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泉州哪家医院治疗子宫肌瘤最好泉州市无痛人工流产SEATTLE — It’s hard to believe that this coffee-crazed city would get excited about yet another coffee shop, particularly another Starbucks.西雅图——你可能很难相信,这个以咖啡闻名的城市会因为一家新咖啡馆而激动不已,何况只是另一家星巴克(Starbucks)咖啡馆。For over a year, the Seattle coffeecenti has been buzzing with speculation about the opening of the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room, the flagship of a planned chain of 100 plush stores selling high-end coffees from around the world.在一年多的时间里,一直有传闻称,这个诞生于西雅图的咖啡品牌将开设一家名为“星巴克精品烘烤品尝室”(Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room)的旗舰店。星巴克计划开设100家这样的精品咖啡连锁店,销售来自世界各地的高端咖啡。With this new venture, Starbucks has signaled that it intends to lure aficionados of high-end coffee, as it eyes the growing market for rare coffees, those beans grown in small quantities that sell for as much as for less than a pound.这个新项目表明,星巴克打算吸引高端咖啡爱好者,该公司正着眼于稀有品种咖啡日益庞大的市场。稀有咖啡豆种植规模小,不到一磅的售价就可能高达45美元(约合280元人民币)。But it aly faces considerable competition from boutique chains like Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Dillanos Coffee Roasters and Blue Bottle Coffee that have aly developed thriving businesses in what are known as single-origin coffees and microlots. Such coffees come from a single farm or small collective, typically hard to reach and fickle, so that production is limited and often available only at specific times of the year. Their customers tend to shun the sort of big-business ubiquity that a mass-coffee purveyor like Starbucks embodies.不过,星巴克面临着斯邓姆顿咖啡馆(Stumptown Coffee Roasters)、迪拉诺斯咖啡烘烤公司(Dillanos Coffee Roasters)和蓝瓶咖啡(Blue Bottle Coffee)等精品咖啡连锁店的激烈竞争,它们凭借所谓的单一产地和微批次(microlot)的模式而风生水起。这些品牌的咖啡只来自单一的农场或小型合作社,一般很难买到,因此产量有限,通常只能在一年中的特定时间才有。而这些咖啡的消费人群往往是那些厌倦了以星巴克为代表的无处不在的大众品牌的消费者。In fact, Laila Ghambari, director of coffee at Cherry Street Coffee House, which has 10 shops in the Seattle area, calls Starbucks the “McDonald’s of coffee.”事实上,樱桃街咖啡馆(Cherry Street Coffee House)的咖啡负责人莱拉·甘巴里(Laila Ghambari)把星巴克称作“咖啡中的麦当劳”。樱桃街咖啡馆在西雅图地区有10家门店。So to distinguish Reserve from its mass-market cousin, Starbucks is banishing, to a great extent, its green mermaid logo at the new shops and in the product line. The Reserve stores and line of coffees instead carry a star logo, along with a red “R.”为了与星巴克的大众市场品牌区别开来,星巴克精品烘烤品牌的新店和产品线,很大程度上摒弃了绿色美人鱼的商标,而是使用了一个星形标志,加上一个红色字母“R”。The reach into a higher-end market is another sign that coffee consumption in the ed States is growing only modestly, according to trade data on imports collected by Panjiva. The popularity of single-serve coffee makers like Keurig and Nespresso have added pressure.星巴克进军高端市场的努力还显示出,美国的咖啡消费增长缓慢,磐聚网(Panjiva)收集的进口贸易数据也印了这一点。Keurig和Nespresso等胶囊咖啡机的超高人气,也加剧了市场的竞争压力。“If you look at coffee imports over all for the last several years, it looks like a pretty mature market,” said Josh Green, chief executive of Panjiva. “There’s been a roller coaster in terms of price, but in terms of volumes, we’re talking about very modest growth — and that kind of market is usually where you see companies trying to go upmarket in terms of price and exclusivity.”