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How To Be a Good Friend on Howcast【视频文本】You like to think of yourself as a good friend, but are you really? If you’re not sure, it’s time to think about what makes a true pal.You Will NeedPatience Self-control Selflessness Step 1: Be willing to listen(合格的聆听者)Always be willing to listen to what the other person is telling you, even if sometimes it’s boring or makes you uncomfortable.Step 2: Don’t be judgmental(不要用审判的眼光看对方)Don’t be judgmental. Try to see your friend’s point of view. If you’re going to disagree, do it respectfully.Don’t give advice without being asked, or first asking if your friend would like your counsel. Sometimes people just want to vent.Step 3: Speak up(畅所欲言)That said, if your friend is doing something that is hurting her or someone else, you must speak up. Forcefully.Step 4: Don’t interrupt(不要打断对方)Don’t interrupt your friend. Cutting someone off shows that you are more interested in what you want to say than what they are telling you.Step 5: Be there when they need help(有难同当)Be there when they need help. Nothing ends a friendship faster than abandoning a friend in her time of need.Step 6: Be thoughtful(偶尔的礼物是有必要的)Be thoughtful. If you’re shopping and see a small item a buddy would like, buy it. Send cards just to let your friends know you value them.Step 7: Don’t take your friends for granted(不要想当然的)Don’t take your friends for granted. If you hear yourself thinking, “She’s my friend; she won’t mind,” stop and reconsider. It is precisely because she’s your friend that you shouldn’t take advantage of her.Good friends may help you live longer—one study found subjects with a wide circle of friends outlived loners by 22%! Article/201005/103753

  a~-Cy8t^+M@%Vkfu-2WFY8j0Azk*Bg,6Zo0[O*Wz_avAmerica is exploding across the continent.The economy is booming.整个美国从东到西呈现爆炸式的增长,经济蒸蒸日上Q]s49n|tnMdl5fK~Z。Cotton in the South,industry in the North.But the new nation is divided.南方的棉花种植业北方的工业,但这个新生国家内部却并不一致%e@DwK,ym4KL5@zNwL。In the land where all men are created equal,4 million black Americans live as slaves. And it#39;s tearing the nation apart.在一个人人生而平等的国度,四百万黑人过着奴隶的生活,它正在加剧着这个国家的分裂rLONRaq+;z5hbiA。We are pioneers and trailblazers. We fight for freedom. We transform our dreams into the truth. Our struggles will become a nation.我们是前锋,也是先驱,我们为自由而战,我们将梦想付诸现实,我们的奋斗将换来一个国家的新生4^5ZR9rd+6v+8#R@;7。1825. All over th e world, the modern era is being born. It#39;s the Industrial Revolution. America is racing to catch up.1825年,全世界迎来了现代化的曙光,工业革命来临,美国努力迎头追赶wU1c(u8fKJ。In upstate New York, a man-made river is cutting through the wilderness.在纽约州北部,一条人工运河正在郊野中开凿._BuhE,N#X%0Q。The Erie Canal is the biggest construction project in the Western world in the last 4,000 years. Over 300 miles long, dug entirely by hand, and America lacks a single qualified engineer.伊利运河是四千年来西方世界规模最大的建筑工程,全长超过300英里,完全由手工开凿,而当时美国连一名像样的工程师都没有gslJ_ElS+sumv~Xzvsu~。The ed States of America isn#39;t about to let nature stand in its way.美国人不会让大自然阻挡他们的去路LPY9-dy,sykiyFZK~^BF。I think of the spirit of America being imagination combined with tenacity. There#39;s a strong work ethic, a wonderful freedom of creation, combined with the mental muscle and physical labor.我认为美国精神是想象力与毅力的完美结合,人们有兢兢业业的工作精神,有可以尽情施展的创造力,加上脑力与体力相得益彰~0xCD*^jMe@G3MLj|GS。So to me, it represents the best of the human spirit.对我来说,它是人类精神的最高体现ztUR#QW^C1i。But the land doesn#39;t always cooperate. A wall of solid limestone 60 feet high. Just 30 miles from the finish line, Lake Erie.然而大自然并不见得愿意合作,一道60英尺高的石灰岩壁挡住了去路,仅仅30英里开外就是终点--伊利湖n1ux9JA0ca@;n4M;~q。The canal will change everything, linking the Atlantic Ocean to the whole middle of America.运河将会改变一切,将整个美国中部与大西洋连接起来,It changes where people live, and why, and turns the North into a global economic powerhouse.它改变人们的居住地点和人生追求把整个北方变成了全球经济中心U70#OT[@(F。;(;gO.NsF;0P(OLld[mQ~ShgI@|CgA,tF4KZ]5u. /201209/201654


