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I recently a piece about a guy in his late 30s who took up learning guitar as a hobby and actually became a proficient player. Then I about a young man who decided to devote an hour a day learning about something just for fun - including banjo, juggling and astrophysics.我最近看到一篇文章,讲的是一个快四十的男人开始学习弹吉他,原本纯属业余爱好,最后竟成了一名娴熟的吉他演奏家。之后,我又看到一篇文章,写的是一个男青年决定每天花一小时学点什么,仅仅为了自娱自乐,包括五弦琴、戏法和天体物理学。 Those pieces revved me up to go out and learn something new. Although I love that journalism allows me to dabble in a range of topics, I miss the thrill of structured, focused education. I#39;m not talking about going back to school full-time for a degree program, but taking a course or even ing a book to learn something just for the sake of it, such as a new language or skill. (Italian! Guitar! Indian cooking!) I don#39;t need to become a master-the basics are fine with me.Getty Images你能挤出时间学习新东西吗?这些文章启发我走出去,学些新东西。新闻事业使我可以涉猎各种不同的题材,我喜欢这一点,但我也怀念系统性、专注式教育的乐趣。我指的并不是重返校园做个全职学生并拿个学位,而是完全出于兴趣去修一门课程,或是看书自学些什么,比如学一门新的语言或技能。(意大利语!吉他!印度菜!)我不需要成为大师,只要学些基础的东西就可以了。Easier said than done, of course. The problem isn#39;t just that my aging brain makes it harder to absorb new information. It#39;s squeezing in the time.当然,说起来容易做起来难。问题不仅仅是我老化的大脑更加难以吸收新的知识,时间也挤不出来。 But when you think about it, a dedicated hour or even half-hour a day isn#39;t that hard to fit in; I surely accumulate that much time watching TV, ing, exercising or futzing round the house. Maybe I could listen to an instructional tape while jogging? Or some educational nonfiction before bed instead of my go-to novels or mysteries? Or take a web course instead of vegging out to #39;Modern Family#39;?不过,当你细想一下,每天挤出一小时甚至半小时并不太难;我看电视、看书、锻炼或在家里闲混的时间就足够了。或许我可以在慢跑的同时听教学录音带?或是在睡前看些有教育性的非小说类图书,而不是看口水书或推理小说?或是修一门网络课程,而不是沉溺于《登家庭》(Modern Family)? Despite my gung-ho intentions to learn, I have a feeling that I may simply be too undisciplined-and tired-at the end of the day to make this happen at this young-kid stage of my life.尽管有着学习的强烈愿望,我却有种感觉:我可能管不住自己或每天下班累得精疲力尽,难以在我尚年轻的时候实现这些想法。 It#39;s not just me, either. My husband recently signed up for Rosetta Stone to learn Brazilian Portuguese. His initial enthusiasm has now waned and while he still wants to complete the course, work, family and sleep needs have made it tough to master. He#39;s also trying to teach himself programming through Codecademy, which provides free online courses.也不仅仅只有我是这样。我丈夫最近注册了语言教学公司Rosetta Stone的巴西葡萄牙语课程。他最初的热情如今已经消退,尽管他仍希望完成课程,但工作、家庭和睡眠需要使他难以应付。他还力图通过Codecademy免费网络课程自学编程。 Readers, have any of you done any adult education or learned a new skill or hobby as an adult? How did you find the time?读者们,你们成年后是否曾进修过或学门新技能或爱好?你是如何挤出时间的? /201202/170323

My 15-year-old is disinclined to work for her GCSEs, saying her time is better spent preening herself in preparation for assignations with her delightful, diligent, privately educated, moneyed boyfriend. She insists the money spent on nail-painting, hair-colouring and the like is an investment and will be more than repaid when he marries her. Is she deluding herself?A curious mother我15岁的女儿不愿为拿到英国普通中等教育书(GCSE)而努力学习,称自己把时间花在穿着打扮上更有意义,为的是与她那个讨人喜欢、勤奋、上私立学校的有钱男友约会。她坚称,花在美甲和染发等方面的钱是一种投资,在男友迎娶自己时就会获得更多的回报。她是在欺骗自己吗?一位好奇的母亲Dear Curious Mother,Surprising as this may seem in the 21st century, your daughter's strategy is not unusual. Evidence on speed-dating gathered by the economists Michèle Belot and Marco Francesconi shows that women are attracted by rich men, while men focus more on a woman's physical appearance. Lena Edlund, another economist, has found that in the areas of her native Sweden where the wealthiest men live, women of prime marriageable age are over-represented.