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You#39;ve got the giggles - but you can#39;t laugh because it would be inappropriate. We show you what to do in such situations.Watch the for great advice on how to stop laughing at inappropriate times.你可能想咯咯地笑出来,但是你不能笑,因为场合不合适。我们会告诉你在这样的情况下怎么办。Step 1: Focus1.集中精力Try biting the inside of your cheek, or the corner of your mouth. This will cause a small amount of pain which will take your focus away from your urge to laugh.努力用牙齿咬住脸颊或嘴角。这会有一点点痛,从而抑制你想笑的冲动。Don#39;t bite so hard that you cause yourself an injury.不要咬的太用力,免得把自己弄伤了。You could also try pinching yourself on the arm or the back of the hand.你还可以掐一下自己的手臂或手背。Step 2: Avoid eye contact2.避免眼神交流Catching someone#39;s eye, particularly if they see the funny side of things too, may be the only thing needed to set you off.与另外一个人眼神相遇,尤其是他们也看到了事情的笑点所在,会让你更加忍俊不禁。Avoid eye contact at all costs. Look at the floor, your plate, the wall - anything to stop you making eye contact with anyone.想尽一切方法避免眼神交流。眼睛盯着地板,你的盘子,墙壁,或者可以避免你们眼神交流的任何物体。Step 3: Think of something else3.想想其他事情The important thing is to distract yourself from whatever it is that makes you want to laugh. In your head, try reciting your address backwards, saying the 6 times table or naming all the players of the England football squad - in fact, think about anything that will divert you from thinking about the thing you find funny.最重要的是你的注意力要远离让你想笑的事情。在脑海中重复你的地址,念出英格兰足球队所有队员的名字——实际上,可以想任何事情,只要能让你不再关注这件有趣的事情就可以了。Step 4: Excuse yourself4.找借口If all else fails, politely make your excuses and leave the room for a few minutes.如果这些方法都失败了,礼貌地为自己找一个借口,离开房间几分钟。In private you can smirk all you like, but don#39;t let other people hear you laughing.私下里,你可以随心所欲地大笑,但是不要让其他人听到你笑。Let it out of your system, take a few deep breaths and return to the room.笑完了,深呼吸几次,重新回到房间。Thanks for watching How To Stop Laughing At An Inappropriate Time感谢收看“在不适当的场合怎样忍住不笑”视频节目。 Article/201209/201455【视频欣赏】【背景介绍】在英国,从60年代到80年代,只要花1-2便士就可以在小店里买到漂亮的糖果,所以在英国又叫便士糖果。许多甜品店都会在柜台的托盘上摆放各式种样的糖果,多达20个不同种类。这些糖果的名字听起来都很有趣,形状各异,还成为游乐场的收藏品。听听英国人回忆他们在小时候如何选择糖果...What are penny sweets? In the 60s , 70s and 80s it was common for sweets to be sold individually in shops, each sweet costing a penny or two, hence the name penny sweets. Many sweet shops had a tray on the counter displaying all the different kinds of sweets - maybe up to 20 different kinds of sweets on view. The sweets often had interesting sounding names and shapes and many became playground favourites. Pocket money was often spent on a careful selection of penny sweets and many a shopkeeper was irritated by the length of time it took the youngsters to make their choices. Examples of penny sweets Black Jacks – aniseed flavoured chews which would stain your tongue inky black Love Hearts – a packet of fruit flavoured sweets each with a romantic message written on it such as ‘Kiss me’, ‘Hug me’, ‘Forever yours’ Flumps – vanilla flavoured marshmallow strips Flying Saucers – shaped like a flying saucer and filled with fizzy sherbet Traffic Light Lolly – a round candy on a stick that would change colour from red to yellow to green as you licked it. Sherbet Fountain – a cylinder filled with sherbet with a stick of liquorice. To eat the sherbet you would need to lick the liquorice stick, dip it into the sherbet, then lick it again. Fruit Salad – sticky pineapple and raspberry flavoured chews. Article/201007/108202

