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2020年01月21日 04:17:46

Hi, everybody. Today, September 26th, is ;National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day.; Its a day where you can safely, conveniently, and responsibly dispose of expired and unwanted prescription drugs at collection sites in your community. Heres why this matters. More Americans now die every year from drug overdoses than they do in car crashes. And most of those deaths arent due to drugs like cocaine or heroin – but rather prescription drugs. In 2013 alone, overdoses from prescription pain medications killed more than 16,000 Americans. And most young people who begin misusing prescription drugs dont buy them in some dark alley – they get them from the medicine cabinet. If thats not a good enough reason to participate in ;National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day,; heres another. Many prescription pain medications belong to the same class of drugs as heroin. In fact, four in five heroin users started out by misusing prescription drugs. And over the course of just one year, between 2013 and 2014, we saw a 33% increase in the number of heroin users. All of this takes a terrible toll on too many families, in too many communities, all across the country – big and small, urban and rural. It strains law enforcement and treatment programs. It costs all of us – in so many different ways. Thats why, four years ago, my Administration unveiled a Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Plan. Weve been partnering with communities to combat overdoses, and were seeing some promising results. Thats why the budget I put forward this year would build on those efforts. It would make critical investments in things like drug monitoring programs, equipping more first responders to save more lives, and expanding medication-assisted treatment programs – including in our prisons. In fact, getting smarter about how we address substance use disorders is a vital part of reforming our criminal justice system. Rather than keep spending billions of taxpayer dollars on needlessly long prison sentences for nonviolent drug offenders, we could save money and get better outcomes by getting treatment to those who need it. And we could use some of the savings to make sure the brave men and women of law enforcement have the resources they need to go after drug kingpins and violent gangs, disrupt the flow of drugs into our country, and address the real threats to our communities. With no other disease do we expect people to wait until theyre a danger to themselves or others to self-diagnose and seek treatment. So we should approach abuse as an opportunity to intervene, not incarcerate. And we all have a role to play here. Parents, we have to understand how important it is to talk to our kids, and to safely store medications in the house. The medical community has to be engaged, too – because better prescribing practices will make a difference. And as a country, we have to keep working to reduce drug use through evidence-based treatment, prevention, and recovery. Because research shows it works. Courageous Americans show it works also every single day. Thats why the man I named to head the office of National Drug Control Policy – Michael Botticelli – is a man in long-term recovery himself. He talks about it openly and honestly, precisely to strike down the shame and stigma that too often keep people from seeking care before its too late. This is something Ill be talking about more in the weeks to come in communities across the country, because its a challenge we can solve if we work together. Thanks, and have a great weekend.201509/401097抚顺市清原县妇幼保健院专家预约Hi,everybody.大家好。Its been seven years since the worst financial crisis in generations sp from Wall Street to Main Street-a crisis that cost millions of Americans their jobs,their homes,their life savings.