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I see people with ~00 phones but no dryers.我看到人们用1000刀的手机,但是没有烘干机Due to the lack of dryers the few hotels that offer laundry service charge rates that approach new clothes prices to wash and dry.由于缺少烘干机,少数提供洗衣务的酒店所收的费用接近新衣的价格Secondly people believe air-dried laundry is the best way of the practice as it reduces energy consumption. Also UV ray of the sunlight helps to kill the bacteria. The clean clothes collected from the cloth line after whole day of sun-bathing have a natural smell of #39;sunshine#39; which the machine-dried clothes will never have. Machine- dry is not good for certain fabrics such as cotton. That#39;s probably one of the reasons that the clothes consumption of US(per person) is much higher than China.其次,在实践中人们相信,自然风干衣是最佳方法,这能减少能量消耗,阳光中的紫外线还可以帮助杀死细菌。一天结束后把整条衣架上的衣收起来可以闻到“阳光的味道”,这是机器烘干的衣永远不会有的。机器烘干不适合某些衣料,例如棉。这可能是美国(人均)消耗衣远高于中国的原因。Thirdly the apartment price in China is skyrocketing in the last decade. People will make full use of every square meter of indoor space. A big ,noisyexpensive machine you seldom use will not be put on the top of the shopping list.第三, 最近十年中国住房价格暴涨。人们要充分利用屋内每一平米的空间。一台大型,有噪声,昂贵的,还不怎么用得到的机器,不会在购物清单最上面的。Chinese are known to be thrifty and pragmatic so if you try to persuade them to accept dryer the machine has to be energy- efficient small quiet and multi-functional.众所周知,中国人勤俭务实。所以如果你试图说他们接受烘干机,这台机器必须节能高效,小巧,安静且多功能 /201703/495714

Last year was officially the Earth#39;s warmest since record-keeping began in the 1880s, the World Meteorological Organization announced.世界气象组织日前声称,2016年是自1880年开始保存气象记录以来,地球最热的一年。That means 2016 set a global heat record for the third year in a row according to NOAA and NASA.这意味着,依据美国国家海洋和大气以及美国国家航空航天局数据,2016年气温连续第三年升至有记录以来的最高水平。Not only was this the third consecutive year to rank hotter than all previous years, it also means 16 of the 17 hottest years on record have occurred since 2000, according to NOAA.据美国国家海洋和大气表示,这不仅是连续第三年比以前更热,还意味着在史上温度最高的17年中,有16年都出现在21世纪。To put this in perspective, the last time we had a record cold year was 1911.从整体来看,最近一次的低温纪录年还是1911年。Temperatures over the Earth#39;s continents and oceans in 2016 were 1.1 degree Celsius (1.98 degrees Fahrenheit) above the pre-industrial average, according to the WMO.世界气象组织称,2016年的地表温度高出工业化时代之前水平约1.1度(1.98华氏温度)。That means we are aly a majority of the way to the 1.5-degree warming goal set at the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015.也就是说,这一数字已经很接近2015年《巴黎协定》所设的1.5度的关口了。Climate scientists say greenhouse gas pollution, which humans are creating primarily by burning fossil fuels and chopping down rainforests, likely contributed to the 2016 record.气候学家表示,人类燃烧化石燃料、砍伐雨林等造成的温室气体排放,是2016年气温升高的主因。And the pollution certainly is behind the long-term trend toward warming, scientists say.此外,科学家称,污染也是长期以来天气变暖的原因之一。;The spate of record-warm years that we have seen in the 21st century can only be explained by human-caused climate change,; said Michael Mann, director of the Earth Science Center at Pennsylvania State University.美国宾夕法尼亚州立大学地球科学中心主任迈克尔·曼恩表示:“21世纪出现这么多高温年,唯一的解释便是人为造成的气温变化。”;The effect of human activity on our climate is no longer subtle. It#39;s plain as day, as are the impacts -- in the form of record floods, droughts, superstorms and wildfires -- that it is having on us and our planet.;“人类活动对天气的影响不再是微不足道的。它带来的影响与日俱增,显而易见--以洪涝、干旱、飓风和野火等形式回馈着人们和我们的星球。” /201702/491155



