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Apple has posted a record third quarter as soaring demand for iPhones sent profits higher.The technology giant sold 47.5 million iPhones in the quarter, up 35% on a year ago, with Mac computer sales up 9% to 4.8 million.由于对苹果手机需求升高,苹果公司第三季度盈利创下纪录。本季度,该行业巨头卖出4750万苹果手机,销量比去年增长了35%,苹果电脑销量为480万,增长了9%。The performance resulted in what chief executive Tim Cook called ;an amazing quarter;. Profits rose by 38% to .7bn , while revenue was up 33% to .6bn. Despite the strong results, shares fell 6.7% to 1.89 in after-market trading in New York.因本季度业绩好,苹果首席执行官Tim Cook将其称为“让人吃惊的一季度”。盈利增加了38%,升至107亿美元,收益上升了33%,增加至496亿美元。但是尽管业绩良好,纽约后市股票仍下跌了6.7%,降职121.89美元。Demand for its iPad tablets remained weak, with Apple selling 10.9 million, down 18% from a year earlier. But Mr Cook also said the Apple Watch had had a ;great start;. The Apple boss said last autumn that he did not want to reveal detailed figures for the watch to avoid giving competitors inside information.对苹果平板电脑的需求依然疲软,销量为1090万,与一年前相比,下降了18%。但是Cook先生表示,苹果手表“开端良好”。该总裁去年秋天表示不愿透露过多有关苹果手表的具体数字,以避免竞争者获取内部信息。But Apple said that revenue from ;other products;, which includes the watch as well as products such as the iPod, came to .6bn - about 2m higher than the previous quarter.Sales of the watch in the first nine weeks had exceeded those of both the iPhone and iPad after they were first launched.但是苹果公司表示来自“其他产品”的收益高达26亿美元,比上季度增加了九亿五千二百万美元,其中包括苹果手表、以及诸如iPod等产品。 苹果手机发行的前9周内,其销售额超过了苹果手机和苹果平板电脑。Apple also continued to do well in the China market.Sales doubled year-on-year and accounted for more than a quarter of the company’s total third-quarter sales.The jump should help to reassure investors that demand in China remains robust despite fears the market is close to saturation point.苹果产品在中国的销量年年攀升,占苹果公司第三季度销售额的四分之一。这便消除了一些投资者的疑虑,他们担心中国市场已经接近饱和,但中国市场的需求仍然保持强劲。But Colin Gillis, an analyst, told the B that the firm’s ;complete dependence; on iPhone sales and growth in China was still a concern. ;Look at the PC market. People ask if that could ever happen to smartphones. Of course it could. And there are risks associated with its dependence on China,; he said.但是分析师Colin Gillis接受B采访时表示,苹果手机的销量完全依赖中国市场仍然是个问题。“看看私人电脑市场,人们就会问智能手机市场是否也会这样?是肯定的。完全依赖中国市场就会有很多冒险因素。”However, Mr Gillis said that investors should put the results into perspective.;Overall the results are stunning - it’s made bn in profit. But Apple is an outlier in many metrics, so you need to look at the performance relative to expectations,; he said.Gillis先生表示,投资者应当正确审视所取得的业绩。“总体来说,业绩确实让人震惊,盈利高达100亿美元。但是从很多指标来说,都是异常值,因此应当审视相对于预期的业绩表现。” /201507/389152。

Google will this week overhaul the way its search engine recommends websites on mobiles, an algorithmic shift that is likely to penalise many sites, including those of Microsoft and the European Union.谷歌(Google)本周将修改其搜索引擎在移动设备上对网站进行排名的方式,这一算法上的调整可能会让很多网站受到惩罚,包括微软(Microsoft)和欧盟(EU)的网站。The world’s most popular search engine will on Tuesday start updating its secret formula for ranking sites to favour those are “mobile friendly”, while demoting sites that fail to meet its criteria.谷歌是全球覆盖范围最广的搜索引擎,其将从周二开始修改其搜索排名的算法,新的算法将青睐那些“移动友好”网站,同时那些未能满足标准的网站的排名将出现下滑。Experts in search engine optimisation have dubbed the shift “Mobilegeddon”, predicting that companies unprepared for the change will suffer heavily as a result.搜索引擎优化专家将此次修改称为“移动友好”,他们预测,没有对此次修改做好准备的企业将受到严重影响。In an ironic twist, the EU, whose antitrust chief this week accused Google of illegally using its dominance in online search, is one of those likely to be penalised by the changes.具有讽刺意味的是,欧盟将成为可能被谷歌新算法惩罚的对象之一。欧盟反垄断部门本周曾指控谷歌非法利用其在在线搜索领域的主导地位。