成功的几率。事实上,研究中的男性提请约会的次数整整是女性的2.4倍。研究者并不关注这类在线的“勾引”有多少会成功,而是关注大多数男性发起的约会数量,这也许是个信号:缺乏吸引力的女性——甚至包括男性——满足于与自己“魅力”指数近似的异性约会。 ;Good looking people are always looking for other good looking people,; says Helen Fisher, a professor at Rutgers University who studies mating behavior and romantic love. “漂亮的人总是追求漂亮的人”,该研究外的另一位学者、专门研究交配行为和浪漫爱情的罗格斯大学教授 Helen Fisher说。 ;And ultimately, men figure their own good looks are not as important as a woman#39;s,; says Fisher, who wasn#39;t involved with the study. ;They figure they#39;re selling a whole lot of things that women want that aren#39;t associated with being attractive.; “最终,男性发现他们自己的美貌并不像女性的美貌那样重要。他们发现,虽然他们兜售了一大堆女性希望的东西,但这不会使他们变得富有吸引力。” Besides, from an evolutionary perspective, men are simply looking for the woman most likely to produce a strong healthy baby — so that means they#39;re often focused on physical attractiveness. 此外,从进化的角度来看,男人追求女人多半只是为了繁衍强壮、健康的后代——因此他们常常只关心女人的外表。 ;Men might as well reach for the stars,; says William Pollack, a Harvard University psychologist and the director of the Center for Men and Young Men at McLean Hospital. ;Women are the ones who are going to have the baby. They need to be a little more picky.; “男人也可以伸手去摘星追梦,”哈佛大学心理学家、McLean 医院男性及青年男性中心主任William Pollack 说,“但只有女人能怀,所以她们需要多一些挑剔。 In the end, there might be some signs that boorish boys know they#39;re overreaching — and that may be expressed in the level of their braggadocio. 最后,也许有一些粗俗的男人发现自己过了头的迹象——这表现在他们吹牛的程度中。 When a really attractive man is interested in a date, Brody says, he#39;s quieter and more cautious. ;He#39;ll come back a bunch of times and try to get to know me before asking,; she adds. 当一个真正有吸引力的男人想要约会时,” Brody说,“他会更加平静、小心。”“他会仔细思考,并且在约我之前试着了解我。”她补充道。 /201204/177415

It#39;s a common complaint: Fly on a crowded plane and come home with a cold. What#39;s in the air up there?经常有这样的抱怨:搭乘了一班拥挤的飞机,回到家就感冒了。机舱的空气中究竟充满了什么?Air travelers suffer higher rates of disease infection, research has shown. One study pegged the increased risk for catching a cold as high as 20%. And the holidays are a particularly infectious time of year, with planes packed full of families with all their presents and all those germs.研究表明,航空旅客感染疾病的比率比一般人要高。某项研究更是显示,航空旅客染上感冒的风险较一般人高出了20%之多。尤其是各种假期,往往成为一年当中最容易被传染疾病的时间段,飞机上到处是举家出游的人们,而与他们同行的,还有各种各样的病菌。Air that is recirculated throughout the cabin is most often blamed. But studies have shown that high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters on most jets today can capture 99.97% of bacterial and virus-carrying particles. That said, when air circulation is shut down, which sometimes happens during long waits on the ground or for short periods when passengers are boarding or exiting, infections can sp like wildfire.最常遭到诟病的是空气在机舱内的循环流动。但研究表明,如今大部分飞机上的高效微粒空气过滤器能够滤掉99.97%的细菌和病毒微粒。然而,当空气不流通时,例如飞机在地面等候时间过长时或者乘客上下机的时间,细菌和病毒就可能像瘟疫一样快速散播。One well-known study in 1979 found that when a plane sat three hours with its engines off and no air circulating, 72% of the 54 people on board got sick within two days. The flu strain they had was traced to one passenger. For that reason, the Federal Aviation Administration issued an advisory in 2003 to airlines saying that passengers should be removed from planes within 30 minutes if there#39;s no air circulation, but compliance isn#39;t mandatory.Jason Schneider安检区域可能会让人感觉不适。