How To Give a Speech on HowcastMost of us d making a speech to a group, but if you think of it as simple communication or helping others, you won’t be nervous.我们大部分人都害怕当众讲话,但如果你把它看做是一种简单的交流,或是对他人的帮助而已,那么你就不会紧张了。You Will Need.KnowledgeCriticPaper and penRole modelsStories and metaphorsMirrorNote cardsStrong voiceAudience你需要的的东西有:知识,员,纸和笔,角色扮演者,一些故事,打比方,镜子,提示卡,清晰有力的声音,听众Step 1: Know the subjectKnow your subject and align your message with audience expectations.第1步:了解话题了解你的话题,组织材料时要使之符合听众的口味。Step 2: PreparePrepare by role-playing the speech with a cohort to challenge your points. Focus on one topic and set out your speech to cover issues.第2步:准备让一个朋友扮演听众,来演练你的演讲。要围绕一个话题展开,并用小论点来持这个中心。Step 3: Write it downCapture key elements on paper in draft, and refine and edit a day or two later. Be concise and simple, using words that are easy to pronounce.第3步:将讲稿写下来在纸上打个草稿,要突出主要因素,并在一两天后对草稿进行修订和完善。要准确而简练,用词要易于脱口。Tips: Limit complex formulations, big words, and too many statistics in your speech to avoid losing your audience.小贴士:演讲中尽量少用复杂的公式、不常用的大词,不要用太多的数据,以免把听众吓跑。Step 4: SummarizeWhile you’re preparing, summarize your speech in one sentence to be sure you’re on point. Jot notes to trigger stories and metaphors you will use to emphasize important information.第4步:总结做演讲准备时,先用一个句子来概括演讲的主题,以确保你不会离题。然后在稿纸上勾画出你将要用到的相关故事和修辞,用来强调重要的信息。Step 5: Emulate othersStudy other speakers and absorb effective tendencies to enrich your presentation.第5步:模仿他人向其他的演讲者学习,借鉴他们演讲时的有效方式,以使自己的演讲更加生动。Tips: Allusions to people, history, or events must be brief and widely familiar.小贴士:与人物、历史或事件相关的典故必须简明而广为人知。Step 6: Practice and smilePractice in front of a mirror, remembering to smile and gesture naturally. Outline your speech on note cards, but try to get “off book” as soon as you can so your delivery will flow.第6步:练习与微笑在镜子前进行演讲练习,记得要微笑,要举止自然。可以在提示卡上列一下提纲,但练习中要尽量脱稿,只要你能做到了不依赖于稿子,演说词会自然源源流出。Step 7: Project your voiceProject and modulate your voice, using emotion to telegraph key points.第7步:调整你的声音调整和控制你的声音,借助情感来传达信息要点。Tips: As long as it’s not overdone, humor is always a good idea.小贴士:幽默总是个不错的主意,只要别过头就行。Step 8: Interact with the audienceInteract with the audience as you speak, permitting questions and moving around, keeping the presentation dynamic.第8步:与听众互动讲话时要与听众互动,请他们提出一些问题予以解答,要在会场四处走动开来,使你的演讲充满活力。Tips: Did you know? Making a presentation in public is the no.1 fear reported by people in the U.S.小贴士:你知道吗?对公共演讲的恐惧被美国人视为在所有恐惧中是排在第一位的。 Article/201009/112953

Volleyball: China tough through 5 sets to beat GermanyFrom the Swiss Elite Women's Volleyball, China fought-out a tough match to beat Germany.The first set started with China making attacks and poor defensive work from the German side. China won the first set 25-14.But Germany woke up in the second set, as its powerful serves broke China's defensive network, and increased the chances for errors for its opponents. The set ended with Germany winning 25-23.Germany forced spiker Chu Jinling into an error in the third set. Yin Na and Hui Ruoqi were sent onto the court, and Wei Qiuyue's serving helped China reverse the situation. China won the third set.Germany would win the following set before China turned the tables again to win the decider 15-7, and with it, the match at 3-2. Article/200906/73871

For the last time: I didn#39;t cheat—I just rubbed my self against the leg of the postman in a manner that might have seemed horny, but that#39;s not the case at all! Trust me, Miranda! Oh, Miranda, please trust me!再说最后一次:我没有撒谎——我仅仅是用身体擦了一下邮递员的大腿而已,那行为看似下流,实际上根本不是那样的!相信我,米兰达!噢,米兰达,请相信我啊!Monogamy never became successful among dogs一夫一妻制在群中是行不通的 /201705/510927