“从过去几年咖啡进口的整体状况来看,市场似乎已经相当成熟,”磐聚网CEO乔希·格林(Josh Green)说。“价格上忽高忽低,但进口规模一直增长有限——在这类市场,通常会有许多企业想要走向高端,在价格和产品的独特性上提高档次。”The new Starbucks Roastery is rumored to have cost more than million. Part retail store, part manufacturing facility and part theater, the store intentionally evokes the chocolate room where Augustus Gloop met his fate in Willy Wonka’s candy factory. See-through tubes snake up out of the floor and under the ceiling, ferrying green coffee beans to copper-clad roasters and roasted beans to the coffee bars scattered like islands around the 15,000-square-foot space.据称,新的星巴克烘烤品尝室成本超过2000万美元。它集零售店、生产加工和剧场与一身,而且还故意营造出了奥古斯塔斯·格鲁普(Augustus Gloop)进入威利·旺卡(Willy Wonka)的巧克力工厂时的那种梦想成真的感觉。透明的管子在地板和天花板上蜿蜒,把绿色的咖啡豆送进镀了铜的烘烤机,接着将烘烤好的咖啡豆,送往向岛屿一样散落在1.5万平方英尺(约合1400平米)面积里的吧台。“This is a magical place where coffee comes to life,” said Liz Muller, director of concept design for Starbucks.“这是一个神奇的地方,它让咖啡拥有了生命,”星巴克的概念设计总监利兹·穆勒 (Liz Muller)。The noise the beans make as they rattle through the tubes — “like rain,” Ms. Muller says — is punctuated by the click-clack of an old-fashioned railway station split-flap display, except the schedule tracked here is of varieties of coffees being roasted. They are small lots from remote highlands in Africa, Latin America and Asia.咖啡豆在管子里哗哗作响的声音——“就像下雨,”穆勒说——中间夹杂着老式火车站里的信息屏,翻着字母牌显示信息的那种咔咔声,只不过这里的时刻表显示的是各种咖啡的烘烤时间。这些咖啡都来自非洲、拉丁美洲和亚洲遥远高地上的小块田地。“We’re going to take the customer on a journey, immersing them in an interactive environment where they’ll be introduced to handcrafted, small-batch coffees within feet of where they’re being roasted,” said Howard Schultz, chief executive of Starbucks.“我们要把消费者带上一段旅程,让他们沉浸在互动的环境里,让他们近距离地了解小批量手工生产的咖啡,”星巴克CEO霍华德·舒尔茨(Howard Schultz)说。Virginia Morris, vice president for consumer insights and strategy at Daymon Worldwide, a private-brand development company, noted that consumers were seeking singular experiences that would include individualistic brews. But specialty brewers who have attracted loyalists doubt that a giant in the mass-market will be viewed favorably.私营品牌拓展公司达曼国际咨询(Daymon Worldwide)的消费者洞见和战略副总裁弗吉尼亚·莫里斯(Virginia Morris)指出,消费者正在寻求独一无二的体验,包括个性化的咖啡制作工艺。但吸引了一批忠实拥趸的专享咖啡店十分怀疑,这样一个面向大众市场的巨人,能否受到青睐。“I think you can start out small and grow large, but once you’re large, it’s really hard to get the consumer’s perception that you are authentic,” said David J. Morris, half-owner of Dillanos.“我觉得品牌可以起步时很小,后来再逐步扩大,但一旦规模变大,真的很难让消费者认为你很正宗,”迪拉诺斯的半个老板戴维·J·莫里斯(David J. Morris)说。The company says the price per cup of a Reserve line will be to , depending on the exclusivity of the beans, of course.星巴克透露,每杯精品系列咖啡的价格将在4至7美元,当然具体视咖啡豆的独特性而定。Single-origin coffees typically are named for the places they are grown, not just the country. Stumptown’s website includes a link to Google maps, so a customer can see, say, where its Colombia San Isidro is grown.单一产地咖啡通常以它们的种植地,而不仅仅是国家命名。斯邓姆顿的网站上有可以跳转到谷歌(Google)地图的链接。这样,消费者就能看到这家店里诸如Colombia San Isidro这样的品类生长在哪里。Microlots come from a specific parcel of land, like the section of the Finca El Manzano coffee farm in El Salvador that grows Dillanos’s El Manzano Porton Lot, which produced just 60 bags of coffee last year and was used by Ms. Ghambari when she won the ed States Barista Championship this year.