An online test provided by Google shows that the EU’s Europa website is “not mobile-friendly”. It contains text that is “too small to ”, links that are “too close together”, and content that is wider than the screen.谷歌提供的一次在线测试显示,欧盟的Europa网站“对移动不友好”。该网站文字“太小不易阅读”,链接“靠的太近”,内容宽度超过手机屏幕。According to research compiled by Somo, a mobile marketing agency, some of the world’s largest companies will be punished by Google under the new algorithm. These include fashion brands such as Versace , technology sites such as Microsoft ’s Windows Phone, and financial services companies such as Legal and General .根据移动营销机构Somo的研究,在新的算法下,全球一些最大企业将受到的惩罚。包括范思哲(Versace)等时装品牌、微软Windows Phone等科技网站以及Legal and General等金融务公司。 /201504/371150。

There are few people more qualified to talk about shaping the future than Google’s Astro Teller. His official title the oh-so-Googley “Captain of Moonshots.” His day job is running Google X, which the company calls its “moonshot factory.” It’s where Google GOOG -0.30% is developing self-driving cars, Glass (its glasses-like wearable computer), Loon (a project to deliver Internet access worldwide through high-altitude balloons), Makani (an effort to generate energy through high-flying wind turbines), and ingestible nanoparticles that would detect cancer and other diseases. Teller works closely with CEO Larry Page, which Fortune named 2014 businessperson of the year, and Sergey Brin, the Google co-founder who oversees X and other special projects. He recently spoke with Fortune about his lab’s approach to breakthrough innovation.说到塑造未来,阿斯特罗o泰勒鲜有对手。他的正式头衔是谷歌 “登月队长”——一个颇具谷歌风范的称谓;他的日常工作是负责Google X实验室的运营,谷歌将其称为“登月工厂”。在这里,谷歌正在开发无人驾驶汽车、谷歌眼镜、Loon项目(通过高空气球提供上网务)、Makani项目(通过高空风轮机发电)以及用于检测癌症和其他疾病的纳米胶囊。在工作上和泰勒密切配合的有谷歌首席执行官拉里o佩奇(《财富》杂志2014年年度商人),以及谷歌联合创始人、管理着Google X和其他一些专业项目的谢尔盖o布林。最近,泰勒接受了《财富》杂志的采访,介绍了Google X如何获取突破性创新。Fortune: How do moon shots come together at Google X?《财富》:Google X的“登月”项目是怎么来的?Well, with the caveat that it’s not simple, I think that there are some principles, or some ways of seeing, at least, things that don’t work.事先声明一下,这并不简单,但我觉得在看待那些难以企及的事情时我们至少有几条原则。You have to have three things in order for it to conceptually be a moon shot. That doesn’t mean we’ll necessarily do it, but it means necessarily we won’t do it if it doesn’t have these three things.要从概念上成为“登月”项目,得具备三个要素。这并不是说有了这三个要素我们就一定会去做这件事,它的意思是如果没有这三个要素我们就一定不会去做。The first one is that it’s a huge problem. That sounds pretty obvious, but it’s incredibly not obvious in fact.首先,它得是一个重大问题。这看上去是显而易见的事情,但实际上这一概念模糊的令人难以置信。Then the second thing is that there has to be some kind of radical proposed solution. It should be a science fiction-sounding product or service. Obviously whether it really sounds like it comes out of [Isaac] Asimov isn’t important. What’s important is that we be not ting the same ground that other people have t before because thinking that we’re going to be smarter or better resourced or work harder than people who’ve come before us is just not a good bet.其次,得有人提出某种激进的解决方案。这种产品或务听起来得像是科幻小说里的东西。显然,它听起来是否真的像来自艾萨克o阿西莫夫的科幻小说并不重要。重要的是,我们不能步别人的后尘,因为觉得自己比以前那些人聪明,拥有更好的资源,或者付出更多努力的想法一点也不靠谱。Then the third one is some reason to believe that this isn’t just pie in the sky. We would call this breakthrough science or tech.最后,我们有理由相信它不是空中楼阁。我们将其称为突破性科学或技术。This could be something we’ve discovered. It could be something someone else has discovered. It could be something that has worked in one domain but has never been transplanted to this other domain. There are lots of different ways of ending up having an “Aha!” moment where you believe that something looks nearly impossible might not be impossible.这种科技可能来自于谷歌,也可能来自于他人。它可能已经在某个领域发挥了作用,但从未移植到其他领域。在很多情况下,我们最终都会恍然大悟,从而意识到这件看起来近乎不可能的事也许并非不可能。These three things don’t happen all at once, right?