  From arranging the meeting place, to dealing with alcohol, this covers all the important issues about dating safely.从安排见面地点,到饮酒,这段视频包含了安全约会的所有重要事项。Step 1: Personal details1.个人信息If you are planning a date with someone you have never met before think twice before you give out personal details.如果你计划和从未谋面的人约会,给出个人信息之前一定要三思。Step 2: Plan2.计划Have an exit plan arranged, and work out how you are going to get home in advance. Set up a buddy system with a friend whereby they call you while on your date.提前准备好撤退计划,想好怎样提前回家。安排一个好友在你约会的时候打个电话给你。Let someone know where you are going and if you change you plans.如果临时改变计划,一定要有人知道你到哪里去了。Step 3: Meeting place3.约会地点Meet somewhere busy and public. Take a friend along if you feel safer.在人流比较集中的公共场合约会。带上一个朋友可以让你感觉更加安全。Step 4: Instincts4.直觉Trust your instincts, if you feel uneasy there may be a reason why. Make your excuses and leave. Don#39;t arrange a second date.相信直觉,如果你感到不安,肯定有某种原因。找个借口离开。不要安排第二次约会。Step 5: Alcohol5.酒精Alcohol and drugs dull your awareness, loosens you inhibitions and reduces your ability to make safe choices.酒精和药物会迷惑你的理智,放松你的警惕,降低你做出安全选择的能力。Step 6: Threatening behaviour6.威胁行为Let the aggressor know they are making you uncomfortable. Don#39;t fight aggression with aggression, but be firm and assertive,try to diffuse the situation.让侵犯者知道他们让你感到不舒。不要针锋相对,但是一定要坚定,尽量缓解气氛。Make others aware of the situation. If need to use a personal shriek alarm to distract your aggressor so you can get away.让其他人意识到你处于困境。如果需要的话,可以尖叫来发出警报声,转移侵犯者的注意力,这样你就可以逃脱。Step 7: Ending the date7.结束约会Avoid inviting your date back to your home or going back to theirs. Wait until you know them better. If you do, mention you have a flat mate.千万不要带约会对象回家或者去对方家。等到你更深入的了解他们之后再做决定吧。你可以告诉他有人和你合租。The best defence is common sense.最好的防御方法都是常识。Thanks for watching How To Date Safely.感谢收看“怎样安全约会”视频节目。 Article/201211/208055

