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HONG KONG — China is abuzz with craft brewing, with small-scale operations popping up around the country and churning out beer tasting of everything from goji berries to green tea. 香港——在中国,精酿啤酒正在成为一种风尚,小型精酿作坊在全国各地纷纷冒出,酿造从枸杞到绿茶等各种口味的啤酒。But like many things in China, what’s new isn’t that new. In this case, it’s about 5,000 years old.但是就像中国的很多东西一样,新的风尚其实古已有之。大约5000年前,中国人就已经在酿造啤酒了。A group of researchers in China and the ed States have analyzed pottery vessels discovered at a site in Shaanxi Province and determined that they are the first direct evidence of a beer-brewing operation. And the ingredients they discovered are as eclectic as any trendy brewpub’s: broomcorn millet, tubers and a grain known as Job’s tears.中国和美国的研究人员对陕西省发现的一批陶器进行了分析,明它们是啤酒酿造活动的首个直接据。他们在陶器里发现了黍、根茎作物和薏米的成分,这样不拘一格的选材可以和当下的时髦啤酒酿造坊媲美。The scholars’ paper, which was published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the ed States of America (PNAS), says the mix of ingredients was probably achieved through trial and error. The tubers, which included snake gourd root, contribute starch and sugars for fermentation and also add a sweet flavor to the beer, they wrote. 他们的论文本周发表在《美国国家科学院院刊》(Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,简称PNAS)上,研究者称这种成分组成可能是通过不断试错的方法获得的。他们写道,根茎包括丝瓜根,它可以促进淀粉和糖分发酵,给啤酒添加香甜口味。The study was based on analysis of a “beer-making tool kit” that includes a funnel, shards of pots and amphorae, and a pottery stove that would have been used for mashing. Radiocarbon dating of the Mijiaya site near the Chan River in Shaanxi Province dates it to 3400 to 2900 B.C.这项研究的对象是一个“啤酒制作器物套件组”,其中包括一个漏斗、一些阔口罐和小口尖底瓶的碎片,还有一个用于淀粉糖化的陶灶。根据放射性碳测年技术的测定,陕西省陈河附近的米家崖遗址介于公元前3400年到公元前2900年之间。A yellowish residue from inside the funnel and pot shards was analyzed to discern the ingredients. The starches showed signs of damage that resemble what happens in the process of beer brewing, the authors said.他们对漏斗和壶碎片上发黄的残留物进行分析,辨别它的成分。结果发现,残留物中含有很多出现损伤迹象的淀粉粒,与酿酒过程中淀粉粒的损伤特征类似。“It makes a very convincing case that this was a beer-making facility,” Patrick McGovern, scientific director of the Biomolecular Archaeology Project at the University of Pennsylvania Museum, told the blog PNAS Journal Club. He was not involved in the study. “这是很有说力的据,说明它们是酿酒器物,”宾夕法尼亚大学物馆(University of Pennsylvania Museum)生物分子考古项目的科学主管帕特里克·麦戈文(Patrick McGovern)对PNAS Journal Club客说。他没有参与这项研究。The presence of barley, which did not become an important subsistence crop until the Han dynasty, 3,000 years later, led the authors to suggest that alcohol production was an important reason for the grain’s introduction from western Eurasia, where it was first domesticated.大麦首先最初是在欧亚大陆被驯化的,在中原,直到3000年之后的汉代,大麦才成为了一种重要口粮作物,所以作者们认为,酿酒是中原从西域引入大麦的一个重要原因。“Beer was probably an important part of ritual feasting in ancient China,” one of the study’s authors, Jiajing Wang of Stanford University, told the Journal Club. “So it’s possible that this finding of beer is associated with increased social complexity and changing events of the time.”“啤酒可能是中国古代仪式盛宴的重要组成部分,”这篇论文的作者之一、斯坦福大学考古专业士生王佳静告诉Journal Club客。