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福建省泉州中医院官方网站泉州附件炎的治疗【视频讲解】British Prime Minister Theresa May made a surprise announcement today calling for early elections in the U.K. this June. She said it was a necessary move as the country heads into negotiations around Brexit, Britains exit from the European Union. Here she is outside No. 10 Downing St.THERESA MAY: At this moment of enormous national significance, there should be unity here in Westminster, but instead there is division. The country is coming together, but Westminster is not.今天,英国首相特蕾莎#8226;梅突然宣布英国将在今年6月提前举行大选。她表示,英国将同欧盟展开脱欧谈判,即英国退出欧盟的谈判,提前举行大选是一项必要举措。以下是她在唐宁街10号首相官邸前发表的讲话。在这个对国家来说意义重大的时刻,英国议会本应团结一致,可是如今却产生了分裂。国家正在走向团结,但议会却不是。call for 需要- The problem calls for action.Brexit n.英国退欧No.10 Downing ST. 唐宁街10号英国首相府enormous adj.巨大的- massive, grand, tremendous, immensesignificance n.重要性Westminster 英国政治中心division n.分裂- divide v.分裂,分离Westminster, meaning Parliament. For more on Mays announcement and how Parliament might respond, were joined now by George Parker, political editor of the Financial Times. Welcome back to the program.National elections in the U.K. were not expected to take place until the year 2020. Theresa May has herself said multiple times she wouldnt call elections before then. What changed her mind?威斯敏斯特指的是英国议会。现在我们连线《金融时报》政治编辑乔治#8226;帕克,了解梅的声明以及英国议会的反应。欢迎再次做客节目。英国大选原定在2020年举行。特蕾莎#8226;梅曾多次表示她不会要求提前举行大选。她为什么会改变主意?Parliament n.议会change someone’s mind 改变想法Well, it all comes down to Brexit, I think. And I think shed come to the conclusion sort of reluctantly I think over a number of months that really she needed to take back control of Brexit, coupled with which of course there was the tempting matter of the opinion polls which suggest if she does have an early election, that shed crush the Labour opposition. So I think in the end, it just proved too much of an opportunity to resist.我认为一切都是为了英国脱欧。这几个月以来她不情愿地得出结论,她要夺回英国脱欧的控制权,当然民调的结果极具诱惑性,民调显示,如果她提前举行大选,那她会大胜反对党工党。我认为,这一切都明了她不愿错过这一机会。sort of (口语)有点儿reluctantly adv.不情愿地- reluctant adj.不情愿的be coupled with 联合tempting adj.诱惑的- temptation n.诱惑opinion poll 民意调查crush v.粉碎Now it used to be that the prime minister could call an early election, a snap election, one very quickly. But thanks to a fairly new law, she needs to get approval from the House of Commons. Does she have the votes she needs for this general election to go forward?以前英国首相可以要求提前举行大选,可以非常迅速地提前举行大选。但是由于一项新法律,她需要在英国下议院得到足够的持票才能提前举行大选。她那得到推动提前大选的足够票数了吗?snap v. 突然快速做某事- snap a picturefairly adv.非常地House of Commons 下议院general election 普选Well, well find out on Wednesday when Parliament votes on whether there should be early election. And the answer to the question appears to be yes, that the opposition parties will vote for that early election.我们得知,英国议会周三就是否应该提前举行大选进行了投票表决。投票结果是持提前大选,各反对党将参加提前大选的投票。find out 知道201706/512613福建二院四维彩超预约 Here you go. Look at that.Do not want to mess with this.Highly venomous.Big front claws there.快瞧瞧这个 可不要惹毛了这东西 剧毒 超大的前爪And if that bites you,so let somebody sing a red-hot poker into you.如果那东西咬你一口 就像有人用滚烫的火钳捅你一下Let him down here.Were gonna give him a very wide berth.Okay. Its getting down.慢慢放他放下 我们要对他敬而远之 好了 放下了During our travels, the crew and I have encountered all sorts of dangerous animals.在路途中 工作组和我会遇到各种危险的动物Sometimes we take them on.Other times, we keep our distance.有时我们与它们正面交锋 有时 我们躲得远远的Just see over there.Ok. Come down. Come down.Thats a brown bear.Look, we are very close here.Probably, about 50 metres.