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阿城区妇女医院妇科预约通河县妇女医院无痛人流好吗Scientists have found that mindfulness meditation, known as “Samatha Meditation,” could be reducing the pain that people experience. Fifteen research subjects given 120 degrees Fahrenheit heat pulses found the pain fifty-seven percent less unpleasant and forty percent less intense after just four twenty minute meditation sessions. Isn’t it hard to measure what people are feeling? The researchers didn’t just asking people how they felt. They used an MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging machine to measure their brain activity. The MRI detects how much oxygen brain cells use. The more oxygen the cells use, the more active they are. As pain goes up, activity changes in certain areas of the brain.【生词注释】meditation n. 沉思; 冥想session n.期间measure v.测量magnetic resonance imaging磁共振成像:go up 上升;增长科学家们发现冥想,也叫作“Samatha Meditation”,能够减轻人们的疼痛感。15个人经受120华氏温度来进行试验,研究发现经过20分钟的冥想后,疼痛感减少了 57%,紧张度较少了40%。测量人们的感觉不是很难吗?研究人们不适直接询问实验人员的感觉。他们使用用磁共振成像机器来测验脑部活动。机器可以侦测到脑细胞使用的氧气,脑细胞使用的氧气越多,它们越活跃。随着疼痛的增加,脑部的局部区域细胞活动发生了变化。201111/159681黑龙江省哈尔滨妇幼保健院哪个医生好 Iraqi Government Encourages Refugees, Internally Displaced to Return伊拉克政府鼓励难民返回家园  The International Organization for Migration says the Iraqi government is allocating more than 0 million to persuade internally displaced people and refugees to return home. the IOM says the government is enacting a variety of legal and practical measures to encourage these returns.国际移民组织表示,伊拉克政府为吸引国内流离失所的人和难民返回家园而拨款两亿多美元。国际移民组织说,伊拉克政府正在制定各种法律和切实可行的措施鼓励他们返乡。The Iraqi government has had some successes in getting people to return to the homes they fled during the peak years of the conflict. In a new report, the International Organization for Migration says more than 100,000 people have returned to Baghdad since the program went into effect on September first.伊拉克政府在劝说那些在冲突最激烈的年头背井离乡的人们返回家园的工作上取得了一定成功。国际移民组织在一份新的报告中说,自从这项计划9月1号生效以来,已经有10万多人返回巴格达。And it says nearly 72,000 more people have returned to other places in the country, mostly to the provinces of Anbar and Diyala. The report finds very few refugees have returned. It says 92 percent of those going back to their homes of origin are people who have been displaced within the country.报告说,另有将近7万2千人返回伊拉克其它地方,其中大多数回到安巴尔和迪亚拉两省。报告发现,返回家乡的难民很少。回到家乡的人中有92%是国内的流离失所者。IOM spokesman Jean-Philippe Chauzy, tells VOA these returns are encouraging, but remain insignificant given the huge scale of the displacement problem. 国际移民组织发言人让-菲利普.乔兹对美国之音说,这些人返乡令人鼓舞,但是鉴于无家可归的人数巨大,这个数字仍然显得微不足道。"You still have 2.8 million people internally displaced within Iraq, including 1.6 million people who were displaced following the bombing of the Samara mosque in February 2006," said Chauzy. "So the scale of the challenge is absolutely stupendous." 乔兹说:“在伊拉克境内还有280万人流离失所,其中160万人是2006年2月萨马拉清真寺发生爆炸事件之后逃离家园的。所以,伊拉克的流离失所者返乡问题仍然很严峻。”In addition, more than two million people have fled Iraq and sought asylum in other countries, mainly in Syria and Jordan. According to the IOM report, very few of these refugees have taken up the government's offer to return.此外,还有两百多万人逃离伊拉克,在其它国家寻求避难,其中主要是叙利亚和约旦。据国际移民组织这份报告,这些难民中几乎没有人由于政府采取的措施而返乡。Chauzy says disputes over property rights remain the single biggest impediment. He says the government has enacted a number of measures aimed at resolving this problem.乔兹说,有关财产权的争议仍然是阻止这些难民返乡的最大障碍。他说,为了解决这一问题,伊拉克政府制定了若干项措施。