等待安检的队伍中充满了咳嗽和打喷嚏的声音;乘客的鞋子脱掉后与其它随身物品一起被放在塑料箱里,而这些塑料箱经过扫描仪后一般并不会得到清洁。1979年进行的一项广为传播的研究发现,在熄火且无空气流通的飞机上连续坐三个小时后,54名乘客中有72%的人在两天内病倒了。在其中一名乘客身上,研究人员发现了导致其他乘客病倒的流感病毒株。鉴于此,2003年,美国联邦航空(Federal Aviation Administration)向航空公司发出一个通告,提出在机舱空气不流通的情况下,乘客应当在30分钟内得到转移。但该通告并不具有强制性。Much of the danger comes from the mouths, noses and hands of passengers sitting nearby. The hot zone for exposure is generally two seats beside, in front of and behind you, according to a study in July in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.很大一部分传染风险来自邻座乘客的口、鼻和手。美国疾病控制与预防中心(U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)主办的杂志《新发传染病》(Emerging Infectious Diseases)刊登的一项在7月份进行的研究显示,在飞机上最容易传染疾病的高危险区域一般是你旁边、前面及后面的两个座位。A number of factors increase the odds of bringing home a souvenir cough and runny nose. For one, the environment at 30,000 feet enables easier sp of disease. Air in airplanes is extremely dry, and viruses tend to thrive in low-humidity conditions. When mucous membranes dry out, they are far less effective at blocking infection. High altitudes can tire the body, and fatigue plays a role in making people more susceptible to catching colds, too.一些客观事实也增大了航空旅客下飞机后染上咳嗽和流鼻涕症状的风险。例如,距离地面三万英尺的高度令病菌更容易传播。机舱内空气极其干燥,病毒在低湿环境下更容易存活。而当粘膜过干时,阻隔病菌的能力就会大大减弱。高海拔也容易令人体感到疲倦,因此使人更容易受到感冒的侵袭。Also, viruses and bacteria can live for hours on some surfaces岸some viral particles have been found to be active up to a day in certain places. Tray tables can be contaminated, and seat-back pockets, which get stuffed with used tissues, soiled napkins and trash, can be particularly skuzzy. It#39;s also difficult to know what germs are lurking in an airline#39;s pillows and blankets.此外,病毒和细菌在某些物体的表面能够存活长达数小时──据发现,一些病毒微粒在某些地方的存活时间甚至长达一整天。折叠餐桌就可能被污染,座椅靠背上的袋子装满了用过的纸巾、脏餐布和各种垃圾,更容易藏污纳垢。还有飞机上提供的枕头和毯子,也很难知道有哪些病菌藏在上面。Research has shown how easily disease can sp. Tracing influenza transmission on long-haul flights in 2009 with passengers infected with the H1N1 flu strain, Australian researchers found that 2% passengers had the disease during the flight and 5% came down within a week after landing. Coach-cabin passengers were at a 3.6% increased risk of contracting H1N1 if they sat within two rows of someone who had symptoms in-flight. That increased risk for post-flight disease doubled to 7.7% for passengers seated in a two-seat hot zone.研究告诉我们,疾病很容易传播。2009年,一些澳大利亚研究人员追踪了感染H1N1流感病毒的乘客在长途飞机上的流感传播过程,他们发现,在乘坐同一航班的乘客中原本只有2%是病患,但结束飞行后的一周内有5%的乘客生了病。对于普通舱的乘客而言,如果距离其两排以内的某位乘客在飞行途中已有H1N1流感症状,那么该乘客感染H1N1流感病毒的风险将增加3.6%。而如果是前后两个座位之间的高危险区域,那么这种下机后染病的风险还会增加一倍多,达到7.7%。The epidemic of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2002-03 suggested a wider exposure zone, however. On one flight studied, one passenger sp a particular strain to someone seated seven rows away, while people seated next to the ill passenger didn#39;t contract the disease.不过,2002-2003年流行的严重急性呼吸系统综合症(SARS)似乎具有更广的传播能力。在一个接受研究的航班上,一名乘客将其携带的某种病毒株传染到了与其相隔七排座位之远的另一名乘客身上,而紧邻该患病乘客而坐的几位乘客却没被染上这种病毒。That said, most people sitting near someone who is ill probably won#39;t get sick. #39;When you get aboard an aircraft, most of us don#39;t have a say on who we sit next to. But that doesn#39;t doom you to catching the flu,#39; said Mark Gendreau of Boston#39;s Lahey Clinic Medical Center.