这三个要素不会一下子都出现,对吧?That’s right. So in some cases one of these is easy and the others are hard. Sometimes we will think we have a bead on two or even three of these things, but after awhile one of them will fall away.是这样。因此,在某些情况下找到其中一个要素比较容易,而找到另外两个比较困难。有时候我们觉得已经找到了其中两个,甚至三个要素都已具备,但一段时间后,其中一个就会消失。Take Loon [the Google X project to deliver Internet connectivity worldwide through high-altitude balloons], for example. This was super obvious. There are 5 billion people in the world who don’t have Internet connections, and there’s very little that would cause the world to be more at peace, more prosperous than getting the other 5 billion people on the planet connected.以Loon项目[通过高空气球在全球范围内提供网络连接]为例,这三个要素非常明显。全球有50亿人上不了网。就促进世界和平、繁荣而言,还有什么事业能够与为50亿人提供上网渠道相比呢?Very generally, doing this from balloons rather than from satellites sort of has the form of a radical solution.非常笼统地讲,用气球而不是卫星来实现这个目标可以算是一种激进的解决方案。And so we went through a process for almost a year where the mantra was not “This is going to work” but “This is not going to work. How can we discover why this won’t work as fast as possible so that we can discard this and move on to something else?” And it was only having tried rigorously for a year and having failed to fail many times in a row that we got to the point where we were starting to take this project really seriously.因此,在近一年的时间中,我们的工作并不是明“这行得通”,而是明“这行不通,以及我们怎样才能尽快发现为什么它行不通?这样就可以放弃它,然后转向别的项目。”我们努力尝试了一年,连续失败了很多次,然后才开始认真对待这个项目。You have a rapid-eval team. Can you talk a little bit about how it works?你有一个快速评估团队。能介绍一下它是如何运作的吗?There are two ends of a continuum [for tackling moon shots]. On one end of the continuum—you could just call this the “savant” model—you pick a small number of things to do, and you’re determined to do them from the beginning, and you’d better be right because you decided you’re going to do them. On the other end of the spectrum—you could think of this as the “funnel” perspective—at the beginning you have a huge number of things that you’re not taking very seriously and that you’re hoping to throw out with relatively little work. And the farther you get into the funnel, the more work it may take to throw out something.[就处理“登月”项目来说,]这就像一个统一体的两端。你可以把其中一端称为“专家”模式。它的做法是挑几件事来做,而且从一开始就决心一干到底。你得做出正确的选择,因为你已经下定了决心。对于另一端,你可以把它想象成一个“漏斗”。在漏斗顶部有大量的项目,我们并不打算去特别认真地对待,而且我们也希望在排除这些项目时投入较少的精力;然而,越接近漏斗底部,排除就越费力。So this is a team of maybe eight or so polymaths who are exceptionally bright over a broad range. They tend to be makers, so they are not uncomfortable prototyping. They’re run by a guy named Rich DeVaul. They act in a fairly chamber music-like way, where for each thing that someone is working on, everyone else will just pitch in.这个团队大约有八个人,他们大都学多才,而且在众多领域都颇有建树。他们更愿意动手参与,因此制作原始模型对他们来说不是什么难事。该团队的负责人是里奇o德沃尔。他们的工作方式类似于室内合奏——当有人在从事某一项目时,其他人都会为其提供一臂之力。And then Rich DeVaul also runs the Design Kitchen for us, which is sort of a tech shop on steroids. It’s a rapid prototyping facility, and it makes sense that these two things are together.里奇o德沃尔还负责我们的Design Kitchen项目,这是个加强版的技术工作室。它能迅速制作出原始模型,因此让里奇同时掌管Design Kitchen和Google X是合情合理的。With Larry Page, you’ve got your savant, too.有了拉里o佩奇,你也就有了自己的专家。Well, we have both, right? We are very fortunate to be in a situation where two of the planet’s recognized savants, Larry and Sergey, are here. There are times when they say, “Trust me on this one.” And that does skip parts of the funnel process. But that doesn’t mean that we aren’t otherwise driving the funnel process.我们有两位专家,不是吗?我们非常幸运,作为这个星球上公认的专家,拉里和谢尔盖都在这儿。有时候他们会说:“在这个问题上要相信我。”而这确实能帮我们省略一部分“漏斗”工作。但这并不意味在其他时候我们不开展这项工作。Is there a way to institutionalize or scale this process? How far can it scale?有办法让这项工作成为制度或者扩大规模吗?它的规模能有多大?We clearly have scaled in the sense that there’s a lot more going on here than there was two years ago. I do believe that making a factory for innovation, a moon-shot factory, is possible. I’m not saying that we’ve done a perfect job here so far, but I do think that that’s possible.很明显,我们已经扩大了规模,因为和两年前相比,现在我们这里进行的项目要多得多。我确实相信,建立一个创新工厂,也就是“登月”工厂,是可行的。这并不是说到现在为止我们的工作已趋于完美,但我真的认为它是可行的。(财富中文网) /201501/355690。

