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2019年08月26日 17:05:29 | 作者:88卫生 | 来源:新华社
NHS Waiting Times: Unreliable Stats Hide DelaysThe Health Secretary denies figures are falsified as a health watchdog finds treatment statistics are often recorded wrongly.In the last year, the NHS has faced criticism after criticism, now the reliability of waiting time is being questioned. The National Audit Office hasaccused NHS Trust in England of mis-recording data with some saying patients waited more or less time for treatment than they actually did.“We are not suggesting that those data has been misrecording at the Trust we visited, we think NHS England and the Department of Health need to make surethat consistent and reliable waiting time information is presented by the Trust in future. It needs to be comparable at the moment, we don’t think thatthe data provided by the Trust is sufficiently comparable, and that means as a patient, if youre trying to decide which hospital to go to and waitingtime matters, we haven’t got a solid base as much to decide.”It comes on a day when the government confirmed it’s tacking another issue facing the NHS. It wants to stop patients being passed around the system byhaving one doctor in charge of looking after them. At university college hospital, that doctors name is written above the beds.“I think its important you need to trust the people that are looking after you, because they’re making the diagnosis and you need to believe in whatthey say and tell you to do. And I found it useful to put names to faces.”“We would make sure that they have their consultant’s name.”The new system doesn’t mean patients will only see one doctor, but they will know who has overall responsibility for their care.“Their family, their loved ones come in, they can see whos looking after them and who they may need to put their questions to get clarity and get strongcommunications, so we can really coordinate their care, get most effective, top quality care for the patient.”It all comes down to the quality of care provide and the question of trust. NHS England says any problems with data have to be solved. But it is yetanother problem.Steven Douglas. Sky News. /201402/275071Back home, shes built a pond, surrounded by netting to keep out predators where her charges will spend the next six months, until they are big enough to fend for themselves.回到家里,她建了一个用网围起来以隔离捕食者的水塘,在接下来的六个月内加以保护,直到他们长得足够自立。For the past 20 years, small-scale conservation projects like this are all that have kept Chinas 150 wild alligators from extinction.过去的20年里,靠着像这样小规模的保护措施中国150只野生扬子鳄免遭灭绝。Just south of the alligator country, dawn breaks over a very different landscape.就在饲养鳄鱼村落的正南方,黎明破晓之光照耀出一幅不同的画卷。The 1,800-meter high granite peaks of the Huangshan or yellow mountain.黄山那海拔1800米的花岗岩巅峰,又称为黄之山。To the Chinese, Huangshans pines are epitomised as the strength, and resilience of nature. Some of these trees are thought to be over 1,000 years old.对中国人而言,黄山松象征着自然蓬勃的生命力与不屈的精神。其中一些树据说已超过千岁。 注:如视频无法播放,请刷新 /201407/312939

AZUZ: Time for a ;Shoutout.;“大声喊出来”的时间到了!Who famously said, ;Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you.; If you think you know it, shout it out! “华生先生快过来,我找你。”这句话是谁说的?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Was it Sherlock Holmes, Alexander Graham Bell, Steve Jobs or Rory McIlroy? You‘ve got three seconds, go!是夏洛克·福尔斯、亚历山大·格拉汉姆·贝尔、史蒂夫·乔布斯还是罗里·麦克罗伊?!有三秒钟的时间,开始!In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell spoke those words into a telephone in the first successful call. That‘s your answer and that‘s your ;Shoutout.;1876年,亚历山大·格拉汉姆·贝尔在第一通成功打通的电话里说了这句话。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。Don‘t know if Mr. Bell was wearing a wrist watch when he said that, but he probably couldn‘t imagine a day when one would help us get phone calls. 不知道贝尔先生在说这句话的时候有没有带腕表,但他可能想不到有一天,腕表也能帮我们接电话。Computer giant Apple is set for a big announcement today. 电子巨擘苹果今天发布了一个大消息。A new iPhone is expected, and iWatch, maybe, if Apple wants to compete with other smart watchmakers, like Sony, Samsung and LG. 新的iPhone要上市了,如果苹果想要与其他智能手表生产商(如索尼、三星和LG)竞争,还可能有新的iWatch出现。CNN‘s Dr. Sanjay Gupta who‘s working on a series about living to 100, investigates whether cell phone technology is healthy.正在做一项关于活到100岁的研究的C古普塔士,调查了手机技术是否健康。 /201409/327931

