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上海玫瑰整形美容割双眼皮手术价格宝山冰点脱毛多少钱Chinese police have detained eight people, including journalists from one of China’s top business dailies, for allegedly blackmailing and extorting large sums of money from businesses.中国警方拘留了包括国内顶尖财经日报之一的记者在内的8人,他们涉嫌敲诈企业,向企业勒索巨款。The chief editor and deputy editor of the 21st Century Business Herald website have been detained along with several other staff members, according to state media reports based on statements from Shanghai police.官方媒体根据上海警方的声明报道称,与《21世纪经济报道》同属21世纪报系的21世纪网的主编、副主编以及其他几个员工已被拘留。Some of the people, who were not all identified, were from two public relations companies that allegedly worked with the paper’s website to extort large payments from companies to publish positive news or suppress negative news.被拘留的人大多未被点名,其中一些人来自两家公关公司,他们涉嫌与21世纪网勾结,向企业敲诈巨款,作为发表正面报道或压下负面报道的交换条件。The case is one of the biggest to target the media sector since the ruling Communist party launched a sweeping anti-corruption campaign in late 2012.此案是自执政的共产党在2012年末发起全面的反腐败斗争以来,瞄准媒体行业的最大案子之一。Several senior executives and high-profile anchors from China Central Television, the state broadcaster, have also been detained for alleged corruption in recent months.最近几个月,官方的中央电视台的几名高管和知名主播也因涉嫌腐败被拘留。Media organisations are rife with corruption in China, where journalists are paid a pittance and the practice of taking bribes, known as hong bao (literally “red envelopes” full of cash), is often built into their compensation structure.中国的媒体机构充斥腐败行为,新闻从业人员薪酬微薄,收受被称为红包(装满现金的红纸信封)的贿赂往往是他们的薪酬结构的一部分。Extremely tight control over traditional media and the internet by the Chinese government and the powerful propaganda department often leaves idealistic journalists disillusioned.中国政府和权势极大的宣传部门对传统媒体和互联网极其严格的控制,往往让理想主义的记者幻想破灭。In this year’s World Press Freedom Index, compiled by Reporters Without Borders, China ranked 175th out of 180 countries.根据记者无疆界组织(Reporters Without Borders)编制的今年世界新闻自由指数(World Press Freedom Index),中国在180个国家中排在第175位。“Media power is monopolised [by the state] in China,” said Mo Zhixu, a prominent political commentator.“在中国,媒体力量是(被国家)垄断的,”知名政治员莫之许表示。“If we had free media, then companies would not be so vulnerable to this sort of extortion.”“如果我们有自由的媒体,企业就不会那么容易受到这种敲诈。”According to one person who worked several years ago as an intern at the 21st Century Business Herald’s website, certain editors there openly discussed plans to extort money from companies in exchange for suppressing negative reports.几年前曾作为实习生在21世纪网工作的一名人士透露,那里的某些编辑人员公开讨论向企业勒索、作为交换为其压制负面报道的计划。“At one of the meetings I attended they were trying to get some funding for the website and some editors came up with an idea to do some negative stories about foreign investment banks,” said the person, who asked not to be identified.“在我参加的某一次会议上,他们试图为网站搞到一些资金,一些编辑想出的主意是,做一些有关外国投行的负面报道,”这位不愿具名的人士表示。“There was general agreement that this was a good idea because the website could then offer to kill the stories if the banks bought lots of advertisements.”“当时大家都认为这是一个好主意,因为网站随后可以提出,如果相关购买大量广告,就会封杀这些报道。”The person did not identify the journalists involved or the targeted banks and did not know whether they paid to have the stories stopped.