微批次咖啡来自具体的某块地,比如萨尔瓦多Finca El Manzano咖啡园中,为迪拉诺斯种植El Manzano Porton Lot的那块地。去年,那块地仅出产了60袋咖啡。甘巴里今年在美国咖啡师锦标赛(ed States Barista Championship)中夺冠时,用的就是那里出产的咖啡。“Each one has a signature nature, and each year it may be different, depending on when the rain comes and how much shade it gets,” said David Schomer, the proprietor of Espresso Vivace, which has three locations in Seattle, including a sidewalk stand in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, not far from the Reserve Roastery. “Each one will be roasted differently by the roaster, who may develop more or less caramelization or more or less bitterness.”“每块地都有标志性的特质,每年的情况都有所不同,取决于雨季到来的时间,以及植株能得到多少阴凉,”Espresso Vivace的老板戴维·绍默(David Schomer)说。该品牌在西雅图有三家店,其中一家位于国会山地区的一条人行道旁,距离星巴克的精品烘烤店不远。“烘烤师会以不同方式对每一个品类进行烘烤,焦糖化反应有轻有重,苦味也有轻有重。”Until recently, Dillanos Coffee Roasters largely served commercial customers, roasting private-label coffees and helping them develop house blends. “They need lots of coffee, not small lots of great coffee, and consistency is very important there,” said Chris Heyer, who owns the business together with his half brother, Mr. Morris.直到不久前,迪拉诺斯咖啡烘烤公司还主要务于商业客户,烘烤专属咖啡并帮助客户研发自有的调配咖啡产品。“它们需要大量的咖啡,而不是少量优质咖啡,而且口味的一致性非常重要,”克里斯·海尔(Chris Heyer)说。他和同母异父的兄弟莫里斯共同拥有该公司。About a decade ago, they started the One Harvest Project, a line of fair-trade, sustainable coffees, providing education, health and other benefits to growers with whom the company wished to develop long-term relationships.大约十年前,他们启动了“一次收获项目”(One Harvest Project)。这是一个推行公平贸易、可持续的咖啡业务线,该公司向希望与其达成长期合作关系的咖啡种植户提供教育、健康和其他方面的福利。That led to an even more exclusive line of coffees, DCR, which Phil Beattie, the Dillanos coffee director, called a natural progression that included the El Manzano microlot.这又催生了更为独特的咖啡品牌DCR。迪拉诺斯公司的咖啡总监称,这是包括El Manzano微批次在内的自然发展。The company may purchase less than 300 pounds of such coffees. In comparison, it roasts 2,000 pounds of its signature Dillons Blend coffee each day.该公司可能会购买不到300磅这种咖啡。相比之下,它每天会烘烤2000磅自有的主打品类“迪隆混合”(Dillons Blend)。So what happens when a company the size of Starbucks begins shopping for those precious beans, some of which may only be available for less than a month a year? Peet’s Coffee is selling a half-pound bag of scarce Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, one batch roasted on Wednesday and the second scheduled for roasting next week, for .因此,如果一家像星巴克那么大规模的公司开始采购罕有品种的咖啡豆,会发生什么?那些咖啡豆中,有一些每年出产的时间可能都不到一个月。皮特咖啡(Peet’s Coffee)正在以45美元的价格,出售半磅装的牙买加蓝山咖啡(Jamaica Blue Mountain),第一批是上周三烘烤的,第二批定于这周烘烤。Specialty coffee companies say relationships established over many years with growers will protect them from competition from bigger players. “We have worked with our growers for a long time and we expect to continue to work with them,” said Eric Hoest, director of operations at Stumptown, which is based in Portland.精品咖啡公司称,多年来与咖啡种植户建立起来的关系,能保护它们免受更大品牌的竞争。“我们已经和种植户合作了很长时间,我们希望继续与他们合作,”总部位于波特兰的斯邓姆顿公司的运营总监埃里克·赫斯特(Eric Hoest)说。To expand in this area, Starbucks bought Hacienda Alsacia in Costa Rica, an estate that will produce specialty coffee just for the company.