从华尔街扩散到“主街”的几十年来最严峻的金融危机已经过去七年了—这个危机造成几百万美国人失去了他们的工作,他们的房子和他们一生的积蓄。It was a crisis that cost all of us.It was a reminder that were in this together-all of us.这是给我们所有人都带来损失的危机。它提醒我们:我们所有人都同舟共济。Thats how weve battled back these past six and a half years-together.我们就是这样在过去的六年半里力挽狂澜的。We still have work to do,but together,we prevented a second Great Depression.我们仍然有很多要做,但是我们齐心协力阻止了第二个大萧条。Our businesses have created nearly 13 million jobs over the past 64 months.我们的企业已经在过去的64个月里创造了近1300万个就业岗位。The housing market is healthier.住房市场更加健康了。The stock market has more than doubled,restoring the retirement savings of millions.股市翻了一番,几百万人的积蓄物归原主了。Americans of all stripes buckled down,rolled up their sleeves,and worked to bring this country back.全体美国人都尽心尽力,卷起袖子,努力拯救国家。And to protect your efforts,we had to do something more-we had to make sure this kind of crisis never happens again.为了让你们的努力不付之东流,我们必须还要再进一步—我们必须确保这类危机不会卷土重来。Thats why five years ago this week,we enacted the toughest Wall Street reform in history-new rules of the road to protect businesses,consumers,and our entire economy from the kind of irresponsibility that threatened all of us.Five years later,heres what that reform has done.这就是为什么在五年前的本周,我们实施了历史上最严厉的华尔街改革—一系列新的运行规则来保护企业、消费者和我们的整个经济不会遭受这种危害我们所有人的不负责任的恶行的危害。五年后,我们看到了这个改革的成就。Wall Street Reform turned the page on the era of “too big to fail.” 华尔街的改革翻过了“大而不倒”的时代。Now,in America,we welcome the pursuit of profit.现在,在美国,我们欢迎追求利益。But if your business fails,we shouldnt have to bail you out.但是如果你的企业破产了,我们没必要救助你。And under the new rules,we wont-the days of taxpayer-funded bailouts are over.根据新规则,我们不会救助—用纳税人的钱实施救助的日子一去不复返了。Wall Street Reform now allows us to crack down on some of the worst types of recklessness that brought our economy to its knees,from big banks making huge,risky bets using borrowed money,to paying executives in a way that rewarded irresponsible behavior.华尔街改革现在使我们能够粉碎一些最恶劣的撂倒我们的经济的草率行为,从大借钱做危险的豪赌到给高管们客观上鼓励不负责任行为的高薪。Thanks to Wall Street Reform,theres finally an independent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau with one mission: to protect American consumers.多亏了华尔街改革,最终一个唯一任务是保护美国消费者的独立的消费者金融保护局诞生了。Aly,theyve gone after predatory or unscrupulous mortgage brokers,student lenders,credit card companies,and theyve won –putting nearly 11 billion back in the pockets of more than 26 million consumers whove been cheated.他们已经查处了一批贪婪的草率的抵押贷款经纪人、学生贷款发放人和信用卡公司,他们已经获胜了—把超过2千6百万受骗美国人的110亿美元放回他们的口袋里了。So this law is working.所以这部法律奏效了。And were working to protect even more families.我们正在努力不会更多的家庭。Just this week,we announced that were cracking down on the worst practices of payday lenders on military bases,so that our troops and their families dont wind up trapped in a vicious cycle of debt.就在本周,我们宣布我们将粉碎在军营发生的最恶劣的付新日贷款人的恶行,这样我们的军人和家人就不会陷入债务恶性循环。As long as Im President,Im going to keep doing whatever I can to protect consumers,and our entire economy from the kind of irresponsibility that led to the Great Recession in the first place.只要我还是总统,我就继续尽一切可能保护消费者们和我们的整个经济不受这些直接导致大萧条的不负责任的恶行的危害。None of this has been easy.这一切都来之不易。Weve had to overcome fierce lobbying campaigns from the special interests and their allies in Congress.我们顶住了来自特殊利益集团及其在国会的代理人的强力干扰。In fact,theyre still trying everything to attack everything this reform accomplishes—from hiding rollbacks of key protections in unrelated bills,to blocking the financial cops on the beat from doing their job.事实上,他们仍然在竭尽全力企图攻击这项改革的成就—从隐藏重启对无关法案的关键性保护到阻挠金融警察行使职权。And they continue to claim this Wall Street reform is somehow bad for business.他们继续宣称这部华尔街改革法律对企业有某种程度的不利。But that doesnt explain 13 million new jobs and a stock market near record highs.但是这解释不了1300万个新就业岗位和股市已经接近创纪录的高度。This law is only bad for business if your business model depends on recklessness that threatens our economy or irresponsibility that threatens working families.