这名人士并未点名指认参与的新闻从业人员,或者指认哪些被当作靶子,也不知道这些后来是否付款压下报道。In a previous internship at another paper, the person said they would often be sent to public relations events for the sole purpose of picking up the hong bao cash payments on behalf of full-time reporters.该名人士称,此前在另一家报纸实习期间,实习生经常被派去参加公关活动,唯一任务是代表正式记者领取红包。In the case of the 21st Century Business Herald’s website, police began investigating late last year after receiving several complaints.就21世纪网而言,警方是在去年末接到多起投诉后开始调查的。Yesterday, the newspaper declined to respond to inquiries from the Financial Times but issued a statement confirming that several staff from its website had been taken away by police on Wednesday evening and that it would “actively co-operate” with the investigation.昨日,该媒体机构拒绝回应英国《金融时报》的询问,但发表一份声明,实网站的几名工作人员周三晚上被警方带走,并称其会积极配合调查。 /201409/326858上海激光去痣价格 While poaching and environmental degradation have had disastrous effects on animal species across Asia, one highly endangered cat has seen a small but important rise in its numbers, researchers say.尽管偷猎和环境恶化给全亚洲的动物物种带来了灾难性的影响,但研究人员称,一种高度濒危的猫科动物的数量出现了幅度虽小却有重要意义的增加。The Amur leopard, which was once found across the Korean Peninsula and parts of Russia and China, is now considered the rarest big cat, with just a few dozen existing in the wild. But their numbers in Russia have risen from just 30 in 2007 to nearly double that in the latest count, according to the conservation group WWF.曾在朝鲜半岛各地以及中国和俄罗斯部分地区出现过的远东豹,现在被认为是最稀有的大型猫科动物,生活在野外的只有几十只。但据环保组织世界野生动物基金会(WWF)介绍,在距今最近的统计中,俄罗斯境内的远东豹数量已从2007年30只的水平上,翻了近一番。The group said 57 were found in Land of the Leopard National Park in the Russian Far East. The park, which was established in 2012, is in Primorsky Krai on the finger of land west of Vladivostok, where Russia, North Korea and China meet.该组织称在俄罗斯远东地区的豹之乡国家公园(Land of the Leopard National Park)发现了57只远东豹。成立于2012年的该公园位于滨海边疆,地处俄罗斯、朝鲜和中国三国交界处符拉迪沃斯托克以西一处狭长地带上。An estimated eight to 12 Amur leopards live in China, the WWF says. Chinese researchers counted 13 Amur leopards between April and June 2013 in the Hunchun Siberian Tiger National Nature Reserve, in the Chinese province of Jilin just across the border from the Russian park. Results of a new survey of the leopards in China will be published in a few months and will show their population has increased, said Wang Tianming, a researcher at Beijing Normal University, without giving specifics.世界野生动物基金会估计,中国境内还生活着8到12只远东豹。2013年4月到6月期间,中国的研究人员在与前述俄罗斯国家公园只有一条国境线之隔的吉林省珲春东北虎国家级自然保护区,清点到了13只远东豹。北京师范大学的研究人员王天明称,对中国远东豹的最新调查结果将在几个月后发布,届时将表明它们的数量增加了。但他未给出具体细节。“The number of leopards in China is extremely hopeful, higher than anything that’s been reported in the media,” Dr. Wang wrote in an email.“中国境内的远东豹数量极其乐观,比媒体任何一次报道的都高,”王天明在一封电子邮件中写道。There are many uncertainties preventing a precise count of Amur leopards. The cats often cross the border between Russia and China, meaning that some could be double-counted. Also, some could live in adjoining areas of North Korea, though little is known about their population there.很多不确定因素都会导致无法精确地清点远东豹的数量。它们常常穿越中俄边境,也就是说有些可能数重复了。此外,一些远东豹可能生活在毗连朝鲜的地区,但人们对那里的远东豹数量情况知之甚少。