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Sun Xiaodong hasn’t received a single job offer yet, but he isn’t concerned. The computer science major at Huazhong University of Science and Technology has no intentions of starting work immediately after graduating. Instead, the 23-year-old is planning a trip to Sichuan and Tibet with his classmates to celebrate their graduation.尽管孙晓东(音译)还没找到工作,但他并不担心。毕业于华中科技大学计算机科学专业、现年23岁的他并不打算一毕业便开始工作,而是正计划着和同学一起前往四川和西藏,来场毕业之旅。Apart from its ritual function of saying farewell to college life, a graduation trip now also serves as a form of escapism and soul-searching for graduates.除了作为告别大学生活的仪式外,如今的毕业旅行也成了毕业生逃离现实追寻自我的途径之一。Yu Dongxue, 22, a journalism major at Sichuan University, thinks a graduation trip with her classmates is a once in a lifetime experience – they’re not married and are not bound by job obligations. So, even though Yu aly took a loan to finish college, she is still borrowing money to embark on her graduation rite to Jiuzhaigou.来自四川大学新闻专业、22岁的郁冬雪(音译)认为,和同学一起踏上毕业旅行这样的经历一生仅此一次——大家都还没有结婚,也没有工作职责的束缚。因此,虽然是靠贷款读完大学,她还是决定借点钱来筹备自己的九寨沟毕业之旅。“The most important point is that we are young,” says Yu. “This innocent emotion among classmates and the spirit of curiosity and passion may never come back.”“最重要的是我们都年轻,”郁冬雪说。“同学之间纯粹的感情以及我们的好奇心和或许会一去不复返了。”Wang Cunfu, 22, a senior majoring in law at China University of Political Science and Law, agrees: “This summer is the last time we will have so few responsibilities, so I will do my best to go somewhere far away.”对此,中国政法大学法学专业大四学生、22岁的王存福(音译)十分认同:“这个夏天是我们最后一次毫无负担的时光了,我会尽可能地去远方走走。”New perspective全新视角Ma Yu’an went on a bicycle tour deep into Qinghai and Tibet for three months last year, as he couldn’t find a job after graduating from a degree in history at Tianjin University.去年,毕业于天津大学历史学专业的马宇安(音译)因为毕业后找不到工作,于是花了三个月时间深入青海和西藏进行了一次单车之旅。“For me, it was an escape from the pressure and anxiety of entering society,” says Ma.“对我来说,这是从步入社会的压力和焦虑中逃离。”马宇安说。After meeting peers from all over the country on his trip, Ma now shares his stories of being on the road as a freelance blogger and photographer, even though his parents aren’t happy with it.旅行途中,马宇安遇见了来自全国各地的同龄人,如今的他已经是一名自由主兼摄影师,和大家一起分享着自己的行者故事,尽管他的父母对此并不满意。“I would not be working in this ‘unstable’ job had I not come out of my comfort zone,” says Ma. “But I do see my life differently now.”“如果我还没有走出自己的‘舒适地带’的话,现在也就不会从事着这样一份‘不稳定’的工作了,”马宇安说,“但我确实感觉到我生活的改变。”Gao Liankui, 24, who traveled to Nepal after graduating from Shenzhen University in 2011, agrees.对此,现年24岁的高连奎(音译)表示赞同。2011年,刚刚从深圳大学毕业的他便旅行去了尼泊尔。“Some students think it’s important to get a job right after their graduation, otherwise they may never get one,” says Gao. “But that’s not true. Jobs will still be there when you return while youth doesn’t wait.”“有些学生觉得毕业后马上找份工作很重要,否则可能就会永久失业了,”高连奎说。“但其实不然。你回来时工作还在那里,但青春可不等人。”Beneficial experience获益良多According to Gao, traveling can improve your skills in various areas.高连奎表示,旅行能够提升你在许多方面的能力。By working out a budget and a route, planning activities, and arranging accommodation, Gao feels he has become more organized and efficient. Talking to peers in hostels not only puts your communication skills to the test, it’s an eye-opening experience and a chance to make like-minded friends.通过做预算、定路线、规划活动、安排住宿,高连奎觉得自己变得更有条理也更高效了。在青年旅社里和年轻人聊天不仅是对你沟通能力的考验,也是一次开阔视野、结交志同道合的朋友的机会。