Chauzy says a law passed last month requires that all squatters vacate houses they unlawfully occupy in Baghdad or face prosecution. But he says to help matters, the government is offering financial inducements to persuade squatters to leave. 乔兹说,上个月通过的一项法律规定,在巴格达所有非法占用住房的人都要搬出去,否则将受到起诉。不过他表示,为了促使那些占用房产的人迅速搬离,伊拉克政府向他们提供资金补助。"That includes a financial payment of about 0 per month for six months to help people find alternative housing options. It also includes return facilitation centers, mostly in Baghdad. And, these centers are there to assist returnees to register to receive a return grant of about 0 and to resolve those property issues that many returnees will face when they return to their home," said Chauzy.乔兹说:“这项措施包括政府在六个月内每个月付给占用房子的人大约250美元,帮助他们另找住处。这些措施里还包括主要在巴格达设立促进返乡中心。这些中心是为了让返乡者得到一笔大约900美元的返乡费而进行登记,同时帮助返乡人员解决他们许多人回到家乡时都会遇到的那些财产问题。”IOM notes security in many parts of the country is improving and new displacements are decreasing. But it says millions of internally displaced people are still unable or unwilling to return home. 国际移民组织的报告指出,伊拉克许多地区的治安状况正在改善,新的流离失所问题在减少。不过,报告认为,数百万在国内流离失所的人仍然无法或者不愿意返回家乡。It says they face many hardships and are in need of basic humanitarian assistance such as food and non-food items, shelter, education and health care.国际移民组织的报告说,返回家乡的人面临许多困难,需要基本的人道主义援助,包括食品和非食品等物品、临时住所、教育以及健康保健等。200810/52704A friendly against Switzerland next week could have been David Beckham's opportunity to join the exclusive club of football players with 100 caps, but instead of such glory, the former England captain hasn't even made the squad.Fabio Capello, leaving the FA's headquarters this afternoon, his smiling demeanor probably a stark contrast from David Beckham's, "Fabio, why did you leave David out of the squad?" The Italian who is still taking English lessons didn't speak to answer, but he does give his reasons on the FA's website. "The reason that David is not in the squad is because he's not had any real match practice since playing in November, when I spoke with David on the phone yesterday, I advised him that he is still part of my plans, and once he is playing regularly in America, we will look at him closely again. "Beckham's LA Galaxy season ended last October, and he hasn't played a competitive match since England were defeated by Croatia, he has been training with Arsenal though, and said last week that he's fit, sharp and y to be selected. He said it before while collecting a sport industry award last March. "Not being in the team is very very difficult, but I've always said and I'll always say while I'm still playing, I'm always available for the country."It's not the first time Capello's left Beckham out, it happened when they were at Real Madrid, too. His decision leaves the 32-year-old still coveting his 100th cap, but if the cap doesn't fit, Beckham has plenty of other hats to wear at the moment. As UNICEF ambassador, he was highlighting child mortality in Sierra Leone last week. And this week he's been in Brazil, opening his new academy. And even if he is not playing against Switzerland at Wembley, at least there will be more time for keep-it-happy on the beach.200810/53803哈尔滨市第四医院看病口碑