The leopard’s numbers are still quite small, but environmental groups say the recent population increase is a result of the expanded protection of their habitat. The increase in leopard numbers is paralleled by the Amur or Siberian tiger, a larger cat whose range overlaps that of the Amur leopard. The Siberian tiger numbers have climbed from just 40 in the 1940s to as many as 450 in Russia today. An additional 18 to 22 tigers are estimated to live in China.远东豹的数量依然很少,但环保组织称,最近远东豹数量增加,是加大了对其栖息地的保护的结果。和远东豹一样,东北虎的数量也增加了。东北虎是一种体型更大的猫科动物,其栖息地与远东豹重合。俄罗斯境内的东北虎数量已从上世纪40年代的40只,增加到了如今的450只。据估计,中国境内还生活着18到22只东北虎。The Siberian tiger made headlines last year after one released by Russian President Vladimir V. Putin crossed into China, followed later by another tiger released as part of the same Russian conservation program.去年,在俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·V·普京(Vladimir V. Putin)放生的一只东北虎进入中国境内之后,东北虎一度成为媒体关注的焦点。后来,同一个俄罗斯环保项目放生的另一只东北虎也进入了中国。“The fact that the Putin tiger came over and didn’t get poached, which was what everybody was worried about, showed that the Chinese side is starting to really be managed effectively for large cats,” said Barney Long, head of Asian species conservation at the World Wildlife Fund in the ed States, as the WWF is known there. “If you look at what China has done for panda conservation, our hope is that this is the initial sign that China is doing the same kind of world-class conservation for tigers and leopards across the northeast.”“普京的老虎能够进入中国,没有像外界担心的那样被捕杀,这说明中国方面对大型猫科动物进行了有效的保护。”世界自然基金会(World Wildlife Fund)在美国的亚洲物种保护负责人巴尼·朗(Barney Long)说。“看看中国为保护大熊猫所付出的行动,我们希望这预示着,中国也会为东北部的老虎和豹提供同样的世界级的保护。”Although China has extensive forests in its northeast, years of commercial logging mean they often lack diverse plant species. That limits the food supply for deer and other prey for the big cats, Dr. Long said. But improved management in both China and Russia has improved prospects of rebounds in endangered tiger and leopard populations.中国的东北拥有大面积的森林,但常年的商业砍伐意味着,那里的植物种类缺乏多样性。朗说,这限制了鹿以及大型猫科动物捕食的其他动物的食物来源。不过,中国和俄罗斯管理方面的改善,提高了濒危老虎和豹数量反弹的可能性。Still, the overall numbers of big cats in the wild in Northeast Asia are still quite small, leaving them vulnerable to catastrophe.尽管如此,东北亚地区野生大型猫科动物的整体数量仍然很少,很容易受到灾难的影响。“When you start getting down to small numbers like that, a single disease outbreak could wipe out large amounts, a single really serious poaching incident could take out two or three breeding females and that could knock them back,” Dr. Long said. “This population of Amur leopards, by no stretch of imagination is it safe. But it is recovering and it is showing all the signs. It can be an exponential recovery if it is allowed to get going.”“当一个物种的数量减少到这种程度时,一场疾病的爆发就可能导致动物大量死去,一次严重的偷猎行为就可能导致两三只能够繁衍下一代的雌性动物死亡,使种群的数量进一步退回以前的水平,”朗说。“远东豹的数量,绝对不是毫无风险。但它正在恢复,显示出各种增长的迹象。如果得以持续下去的话,可能会出现几何级数的增长。” /201503/361989上海市驼峰鼻矫正多少钱

