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泉州子宫肌瘤泉州子宫肌瘤的症状;W; means wide connection.W代表广联互通。Wuzhen is located in Zhejiang province, an economic powerhouse in East China. 乌镇位于中国经济强省浙江。More than 80 percent of the country’s e-retailers, 70 percent of exports, and 60 percent of e-commerce relies on platforms based in Zhejiang. 我国80%以上的电子零售商、70%的出口以及60%的电子商务都是依托浙江省内的平台开展业务。Tongxiang itself, which Wuzhen is a part of, is home to 560 Internet enterprises, over 30,000 registered retailers and 48 Taobao service stations.仅桐乡市就有560家互联网企业,3万多家登记在册的零售商和48个淘宝网务站点。The essence of Internet is connection, the value of information lies in interflow. 互联网的精髓在于互联,而信息的价值在于互通。The World Internet Conference brings opportunities and vigor to Wuzhen, a city which perfectly reflects nature, tradition, development and modernity.世界互联网大会为乌镇带来了机遇和活力,而这个城镇本身就完美体现了自然、传统、发展与现代。;U; means universal vision.U代表全球视野。With a theme of ;Innovation-driven Internet Development for the Benefit of All – Building a Community of Common Future in Cyberspace;, the conference will be composed of forums, an expo, and a release event in addition to the opening and closing ceremonies. 在创新驱动,造福人类——携手共建网络空间命运共同体的主题下,本届互联网大会将举办论坛、览会、发布活动以及开闭幕式等活动。The conference will host 16 forums covering 20 hot issues, such as Internet economy, Internet innovation, Internet culture, governance in cyberspace and international cooperation on Internet.大会将举办16场论坛涵盖20个热门话题,包括:互联网经济,互联网创新,互联网文化,网络空间治理以及互联网国际合作,等等。World leading Internet achievements will be on display at the Light of the Internet Expo.全球领先的互联网成果将在互联网之光览会上展出。;Z; means zealous ideas.Z代表充满的想法。Wuzhen’s Xizha scenic spot and Wucun county have been selected to host brainstorming activities for Internet and tech giants, such as Alibaba, Foxconn, Jinritoutiao, 58.com.乌镇西栅景区和乌村会举办互联网和科技界大咖头脑风暴活动,大咖们来自阿里巴巴、富士康、今日头条以及58同城等。;H; means humanitarian care.H代表人道主义关怀。Industry experts and insiders from across the globe have been invited to attend. 全球的行业专家和内部人士都受邀出席本次大会。It is the first time that the Light of the Internet Expo will be open to the public. 互联网之光览会也首次对公众开放。Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and over 310 well-known enterprises will attend the expo. 微软、IBM、SAP、阿里巴巴、腾讯、百度以及310多家知名企业都将现身览会。A total of 6,300 multilingual students from 15 universities in Zhejiang province will serve as volunteers in reception centers, main venues, news centers, airports and hotels.来自浙江15所高校的6300名多语种学生在接待中心、主场馆、新闻中心、机场和酒店提供志愿务。;E; means economic benefits.E代表经济收益。Cross-border and rural electricity suppliers, sharing economy, big data, cloud computing, Internet finance and intelligent equipment have become common place in daily life, not to mention information economy is now an important contributor to Chinese GDP.跨境和农村电力供应、分享经济、大数据、云计算、互联网金融以及智能设备已经在日常生活中普及,更不用说,信息经济如今已经是我国国内生产总值的重要组成部分。Innovation-driven development is key to succeeding in the international economy, and innovative Internet development will bring prosperity to the whole world. 创新驱动发展是在全球经济中取得成功的关键,而创新的互联网发展将为整个世界带来繁荣。The Chinese Internet Plus initiative lays the foundation for digital China construction, boosting Internet innovation and bringing untold benefits. 