The Silk Road丝绸之路In the Han Dynasty,China established extensive contacts with various nationalities and kingdoms outside its domain through the Silk Road.Zhang Qian pioneered this route. During the reign of Emperor Wu,the Huns in the North often harassed the frontier of the Han Dynasty,and controlled dozens of small kingdoms in the Western Regions.汉代,中国通过“丝绸之路”与域外各民族建立了广泛的交往。这条线路的开辟,首先要归功于张赛。汉武帝时,北方匈奴常常袭扰汉朝边境,还控制了当时西域的几十个小国。In 138 .,Emperor Wu sent Zhang Qian with a delegation of over 100 people on a diplomatic mission to the Western Re-gions to seek allies against the Huns.Zhang Qian was captured by the Huns just as he left the Han territory,and was held prisoner for a dozen years. During this period,he learned the Hun language,and got to know well the geography of their territory. Escaping from the Hun encampment, Zhang Qian made his way back to Chang’an,with only one companion left of the 100 who had set out.公元前138年,汉武帝派张赛带100多人出使西域,联络大月氏,准备左右夹攻匈奴。没想到刚出边境,张赛就被匈奴抓住了。在被扣留期间,他学会了匈奴语,掌握了匈奴的地形。十多年后,张鸯逃了出来。当年与他同去的100多人,只剩下两人回到长安。In 119 ,Emperor Wu sent Zhang Qian on a second diplomatic mission to the Western Re-gions. This time,he had an entourage of 300,with tens of thousands of cattle and sheep anda large amount of gifts.They visited many countries,and these coun-tries sent envoys to return their visit to the Han court.From then on,the Han Dy-nasty had frequent contacts with the countries in the Western Regions,later setting up a Western Regions Frontier Command in today’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Re-gion,which was under the administration of the central government. The Silk Road was another outcome of Zhang Qian’s journeys.公元前119年,汉武帝再次派张赛出使西域,这次随行的有300多人,带去了上万头牛羊和货物。他们访问了许多国家,这些国家也派了使臣带礼物回访。从此以后,汉朝和西域的往来越来越多。后来,汉还在今天新疆地区设了西域都护府,归中央政府管理。张赛出使西域,开辟了中西交流的“丝绸之路”。The Silk Road started from Chang’an in the east and stretched westward to reach the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea and the Roman Empire. Trade caravans from China carrying large amounts of silk fabrics exchanged merchandise with traders from Persia,India and Greece, and brought home walnuts, grapes and carrots from abroad. In the fol-lowing several centuries,Sino-Western exchanges mainly characterized by the silk trade were mostly carried on through the Silk Road.“丝绸之路”东起长安,向西到地中海东岸,转至罗马帝国。汉朝的商队,运大量的丝织品同波斯人、印度人、希腊人交换商品,同时带回了外国的核桃、葡萄、胡萝卜等。此后的许多世纪,以丝绸贸易为主的中西交流大多经过“丝绸之路”进行。 /201512/410688。

In Google’s sci-fi future, your alarm clock’s volume will adjust automatically based on how deeply you’re sleeping – as tracked by your watch and pajamas. Apple’s vision of what’s next is a phone app that remembers – without being asked – where you parked your car.谷歌和苹果又分别迈入下一个极具科幻色的高科技领域。如果谷歌的研究取得了成功,你的闹钟将会根据你的睡眠深浅程度自动调整音量,你的手表和睡衣会负责跟踪睡眠状态。另一方面,苹果正在研发一款智能手机应用,它可以记住你把爱车停在了哪里,免去了在迷宫似的停车场里四处找车的尴尬。On Tuesday, both companies were granted patents for their respective ideas. Legal marketplace SmartUp first spotted the filings with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office.4月底,这两家公司的相关创意都获批了专利。法律顾问公司SmartUp率先发现了苹果和谷歌递交给美国专利与商标局的文件。Google’s patent coincides with the rise of activity trackers and smartwatches that aly track the sleeping patterns of people wearing them. According to the filing, the patent is for a wearable device, like a wristband or clothing with sensors stitched in, that help adjust alarm clock settings based on the user’s “sleep state.” The device would use “heart, respiration, or pulse rate, body movements, eye movements, ambient, and the like” to determine whether to dismiss, leave, or reschedule the alarm.