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chain n.链,链条,项圈宜昌市哪里治男科前列腺炎) 核心搭配:by origin 论出身; people of African origin 非洲血统的人;猇亭区男性专科mint n.薄荷;薄荷糖欢迎学习新东方四级词汇词根+联想【第0节】1.advise v.劝告,忠告,建议;通知【记】词根记忆:ad(表加强)+vis(看)+e--让人看到危险--劝告I understand that you manufacture computers, prepare software, and advise clients on how to use them.我知道你生产电脑、制作软件并且建议客户如何使用它们(听力)【用】advise的用法一般是advise sb. to do sth.,表示“建议某人做某事”,注意它的名词advice不可数【派】advice(n.劝告,建议);advisable(adj.可取的,明智的);adviseradvisor(n.顾问;指导教授;劝告者);advisory(adj.咨询的;劝告性的).bind v.捆,缚,绑;包扎:装订;使受(法律、誓言等)约束Country life, on the other hand, differs from this kind of isolated existence in that a sense of commy generally binds the inhabitants of small villages together.从另一方面来说,乡间生活又和这种孤独的存在不一样,因为社区通常能够将小村庄里的居民联系在一起(01)【派】binder(n.装订者;装订机;活页封面);binding(n.书籍的封皮)3.coarse adj.粗糙的,粗劣的:(举动等)粗鲁的,粗暴的,粗俗的l cannot believe she loves that coarse and vulgar story.真不敢相信,她居然喜欢这种低俗的故事【用】coarse指言语、举止等粗鲁不雅酌,一般都有某种具体的细节或行为.skim v.从液体表面撇去;略读,快读;擦过,滑过l skimmed over the news when I had the noon break.我在午休时浏览了一下新闻It said that it will rain when the swallows skim along the ground.据说燕子低飞就说明要下雨【用】skim through和skim over都表示“浏览,略读”的意思5.reveal v.展现,显露;揭露The research revealed that the economy had made a recovery.调查结果表明经济已经复苏了【派】revelation[n.揭露;透露;揭露出来(而始料未及)的事物]【辨】reveal,expose两者都有“显示”之意reveal用意较广,既可以表示“显示、透露某种情况”,又可以表示“显露感情”;expose侧重揭露不好的事情,如:expose a criminal6.underneath prep.在…下面,在…底下 adv.在下面,在底下If possible, move your computer so you arent directly underneath a Light fixture.如果可能,将电脑移开,这样你就不会直接处在灯光的照射下了()【辨】beneath, underneath两个词都有“在…之下”的意思,但所指范围不同beneath与on相对,指在某物之下,强调有接触且非常接近;underneath通常强调全部被掩藏在…之下7.request n.请求,要求;需要 vt.请求,要求【记】联想记忆:re(一再)+quest(寻求)--请求,要求All members are requested to attend the annual meeting.所有的会员都被要求参加年会【辨】request, ask, solicit三个词都含有“请求,要求”的意思request较正式,指礼貌的请求;ask最常见,如:ask sb. to do sth.;solicit也是正式用语,指恭敬而认真地请求,如:solicit sb. help8.complacency n.自满,沾沾自喜,自得【记】词根记忆:com+plac(使满意)+ency--让自己满意--沾沾自喜His complacency was absolutely disgusting.他的自鸣得意非常令人讨厌【派】complacent(adj.自满的,自得的)学习更多《新东方四级词汇词根+联想记忆发秭归县治疗性功能障碍多少钱

宜昌治早泄得医院哪家比较正规宜昌中心人民医院泌尿系统在线咨询estimate n. vt. 估计,估量  The government responded to the universities’ threat by setting up the most fundamental review of higher education a generation, under a non-party troubleshooter (调停人),Sir Ron Dearing.宜昌治疗包皮包茎价格先定一个小目标:比方用英语征世界 -- ::6 来源:sohu Set a small target first, like earning 0 million yuan. ——Wang Jianlin, chairman and founder of China's property developer Dalian Wanda Group 最近,估计大家都被王健林的这组图刷屏了吧然而,小编想说,你们忘记他了吗? 这位“明明就只想做点小生意”的先森最近又出来耍帅了为迎接G峰会,马云为家乡杭州代言,全程英语无压力围观群众纷纷表示:明明可以靠颜值,何苦用实力碾压?!看他说了点啥: Hangzhou was lucky enough to be one of the first group of cities open to the world. Because of Nixon and Mao Zedong signed the agreement, so they made Hangzhou open to the world. 197 when Mao Zedong and President Nixon decided to make China and USA agree to working together to be the bright future. Both leaders actually had a lot of ... One of the negotiations was done in Hangzhou and the document was made in Hangzhou and announced in Shanghai. This is a historically, very meaningful city, a great city that made the west and the east meet together, made the great leaders of the east and the west sit down together, discuss the future. I think this G meeting has high expectations from the world, especially at this moment of the world economy. A lot of people don't like globalization. And I personally believe globalization is a great thing the world. The only thing is that how we can improve globalization to enable more small business, more