中国的互联网+战略为数字中国建设奠定了基础,促进了互联网创新,还带来了无数利好。The rapid development of the Chinese Internet is set to bring more opportunities to international enterprises and entrepreneurs.中国互联网的快速发展必将为全球的企业和企业家们带来更多机遇。;N; means new future.N代表新的未来。The Wuzhen International Internet Convention Center, a permanent home for the World Internet Conference, was designed by Wang Shu, a professor at the China Academy of Art, winning a Pritzker Architecture Award. 世界互联网大会的永久场馆——乌镇互联网国际会展中心由中国首位普利兹克建筑奖得主、中国美院教授王澍领衔设计。Covering 81,000 square meters and consisting of three functional areas (a conference center, a reception center, and an exhibition center), the venue will meet the needs of the event, including hosting meetings, forums, and exhibitions. 会展中心占地8.1万平方米,由三个功能区组成(会议中心、接待中心以及展览中心),将满足世界互联网大会的所有需求,包括举办会议、论坛和展览。The conference center is composed of a main venue and 18 meeting rooms, while the exhibition center has eight pavilions. 会议中心由一个主场馆和18个会议室组成,展览中心有8个展馆。The interior decoration of the venue meets the standards of most large international conferences with a complete set of facilities, plus fast and reliable Internet services.会展中心的内部装饰达到了举办大型国际会议的标准,设备齐全,网络务快捷稳定。 /201611/478980泉州省一院是不是私立医院 Last month, a student at Ohio State University ran into people with a car and stabbed them with a knife. The victims survived, but police shot and killed the attacker, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, at the place the incident happened.上月,俄亥俄州立大学的一名学生开车冲击人群,并持刀伤人。受害者都没事,但是警方在事发地击毙了袭击者阿卜杜勒·拉扎克·阿里·阿尔坦。Since then, members of the Muslim community have been trying to understand what made Artan carry out such violence. Artan was a Somali refugee who came to the U.S. with his family in 2014.自那以后,穆斯林社区成员一直想弄清楚是什么原因导致阿尔坦做出了这起暴力行径。阿尔坦是一名索马里难民,他于2014年和家人一起来到美国。He had been a successful student. He earned honors at a local community college before going to Ohio State, one of America#39;s largest universities.他曾经是一位好学生。他在当地社区大学有着优异的成绩,后进入俄亥俄州立大学学习,这是美国规模最大的大学之一。Officials at the mosque near the family#39;s home say Artan was not well-known to them. They add that they are concerned that others may judge the entire community by the actions of one young man.这个家庭附近的清真寺官员表示,他们并不太了解阿尔坦,他们担心其他人会通过这个年轻人的行为来评价整个社区。Robert Fitrakis is a lawyer representing Artan#39;s family. He describes how the family fears the political climate in the ed States. ;I#39;m not sure they want their face on camera,; he says.罗伯特·费特拉基斯是代表阿尔坦家庭的律师。他描述了这个家庭对美国政治环境的担忧。他说:“我不确定他们是否想面对镜头说话。”Mohamud Mohamed Ahmed is a member of the Muslim community at Abubakar Assiddiq mosque in Columbus.马哈茂德·穆罕默德·艾哈迈德是哥伦布市阿布伯克尔清真寺的一名成员。;I#39;ve been in this country 25 years, so we are Americans, but we are Muslim, too. We should not be viewed as people who came from another planet. We are not aliens. We are citizens of this country.;他说:“我到这个美国已经25年了,所以我是美国人,但也是穆斯林。我们不应该被看成是来自另一个星球的人。我们不是外星人。我们是这个国家的公民。”The issue of refugees and migration has become an important political issue in the ed States.难民和移民问题已经成为美国一项重要的政治问题。Supporters of strict immigration policy say the attack shows the danger that immigrants, or refugees, could present.