哈尔滨省妇幼保健院剖腹产需多少钱Obama Says Economy, Security Are Top Priorities奥巴马:经济、安全是首要议题  U.S. President-elect Barack Obama says he intends to do whatever it takes to stabilize the U.S. economy, restore consumer confidence and create jobs. Mr. Obama spoke during his first major post-election interview. 美国当选总统奥巴马说,他将尽一切可能稳定美国经济、恢复消费者信心和创造就业机会。奥巴马是在总统大选之后首次接受重大采访时说这番话的。Speaking Sunday night on the CBS news program, 60 Minutes, President-elect Barack Obama laid out what are the top priorities his new administration will face.  在美国哥伦比亚广播公司的“60分钟”新闻节目中,当选总统奥巴马列出了他的新政府将面临的优先议题。Mr. Obama said he has spent days since the November 4 election planning to stabilize the economy. He credited Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson for trying to remedy the financial crisis and refrained from criticizing efforts by the Bush Administration. 奥巴马说,自从11月4号的总统大选之后,他花了很多天的时间计划如何稳定美国经济。他对财政部长保尔森在为金融危机提供解救办法方面所做的努力表示认可,而且避免对布什政府的努力提出批评。"We have got an unprecedented crisis, or at least something that we have not seen since the first depression," Obama said. "And I think Hank [U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson] would be the first to acknowledge that probably not everything that has been done has worked the way he had hoped it would work. But I am less interested in looking backward than I am in looking forwards." 他说:“我们面临的是一个前所未有的危机,至少是自从第一次大萧条以来所没有见过的。我想,财政部长保尔森会是第一个承认这样一个事实的人,即使不是所有已经采取的行动都像他希望的那样收到了效果。但是我对回头看没有兴趣,我要朝前看。”Mr. Obama said fighting back a deepening recession is more important than balancing the country's budget. He also said it is important to restore faith in financial markets to allow the economy to move forward in a strong way. 奥巴马说,对抗一个日益加深的衰退比平衡美国的预算要更为重要。他表示,恢复金融市场的信心,使经济得以强有力地向前发展是非常重要的。"We have to do whatever it takes to get this economy moving again," he noted. "We are going to have to spend money now to stimulate the economy. And that we should not worry about the deficit next year or even the year after. That, short term, the most important thing is that we avoid a deepening recession." 他说:“我们不得不采取一切必要的措施使经济再次启动起来。我们现在不得不靠增加出来刺激经济。而且我们不应该担心明年或是后年的财政赤字。在短期内,最重要的事是避免一场日益加深的衰退。”Mr. Obama said he intends to focus on homeowners facing foreclosure. The president-elect said the government should set up a system of negotiation between banks and borrowers to help people stay in their homes. 奥巴马说,他将把注意力放在那些面临丧失房屋赎回权的房主身上。这位当选总统表示,政府应该为和借贷者之间的谈判设立一个机制,帮助大家保留自己的房子。Concerning national security matters, Mr. Obama said he will make the selection of his national security team a top priority because transition periods are times of vulnerability to terrorist attacks."We want to make sure that there is as seamless a transition on national security as possible," Obama stressed. 他说:“我们要确保国家安全上的过渡尽可能天衣无缝。”Mr. Obama reaffirmed his campaign pledges to close the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and to work with military commanders to draw down U.S. troops in Iraq. He said he also plans to capture or kill al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, saying doing so will be a critical aspect of stamping out the terrorist network. 奥巴马在接受采访时再次重申了他在竞选期间做出的关闭古巴关塔那湾监狱以及同军事指挥官协商从伊拉克撤军的承诺。Mr. Obama acknowledged meeting with former Democratic primary rival Senator Hillary Clinton last week. But he refused to say whether she was being considered for secretary of state, as has been widely reported. 奥巴马承认上个星期同曾经是他的民主党总统提名初选对手希拉里.克林顿参议员进行了会晤。但是他拒绝说希拉里是否会像媒体普遍报导的那样是国务卿的人选。Mr. Obama will be sworn into office on January 20. 奥巴马将在明年1月20号宣誓就职。