如今,能够监测人们睡眠模式的活动追踪器和智能手表等产品不在少数,谷歌的这项专利也是顺势之举。谷歌的专利文件表明,该专利是一款可以根据用户“睡眠状态”调整闹钟设置的可穿戴设备,类似于一款智能手环或内置有传感器的衣物。它能够根据“心率、呼吸、脉、身体动作、眼部动作及周边环境”来决定是否保留、取消和重设闹钟。The idea, originally filed by Google in 2011, isn’t exactly novel. Some of Jawbone’s UP devices and Fitbit’s trackers let users set their wristbands to automatically vibrate when the technology determines the best time based on their sleep cycle. Even some apps, like Sleep as Android for wearable devices that run on Google’s Android Wear operating system offer that functionality.虽然谷歌最早在2011年就提出了这个理念,但它也不算特别新颖。Jawbone公司的Up设备和Fitbit公司的追踪器,也能让用户设定他们的智能腕带,让它根据用户的睡眠周期,在最佳叫醒时机进行震动。就连某些手机应用(比如谷歌Android Wear平台上的Sleep for Android应用)也能提供这个功能。With that said, there’s still some skepticism around wearable devices’ claims of accurately tracking sleep patterns. They merely infer that you’re sleeping based on your movements and heart rate. But that isn’t entirely accurate. The tracker I’m currently wearing, for example, reported that I slept for only a couple of hours last night when in fact I slept about six hours.话虽这样说,仍然有人怀疑可穿戴设备是否真的能准确追踪人们的睡眠模式。它们只是简单地根据你的动作和心率来判断你是否睡着了,但这并非完全精确。比如,我现在正戴着的追踪器就报告称,我昨晚只睡了一两个小时,但事实上我昨晚整整睡了6个小时。But in any case, it will definitely be interesting to see what Google does now that it’s armed with the patent. Should other activity tracker makers worry?但不管怎么说,单单是看看谷歌能利用这项专利做些什么,也绝对是件有趣的事情。其它活动追踪器制造商是否感到“压力山大”呢?Meanwhile, Apple’s patent to help you find your car come after a lengthy approval. The company originally filed its application in 2013, and it first surfaced last year.与此同时,苹果的自动寻车技术经过冗长的审批流程终于获得了专利。苹果早在2013年就提交了申请,外界还是在去年才第一次知道苹果研制了这种技术。The patent is for “vehicle location in weak location signal scenarios,” meaning that it would use techniques other than GPS or cell signal to locate the person’s car. Instead, the document describes having the driver’s smartphone automatically detect when the car is parked (the phone is not moving anymore, it’s no longer connected through wires or Bluetooth signal to it, etc.) and remembering the location and time.该专利又叫“弱信号区域车辆位置识别”。这意味着,它将使用GPS和手机信号以外的技术来定位用户的车辆。苹果的专利文件称,该技术能通过驾驶员的智能手机自动探测车辆何时停泊(当手机不再有信号,也不再通过数据线或蓝牙信号与车辆相联的时候),并记录泊车的地点和时间长度。The application, which includes a diagram of Apple’s headquarters as an example illustration, doesn’t specify the scenarios when the service would be useful. But this method could come in handy in parking structures and underground garages where smartphone signals can often be very weak.该专利文件还使用了苹果的总部大楼地图作为图示,不过它并没有透露这项务何时能够启用。但这种技术迟早是用得上的,特别是在手机信号往往很弱的地下停车场。But as always, it’s entirely up to the company to actually turn a patent into a real product or actually enforce it against other companies. Keeping track of your car could remain your own responsibility, unfortunately.但一如往常,苹果和谷歌何时能把这些专利变成看得见摸得着的产品,或是强制其他厂商执行这些专利,还得看它们自己的意愿。在短期内,在停车场停好车后,你还是得自己记牢爱车的位置。 /201505/375624。

The killing of a technician by an industrial robot at a Volkswagen plant in Germany sparked a social media storm this week and raised fears about human safety in the coming era of robotics.本周,大众汽车(Volkswagen)德国工厂一台工业机器人导致一名技师丧生的事件,在社交媒体上掀起了一场风暴。这件事还让不少人担心,在即将到来的机器人时代中,人类自身的安全会受到威胁。But experts on artificial intelligence and automation said the incident near Kassel should be understood as an extremely rare industrial accident, rather than a warning about future threats. The accident, in which the robot crushed the man against a metal plate, occurred during installation and involved a fast-moving first-generation robot designed to operate inside a cage, well away from human workers.但人工智能和自动化专家表示,卡塞尔市(Kassel)附近发生的这起事件,应被理解为一起极为罕见的工业事故,而不是关于人类未来会面临哪些威胁的一次警告。