快看那边 低点 低点 那是一只棕熊 看 我们离得很近 大概有五十米吧I do find that when we doing animal encounter,what in the view fine is not actually happening infront of you.我觉得我们遭遇野生动物时 取景器里面的画面并非你眼前的真实情况And you do feel complete removed from that,and if you look another eye.你感觉置身事外 但是如果你张开另只眼睛You actually see that it is actually happening in front of you.But he hasnt spoted us, I think.你就能感觉到这就在眼前发生 我觉得 它还没发现我们 Sometimes these encounters can be dangers.So I force to keep the crew back, and going alone.有时候 遭遇野生动物是很危险的 所以我必须让摄制组待在后方 独身行动Steady and stay there.Its a good size probably 50 or 60 punds.别慌张 就呆在那 大小不错 五十或六十磅Well, you can see hes caught around the back leg here.Stay back. Dont get that close.你看它的后腿被扯住了 退后 别靠这么近 You got to stay at the limit of its rope.These are powerhouses.This thing was seriously mad.你得站在它的够不着的地方 它们总是精力旺盛 这只野猪被激怒了I think he got at one point he sort of know how to attack his leg它还一度占上风 像是要咬他的腿They look small but it is definitely a little tank for four leg,它们看起来体形不大 但是实际上确是有四条腿的坦克very low center of gravity, makes them really really strong.And they will just fight for their lives.由于重心低 使得它们非常强壮 为了生存 它们要殊死一搏201606/448446Hi my name is Rebecca and in todays lesson, were going to talk about how you can describe your work activities, okay?大家好,我是Rebecca。今天我们将学习如何描述你的工作活动。And were going to focus on one particular word ;responsible;, but the question is what are you going to talk about, how are you going to use it. Alright? Just one second.我们将学习“负责的”这个单词,学习的重点是如何谈论及使用这个单词。Okay. So the point is you can be answering two possible questions or you can be talking about two possible scenarios:好了,那么我们重点是你可以用于回答两种可能的问题或在两种可能的场景下使用:who you are responsible to and what you are responsible for and according to that you will choose a different preposition ;to; or ;for;. All right? Let me give you an example, so you understand what I mean.第一个是你听谁指挥,第二个是你对...负责。根据场景的不同,你需要选择不同的介词“to”或者“for”。If someone asks you, who are you responsible to? They are asking you who is your manager, who is your boss. So then you would say, Im responsible to John Miller.如果有人问你,who are you responsible to? 他们是在询问你的经理是谁,你的老板是谁。因此,你应该回答,我听John Miller的指挥。For example, lets suppose in this example that you are a marketing assistant during the marketing department,例如,假设你是市场部的市场助理,youre a marketing assistant and you have a manager whose name is John Miller, hes the marketing manager, so you say Im responsible to John Miller.你是市场助理,你的经理是John Miller,他是市场部经理,因此,你回答我听John Miller的指挥。Let me ask you, what are you responsible for? Now theyre talking about the area that you are responsible for. So you say, Im responsible for the European market. Okay?那么,当问你“what are you responsible for?”时,他们是是在谈论你所负责的领域。因此,你回答,我负责欧洲市场。明白了么?Im responsible to John Miller. Im responsible for the European market.我听John Miller的指挥。我负责欧洲市场。Small difference but it makes quite a lot of difference when youre actually explaining it.虽然区别不大,但是在真正解释的时候,两句的含义非常不同。Lets take another example. Now lets say you work in the human resources department, human resources is also called HR for short,再举一个例子。假如你在人力资源部工作,人力资源,简称HR,its also sometimes known as the personnel department, not personal but personnel department but here weve written HR.同样也被叫做人事部门,不是“personal”而是“personnel”,但通常会缩写为HR。So lets say you are an HR assistant and your manager, your boss is the HR director so you would say,假设你是HR助力,那么你的经理、你的老板就是HR主管,因此你会说,I am responsible to Mary Turner who is the HR director. I am responsible for recruitment and training.我听从Mary Turner的指挥,她是HR主管。而我负责招聘和培训。Okay, this is a small example, its a little lesson but I think it will help you to express more clearly what you do at work in correct English.这是一个简单的例子,但是我认为它能帮助你在工作中更好、更清晰地使用英语。If youd like to do a little bit of practice with this, please visit our website at www.engvid.com,如果你想练习今天所学的内容,请登录我们的网站www.engvid.com,you will find there some free quizzes after each lesson to help reinforce whatever you have learned here.在每一课后都会有小测试帮助你巩固所学。Okay, thanks very much. Good luck with your English, bye for now.非常感谢。祝你们学好英语。下期见。201707/516106泉州阳光妇科医院

