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泉州做宫腔镜多少钱泉州新阳光院长是谁泉州第二医院网上预约咨询 China’s seizure of a US navy submarine drone signals its willingness to push back harder against American surveillance in the South China Sea, 中国扣押美国海军无人潜航器这件事表明,北京方面有意以更强硬的方式回击美国在南中国海的监测活动。as tensions mount between the two nations ahead of the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump.在唐纳德.特朗Donald Trump)即将迎来总统就职典礼之际,中美两国间的紧张气氛正在升温。The Pentagon said China had agreed to return the surveillance device, which was seized in international waters on Thursday. 五角大楼(Pentagon)表示,中国已同意归还上周四其在国际水域捕获的监测设备。But the incident highlights concern about the direction of US-China ties amid uncertainty about the stance Mr Trump will adopt.但这起事件凸显了,在不确定特朗普将采取何种立场的氛围中,美中关系发展方向令人担忧。Mr Trump has been critical about China since launching his campaign, on everything from trade policy to its assertive moves in the South China Sea. 自参加大选以来,特朗普一直对中国批评有加——从贸易政策到中国在南中国海的强硬行动。After his victory, however, he sparked alarm in Beijing and among many experts in Washington by speaking to the Taiwanese president and hinting that he might abandon the One China policy that has guided US policy on China and Taiwan for four decades.而胜选后,他与台湾总统通电话并暗示可能放弃40年来一直指引美国台海政策的一个中国政策,这引发了北京方面以及华盛顿许多专家的警惕。The president-elect cricised China over the drone incident, which he said was unprecedented; before saying that the US should allow China to keep the device. 这位美国当选总统就此次无人潜航器被扣事件批评中国称,该事件史无前例,随后又表示,美国应让中国留着这个设备。We should tell China that we don’t want the drone they stole back 他在Twitter上写道:我们应该告诉中国,我们不想要回他们偷走的无人潜航器。let them keep it! he tweeted.让他们留着吧!While US-Sino relations usually enter a period of uncertainly at a time of administration change in Washington, analysts said that the apprehension surrounding the drone in disputed waters bucks the recent trend of improving ties between the US and Chinese navies. 虽然美中关系在美国政府换届之际通常都会进入一段不确定期,但分析人士表示,此次争议水域潜航器事件引发的担忧,与近年来两国海军关系不断改善的势头背道而驰。This goes against the grain of the professionalisation of [China’s] People’s Liberation Army Navy over the past few years, as it seemed to be embracing confidence-building measures with the US, said Euan Graham, a security analyst at the Lowy Institute, a think-tank in Sydney. 这与(中国)人民解放军海军近些年的专业化相悖,因为中国海军似乎正在接受与美国建立信任的措施,悉尼智库洛伊研究所(Lowy Institute)安全问题分析家尤格雷厄姆(Euan Graham)表示,This is a significant escalation with a navy ship interfering with another navy ship at close quarters.一艘海军舰艇近距离干扰另一艘海军舰艇作业,这是严重升级了。Ni Lexiong, a naval expert at the East China University, said the seizure was a reminder to surrounding countries in the South China Sea area, as well as the US and Japan, to reconsider China’s stance on defending its territory.上海政法学院海军专家倪乐雄表示,此次扣押是提醒南中国海周边国家以及美国和日本,他们需要重新认识中国捍卫本国领土的立场。The Pentagon said the drone, which was being operated by the USNS Bowditch, a civilian-operated navy survey vessel, was taken unlawfully by a Chinese naval ship on Thursday, 50 nautical miles from Subic Bay in the Philippines. 五角大楼表示,这具由美国鲍迪奇号(Bowditch)海军测量船操控的无人潜航器,上周四在距离菲律宾苏比克Subic Bay) 50海里的水域被一艘中国海军舰只非法捞起。Such drones are typically used to collect oceanographic data such as water depth and salinity.鲍迪奇号由非军事人员操纵,而此类无人潜航器通常用于收集水深、盐度等海洋数据。