如果你的企业的经营模式建立在损害我们的经济草率或危害我们的工薪家庭的不负责任的基础上,那么这部法律对你的企业不利。We cant put the security of families at risk by returning to the days when big banks or bad actors were allowed to write their own rules.我们不能回到大或恶劣的主力可以书写霸王条款的日子而让成千上万的家庭的安全陷入危险。And if any bill comes to my desk that tries to unravel the new rules on Wall Street,I will veto it.如果任何试图瓦解华尔街的新规则的法案送到了我的办公桌,我将予以否决。Weve worked too hard to recover from one crisis only to risk another.我们如此艰难地走出了一个危机,就绝不能冒陷入另一个危机的风险。In America,we should reward drive,innovation,and fair play.在美国,我们鼓励积极、创新和公平竞争。Thats what Wall Street reform does.华尔街改革做的就是这些。It makes sure everybody plays by the same set of rules.它确保了每个人都按同一套规则竞争。And if we keep moving forward,not backward-if we keep building an economy that rewards responsibility instead of recklessness,then we wont just keep coming back-well come back stronger than ever.如果我们想继续前进—如果我们继续保打造一个经济鼓励负责任而不是草率的经济,那么我们就绝不能仅仅走回头路—我们将以比以往任何时候都强大的姿态回来。Thanks,and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝你们周末愉快。 201507/389653顺城区人民医院男科预约We fought for the young man in the Marine Corps T-shirt who waited months for medical care and said,我们曾奋斗,为了那位身穿海军T恤苦等了数月医院治疗的小伙子,他说:;Take care of my buddies over there, and then will you please take care of me?;“照顾照顾那边我的朋友吧!能不能然后也照顾一下我?”We fought for all those whove lost jobs and health care, who cant afford gas or groceries or college, who have felt invisible to their president these last seven years.我们曾奋斗,为了所有失去工作、无法付医药费、加不起油、买不起日常用品、上不起大学却在过去的7年里不曾见到过总统做过些什么的人。I entered this race because I have an old-fashioned conviction that public service is about helping people solve their problems and live their dreams.我参加此次选举因为我始终怀着一个不入时的信念,那就是公共务是用来解决人们的困难,实现人们的梦想的。Ive had every opportunity and blessing in my own life, and I want the same for all Americans.我已经尽可能抓住了我生命中的一切机会和赐福,我同时希望所有的美国人都能如此。And until that day comes, youll always find me on the front lines of democracy, fighting for the future.并且直到那一天,你将永远看见我站在民主的最前线,为了未来而奋斗!The way-the way to continue our fight now, to accomplish the goals for which we stand is to take our energy, our passion, our strength, and do all we can to help elect Barack Obama, the next president of the ed States.现在,能够继续我们的奋斗、实现我们坚持的目标的方法,就是竭尽我们的能量、、力气以及其他所能来帮助选举巴拉克·奥巴马,我们的下一任美国总统。201411/340430They understand particularly the large companies organize improperly. You see the spends of controlling increase dramatically removal of the layers of the organizations and the impairment of the workforce. But the impairment only works if you have access to the information and you know what you are supposed to be able to do. And nearly the companies you learn how to do this are going to be the one moving ahead.人们并没有真正理解超大公司的意义,他们只是看见由于控制费用的激增导致了机构的缩减和工人的裁员,但只有获得信息和知道处理方法之后这样做才能有效果。只有知道这一点的公司才会前进。One of the reasons our economy is so strong in the US versus other economies around the world is how this high technology is being applied and it doesnt take mathematicians very long to realize which way this trend is heading. You can still see other countries around the world follow the similar trends or they are gonna be left behind as you move forward. When you look at the network, if I were to show you a network design of what you really go through a major business, only an engineer would get excited about it-which is cool. It is unbelievably complex in terms of how you share information. For me, leaders point of view I took at the network I think about is my home office, my international locations, my sales offices, my key suppliers, the ability of my employees, and partners, and suppliers get access from their homes to the information they are entitled to or as you move around the world. But as I began to look at the complexity this represent is kind of scaring. Nearly what you want to see customers or what customers want to see us do as venders is make this transparent to them.美国的经济比其他国家发达的一个原因是我们知道如何运用高科技,不用花数学家们多长时间就能看到这个趋势走向。但其他国家也正在追随这一趋势,否则我们在发展而他们将落后。如果我向您展示您的产业是如何通过网络设计来实现的话,估计只有当您是个工程师时才会感兴趣——感觉这会比较酷。就信息共享来说,这项技术太复杂了。我从一个领导者的角度来看,我眼中的网络就是我的办公室,我的国际事务所,我的销售部,我的主要供应商,我的雇员的能力和我的合作者。并且供应商可以在家中获得信息。但是想到这其中的复杂性我就觉得害怕。要使你可以看到客户的操作以及使客户看到供应商的 操作,网络对他们来说就得有相当的透明度。201408/323118抚顺市高湾特区医院医院肛肠科

