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Souce of food食物的起源Since the introduction of agriculture,grains of cultivated crops have become the main source of man#39;s staple food.从引进农业以来,栽培作物的谷粒成为人类基本食物的主要来源。Farming began to take up most of man#39;s labor and time. Cultivation of crops was a process of man#39;s work from sowing, applying fertilizer to harvest. It was the most important work in people#39;s mind that could not be replaced by anything else.农耕开始占据人类的大部分劳力和时间。农作物的耕作是从播种、施肥到收获的一系列人类劳动。它成为了人们心中不可替代的最重要的事情。Growing crops was not the only way of obtaining food.但是种粮食不是收获食物的唯一方式。The ancients began expanding their sources of food at a very early time,developing farming,forestry,animal husbandry, sidelines,and fishing in line with local conditions.人们很早就开始根据当地的条件扩展食物的来源,发展农业、林业、畜牧业、副业和渔业。 /201606/445317。

A study published last Thursday in The New England Journal of Medicine found excess weight was linked to eight additional types of cancer— stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, ovary, the brain tumor meningioma, thyroid cancer and multiple myeloma— after reviewing more than 1,000 related studies.上周四发表在《新英格兰医学杂志》上的一项研究发现,超重与八种额外的癌症类型相关联,它们分别是胃癌、肝癌、胆囊癌、胰腺癌、卵巢癌、脑瘤脑膜癌、甲状腺癌以及多发性骨髓癌。这是研究人员在回顾1000多个相关案例后发现的。Research in 2002 by the same team, led by study author Dr. Graham Colditz, under the the World Health Organization#39;s (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), drew a link between excess weight and a higher risk of colon, esophagus, kidney, breast and uterus cancer.2002年,同一团队在研究作者格拉哈姆·科尔迪茨的带领下,在世界卫生组织国际癌症研究机构下进行研究,发现超重能够增加肠癌、食道癌、乳腺癌和子宫癌的风险。;The burden of cancer due to being overweight or obese is more extensive than what has been assumed,; Colditz, deputy director for the Institute for Public Health at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, said in a news release.圣路易斯华盛顿大学医学院公共健康研究院的副院长科尔迪茨在一场新闻发布会上表示:“因超重或肥胖造成的癌症比之前认为的要广泛得多。”;Many of the newly identified cancers linked to excess weight haven#39;t been on people#39;s radar screens as having a weight component.;“许多最新研究实,与超重相关的癌症并没有引起人们的注意,人们并不认为它们与体重相关联。”While previous studies have found obesity can increase the chances of developing health issues like diabetes and heart disease, which can also raise the risk of early death, study authors noted excess weight can specifically drive cancer growth by promoting inflammation.以前的研究已发现肥胖会增加健康疾病的风险,如糖尿病和心脏病,而且还会增加早逝的风险。研究作者指出,超重还会通过促进炎症而促使癌症增长。Being overweight or obese leads to an overproduction of estrogen, testosterone and insulin, which can further fuel the progression of cancer.超重或肥胖会导致雌性激素、睾丸素以及胰岛素的过度分泌,最终加剧癌症的发展。Researchers observed that the higher a person#39;s body mass index (BMI), the greater his or her cancer risk was.研究人员观察到,个体的身体质量指数(BMI)越高,他/她患癌症的风险就越大。According to the National Institutes of Health, for adult men and women, a BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 indicates a healthy weight. Overweight is defined as a BMI between 25 and 29.9, and a BMI of 30 or higher indicates obesity.据国立卫生研究院称,对成年男性和女性而言,BMI在18.5-24.9之间意味着体重在健康范围内。超重指的是BMI指数在25-29.9,而BMI大于等于30则意味着肥胖。