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p8V@!C,L0[@(F~z-|Sfk3#%diENnBaedmiUuNick was old. Nick was old and sick. His wife was Sherry. Sherry was younger than Nick. Nick was older than Sherry. Nick was 81. Sherry was 61. They had been married 1 years. They loved each other. “Kill me,” Nick said. “You say you love me. If you really love me, you will kill me.” “I will not kill you,” Sherry said. “You will get better. The pain will go away.” Nick had cancer. He had lung cancer. He used to smoke. He used to smoke cigarettes. He used to smoke two packs of cigarettes a day. Nick was in pain every day. “This cancer is killing me,” he said. Sherry said, “If the cancer is killing you, it doesn’t need my help.”*BAB)M_G5LIsK+GJU-!Pd0qWF),Nfoo3.uTnfX;np(mRWc6;Yb^v 58。

Google Way to Top谷歌的登顶之路Google is a world-famous company, with its headquarters in Mountain View, Calinia. It was set up in a Silicon Valley garage in 1998, and inflated(膨胀)with the Internet bubble. Even when everything around it collapased the company kept on inflating.Google是世界著名的大公司,总部设在加州的山景城它于1998年成立于硅谷的一个汽车修理厂,并随着网络泡沫迅速成长而不断发展即使是在它周围的公司一个个垮掉时,它仍然在继续发展壮大Google search engine is so wide-sp across the world that search became Google, and google became a verb. The world fell in love with the effective, fascinatingly fast technology.Google的搜索引擎遍及全世界,以至于“搜索”一词变成了Google,而Google变成了一个动词整个世界都为Google这个高效快捷的搜索技术而着迷Google owes much of its success to the brilliance of S. Brin and L. Page, but also to a series of tunate events. It was Page who, at Stand in 1996, initiated the academic project that eventually became Google search engine. Brin, who had met Page at a student orientation a year earlier, joined the project early on.Google的成功在很大的程度上要归功于谢尔盖·布林和拉里·佩奇的才华和一系列幸运事件正是佩奇于1996年在斯坦福大学发起这个最终成为Google搜索引擎的学术项目布林是在早一年的新生见面会中认识佩奇的,并在项目开始不久就加入进来They were both Ph. D candidates when they devised the search engine which was better than the rest and, without any marketing, sp by word mouth from early adopters to, eventually, your grandmother.当初设计这个搜索引擎时,他们俩个都是计算机士学位申请人而其搜索引擎没有经过任何市场推广却经大家的口口相传从早期的使用者最终传播开来Their breakthrough, simply put, was that when their search engine crawled the Web, it did more than just look word matches; it also tallied(统计)and ranked a host of other critical factors like how websites link to one another. That delivered far better results than anything else.简单地说,他们的突破在于:当他们的搜索引擎在网上搜索时,不仅仅是寻找相匹配的词语,它还会对许多其他关键因素进行统计和分级,例如,如何将网络彼此连接起来这样所呈现的结果要远远优于其他搜索引擎Brin and Page meant to name their creation Googol(the mathematical term the number 1 followed by 0 zeroes), but someone misspelled the word so it suck as Google. They raised money from prescient(有先见之明的)professors and venture capitalists, and moved off campus to turn Google into business.布林和佩奇本来打算把他们的搜索引擎命名为Google(数学术语:1 后面有0个零),但是人们误拼成了Google他们从有先见之明的教授和富有冒险精神的资本家那里筹集资金,将谷歌搬出校园转换成商业运营他们试图向其他搜索引擎公司出售他们的技术,但是没有一家能付他们提出的价格,于是他们自己成立了一个搜索引擎公司,也许早在这时幸运之神就开始降临Perhaps their biggest stroke of luck came early on when they tried to sell their technology to other search engines, but no one met their price, and they built it up on their own.他们试图向其他搜索引擎公司出售他们的技术,但是没有一家能付他们提出的价格,于是他们自己成立了一个搜索引擎公司,也许早在这时幸运之神就开始降临 3968。

A Top Gun the Environmental Movement环境运动的勇士Wilma Subra had no intention of becoming a public speaker. After graduating from college with degress in chemistry and microbiology, she went to work at Gulf South Research Institute in Louisiana.威尔玛·苏夫拉原来没有想过要成为一名公共演说家她大学毕业拿到了化学和微生物学学位后,就职于路易斯安那州南海湾研究所As part of her job, she conducted field research on toxic substances in the environment, often in minority commies located near large industrial pollutrs. She found many families were being exposed to high, sometimes deadly levels of chemicals and other toxic substances. But she was not allowed to make her inmation public.作为工作职责的一部分,她从事环境有害物质方面的土地研究,调研地区经常是大型工业污染源附近的少数族裔社区她发现许多家庭暴露于高度的,甚至是致命的化学物和其他有害物质中但是她无权将她的信息公之于众Frustrated by these restrictions, Subra left her job in 1981, created her own company and has devoted the past two decades to helping people fight back against giant industrial polluters. She works with families and commy groups to conduct environmental tests and hybrid test results, and organize change.受困于这些制约,苏夫拉在1981年离开了她的工作,创立了自己的公司,并且在过去的年中帮助人们与大型工业污染源抗争她与居民家庭和社区团体一起努力进行环境测试,混合测试结果,组织活动以改变环境Because of her efts, dozens of toxic sites across the counry have been cleaned up. And one chemical industry spokesperson calls her ;a top gun; the environmental movement.因为她的努力,遍及全国的大量有害地区被清理干净了一家化工企业的发言人称她是环境运动的“勇士”How has Subra achieved all this? Partly through her scientific training, partly through her commitment to environmental justice. But just as important is her ability to communicate with people through public speaking. ;Public speaking,; she says, ;is the primary vehicle I use reaching people.;苏夫拉是怎样做到这一切的呢?部分原因是她科学的训练,部分是因为她追求环境公平的奉献精神但是,同样重要的原因还有她借助公共演说与他人交流的能力“公共演说,”她谈到,“是我与人们沟通的主要工具”If you had asked Subra bee 1981, do you see yourself as a major public speaker? She would have laughed at the idea. Yet today she gives more than one hundred presentations a year. Along the way, she lectured at Harvard, testified bee congress, and addressed audiences in 0 states, as well as in Mexico, Canada, and Japan.如果在1981年之前,我问苏夫拉,你认为自己是一位重要的公共演说家吗?她可能会对此一笑置之然而,在今天,她每年要进行0多场演讲她一直坚持这条路,她在哈佛大学发表演说,在国会发表声明,向来自于美国0个州,以及墨西哥、加拿大和日本的观众进行演说 3969。