  What sort of food does Queen Elizabeth II eat daily?英国女王伊丽莎白二世每天吃什么?She’s actually quite disciplined.她在饮食方面真的很自律。For breakfast, she’ll have cereal, cornflakes or Special K, with dried or fresh fruit. She might also just have eggs, toast, and tea.早餐,她会吃麦片、玉米片或是氏香脆麦米片,搭配果干干或新鲜水果。也可能只吃鸡蛋、烤面包和茶。For lunch, she’ll eat something like grilled sole on a bed of wilted spinach. She insists on no carbs, so no potatoes, rice, pasta…午餐的时候,她会吃像烤比目鱼一类的食物,并在底部铺上一层菠菜。她坚持不吃含碳水化合物的食物,所以没有土豆、米饭、面食…At around 4, she’ll eat afternoon tea. She loves chocolate, but her favorite indulgences are jam pennies, little biscuit sandwiches with jam in the middle.在下午4点左右,她会吃下午茶。她热爱巧克力,但她最喜欢的还是果酱便士,这是一种像饼干一样大小填了果酱的小三明治饼干。For dinner, she’ll do the same, pretty much, as lunch.而女王的晚餐,基本就和午餐并无二致。She’ll round off the day with a gin and Dubonnet (1 part gin, 2 parts Dubonnet).最后,她会以一杯杜松子酒和杜本内作为一天的结尾(1份杜松子酒,2份杜本内)。#8226; Low carbohydrate. Rice, potatoes, and pasta are never served for dinner when the royal is dining on her own.低碳水化合物。当皇室就她一个人吃饭的时候、米饭、土豆和面食都不会出现在餐桌上。#8226; She likes the b crusts to be cut off when she haves sandwiches.当她吃三明治的时候,她会把面包的边切掉。#8226; Fresh fruits like mangoes, strawberries and peaches.新鲜水果,例如芒果、草莓和桃子。#8226; Vegetable salads.蔬菜沙拉。#8226; She is never served anything with garlic or too many onions. To avoid bad breath.她从来不吃任何有大蒜或很多洋葱的食物。这是为了避免口臭。#8226; She is very particular about the meat she eats. The Royal Chef has to ensure that it is cooked properly.她对肉类很讲究。皇家打出必须确保肉被精心烹调过。However Queen Elizabeth still sneaks in some treats. She absolutely loves chocolate, especially chocolate biscuit cake, chocolate mousse, and chocolate sponge cake.然而,伊丽莎白女王也对一些零食着迷。她非常喜欢巧克力,特别是巧克力饼干蛋糕、巧克力慕斯和巧克力海绵蛋糕。#8226; Queen Elizabeth does like to drink Gin and Dubonnet sometimes.伊丽莎白女王的确有时也喜欢喝杜松子酒和杜本内。 /201702/491508

  The general belief is we want to live for as long as we possibly can - maybe even reaching triple figures.人们普遍认为自己想活得尽可能长久一些,甚至希望能够活到100岁以上。Advances in medicine, science and technology are extending our life expectancy every day.医学、科学和科技的进步,每天都在延长我们的预期寿命。But many are scared of the effects of ageing - with the thought of dementia striking terror into the hearts of most adults.但是许多人对衰老带来的后果感到恐惧,大多数成年人一想到以后可能会痴呆就心生恐惧。And a new study has discovered the fear of becoming old may actually outweigh the fear of dying.一项新的研究发现,衰老也许比死亡事实上更让人恐惧。More than one in six people would prefer to die before they turn 80 - less than the average life expectancy, scientists found.科学家发现,有六分之一的人更希望在八十岁前死去。这个年龄比平均预期寿命还要低。Hispanics have the highest preference for a shorter life while African-American people are more likely to want to live for 100 or more years, a new study suggests.一项新的研究表明,拉美裔美国人最倾向于拥有一个较短暂的人生,而非裔美国人则更愿意活到100岁或更久。But despite women living around five years longer than men, gender had no difference in how long people wanted to live for.尽管女性的寿命一般比男性多五岁,但在想要活多久的问题上,男女的想法并无差异。The study is one of the first to investigate how younger adults perceive and anticipate their own ageing.这项研究最先调查了较年轻的成人对衰老的认识以及对老年生活的设想。Researchers from the Columbia Aging Center quizzed 1,600 adults aged 18 to 64 in a telephone survey. They were on average 42 years old, half were women and 33 per cent were university graduates.哥伦比亚老年化中心的研究人员们对1600名18岁到64岁的成年人进行了电话调研。他们的平均年龄为42岁,其中一半是女性,有33%是大学毕业生。Professor Vegard Skirbekk, from the Columbia Aging Center said: #39;We were particularly interested in whether how long people want to live would be related to their expectations about what their life in old age will be like.