长宁区同仁医院激光祛太田痣多少钱After decades of decline, the share of mothers who stay home with their children has steadily risen over the last several years, a new report has found. 一项新的报告发现,经过了几十年的下降之后,过去几年待在家中照顾孩子的妈妈所占的比例在稳步上升。In 2012, 29% of all mothers with children under age 18 stayed at home, a figure that has steadily risen since 1999 when 23% of mothers were stay-at-home, the Pew Research Center reported Tuesday. The share of stay-at-home moms had been dropping since 1967, when about half of all moms stayed home. Associated PressPew Research Center周二发布的这份报告显示,2012年,在家有18岁以下孩子的所有妈妈中,有29%的妈妈待在家中照顾孩子,这一比例较1999年的23%有稳步上升。在1967年,全职妈妈所占的比例大约为50%,此后该比例一直在下降。Pew attributed the rise of stay-at-home mothers to a mix of demographic, economic and societal factors. The vast majority of married stay-at-home mothers, 85%, say they are doing so by choice in order to care for their families. That rate is much lower for single stay-at-home mothers, at 41%, and cohabitating mothers, at 64%. Pew将全职妈妈占比上升归因于人口结构、经济和社会等多种因素。在已婚的全职妈妈中,称自己是为了照顾家庭而选择待在家中的全职妈妈占了绝大多数,比例为85%,而在单亲全职妈妈和同居的全职妈妈中,这一比例要低得多,分别为41%和64%。The report also found a drop in women working because of the recession, a trend that has lingered as the economy recovers. Pew cited an increase in immigrant families, for whom it is more common to have a mother stay at home with her children, and an increase in the number of women who said they were disabled and unable to work. 该报告还发现经济衰退导致参加工作的女性减少,这一趋势在经济复苏期间仍在持续。Pew将这归因于移民家庭的增加,在这样的家庭中,妈妈留在家中照顾孩子更为普遍。Pew认为,这还因为自称有残疾和无法工作的女性在增加。A companion public opinion survey by Pew, from 2013, found that mothers are much more likely than fathers to have reduced work hours, take a significant amount of time off, quit a job or, by a small margin, turn down a promotion in order to care for a child or family member. Pew said 42% of mothers said they had reduced their work hours to care for a child or family member, versus 28% of fathers. Pew在2013年同时进行的一项民意调查发现,和爸爸相比,妈妈减少工作时间、请长假以及离职的可能性要大得多,妈妈也比爸爸更有可能(尽管差距不是很大)为了照顾孩子或家庭成员而拒绝升职。Pew称,42%的妈妈说,她们为了照顾孩子或家庭成员而减少了工作时间,而这样做的爸爸只占28%。A second Pew survey, taken this year, found most in the general public think that children are better off with a parent at home: 60% said children are better off with a parent at home, versus 35% who said kids are just as well off when parents work. Pew在今年进行的第二项调查发现,公众大多认为父母有一方待在家中的孩子过得更好:持这一观点的公众占到了60%,但35%的公众认为父母都外出工作的孩子过得同样好。The survey of 3,341 people was conducted in January and February. Groups most likely to say kids are better off with a parent at home include Hispanics, people with a high school degree or less and evangelical Christians, the report said. 这项针对3,341名受访者的调查是在1、2月份进行的。该报告称,最有可能认为父母有一方待在家中的孩子过得更好的群体包括西班牙裔、学历仅为高中或更低的人群以及福音派基督教徒。The Pew analysis of trends for stay-at-home moms is based on an analysis of data from the Census Bureau#39;s Current Population Survey. It defines stay-at-home mothers as those who say they are staying home in order to care for their children, as well as those who are not able to find work, are disabled or are enrolled in school. Pew依据对美国人口普查局当期人口调查(Current Population Survey)的数据进行的分析来全职妈妈的趋势。Pew对全职妈妈的定义为自称是为了照顾孩子而待在家中以及找不到工作、残疾或在校就读的妈妈。#39;This has important implications for the day to day lives of children,#39; said D#39;Vera Cohn, the report#39;s author. 该报告的作者科恩(D#39;Vera Cohn)表示,全职妈妈的趋势对孩子的日常生活有重要意义。The share of stay-at-home mothers is now higher than it was during the recession in 2008, when it reached 26%. About 6% of moms say they are home because they can#39;t find a job, up from just 1% in 2000. 目前全职妈妈所占的比例已高于2008年经济衰退时的26%。约有6%的妈妈称,她们待在家里是因为找不到工作,而在2000年,这一比例只有1%。