In the study, the cancer risk-BMI trend was similar among men and women, and remained consistent across North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East when data were available, according to the release.研究中,男性和女性的癌症风险与BMI趋势非常相似,据发布会称,北美、欧洲、亚洲和中东能采集到数据的区域,该趋势也保持一致。;Lifestyle factors such as eating a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight and exercising, in addition to not smoking, can have a significant impact on reducing cancer risk,; Colditz said in the release.“生活习惯因素,包括健康饮食、保持健康体重和锻炼,加上不抽烟,能够大幅度降低癌症风险。”科尔迪茨在发布会上说道。;Significant numbers of the U.S. and the world#39;s population are overweight. This is another wake-up call. It#39;s time to take our health and our diets seriously.;“美国和全球人口中有数量相当庞大的人群面临超重。这为我们敲响了另一个警钟,是时候认真对待我们的健康和饮食了。” /201609/464348。

Dictators, autocrats and other strong-willed leaders — elected or not — have a way of acquiring nicknames or grandiose official titles. Some even proclaim their own. 专制君主、独裁者以及其他坚持己见的领袖——不论是不是被选举出来的——常常都有绰号或者浮夸的头衔。有些绰号或头衔甚至是他们自封的。The latest example is Rodrigo Duterte, presumptive president-elect of the Philippines, known for stop-at-nothing political hardball and a vigilante vow to shoot criminals himself. Admirers and critics call him the Punisher and Duterte Harry. 最近期的一个例子是在菲律宾总统大选中遥遥领先的罗德里戈·杜特地(Rodrigo Duterte),他以不可阻挡的强硬政治作风和将会亲自射杀犯罪分子的热血誓言闻名。崇拜者和人士称其为惩罚者(Punisher)和硬汉杜特地(Duterte Harry)。Test your knowledge of world leaders and their handles. Here is a multiple-choice selection from around the world over the past half-century.来自测一下对世界各地的领导人及其绰号知道多少吧。Mao Zedong 毛泽东The Great Helmsman伟大舵手(The Great Helmsman)Mad Mao毛疯子(Mad Mao)Big Daddy Mao毛大大(Big Daddy Mao)Vladimir V. Putin 弗拉基米尔·V·普京(Vladimir V. Putin)The Reasoning Terminator有理性的终结者(The Reasoning Terminator)。The Pootster好斗者普京(The Pootster)。Hitman杀手(Hitman)。Slobodan Milosevic 斯洛丹·米洛舍维奇(Slobodan Milosevic)The Slob懒汉斯洛(The Slob)Milo米洛(Milo)Butcher of the Balkans巴尔干屠夫”(Butcher of the Balkans) Muammar el-Qaddafi 穆阿迈尔·卡扎菲(Muammar el-Qaddafi)Lion of the Desert沙漠雄狮(Lion of the Desert)Muammar the Malificent恶人穆阿迈尔(Muammar the Malificent)Brother Leader and Guide of the Revolution人民兄长和革命导师(Brother Leader and Guide of the Revolution)Fran#231;ois Duvalier 弗朗索瓦·杜瓦利埃(Fran#231;ois Duvalier)The Devilier恶魔杜瓦利埃(The Devilier)Papa Doc医生爸爸(Papa Doc)Cotton-Eyed Joe棉眼乔伊(Cotton-Eyed Joe)。Jean-Claude Duvalier 让-克洛德·杜瓦利埃(Jean-Claude Duvalier)Baby Huey娃娃休伊(Baby Huey)Baby-Face Nelson娃娃脸尼尔森(Baby-Face Nelson)Baby Doc娃娃医生(Baby Doc)Nicolae Ceausescu 尼古拉·齐奥塞斯库(Nicolae Ceausescu)The Butcher of Bucharest布加勒斯特屠夫(The Butcher of Bucharest)The Genius of the Carpathians喀尔巴纤山的天才(The Genius of the Carpathians)Nicolae the Impaler穿刺王尼古拉(Nicolae the Impaler)Idi Amin 伊迪·阿明(Idi Amin)President for Life终身总统(President for Life)King Father王父(King Father)Ruler of the Universe宇宙的统治者(Ruler of the Universe)Kim Il-sung 金日成(Kim Il-sung)The Little Corporal小军士(The Little Corporal)The Big Fellow大个子(The Big Fellow)The Great Leader伟大领袖(The Great Leader)Kim Jong-il金正日(Kim Jong-il)The Dear Leader敬爱的领袖(The Dear Leader)The Infallible Commander完美无缺的军事家(The Infallible Commander)The First Comrade一号同志(The First Comrade)Kim Jong-un金正恩(Kim Jong-un)The Dearest Leader最敬爱的领袖(The Dearest Leader)The Great Successor伟大继承者 (The Great Successor)Li’l Kim小小金(Li’l Kim)Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov库尔班古力·别尔德穆哈梅多夫(Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov)The Dentist牙医(The Dentist)The Protector保护者(The Protector)The All-Knowing One全知者(The All-Knowing One) /201605/444426。