  This VideoJug film will show you how to create a household budget. By creating a household budget you can see where your money is coming from, and where it is going, so learn how to make a household budget with VideoJug#39;s help.这段视频将向你展示怎样制定家庭预算。通过制定家庭预算,你的钱从哪里来,花到什么地方都一目了然。所以,在VideoJug的帮助下学习怎样制定家庭预算。Step 1: You Will Need1.你需要A pen, paper and calculator OR a spsheet program on your computer.一笔,纸张,计算器或者电脑上的电子制表软件。All of your monthly bills and receipts, pay stubs and any other records of income and expenses.所有的每月账单和收据,工资条和其他任何收记录。Statements for your checking, savings and retirement accounts.票,存款或退休账单。Step 2: Tally Your Expenses2.合计总费用Start by listing all of your monthly expenses such as rent, mortgage, utilities, car payments and insurance. Use average amounts for bills that tend to fluctuate month to month.列出每个月所有出,例如租金,贷款,电费,汽车费用和保险。多个月进行平均,平衡每个月之间的差异。Then estimate how much you spend each month on essentials such as gas, groceries, clothing and other supplies that help keep your household running.然后计算每个月在必需品上面的花费,例如汽油,杂货,衣物和其他家庭生活所需的物品费用。Step 3: Tally Your Income3.计算收入Now that you know how much you spend, it#39;s time to see how much you earn.你已经知道了每个月的花费,现在应该来计算一下你的收入。Add up all of your sources of income: salary, tips, odd jobs, pyramid schemes and buried treasure.计算所有收入来源:薪水,消费,零工,销售提成和隐藏财富。Remember, we#39;re looking for the after taxes “take home” amount – your net income. Anything else is just, well, gross.Take each amount and add it up it in a column called “Monthly income.”记住,我们计算的是税后带回家的收入,也就是你的纯收入。其他的都是毛收入。计算所有收入的总和,这就是“月收入”。Step 4: Compare4.对比Now compare your total income to your total expenses.现在来对比一下总收入和总出。If your expenses outpace your income, look at some non-essential areas where you could curb your spending.如果总出超过总费用,看一下是否有不必要的出,尽量控制一下。If you have more income than expenses, pick an amount to set aside in savings and keep some in the budget as a buffer to guard against unexpected spending.如果总收入超过总费用,将一部分存起来,另一部分仍然保留在预算中,作为应急费用,应对一些没有预料到的花费。Step 5: Post Your Plan5.张贴计划Post your budget in a prominent place where all members of the household can see where the family#39;s money is going.You might consider using a whiteboard in case you find your earlier estimates were off the mark or if you want to make any changes.把你的预算贴在显眼的地方,让所有家庭成员都看到家里的钱是怎样花费的。如果担心之前的估计有偏差,或者想要进行某些修改,你可以考虑使用白板。Thanks for watching How To Create A Household Budget.感谢收看“怎样进行家庭预算”视频节目。 Article/201211/207659It started in a swamp.凡尔赛宫的建造始于一片沼泽It was here, in a stretch of mosquito-infested marshland,就在这片蚊虫滋生的泽地里that Louis, the 27-year-old King of France,27岁的法王路易decided to construct his new palace,决心建造他的新殿near a small and unremarkable country town called Versailles.比邻平凡的乡下小镇凡尔赛His courtiers were far from impressed.他的幕僚们大为惊讶It was almost as though Louis,路易似乎had deliberately picked the worst possible site for his magnificent palace,故意为自己宏伟的宫殿 定下了最糟糕的选址in order to prove to the world that his will was greater than nature.以此向世界展现他的意志超越自然Louis had a sentimental reason for choosing Versailles.路易选择凡尔赛亦有感性因素It was the site of his father#39;s old hunting lodge,这里是他父亲旧日的狩猎行宫and as a boy, he#39;d played and hunted here.孩童时期 路易曾在此玩耍狩猎The original chateau of Louis#39; father was on top of a hill.路易父王曾经的行宫坐落在山头The problem, if you wanted to turn it,若要把它改造成规模巨大的宫殿into a whacking great palace,即将面临的问题就是was that you weren#39;t going to be building on flat land.无法将宫殿建造在平坦地面上Louis was told, this is not a great place,幕僚纷纷建言 此地并非for a big expansion of your father#39;s chateau.扩建父王行宫的最佳选址As a monarch with absolute power,作为绝对专权的君主Louis wasn#39;t used to being told what to do.路易既不习惯于听命于他人And he didn#39;t much like it.也不屑于此From the outset, Louis was thinking big.从一开始 路易便心怀宏图伟业He started by hiring the greatest architect of the age,他开始雇佣当代最伟大的建筑师Louis Le Vau, to transform the hunting lodge,路易斯;勒沃 要求他into the palace of his dreams.将狩猎行宫变为梦幻殿宇 Article/201203/175055

  【视频欣赏】【听力文本】No matter what your shape, take the terror out of swimsuit shopping with these tips for different types.You Will NeedTime to shop Patience And an eye for your own beauty Step 1: Set aside time(确定时间)Set aside at least an hour to try on a variety of suits. You might be surprised by what works best, so don’t reject any style outright.Step 2: If pear-shaped(梨型身材)If you’re pear-shaped—your bottom is bigger than your top—separates are a good choice. Strapless or halter tops in fun prints can be paired with a solid bottom. This draws attention to shoulders and away from hips and thighs.Steer clear of boy shorts if you’re pear-shaped. They tend to make hips look wider.Step 3: If apple-shaped(苹果型身材)Apple-shaped gals—those with thicker waists and some tummy—can give the illusion of a slimmer midsection in a control one-piece with shirring around the waist. If you prefer a two-piece, try retro high-waisted bikini bottoms.Step 4: If top heavy(臀部很丰满)If you have a full bust, make sure you’re properly supported—you might need underwire, fuller straps, and extra claps. A suit or bikini bottoms with a decorative element—like bows or ties—on the hips will create the impression of an hour-glass figure.Step 5: If long torso(躯体很长的话)Break up a long torso with a patterned bikini. Skip the solid-color one-pieces, which will make short legs look even shorter.Step 6: If short(个头很小)Height-challenged? A one-piece in a solid color with a plunging neckline will lengthen the body. A high-cut leg is also a flattering option.If you’re pale-skinned, consider getting a fake tan the day before you try on swimwear—it will help your body look thinner and more toned, making the process more enjoyable.Step 7: If uncurvy(没有曲线)Athletic and boyish bodies can benefit from a push-up bikini top, which helps create curves. Ruffles and frills around the bust and hips also will add fullness, and boy shorts will make hips look curvier.Step 8: Celebrate(庆祝)Admire your new suit, and give yourself a pat on the back for your perseverance. Now go out there and celebrate the sun, the surf, and your own beautiful body! Article/201003/98787历史学家和外交家约瑟夫·奈从长远的角度出发,阐述了中美之间的权力转移,以及经济、政治、以及“软”实力的全球转移。 Article/201208/196133