持严格移民政策的人士表示,这次袭击表明移民或难民可能存在潜在的危险。Earlier this month, for example, President-elect Trump said the attack at Ohio State University was ;yet one more tragic reminder that immigration security is now national security.;例如本月早些时候,当选总统川普就表示,俄亥俄大学发生的袭击事件是又一场悲剧,它提醒我们,移民安全现在关系到国家安全。However, refugee resettlement supporters point to the need to help people from conflict areas around the world.然而,难民重新安置的持者也指出,我们需要帮助世界各地冲突地区的人们(重建家园)。Becca Heller is the director of the International Refugee Assistance Project. She criticized the words used by Trump in an interview with NPR news.贝卡·海勒是国际难民援助项目的负责人。她谴责了川普在接受NRP新闻采访时发表的这些言论。;That rhetoric has had an impact. Trump has been successful in politicizing refugee admissions in a way that they have not been politicized before.;她说,“这种言论已经产生了影响。川普已经成功使难民入境问题以一种前所未有的方式政治化。”The number of refugees admitted to the ed States has increased since 2002. However, the number of refugees admitted to the U.S reached ;historically low levels; in the year following the September 11 attacks in 2001.自2002年以来,进入美国的难民人数有所增长。然而,进入美国的难民人数在911袭击之后的一年达到了历史最低水平。A report by Congressional Research Services, or CRS, says that 27,131 refugees were allowed into the country in that year.美国国会研究务处的一份报告称,当年有27131名难民获准进入美国。The number of refugees admitted in 2017 could reach 110,000, the CRS report says.2017年难民入境人数可能会达到11万人。Any possible changes to immigration and refugee policy remain unclear as the Trump administration begins on January 20.目前尚不清楚川普政府1月20日上台后是否会对移民和难民政策做出任何修改。 /201612/485836To judge by the premiere, every movie is a triumph. Wider audiences often take a different view. Yesterday, shares in Wanda Cinema Lines jumped one-tenth as it reopened from a trading suspension. Ignore the air-kissing on the red carpet: Wanda could have done better things with the .7bn it is spending to acquire Wanda Pictures Media from its parent group.按照首映式判断,每部电影都是成功佳作。广大的观众则往往有不同的看法。昨日万达院线(Wanda Cinema Line)股票复牌后,股价大涨十分之一。别理会红地毯上的飞吻:万达院线用来从母公司收购万达影视(Wanda Pictures Media)的57亿美元,本来可以派上更好的用处。Wanda Pictures Media owns Legendary Entertainment, a US media group bought by Wanda in January for .5bn, as well as other content-related businesses. Wanda Cinema will issue new shares to its unlisted parent and other shareholders at a discount, raising .8bn.万达影视拥有传奇(Legendary Entertainment)——万达在今年1月斥资35亿美元收购的美国制片集团——以及其他一些与内容相关的业务。万达院线将向其未上市的母公司和其他股东折价发行新股,以募集68亿美元。Marrying content and distribution can make sense in mature or highly competitive distribution channels. Apple locks in users by providing ever more software and apps. Television networks, too, ensure viewers do not defect to rivals by offering exclusive content. But China’s cinema industry is far from mature. Box-office revenues have been growing at double digits annually; the market may overtake the US next year. The ratio of screens to population is less than one-fifth that of the US, according to HS.将内容和发行融为一体,对于成熟或高度竞争的发行渠道可能是合理的。苹果(Apple)通过提供越来越多的软件和app来锁定用户。电视网络也通过提供独家内容来确保观众不投奔竞争对手。但是中国的影院行业远未成熟。票房收入近年以两位数的年度增速增长;整个市场有望在明年超越美国。但据汇丰(HS)估计,中国的银幕块数与人口之比尚不及美国水平的五分之一。