亲爱的好奇母亲:尽管在二十一世纪这种情况可能会非常令人吃惊,但你女儿的策略并不罕见。经济学家米谢勒#8226;贝洛(Michèle Belot)和马尔科#8226;弗兰切斯科尼(Marco Francesconi)收集的有关闪电约会的据表明,女性受到有钱男性的吸引,而男性更关注女性的容貌。另一位经济学家莱娜#8226;埃德隆德(Lena Edlund)发现,在其祖国瑞典最富有男士生活的地区,处于最佳适婚年龄的女性比例过高。However, your daughter is only 15; for Edlund, “prime marriageable age” is 25-44. Your daughter is either going to have to get her hooks into this chap unusually early, or she is going to have to keep him on the boil for another decade – a lot of nail-painting.不过,你的女儿只有15岁;在埃德隆德看来,“最佳适婚年龄”是25岁至44岁。你的女儿要么必须及早把这家伙弄到手,要么就必须设法让他保持再等上10年——那需要大量的美甲。Not only is she concentrating her investments into a single asset by abandoning her education, but she may even be making her main goal harder to achieve. Belot and Francesconi discovered that a strong social trend towards “assortative mating” means that although educated, high-achieving men are not interested in marrying a rich woman, they do like educated high-achieving women, rather than shallow girls with shiny nails.她放弃自身教育的结果是,不仅她的投资仅集中于单一的资产,而且甚至可能会让她的主要目标更加难以实现。贝洛和弗兰切斯科尼发现,存在一种强烈的“选型交配”社交趋势,即尽管受过教育的成功男士对与有钱女士结婚不感兴趣,但他们确实喜欢受过教育的成功女士,而不是指甲闪亮的浅薄女子。Your daughter should learn to work hard and look good at the same time. Not only will it advance her immediate goals, it will also – sadly – stand her in good stead for the rest of her life.你的女儿应该学会在努力学习的同时也把自己打扮得漂漂亮亮。这不仅能帮她提前实现当前的目标,而且——遗憾的是——在以后的日子里都会让她受益无穷。 /200908/81429

A bull wrestler was visiting his friend in a small town, and one night they stayed a little too long at the pub. Not wanting to drive, they decided to walk home. As they were crossing a farmer's field, a bull charged them. The wrestler grabbed the bull by the horns, and they went down in a snarling heap. Finally the bull jumped up and ran away. "Wow," said the friend, "that was quite a tussle. "  "Yeah," the wrestler replied, "and if I hadn't had that last drink, I would have gotten that guy off his bicycle.  一个斗牛士在一个小镇拜访他的朋友。一天夜里他们在酒馆里呆的时间稍长了一点。他们不想搭车,就决定步行回家。他们在穿过一片农田时,一头牛向他们冲过来。斗牛士抓住了牛的两只角,他们扭打在一起。最后牛跳起来跑了。  “哇,”他朋友说,“好一场搏斗哇。”  “哦,”斗牛士回答说,“要不是我多喝了一杯,我非把那家伙从自行车上拽下来不可。” /201108/149194

From the makers behind the viral iPhone 5 concept that envisioned the device with a stunning laser keyboard comes a breathtaking new vision for the iPad 3, with an edge-to-edge retina display and 3D multiplayer hologram for gaming.曾经在网上疯狂传播的iPhone 5概念设计视频,为未来的iPhone引入了迷人的激光键盘,该视频背后的设计师今天再次推出惊人之作-全新功能的iPad 3概念设计,它为未来的iPad配置了;边到边;视网膜显示器和应用于多人游戏的三维全息图像。 Now, this is exactly what not to expect to be unveiled at Apple#39;s iPad press event next week. A flurry of feature speculations have taken the web by storm following the news that the company will launch a product on March 7 in San Francisco, but this clever from Aatma Studio ; whose iPhone 5 Concept Features raked in nearly 50 million views on YouTube ; takes it a step further and opens up a world of possibilities for the future of tablets.现在我们并不会期望这个设计会在苹果下周的iPad发布会上出现。苹果将于3月7日在三藩市推出iPad新版本的新闻公布后,网上热烈讨论传说中的iPad 3新功能,Aatma工作室更为进取,为平板电脑未来的可能性开辟了新思路,它过去创作的;iPhone 5概念功能;这个创意视频在YouTube上的点击率高达5000万次。 For example, it toys with the option of a 2560 x 1140 resolution edge-to-edge retina display, which gives the allusion of a larger visual screen area. In the , the entire screen serves as the home button.例如,该设计虚构出分辨率达2560x1140的;边到边;视网膜显示器,可以形成更大视域的屏幕。在视频中,整个屏幕如同家居中的按键。Although this notion is aly possible with today#39;s tech advancements, it doesn#39;t seem likely for the next-generation iPad, especially since the event invitation features an image of a touchscreen device with a frame.