为了在该领域扩张,星巴克买下了哥斯达黎加的Hacienda Alsacia咖啡园。该咖啡园将仅为该公司供应精品咖啡。Starbucks roasters will be available only at five or six new sites, but some of the Reserve coffee brands will be for sale in over 1,000 Starbucks stores.星巴克的烘烤设备仅会在五六家新店配置,但部分精品咖啡品牌将在1000多家星巴克咖啡店出售。Mr. Schultz said his vision for the Reserve Roastery store stretched back a decade or more, and he collected a scrapbook with ideas for finishes and furnishings. But it wasn’t until a used car dealership nine blocks up Pine Street from the first Starbucks store became available that he began executing his plans.舒尔茨称自己对精品烘烤店的设想可以追溯到十年甚至更久之前,而且他还用一个剪贴簿,收集了有关涂漆和室内装饰的想法。但直到可以买下松树街上距离第一家星巴克咖啡店九个街区远的一家二手车店,他才开始执行自己的计划。He said the Reserve stores would be run as a business and must make a profit to survive. “At the end of the day,” he added, “this all has to be proven in a cup — and it will be.”他说,精品烘烤店会作为一家企业来运营,并且要想存活下来,就必须盈利。“说到底,”他接着说,“所有这些都需要在咖啡杯里得到明——也会得到明。” /201412/347248泉州哪家医院人流 5.Maraschino Cherries5.酒浸樱桃Maraschino cherries may have an Italian-sounding name, but they actually come from Croatia. Originally, Maraschino was the name of a liquor made from the Croatian Marasca cherries. Then fresh cherries were preserved in their own alcohol, and that#39;s what a Maraschino cherry is (or was). In the 1800s, they made their way to the US, where Americans replaced the Marasca cherries with Queen Anne cherries, which grew in Oregon. In 1912, the USDA formalized the term, and any non-Marasca cherry had to be labeled as an imitation product.The Maraschino cherries you buy at the grocery store today are made using a different method, one that#39;s alcohol-free. First they#39;re brined in a liquid calcium solution. Then they#39;re placed in sweetened, artificially colored syrup.乍一看名字,酒浸樱桃似乎源自意大利,事实上它的产地位于克罗地亚。最初,黑樱桃酒是由产自克罗地亚的欧洲酸樱桃制作而成的一种酒。随后,新鲜的樱桃被保存在黑樱桃酒中,这就是酒浸樱桃的来历。在19世纪,人们将酒浸樱桃的销路扩展到美国,然而美国人却用产自俄勒冈州的安妮樱桃冒充欧洲酸樱桃来制作。因此1912年,美国农业部制定了一项规定:任何不是以欧洲酸樱桃为原料制作的酒浸樱桃,都必须贴上;仿制品;的标签。我们今天在杂货店买到的酒浸樱桃,则是用另一种不使用酒精的方法制成的。此法首先将樱桃浸入液钙溶液中,然后将其置于人工着色的糖浆中即可。4.Ketchup4.番茄酱Ketchup may seem like an American invention since it#39;s a featured condiment for almost every American food from meatloaf to eggs. However, ketchup originated from a different type of sauce from China, which was made from fish. Five hundred years ago, Chinese sailors were sailing down the Mekong coast when they found a sauce made from fermented anchovies. The sauce was popular in Vietnam, and the Chinese sailors gave it the name ;ke-tchup.; This name is in the ancient language Hokkien, and the last syllable, ;tchup,; means ;sauce.;In the 17th century, British traders made their way to the region, and they ended up discovering ke-tchup. One hundred years later, they were hooked and ke-tchup became a prized possession.番茄酱通常被认为是美国人的发明,因为几乎所有的美式食品,无论是烘肉卷还是鸡蛋,都放有番茄酱来调味。但事实上,番茄酱源自于中国的一种由鱼肉制作而成的酱。五百多年前,中国的水手沿湄公河航行时,发现了一种以发酵的鳀鱼为原料的酱。这种酱在越南很受欢迎,中国的水手为其取名;ke-tchup;,这个词源自闽南语,;tchup;是酱汁之意。17世纪,英国商人来到此地经商,这才发现了番茄酱。100年以后,英美国家的人纷纷为这种酱汁着迷,番茄酱也因此成了当地人一笔宝贵的财富。3.Sauerkraut3.