young people to get involved it. What if we can use a new mechanism, new technology can enable 1 billion, or billion, or 3 billion people to do trade? EWTP, the Electronic World Trade Platm. We think EWTP should be sponsored and enced by the business and supported by government. So if we can build a platm that can enable small business and young people to do the free trade and open fair trade globally. This is going to be very fundamental the next or 30 years' world economy and this century. And I think we're very proud to get involved this G and B, put our ideas. It is an idea and we'll continue to work to move ward by this great event. People keep on asking why Alibaba is not in Beijing, why not in Shanghai, (but) in Hangzhou. Not because it is the city that is my hometown, because the city has its entrepreneurs, it's so friendly to private sectors and people here are well-educated. Beijing, at that time, the government there and people they like the SOE, the state-owned business; Shanghai, they like multinational companies. And our city, we like entrepreneurs, we like people from nothing, building and up. So I think we get great talents, we get good environment, we got the great culture that fighting the future. We are pretty small city only have close to 9 million people, but Hangzhou is so powerful, so influential to China economy, to China culture. Because in the Song Dynasty, 00 years ago, we were the capital of China. And at that time, we were the most splendid and prosperous city in China. Hangzhou today has become the driving ce of China new economy, because of e-commerce, because Alibaba we are now more that 70% of the e-commerce in China. We created more than 3 trillion RMB which close to 500 billion USD GMV, that really pumped up the China domestic demanding. And because of the e-commerce development and internet development, so there are a lot of young people who are interested in e-commerce, interested in internet business. They all come to the city. The city becomes the center of inspiration, the center of innovation, and the center of the new economy entrepreneurs. Because of G and B, I want Hangzhou to be a city more friendly to the world. People coming here, bring new ideas and benefit from this culture and understand China better. I feel so proud of, and this city that no matter whatever in the world I go, I always miss it. And every or days, I want to be back. 马云的英语这么好?!不必讶异,他的人生经历基本上可以总结为“用英语征世界”因为苦练英语,严重偏科的他跌跌撞撞进了大学,还当上了大学老师;因为英语好,他有机会成立翻译社,有了创业初体验;因为英语好,他有机会去了美国,最早接触到互联网,从此推开了通向成功的一扇大门…… 我们呢,先定一个能达到的小目标,比如说,用英语来介绍杭州吧!干货在此,拿走不送 古都杭州 Praised by Marco Polo as ;the noblest city and the best metropolis in the world,; Hangzhou is one of the most beautiful places in China. This pleasant city is endowed with beautiful gardens and waters, and was once a capital city in ancient China. It is also known as one of China's seven ancient capitals. 关于西湖 The West Lake known as Xihu in Chinese is the symbol of the city as well as one of the most famed lakes in China. The West Lake was inscribed on the UNESCO's world heritage list in . 关于大运河 The city, with a history of over ,0 years, also boasts the other world heritage site- the Great Canal. The ancient canal linking Hangzhou and Beijing is still a vibrant shipping route. ?关于美食 To name just a few: Dongpo Pork, Beggar's Chicken, Longjing Tea Shrimp, Sister Song's Fish Soup, West Lake Water Shield Soup and Braised Bamboo Shoots... 好啦,最后互动一下,一说到杭州,你脑海中闪过的第一种美食是什么呢?留言告诉我们吧!秭归县治疗内分泌多少钱

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