丰泽区儿童医院剖腹产需多少钱TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/477402泉州无痛宫腔镜检查多少钱 Bitcoin is no longer an underground phenomenon.比特币不再只存在于地下交易了Buy Bitcoin, 5.比特币的买入价是445美元Sellers will sell at 0.卖出价是460美元If youre buying less than half a Bitcoin,如果你买入小于半个比特币youll have to go to market price.就要走市场价This Bitcoin event is taking place on Wall Street.这场比特币交易发生在华尔街45 bid, 463 asked.四十五个出价 四百六十三个要价But how does the currency work?这种货币是如何运作的呢One of the people best placed to explain is Peter Todd.回答这个问题的最佳人选是彼得·陶德Hes chief scientist for a number of Bitcoin companies他是多个比特币公司的首席科学家including one of the hottest, Dark Wallet.其中包括最火的公司 暗黑钱包So, what Bitcoin is, is its virtual money.比特币是虚拟钱币I can give it to you electronically,我可以以电子的方式给你钱you can give it to someone else electronically.你也可以以电子的方式给别人The key thing to understand about Bitcoin了解比特币的关键is that these two people trading here are making a deal在于在进行交易的两个人without any bank involvement.可以不涉及到任何Its a form of electronic cash这是电子货币的一种形式and that has massive implications.而它拥有巨大的影响力重点解释:1.no longer 不再例句:These conditions no longer obtain.这些条件已不复存在了。2.less than 少于例句:The whole house went up in smoke in less than an hour.整座房子不到一个小时就烧光了。3.take place 发生例句:The meeting will take place soon.会议即将举行。201703/500154惠安人民医院的宫颈治疗方法

泉州引产医院哪家好医院Everyones gathered in the village hall to meet the scientists大家聚集到镇里的市政厅跟科学家们见面and find out more about what the study will involve.了解这项研究的更多信息We want to get a picture of your cats natural, normal life,我们想拍摄你的猫的自然普通的生活so dont do anything different, dont change your routines,所以不要做任何改变 一切照旧dont lock the cat flap,不要把猫洞锁上dont suddenly call up the local handyman不要突然让工人上门and get a cat flap put in.做一个猫洞Let the cat do what it usually does让猫保持正常的生活and hopefully we will build up this picture of但愿我们能够描绘出what its like to be a cat in Shamley Green.在杉莫利格林镇一只猫的生活Ill now hand over to Alan, who is the technical expert,现在把时间交给艾伦 他是其他among many other things.许多方面的技术专家Alan Wilsons task is to devise a new way to track the cats.艾伦·威尔森的任务是设计一种追踪猫的新方法Hes a world expert in tracking wild animals.他是野生动物追踪的世界级专家Where we do most of that work is in Botswana, in Africa.我们的工作主要是在茨瓦纳 在非洲So we design and build things like this.所以我们设计并制造了这样的东西This will fit on a lion.这可以用在狮子身上This will fit on a cheetah or an African wild dog.这也可以用在印度豹或非洲野身上重点解释:1.call up 给 ... 打电话; 使想起例句:She can still call up scenes of childhood.她仍能想起儿时的情景。2.build up 建立例句:He tried to build up his strength.他试图增进体质。3.hand over 交出例句:Dont let your feelings get the upper hand over you.不要感情用事。201605/446297 栏目简介:Its been a month since students at a Changzhou school reportedly became ill in a case linked to soil pollution. While the investigation continues, a revised law on land contamination is expected soon. The story has led many to wonder about the state of land contamination and whether it can be reversed. My colleague Qin Yi recently spoke with a land treatment expert to find out more.201704/499939泉州哪里处女膜修复泉州取环的比较佳时间



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