德国泡菜;Sauerkraut; means ;sour cabbage; in German, so you#39;d think it was a German invention. While it goes well with most German food, the original was Chinese. It came about around 2,000 years ago and was enjoyed by laborers building the Great Wall. The only real difference is that the Chinese fermented their cabbage in rice wine. The Germans draw out the water with salt.It was popular with Chinese workers because it was a good vitamin source, stored easily and did not spoil, and was a cheap and widely available food.;Sauerkraut;一词在德语中是酸白菜的意思,人们一般根据名字会认为它源自德国。尽管它与大多数德国菜都搭配得很好,它的原产地其实是中国。德国泡菜产生于2000多年前,由修筑长城的工人们腌制并享用。中、德两国人制作泡菜的最大差别在于:中国人在米酒中发酵白菜,而德国人用盐将白菜中的水分析出。这种泡菜含有维生素,方便储存,不易变质,是一种既便宜又易于购买的食物,深受中国工人的喜爱。2.Bologna2.洛尼亚熏肠The bologna we eat today is nothing like the food it#39;s originally based on. Bologna is supposedly named after the city in Italy, but the meat it is most similar to is mortadella. Mortadella is actually from Italy but only slightly resembles bologna. It#39;s often eaten by itself or as part of an appetizer platter with cheese, b, or sliced peppers and tomatoes. bologna is a sliced, processed meat and is most often used in sandwiches. Mortadella is of much higher quality and uses only the finest pork meat. It is liberally sprinkled with cubes of pure pork fat and minced, mixing everything together. The original stuff from Bologna will be marked as such and will have added pistachios and black pepper.现如今人们所食用的洛尼亚熏肠,与其最初所用的原材料截然不同。一般认为,洛尼亚熏肠的名字来源于意大利的洛尼亚市,但这种香肠所使用的肉质和意式肉肠(又译泰台拉香肠)最为相似。意式肉肠同样来源于意大利,但它与洛尼亚熏肠几乎没有什么相似之处。意式肉肠可单独食用,也可作为开胃菜的一部分,配以奶酪,面包或者切成片的青椒和番茄等食用;而洛尼亚熏肠是一种加工过的切片香肠,通常夹在三明治中食用。意式肉肠质量上乘,百分百选用上好猪肉。制作时大量加入肥肉丁和肉末,与其他原料混合制成。洛尼亚熏肠同样采用上述原料,并配以开心果和黑椒制成。1.Tempura1.天妇罗While we may attribute tempura cooking to the Japanese, it was actually a Portuguese innovation. Evidence lies in old Moorish cookbooks from the 13th century that feature tempura recipes. The word ;tempura; is actually thought to have derived from the Portuguese word ;temporas; which means ;Lent.; This makes sense, as the Catholic population would eat fish on Fridays and eventually decided to fry it—possibly because everything tastes better when it#39;s fried. Portuguese sailors (including traders and missionaries) sp it throughout the world, and it took hold in Japan in the 16th century. It sp to England as well, and is now part of their world-famous fish and chips.作为传统的日本菜肴,天妇罗通常被认为产自于日本。事实上,它是由葡萄牙人发明创造的。早在13世纪,古老的尔人的烹饪书籍中,就有天妇罗食谱的记载。;天妇罗;(tempura)起源于葡语中;temporas;(意为;大斋节;)一词。这样便很容易理解了,每周五,天主教徒会吃鱼。许是因为食物一经油炸便更加美味,后来天主教徒就将鱼炸制后食用。葡萄牙的水手(也包括商人和传教士)将天妇罗推广至世界各地,于16世纪传至日本。天妇罗同样被传至英格兰,如今已成为该国一道著名的炸鱼加炸土豆条菜肴了。翻译:冯璐 /201507/384663鲤城区妇女医院专家

安溪县儿童医院在哪里It was the perfect autumn afternoon in Paris. We sat on a café terrasse on the Place des Vosges, one of Europe’s finest squares, craving a beer. Finally, the surly waiter took our order. But first, without asking, he demonstratively moved from his territory the rental bike that my companion Carlo Ratti had parked there.一个美好的巴黎秋日的下午,我们坐在欧洲最美丽的广场之一——孚日广场(Place des Vosges)的一个露天咖啡座上,渴望来杯啤酒。最后,态度粗暴的侍者终于把我们点的食物送了上来。但在此之前,他连问都没问,就气冲冲地把我的朋友卡洛#8226;拉蒂(Carlo Ratti)租来的自行车从他的地盘上挪开了。