“我们在古代中原地区发现的酒,可以和当时发生的社会变化联系起来。”Although the brew remnants that were discovered are truly ancient, they are not the oldest that have been uncovered in China. Mr. McGovern and a team of scholars from China, Germany and the ed States wrote a 2004 paper for PNAS that analyzed 9,000-year-old pottery jars found in a neolithic village site in Henan Province called Jiahu. Based on their analysis, the jars held a rice, honey and fruit beverage. 虽然他们发现的这些酿造残留物的确来自古代,但却不是已发现的中国最古老的这类遗迹。在2004年的一篇PNAS论文中,麦戈文和一个由中国、德国和美国学者组成的团队对一些有9000年历史的陶罐进行过分析,它们来自河南省一个名叫贾湖的新石器时代村落遗址。据他们分析,这些陶罐曾盛载过用水稻、蜂蜜和水果酿造的饮料。Mr. McGovern worked with Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware to recreate that recipe in a beverage known as Chateau Jiahu. 麦戈文与特拉华州的角鲨头啤酒坊(Dogfish Head Brewery)合作,复原了这个古代配方,用它酿造了一种名为“贾湖城”(Chateau Jiahu)的饮料。 /201605/446135

Tesla briefly removed the word “autopilot” from its Chinese language website over the weekend, only days after receiving complaints about the way it markets the semi-driverless technology to potential owners in the country.在因向中国潜在用户推销半无人驾驶技术的方式而收到投诉仅仅几天后,特斯拉(Tesla)曾于上周末把“Autopilot”一词从其中文网站上短暂撤下。The group reinstated the original text yesterday, after the change had been noticed and widely reported online.在这一更改引起人们的注意并在网上广泛报道之后,该集团昨天又加上了最初的Autopilot字眼。Tesla said it had been a “mistake” to remove the word “autopilot” for the system, which has been at the centre of controversy in the wake of an accident this year in which a Florida man using the feature died when his car crashed into a turning truck.特斯拉表示,不用“Autopilot”一词描述该系统是一种“错误”。今年,美国佛罗里达州一名男子在使用这一功能时,所驾车辆与一辆转向卡车相撞,导致这名男子死亡。在那之后,“Autopilot”这个措辞成为争议核心。Tesla blamed a “process of changing any discrepancies in translation” across its Asian language websites for the error. It said its translation process had been going on for “many weeks”, and was not a reaction to the recent criticism it faced from a driver in Beijing whose vehicle crashed while on Autopilot last month.特斯拉将上述网页错误归咎于“更正(其全部亚洲语言网站的)翻译差异的过程”。该公司表示其翻译进程已持续“多周”,并不是对近期所面临批评的回应。这一批评来自北京一位司机,上个月他的车在Autopilot模式下出了车祸。Luo Zhen, who was uninjured, claimed Tesla had mis-sold the technology to consumers, who believed they were buying “self-driving” cars. He said a salesman gave him a demonstration in which he took his hands off the wheel and described the car as “self-driving”.这位名叫罗震(Luo Zhen,音译)的司机在事故中并未受伤,他声称特斯拉错误地向消费者推销了这种技术。这些消费者相信他们买的是“自动驾驶”汽车。他说,一名销售人员曾向他展示过双手脱离方向盘驾车,并称该车“自动驾驶”。Tesla has insisted the system, which takes control of steering and braking when on motorways, is an assistance package, and claims it never refers to the technology as self-driving.特斯拉坚称这一在高速路上控制方向盘和刹车的系统是辅助功能,并声称从未称该技术是自动驾驶。The mix-up over the Chinese wording comes as the company strives to shift from being a California start-up to a major international car manufacturer. It runs several Asian-language websites in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong as well as mainland China, and is targeting increased sales across Asia.这一在中文措辞上的混淆出现之际,该公司正竭力从加利福尼亚州一家初创企业转型为大型国际汽车制造商。该公司在日本、台湾、香港和中国内地运营着几个亚洲语言网站,并以提升在亚洲的销售额为目标。