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泉州阳光女子医院南安市中医院做人流泉州新阳光医院是私人的吗 Business: YouTube and copyright Free and easy listening商业:YouTube涉及版权问题,免费自在地听音乐The music industry lobbies Congress to keep YouTube at bay.音乐产业游说国会远离YouTube.IN LOVE or in business, it is not a good idea to be on the wrong side of Taylor Swift.无论从个人喜好还是从经营商业的角度,与泰勒·斯威夫特对着干都不是一个好主意。She has slated ex-boyfriends in her songs.毕竟她经常用歌曲抨击她的前任男友。And last year she publicly criticised Apple Music’s plan not to pay artists during the streaming service’s launch period. Apple quickly relented.去年,她公开批评苹果音乐在流媒体务发布期间没有向音乐人付费用的行为。苹果公司很快就举手投降。Now Ms Swift has joined nearly 200 musicians and record labels in a campaign aimed at the largest streaming service, YouTube.如今斯威夫特加入一个由将近200名音乐人和唱片公司发起的运动,该项运动直指最大的流媒体务商YouTube。They complain that it gives away too much of their work for free.他们抱怨YouTube 免费发布太多他们的作品。Their call for a change in copyright law is sure to fail, but the underlying gripe with Google’s streaming service will find sympathetic ears.尽管他们要求版权法做出改变的提议注定失败,但是对于谷歌流媒体务的潜在抱怨还是引起人们的同情。Streaming of music via on-demand services more than doubled in America last year, to 172.4 billion songs, according to Nielsen, a research firm.根据一家名叫尼尔森公司的调查显示,去年在美国通过视频点播务产生的流媒体音乐超过了原有的两倍,达到1724亿首歌曲。Ms Swift, Sir Paul McCartney, U2 and others signed a letter, published in several Washington periodicals on June 20th, asking Congress to make it more difficult and costly for those streaming services to host versions of songs uploaded by users.6月20日华盛顿斯的几家期刊登出斯威夫特,保罗·麦卡特尼,U2和其他音乐人的联名信。信上要求国会将流媒体务和用户下载大量版本的歌曲变得更加困难和昂贵。Google and Facebook, among others, will vigorously oppose any change to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which grants them “safe harbour” from liability for copyright infringement.在反对数字千年著作权法案做出任何改变的互联网公司中,谷歌和脸书的反对最为强烈,因为该法案是使他们不用承担版权侵权的“安全港湾”。A more realistic goal for the music industry is to persuade YouTube to pay more for playing their songs.音乐公司的一个更加现实的目标就是说YouTube 在播放他们的歌曲时付更多的费用。The service is the leading destination for on-demand music but a small source of revenue.这种务是在线点播音乐的主要目的,但却是收益来源的很小一部分。IFPI, a trade body, reckons that 900m people used ad-supported user-upload services such as YouTube to listen to music last year, but that the industry got only 4m from those streams.一家名为IFPI的贸易实体估算出去年有9亿人使用YouTube这种有广告持的用户上传流媒体务听音乐。但是音乐公司仅仅从这些流媒体中获得6.34亿美元。Subscription-based services, including Spotify, paid .3 billion to musicians in 2015.订阅务,包括Spotify在2015年向音乐人付了23亿美元。YouTube executives argue that they are creating a new source of revenue for the industry, even if it seems small now.YouTube的执行官则认为他们正在为音乐产业创造新的收益来源,即使它现在看上去数额较小。Many of those free-riders are unlikely ever to pay for a subscription service, they suggest.他们认为很多这些免费下载音乐的用户永远都不可能去为订阅务而付费。A popular user-uploaded promotes the original work and generates ad revenue for the industry.一家非常受欢迎的用户上传视频网站促进了原创作品的产生并且为音乐产业创造了收入。YouTube can take down such s, but the company notes that labels and publishers usually want to make what money they can from them.YouTube可以下架用户上传的侵权视频,但是YouTube也指出唱片公司和出版商经常想尽办法从他们身上捞油水。