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Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace Star in The DropThe actors talk about working together in the new crime drama based on Dennis Lehanes short story.Well Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace are in “The Drop”. It’s a new crime drama. And I sat down with both of them. First here is a look at the scene from the movie.“What are you gonna name it?”“Well, I was thinking maybe Rocco, you know, I like the name Rocco, but then I thought Mike.”“Mike?”“You don’t like Mike?”“No, Mike is not a great name for a dog.”“Right.”“Rocco is better.”“Okay.”And I’m so happy to have Noomi and Tom with us this morning, and I understand you were both drawn to this film by the characters you got to play. What was it about them?Well, actually I fell in love with the whole script. I the script before Tom was attached to it and before our lovely director Micha#235;l Roskam was gonna do it. And I just loved. You know, Dennis Lehane’s writing is for me magic and all these characters are very strong and complicated, and I love the whole worlds and then Nadia obviously…And we mention Dennis Lehane. He wrote the screenplay on a short story and that’s where the film is based. And as everyone who worked on “The Drop” was committed to making a greedy, down and dirty film, what do you think will appeal most audiences? That’s quite a description.Yeah, it is.Yeah, isn’t it when you think about it? I don’t know, I don’t know. I think it’s like a…I think a really good film will stand up regardless. It’s a thriller, but it’s also a comedy. I thought comedy is kind of…I thought it’s quite gritty and represents Brooklyn. You know, it’s multinational in many ways, but it’s funny too and…It’s like an awkward love story.Theres a love going on in there.I love that. And Tom, you often play tough guys or hard men, but I have to say, well, you are making a face, because it was interesting to in Esquire that you say you don’t feel that manly.I think it’s kind of difficult and I can only speak for myself. I found just growing is like distinct lack of father figures and role models and men around you. And you can hang on and go, you know what? This guy is, you know, straight and I’d like to be little bit like that when I grow up. So I have to piece together collage of various men to find out who I am.And you are co-staring with Tom in another film “Child 44”, yes?Yes.That’s fantastic.Yes, we went straight from ;The drop; and we had like four weeks I think between the two movies and went to ;Child 44;.So much look forward from both of you and we should mention “The Drop” opens nationwide tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by.Thank you for having us.And thank you, Amy, for bringing that to us. /201409/331873Chomsky argues that our ability to talk乔姆斯基认为我们说话的能力is not just the result of our general intelligence并不仅仅来自于人类的一般智力but that we have an unconscious innate understanding about things而是因为我们潜意识里对于句式语序like sentence structure, word order, meaning and sounds.含义和声调这类事物的天生理解力Arlo, why dont you count them?阿洛 你来数数有几个But while we may have the blueprint for language,但即使我们对语言有先天的认知能力we need to be exposed to it early in life.生命初期也需要生活在语言中If a child is brought up on stilts, lets say,假设一个孩子从小踩着高跷and then theyre taken off when its two years old,两岁时才帮他取掉高跷it probably wont be able to acquire the capacity to walk很可能他就无法学会走路了because its just too late.因为为时已晚You know, something should have happened aly.有些事情是早就应该完成的Same with binocular vision and so on,就像睁开双眼观察一样and probably the same is true of language.可能语言也是这么回事Chomskys theories get to the heart of the fundamental question -乔姆斯基的理论触及了这基本问题的核心is talking the result of nature or nurture?说话的能力是天生的还是后天的201412/348224

翻译之类从前必须有人类参与的工作。那么人类做些什么工作呢?Andrew McAfee评估了近期的劳动力数据之后得出结论:真正的影响尚未到来。然而随后他反观历史,对未来做出了令人惊讶和激动的预测。201312/268889


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