Tesla’s Chinese website used the phrase “zidong jiashi”, which literally translates as “autopilot” but can also mean “self-driving”, a phrase analysts say is ambiguous. This has been replaced with a phrase meaning “automatic assisted driving”.特斯拉中文网站曾用过“自动驾驶”一词,该词字面上既可以翻译为“autopilot”,也可以理解为“self-driving”。分析师表示该词含义模糊。目前,该词已被“自动辅助驾驶”代替。The group said it constantly updated translations, but insisted the move was “nothing to do with current events”.该集团表示其一直在更新网站的翻译,不过它坚称此举“与当前的事件无关”。The company uses the term “Autopilot”, the same phrase used for aircraft that literally fly themselves, all over the world. Elon Musk, Tesla’s founder, has defended the use of the technology, saying it makes roads safer. Tesla has said owners must keep their hands on the wheel and be y to take control at any time while using the system. Mr Luo said he was not fully informed of this.该公司使用的“Autopilot”一词,与世界各地描述飞机自动飞行状态所用的词汇相同。特斯拉创始人埃隆#8226;马斯克(Elon Musk)曾为这种技术的使用辩护,称其提高了道路安全。特斯拉曾表示,在使用该系统时,车主必须把手放在方向盘上并随时准备接手控制。罗震则表示他并未被完全告知这一点。 /201608/461138China#39;s Sunway TaihuLight has unsurprisingly taken the crown of the world#39;s fastest machine again, according to the latest edition of the semiannual Top 500 list of supercomputers released last Monday.最新一期超级计算机500强榜单于上周一对外发布。这个每半年发布一次的榜单显示,我国;神威·太湖之光;不出意料地再次成为全球运算速度最快的机器。The massive supercomputer, built entirely using processors designed and made in China, made its first public appearance in June, when it easily dethroned the former champion, Tianhe-2, also a Chinese system but built based on Intel chips.这台大型超级计算机全部使用我国自主设计、制造的处理器打造而成,今年6月首次公开亮相时,它轻松将;天河二号;挤下超算冠军的宝座。;天河二号;也是中国研发的系统,但使用的是英特尔芯片。TaihuLight is capable of performing 93 million billion calculations per second (petaflop/s). That#39;s almost three times as fast as Tianhe-2, which had claimed No. 1 spot in the Top500 list for the past three years.;太湖之光;可以进行每秒9.3亿亿次的浮点运算,几乎是;天河二号;运算速度的3倍。在过去3年中,;天河二号;一直稳居500强榜单榜首。That means a Chinese supercomputer has topped the rankings for eight times in a row, indicating the rise of China in the high performance computing field.这意味着,我国超级计算机已连续8次蝉联该榜单冠军,显示了我国在高性能计算领域的崛起。In the previous list released in June, China overtook the ed States in the number of total supercomputers installed. That was first time that the ed States has not dominated this category since the list was started 23 years ago.在今年六月分发布的前一次榜单中,在超级计算机的总数量上中国超过了美国。这也是自23年前该榜单首次发布之后,美国第一次未能统治这一范畴。This time, the number of systems installed in China increased to 171 from 168 on the last list, but the ed States also made ;a slight recovery; and now has 171 systems, up from 165 in the previous list.而这一次,中国超级计算机的总量从上次的168台增加到了171台,不过美国也有了轻微的复苏,从上次的165台增加到了171台。 /201611/479599

China begins first freight train service toLondon中国开始首列通往伦敦的货运列车务LONDON: China has begun its first freighttrain service toLondon fromYiwu, a famedwholesalemarket town in theeasternprovince of Zhejiang, the Xinhua news agency reported.伦敦:中国开启首列从义乌到伦敦的货运列车务,义乌是中国浙江省著名的批发市场,新华社报道。The train will travel for 18 days over more than 7,500 miles (12,000km) toreach Britain from China, Xinhua said. It will pass through Kazakhstan, Russia,Belarus, Poland, Germany, Belgium and France before arriving in London.这辆列车将耗时18天行程超过7500英里(12000公里),最终抵达英国,新华社报道。将经过哈萨克斯坦,俄罗斯,白俄罗斯,波兰,德国,比利时和法国,最终抵达伦敦。 /201701/487112