There are no bats, balls or baskets but there#39;s no doubt the growing industry of eSports, a type of competitive game, has become a global spectator sport.从事电子竞技无需准备球棒、球或者篮筐。但毫无疑问,这项的竞技赛事已成长为一项全球范围的观赏性运动。In fact, the games are very similar to traditional, professional sports in presentation and recent financial success. eSports tournaments have sold out major stadiums across the world, top eSports ;athletes; (as they#39;re called) make up to seven figures annually and corporate sponsors are pouring millions into the industry.事实上电子竞技与传统的职业竞技比赛在表现形式和商业盈利上几无二致。电子竞技锦标赛在全球各大运动场馆都备受关注,而顶尖的电子竞技;运动员;每年的收入高达七位数,企业赞助商也不惜血本地投入大量资金。;This is the type of content where people watch it online. They watch for long periods. And advertisers love that. They need to be able to get their products and services in front of the millennial audience, which is really hard to market to,; Steve Arhancet, co-owner of Team Liquid in Los Angeles, told Fox News.洛杉矶Team Liquid战队的合伙人Steve Achancet在接受福克斯新闻采访时表示:;人们在网络上收看电子竞技的比赛。观众收看这些比赛有很长一段时间了,这正是广告商的最爱,他们需要在80后观众面前展示自己的产品和务。以前这样的市场营销是很难实现的。;Industry experts estimate eSports revenues could come close to half a billion dollars this year. Games like #39;League of Legends,#39; a free-to-play strategy game created by Riot Games based in West Los Angeles, California, are wildly popular. There are full-time players, teams, coaches, trainers, broadcasters and corporate sponsors.行业专家预计今年电子竞技行业的收益将达到5亿美元。总部位于加州西洛杉矶的拳头游戏公司出品的即时战略游戏《英雄联盟》广受欢迎,而类似的游戏还有很多。目前该行业有很多全职的选手、战队、教练、训练师以及主播,还得到了许多企业的赞助。The youngest professional players are 17-years-old. Their parents have let them put their high school educations on hold to pursue such a lucrative hobby for several years.世界上最年轻的职业选手年仅17岁。这些选手的父母允许自己的孩子放弃高中的学业,转而从事这项吸金能力极强的;业余爱好;。;A lot of people get like 20 thousand, 30 thousand, 40 thousand people watching them a night and when you#39;re doing that you get to basically run commercials and you get money off commercials,; Hai Lam, one of the most talented eSports athletes in the world, said.世界上最顶尖选手之一的Hai Lam说:;大概有2万、3万甚至4万多的观众整晚都在收看比赛。其实在这样做的时候,你就是在从事基本的商业行为,而且通过这样的商业行为挣到了钱。;eSports athletes and teams earn money from salaries, merchandise sales, tournament winnings, corporate sponsors and from online streaming.电竞选手和战队平时的收入来源包括工资、周边商品销售、在线视频流量的分成,赛事奖金以及企业赞助。The industry is now discussing if certain substances should be banned. In the meantime, investors see eSports as a thriving industry that continues to catapult its way to record setting profits year after year.该行业内部已经开始探讨是否应禁止用某些药物。而在投资者的眼中,电竞业蓬勃发展,每年都在刷新去年创下的收益记录。Even colleges are getting into the action. UC Irvine recently announced its intention to create a sports arena, offer eSports scholarships to students and hire a coach.一些大学甚至也将参与其中。加州大学欧文分校最近宣布,有意为学生建立起一座电子竞技平台,提供电子竞技奖学金并雇佣教练。 /201604/437525。