Nie Xiang, 28, a hostel owner in Dali, Yunnan province, supports this notion.现在云南大理经营着一家青年旅社、28岁的聂湘(音译)赞同这一观点。“Hostels are made for young travelers and offer them many opportunities to make friends,” Nie says.“青年旅社就是为年轻行者们开设的,为他们提供结交朋友的机会。”聂湘说。 /201306/243285She’s developed a reputation as a bit of a firecracker, but in her debut ads for Miss Dior, Jennifer Lawrence is the picture of understated, ladylike elegance.她有一点为人所熟知的火爆,但在她出演迪奥的首个广告中,詹妮弗#8226;劳伦斯是低调优雅的淑女照。The images, released two days before Lawrence walks the Oscars red carpet in what we predict will be another beautiful Christian Dior creation, show the actress as a dark brunette, posing in monochromatic looks with the line’s colorful quilted handbags, or bare-shouldered with one statement piece, including a bejeweled necklace and birdcage veil. See two more shots from the campaign, below:这些图片在劳伦斯走奥斯卡红毯的前两天发布,我们预测这将成为另一个美丽的克里斯汀#8226;迪奥创造,展示了女演员一头乌发单色黑裙拿着浅色绗缝手袋摆姿势的样子,或以一块丝巾裸肩,包括一条宝石项链以及网状面纱的样子。看广告中的两个镜头,如下:Lawrence is following in the footsteps of another red-hot Miss Dior front woman, Mila Kunis, though the latest round of ads are more sleek and modern than Kunis’s ’50s-inspired, retro-glam shots.劳伦斯紧随另一位很红的迪奥代言人米娜#8226;古妮丝的脚步,尽管最新一轮的广告比古妮丝50秒复古迷人的照片创意更时髦更现代。 /201302/226640

I#39;m not having it all cut off没把头发全剪掉啊Miles sometime went to the barber#39;s during working hours to have his hair cut. But this was against the office rules: clerks had to have their hair cut in their own time. While Miles was at the barber#39;s one day, the manager of the office came in by chance to have his own hair cut and sat just beside him.麦尔斯有时在上班时间去理发馆理发,但这是违反办公室规定的:职员只能利用自己的时间理发。一天,正当麦尔斯理发时,经理碰巧也进来理发,而且就坐在他旁边。;Hello, Miles,; the manager said. ;I see that you are having your hair cut in office time.;;你好,麦尔斯,;经理说。;我看到你在上班时间理发了。;;Yes, sir, I am,; admitted Miles calmly. ;You see, sir, it grows in office time.;;是的,先生。正是这样。;麦尔斯平静地承认了。;可先生,你看,头发是在上班时间长的。;;Not all of it,; said the manager at once. ;Some of it grows in your own time.;;不全都是吧,;经理立刻说,;有一些是在你自己的时间里长的。;;Yes, sir, that#39;s quite true.; Answered Miles politely, ;but I#39;m not having it all cut off.;;对呀,先生,你说得很对。;麦尔斯礼貌地回答说,;但我并没有把头发全都剪掉啊。;

THE best businesses take unpromising inputs and conjure from them a stable stream of profits. Self-storage firms fall into this category. They offer space-strapped customers a secure nest in which to store things they don#39;t need right now but can#39;t bring themselves to throw away. They invest in land most developers would shun and use tenancy contracts that would make other landlords shudder.最好的生财之道是在看上去暗淡无光的资产上投资,但却能从它们身上创出稳定的利润。私人仓储公司干的就是这行。这类公司为空间紧张的顾客提供一间安全的小屋,存放他们暂时用不着却又不能扔的东西。这种公司所投资的地盘,大多数开发商都会避而远之,而此类公司所签土地租赁合同的期限也另很多地主瞠目结舌。Yet they are big business in America, where one family in ten uses one of the countries#39; 50,000 facilities. It#39;s a sector that has seen robust performance and rapid growth, according to the Self Storage Association, an industry body. It is popular elsewhere too: Britain has seen an 8% growth in the number of stores in the past year.然而私人仓储公司这种生意在美国却做得相当有规模——此类公司在全国约有50000家,有十分之一美国家庭都是它们的客户。美国私人仓储协会(一行业机构)称该行业发展良好、增长迅猛。该行业在其他国家也方兴未艾:英国仓储公司的数量去年增加了8%。