#39;哥伦比亚老年化中心的韦加尔·希尔贝克教授说:“人们希望活多久和他们对老年生活的期望之间是否有关?我们对这一点尤其感兴趣。”#39;For many, it seems that the fear of becoming old may outweigh the fear of dying.#39;“对很多人来说,变老的恐惧超过了死亡的恐惧。”The results confirmed those who had fewer positive expectations of growing old preferred to die earlier, before reaching average life expectancy.研究结果实,对老年生活没有太多积极预期的人更希望早点死去,不愿活到平均预期寿命。And conversely, those who had fewer negative expectations of old age wanted their lives to go on for longer.相反,对老年生活的负面预期较少的人们希望活得更久。Joint author Dr Catherine Bowen said: #39;Having rather bleak expectations of what life will be like in old age seems to undermine the desire to live up to and beyond current levels of average life expectancy.#39;研究报告的共同作者凯瑟琳·鲍文士表示:“对老年生活的悲观预期会削减想要活得长久以及超过当前平均预期寿命的渴望。”#39;People who embrace the ;better to die young; attitude may underestimate their ability to cope with negative age-related life experiences as well as to find new sources of well-being in old age.#39;“抱有#39;宁愿早死#39;态度的人可能低估了自己处理衰老带来负面影响的能力,以及年老时找到新的保持健康的能力。” /201609/465707Welcome to the era of superfoods, when eating just one won’t do. We’re always on the lookout for more, even though “superfood” is just a buzzword with no technical definition.欢迎来到超级食物时代,在这个时代中,只吃一种食物是远远不够的。我们总是在寻找更多的食物,尽管“超级食物”只是一个流行词,并没有专门定义。Let us introduce you to sacha inchi, a seed that’s eaten like a nut and might very well be the next big superfood. This is what it looks like:现在,我们向各位介绍印加果,这是一种种子,吃起来像是坚果,很有可能是下一代超级食物,它长成这种样子(如图)。At first crunch, it tastes mostly like a nut, but after about 10 seconds, there’s a ... unique ... finishing flavor. Some say it has a buttery finish, but others (all of us here at HuffPost who’ve tasted them) would say it’s a distinctly fishy flavor.第一口吃下去像是坚果,但10秒钟后,有一种奇特的余味萦绕在舌尖。有人说这种残留的余味像黄油味,但是还有些人(郝芬顿邮报的所有员工都尝过了)则认为肯定是鱼肉的味道。Sacha inchi ― also known as sacha peanut or mountain peanut ― is native to South America and Southeast Asia, and it is infiltrating our Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s supermarkets. When all’s said and done, one seed is about the size of a large peanut. But before it gets that way, the nutrient-dense seed grows in geometric pods like this:印加果——也叫做印加花生或山花生——是南美洲和东南亚土生土长的特产,现在Whole Foods和Trader Joe超市也有的卖。一切都尘埃落定后,一个种子的大小就像一个大花生。但在它长成这样之前,这种富含营养的种子是在几何豆荚中生长的。And the pod looks like this when cut in half:将豆荚切半是这样的(如图)。So why are we cultivating this fruit for its seeds? Because it has the highest levels of plant-based omega-3s out there. That makes it a great way for vegans and vegetarians to load up on their fatty acids. Imlak’esh Organics, which makes sacha inchi for Trader Joe’s, claims sacha inchi contains 17 times the omega-3 oil content of salmon, as well as all eight essential amino acids.所以我们为什么要培育这种水果来得到它的种子呢?因为它的植物欧米茄3脂肪酸含量最高。对于素食者来说,这是储藏脂肪酸的很好方法。Imlak’esh Organics为Trader Joe生产印加果,声称印加果含有的欧米茄3油是三文鱼的17倍,其必要氨基酸是三文鱼的8倍。Also, one ounce of these seeds contains about 8 grams of protein, which is more than almonds. And, before they’re cracked open to get the seed, they look beautiful like this:同时,一盎司的印加果种子含有8克蛋白质,比杏仁含有的蛋白质还多。在你撬开印加果获得种子前,它们长这样:Sacha inchi are being marketed stateside as a nut ― some salted and some flavored. They can be tossed on top of salads, used in trail mixes and even eaten as is. What do you think about this superfood? Would you try it?在美国,人们推销印加果时,说它是一种坚果——有些咸、有些则别有风味。印加果可以放在沙拉上,也可以加到果仁盘中,甚至可以直接吃。你觉得这个超级食物如何?想要吃吃看吗?译文属 /201610/469680