The industry is also very fragmented. The top three players take one-third of ticket sales in China; in the US they control nearly twice as much of the market. Up to three-fifths of China’s cinemas lose money. Wanda, whose movie houses make more than twice the average cinema’s revenue, could gain much from buying and turning around the underperformers. Owning blockbuster studios whose movies can be distributed through affiliated cinemas may be more glitzy, but the hitherto steady growth of Wanda Cinema Lines looks less attractive with lumpy revenues from film hits (and misses) attached.该行业还高度碎片化。前三大影院运营商占中国票房总收入的三分之一;在美国前三大影院运营商的市场份额高出近一倍。多达五分之三的中国电影院处于亏损状态。旗下影院收入超过行业平均水平一倍多的万达院线,本来可以收购业绩不佳的影院,然后将其扭亏为盈,从中大赚一把。拥有大片迭出的制片厂、由自家旗下影院发行该制片厂出品的电影,这种模式也许比较光鲜,但万达院线之前的稳定增长在与来自叫座或不叫座影片的不稳定收入绑定之后,看上去吸引力下降了。Wanda has sweetened the deal by pledging to underwrite a minimum net profit contribution of 5m for three years. That does not make it worthy of the red-carpet treatment.万达为了使这笔交易更诱人,承诺在三年里保最低7.75亿美元的净利润。这并不使它配得上红地毯待遇。 /201606/448273泉州丰泽新阳光妇科医院

泉州哪家医院治疗妇科病最好Love it or hate it, the one aspect of the gig economy that most people agree on is its newness. 不管喜欢还是厌恶,有关零工经济,大多数人都认同一点:这是一个新生事物。No discussion about the future of work is complete without someone contrasting the old world of traditional employee jobs with the new world of workers without employers, piecing an income together from a series of gigs or tasks. 如果没有人比较一下传统雇员的旧世界和没有雇主、依靠一系列零工或者任务获得零碎收入的劳动者的新世界,任何关于工作的未来的讨论都是不全面的。Perhaps some copywriting in the so-called human cloud in the morning; a few hours making jewellery to sell on Etsy in the afternoon; a spot of Uber driving in the evening.一个新劳动者的零工可能是这样安排的:在早上通过所谓的人才云进行一些文案撰写;在下午花几个小时制作首饰并在Etsy上售卖;在晚上当一会儿优步(Uber)司机。We forget history. 我们忘记了历史。Go back to the 18th century and you would find a place like London was one big gig economy. 回到18世纪,你会发现像伦敦这样的地方就存在大规模的零工经济。Few people had jobs as we know them now; most were hired intermittently and were paid by the piece or task. 当时很少有人拥有我们今天所知的工作;大多数人时断时续地被雇佣,按件或者按任务得到报酬。There was an eclectic mix of payment arrangements depending on the nature of the work. 根据工作性质的不同,付报酬的方式也各式各样。The carpenters who maintained the timber starlings on London Bridge were paid per tide, according to Judy Stephenson, an economic historian. 比如,根据经济史学家朱迪.斯蒂芬森(Judy Stephenson)的说法,负责维护伦敦桥桥墩木质分水桩的木匠按潮汐领取报酬。Even workers in prestigious institutions such as Westminster Abbey had to submit invoices for their services. 哪怕是为像西敏寺这样的著名机构工作的工人,也必须提交劳务费用清单。The abbey’s scullion, the most menial worker in the kitchen, submitted a bill in 1703 for sweeping the chimney and weeding the yard. 一位大教堂的厨房帮工(厨房里地位最低微的工人)在1703年提交了一份劳务账单,内容是打扫烟囱和给庭院除草。She waited six months to be paid.她等待了6个月才拿到报酬。Are we looping back on ourselves? We are certainly not there yet. 那么,我们是否倒退到了过去?当然还没到那个地步。According to estimates of the size of the gig economy by the McKinsey Global Institute, 70 to 80 per cent of people in the US and Europe have nothing to do with it. 根据麦肯锡全球研究所(McKinsey Global Institute)估计的零工经济规模,美国和欧洲70%到80%的人都没有涉足零工经济。What is more, 70 per cent of the people working independently are doing it because they like it.