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泉州哪家医院做人流手术比较好福建省泉州人民医院急诊电话泉州引产医院排行 The four sisters stand gossiping underneath the washing line, the growing baby bumps visible under tightly-fitting tops.四站在晾衣绳下闲聊着,紧身衣下小腹隆起,态明显But the unemployed Hernandez sisters are not looking ward to the birth of much-wanted babies. Instead, they are wombs--hire --willing to put their bodies through agony in order to earn thousands from desperate Europeans, prepared to pay more than these single mothers could earn in years their chance to have their own biological child.但无工作的赫尔南德斯并没有特别期待孩子的出生相反,她们只是“出租子宫”--自愿忍受身体的折磨,以从几近绝望的欧洲人手中赚取较高的金额那些欧洲人会付给这些单身母亲正常工作余年所得收入,来获得自己的亲生孩子This is a family business - one which is not discussed outside the walls of the home, just one cog in Mexico secretive, and sometimes corrupt, surrogacy industry.这是一项家族产业--这在公众场合并不会讨论,只是秘密的,有时甚至是腐败的墨西哥产业中微不足道的小事It was oldest sister Milagros who first stumbled across the rent-a-womb business in . The decision she made was purely practical: the Hernandez family is a sprawling one, all living in close quarters, and money is more than tight so the whole family needs to be put to work.四中,大米拉格罗斯在年成为第一个者,她已经为3个不同的男人成功地生了孩子她做的这个决定很实际:赫尔南德斯家生活十分困难,所有人都生活在狭窄的空间里,经济十分拮据,所以“整个家需要工作” If that means renting out their wombs or working other jobs to bring in money to support the family, so be it, says Milagros. She laughs as she tells MailOnline that the fun of sex is the only thing that missing from the surrogacy experience.米拉格罗斯表示,如果这意味着要出租子宫或者从事其他工作来养家的话,她选择出租子宫她笑着告诉每日邮报:“只有享受做爱的时候,她才忘记经历”However, it was not until she brought back the ,000 pounds she earned from her first successful surrogacy that Martha, the next eldest sister, decided to follow in her footsteps. Soon, Maria, 7 and a mother-of-three, and Paulina, the youngest at , realised they too could earn a living this way.在第一个孩子使她获得了将100英镑的收入后,二玛莎也决定加入队伍很快,今年7岁、已是三个孩子母亲的三玛丽亚,以及岁的波林也意识到是一个不错的收入来源After all, the average ,000 pounds pay-off is following a successful delivery, as well as having all living expenses covered by the client throughout the nine-month pregnancy. The women brother, who works minimum wage in the state capital, would take nearly years to equal the amount.毕竟,平均一次就能获得000英镑,这是一笔不小的数目,并且在9个月的怀期间,委托人将全权负责所有开销这些女人的兄弟,在当地的首府工作,只能拿到微薄的薪水,几乎要工作十年才能拿到000英镑Yet what these women are earning is small change in an industry which is worth 90 million pounds a year in Tabasco state alone - the vast majority of the sum going to the agencies, which can charge 8,000 pounds their services, and pay the women just ,000 pounds.然而,与墨西哥塔巴斯科州产业一年创造的9000万英镑的收入相比,这些妈妈赚取的只是一笔小数目并且这些钱大多数都落入了中介的腰包,一个孩子需要交8000英镑的费用,但妈妈只得到其中的000英镑 86泉州泉州做无痛人流哪家医院好

泉州新阳光女子医院贵吗本文选自Ugly Betty《丑女贝蒂,欢迎大家来做客Christina: Feel the fabric on that thing.Betty: It kind of rough.Christina: That because it burlap. Basically, youre talking $ 7,000 a designer potato sack.Betty: I cant believe people actually buy this stuff.Christina: I cant believe they wear it and usually just once bee theyll chuck it to make room the next season.Christina: But that fashion, and Ive got to say, I love it. Youre not too much into it, are you?Betty: No, not really. So how it going? Brutal, huh? Nothing I do is good enough. He treats me like dirt.Betty: No, not really.Christina: So, how it going?Betty: Um...Christina: Brutal, huh?Betty: Nothing I do is good enough. He treats me like dirt.重点讲解:1. chuck vt. 扔掉,丢弃,抛弃例句:Will you please chuck your waste paper in here? 请把你的废纸扔进这里好吗?. brutal adj. 无情的,野蛮的例句:She has to face the brutal reality. 她不得不去面对冷酷的事实3. be too much into it 对某事很有兴趣,投入某事物例句:Why should I get a summer job? I dont need money. Im not into material things. 为什么我要去找一个暑期工作呢?我又不需要钱,我对物质的东西不感兴趣 57泉州新阳光 李医生 1. May I see that ivory horse? 我可以看看那只象牙制的马吗?. Paper-cutting is a truly exquisite handicraft. 剪纸确实是精美的手工艺品3. Jingdezhen is called “the capital of porcelain”. 景德镇被称为“瓷都”. They are not only ornamental, but also quite useful. 它们不但具有装饰性,而且还很实用5. All our reproductions are clearly marked and priced. 我们所有的复制品都有明确的标志和标价6. Handicrafts sometimes are unique so that they're of great value. 有时手工艺品因其独特而具有极大的价值7. New Year's pictures and embroidery are all famous Chinese handicrafts. 年画和刺绣都是中国有名的工艺品8. It’s hard to judge between the two handicraft s; they're both charming. 很难判定这两件工艺品的优劣,它们都很漂亮9. Now, making handicrafts is becoming a lot trend among young city dwellers. 现在,我们手工艺制作正在成为年轻城市居民的新宠. According to our experience, these handicrafts will find a y market in Japan. 根据我们的经验,这些手工艺品在日本销路会很好重点讲解:Ivory 象牙Ivory tower 象牙塔象牙塔(Ivory tower),法语 la tour d'ivoire之译 Ivory Tower是根据圣经《旧约雅歌(the Old Testament, song of songs)第7章第节,睿智富有的以色列王所罗门(Solomon)曾作诗歌首,其中《雅歌都是爱情之歌在第五首歌中,新郎是这样赞美新娘的,“…Your neck is like an ivory tower. Your eyes are pools in Heshbon,by the gate of Bath-rabbim….”(……你的颈项如象牙塔;你的眼目像希实本巴特那拉并门旁的水池;……)很清楚这里的“象牙塔”只是用来描述新娘美丽的颈项exquisite精致的, 精美的ornamental 装饰的,装饰用的embroidery 刺绣dwellers 居民 其动词形式为dwell,常用词组为dwell at和 dwell in,例句:Dwell in joy. 沉浸在欢乐中Fairies are said to dwell in heaven. 传说神仙住在天上A gentleman ought to travel abroad, but dwell at home. 绅士应该到海外旅行,但要在本国定居 737石狮市人民医院是不是医保定点

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