尽管这样的构想在技术上可行,但它不大可能成为下一代iPad的功能,而且在苹果向媒体发出的产品发布邀请函上可以肯定新版iPad仍然带有个框框。 However, Aatma plays up the possibility in the . It takes one iPad and places it next to another and the first takes over the screen of the second ; similar to having two screens for a desktop computer.Aatma工作室在视频中玩了点新意,将一个iPad放在另一个iPad旁边,两个iPad的画面拼合在一起,就象一部台式电脑的两个屏幕。 ;Although the tablet form factor is great, we felt the need for a larger visual real estate,; Pramod Modi Shantharam, the CEO and animation director at Aatma, told Mashable. ;We eliminated the black border of current iPad and thought it would be a great visual experience for users who bring their iPads together utilizing their internal magnets.;;尽管平板电脑的尺寸和外型相当不错,但我们希望有更大可视范围的设备出现。;Aatma的CEO、动画总监Pramod Modi Shantharam说:;我们去除iPad的黑色边框,对于将多台iPad放在一起实现内部连网的玩家来说,这是一个不错的视觉体验。; This would allow users to stream s or watch a movie on two iPad screens at once. The studio used internal magnets with near field communications (NFC) technology to make it happen.它允许用户同时在两个iPad屏幕上播放视频或观看电影。该工作室利用基于近场通信技术(NFC)的内部连网方式来实现这个功能。 ;Consider a scenario where a family of four brings their individual iPads together at an airport while waiting for their flight with a master iPad controlling all screens,; Shantharam added. ;This could facilitate new original forms of media content in the future.;Shantharam说:;想像一下这样的情景,一家四口在机场等候时,将四部独立的iPad放在一起,然后由其中一部控制所有屏幕。这种技术可以促进新媒体形式的诞生。; But perhaps the most innovative feature in the is a 3D multiplayer hologram for gaming. Game controllers project out onto the surface of the table, while two players play a football game with the help of the two combined iPads.视频中最具创意的功能可能是为游戏设计的可多人操作的3D全息图。利用投影在桌面上的游戏控制器,两名玩家可以通过两部相连的iPad玩足球游戏。 ;The 3D holographic display was a popular feature in our iPhone 5 concept and we wanted to extend that to the iPad,; Shantharam said. ;Users could experience a three-dimensional floating holographic screen with combined iPads, making it an exciting use case for multiplayer games.;Shantharam还说:;在;iPhone 5概念功能;视频中,3D全息图显示器是个热点,我们希望将这个功能延伸到iPad上。用户可以通过相连的多台iPad体验三维悬浮全息屏幕,它将成为多人游戏中的亮点。;Do you think future iPads will embrace this technology? Which feature of the concept was most fascinating to you? Let us know in the comments.你认为未来的iPad会取用这种技术吗?你最认同哪种概念功能?请在中发表你的意见。 /201203/173379

How to fall in love with yourself? 如何爱上你自己?We are constantly bombarded with visions of how we are not good enough or how we need to improve ourselves. And itrsquo;s not only external things that cause us to have such low self-esteems and feel bad about ourselves either. Maybe you think all the negative-self talk is your way of being real with yourself. Little things like: Irsquo;ll never get it done, I don#39;t deserve that, why would they want to help me? oh I could never wear that, and I#39;m not smart enough. Instead of focusing on and telling yourself what you can#39;t do try focusing on what you can do.我们总是被这些想法狂轰滥炸:觉得自己不够好,需要完善自我。不只是外在的因素让我们自尊心不够或者觉得自己不好,也许你会觉得,这样自我否定的消极对话是你内心对自己的真正看法,那些都是生活中的琐事:我永远办不好这件事;我不值得;他们为什么想帮我?唉,我真不该穿那件衣;我不够聪明......现在,我们需要转变注意力:试着去关注那些我们能做到的,而不是那些我们做不到的。Here are a few ideas you can try to build yourself up and fall in love with yourself all over again.下面这些小贴士,会让你变得更强大,重新爱上你自己:Focus on your strengths. We all have strengths and luckily they are not all the same. Do things you are naturally good at and enjoy and you will build self confidence, efficiency and pride.聚焦自己的强项。我们都有强项,很幸运,大家的强项各有不同。做一些你天生擅长的事情,享受过程,你会建立自信、效率和骄傲。