Disease is common, affecting every person at some point in their life. However, there are those unlucky few who contract some the rarer disease—those that seem to do the most damage and are often the hardest to treat, let alone cure. Here are 10 diseases and disorders you really want to avoid.疾病非常普遍,每个人在生命的不同时刻都会受其影响。然而,总有少数不幸的人们会接触一些极为罕见的疾病——这些疾病往往危害甚重、极难治疗、更别谈治愈。这里将介绍10种我们确实想避免的疾病或机能紊乱。10.Trigeminal Neuralgia10.三叉神经痛This particular disorder affects the fifth cranial nerve, one of the most widely sp in a person#39;s face. Known to hospitals as the ;suicide disease,; there are two types. Type 1 is the acute, involving unbelievable pain shooting through the sufferer#39;s face that lasts for as long as two minutes. These attacks can be joined together over a period of two hours of agony.Type 2 is less painful than Type 1, but still one of the hardest hits the human body can take. It is constant, rather than sporadic, with a painful burning or electric shock feeling lasting for years. Regular pain medication like morphine has no effect and anti-convulsion drugs often lose their effectiveness. Various surgical procedures have shown mild success, but are rarely anything more than temporary fixes.这种官能紊乱主要发生在第五对脑神经,第五对脑神经是在人体面部分布最广的一种脑神经。医院中著名的;自杀性疾病;有两种。一种是急性的,其导致患者整个面部都贯穿一种难以言喻的疼痛,并持续2分钟之久。并且这种突然袭来的疼痛会伴随超过两个小时的极大痛苦。另一种相较第一种疼痛略弱,但依然是人体最难承受的一种。这种疼痛并非间歇性发作,而是持续不断,伴有多年的痛苦灼烧感或电击样感受。像吗啡等常规治疗疼痛的药物对此都没有效果,而抗痉挛药物在它面前也疗效尽失。虽然有各种手术方法小有成效,但除了暂时修复之外也没什么好方法根除这种病症。9.Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever9.马尔堡出血热First diagnosed in 1967 after an outbreak in a number of labs throughout Germany and Yugoslavia, Marburg hemorrhagic fever is a disease nearly identical to that caused by the Ebola virus. Monkeys who had been imported from Africa were infected and sp the disease while they were being used for polio research. So far, it is extremely rare, with less than 1,000 cases reported to date, and it#39;s almost always found in Central Africa.The African fruit bat is believed to be the main source of infection, though how it sps to humans isn#39;t quite known at this point. The initial symptoms are extremely close to much more common diseases such as malaria, so proper diagnosis can be quite tricky. If the infection is severe enough, bleeding in the mouth and rectum and neurologic problems arise. Due to the lack of scientific knowledge about the Marburg fever, there is no established treatment, but plasma and blood protein transplants have shown good results. As of right now, the fatality rate is wide-ranging, ranging from 23–90 percent.马尔堡出血热是在德国和南斯拉夫的几所实验室中暴发后发现的,这种疾病几乎与伊波拉病毒引起的出血热一模一样。由非洲运来的猴子在做脊髓灰质炎研究时感染并传播了这种病毒。迄今为止这种疾病极端罕见,数据报道不超过1000病例,且大多是在非洲中部发现的。非洲果蝇被认为是主要的感染源,但其通过什么途径传染给人类尚且未知。最初的症状和疟疾一般的常见疾病症状极其相似,因此需要足够的警觉来做出正确的诊断。感染严重到一定程度时,嘴和直肠会出血、神经方面的问题也会显露。由于对马尔堡出血热缺乏科学的认知,所以至今还没有成熟的治疗方案,但输血浆和血液蛋白的效果还是不错的。就现在来说,它的死亡率分布很广,从23%到90%不等。8.Cancrum Oris8.