To appreciate the magic of the business model, start with the ropy ingredients. The base is in commercial property, a sector hit hard in the financial crisis. The facilities are generally in unglamorous locations, on noisy roads or the outskirts of town. Tenants renting space pay little or no deposit, and are free to leave at a moment#39;s notice. It sounds like a recipe for ruin. Yet storage firms make stonking profits.要想理解这种商业模式为何能有如此魔力,得先从其糟糕的构成要素谈起。该行业根植于在金融危机中遭受重创的商业地产;其选址欠佳——位于喧闹的街旁或远离市中心;承租商只付极少的定金,或者干脆分文不交,只需要提前很短一段时间打个招呼就可以走人。这么做听起来像是在自寻死路,可干这行的商家偏偏赚得盆满钵满。Structured as Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS), which pool cash to invest in property, they have avoided the sinking feeling that has dominated the REIT sector for the past five years. While property values have fallen, profits and cash-flow have held up, lifting share prices. Public Storage, Extra Space and Sovran, three publicly traded American self-storers, were up between 30% and 140% since August 2007, while REIT indexes have lost ground.房地产投资信托基金筹款投资楼市,不料过去五年行情不佳,一直笼罩在颓靡的阴云中。私人仓储公司与其采用相同的组织架构,却逃过一劫。当楼市房产一路贬值时,利润和资金流周转不开,从而提高了仓储公司的股价。大众寄存、额外空间以及锁万等三家公开上市的私人仓储公司,自2007年8月以来业绩上升了30%到140%不等,而同期房地产投资信托基金的业绩却看跌。There are two reasons for the storage firms#39; success. The first is that demand keeps growing. American workers are quite mobile, and often need a temporary spot to stash their stuff while they line up a move. More importantly, they keep acquiring stuff that cannot be consumed and never rots or rusts: plastic toys, metal garden furniture, porcelain knick-knacks. For some reason, they seldom chuck any of this rubbish out. This baffles economists, who assume ;free disposal;, meaning that things that aren#39;t needed can be thrown away without making anyone feel bad about the loss. The fact that so many hoarders pay lots of cash to keep things shows the assumption needs a rethink.仓储公司成功的原因有二。其一,寄存的市场需求一直在上升。美国从业者的流动性很强,行来走去之时往往需要一个临时寄存处。更重要的是,他们所得到的东西还在不断增加,像塑料玩具、金属制的花园家具、瓷质的小玩意儿等这类物品既不能消费也永远不会腐烂或生锈。出于某些原因,人们很少会扔掉这些垃圾。这种现象让经济学家们十分困惑,因为他们想当然地以为“想扔就扔”就是说东西一旦用不着了就可以抛弃,谁也不会心疼。可事实是相当多的人愿意花大价钱把东西留下来,这样来看,“想扔就扔”这种臆断得重新考虑才行。The second is that a short-term contract does not mean short-term profits. Stored stuff is like a bank deposit-it#39;s contractually short term, but usually stays where it is. Contracts are often only for a month or so, yet hoarders stash things away for far longer. At Big Yellow, a British firm, 37% of space is filled with stuff that has been there for over three years. A cynic might compare human squirrels unfavourably to the wild sort, which usually remember to dig up their nuts come springtime.其二,合同时间签得短并不意味着收益期也跟着短。存东西就像存钱——合同期限虽短,但钱却长存。仓储公司的合同往往只签一个月左右,但人们实际存东西的时间却要比这长得多。据英国一家名为Big Yellow的仓储公司称,他们公司37%的仓储空间都被占用超过了三年。玩世不恭的人可能认为人类松鼠不如真松鼠,因为后者还记得春天来的时候要把果子挖出来。Self-storage firms are also well-placed to deal with the problem other landlords d: non-paying tenants. They have the upper hand because they have your stuff. If you don#39;t pay up, they will flog it. This last trend has even spawned a television show-Storage Wars-in which rent-dodgers#39; possessions are sold, often for surprisingly high prices. The lessons of hoardonomics are clear: don#39;t store your stuff, sell it. Then invest in a storage business.私人仓储公司也有妙招应对房东们经常碰到的难题:不交房租。仓储公司占据主动,因为他们手中握有你的东西,你要是不把钱付清,他们就把你的东西卖掉。这一最后倾向甚至已经拍成了一个电视节目——寄存战争——演的就是一些人逃租金,导致存的东西被卖掉,售价通常还出奇的高。这就给那些爱存东西的人提了个醒:别存了,把这些东西卖掉吧!然后咱也干这行! /201208/195857

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