Music executives might warm to these arguments if YouTube comes up with more cash for them.如果YouTube 能够想到给音乐公司的执行官更多现金,音乐执行官们可能会同情这些论调。That is not out of the question.这也不是不可能的事情。Analysts reckon YouTube collected up to billion in advertising revenue in 2015, some billion of which would have been due to content creators and rights-holders.分析家估计YouTube2015年广告的收入已经达到了90亿美元,这其中的50亿美元是来自内容创造者和版权所有者。Those figures could double or even triple by 2020.这些数据到2020年可能翻两倍甚至三倍。By then YouTube might be making money.到那时候YouTube才可能会赚钱。Alphabet, Google’s parent company, does not break out YouTube’s results but it is widely reckoned to make a loss.谷歌的母公司Alphabet没有透露YouTube的营收情况,但YouTube被公认为是亏损的。Three big record labels—Universal Music Group, Warner Music and Sony Music Entertainment—are negotiating new deals with YouTube that they hope will lead to a bigger slice of the pie.三家大型唱片公司——环球唱片,华纳唱片和索尼音乐公司正在与YouTube协商新的方案,他们的希望将指向分得更高的份额。Some music publishers will seek new terms soon, too.一些音乐出版商也会立即开始寻求新的条款。Their lobbying may not sway Congress, even with Ms Swift’s help.他们的游说可能不会使国会动摇,即使有斯威夫特的帮助。But it does not hurt to have the singer on their side of the bargaining table.但是将歌手拉到他们的阵营倒也无妨。译文属译生译世 /201611/475161turn a blind eye 当做没看见He wouldn't turn a blind eye to other's bad behavior.他对于别人的恶劣行为绝对不会置之不理的That man saw the thief stealing, but he turned a blind eye.那个人看到小偷偷东西了,但他却当做没看见一样。big bucks 很多钱Movie stars often make big bucks.电影明星通常都能挣大钱When can I make some big bucks? I guess when I win the lottery! 我什么时候才能发财啊?估计只有靠中票了 背景音乐:love is colorblind另外,大家对我的节目有什么意见或建议的 欢迎大家给我留言 我现在很想改进节目的质量 但是不知道从哪里着手 谢谢大家! /201006/105395南安人民医院可以看男女吗

泉州丰泽新阳光医院输卵管造影正确发音小技巧长音/C:/嘴形又小又圆,从嘴巴前部发出。 短音/C/嘴巴张大张圆,从喉咙后部发出,非常短促。如图: /C:/ door for store short corner/C/ doctor forest stop socks coffee唇舌训练: The doctor walks into the door in shorts. /C/ /C/ /C:/ /C:/These short socks are around the corner of the door. /C:/ /C/ /C:/ /C:/The Coffee Corner program is a little bit short. /C/ /C:/ /C:/The doctor stops in front of the store for his coffee. /C/ /C/ /C:/ /C:/ /C/I like walking in the forest during the morning. /C/ /C/ /C:/单词中字母的发音规律一般发长音/C:/的字母 or sport, story, forward oor floor, door al ball, small ar warm oar aboard our four, course ore more, before一般发短音/C/的字母 a water, want, wash o dog, hospital, song ow acknowledge au caught, author al talk, walk aw crawl, dawn oa abroad ou bought, cough请注意:有很多单词如: talk, walk, caught, taught, bought,等等,这些单词里加粗字母的发音可以是长音/C:/,也可是短音/C/,在这里我们是按照美音的发音规律来分类,都发短音/C/的音。发音与朗读训练(在做以下朗读练习时,请注意黑体单词中画线字母的发音)Opportunity 机会The pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; /C/悲观主义者在每次机遇中看到的是困难;The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. /C/ /C/乐观主义者在每次困难中看到的是机遇。Opportunities flit by while we sit regretting the chances we have lost,/C/ /C/当我们只是坐在那儿叹息我们曾失去的机会,and the happiness that comes to us we heed not, /C/叹息我们未曾留意而曾经就在我们身边的快乐时,because of the happiness that is gone. /C/ /C/机遇正从我们身边悄悄掠过。Don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today, /C/ /C:/ /C/不要把今天能做的事推到明天,for if you enjoy it today, you can do it again tomorrow./C:/ /C/因为如果今天你喜欢做它,那么明天你还可以再做一次。