Faith轻松电台:A Matter of Courage 关于勇气Hi, welcome to Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax, I’m Faith. Today, shall we talk about courage.Courage is not only found in the heat of war or the mighty works of brave men and women. Courage is the mother taking care of her sick child in the earlymorning hours. Courage is the father who shows up on time everyday at a boring, low-paying, dead-end job to feed and clothe his family.Courage comes in many ms, not only from thoughts and deeds of greatness, but in the routine, everyday art of living.When life gets you down, when it seems that your world is at an end, take courage and go the next step. You will be amazed at the power and strength you have inside.Just gather up enough courage to take you through this day. You only have to live one day at a time. You do not have to deal with all your troubles at one time. Like the Scotsman said, "The troubles of tomorrow must wait until this day is done."You’re listening to Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax, I’m Faith. Yes, courage comes from deep within the heart and flushes away the paralysis created by fear. A song, a story, a poem or a friend could re-ignite the spark of courage and inspire us to take the next step to success.。

Voice 1: Victor, you are right! Thank you very much inming us of this mistake. We apologize it! Our writers and editors every program to make sure there are no mistakes. But, untunately, sometimes they do miss an important fact. It is important to Spotlight that our programs are correct. So, we have corrected our website. Thank you writing to us!声音1:维克多,你是对的!非常感谢你指出这个错误我们要为错误道歉我们节目的作家和编辑会通读每期节目的文本,以确保没有错误但是很不幸,有时他们仍会错过一些重要的事实确保重点报道节目内容的准确性非常重要所以,我们更正了网站上的内容谢谢你的来信!Voice : Victor e-mail got us wondering about these two cities. So, we did a little research about them. Rio de Janeiro is the most famous city in Brazil. But Brasilia is also very interesting. Usually cities develop over many years. People will build one part, and then another part.声音:维克多发来的邮件让我们想了解一下这两座城市所以,我们对这两座城市进行了研究里约热内卢是巴西最著名的城市不过巴西利亚这座城市也很有趣通常城市的发展要历经很多年人们要先建造一个区域,再建造另一个区域Voice 1: But Brasilia is different. Lucio Costa planned the city. And Oscar Niemeyer designed the buildings. Everything in Brasilia was built together — at one time. And everything works together — from the buildings to the how the city is set out. Some people say that the shape of the city looks like a bird flying. And in 1987 UNESCO declared Brasilia a World Heritage Site. Brasilia is the only city in the world built in the twentieth [th] century to be declared a World Heritage Site.声音1:但是巴西利亚却不是这样这座城市由卢西奥·科斯塔规划城市建筑则由奥斯卡·尼迈耶设计巴西利亚的一切是在同时建造的从建造大楼到规划城市,所有工作都是一起完成的有些人认为巴西利亚的形状看起来就像飞翔的鸟1987年,联合国教科文组织宣布巴西利亚为世界遗产在世纪建造的城市中,巴西利亚是世界上唯一一座被列入《世界遗产名录的城市Voice : We hope you enjoyed learning a little more about these cities as much as we did!声音:我们希望大家和我们一样,喜欢了解这些城市的情况!译文属 6839。

School Starts开学了It was the first day of school. Pete was in the first grade. He got on the school bus. It was a big yellow school bus. He did not know the kids on the bus. The kids on the bus did not know him. Many kids were talking. They were talking with one another. Pete sat in a seat by himself. He sat alone. He looked out the window. His mom was standing outside the window. He waved goodbye to his mom. She waved goodbye to him. The bus took off. The bus was going to school. Another boy sat down next to Pete. He said hello to Pete. Pete said hello to him. The boy’s name was Eddie. He was in the first grade. He said he was a new student. He didn’t know anyone. Pete said he was a new student, too. He didn’t know anyone, either.今天是开学第一天皮特一年级他上了校车这是一辆黄色校车他不认识车上的同学同学们也不是认识他同学们在讲话他们正互相谈论着皮特独自坐下他孤独地坐着他向窗外看妈妈在窗外站立他向妈妈挥手告别妈妈也向他挥手汽车开走了汽车正往学校开去另一名男孩坐在皮特旁边他向皮特打招呼皮特也向他说你好那名男孩的名字叫艾迪他也是一年级他说他是新生他谁也不认识皮特说他也是新生他也谁都不认识译文属原创,,不得转载 3。