200811/56496哈尔滨宫颈糜烂1度治疗的方法 Countdown starts in Beijing It's just two weeks until Beijing, China, becomes the focus of the sporting world. Sports stars don’t come bigger than this man and all simply because he is seven-foot-six. Yao Ming is the symbol of China’s lofty Olympic ambitions, and in a country now /is/ searching for new heroes. You might say that Yao is far bigger than Mao. Yao Ming is the first of a(n) new breed, an international icon from a communism nation where individual success has never been so richly rewarded. He is every inch made in China-the child of two basketball players whose union was encouraged by the government. He is adored by millions and playing in America. He earns millions. Now it is time to give his country something back. How much pressure do you feel that you and /an/other Chinese athletes are under to deliver success? It’s a big challenge. We have huge pressure and possible glory. One can’t come without the other. I will try to enjoy it. Shi Qingyu is only four but knows the same pressures. Hours each week she spent in training. Hours that would become years. Success would mean a childhood sacrifice but the reward---an escape from this that backbreaking life. Her family have known for generations. Life here is very tough, her step-father tells me. If she can be a champion, it'll change everything for us.Late at night in the remote mountain village, Qingyu and her team entertain the locals. The Olympics are uniting a diverse nation. But they have separated this mother from her daughter. Since Xiao Sha left to join the national squad, there have been nine years of newspaper cuttings but barely any personal contact.I feel sorry that I couldn’t give her a mother’s love but I believe she is doing the right thing. She is winning /the/ glory for the country. Shi Qingyu’s quest for Olympics glory is a decade away. Yao Ming starts in two weeks and the nation expects big things.John Ray, ITV News, China.参考中文翻译:任何体育明星都不会比这个人更有名气,就是因为他身高7.6英尺。姚明在这个寻找新的英雄的国家里是奥运梦想的象征。你 或许会说姚明比毛泽东地位都高。姚明是NBA里的第一个新的人种,来自社会主义国家的国际形象,在那里,个人的成功收到前所未有的尊重。他是土生土长的中国人——他的父母是都是政府篮球队的篮球运动员,他受到数百万人的敬仰,在美国打篮球。他每年赚数百万美元。现在是回报祖国的时候。你和其他中国运动员在追求成功的路上感到压力大吗?这是一个很大的挑战。我们可能获得荣耀,但是压力也非常大。荣耀和压力是相辅相成的。我会试着去享受。Shi Qingyu 才四岁,但是她也感受到了同样的压力。她每周要花费几小时的时间来训练。每周几个小时,可能要坚持几年。成功意味着要牺牲掉童年的美好时光,但是回报是——摆脱掉累人的生活。这是她的家人世世代代都知道的。这里的生活非常艰苦。她的继父告诉我们。如果她能赢得冠军,就会为我们改变一切。晚上晚些时候,在这个偏远的小山村里,Qingyu和其他队员与当地民众一起。奥林匹克把不同民族的人团结在一起,但是也让母女分离。自从Xiao Sha 离开家人参加国家队以后已经9年了,但是一直没有跟家里见面。不能给她母爱我感到很遗憾,但是我相信她在做正确的事情。她在为国家荣誉而战。Qingyu追求奥运会的荣誉已经十年了。姚明两周后就要上场,中国期待着这一刻。 200811/57387黑龙江省农垦总医院在哪里

黑龙江省中医药大学附属第二医院联系电话Moral philosophy道德哲学Goodness has nothing to do with it无关善良Utilitarians are not nice people实用主义者并非好人Sep 24th 2011 | from the print edition IN THE grand scheme of things Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill are normally thought of as good guys. Between them, they came up with the ethical theory known as utilitarianism. The goal of this theory is encapsulated in Bentham’s aphorism that “the greatest happiness of the greatest number is the foundation of morals and legislation.”大体来看,约翰#8226;穆勒和杰里米#8226;边沁通常是被看做好人,因为这二者设想建立了叫做实用主义的一种道德理论。这一理论的意义就深藏在边沁的一句格言中:道德与法律的根本在于大多数人的最大程度上的幸福。Which all sounds fine and dandy until you start applying it to particular cases. A utilitarian, for example, might approve of the occasional torture of suspected terrorists—for the greater happiness of everyone else, you understand. That type of observation has led Daniel Bartels at Columbia University and David Pizarro at Cornell to ask what sort of people actually do have a utilitarian outlook on life. Their answers, just published in Cognition, are not comfortable.