Ratti runs the SENSEable City Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He knows his urbanism. That waiter, Ratti told me, hasn’t yet understood that customers are now rating him online. The café we were in, Ma Bourgogne, specialises in surliness. Parisian tourist traps work on the theory that each tourist only comes once, so you can mistreat him with impunity. Right now people do indeed still stumble on Ma Bourgogne while ogling the Place des Vosges.拉蒂是麻省理工学院(MIT) Senseable City实验室的负责人。他对“城市主义”(urbanism)自有一套见解。他告诉我,那位侍者还不知道如今的顾客会在网上评价他。我们所在的咖啡店Ma Bourgogne以侍者态度粗鲁著称。巴黎的旅游陷阱靠的就是每名游客只会来一次,因此怎么对待顾客都不会有影响。眼下,人们的确还会在欣赏孚日广场的美景时不经意地进入这家咖啡店。But, one day, before they sit down, their smartphones will flash an alert – “Rude waiters!” – and suggest a nicer alternative. Aly, says Ratti, hotels are becoming more polite because they need good ratings.然而,有一天,在他们坐下之前,他们的智能手机就会显示警告——“这里的侍者很粗鲁!”,并推荐一家侍者态度更友善的店。拉蒂说,如今酒店的工作人员已经变得更有礼貌,因为酒店需要得到好评。Life in western cities gets better every day for people rich enough to live in them. This is happening for many reasons: technology, data, the hipster ethos, competitive city rankings that set places against each other, and the takeover of cities by a global elite ruthlessly determined to live well. Downtowns are becoming “living rooms”, says John Eger of San Diego State University. And as Ratti and others told me, even bigger changes are coming soon.西方城市的生活每天都变得更美好,当然这是对足够富裕生活在这里的人们而言。原因很多:技术、数据、潮人风尚、竞争性的城市排名、以及控制着城市的全球精英阶层,他们决心过上好生活。圣地亚哥州立大学(San Diego State University)的约翰#8226;伊格(John Eger)表示,市区正在变成“客厅”。而就如拉蒂和其他人告诉我的,接下来还会发生更重大的变化。The biggest of all could be driverless cars. Aly you can occasionally spot them on northern Californian streets. In perhaps a decade, these things will start transforming the city. One day your car will drop you at work, then drive itself off, either to park outside town or to collect someone else. One benefit: hardly any parking in cities any more. (Warning: do not buy an urban parking space now.)其中最大的变化可能是无人驾驶汽车。在加利福尼亚州北部的街道上,你已经能够间或看到这些汽车。或许10年后,这些无人驾驶汽车将开始改变整个城市。有一天,你的车会把你送到工作的地方,然后自己开走,要么停在城外,要么再去接另一个人。一个好处是:城里几乎再也不需要停车场了。(警告:现在别买城市里的停车位。)From our table, Ratti pointed at the cars lining the gorgeous square. “Think how much real estate you are using to store idle pieces of metal that are used for what – an hour a day?”席间,拉蒂指着广场上停着的汽车说:“想想你用了多少面积来停放这些每天可能就用一小时的金属家伙?”Urban planners are aly thinking of uses for former parking spaces. The obvious one is bike lanes. I’ve seen the future of urban transport, and it was the small Dutch town where I grew up in the 1970s. By the age of eight, my entire class was cycling to school without parents. It was (fairly) safe because we had dedicated bike lanes. Cycling in Paris still isn’t very safe, because there aren’t enough bike lanes. I stopped cycling here after a car door knocked me down. The driver dismissed my complaints, pointing out that I was merely bleeding from the head, not dead.城市规划师已经开始思考如何利用这些以后将不再是停车场的土地。一个显而易见的用途是自行车道。早在20世纪70年代,我就已经在我成长的荷兰小镇看过城市交通的未来面貌了。8岁时,我们班同学都自个儿骑自行车上学。这样做(相当)安全,因为我们有专用的自行车道。而即使是现在,在巴黎骑自行车还不是很安全,因为自行车道不够。我自从被一辆车的车门撞倒后,就再也不在这里骑自行车了。那个司机对我的抱怨充耳不闻,声称我不过是头上流血,又没有不幸身亡。Biking is for everyone. One new trend is hybrid bikes with electric wheels. If you’re old, or going uphill, just turn on the motor.骑自行车适合任何人。一个新趋势是配有电力驱动的混合动力自行车。如果你年事已高,或者要骑上坡,你只需打开电力马达。