  When The President Goes Out To Eat, Who Pays For The Food?总统出门吃饭,谁付钱?I worked for a President (several actually). In the case of George H.W. Bush (41):我曾经几次过侍过总统,比如第四十一任的小布什。When he went to his favourite Chinese Restaurant, Peking Gourmet Inn, Falls Church, Virginia. He always met other family members there.他最中意的一家中餐厅位于弗吉尼亚州Fall Church,叫北京珍馐假日酒店,他经常和家人在那里聚餐。They sat at a special table behind a “Chinese” wooden screen. The Secret Service advised the owners specifically how to change the window to bullet-proof glass.他们经常坐在一面具有中国特色的木质屏风后面。情报局还曾特意建议店主,教他把屏风玻璃换成防弹玻璃。The President always paid - I am not sure of the legalities of the restaurant giving a “free meal” but there are some.总统一般都会自己付钱,我也不能确定有些餐馆主会给他免单,虽然这样的情况确有发生。 /201702/491506

  She was the first female kung fu star — name above title, said J. Hoberman, a longtime movie critic who now writes about for The New York Times. 她是第一位女性功夫明星——想当初,她可是相当大牌,资深影评人、目前在为《纽约时报》(The New York Times)撰写DVD影评的J#8226;霍伯曼(J. Hoberman)说。He has fond memories of seeing Ms Mao’s movies on triple bills at Times Square grindhouse theaters in the 1970s. 他还保留着上世纪70年代的美好记忆:他猫在时代广场(Times Square)的磨坊戏院里,观看三场连放的由茅瑛主演的影片。She basically had one act, which was going from an obedient character to a machine-like avenger, he added. 她基本上总是演这样的角色:从一个逆来顺受的人,变成冷酷无情的复仇者,他补充道。A lot of people saw her films as feminist statements the same way as Pam Grier films.很多人都觉得她的电影和帕姆#8226;格利尔(Pam Grier)的电影一样,是女性主义者的宣言。Ms Mao’s career coincided with the over-the-top, often impolitic exploitation era in film. 茅瑛的职业生涯恰好与电影史上那个毫无节制且常常不顾政治正确的剥削片时代重合。The narrator for an American trailer of her 1972 film Hapkido declares: Watch out for the pigtail that whips you up and wipes you out. 在她1972年主演的电影《合气道》的美国版预告片中,旁白宣称:小心那条大辫子,它会让你心荡神摇,也会把你彻底摧毁…… Lady Kung Fu: the unbreakable China Doll who gives you the licking of your life.…功夫女王:坚不可摧的‘中国娃娃’给你好看。She was born Mao Ching Ying in 1950 and grew up in Taiwan, the third of eight children, to a family of entertainers for the Peking Opera House. 茅瑛原名茅复静,1950年生人,在台湾长大,出身于京剧院的艺人家庭,在家中八个孩子中排行老三。Like her siblings, she started training for the opera at a young age, taking voice lessons when she was 5. 和兄弟们一样,她很小的时候就学起了京戏,从5岁开始吊嗓子。She also studied martial arts, specifically hapkido, rising to the level of black belt — a prowess that later distinguished her from other action stars, who merely choreographed their fight scenes.她还学习了武术,尤其是合气道,练到了黑带水平——这方面的造诣后来让她从众多动作明星中脱颖而出。其他人在打斗场景中通常只是耍耍花架子。In her 20s, she moved to Hong Kong, where a thriving film industry was based, but she was hardly romantic about it. 二十几岁的时候,她搬到了电影产业蓬勃发展的香港,但她对电影几乎没有任何浪漫幻想。To be honest, the money was just better in movies, she said. 说实话,拍电影收入更高一些,她说。I had to support my family. 我必须养家。Most of the money I made I gave to them. 我把大部分收入都给了家里。This is the Chinese tradition.这是中国人的传统。Leading female roles were rare in Hong Kong at the time. 想当年在香港,女性主角还很罕见。Mr Meyers, the fan who met with Ms Mao at Lincoln Center, is the author of Films of Fury, a comprehensive history of the kung fu movie genre. 在林肯中心见到了茅瑛本人的影迷迈尔斯,是《狂怒电影》(Films of Fury)一书的作者,该书全面记录了功夫类电影的发展史。Ms Mao, he said, was the first woman to star in her own action films without having to defer to a male star.他说,茅瑛是第一位身为动作片主演且在片中不必屈居男影星之后的女性。Men ran things, he explained. 男性曾掌管一切,他解释道。Hong Kong had lots of machismo then. 当时的香港盛行大男子主义。Women were considered ‘jade vases.’ They didn’t speak on screen. 女性被视为‘玉花瓶’。They were considered decoration.她们在电影里通常不出声,被当成摆设。When asked about this epithet, Ms Mao snapped, I was never anybody’s ‘jade vase.’ 当被问及对这个词的看法时,茅瑛厉声说道,我从来都不是任何人的‘玉花瓶’。She shifted in her seat. 她在座位里挪动了一下身子。Moments later, she dispatched her son to tend to a customer she noticed from the corner of her eye.片刻过后,她打发儿子去招呼她用眼角余光瞥见的一位客人。 /201611/479241

