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When the sunspots disappeared something on the sun changed太阳黑子消失时,太阳表面的变化导致that cooled the Earth down.地球温度降低But it wasnt that the solar output changed.改变的并不是太阳的输出量No matter how many sunspots there are不论表面有多少太阳黑子the sun doesnt get any hotter or brighter.太阳的热度和亮度都不会改变So the spots must have another effect.所以黑子一定还有别的影响And to see it we need a different way to look at the sun.想看清这种影响必须以不同方式来观察太阳Its not just heat and light that that the sun太阳对地球放射的is throwing at the Earth.不只是光和热As every sunbather knows,theres ultraviolet light too.热爱日光浴的人都知道,还有紫外线Enough UV reaches the surface to burn our skin,抵达地球的紫外线量足以灼伤我们的皮肤but it is only fraction of the suns UV output.但这只占了太阳紫外线输出量的一小部分The rest is filtered out by the atmosphere.其他的都被大气层过滤掉了It means we dont get a complete picture这表示在地球无法看清of the sun from the Earth.太阳的全貌To see the sun in all its glory you have to go into space.想要一窥太阳的真面目必须进入太空From here you can see the changing sun.在太空才能看清千变万化的太阳In the extreme UV the sunspots burn a brilliant white.燃烧的太阳黑子在强烈的紫外线中呈白热状态In the X-ray frequencies they look even more dramatic.X光频率下的太阳黑子活动更戏剧化Huge plumes of superheated gas spout from the spots.大量的高热气体从太阳黑子喷出When youre seeing the visible一般用肉眼观察youre really seeing the surface of the sun.只看得到太阳的表面But when youre seeing the ultraviolet但是用紫外线或X光观察时or the x-rays youre actually seeing that very hot atmosphere,看到的是温度高达一百万度的and thats about a million degrees,高热气体whereas the surface is about six thousand degrees.而太阳表面的温度约为六千度So youre seeing a different part of the sun所以我们观察到的是太阳的不同部位And youre seeing a part thats constantly changing.看到的是不断变化的部位These phenomenal displays of solar power1970年代天空实验室的太空人were only discovered in the 1970s,by the astronauts on Skylab.发现了这种太阳力量的惊人展现No-one had seen the sun like this before.从来没有人看过像这样的太阳Since then a number of Space telescopes have been deployed之后科学家为了观察太阳whose sole purpose is to look at the sun.部署了好几架太空望远镜The most used is Soho其中使用最频繁的是简称为SOHO的the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory.太阳及日光层观测站201504/369075我们都知道,bromance是什么呢?今天我们就来学学形容男人间友情的精俚语。转给你的基友看看吧!201508/391552The UN plans to introduce a series of new measures against North Korea after the county’s state run news agency announced that Pyongyang had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb.朝鲜官方机构宣布平壤已经成功试验一枚氢弹后,联合国对其采取一系列新的制裁措施。The ed Nations held an emergency meeting at the request of the US, Japan and South Korea.在美国、日本和韩国的要求下联合国举行了一次紧急会议。North Korea carried out its first nuclear test in 2006 and four have been reported since then.朝鲜在2006年进行了首次核试验,自那时起已经进行了四次。However, this is the first H-bomb experiment.然而,这是首次氢弹爆炸试验。As news of the test was announced nuclear scientists and the ed States doubted the veracity of the claims.随着试验消息公布,核科学家及美国怀疑核试验的真实性。This is a serious subject, the initial analysis that has been conducted on the events that were reported overnight is not consistent with North Korean claims of a successful hydrogen bomb test. 这是一个严重的问题,对事件的初步分析与朝鲜声称的成功进行核试验是不一致的。There is nothing that’s occurred in the last 24 hours that has caused the ed States government to change our assessment of North Korea’s technical and military capabilities.在过去的24小时里,没有什么引起美国政府改变对朝鲜技术和军事能力的评估。South Korea, all to familiar with the postering of its neighbour, believes there is no evidence of a H-bomb test, or even a failed H-bomb experiment.作为朝鲜的邻国,韩国认为没有据表明朝鲜在进行氢弹试验,甚至不是一次失败的试验。译文属。 /201601/420844

You get some idea how powerful the Gulf Stream is你就会明白湾流多么强大了by travelling around the world on the same latitude as the Sallies.你就会明白湾流多么强大了Heat-sensitive cameras show the waters off southern Britain glowing a warm orange.热量敏感摄像机可以显示出英国南部水域 发着温暖的橘红色的光But on the other side of the Atlantic at the same latitude,但是在大西洋同样纬度的地方greens and blues reveal the icy waters off Canada.绿色和蓝色说明加拿大周围冰冷的水域The Gulf Stream is just one fascinating example湾流只是一个引人入胜的例子of how the atmosphere and the ocean interact to drive the climate.说明大气和海洋如何共同作用改变气候And this means that changes in the ocean currents这意味着如果海洋洋流发生变化can have big effects on the weather around the world.将对世界天气造成巨大影响The effects of a major current changing can be seen in the Pacific.在太平洋,每过几年就有一股温暖的洋流从西向东流Every few years a warm current seen here in red and white,moves from west to east.可以看到红色和白色区域指的就是这里 可以看到红色和白色区域指的就是这里This current is the infamous El Nino,这就是臭名昭著的厄尔尼诺现象and its responsible for transforming the weather across much of the globe.它就是造成全球气候变化的 罪魁祸首201511/411318