此外,在独立工作的人当中,70%的人是因为喜欢才选择这种工作方式。Still, that leaves a substantial 30 per cent who are gigging as a last resort. 然而,这意味着当中还有30%的人把打零工当做最后的出路。It is this group that policymakers, including UK prime minister Theresa May, are most worried about. 政策制定者们,包括英国首相特里萨.梅(Theresa May),最担忧的也是这个群体。She has ordered a review into workers’ rights to make sure those in the gig economy benefit from flexibility and innovation and do not fall through the cracks into an 18th-century world.她已指示对劳动者权利进行调查,以确保这些处于零工经济中的人受益于灵活性和创新性,同时不会从裂缝中掉入18世纪的零工经济世界。The courts may pre-empt her. 法院或许会在梅之前采取行动。This week, a panel of three men will meet in London to decide the outcome of an employment tribunal case between Uber and the GMB union. 一个由3名法官组成的审判小组正在审理优步和GMB工会之间的一起劳动仲裁案件。The GMB alleges that Uber’s 30,000 London drivers are not independent contractors but workers owed the minimum wage, sick pay and holiday pay.GMB称,伦敦的3万名优步司机不是独立承包人,而是理应享受最低工资、病假工资和假日薪水等福利的员工。It is a genuine grey area. 这是一个真正的灰色地带。In some ways, Uber’s drivers do seem to work for themselves. 在某些方面,优步司机看起来的确是在为自己工作。They have freedom to decide whether to log on to the app and do some work. 他们可以决定是否要登录优步app接单工作。But in other ways, Uber exerts a lot of control. 但在另外一些方面,优步施加了很多控制。It does not tell the drivers where the customers want to go until they pick them up. 优步不会在司机接到乘客之前告诉他们乘客的目的地。It sets the fee. 优步设定了车费。And it can deactivate drivers whose customer ratings drop too low (though Uber insists it does this only rarely).而且优步可以在司机的客户评分降至过低的时候停用司机(尽管优步坚称这种情况非常少)。If the tribunal panel finds for the GMB, it could broaden the legal definition of who counts as a worker in the UK — emboldening similar claimants in other countries, while making many in Britain’s gig economy eligible for more rights and protections. 如果审判小组做出有利于GMB的判决,这可能扩大英国有关员工的法律定义——这会让其他国家的类似原告更有信心,同时让许多身处英国零工经济中的人有资格获得更多权利和保护。Yet Uber insists most of its drivers do not want this. 然而,优步坚称大多数优步司机不想要这样。It has polled 1,000 of them and found 76 per cent would rather give up these rights to maintain their flexibility to work when they want, while 16 per cent would prefer the opposite deal.优步对1000名优步司机进行了调查,发现76%的人宁可放弃这些权利,以获得在想工作的时候工作的灵活性,而16%的人则相反。One answer could be for gig economy companies to let workers choose between arrangements: one where they exert control over how the person works in exchange for some protection, and the other where the person has more freedom but shoulders more risk. 一个解决方法是,零工经济企业可以让工人在不同的安排之间进行选择:一种是个人接受企业对个人的工作方式施加的控制,从而换取一些保护;另一种是个人拥有更多自由,但也承担更多风险。A hybrid workforce should still be nimble enough to meet consumer demands. 混合两种安排的劳动者应该依然会足够灵活,能够满足消费者的需求。The key is to stop companies from having the power of an employer but none of the responsibility.关键是阻止一种情况出现:企业拥有雇主的权力,却丝毫不承担雇主的责任。The waters are muddy but judges and policymakers are right to wade in. 现在这个领域还是一汪浑水,但法官和政策制定者选择涉入是正确的。Better that than to sleepwalk into a future of work that looks a lot like the past.这比迷迷糊糊地踏入看起来和过去很像的工作的未来要好。 /201610/474608洛江区妇幼保健院医生的QQ号码 泉州医院网上挂号预约平台