这起事故是在技师装配机器人的过程中发生的,机器人把技师挤到了一块金属板上。涉事的是一台快速移动的第一代机器人,从设计上说,这种机器人是在笼子里工作的,远离人类员工。“With present technology we cannot ‘blame’ the robot,” said Blay Whitby, artificial intelligence expert at the University of Sussex. “Robots are not yet at a level where their decision-making allows us to treat them as blameworthy.萨塞克斯大学(University of Sussex)人工智能专家布莱#8226;惠特比(Blay Whitby)表示:“就现有的技术而言,我们不能‘将责任记在’机器人头上。机器人还没到发展到那种程度,我们不应认为它们能为其所做的决策承担责任。”“This unfortunate accident is technically and morally comparable to a machine operator being crushed because he didn’t use the safety guard,” he added. “In this case it’s more complex and therefore more forgivable because ‘the safety guard’ [at Volkswagen] was provided by computer software and he was in the process of setting it up.”他补充说:“从技术和道德角度说,这起不幸的事故相当于一名机械操作员因未采取安全防护而被挤死了。具体到这个例子,情况要更复杂一些,因此也更值得原谅,因为(大众的)‘安全防护’是由电脑软件提供的,而他当时正在配置这一软件。”The next robotic generation — known variously as “workplace assistant robots”, “collaborative robots” or just “cobots” — are designed to operate uncaged alongside people. They incorporate sensors and other safety features to limit the force they can exert and prevent them running amok.下一代机器人被称为“工作场所助理机器人”、“协作机器人”或简称“Cobot”(collaborative robot的缩写——译者注)。从设计上说,这种机器人是不在笼子里而是在人们身边工作的。这种机器人拥有传感器及其他安防措施,能够限制它们的力气并防止它们横冲直撞。“Unfortunately people have exaggerated expectations and exaggerated fears about robots,” said Professor Alan Winfield of the Bristol Robotic Laboratory in southwest England. “They have been oversensitised by sci-fi movies and stories in the media.”英格兰西南部布里斯托机器人实验室(Bristol Robotic Laboratory)的艾伦#8226;温菲尔德(Alan Winfield)教授表示:“很遗憾,人们对机器人的期望和恐惧都过了头。他们被科幻电影和媒体报道弄得过于敏感。”Professor Sandor Veres, head of Sheffield University’s Autonomous Systems and Robotics Research Group, pointed out that there have been very few fatal accidents with caged industrial robots since the manufacturers began installing them in the 1970s.谢菲尔德大学(Sheffield University)自主系统和机器人研究小组(Autonomous Systems and Robotics Research Group)主管尚多尔#8226;韦赖什(Sandor Veres)教授指出,自上世纪70年代制造商开始装配在笼中工作的机器人以来,这种致人死亡的事故极其罕见。Since the first recorded robot killing, in a US Ford factory in 1979, such incidents have occurred at a rate of less than one a year — making up a minuscule fraction of all deaths in industrial accidents.第一起记录在案的机器人致人死亡事件,发生在1979年的福特(Ford)美国工厂。自那以来,这类事件每年发生不到一起,在所有致人死亡的工业事故中只占极小的比例。Indeed robotic automation has probably cut the overall death rate in factories, because more people would have been killed through a range of other industrial accidents doing the work replaced by robots.事实上,机器人自动化很可能降低了工厂中的整体死亡率,原因是假如由人力来做机器人所做的工作,本会有更多的人在一系列工业事故中丧生。 /201507/384167。

Gym designers have rid locker rooms of the gnarly shower curtains, trading them in for sexy glass escape pods. They have made bathroom stalls ever more private. Comfy couch corners, Wi-Fi and lockers with built-in locks have gone from swank options to standard issue.健身房设计师已经摒弃用粗糙浴帘隔开的更衣室,代之以性感的玻璃隔间。他们把浴室隔间也做得更私密。以前,舒适的沙发、WiFi和带有内置锁的储物柜是奢侈的可选项,现在这些都是标配。“Everyone wants to get upgraded now,” said Rudy Fabiano, an architect who estimates he has designed about 500 gyms in the last 25 years.建筑师鲁迪·法比亚诺(Rudy Fabiano)称自己在过去25年里大约设计了500家健身房。他说:“现在所有人都想升级。”But gyms are still unable to provide the one thing younger men in particular seem to really want: a way for them to shower and change without actually being nude.但是,健身房依然不能提供年轻人真正想要的一样东西:不必裸体示人就能沐浴更衣。Each day, thousands upon thousands of men in locker rooms nationwide struggle to put on their underwear while still covered chastely in shower towels, like horrible breathless arthropods molting into something tender-skinned. They writhe, still moist, into fresh clothes.每天,美国各地成千上万的男人在更衣室里难为情地裹着浴巾,费力穿上内裤,就像可怕的气喘吁吁的节肢动物在蜕变成软体动物。身上还没干透就得扭动着穿上干净衣。