  1. Develop a support system1.培养一个持系统You and your spouse will need to support each other so that taking care of your child is less stressful. You will need someone to talk to who understands what you are going through, and your spouse is the best person for that emotional support.你和你的配偶需要互相持,这样你们在照顾孩子的时候就会压力小一些。你需要和理解你处境的人交谈,你的配偶是给你感情持的最佳人选。You can also find support groups that understand what you are going through. Hospitals may have support groups or know where to find them. Do not hesitate to join a group if you need to, and do not feel guilty about it. It is normal to have the feelings you might be having during this challenging time.你也可以找到持理解你的处境的团队。医院或许有持团队或者知道在哪可以找到他们。如果你需要的话,就不要犹豫去加入一个组织,不要因此感到愧疚。在这一挑战的时刻,有这种感觉,是很正常的。2. Share the care2.分担照料The two of you can share caring for your child so that one of you does not get overwhelmed or overstressed. The American Psychological Association states that a study showed that moms and dads faced similar stressors when caring for an ill child, but moms had higher stress levels, probably because they are the child’s primary caregiver. Taking care of your child also means taking care of your spouse by sharing in the care you give your child.你们双方可以分享照顾分担照顾孩子的压力,这样你们两个人都不会感到难以承受或者压力特别大。美国心理协会陈述说一个研究表明妈妈和爸爸在照顾生病的孩子的时候,面临相似的压力源,但是妈妈的压力会更大,可能是因为妈妈是孩子最初的照料者。照顾孩子也意味着通过分担给孩子的关爱来照料你的配偶。3. Be a support team for your child3.做孩子的持团队Not only is your child having to deal with the physical side of the illness, but he also has to deal with the emotional and social side of it as well. Children will feel isolated, depressed, and lonely. Provide opportunities for your child to experience his childhood as much as possible.你的孩子不仅需要应对身体方面的疾病,他还需要处理感情和社会方面的问题。孩子会感觉孤立,失望和孤独。尽可能要给孩子机会去体验他的童年。If your child is able to attend school, he will be faced with uncomfortable situations that leave him feeling like an outcast. This is especially distressing to children as they just want to fit in and be “normal.”如果你的孩子能够去上学了,他讲面临不舒的情况,会让他感觉自己像是被驱逐的人。因为孩子只想适应学校环境,做“正常”的孩子,这让他们感到很痛苦。Help your child know what to tell kids who ask questions about his illness. Be a support team, but don’t be overprotective either. Be there for him in the way that he needs, or find the professional help he needs.帮助你的孩子,让他知道当有孩子问到他的疾病的时候,应该怎么回答。做他的持团队,但是不要也过度保护。在他需要的时候陪在他的身边,或者寻找他需要的专业帮助。 /201701/489939。



  Society:社会方面- We do the Bise (kiss on the chicks) when greeting women. Number of kisses vary depending on the area you are in France, 2, 3 or 4 kisses. When greeting family you kiss everyone either male or female.我们和女士打招呼的时候行贴面吻。在法国有很多种贴面吻的方式,在不同地区各有不同,可能吻2-4下,当我们和一家人见面的时候,和每个人都打招呼,无论男女。- There is free health care有免费健康保险。- Public school is free, you can have University degrees and never paid a dime (only admin cost, few hundreds)公立学校免费,直到拿到大学文凭都可以不用花钱(除了几百块注册费用)。- Generally when people get married and stay at family (not hotel), people invited would do a trick in their bed or during the night after wedding. This tradition starts to get lost, I think it was mainly in the country side一般来说,人们结婚时待在家里的时候(不是宾馆),被邀请的人要在他们睡觉的时候或者结婚之后的晚上闹洞房。这种传统可能要消失了,可能主要在乡村保留。- French have a lot of social benefits and still think pessimistic towards the future (not a generality but seems more apparent when coming back for a visit)法国人享受很多社会福利,却仍然对未来比较悲观(不是很普遍但是每当回来探望的时候这种感受就愈加强烈)。