China’s defence ministry said that it had seized the drone to prevent it endangering the navigation and crew of the Chinese ship. 中国国防部表示,捕获该无人潜航器是为了防止该装置对过往船舶的航行安全和人员安全产生危害。But it also reiterated its opposition to US military reconnaissance operations in the waters around China.中国国防部还重申,反对美国在中国周边海域进行军事侦察活动。Analysts said that while the information gleaned from underwater drones was not classified, it was vital to the operation of the submarines that both sides operate in the South China Sea. 分析人士表示无人潜航器收集的信息虽然并非机密资料,但对双方潜艇在南中国海的作业却至关重要。Li Mingjiang, a China expert at the S. 新加坡拉惹勒南国际研究院(S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore, said Beijing was willing to risk an escalation with Washington over the latest incident because it was worried about US plans to expand the use of naval drones in the South China Sea.Rajaratnam School of International Studies)中国问题专家李明江表示,北京之所以愿与华盛顿在这起最新事件中冒险升级态势,是因为它担心美国计划在南中国海增加部署海军潜航器。PLA leaders have good reason to worry about this emerging US naval strategy against China in East Asia, he said. 他说:解放军高层有充分理由担心美国海军正在构建的在东亚与中国对抗的新战略。If this strategy becomes reality, it could be quite detrimental to China’s national security. 如果该战略成为现实,对中国的国家安全可能相当不利。Yue Gang, a retired PLA colonel, said that while the Bowditch might have been in international waters, it was almost certain that the drone was conducting espionage activities within the nine-dashed line, 解放军退役上校岳刚表示,虽然鲍迪奇号或许是在国际水域航行,但几乎可以肯定该潜航器在九段线内进行间谍活动。Beijing’s contested claim to much of the South China Sea.北京方面依据九段线主张拥有南中国海大部分海域,这一主张引起了争议。He said that Beijing’s response was a significant signal of its displeasure with US policy, while also giving the navy time to analyse the drone to obtain evidence of the espionage activities.岳刚表示北京的反应是对美国政策不满的一个重要信号,同时也让海军有时间分析这架潜航器,以获得间谍活动的据。Western analysts said that such a brazen act would undermine other nationsconfidence in China’s commitment to global norms.西方分析人士表示,这种肆无忌惮的行为会破坏其他国家对中国遵守全球规范承诺的信心。It’s illegal and it fuels concerns about whether China is really willing to abide by the international right of freedom of navigation, said Ian Storey, a senior fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore.新加坡东南亚研究所(ISEAS)高级研究员伊斯托Ian Storey)表示:这是个非法举动,它引起了人们的担忧,中国是否真的愿意遵守国际上的航行自由权?Security analysts also said that the seizure would prompt the US and others to rethink how they deploy civilian survey vessels and underwater drones.安全分析师还表示,扣留潜航器事件将促使美国和其他国家重新思考如何部署民用勘探船和水下潜航器。There will have to be a reappraisal of how unarmed US vessels do business in the South China Sea, said Mr Graham of the Lowy Institute.洛伊研究所的格雷厄姆表示:必须对美国非武装船只在南中国海的作业方式进行重新评估。They’re going to require an escort or armed personnel on board.它们将需要护卫舰,或在船上配备武装人员。Heiko Borchert, a security consultant, said that China’s actions highlight the risks of deploying drones in a non-benign naval environment.安全顾问海科.彻Heiko Borchert)表示,中方此举突显出了在非良性海军环境部署潜航器的风险。The incident shows that the tactical and strategic benefits of unmanned underwater vehicles can quickly turn into a strategic liability if other actors are not willing to back down on their own policy line, he wrote on the website of the Center for International Maritime Security, a US think-tank.彻特在美国智库国际海事安全中心(Center for International Maritime Security)的网站上写道:这一事件表明,如果其他行事方不愿意在自己的政策路线上让步,水下无人装置的战术和战略利益可能很快就会变成战略负担。来 /201612/484750泉州新阳光女子医院网上预约挂号