  在本次初露头角的展演上,希瑟·奈特向大家介绍了Data,它是一个能表演脱口秀的会站立的机器人,它能做的不只是快速地说出一小段的笑话,它还能收集观众的反应(使用的软体是由卡内基美隆大学的斯科特·萨特金Scott Satkin和瓦润·罗克里希纳Varun Ramakrishna共同开发完成)和配合观众的反应调整它自己的行为。这是真的吗? Article/201209/199576

  3月23日,在美国首都华盛顿白宫,美国总统奥巴马签署医疗保险改革法案,美国民主党人努力多年的全面医改目标终于将实现。 Obama signs landmark healthcare billU.S. President Barack Obama has signed the country's sweeping healthcare reform legislation. The 938-billion-US-dollar health care overhaul will bring the most profound changes to the nation's social security system in more than four decades. Tuesday's signing was more than celebration. It capped a year-long struggle to pass the historic legislation that will help define Barack Obama's presidency. Barack Obama, U.S. President, said, "Today, after almost a century of trying, today, after over a year of debate, today, after all the votes have been tallied, health insurance reform becomes law in the ed States of America." The healthcare legislation was narrowly approved by the House on Sunday. The Republicans pledged that Democrats would be punished in this fall's elections for approving the legislation over deep public skepticism. But with the major accomplishment in hand, Obama is now able to counter critics who suggested he has little to show for his 14 months in office. Barack Obama, U.S. President, said, "Once this reform is implemented, health insurance exchanges will be created, a competitive marketplace where uninsured people and small businesses will finally be able to purchase affordable quality insurance." The overhaul will extend health coverage to 32 million uninsured Americans. It will also expand the government health plan for the poor, impose new taxes on the wealthy, and bar insurance practices like refusing coverage for people with pre-existing medical conditions. However, it's not an end to Obama's healthcare overhaul efforts, as he still needs to convince the public the measure will do them more good than bad. Article/201003/99580

  As far as we know, no other animal就我们所知 没有其他动物has this relationship with the human face.会对人的脸部表情做出这样的反映Dogs don#39;t do this with each other.连彼此都不会这样Incredibly, it seems they#39;ve acquired难以置信地 他们似乎已经获得了a new skill to enable them to our emotions.一种能够感知我们情绪的新技能Being able to detect when somebody能够及时地察觉某些人的is angry or potentially harmful to them,愤怒或是对它们有潜在的威胁You could understand that there may be a biological advantage就对于认知人类的情绪而言in being able to people#39;s emotions.这应该算是一种生物学上的优势Equally, it makes sense for a dog相应地 这就解释了当人们微笑to approach somebody when they#39;re smiling.就会接近他们的原因If dogs can human emotion,如果可以分辨人类的情感and increasingly the scientific evidence is beginning那将是人和之间亲密关系的To point in that direction, that#39;s going to最佳理论解释form the basis of a very powerful bond between human and dog.而且越来越多的科学研究都在实着这一点Evidence like this appears to underpin our conviction这样的据令我们深信That dogs understand us in a way that other animals cannot.在某种程度上比其他动物更了解我们But for many dog owners,但是对于许多主人而言this unique relationship is much more than a one-way street.这种独特的关系比单方面的交流要好得多I like to think we understand him.我们觉得能够了解他Yes, but he woofs and we talk.是的 而他也会发出低吠声与我们交谈That#39;s because he wants to be part of the conversation.那是因为他也想加入谈话If he#39;s bored, he#39;ll take a deep sigh and go...如果他厌倦了 他会长叹一声后走开I think he#39;s got a bark when he wants to go out...当他想出门的时候他会叫一声And he got a bark when he hears strange noises.而当他听到陌生的声音时他也会叫Sometimes when he tells the kittens off, he goes...有时候当他知道远方有只猫 他会Like that.像那样If you#39;re in a certain mind set,如果你与它心灵想通you can almost understand what they#39;re thinking.那你就可以知道它们在想什么 Article/201302/223994

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