这些听起来真是完美无瑕,但当你开始将其应用在某一特殊案例中,完美理论就瓦解了,比如说,一个实用主义者或许会认可对恐怖主义嫌疑分子做一些拷问折磨,为了每个人最大程度的幸福,当然你会理解。此种观察引起哥伦比亚大学的Daniel Bartels和康纳尔大学的David Pizarro二位学者的疑问:怎样的人群是真正抱有实用主义的人生观?而二人在《认知》杂志上揭晓出的让人不太舒。One of the classic techniques used to measure a person’s willingness to behave in a utilitarian way is known as trolleyology. The subject of the study is challenged with thought experiments involving a runaway railway trolley or train carriage. All involve choices, each of which leads to people’s deaths. For example: there are five railway workmen in the path of a runaway carriage. The men will surely be killed unless the subject of the experiment, a bystander in the story, does something. The subject is told he is on a bridge over the tracks. Next to him is a big, heavy stranger. The subject is informed that his own body would be too light to stop the train, but that if he pushes the stranger onto the tracks, the stranger’s large body will stop the train and save the five lives. That, unfortunately, would kill the stranger.检测人们选择实用主义地办事的意愿如何有一个经典的方法,叫做“电车学”。该研究的主体要受到一些思维实验的考验,是有关一列运行中的有轨电车或是火车。但它们都涉及抉择,而且任选其一都无法避免死亡。举个例子,在火车前方的铁轨上有5个铁路工人,火车正在前进,这些人必死无疑除非实验主体即故事中的旁观者不袖手旁观。设定他站在铁道上的一座桥上,站在他旁边的是一个巨胖的陌生人,而他自己无力阻止列车前行;但是如果他把那个陌生人退下去,此人的巨大身体会阻拦住列车从而就拯救了五条人命。不幸的是,这也会使这个陌生人丧生。201109/155421 Domestic workers家庭女佣Free the maids释放女佣A new treaty aims to stop abuse 旨在禁止虐待的新条约Jun 23rd 2011 | from the print edition WITHOUT them many an economy would grind to a halt: the global army of between 50m and 100m domestic workers, most of them women and children. Yet tucked away in kitchens and nurseries, mainly in the Middle East and Asia, their wages often go unpaid, they are rarely granted any time off, and many face physical and sexual abuse. 全球约有五千万到一亿的家政务大军,如果没有他们,许多经济都会慢慢停下来。他们中的大多数人是妇女和儿童。他们忙碌在中东和亚洲的一些国家的厨房和托儿所,他们常常拿不到应得的报酬,很少有假期,许多人经常遭遇肉体和性方面的虐待。The International Labour Organisation (ILO) hopes to change all this with a new treaty adopted on June 16th at its annual conference. The Convention Concerning Decent Work for Domestic Workers has been three years in the making. Its goal is to limit working hours, guarantee weekly days off, ensure a minimum wage and protect domestic workers from violent employers.国际劳工组织6月16日在其年会上通过了一项新条约,希望藉此改变所有这一切。《家政工人体面工作协定》已酝酿三年。其目的在于:限制工人的工作时间,保工人每周得到休息,确保最低工资,保护家政人员免受雇主暴力侵犯。Only a few delegates—government officials as well as national representatives of employers and workers—voted against (Swaziland and a couple of employer groups, including the Confederation of British Industry), but there were some notable abstentions. Predictably, they included Malaysia. A series of abuse cases led Indonesia to ban its citizens from going to work there as maids from until May this year. More surprisingly, the British government, too, preferred not to vote either way. It said the treaty would be too onerous, particularly the parts regulating working hours and health and safety.只有几个代表团——雇主、家政工人的政府官员或国家代表——投票反对(斯韦士兰和包括英国行业联合会在内的几个雇主小组),但也有几国弃权,颇为引人注目。其中包括马来西亚,这一点可以预见。因为马来西亚发生了一系列的虐待案件,印尼自年到今年5月,禁止本国公民去马来西来做仆工。最令人感到惊奇的是,英国政府也弃权了。他们认为这项条约太过苛刻,特别是那些涉及工作时间和健康安全方面的规定。201107/144572香坊区中医医院属于正规医院吗黑龙江省武警消防总队医院好不好



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