泉州正规无痛人流价格Participants carry a traditional dragon figure as they take part in an event to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Rooster in London Britain January 29 2017. ? Neil Hall / Reuters20179日在英国伦敦,人们在参加以庆祝中国农历鸡年新年的活动时携带一个传统的龙形象Neil Hall /路透社The neoconservative Henry Jackson Society (HJS) think tank is on the payroll of the Japanese embassy charged with drafting in public figures to sp anti-Chinese propaganda investigators claim.秉持新保守主义的亨利杰克逊协会(HJS)智库,调查人员声称该机构的名字出现在了日本大使馆开出的工资单上,该机构被指通过招募公众人物来进行反华宣传。The Timesinvestigation suggests the London-based HJS is paid 0000 (US500) per month to sp anti-Chinese propaganda including through public figures like former British Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rifkind.泰晤士报的调查认为,位于伦敦的HJS智库作反华宣传,包括通过公众人物的方式,比如英国前外交大臣Malcolm Rifkind,并且每个月收取0000英镑2500美元)的费用。HJS frxs itself as a pro-intervention and pro-capitalist voice which aims to sp freedom and democracy around the world. It is run by the academic and failed Tory parliamentary candidate Alan Mendoza.HJS智库本身作为一个资本主义干涉他国的传声器,其目的就是为了在世界范围内传播皿煮自由理念,该机构由学院方面以及保守党落选议员Alan Mendoza赞助。The deal between the think tank and the embassy was reportedly reached to counter the growing cooperation between the UK and China championed by former Chancellor George Osborne.据报道这项智库与使馆之间的交易主要目的是为了制约由前大臣乔治 奥斯尔主持下中英之间越来越紧密的合作关系。The agreement reflects the rising tensions between China and Japan the latter a close US ally in the Asia-Pacific region.这份协议反映了中国与美国亚洲地区最紧密盟友-日本之间愈加紧张的关系。Rifkind confirmed to the Times over the weekend that he had been asked by HJS in August to put his name to an article called ‘How China could switch off Britain’s lights in a crisis if we let them build Hinkley Cwhich criticized a UK-Chinese nuclear power station deal.本周末泰晤士报向Rifkind实八月份HJS智库请求将他的名字刊登在名为“中国怎样切断英国的电力供让中国人参与建设Hinkley核电站的后果”的文章上该文批评了中英有关核电建设方面的合作。The comment piece claimed there may be a risk of a Chinese-funded power station having cyber-backdoors built into it which could present a risk to UK security.这篇文章声称由中国资助的核电站可能会在设施上建技术后门,从而对英国产生国防安全的威胁。Rifkin told the Times he had not been aware of the lixs between HJS and the Japanese embassy and said the think tank “ought to have informed me of that relationship when they asked me to support the article they provided. It would have been preferable if they had.”Rifkin 告诉泰晤士报,他当时没有意识到HJS和日本大使馆之间的关系并且说到智囊团“要我去持这篇文章的时应该告知我他们之间的关系。如果他们当时能通知我,可能会好一些。”The report indicates that HJS originally approached the Japanese embassy alongside a PR firm named Media Intelligence Partners (MIP) which is run by a former Tory PR man named Nick Wood.这份调查报告称HIS刚开始时是和一家叫做媒体情报合作伙伴(MIP,由前保守派公关人士Nick Wood运营)的公关公司一起找到了日本大使馆。The Times says it saw an early version of a proposal which would see the think-tank and PR firm develop a communications strategy for the embassy for a fee of 5000 per month.时代周刊说早期的计划是HJS智囊团会和公共关系公司为日本大使馆发展一套传播策略, 并得到每5000欧元。This they said would allow Japan’s concerns to be placed “on the radar of mainstream UK journalists and politicians.It includes journalists from major papers like the Telegraph and the Guardian.通过这个传播策略日本所关心的事都会被英国主流的记者和政治家所知道。这其中包括了来自主流报刊的记者,比如每日电讯报和卫报。Other aims included the creation of “an engaged and interested cadre of high-level politiciansand a focus on the “threat to Western strategic interests posed by Chinese expansionism.”其他的目标包括来自有约定并且感兴趣的高级官员的创作,主题是关于“中国的扩张对西方战略利益的威胁”。The actual deal reached was for a lower figure of 0000 plus expenses according to the Times.根据泰晤士报的报道,他们最终达成的交易0000欧元每个月外加一些费用的付。来 /201702/490774石狮妇科检查价格 泉州市区妇科医院