波士顿莱黑临床医学中心(Lahey Clinic Medical Center)的马克bull;让德罗(Mark Gendreau)表示,大部分座位靠近患病乘客的人可能并不会生病。他称,大部分人在乘坐飞机时,都不会跟邻座的陌生人交谈。(与患病乘客)坐得近并不意味着你就会染上流感。In 2005, he was part of a team that published a paper in the Lancet that concluded the perceived risk for travelers was higher than the actual risk, and that#39;s still the case today, he said.2005年,让德罗参加的一个研究小组在《柳叶刀》杂志(The Lancet)上发表了一篇论文,指出乘客被传染疾病的实际风险并没有人们所以为的那么高。让德罗表示,现在情况依然如此。Even so, there are some basic precautions passengers can take to keep coughs away.尽管如此,航空旅客还是应该采取一些基本的预防措施,让感冒远离自己。Hydrate. Drinking water and keeping nasal passages moist with a saline spray can reduce your risk of infection.补水。多喝水,使用盐水喷雾剂,让鼻腔保持湿润,可减少被传染的风险。Clean your hands frequently with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. We often infect ourselves, touching mouth, nose or eyes with our own hands that have picked up something.勤洗手。用含酒精的洗手液勤加洗手,我们常常是用拿过东西的手接触自己的嘴巴、鼻子或眼睛后,传染了病毒。Use a disinfecting wipe to clean off tray tables before using. 在使用折叠餐桌前,先用消毒湿巾彻底清洁一遍。Avoid seat-back pockets.尽量不要使用座椅后背的口袋。Open your air vent, and aim it so it passes just in front of your face. Filtered airplane air can help direct airborne contagions away from you.打开座位上方的通风孔,调整风向,让风从你面前吹过。过滤后的机舱空气有助于将潜在传染源吹到别处。Change seats if you end up near a cougher, sneezer or someone who looks feverish. That may not be possible on very full flights, but worth a try. One sneeze can produce up to 30,000 droplets that can be propelled as far as six feet.如果你的座位附近有人咳嗽、打喷嚏或看起来像是在发烧,最好换个座位。当然,要是机舱已经坐满了人,换位置可能不太容易,但还是值得一试。一个喷嚏可能打到六英尺开外,里面含有约三万个细菌。Raise concerns with the crew if air circulation is shut off for an extended period.如果机舱内空气长时间不流通,可以向机组人员提出你的顾虑。Avoid airline pillows and blankets (if you find them).避免接触机上的枕头和毯子(如果有的话)。;If you take the proper precautions, you should do quite well,#39; said Dr. Gendreau. #39;In most of us, our immune system does what it was designed to do protect us from infectious insults.;让德罗表示,只要采取适当的预防措施,就能够起到很好的效果。对于我们大多数人来说,自身的免疫系统能够发挥应有的作用──将传染性病毒拒之门外。Hidden Dangers in Security安检处的传染隐患You think the plane is bad? Security checkpoints harbor a host of hazards as well, researchers say.你觉得飞机上很糟糕?研究人员发现,其实安检处也好不到哪里去。People get bunched up in lines, where there is plenty of coughing and sneezing. Shoes are removed and placed with other belongings into plastic security bins, which typically don#39;t get cleaned after they go through the scanner.人们一个挨着一个地排队等候安检,队伍中充满了咳嗽和打喷嚏的声音。鞋子脱掉后与其它随身物品一起被放在塑料箱里,这些塑料箱经过扫描仪后一般并不会得到清洁。A National Academy of Sciences panel is six months into a two-year study that is taking samples at airport areas to try to pinpoint opportunities for infection.美国国家科学院(National Academy of Sciences)的专家小组展开了一项为期两年的研究,旨在通过对机场各处区域进行采样分析,以精确定位传染风险。目前此项研究已经开展了六个月。With limited resources, airports and airlines have asked researchers to help figure out where best to target prevention, said Dr. Mark Gendreau of Boston#39;s Lahey Clinic Medical Center who is on the panel.让德罗是这个专家小组的一名成员。他表示,由于资源有限,机场和航空公司已经向研究人员寻求帮助,以找出哪些区域最应当采取防范措施。Check-in kiosks and baggage areas are other prime suspects in addition to security lines, he said.他补充道,除了安检通道,登机亭和行李处也是最受怀疑的高危区域。 /201201/166933