The report didn#39;t find lots more college-educated mothers dropping out of the workforce to spend time with their kids. In 2000, 20% of college-educated mothers were at home, compared to 2012 when it was 21%. Ms. Cohn said college-educated workers have done much better in the economy, helping to explain why they might stay in the workforce. 该报告发现为照顾孩子放弃工作的受过高等教育的妈妈并没有大幅增加。2000年,有20%的受过高等教育的妈妈待在家中,而2012年,该比例为21%。科恩表示,受过高等教育的职工更能适应经济形势,这也帮助解释了这些职工为何可能留在职场。The report also looked at how stay-at-home versus working moms use their time. Those at home spend more time on housework (23 hours per week versus 14 for working mothers), child care (18 hours vs. 11), leisure (31 hours vs. 22) and sleep (63 hours vs. 58 for working mothers). 该报告还研究了全职妈妈和有工作的妈妈是如何利用时间的。全职妈妈在家务事、照顾孩子、休闲和睡眠上花的时间更多。全职妈妈每周在家务事上花的时间为23个小时,有工作的妈妈则为14个小时。全职妈妈和有工作的妈妈每周在照顾孩子上花的时间分别为18和11个小时,二者在休闲上的时间分别为31和22个小时,用于睡眠的时间分别为63和58个小时。 /201404/292059上海整形来玫瑰经典 奉贤区奉城医院打瘦脸针的费用

上海哪里开眼角好During his time in the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin has drawn on two potent sources of political strength: high oil prices, which fell into his lap during the boom; and patriotic fervour, which he stoked by engineering regional conflicts. Now the oil price is falling like a stone. Will the Russian president be able to rely on patriotic mobilisation alone?在主政克林姆林宫期间,弗拉基米尔#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)利用两大因素有效地扩大自己的政治影响力:一个是高油价,在繁荣时期,这一好处得来全不费工夫;另一个是爱国主义热情,他通过挑起地区冲突助长了这种热情。如今油价正直线下跌,这位俄罗斯总统能够单纯依赖于民众的爱国热情吗?The past decade brought two periods of surging oil prices: one that ended in 2008 amid the flames of the financial crisis; and another that began barely three years later. But last week a barrel of oil fetched as little as , from 5 in June, and Russian producers must be feeling the squeeze.过去10年油价经历了两轮飙升:一轮葬送在了2008年金融危机的大火之中;短短3年过后又开始了新一轮。但上周油价从6月的每桶105美元跌至70美元低位,俄罗斯生产商肯定感受到了压力。The latest slowdown marks a moment of danger for Mr Putin. In the decade and a half since he first became president, the government has strengthened its control over oil and gas and increased its role in the financial sector. The creeping tide of nationalisation eroded incentives for investment, and swept away the resources needed for private investment. This is hardly without precedent; in resource-rich countries people are usually enthusiastic about nationalisation. But they expect benefits.当前油价跌势使普京面临一个危险时刻。自他14年前首次担任俄罗斯总统以来,俄罗斯政府加大了对油气的控制,并增强了政府在金融业的作用。逐渐兴起的国有化浪潮削弱了投资激励,卷走了私人投资所需的资源。这并非没有先例:在资源丰富的国家,人们通常对国有化热情十足。但他们期待的是好处。In the early years of Mr Putin’s presidency, they were not disappointed. The oil bounty pushed up consumption, stimulating growth. Most of the money was distributed through market channels. But the second oil price boom did not translate into economic performance as smoothly. In 2012 and 2013, when prices were often above 0, the economy was close to stagnation.在普京总统任期的最初几年,他们没有感到失望。石油财富推升了消费,刺激了经济增长。其中多数资金通过市场渠道进行了分配。但第二轮油价飙涨却未能改善经济表现。2012年和2013年,当油价常常突破100美元时,俄罗斯经济却接近停滞。A dearth of investment led to rising costs, consumption increases ran out of steam, and the oil riches instead had to be meted out through government largesse. By the beginning of this decade, public spending was more than a quarter higher than in the middle of the last one, much of it going on social assistance, higher pensions and public sector wages, as well as military spending.