Fitting In Cardboard写本专属自己的使用手册When I was younger I had this feeling that there was this handbook that Id never gotten that explained how to be, how to laugh, what to wear, how to stand by yourself in a hallway.在我年纪比较小的时候,我有这个感觉,有这本我从未得到过的手册,解释了怎么做、怎么笑、穿什么、怎么独自站在走廊上。Everyone else looks so natural, like, theyd all practiced together and knew exactly what to do, even just the way that theyd push the hair out of their face.其他所有人看起来好自然,就好像他们全都一起练习过,且确切知道要做些什么,即使只是他们将头发从脸上拨开的方式。My experience was pretty much the opposite: I was conscious of how I sat and how I smiled. But when I was alone with another person, I had no idea what to do or what to say. I could just feel myself panic. It sucked.我的经验是几乎相反的:我知道我要怎么坐、我要怎么笑。但当我单独和另一人相处时,我完全不知道要做什么或要说什么。我会就感受到自己惊慌失措。那糟透了。Id imagine what people were like when I wasnt around: how theyd compare notes on how I didnt quite fit. Or even worse, maybe they just wouldnt notice.我会想像人们在我不在时会像怎样:对于我不太融入一事他们会怎么交换意见。或甚至更糟,也许他们就是没有注意到。So I tried to pick up the patterns. I wore what they wore, and said what they said. I even wrote ;smile more; on a sticky note. And over time it sort of worked in a way. I made a version of me that fit in, whatever that means.所以我试着去学习那些模式。我穿他们穿的衣、说他们说的话。我甚至在便利贴上写“多笑一点”。随着时间过去,在某种意义上有点行得通。我创造出了一个可以融入的版本的我,不管那代表什么。But as I grew older, the patterns kept changing. And I took so much effort to keep learning them. And I was still stuck with the problem that I started with: being terrified at the moment when my tricks stop working.但当我年长一点,模式不断改变。我做了好多努力去持续学习它们。而我还是卡在我一开始的问题:在我的伎俩行不通的那一刻感到恐惧。I think it took me too long to learn something. That even though there is a thing called fitting in, that is something that you can learn and practice. Those pages are so thin compared to who you are. That the way to become natural, like I wanted to be so badly, is by forgetting what youre trying to beat other people.我想我花了太长一段时间去学某件事。即使有一件事叫做融入,那也是一件你可以学习并练习的事。那些书页跟你是谁比起来非常浅薄。要变得自然的方式,就像我深切想要成为的样子,就是要透过忘记那些你试着要打败其他人的事。If there is a handbook, you probably get to write it yourself.如果有本手册,你也许要自己编写。201503/366126

MH370: Family Members Mark One Year since Disappearance马航 MH370 失联一年,家属:“我们仍在等着你。”This is the house of Patrick Gomes, the in-flight supervisor for MH370. Exactly one year ago, he left here for work on what should have been a routine flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, but he still hasnt returned.这是 Patrick Gomes 的家,MH370 航班的座舱长。就在一年前,他离家搭上这班原本应该要从吉隆坡到北京的例行班机,但他仍未归来。Well, you know, when were always thinking of exactly what happened and on that day itself—you know, the conversations we are having, the tears and the hugs that were giving each other, and you know, the phone calls were making to friends to find out exactly whether they know anything, so...its still very fresh in my mind.嗯,你知道,我们仍一直想着到底发生什么事以及想着那天--你知道,我们进行的对话、我们给予彼此的眼泪和拥抱,以及你知道,我们打电话给朋友问问他们是否知道任何事,所以...这一切在我脑中依然很鲜明。A few of the relatives of the missing cabin crew members have gathered at this house to remember their loved ones.几个失踪机组人员的亲戚聚在这间房子回忆他们挚爱的人。Right now, we would like to take a minute of silence.现在,我们默哀一分钟。Heres one of the boards where theyve written some well-wishes, one of them saying ;Assalamu Alaikum, Daddy,; clearly written by somebody whos Muslim wishing peace upon their father. Theres one that says, ;Were still waiting for you. Miss you all.; Its clear that the people who are on board MH370 are very well-loved.这儿是其中一块他们写下一些祝福的板子,他们其中一人说“祝你平安,爸爸”,明显是由某位希望平安降临在他们父亲身上的穆斯林所写下。有一个说:“我们仍在等着你。想念你们所有人。”显然在 MH370 航班上的人们都被深爱着。Shes a very caring person, all right, to what...to what I know for the whole life, yeah. Beside that, shes a...very loving mom for the kids.她是个非常贴心的人,是的,就我...就我一生所认识的,没错。除此之外,她是个....对孩子非常慈爱的母亲。Three-year-old Rafael also misses his grandfather, but Malaysias government is struggling to comfort families. This official, though, says hes doing his best.三岁的 Rafael 同样也想念他的爷爷,但马来西亚政府正努力安抚家属。而这位官员说他正尽他所能努力。Thats why we are really committed to find the truth, to find the closure. And until today, we are still looking to it.那就是为何我们十分致力于找出真相、让此事件落幕。直至今日,我们仍期望着这。This is a tree made up of all 239 cabin crew and passengers on board MH370. This and the event have been built as a remembrance rather than a commemoration. And the distinction is extremely important for the family members, because for many of them, they still believe their loved ones are alive until they have evidence to prove otherwise.这是棵由 MH370 航班上所有 239 名机组人员和乘客所组成的树。这棵树和这个活动是举办来作为一场回忆而非纪念仪式。而这区别对家属们来说极为重要,因为他们之中许多人,他们仍坚信他们所爱的人还活着,直到他们有任何明其他结果的据。201507/387772


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