抚顺市中医院妇产科好吗抚顺顺城区人民医院怎样预约抚顺新抚区人民医院怎样预约Hi, everybody. On Tuesday, I gave my final State of the Union Address. And a focus was this: how do we make the new economy work better for everyone, not just those at the top?大家好!周二我发表了最后一次国情咨文演讲。其中重点就是:我们如何保在新经济环境下,更好的让每个人都从发展中受益,而不仅仅是社会顶层的少数人?After the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes, were in the midst of the longest streak of private-sector job growth in our history. More than 14 million new jobs. An unemployment rate cut in half. At the same time, our economy continues to go through profound changes that began long before the Great Recession hit. Its changed to the point where even when folks have jobs; even when the economy is growing; its harder for hardworking families to pull themselves out of poverty, harder for young people to start out on their careers, and tougher for workers to retire when they want to.在经历我们此生遭遇的最严重的经济危机之后,我们正处在私有经济发展最良好的历史窗口期中。新增就业岗位超过1400万个。失业率也下降了一半。与此同时,我们的经济也正在经历深刻的变革,这一变革远在大萧条之前就已经开始。这种变革就在于,即便人们有了工作,即便经济一直在不断发展,对工薪家庭而言,要靠他们自身的力量摆脱贫困越来越难,年轻人想要找到一份好工作也越来越难,劳动者想要体面退休也变得越来越难。Thats a big part of the reason a lot of working families are feeling anxious. And it offends our fundamentally American belief that everybody who works hard should be able to get ahead.这正是大量工薪家庭越来越焦虑的主要原因所在。这种情绪侵蚀了美国人民坚定的信念:即每个辛勤付出的人都可以获得成功。Thats why weve been fighting so hard to give families more opportunity and more security-by working to create more good jobs, invest in our middle class, and help working people get a raise. Its what the Affordable Care Act is all about-filling in the gaps in employer-based care so that when somebody loses a job, or goes back to school, or starts that new business, they still have health care. And its why I believe weve got to take steps to modernize our unemployment insurance system.正因如此,我们一直在努力,给每个家庭更多机会,更多保障。努力为大家提供更多工作机会,对中产阶级进行投资,提高工薪人员工资。这也正是《平价医保法》所做的事情,弥补雇主提供的保障留下的空缺,这样即便你失业了,或重返学校进修了,或者开办了新的公司,依然可以享受医疗保险。因此,我相信,我们需要采取措施,完善失业保险体制。If a hardworking American loses her job, regardless of what state she lives in, we should make sure she can get unemployment insurance and some help to retrain for her next job. If shes been unemployed for a while, we should reach out to her and connect her with career counseling. And if she finds a new job that doesnt pay as much as her old one, we should offer some wage insurance that helps her pay her bills. Under my plan, experienced workers who now make less than ,000 could replace half of their lost wages-up to ,000 over two years. Its a way to give families some stability and encourage folks to rejoin the workforce-because we shouldnt just be talking about unemployment; we should be talking about re-employment.如果一位辛勤工作的人失去了工作,无论她住在哪个州,我们都应该确保他可以拿到失业保险,以及获得为寻找新工作的职业培训。如果她失业有一段时间了,我们应该找到她,联系她,为她做一些职业咨询。如果她找到了一份工作,但工资没有以前的工作工资高,我们应该为她提供工资保险,让她可以付日常账单。按照我的计划,业务熟练的劳动者,如果年收入低于5万元,可以得到换工作产生的损失工资一半的收入补偿,最高可以达到两年10万元。通过这种方式,可以让众多家庭的经济基础更稳定,并鼓励人们重新参加工作,因为我们不能只是讨论失业率,我们还应该讨论讨论再就业率。Thats when America works best-when everyone has opportunity; when everyone has some security; and when everyone can contribute to this country we love. Thats how we make sure that hardworking families can get ahead. And thats what Ill be fighting for with every last day of my presidency.这是美国最好的状态,人人都有机会,人人都有保障,人人都可以为我们深爱的国家做出贡献。这样,我们就可以确保辛勤付出的工薪家庭可以取得成功。这也是我们在总统任上将持续为之奋斗的任务。Thanks everybody. Have a great weekend. 谢谢大家,周末愉快!201601/423583抚顺正规妇科医院

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