It#39;s one thing to want to get fit, but it#39;s a whole other thing to actually do it. Going from couch potato to enthusiastic exerciser takes some serious motivation and a fitness plan that#39;s easy to follow.想要减肥是一回事,可真正采取行动又是另一回事。从懒惰的沙发土豆一族变成充满热情的运动达人,需要强大的动力以及一套简单易行的减肥计划。We went to celebrity fitness guru David Kirsch;the man behind the bodies of Heidi Klum and Anne Hathaway;to get his tips for getting your butt off the couch and working out. His simple plan will help you get toned, without having to morph into a total gym rat.我们拜访了明星减肥专家大卫;克尔士(他可是名模海蒂;克拉姆和甜蜜公主安妮;海瑟薇美妙身材的背后功臣),看看他有什么建议能让你从沙发里爬起来,开始锻炼。他简单的减肥计划能帮助你完成蜕变,而且不需要变成一个健身狂人。Set Reasonable Goals制定合理的目标The easiest way to discourage yourself is to set an unreasonable goal;there will be no way for you to hit it and you#39;ll wind up getting frustrated and giving up. Kirsch recommends setting an obtainable goal, such as ;I want to lose five pounds,; or ;I want to fit into my skinny jeans.;制定一个不切实际的目标是最容易让自己泄气的;;你根本没有办法实现它,而且只会让自己越来越沮丧,最后放弃。克尔士建议大家制定一个可以实现的目标,比如 ;我想减掉5磅; 或者;我想穿上这条紧身牛仔裤;。It#39;s also important to be realistic about your time frame and the amount of exercise you do each day. Don#39;t start off at two hours a day;you#39;ll burn out. If you are not sure what you#39;re doing, find a good trainer or training material to guide you.为每天的运动时间和运动量做出一个合适的安排也非常重要。不要刚开始就每天锻炼两小时,你很快就会累垮的。如果你不确定应该怎么做,可以找一位好的教练或者看一些锻炼教程,以此来指导自己。Movement Exercise活动锻炼;You don#39;t need to go to the gym to exercise,; says Kirsch. The easiest way to start your new fitness routine is to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. When you get out of bed in the morning, before heading to the shower, do 15 knee bends, 15 lunges and 15 crunches. When you#39;re making breakfast, do some isometric contractions: squeeze and release your abs, your butt, your thighs. ;你没有必要去健身房锻炼,;克尔士说。要启动一项新的减肥计划,最简单的办法就是把它融入到你的日常生活中去。早上起床后别急着冲澡,先做15个屈膝运动,15个弓步训练和15个仰卧起坐。可以一边做早餐一边做一些肌肉收缩训练:收紧并放松你的腹肌、臀部和大腿。Get your body moving with a 10 minute express workout;be it yoga or stretching or cardio;every day before work. If you start that way and build from that, you#39;re more likely to stick with a program.每天工作之前都让你的身体做10分钟的快速锻炼,可以是瑜伽也可以是伸展运动或者有氧运动。如果你按照这样的方法开始锻炼,并且有所收获,那么你坚持下去的可能性会更大。Find Time For Fitness利用零碎时间减肥Feel like there#39;s no time in the day to squeeze in exercise? Kirsch says that any exercise is beneficial, no matter how little. The reality is that our lifestyles are conflicting and everyone has different physical needs for exercise. Ideally, you should be doing an hour of exercise a day, but if you can only find time for 10 minutes, than 10 minutes of focused training beats doing nothing.感觉挤不出时间来锻炼?克尔士说任何的运动都是有益的,不管时间长短。事实上我们的生活方式各不相同,每个人对于锻炼的生理需求也不一样。理想情况下,你应该每天锻炼1小时,但如果你只能锻炼10分钟,那这10分钟专心锻炼也比什么都不做要好得多。Stay Focused保持专注According to Kirsch, the number one biggest mistake women make while exercising is not focusing on what they are doing. That means no more cell phone, no more magazines and no more TV while you are working out. You need to make the most of your time at the gym while you are there. Sitting on the tmill and talking on the phone doesn#39;t give you the exercise you really need. Whatever you are doing, focus. Connect your brain and your body so you can really focus on what you are trying to accomplish.克尔士认为,女性在锻炼时犯的最大的错误在于不够专注。专注意味着在你锻炼时不打手机,不看杂志也不看电视。你要最大化利用自己运动的时间。坐在跑步机上讲电话可不会带给你所需要的运动强度。不论你做哪种运动,保持专注。让你的身心统一起来,这样你才能真正专注于你想要实现的目标。 /201203/174088

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