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鲁甸县佛州甜甜圈龟辐射陆龟齿缘龟三线闭壳龟真鳄龟蛇颈龟价格怎么养五常市马来食螺龟云南闭壳龟马来西亚巨龟豹斑象龟黄额盒龟价格怎么养瓦房店市拟鳄龟艾氏拟水龟鼋伯格海角陆龟挺胸龟饼干龟缅甸星龟中华草龟价格怎么养 随着六一国际儿童节的临近,儿童节联欢晚会的准备工作已经进入最后阶段,而国内外诸多卡通明星的加盟也为这次晚会增添了不一样的氛围。With International Childrens Day just around the corner, preparation for CCTV’s Children’s Day Gala has entered its final phase.Cartoon figures become the lead roles on stage to celebrate Children’s Day with Chinese kids.Timon from Lion King joined hands with Happy Goat, Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh, bringing a cartoon carnival for audiences.Zhou Deming, vice president of Walt Disney Asia Pacific says, ;Lion King is a very good story. It encourages children to stick to their dreams, and I think it’s a positive story for children.;;Blooming like flowers; - that’s this year’s theme for the Children’s Day Gala. And rehearsals got underway with a floral feast, made up of children from across China. Anchors of popular children programmes will also join the gala.201206/185255XD(杰出舞蹈家组成的舞蹈团)照亮了TED2010年的舞台,向我们展现了正在全球通过网络而迅速发展起来的街舞艺术。在Jon Chu带来的一组网络上传播的舞蹈系列中,这个令人惊叹的舞蹈组合展示了他们超常的表现力。201202/172099扁头长颈龟批发采购价格报价

黄头侧颈乌龟精品幼犬鬼多少钱一只Here is a great guide showing you how to walk in high heels. A must see for any woman out there who wants to maintain her fabulousness and grace whilst in high heels, VideoJug is here to show you how!这段视频将教给你怎样穿高跟鞋走路。任何穿高跟鞋外出仍想保持优雅步伐的女性都必须看这段视频。VideoJug将教给你怎样做。Step 1: You will need1.你需要High Heels,A fabulous outfit高跟鞋,精美的外套Step 2: Heel selection2.选择高跟鞋The novice heel wearer should avoid 10 centimetre stilettos. You may want to start by trying wedges or shoes with a thicker heel. Walking in high heels is an art that should be mastered gradually, inch by inch.刚开始穿高跟鞋的人应该避免十厘米高的细跟鞋子。你可以试着先穿楔形跟或比较厚跟的鞋子。穿高跟鞋走路应该是一门逐渐掌握的艺术。Location is key to heel selection. You may need supporting straps if you are going dancing.位置对于高跟鞋的选择也非常关键。如果是去跳舞,你或许需要带子来持。Find out whether you will be walking or standing for long periods of time and vary your heel height accordingly. Avoid public transport at all costs, its far too unglamorous.看一下你是否要行走或站立很长时间,根据这一点来选择相应的高跟鞋。不惜一切代价避免公共交通工具,这让你显得太没有魅力了。Step 3: Stand up3.站立When practicing, stand up straight in front of a full length mirror and allow your feet to adapt to the position of the heels. Your body weight should be distributed over the balls of your feet as well as through the heels. This is also a good opportunity to admire your outfit and practice a few poses.练习的时候,直立在全身镜前,让双脚适应穿高跟鞋。全身的重量应该均匀分配在脚掌和脚后跟。这也是欣赏你的外套和练习体态的好机会。Step 4: The first steps4.最初的几步Try taking small, slow steps at first. Dont bend your knees any more than you would do in flat shoes. Place each foot down heel first, and instantly move your body weight forward so that it transfers over the whole foot. Dont move the other foot until your weight feels secure.首先卖小步,慢走几步。膝盖弯曲的幅度不要超过穿平底鞋的时候。每一只脚落地的时候脚后跟先着地,然后立即将全身重量前倾,这样就可以转移到整个脚掌。在身体重心稳定之前不要移动另一只脚。Step 5: Move around5.来回走动Walk back and forth and try changing direction. Try walking on different surfaces but avoid thick carpets and loose rugs.Walking in high heels will cause your hips to sway from side to side. Dont try and stop this happening; work with it. Be confident. Think supermodel glamour and grace.来回走动,试着转变方向。尝试在不同的地面上走路,但是避免厚密松散的地毯。穿高跟鞋走路会让你的臀部左右摆动,不要试图阻止。要自信,想像一下超模优美的姿态。Step 6: Stairs6.楼梯Stairs are a hazard you may encounter before even leaving the house. Point your feet at an angle towards the banister or wall and descend with effortless grace. On the way down, make sure the whole foot lands flat on each stair. On the way up, walk on the balls of your feet. An attractive partner can add a touch of glamour to a descent if you are attempting stairs in public.离开房子之前,楼梯是你可能遇到的一个障碍。脚尖向楼梯扶手或墙壁一边倾斜,这样不需要费力。向下走的过程中,确保整个脚掌平着落在每一级台阶上。上楼梯的时候,用脚掌走路。如果是在公共场合下楼梯,有吸引力的搭档可以为你增加魅力。Step 7: Out and about7.外出The outside world contains many hazards for the sophisticated heel wearer. Avoid grass, cobblestones or grates of any description. If you cant avoid these horrors, find a gentleman to lay his coat down for you, or let him carry you to safety.外面的世界对于穿高跟鞋的人有许多障碍。一定要避免草地,有鹅卵石或者其他装饰的地面。如果不能避免这些地方,找一位绅士助你一臂之力,或者让他把你扶到安全的地方。Thanks for watching How To Walk In High Heels.感谢收看“怎样穿高跟鞋走路”视频节目。201211/209261昌平区黄缘盒亚洲巨龟加拉巴哥象龟锯缘龟缅甸陆龟黄头庙龟价格怎么养 Step 1: Scenario 场景 For this trick you will need a candle and a match. Damn, dont you just hate people putting burned matches back in the box? Good thing I know a trick. I know how to restore a burnt match to a functional match. 这个小把戏你需要准备一根蜡烛及一根火柴。该死,你不讨厌别人把用过的火柴放回到火柴盒里吗?我知道一个诡计。我知道如何让一根使用过的火柴重新燃烧。Step 2: The Relighting Trick 重新燃烧的妙招 Just rub on the wax on the candle, like this, and it should be able to light again. Yes, it worked! To make a match that looks like it has been burned, you start off by cutting some of the wood away at the top. This will make it look thin, just like a burned match. Next step it to color the match black. Just use a black marker and there we have it, a burned out match. As you can see here, it almost looks like the real thing. I am sure you can find many interesting ways of using this little trick as a bet or a gimmick at a party. 在火柴上涂抹一些蜡,这样它就应该能够重新点燃。是的,有作用了!为了使火柴看起来像被使用过的,你一开始要先切掉顶端的一些木材。这将使火柴看起来;消瘦;,就像一根燃烧过的火柴。下一步是颜色要搭配成黑色的。使用一黑色的记号笔吧。正如你所看到的,看上去几乎像真实的东西。我相信你在聚会上作为一种打赌或戏法能发现这个小魔术更多有趣的方式。165106佛州甜甜圈龟繁殖养殖注意事项