走马疳More commonly known as noma, cancrum oris is a gangrenous infection which attacks the facial tissue of its victims, usually children under the age of 6. Especially prevalent in poverty-stricken areas of Africa, not only does the disease have an extremely high fatality rate (80 percent), but those who survive are left horribly disfigured and often ostracized. Affecting nearly 100,000 children every year, the antibodies in the sufferer#39;s body get confused and turn on the soft tissue in the cheek, mouth, and nose.Due to the swift progress of the disease, those infected are quickly disabled, unable to speak or eat normally. The disease has only made brief appearances in Europe and North American since its eradication over 100 years ago, most notably in the Nazi concentration camps. Antibiotics can stop the sp at the first sight of a lesion but they are often unavailable or too expensive.走马疳就是人们更为熟知的坏疽性口炎,其主要攻击病人的面部组织,呈坏疽性感染,而受害者通常是六岁以下儿童。尤其在非洲饥荒地区,这个疾病不仅有极高的死亡率(80%)且生还者还会留下一副恐怖的遭到损毁的面容,这使得他们常常被人排斥。每年感染将近100000个儿童,患者体内的抗体紊乱进而攻击面部、嘴巴、鼻子的软组织。由于疾病感染迅速,这些患者往往很快就会变得残疾,难以正常说话和进食。早在100年前在纳粹集中营便臭名昭著,但在其根除之后仅在欧洲和南美洲短暂出现过。有一些抗体可以在损伤刚出现时阻止其进一步传播,但客观上来说,这些抗体往往难以获得或者太过昂贵。7.Adhesive Capsulitis7.黏连性关节囊炎Known by the catchier name of ;frozen shoulder,; this disorder causes the sufferer#39;s shoulder to become so painful and stiff that it is virtually impossible to do anything with their arm. In addition, sleep can be difficult to come by, causing a myriad other health issues like depression and anxiety. As of now, there is no known cause for frozen shoulder, but diabetes and injuries or surgeries in the area are considered to be risk factors.Frozen shoulder affects an estimated 2 percent of the population at some point in their lives, making it one of the most common disorders on this list, and it is extremely hard to treat. Even with regular medication and constant physical rehabilitation, it can take up to a year to restore mobility. Although there have been cases where it went away on its own, it usually took up to two years to resolve itself.这种疾病因其一个更为醒目的名字;冷冻肩;而为人所知,它能引起患者肩膀疼痛僵硬而几乎无法用胳膊做任何事情。并且它使患者难以入睡而引起众多其他健康问题,诸如消极、焦虑等。迄今为止仍未知冷冻肩的致病原因,但糖尿病、伤痛或者该部位的手术被认为是风险因素。冷冻肩可在约2%的人群中影响他们的生活,它是此列表中最普遍的一种疾病,极难治愈。即使给予常规治疗和长期的躯体康复,仍然需要花费一年时间来恢复机体的可动性。尽管一些病例中这种疾病可自然消退,但也通常需要两年时间由其自身消解。6.Complex Regional Pain Syndrome6.复合型局部疼痛综合征Formally known as ;reflex sympathetic dystrophy,; CRPS is a lifelong systemic disease which manifests itself as extreme burning pain, bone and skin changes, and unbelievable sensitivity to touch. It#39;s one of the most painful diseases in the world, ranked above childbirth and amputation on the McGill Pain Index, a method of evaluating pain developed in the early 1970s. Initially believed to be a systemic failure of the sympathetic nervous system, researchers now believe it is triggered by trauma, especially to the extremities. However, this is just a guess as of right now, which is one of the reasons there is no cure.Various treatments have achieved a modicum of success, including one brought to us by the wisdom of tech support—;Have you tried turning it off and on again?; In 2003, a 14-year-old girl underwent treatment which consisted of a medically-induced coma with the intent of ;resetting; the pain connections in her body. This is generally considered a last-ditch effort, as it carries enormous risk and numerous potential side effects.;CROS;的正式名称是;反射性交感神经营养障碍;,它是一种终身的系统疾病,表现为灼烧样剧烈疼痛,骨骼皮肤的改变,还有对触摸呈现难以置信的敏感。