“In the last 20 years, maybe 25 years, there’s a huge cultural shift in people that ultimately affects gyms,” said Bryan Dunkelberger, a founding principal of S3 Design, which has worked for clients like Equinox and the Sports Club/ LA.S3设计公司(S3 Design)曾务过Equinox和Sports Club/ LA等客户。该公司的主要创始人布赖恩·邓克尔伯格(Bryan Dunkelberger)说:“在过去20年或25年里,文化的重大变迁最终影响了健身房。”“Old-timers, guys that are 60-plus, have no problem with a gang shower and whatever,” Mr. Dunkelberger said. “The Gen X-ers are a little bit more sensitive to what they’re spending and what they’re expecting. And the millennials, these are the special children. They expect all the amenities. They grew up in families that had Y.M.C.A. or country club memberships. They expect certain things. Privacy, they expect.”邓克尔伯格说:“60多岁的老年人对大家一起淋浴什么的没有意见。X世代对自己的花费和期待更敏感一些。而千禧一代是一群特殊的孩子。他们期望拥有各种设施。他们的父母是基督教青年会或乡村俱乐部会员。他们期待某些东西,比如私密。”Your gym wants you to have gym buds, with whom you buy expensive carb-infested juices on site and with whom you swap tips about trainers and teachers (but with whom you definitely don’t swap spit). And now your gym wants you to feel a little more at ease in that most sensitive space: the men’s locker room.健身房希望你拥有健身伙伴,你们可以一起在健身房购买昂贵的高碳水化合物的果汁,交换关于教练和老师的看法(但是你肯定不会和他交换唾液)。现在,健身房想让你在最敏感的空间感觉更自在:男更衣室。Showering after gym class in high school became virtually extinct in the ’90s. And if Manhattan’s high-end gyms weren’t riddled with ab-laden models or Europeans (or both), there would be few heterosexuals under 40 who have spent any naked time with other men.高中上完体育课后沐浴的做法在20世纪90年代已经基本消失。若不是曼哈顿的高级健身房里挤满腹肌明显的模特或欧洲人(或欧洲模特),又有几个40岁以下的异性恋男士和其他男人有过裸体相见。“It’s funny, they’re more socially open with everything — Facebook, social media — yet more private in their personal space,” said Kevin Kavanaugh, the president of David Barton Gym.戴维·巴顿健身房(David Barton Gym)总裁凯文·卡瓦诺(Kevin Kavanaugh)说:“很有意思,他们在所有事情上都更开放,比如在Facebook等社交媒体上,但是却要求更私密的个人空间。”Not long after the invention of the idea of personal space in 1959 came a classic ’70s study gamely titled “Personal Space Invasions in the Lavatory.” In it, researchers spied upon urinals to see how long it took for men to begin emptying their bladders.1959年,个人空间这个概念出现。在那不久之后的70年代,出现了一个经典研究,名字很有趣:《厕所里的个人空间侵犯》(Personal Space Invasions in the Lavatory)。研究者们在男用小便器上安装了一个探测器,追踪男人们在多长时间之后开始清空膀胱。It takes, we learned, almost twice as long when there is a man at a urinal next to you, and about half as long as when someone is one urinal away, compared to going it alone.研究结果是,与独自撒尿相比,旁边小便器有人的话,开始撒尿的时间要延后一倍,隔一个小便器有人的话,时间会缩短一半。Closeness breeds anxiety; penis-related closeness can be overwhelming.社交距离的缩小让人紧张;与生殖器有关的社交距离缩小可能让人难以承受。“Someone standing next to you at the subway station fully clothed is less close than someone standing next to you naked at a gym,” Mr. Dunkelberger said.邓克尔伯格说:“健身房里裸体站在你旁边的人比地铁站里穿着衣站在你旁边的人更让你觉得挨得近。”“Privacy and space is kind of where it’s at,” Mr. Fabiano said.法比亚诺说:“私密和空间取决于地点。”Gyms, like black holes, resonate at a frequency. There is the chartreuse and violet and space-black thrum of David Barton Gym, and the clean white with candy red accents of New York Sports Club — a red wholly different from the sensual deep red ping of Barry’s Bootcamp. The blistering white and yellow of a SoulCycle burns the hottest.健身房和黑洞一样,是在某个频率上震动。戴维·巴顿健身房是橄榄绿、紫罗兰色和太空黑的合奏;纽约运动俱乐部(New York Sports Club)是干净的白色搭配糖果红色,那种红色与巴里训练营(Barry’s Bootcamp)魅惑的深红色全然不同。SoulCycle健身房醒目的白色和黄色最为性感。Our budget-conscious friend Blink Fitness has a funny soft blue that I can’t even hear. Crunch has the palette of those awesome Indian comic books. The wheat and marble of Equinox is like “Mussolini does the Hamptons.”注重成本的Blink Fitness健身房用的是一种我从没听说过的有趣的淡蓝色。Crunch健身房的色调像是印第安漫画书的精搭配。Equinox健身房的小麦色和大理石色就像“墨索里尼来到了纽约汉普顿海滨”。