泉州人民医院在哪里Chinas top education authorities said all elementary and middle school history textbooks will be revised to state that the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression lasted for 14 years beginning September 18, 1931.中国最高教育机构日前表示,所有中小学历史教材上抗日战争的持续时间都将修改4年,9318日算起。A notice issued by the Ministry of Education(MOE)s basic education department said the ministry is urging education administrative departments at all levels to make the revision.教育部基础教育司发布的一则文件表示,正在督促所有层级的教育行政部门修改教材。The revised textbooks will start to be used for the 2017 spring semester for elementary and middle schools, an unnamed official with the MOE was ed by the Beijing News as saying.《新京报》援引教育部一位未透露姓名的官员的话称,修改后的教材将017年春季在全国所有中小学全面落实。Japanese forces attacked the barracks of Chinese troops in Shenyang, Northeast Chinas Liaoning Province on September 18, 1931, marking the beginning of the Japanese invasion and occupation that lasted 14 years.19318日,日本军队炮轰中国东北辽宁省沈阳驻地军营,标志着持续4年的抗日战争拉开了序幕。Previously, phrases like ;8 Years of Chinas War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression; were used in Chinese textbooks, counting the beginning of the War from the July 7 Incident in 1937, which ushered in Japans full-scale invasion of China.此前,年抗日战争”的说法被用在中国的教科书中,它是从1937年“七七事变”日军开始全面侵略中国开始算起的。On December 13, 1937, Nanjing, the Chinese capital for six dynasties, fell to Japanese forces, who went on to slaughter civilians for more than a month. About 300,000 Chinese were killed, and 20,000 women raped.193723日,中国的六朝古都南京沦陷,日军进行了长达月余的大屠杀,约30万中国人被残忍杀害,2万名女性被强奸。More than 35 million Chinese were killed or injured in the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, accounting for one-third of the total casualties of all countries during World War II, according to incomplete official data.据不完全官方数据统计,在抗日战争中,500万中国人伤亡,占二战期间所有国家伤亡人数的三分之一。来 /201701/490166 After years of decline, the situation in Venezuela is becoming desperate. Could the latest fall in the oil prices provide the tipping point that finally brings to an end the unhappy period of Marxist rule begun by Hugo Chavez in 1999?经历多年衰落后,委内瑞拉的形势正变得令人绝望。最新一轮石油价格下跌会成为转折点、最终结束乌#8226;查韦Hugo Chávez) 1999年开启的马克思主义统治不幸时期吗?In the last two months the oil price has fallen by 20 per cent, ending the hopes of producers around the world that the downward slide of the last two years is over and that prices will soon return to a level that they used to regard as “normal For many, the latest fall will be the last straw. Numerous companies have maintained their dividend payments through borrowing. With prices falling again that looks unsustainable. Many, including the state companies, also face hard investment decisions on projects that need higher prices to be viable. With capex requirements outstripping revenue and little prospect of raising more money through rights issues more projects will be postponed or abandoned.