它是世界上最疼痛的疾病之一,在麦吉尔疼痛指数(二十世纪七十年代早期开发用于评价疼痛的方法)排名中位居分娩和截肢之上。最终被认为是交感神经系统的系统衰竭,而现在研究者认为是由创伤尤其是肢体末端的创伤引发的。然而这只是现在一种猜测,而这种疾病目前无法治愈。各种治疗可实现一点点疗效,包括人们向我们集思过的一种技术持——;你试过将其关闭再打开吗?;2003年,一名14岁女孩接受了治疗,通过药物诱导昏迷的方式企图重置其体内的疼痛连接通路。通常认为这是最后一招,因为它可能伴随巨大风险和潜在的副作用。翻译:宁舒子 来源:前十网 /201508/396080Mom has quadruplets 3 years after triplets美国三胞胎妈妈喜添四胞胎Maternal-Fetal Medicine doctor Kathryn Shaw, holds the quadruplets, two boys and two girls, born to Angela Magdaleno, at the White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles, Wednesday, July 12, 2006.With fertility drugs, Angela Magdaleno in Los Angeles, US had triplets three years ago. Last week, she had quadruplets - without fertility drugs.Her two boys and two girls were healthy and doing well after being born July 6 by Caesarean section in what doctors said was a rare occurrence of multiple births.Magdaleno, 40, said she was shocked when her doctor told her she was pregnant with four babies."I didn't know what to do," she said. "But now I'm happy because they're healthy and so am I."Still, she worries that she might be overwhelmed with the work and sometimes struggles with mixed emotions about the future."I don't know if I'm sad or happy," she said. "I'm happy, but I don't know. I don't know how to explain it."Her doctor, Kathryn Shaw, a high-risk pregnancy specialist, said Magdaleno did well during the pregnancy and developed no complications.The two girls were larger than the boys. They weighed 4 pounds at birth and were 17 and 17.5 inches long. The boys weighed about 3.5 pounds and were 16 inches long.Three years ago, Magdaleno gave birth to her triplets after undergoing in vitro fertilization. She said her husband wanted many children.After their birth, she thought she was done having babies. Then she got pregnant with the quadruplets."She wanted to run," said her husband Afredo Anzaldo, 45.The triplets, Afredo, Catarin and Halily, weren't sure at first if they wanted the extra siblings, Anzaldo said."They wanted one baby and no more," he said.Since then, they have accepted their new brothers and sisters, Magdaleno said.(Agencies)三年前,美国洛杉矶的安吉拉·玛格达勒诺用受胎药后,生下三胞胎。就在上周,玛格达勒诺又生了四胞胎,不过这次她可没有用受胎药。7月6日,玛格达勒诺剖腹产生下一对男婴和一对女婴,目前,四个孩子都很健康,一切正常。医生说,这在多胞胎中还是很少见的。40岁的玛格达勒诺说,当从医生那里得知她怀了四个孩子时,她很吃惊。她说:“当时,我都不知道该怎么办了。但是现在我很高兴,因为我和孩子们都很健康。”尽管如此,玛格达勒诺还是担心自己的工作可能会很忙,而且有时会对未来感到茫然,有一种复杂的心情。她说:“我不知道自己到底是难过还是开心。我很开心,但我还是说不清楚,我不知道怎样来描述。”她的医生卡思瑞恩·肖是位高危妊娠专科医师,她说,玛格达勒诺在妊娠期间表现很好,没有患上什么并发症。玛格达勒诺生下的四胞胎中,女孩要比男孩长的大一些。两个女孩出生时重4磅,身长分别为17英寸和17.5英寸。两个男孩重约3.5磅,身长16英寸。三年前,玛格达勒诺接受人工受精后,生下三胞胎。她说,她的丈夫想要很多孩子。生完三胞胎后,玛格达勒诺心想生孩子的任务算是完成了。可她又怀上了四胞胎。玛格达勒诺的丈夫,45岁的阿弗里多·安扎尔多说:“当时,她是一心想逃。”安扎尔多说,他们的三胞胎--阿弗里多、卡塔琳和哈里里一开始并不确定他们想不想再有兄弟,“他们只想要一个,不想要更多。”玛格达勒诺说,后来他们也接受了这几个“新来”的弟弟。Vocabulary:Caesarean section :剖腹产high-risk pregnancy: 高危妊娠complication: a secondary disease(并发症)vitro fertilization: 人工受精sibling: a brother or sister(兄弟或) /200803/32060

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