Great opportunitycome to all, /C/ /C/ (美式发音)良机会青睐每一个人,but many do not know they have met them. /C/只是有很多人并没有意识到他们已经遇到了该良机。 The only preparation to walk into the door of them is simple fidelity to /C/ /C:/唯一能抓住机遇,并很好地利用它的前提是watch what each day brings. /C/高度密切关注每天的动向。《Faith口语课堂之发音与朗读技巧》第5课预告:元音/aelig;/, /e/和/ei/的发音技巧,绕可令式的唇舌训练,字母发音规律以及发音与朗读训练。Faith口语课堂每周四推出新课,敬请收听! /201109/155061福建省二院专家咨询 Thank you,please,thank you.Why is this socially unacceptable,why?谢谢大家 好了 为什么这不被社会认同啊This feels really good.感觉好棒啊yeah,its kind of disturbing for the viewer.Im sure its great for you.对观众来说有点反胃啦 你感觉一定很棒That never bothered me on this show.我从不会为此不安Welcome to the program.Weve got a great program tonight,do we not,Andy?We really do,Conan.欢迎来到节目现场 今晚节目很棒 是吧 安迪 真是的 柯南There you have it,good night,everybody.好了 大家晚安That always bums me out when the crowd applauds the show ending that quickly.每次观众为节目早结束而鼓掌都让我不爽Thats an excited group there.Glad thats over.群众情绪激动啊 结束了 太好了We got good news,after a long drought,We finally got some rain here in Los Angeles.好消息 经过了漫长的干旱 洛杉矶终于下雨了Not bad,thats a good thing.不错啊 这很棒Its been a tough week for Los Angeles parents because they had to explain to their children what that stuff coming from the sky is.洛杉矶的家长这周很不容易 他们得向孩子们解释天上落下的东西是什么No one,kids under 5 have never seen it before.5岁以下的孩子都没见识过下雨My kids saw windshield wipers,they were panicked.What are those things,daddy?我的孩子们看到刮雨器吓坏了 那是什么啊 爸爸Father,father,what is it,father?Thats how Andys kids talk to him,yeah.父亲 那是什么 安迪的孩子就这么跟他说话Hes papa.They call you papa,right?papa exactly.Papa,Im frightened by the moisture,papa.粑粑 他们管你叫粑粑 没错 粑粑 这湿气让我害怕Why papa,why?Crazy stuff going on in the real world though.这是为什么啊 粑粑 现实世界中发生了一些疯狂的事I dont consider Los Angeles the real world,man,Not at all.One weird town.我不把洛杉矶当做是现实世界 的确 这是个奇怪的城市201704/501839泉州新阳光医院怎么样

泉州子宫纵隔手术多少钱 点击此处收听往期节目 大家好,欢迎收听并学习《Faith口语课堂-天天学》,我是Faith老师。每天跟着我们的课程学点口语,用点口语,日积月累,你的口语进步可真的会很大哦!#61548; 今天主要学习两个词:“worth”和“worthy”, “worth”和“worthy”都是形容词,表示“值得……的”,“相等于……的”,但在运用上稍有不同: “worth”的用法:be worth something或be worth doing somethingI paid only 300 dollars for the used car, but it's worth much more. 我花了300元买了这辆二手车,实际上它远不止这个价格。The book is worth ing. 这本书值得一读。That movie sucks; it wasn’t worth watching at all. 那部电影太糟糕了,根本不值得一看。The new red dress is worth the money. 这条红裙子值这个价钱。Playing computer games isn’t worth your time, stop it now. 玩电脑游戏是浪费你的时间,马上停下来,不要玩了。 “worthy”的用法:be worthy of somethingYour proposal is worthy of support. 你的主张值得持。Your behavior is worthy of praise. 你的行为值得表扬。She isn’t worthy of mention. 她不足一提。The marketing campaign is worthy of our effort. 这个市场活动值得我们为之努力。“worthwhile”也是个形容词,表示“值得……的”,如:This is a worthwhile experiment. 这是一项值得做的实验。 你的生活中有任何值得的事或物吗?让我们一起学好英语吧!这里是《Faith口语课堂-天天学》,我是Faith老师,来首歌吧,Janet Paschal 带来的It won’t rain always, well it’s quite the opposite in Guangzhou, how about your city?Faith的Email:faithchen@163.com QQ空间:http://757973360.qzone.qq.com /201108/150440泉州女性肺部医院泉州阳光医院



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