Be proud of your accomplishments. No matter how big or seemingly small your accomplishments are you should be very proud of each and every one of them. Whether it#39;s completing high school, university, starting your own company, having kids and raising a family, completing a project that#39;s hanging around for far too long, be proud. Celebrate the small and large accomplishments and everything in between.为自己的成功感到骄傲。为自己的每一次成功感到骄傲,不论大小。也许是完成高中学业,可能是从大学顺利毕业,也许是开了自己的公司,有了孩子,开始养家糊口,也可能是完成了一个拖了很久的项目,这些都值得骄傲。为自己这些大大小小的成功的一切喝。Get excited about who you are. Celebrate your uniqueness. Maybe you#39;re a very caring individual, efficient, or adept to solving problems. Embrace it. Be proud that you#39;re not like everyone else in your social circle. People love you for being you.很开心,我是这样的人。庆祝你的独一无二。也许你富有爱心,也许你办事很有效率,又或者你解决问题很老道。拥抱你的特别。你应该感到骄傲,因为你跟你的社交圈里的其他人都不一样。正因为你是你,所以大家才会爱。Share your talent. If you#39;ve got a talent share it with the world. If you can write ; write, if you can dance ; dance, if you can organize ;well you get the picture. Believe it or not there are people out there who could benefit greatly from you sharing your talents. Ever notice how giving to others makes you feel so incredible about yourself?分享你的才华。如果你天赋异禀,记得跟全世界分享。如果你文笔很好,那就写作吧;如果你舞跳得很棒,那就跳给大家看;如果你组织能力强,呃,你懂的。不管你相信与否,这世界上总会有人会因为你分享的才华而获益匪浅。你更应该注意的是,这样的分享过程,会让你觉得自己很棒。Forgive yourself. Guilt is a weird thing. All guilt does is hold us in the past reliving something we wish we could change. Not going to happen I#39;m afraid. Forgiveness is a choice. Forgive yourself. The past is the past (I know you#39;ve heard this before but the more you hear it the more you may start to believe it). Forgive yourself, apologize and move on.原谅你自己。内疚是件很奇怪的事情。内疚感只能让我们纠结着过去不放手,老是想着要是重来一遍一切会不一样。不过我想应该什么都不会发生。宽恕其实是种选择,原谅自己,过去的就让它过去吧(我知道你以前肯定也老是听到这句话,不过听到次数越多,你就越应该相信)。原谅,道歉,然后继续向前。Do something just for you. Take time for yourself and just relax. Rest both your mind and your body. Rejuvenate by sitting quietly listen to soft soothing music or watch the wonders of nature from your own backyard, balcony or window. Treat yourself to a massage or spa day. Whatever it is that makes you feel special and relaxed ; do it.为自己做点什么。给自己留点时间,放松下。让你的身心都能好好休息下。静静地坐着,听着抚慰心灵的轻音乐,或者从后院、阳台或窗户看出去,欣赏大自然的奥妙奇景,这些都会让你变年轻。去做做或者泡泡温泉,犒劳一下自己。不论是什么让你觉得很特别很放松,去做就好。Love yourself. Take pride in all your unique glory. Maybe you#39;re quirky and have a very different talent. Embrace it. Flaunt it and share it with the world!爱自己,为自己所有独一无二的魅力感到骄傲。也许你有点奇怪,有点不同常人的才华,拥抱你的特别。要炫耀,然后跟全世界分享。 /201112/165069

We have all experienced it — a holiday that whizzes by at the time, the Daily Mail reported.据《每日邮报》报道,欢乐时光总过得特别快,相信人们都有同感。When we are on holiday, or doing something else new and exciting, the hours pass really quickly there and then. But all the new experiences lead to lots of new memories — and when we look back at them, there are so many to go through, that it feels as if we were gone for ages.人们在休假期间会做一些新鲜的、刺激的事情,当时就会觉得时间过得特别快。但其实,在这期间所有的新鲜的经历,都会变成新的记忆,因此,当我们回忆时,会觉经历了很多,而产生错觉以为时间过得特别快。In contrast, when we are at home or work and going about our normal routine, there are less interesting things and so fewer memories are laid down.相反,在家、上班或者做日常必须做的事情时,便会丧失兴趣,能记住的事情便会越来越少。This phenomenon has been called ;the holiday paradox; by psychology lecturer Claudia Hammond.心理学老师克劳迪娅#8226;哈蒙德将此现象称为“假期迷思”。She said that our lives are normally so humdrum, that only six to nine experiences a fortnight are worth committing to memory. When on holiday, we remember six to nine things from each day.她指出,平时我们的生活十分平淡,以至于2周才有6-9件经历值得记忆,而人们放假时,一天内起码有6-9件经历能够记住。 /201205/180216

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