- There are lot of random traditions around the country. Getting chased by bull in a village (south), dress up as girl if you are a man and man if you are a girl and kiss everybody during the night during carnival (north-east), and more.这个国家有很多罕见的传统。在村子里被公牛追赶的时候(南部),要男扮女装,在狂欢节的夜晚男人要假扮成女人亲吻每一个人,还有很多。Work:工作- French work 35h /week法国人一周工作35小时。- By default you have 5 weeks off every year. The more experienced you get and the more additional days you get off.一年有五周缺席的机会。越有经验你的假期越长。- When you are paid monthly, you get an extra day off every month如果你拿月薪,你可以每个月额外多放一天假。- People can retire at age of 62大家62岁退休。- EDF (Public Electricity) / SNCF (Public Train Transportation) workers retire at 55国家供电系统,公共铁路交通工人55岁退休。- When arriving at work you need to greet everyone that works with you. Handshake/Bise depending of the gender. Can take a long time if you are working in a big department.到公司的时候你需要和每个同事打招呼。根据性别行握手、贴面礼。如果你工作的部门人很多这可能要花很长时间。- All businesses are closed on Sunday (vary a bit for touristy spots)周日所有商店都关门(有些旅游景点可能不一样)。Transportation:交通方面- Pedestrians seem to cross a street wherever/whenever they want行人想什么时候,想在哪过横道都随他们。- You can travel to many countries either by train or plane for less than 0花不到100欧你可以乘火车或者飞机去很多地方。- Motorways are private in France and you need to pay to use them (generally expensive)在法国托车道是私人的,想用的话要花钱(都很贵。)- You need to drive at least 20 hours with an instructor prior being able to pass your driving license想要拿到驾照你要和教练至少开20个小时车。Drink:喝的- You got to get wine with your cheese, that#39;s a fact!你需要就着红酒吃奶酪,这是事实。- People drink aperitif prior dinner (1 or 2), it could be any type of long drink. Generally done when having people over or during weekend.在晚饭之前要和开胃酒(1-2杯),一般来说有人拜访或者周末的时候会多喝一些。- Also works after dinner, digestif (help you digest, well that what we think). Generally sweeter alcohol, just one glass.晚饭后也喝酒,餐后酒(我们是这么想的,帮你消化)。一般来说更甜一些,只喝一杯。- French do not drink red wine outside dinner法国人只在晚餐的时候喝红酒。Food:食物方面- Meals take place usually at the same time everyday. People would rarely eat between meals and generally wait meal time even if hungry通常每天用餐时间一致。人们很少在每一餐之间吃东西,即使饿了也会等到开饭时间再吃。- Dinner time is usually around 8pm晚上8点左右吃晚饭。- When invited for a dinner, people usually bring flowers and wine收到邀请的时候,大家经常带一些花和红酒。- It#39;s a common thing to have a 4 courses meal: Starter + main dish + cheese + desert. (Lunch amp; Dinner)每一餐基本都是4道:前菜+主菜+奶酪+甜点(午餐和晚餐)。- Some catholic people would do a cross on the b prior cutting it一些天主教徒会在切面包之前在胸前划十字。- We do not put b up side down on the table as to respect it. From the expression: Il faut travailler pour gagner son pain need to work to earn the b为了表示对面包的尊重我们不会把它颠倒着放。表示:面包得来不易。- Kids#39; snack could be just sping butter on b and powdering powder chocolate on top of it. Or take a piece of baguette and push a piece of chocolate bar in the middle.把黄油淋在面包上,再撒上可可粉可能就是孩子的零食了。或者拿一个法棍中间夹一块巧克力。- Pregnant women eat unpasteurized cheese妇吃生奶酪。Restaurant/Bar:餐厅/酒吧- Tips are not a thing in France. Few euros are usually the norm if any are left depending of the price of the meal (never a percentage)在法国小费都不算什么。根据菜的价钱每个人都会留下几欧元的小费。- You need to ask the waiter/waitress for the bill or anything you want. They do not check on you every time你需要问务员要账单或者问其他你需要的事情。他们不会每时每刻都替你检查。- When asking for a coffee, you are served with an espresso当你要咖啡的时候,端上来的都是浓咖啡。- You can drink in a bar with your parents when you are 1616岁的时候可以在父母陪同下在酒吧喝酒。 /201704/504264

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