过去两个月,油价下跌0%,浇灭了世界各地生产者的希望——他们原本期待过去两年的下跌势头已经结束,油价很快就会回归他们过去视为“正常”的水平。对许多生产商而言,最新一轮油价下跌将成为压垮他们的最后一根稻草。多家石油公司近期通过借款维持股息。随着油价再度下跌,这种做法看起来难以为继。在一些需要较高油价撑才可行的项目上,很多石油公司(包括国有企业)还面临艰难的投资决策。由于资本出需求超过营收、且通过配售新股筹得更多资金的前景渺茫,更多项目将被推迟或放弃。But perhaps the harshest effects of the fall in prices will be felt in countries that are utterly dependent on oil revenue. There the result will be economic decline, rising unemployment and potentially serious social unrest as expectations in terms of living standards and welfare payments are forced down. That is true across much of Opec but nowhere are the problems greater than in Venezuela.但受油价下跌影响最严重的或许就是那些完全依赖石油收入的国家。在这些国家,油价下跌造成的结果是经济衰退、失业率上升,而且由于民众对生活标准、福利出的期望值被迫降低,还有可能造成严重的社会动荡。欧佩克(OPEC)大多数国家都是如此,但没有哪个国家比委内瑞拉面临的问题更严重。For years, the situation in the country has been deteriorating. Political decisions have undermined the independence and capability of the state-owned PDVSA, which was once one of the world’s great energy companies. Oil provides 95 per cent of export revenue and Venezuela has never succeeded in diversifying the economy. Falling prices have compounded the problem of falling production. The result is a deep recession with gross domestic product predicted to fall by 10 per cent this year. Unemployment is officially 20 per cent, and probably much more in reality. Inflation is 700 per cent and rising, according to the International Monetary Fund. There are desperate shortages of imports, including of basic foods and medicine.多年来,委内瑞拉的形势一直在恶化。各种政治决定削弱了国有的委内瑞拉国家石油公PDVSA)——曾经是不错的能源公司之一——的独立性及经营能力。石油提供了该国95%的出口收入,而委内瑞拉在实现经济多样化方面从未取得成功。不断下降的油价加剧了产量下滑问题。结果是经济深度衰退,今年国内生产总GDP)预计将收0%。官方统计的失业率为20%,但实际可能要高得多。国际货币基金组IMF)的数据显示,委内瑞拉的通胀率达到了700%,而且还在上升。进口商品极度短缺,包括基本食品和药品。In recent months the situation has worsened with the latest price decline hitting oil revenue yet again. Volumes are also down to 2.1m barrels a day in June with the prospect of a further fall by the end of the year to perhaps as little as 1.7mbd. That would represent a 30-year low. The fall is the result of lack of investment, the chronic shortage of electricity that affects the whole of Venezuela and, most recently, the decision of some of the major international service companies such as Schlumberger and Halliburton to reduce activity in the face of accumulating unpaid debts running into billions of dollars.最近几个月,委内瑞拉的形势进一步恶化——最新一轮油价下跌再次打击了石油收入。石油产量也在下滑—月的产量10万桶/天,预计到今年底可能进一步下滑至70万桶/天。那将是30年来的最低水平。导致石油产量下降的原因包括投资不足、影响整个委内瑞拉的长期电力短缺,以及最近一些大型国际石油务企业——如斯伦贝谢(Schlumberger)和哈利伯Halliburton)——在面临累计高达数十亿美元的未偿债务之际决定削减业务。This should be a recipe for the long-predicted change of government. President Nicolas Maduro , who succeeded Hugo Chavez in 2013, is clearly well dug in, reinforced by oppressive legislation and corruption and by residual support among sections of Venezuelan society, including some of the military. The defence minister, General Vladimir Padrino López, was recently given powers that come close to martial law but it is not clear how he can turn the economy around. In the end something must give and the point at which the regime will collapse under the weight of economic failure now feels closer than ever.