Cleaning and sanitizing your kitchen is easy, effective, and inexpensive, because everything you need is likely in your kitchen!对厨房进行清洁和消毒是非常简单,高效和低价的,因为你所需要的一切可能就在厨房里!Step 1 Put things away1.把一切物品移走Put away all food, dishes, silverware, and small appliances.把所有食物,盘子,银器和小家电都移走。Step 2 Remove all food and soil particles2.擦掉食物和泥土颗粒Remove all food particles and other soil types that are visible on surfaces using a sponge, soap, and warm water.用海绵,肥皂和温水把表面可见的一切食物颗粒和其他泥土等等擦掉。Step 3 Clean handles3.清洁把手Wipe down all cupboard knobs, refrigerator door handles, and stove handles with fresh soapy water.把所有橱柜旋钮,冰箱门把手和炉子把手用新鲜的肥皂水擦干净。Step 4 Re-wipe with bleach4.用漂白粉重新擦一遍Wipe down the same surfaces, this time with one capful of household bleach in a gallon of clean, lukewarm water.将一瓶盖家用漂白粉加入一加仑清洁的温水中,再擦一遍。Mixing soap and bleach together can be toxic. Mixing bleach with soap and food particles also lessens its effectiveness.肥皂和漂白粉混合是有毒的。漂白粉和肥皂以及食物颗粒混合还会让其失效。Step 5 Wipe dry5.擦干Allow all food contact surfaces to dry, or dry them with a clean, dry towel.让所有食品直接接触的表面晾干,或者用清洁的干毛巾擦干。Step 6 Clean cutting boards6.清洁砧板Clean and sanitize plastic cutting boards in a dishwasher or with soapy water, and then sanitize with straight vinegar or hydrogen peroxide.用洗碗机或肥皂水为塑料砧板清洁并消毒,然后用白醋或双氧水消毒。Don#39;t put wooden cutting boards in the dishwasher.不要将木制砧板放入洗碗机中。Step 7 Clean sponges7.清洁海绵Clean sponges by wetting them and putting them in a microwave for one minute or running them through a dishwasher cycle.Never microwave a dry sponge.将海绵浸湿,然后放入微波炉中加热一分钟,或者丢到洗碗机中洗一下。千万不要用微波炉加热干燥的海绵。Each year over 550 food-borne illnesses are reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 40 percent of which are attributed to restaurants.疾病防控中心每年收到超过550起食品引发的疾病报告,其中40%是由餐馆造成的。 Article/201302/226065

胡锦涛指出,2009年,各级党委、政府和纪检监察机关全面推进反腐倡廉建设,加强对中央保增长、保民生、保稳定等一系列决策部署贯彻落实情况的监督检查,严肃查处一批违纪违法案件,坚决纠正损害群众利益的不正之风,扎实推进一批改革措施,党风廉政建设和反腐败斗争方向更加明确、思路更加清晰、措施更加有力,为改革发展稳定提供了有力保。 President Hu vows to strengthen anti-corruption effortsGeneral Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, Hu Jintao, has made a speech at a meeting held by the CPC Central commission for Discipline Inspection. Hu Jintao, also the president, stressed the importance of the anti-corruption efforts for the scientific development of the nation.Hu Jintao said that, in the year 2009, the central government strengthened anti-corruption efforts, and handled a series of cases that violated both national laws and Party principles.Hu stressed that, in the new year, the country must make greater efforts to improve the ties between the Party and the People, and to solve prominent problems with anti-corruption efforts.Hu Jintao points out that the nation should strengthen its inspection of the implementation of important decisions on promoting scientific development, enhance education of and supervision over senior officials at all levels, solve problems which harm people's interest, and strictly deal with cases that violate laws and principles.Hu Jintao then stressed that China's discipline inspection officials should stick to the Party's principles, set examples to maintain law and order, and battle firmly against all corruption-related activities.He Guoqiang, the head of the anti-graft commission, presided over the meeting. Article/201001/94420

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