泉港区妇幼保健院做血常规检查Microsoft has bought LinkedIn for .2bn, as the Seattle-based software company seeks to expand its reach into professional networking.微软(Microsoft)以262亿美元收购了领英(LinkedIn),这家总部位于美国西雅图的软件公司寻求将触角伸至职业社交领域。The deal is Microsoft’s biggest-ever acquisition, and follows a pattern of bold moves by chief executive Satya Nadella to reinvent the company that is known primarily as the maker of the Windows operating system.这笔全现金交易是微软有史以来最大一笔收购,也是科技行业今年迄今最大的收购交易。它符合其首席执行官萨蒂亚·纳德拉(Satya Nadella)一连串大胆举措的模式,目的是再造这家主要以开发Windows操作系统闻名的公司。The offer of 6 a share represents a 50 per cent premium to LinkedIn’s closing price on Friday and is inclusive of the professional networking website’s net cash.每股196美元的收购价相对于领英上周五的收盘价有50%的溢价,且包括了该职业社交网站的净现金。LinkedIn’s shares have fallen 40 per cent over the past year, and plummeted when the company lowered its outlook for professional subscription services revenues.领英的股价在过去一年下跌了40%,在该公司下调职业订阅务收入的预测后一度暴跌。Chief executive Jeff Weiner will remain chief executive of LinkedIn, and founder Reid Hoffman will remain board chairman.领英首席执行官杰夫·韦纳(Jeff Weiner)将留任原职,创始人雷德·霍夫曼(Reid Hoffman)也仍然任董事会主席。A slump in tech stocks this year could lead to further consolidation in the sector, according to analysts. Twitter and Yahoo are also seen as possible acquisition targets.据分析师称,今年科技股的低迷可能会引领该行业进一步整合。推特(Twitter)和雅虎(Yahoo)也被视为可能的收购目标。The news sent LinkedIn’s shares up 50 per cent in pre-market trading. Microsoft shares fell 4 per cent.这一消息令领英股价飙升了47%,而微软的股价下挫了2%。In an email to staff, Mr Nadella said: “This deal brings together the world’s leading professional cloud with the world’s leading professional network#8201;…#8201;LinkedIn will retain its distinct brand and independence, as well as their culture which is very much aligned with ours.”纳德拉在致全体员工的一份电邮中说:“这笔交易把全球顶尖的专业云端务和全球顶尖的职业社交网络结合到一起……领英将保留其特有品牌和独立性,以及其企业文化——它跟我们的文化相当契合。”Mr Nadella added that any staff not aly using the network should “join up now and start using and learning more”.纳德拉补充道,尚未开始使用领英网的员工应该“现在就加入,开始更多地使用和学习”。Benedict Evans, partner at Andreessen Horowitz, tweeted that the deal was part of Microsoft’s attempts to recreate “the connective tissue for enterprises”. However, he said LinkedIn would “take a lot of fixing”.风险投资公司Andreessen Horowitz的合伙人本尼迪克特·埃文斯(Benedict Evans)在Twitter上发帖称,这笔交易是微软重造“企业结缔组织”尝试的一部分。但他表示,领英将“需要很多修补工作”。Mr Evans added that it helped that they could do this without the “media distraction” of shareholders.埃文斯补充说,两家公司的股东未被“媒体分心”,这有助于他们达成这笔交易。Ben Wood, an analyst at CCS Insight, said LinkedIn was a “valuable asset” that Microsoft could be deeply integrated with number of Microsoft products such as Office 365, Exchange and Outlook.市场研究公司CCS Insight的分析师本·伍德(Ben Wood)说,领英是一项“有价值的资产”,可用于跟一系列微软产品进行深度整合,如Office 365、Exchange和Outlook。LinkedIn’s stock was hit at the beginning of the year amid concerns that the company’s growth may be slowing and that the subscription service it sells to recruiters could be hit by a global economic slowdown.领英的股价在年初受到打压,有担忧称该公司增长会放缓,而它向招聘者销售的订阅务会受到全球经济放缓影响。However, the network does have opportunities in China and India. It is the only major US social network to operate in China, where it has launched both the global network and a separate app tailored to the Chinese professional world.