投资不足导致成本上升,消费增长失去动力,石油财富只能通过政府出进行分配。到本10年初,政府公共出比上一个10年中期高出逾四分之一,其中很多流向社会救助、养老金提高、公共部门薪资以及军事开。This approach is sometimes called “resource nationalism”, and we have seen it before: in Iraq under Saddam Hussein, for example, or in Venezuela under Hugo Chávez. It inevitably involves confrontation with the west as the regime seals itself off.这种方法有时被称作“资源民族主义”,我们以前曾看到过:例如在萨达姆#8226;侯赛因(Saddam Hussein)统治下的伊拉克,或者乌戈#8226;查韦斯(Hugo Chávez)领导下的委内瑞拉。随着该政权将自己封闭起来,不可避免的要与西方形成对峙。Politicians who follow this path typically proclaim themselves regional leaders, and engineer conflicts with neighbouring countries that help patriotic mobilisation. Confrontations abroad are a source of legitimacy at home. They offer an excuse for repression, and they draw people into a nationalist narrative. The declared goals of the conflict are irrelevant; what matters is the perpetuation of conflict itself. Seen this way, hopeless fights seem rational, despite the cost.走上这条道路的政治家一般自我标榜为地区领袖,他们会挑起与邻国的冲突,这些冲突有利于利用爱国主义热情。海外冲突是国内合法性的来源。它们为镇压提供了借口,并把人们带入民族主义叙事(nationalist narrative)。公开的冲突目标并不重要:重要的是冲突的延续。从这种角度来看,尽管要付出高昂代价,但毫无希望的战争似乎是合理的。The transition from soft authoritarianism to totalitarian rule depends on three preconditions: popular support, the acquiescence of elites, and an economy that is not deteriorating too quickly. For now, popular support is Mr Putin’s strongest suit. After a period of decline, his approval rating is said to have jumped to 85 per cent in June.从软性威权主义(soft authoritarianism)过渡到极权主义需要3个先决条件:民众持、精英阶层的默许,同时经济没有出现过快恶化。目前,民众持是普京最大的优势。在经过一段时期的下滑后,据说他的持率在6月跃升至85%。This may be misleading: in an authoritarian climate, such numbers are extremely dubious. Public discussion, such as it is, takes place in the shadows, and opinion polls offer only a distorted reflection. Although anti-western feelings are intensifying, Russians’ lifestyles are now more westernised than ever before. Two years ago, tens of thousands took to Moscow’s streets to demand modernisation.这可能具有误导性:在威权体制下,这些数字极其可疑。公共讨论是在阴影之下进行的,民意调查也只是一种歪曲的反映。尽管反西方的情绪在加剧,但俄罗斯人的生活方式比以往任何时候都更加西化。两年前,数万人曾走上莫斯科街头要求实现现代化。The elites have lost some of their nerve in the face of Mr Putin’s apparent popularity. But it is the economy – the double blow of sanctions and a falling oil price – that poses the most serious threat to the president. Repressive institutions are not completed yet, and the country is not sufficiently closed. The Kremlin is hesitating, wondering whether to escalate the confrontation, or ease off while the new economic reality sinks in.面对普京表面上的受欢迎程度,精英们失去了一些勇气。但对普京构成最严重威胁的是俄罗斯的经济,该国经济受到西方制裁以及油价下跌的双重打击。高压机制尚未完成,该国还没有完全闭关锁国。克里姆林宫正在犹豫不决,在人们意识到新的经济现实之际,要将冲突升级还是要缓和冲突。But the logic of resource nationalism knows no reversal. A regime that will not let go of its country’s natural riches cannot create prosperity. Instead, Mr Putin must channel the patriotic spirits of his people. And that means intensifying his conflict with the west.但“资源民族主义”的逻辑是不可逆转的。一个不愿放弃掌控本国自然财富的政权是无法缔造繁荣的。而普京必须疏导俄罗斯人民的爱国主义精神。这意味着需要加剧他与西方的冲突。 /201412/346742 上海脱体毛医院哪家好上海哪个脱毛医院好



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