Mr. Dunkelberger believes that women pick a gym based on whether it is clean and safe. Only then do they imagine themselves in the environment. Men choose a gym more abstractly, less sensibly, more ineptly.邓克尔伯格认为,女人挑选健身房的标准是干净安全。只有满足这两个条件,女人们才能想象自己在其中的情景。男人挑选健身房的标准则更抽象,不明智,更糊涂。Now, more than ever before, they choose tastefulness. In almost every high-end locker room there is a wet door, leading to a dank troll cave. This is the steam room. But at the Equinox abutting the High Line, the men’s steam room instead intrudes: It is a glass box that presents itself as a wall dividing the sink area and shower area.现在,他们比以往任何时候都更注重品味。几乎所有的高档更衣室都设有一块湿地板,通向潮湿的洞穴——蒸汽室。但是在高线(High Line)附近的Equinox健身房,男用蒸汽室是突出来的:它是一个玻璃房,把盥洗区和淋浴区分隔开。From three sides, fleshy moving colors are visible inside. It is reminiscent of the absurd smoking chamber of Rome’s Fiumicino airport. It is a thirst trap as drawn by Michel Foucault and executed by Olafur Eliasson. It’s great.你能从三面看到移动的人影。它让人想起了罗马菲乌米奇诺机场(Fiumicino)荒唐的吸烟室。它就像米歇尔·福柯(Michel Foucault)设想、奥拉维尔·埃利亚松(Olafur Eliasson)制作的饥渴陷阱。棒极了。The Equinox on East 61st Street, two David Barton locations and the Setai Club on Wall Street have lately partnered with Glam amp; Go, a blowout bar that starts at for 15-minute dry-hair blowouts.东61街上的Equinox健身房、戴维·巴顿的两家分店以及华尔街的Setai Club健身房最近和Glam amp; Go吹发店合作——花费25美元可以获得15分钟吹干头发的务(这是起步价)。At the David Barton Gym on Astor Place, Glam amp; Go was installed inside the women’s locker room. “Our men are saying: ‘Hey, what about me? I can’t go in the ladies room to get it,’” Mr. Kavanaugh said. “So we’re talking about how to put it in gender-neutral areas.”在阿斯特广场(Astor Place)的戴维·巴顿健身房,Glam amp; Go是设在女士更衣室里的。卡瓦诺说:“男顾客们在问:‘嘿,我怎么办?我又不能去女更衣室吹头发’。所以我们在考虑把它搬到公用区域。”For the conceivable future, the all-gender blowout bar looks to be the only moderately intimate gym location where men and women are likely to mix. For a city now seemingly mostly composed of subsidized young people from posh liberal arts schools who all dormed and often showered together, it’s queer, and a little sad, to see that desires for privacy and gender segregation are still entrenched in design.在可以想见的未来,全性别吹发室可能是健身房里唯一一个男女共处的中度亲密的地方。纽约市现在似乎主要由上流文科院校里受资助的年轻人组成,他们都住宿舍,经常一起沐浴,所以,看到对私密和性别隔离的渴望仍深深存在于设计之中,让人觉得奇怪而悲哀。“We had an attempt at a coed sauna, thinking it would work well,” Mr. Kavanaugh said. “But it didn’t. I was surprised at the amount of puritanical behavior around mixing the sexes. I guess it goes to wanting more privacy.”卡瓦诺说:“我们曾设立过一个男女共用的桑拿房,以为它会很受欢迎,但其实不然。我很奇怪,男女共处时,很多人会感到拘谨。我猜是因为人们希望拥有更多私密空间。”“If there was a man in there, women wouldn’t go in,” he said. “If there was a woman in there, men wouldn’t go in. It became very strange. I’m surprised at how less enlightened we are about crossing and mixing genders.”他说:“如果里面有个男人,女人们不会进去。如果里面有个女人,男人们不会进去。这很奇怪。我不明白为什么我们在男女共用方面这么不开化。”Gym designers have waged a long battle to make the locker room not sad, not alienating and not a place that smells like butts. They treat urban loneliness and personal shame as a product problem — with a product solution. And their success means that the gym is now both everyone’s extra bathroom and extra living room.长期以来,健身房设计师们在努力让更衣室不再悲哀,不再疏远,不再是一个闻起来臭烘烘的地方。他们认为城市的孤独感和个人羞耻感是产品问题,能够通过改进产品得到解决。他们的成功意味着,如今健身房是大家的另一个卫生间和另一个起居室。The other day I visited the new Equinox Brookfield Place, where the men’s executive locker room is reached by iris scan. The perfection of all possible lighting has been achieved at the very manly locker sinks, and I spent quite some time staring lovingly at myself there. I’ve never looked better.有一天,我去参观布鲁克菲尔德广场(Brookfield Place)新开的Equinox健身房,那里的高级男更衣室要通过虹膜扫描才能进入。盥洗区很有男人味,灯光效果极佳,我长时间含情脉脉地注视着镜子中的自己,觉得自己从没这么美过。Gym capitalism works. I don’t think I’m lonely anymore.健身房资本主义起作用了。我不再觉得自己是孤独的。 /201512/415985。