Another potential future for parking spaces: mini-parks, says Mathieu Lefevre, executive director of the New Cities Foundation. Previously, anyone with kids was expected to leave the city. Now that cities are nice and safe, families want to stay. However, they need more play areas. Replace that parked car outside Ma Bourgogne with a swing or slide, and you’d have the perfect family spot: parent friendly, which means “with coffee”.新城市基金会(New Cities Foundation)常务理事马蒂厄#8226;勒费夫尔(Mathieu Lefevre)提出了停车场在未来的另一可能用途:小型公园。以前人们认为任何有孩子的人都应该离开城市。现在城市变得既漂亮又安全,有孩子的家庭想要在这里生活。然而,他们需要更多的玩耍空间。把Ma Bourgogne咖啡店外面的停车区换成一架秋千或者滑梯,你就拥有了完美的家庭活动地点:一个“父母友好型”场所,也就是说,这儿供应咖啡。Aly, urban workplaces have changed. Ratti and I were having a business meeting in Ma Bourgogne. “I don’t think there is a better office than this,” he said. But working in cafés is very 2003. The next step: working in parks, even in winter. New technologies can follow you around, giving you your own little portable bubble of heat and light, said Ratti. Another potential workspace: the roof of your apartment building. Imagine a swimming pool or garden there, and some desks.城市里的工作环境也发生了变化。我和拉蒂在Ma Bourgogne开了一次商业会议。“我觉得没有比这儿更好的办公室了,”他说。但是在咖啡店里工作太有2003年的感觉了。下一步:在公园里工作,哪怕是在冬天。拉蒂说,如影相随的新技术能够为你提供一个包含光和热的小型可移动气泡。还有一个可能的工作地点:你住的公寓的顶层。想象那里有一个游泳池,或者花园,还配了几张桌子。#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.Cities are now dominated by knowledge workers. But Ratti has a counterintuitive candidate for the next urban industry: manufacturing. He explains that 3D printing will be done by creative types in small spaces such as former garages. These people want to be somewhere like the Place des Vosges.现在城市里引领风骚的是知识型工作者。但拉蒂推断在下一代城市产业中脱颖而出的可能是制造业,这真是让人没想到。他解释称,创新型工作者将在从前的车库等小空间里进行3D打印。这些人希望在类似孚日广场这样的地方工作。As the western city ceases to be a giant office-cum-parking lot, it looks better every day. But there’s an iron rule of our time: anything desirable gets grabbed by the 1 per cent. Cities are becoming unaffordable for anyone else. One way to counter this is to build bridges – often literally – between rich and poor areas. In Johannesburg, rich Sandton and poor black Alexandra are now neighbours. Soon a 250m footbridge will connect them. In Paris, “horizontal skyscrapers” and parks could cross the ringroad to link the city with its suburbs, says Lefevre.随着西方的城市不再是巨大的办公室加停车场,城市的面貌将变得越来越好。但我们的时代有一条铁则:任何值得拥有的东西都被1%的人攫取了。除了这些人,住在城市的开销正逐渐超过其他任何人的承受力。扭转这一趋势的一个方法是修建连接富有和贫困地区的桥梁,通常这个桥梁就是指字面意义上的桥梁。在南非约翰内斯堡,富有的桑顿(Sandton)地区和主要是黑人居民的贫穷的亚历山德拉(Alexandra)地区现在相当靠近了。很快一座长250米的人行天桥将连接这两个街区。勒费夫尔表示,在巴黎,“地平线上的高楼大厦”和公园可以穿过环路,将城市和城郊连接起来。Today’s cities also suffer from an age divide. Young people can’t afford the house prices. Meanwhile, many older inhabitants are getting infirm and lonely. Seoul has a nice solution: a programme that helps an old person arrange to share with a student.今天的城市也面临着年龄鸿沟问题。年轻人买不起房子。同时,许多年岁较大的居民开始变得体弱而孤独。首尔有一个很棒的解决办法:一个帮助老人与学生分享住处的项目。Other cities will surely steal the idea, just as they are copying Amsterdam’s bike lanes and Sydney’s coffee. If only all policy making today were as creative as urbanism.其他城市肯定会效仿这个创意,就像它们照搬了阿姆斯特丹的自行车道和悉尼的咖啡店那样。如果今天所有的政策制定都能像城市主义这样富有创见就好了。 /201501/351635福建泉州市中心医院门诊怎么 泉州新阳光医院妇科治疗不孕症多少钱