Now lets see what happens when Dr. Dolhun adds the gummy bear下面来看Dolhun士加入橡皮糖熊会怎样Alright, so lets just break down what just happened好 我来讲解一下发生了什么The sugar from the gummy bear橡皮糖熊中的糖and oxygen react to produce carbon dioxide and water同氧气反应 生成二氧化碳和水releasing a lot of energy as heat and light以热和光的形式释放出大量能量This is what that looks like情况是这样的And Im going to draw sucrose or sugar in a red我用红色来画蔗糖 这是糖because thats from the gummy bear来自于橡皮糖熊This reaction is probably familiar to you这个反应你们可能很熟悉Its a combustion reaction这是一个燃烧反应which has been a fuel reacts with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and water一种燃料同氧气反应 生成二氧化碳和水and at the same time releasing a bunch of energy同时释放出大量能量So why is so much energy released and where does it come from?为什么释放出这么多能量 能量来自何方To show you, Im going to draw the structures为了说明这一点 我将画出结构图Now if youre unfamiliar with organic chemistry notation给不熟悉有机化学表示法的同学解释下each of the lines between the elements that Im going to draw我要画的每一条线represents a covalent bond都表示一条共价键which is the sharing of two electrons between two atoms也就是两原子间共用的两个电子So let me draw those我来画一下So here are the reactants这里是反应物and here are the products这里是产物Now by looking at the number of bonds and the type of bonds so我们可以观察键的数量和键的类型a carbon bonded to an oxygen碳同氧之间的键or carbon bonded to a carbon或碳同碳之间的键and a single bond versus a double bond还有单键同双键之间的区别you can calculate the energy difference由此可以计算出between the left side of the reaction, the reactants左侧反应物和右侧产物之间的能量差异and the right side or the products左侧反应物和右侧产物之间的能量差异Now all combustion reactions所有燃烧反应have more energy stored in the reactants than the products在反应物中储存的能量都大于产物So as the reaction progresses所以随着反应进行this energy has to go somewhere and its released as heat and light这些能量需要释放 于是就会生成热和光Now the amount of energy released from this explosion这个爆发中释放出来的能量is exactly the same as the amount of energy that would be released在量上同人体内消化这个橡皮糖熊时完全一样in my body when I eat this gummy bear在量上同人体内消化这个橡皮糖熊时完全一样The difference is that proteins in my body are set up in pathways差异在于 人体内的蛋白质在代谢途径中有很好的设计that extract the energy in small manageable bundles能够以可控方式逐步少量提取能量So I power my everyday activities like dancing and running这样我就能为日常活动 如跳舞 跑步 提供能量but I dont explode但我不会爆掉Evolution has trained biological systems进化让生物系统组织得很好to efficiently extract energy from our environment由此能够有效提取环境中的能量Alright, thats it for me today. Ill see you next time好 今天就到这里 下次再见201412/350951

How can I save money on my business trip?出差时我应该如何节约费用?One of the things that is important when youre travelling for business is to save money. Some of the ways you can look at saving money is thinking about your transportation needs. Sometimes its less expensive to take a taxi versus renting a car, because sometimes with renting a car you have to pay for parking and at some hotels it can cost up to thirty-five dollars per day just to park your car.商务旅行时比较重要的一点就是节约费用。省钱的其中一个方法就是考虑交通需求。有时乘坐出租车比租车更加便宜,因为租车必须付停车费,在有些酒店,一天的停车费用就高达35美元。But on the other hand if youre travelling around to a lot of different meetings and a lot of different places maybe taking a taxi will be more expensive. So look at whats going to fit your transportation needs the best. The other great tip for saving money is to think about concierge floors at your hotel. They are special floors where they have breakfast for you in the morning. They also could have little appetizers and snacks at dinnertime. So essentially you can save money on breakfast, you can grab some fresh fruit, some cereal and go off to your meeting. In the evening you can also eat your meal there so thats a great way to save some money on your food expenditures.但是另一方面,如果你必须到很多地方,参加很多不同的会议,乘坐出租车可能就比较贵了。所以,考虑一下哪种方式最适合你的交通需求。省钱的另外一个好方法是考虑酒店的公务楼层。有一些楼层会提供早餐,晚餐时间还会供应一些开胃菜和小吃。所以,从根本上来说,你可以节省早餐,新鲜水果,一些谷物食品和参加会议的交通费用。晚上你也可以在酒店就餐,这样可以节约食品费用。Thanks for watching How To Save Money On Your Business Trip.感谢收看“出差如何节约费用”视频节目。视频听力由。201309/257611

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