内黄县拟鳄龟艾氏拟水龟鼋伯格海角陆龟挺胸龟饼干龟缅甸星龟中华草龟价格怎么养Step 1 Decide whereDecide beforehand where you want to take her, if youre lucky enough to get the date. To a fancy restaurant? A movie? Something more original? If possible, choose something that appeals to her interests.选好地点如果你够幸运能约她出来,那么提前想好要带她去哪。去一家有意思的餐馆用餐?去看一部电影?或者你有更有趣创新的想法。如果可能的话,选她喜欢的事情做。Step 2 Look your bestLook your best. You dont have to be Brad Pitt to get a date, but it will help if youre well groomed.Tip: Wear clothes you feel comfortable in. Now is not the time to experiment with a whole new look that may make you feel self-conscious or awkward. 打扮精神点儿打扮好点儿。你不用打扮成布拉德皮特去约会,但打扮得精神点儿绝对没坏处。小贴士:选择舒适的衣。和女孩约会可不是实验新装的时候,穿新衣也许会让你看起来自私,笨拙。Step 3 Pick your momentPick your moment. Asking a girl for a date when shes rushed or with other people may torpedo your chances. Wait until its just you two and youre not likely to be interrupted.选择好的时机选择好的时机邀请女孩。在她赶时间或是和朋友在一起的时候邀请,成功几率将大大降低。等一等,等只有你们两个人,不会被打扰的时候。Step 4 Be yourselfBe yourself. A sincere geek comes across far better than a guy doing a poor imitation of James Bond.Tip: If you wear cologne, go easy on it: You want to date her, not knock her out. 做最真实的自己做你自己。一个真诚的怪胎远比一个表演拙劣的007要好得多。小贴士:如果你要用古龙香水,记得要喷得淡淡的,你是要和女孩约会,而不是熏晕她。Step 5 Compliment herWhen its time to make your move, begin by paying her a compliment. Shell feel good about herself and look kindly on you. But be sincere—no one likes to be patronized.Tip: A funny comment can lighten the mood—just make sure its not at her expense! Everyone likes someone who can make them laugh.学会赞美如果你要行动,一定先赞美她。这样她会自我感觉很好,也会对你感觉很好。但是记得要真诚些,没有人喜欢“名不副实”的赞美。Step 6 Ask her outTake the plunge and ask her out. Nervous? Remind yourself that she can only say ;yes; or ;no.;邀请她全情投入地邀请她。别紧张,她只会回答你是或否。Step 7 If she says noIf she says no, dont take it personally. Youre not attracted to everyone either, right? Plus, her rejection may have nothing to do with you. 如果她拒绝了如果她拒绝你了,别灰心。你对别人还是会很有吸引力的,对吗?另外,她的拒绝对你也不会造成什么影响。Step 8 If she says yesIf she says yes, set a date and time immediately. Now go home and get y for your date. And whatever you do, dont be late!Fact: The average single person will go on at least 100 dates in his or her lifetime.如果她答应了如果她同意了,抓紧确定时间地点。马上回家为约会做好准备。不管你做什么,千万别迟到!平均每个人一生中在单身的时候会约会100次。201208/193288 石泉县印度棱背龟佛罗里达红肚龟黄腿象龟中部锦龟安南龟海龟扁头长颈龟价格怎么养鼋怎么养图片批发价格



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