这应当成为人们预计已久的政府更迭的契机013年接替查韦斯出任总统的尼古拉#8226;马杜Nicolas Maduro)显然想要坚守权力宝座,高压立法、腐败以及委内瑞拉社会某些部分(包括军方的一些势力)残存的持强化了他的地位。委内瑞拉国防部长弗拉基米尔#8226;帕德里诺#8226;洛佩Vladimir Padrino López)将军最近被授予近乎军管的大权,但看不出他有什么办法扭转经济局面。最终,总会出现变化,在经济失败的重压下,委内瑞拉政权似乎比以往任何时候都更加接近崩溃。At current oil prices, a full-scale default cannot be far away. Until there is a new government both lenders and investors will turn away, adding to the economic problems. The crucial question is what the Chinese will do. They have lent Venezuela about 5bn over the last 15 years but Beijing may well decide enough is enough and that it does not need to lend more to get the access to oil that it wants. At current prices the repayments in kind absorb around 800,000 b/d of Venezuelan crude exports.在当前油价下,委内瑞拉距离全面违约不可能很远。除非产生新的政府,否则贷款机构和投资者将对该国敬而远之,进一步加剧经济困难。关键问题在于中国会怎样做。过5年间,中国已经贷给委内瑞拉约1250亿美元,但北京方面很可能决定是时候止损了,再说中国不再需要为获得想要的石油而发放更多贷款。按当前油价计算,委内瑞拉原油出口中,每天约80万桶要用于偿还欠中国的债务。The service companies could withdraw altogether or reduce their activity to an absolute minimum and that, in turn, could lead to a collapse in oil output. The Venezuelan military is trying to put together its own oil services company but the effort is laughable.石油务公司可能完全撤出委内瑞拉,或是将业务削减至绝对最低限度,这进而可能导致石油产量暴跌。委内瑞拉军方试图拼凑自己的石油务公司,但他们的努力成为了笑柄。Behind the immediate flow of events a reassessment of Venezuela’s real potential is taking place. The country claims to have the world’s largest oil reserves some 298bn barrels. This is not only a suspiciously precise number. It is also grossly inflated. Only a decade ago Venezuelan reserves were just 80bn barrels. The increase is the product of politics and the period of high prices that lasted until 2014. Genuine reserves as opposed to resources should be capable of being developed both technically and commercially. As the oil price sinks towards , the amount that is capable of being developed commercially will inevitably fall . Venezuela isn’t the only country facing the challenge but it is probably the most vulnerable to a very sharp downward revision.在这些当前的事件流背后,各方正在重新评估委内瑞拉的真实潜力。委内瑞拉宣称拥有世界最大规模的石油储量——约2980亿桶。这一数字不仅精确得令人怀疑,还存在严重夸大。就0年前,委内瑞拉的石油储量还只00亿桶。如此大幅的提升是政治以及持续至2014年的高价周期的产物。真实的石油储量(而非资源)应该在技术上和商业上能够被开发。随着油价跌向40美元,商业上能够被开发的石油储量将不可避免地下降。委内瑞拉并非唯一面临这种挑战的国家,但它很可能是最易受储量大幅下调冲击的国家。Is political change possible? I have always thought so. Venezuela is an open society with great skills and strengths, even if many of the people now with the greatest skills are expatriates. Even if oil volumes are downgraded, the country has a strong untapped base of natural resources and easy access to the markets of North America. Chavez and his successors have damaged Venezuela but they have not completely destroyed the potential of a country that should be one of the most successful in Latin America.政治变化可能吗?我一直认为是肯定的。委内瑞拉是一个开放的社会,拥有很多人才和优势——即使很多最优秀人才现在都外流了。即使石油储量遭到下调,委内瑞拉仍拥有大量尚未开发的自然资源和进入北美市场的便利条件。查韦斯及其继任者对委内瑞拉造成了破坏,但是他们并没有完全摧毁这个本应是拉美最成功国家之一的潜力。If ever a nation needs and deserves a revolution it is Venezuela.古往今来,如果有哪个国家需要而且应该爆发一场革命的话,那就是当下的委内瑞拉。来 /201608/462239泉州省中医院看病贵吗泉州无痛人流技术哪家医院好



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