然而,该网站在中国和印度都有机遇。它是在中国运营的唯一一家美国主流社交网络,它在中国推出了其全球网络和一个专为中国职场打造的app。 /201606/449278 Coffee is more popular today than ever before, but many people abstain from consuming too much of it because it can really take a toll on their pearly whites. Well, thanks to the world’s first colorless coffee, you don’t have to worry about stained teeth anymore.咖啡从未像现在这样受欢迎,但许多人不敢喝太多咖啡,因为咖啡会污染他们珍珠般洁白的牙齿。如今,你再也不用担心牙渍,因为首款无色咖啡已经面世。After getting tired of looking for a coffee drink that had the natural flavor they loved so much but didn’t stain their teeth, David and Adam Nagy, two Slovakian brothers who like strong coffee and their teeth white, decided to create it themselves. Called CLR CFF, their innovative drink is exactly what it sounds like – clear coffee, without the vowels.斯洛伐克兄弟大卫?纳吉和亚当?纳吉一直在寻找一种咖啡,既拥有让他们喜爱至极的天然风味,又不会让他们的牙齿变黄,苦寻无果之后,他们决定自己创造。兄弟俩的这款创新饮料正如它的名字CLR CFF听起来那样——没有元音,清澈干脆。It sounds like a gimmick, I know, but the Nagy brothers claim that CLR CFF is made solely from high-quality Arabica coffee beans and pure water, with no preservatives, artificial flavors, sweeteners or sugars added. It apparently took them three months to come up with a colorless coffee that actually retains its flavors, but for now they are keeping the recipe a secret.这听起来像个噱头,但纳吉兄弟声称CLR CFF咖啡完全是用高品质阿拉比卡咖啡豆和纯净水制成,不加任何防腐剂、人造香味剂、甜味剂或糖。兄弟俩显然花了三个月时间研发出一款能保留原有风味的无色咖啡,但目前他们的配方是保密的。So how does colorless coffee taste? Staffers at English newspaper Metro described it as drinkable. “Imagine making a cup of coffee and then forgetting to wash it out,” they wrote. “The next day, you add cold water to get the very last dregs of flavor out of the wet beans—and that’s what this tastes like. Water, but an aftertaste of coffee.”那么,无色咖啡味道如何呢?英文报纸《Metro》的职员的评价是可以喝。“想象你泡了一杯咖啡,喝完后忘记洗杯子。”他们写道,“第二天,你往杯子里湿湿的咖啡豆残渣上倒了冷水,这就是无色咖啡的味道。其实就是水,不过是能尝到一丝咖啡味道的水。”The Evening Standard, on the other hand, writes that CLR CFF is “strong, like a potent cold brew”. So I guess you’ll have to try it for yourself to find out just how much like real coffee this stuff really is.与此同时,《旗帜晚报》却写道,CLR CFF咖啡“味道浓郁,就像烈性的冰啤酒”。所以我估摸着你得亲自尝一尝才能知道无色咖啡的味道和真正的咖啡到底有多像。The sad news is that the world’s first colorless coffee is currently available only in the UK and Slovakia, at a hefty price of £5.99 for two 200-ml clear-glass bottles. It’s definitely not cheap, but it’s also not much more expensive than Starbucks coffee, and I guess the wow factor somewhat justifies the price tag.不幸的是,世界首款无色咖啡目前只在英国和斯洛伐克有售,而且装在200毫升玻璃瓶内的无色咖啡,两瓶价格就高达5.99英镑(53元人民币)。这肯定不算便宜,但也没比星巴克咖啡贵多少,考虑到这种咖啡是个新奇东西,这一价格倒也还算合理。You can also order a 5-pack of CLR CFF for about online, but you’ll have to wait a bit before you get to drink any of it. The current online buzz around this unusual product has apparently got many coffee enthusiasts interested in it, and the company is currently running on a four week delay.你也可以在网上订购CLR CFF咖啡,5袋装的价格是20美元(138元人民币),但你还得等上一阵子才能喝到。目前网上对这款不寻常的咖啡的热议显然引发了众多咖啡爱好者的兴趣,该公司接的订单要延迟四个星期才能发货。 /201704/505668福建泉州中医院能做人流吗泉州公立三甲医院妇科电话多少



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