泉州石狮市妇幼保健院电话号码是多少 Beijing (AFP) - A Chinese man who sued local government officials over an attack by a wild panda has won more than ,000 in compensation, his lawyer said Monday.北京(法新社)——一名被野生熊猫咬伤的中国男子起诉当地政府,赢得了8万美元补偿。The animals are renowned for their lovable appearance but despite their placid, bamboo-chewing image they are members of the bear family and have a fearsome bite.熊猫因长得可爱而闻名,但是尽管它们有温和吃素的形象,它们仍是熊科动物,咬人一口后果是严重的。The animal wandered into Liziba village, in the northwestern province of Gansu, where local officials tr ying to capture it chased it onto Guan Quanzhi.s land, the Lanzhou Evening News reported.兰州晚报报道,咬人的熊猫闯入李子坝村,该地位于甘肃西北部,当地林业人员试图抓住熊猫,在围捕过程中把熊猫赶进了关全志的地里。;I saw a panda jump out in front of me, its body completely covered in mud,; he told the newspaper.;我看见一头熊猫在我面前跳出来,满身是泥;关告诉记者。The creature bit him in the leg and only released its grip when another villager covered its head with a coat, the report said, and the incident in March last year left Guan with injuries requiring seven hours of surgery.新闻中说,熊猫咬住了关的腿,直到另一名村民把一件外套罩在它头上,它才松口。这是去年3月份的事,关的伤口需要7个小时的手术。The panda escaped.熊猫逃了。Guan#39;s son sued local forestry officials and the nearby Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve, which is home to more than 100 wild pandas.关的儿子把林业部门和白水江国家级自然保护区告上了法庭,白水江自然保护区里有100多头野生熊猫。Following ;negotiations;, officials agreed to pay compensation of 520,000 yuan (,000), his lawyer Wang Chaohui told AFP.关的律师王朝辉告诉法新社,经过;讨价还价;,林业部和保护区同意付52万元(8.3万美元)。Guan is ;satisfied with the amount;, which will cover his medical bills, he said, adding that he may need further operations.关对于;赔偿金额很满意;,这笔钱可以付他的医疗费,他说,并说他可能需要进一步的手术。The giant panda#39;s natural habitat mostly lies in mountainous southwestern China. They have a notoriously low reproductive rate and are under pressure from factors such as habitat loss.大熊猫的自然栖息地主要在中国西南部的山中。它们的繁殖率很低,并且处在栖息地缩减的生存压力下。The number of wild giant pandas rose nearly 17 percent over the decade to 2013 to reach 1,864, state media cited an official survey data as saying this month, with a government agency crediting conservation measures for the increase.一份官方调查数据显示野生大熊猫的数量在过去10年终增长了17%,到2013年达到1864头,政府部门称保护措施起到了作用。Pandas are a major generator of tourist revenue in several parts of China and for Beijing, which capital ises on the global fascination with the animals by renting them to foreign zoos.郎猫是中国部分地区的重要_资源,由于R離是全球人与动物,-瞭也通过租赁肖離给外国的动物园不少。They have been known to attack humans, including in 2008 when a panda mauled a 20-year-old man who c ed into its enclosure at a zoo in southern China.觸S—直有攻击人类的事迹,包括在2008年,一个20岁男子)肥^家动物园的糊s区,结果被咬伤。The nature conservation organisation WWF says on its website: ;As cuddly as they may look, a panda can protect itself as well as most other bears,; using its heavy weight, strong jaw muscles and large molar teeth.世界野生动物基金(WWF)在官网上说:;尽管看起来萌萌的,熊猫有能力像其他熊类动物一样保护自己,;熊猫有庞大的体重,强有力的下颚肌肉和巨大的臼齿。It cautions: ;Although used mainly for crushing bamboo, a panda bite can be very nasty.;WWF警告道:;熊猫的牙齿虽然主要用来咬碎竹子,但是被熊猫咬一口,后果是非常严重的。; /201503/364511泉州看妇科哪里医院好泉州市中医院 门诊正规吗




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