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2019年10月19日 20:04:14来源:赶集频道

Popular Chinese websites on Monday ran photos from anti-Japan protests across the nation, showing images of flipped-over and smashed Japanese-model cars in apparent reaction to a China-Japan dispute over a clutch of rocky islands. 周一中国主流网站上发布了全国各地的反日游行图片,画面显示日本品牌的车被掀、被砸。这显然是中日之间围绕一片岛屿的领土争端所引起的反应。 But in a country where deep-seated mistrust of Japan is apparent even in China#39;s most cosmopolitan cities, an unusual number of voices both online and in state-run media argued that protesters from Shenzhen to Shenyang went too far. 然而,就是在这样一个连最具世界眼光的城市也明显对日本存在极度不信任感的国度,网上和官方媒体上都有不少声音认为,深圳和沈阳的示威者做得过火了。 #39;This type of #39;patriotism#39; will never receive applause,#39; a front-page editorial in the party-backed China Youth Daily. #39;It will only make true patriots feel ashamed.#39; 《中国青年报》在头版发表社论说:“这样的‘爱国’永远无法得到喝,只会让真正的爱国者感到羞愧。” Video posted online showed dozens of people in the southern city of Shenzhen attacking and eventually flipping over a Japanese-made police car. The shows one man, clutching a Chinese flag, dancing atop a flipped vehicle as crowds cheered him on. 网上有视频显示,数十人在南方城市深圳袭击一辆日本品牌的警车,最终将其掀翻。在这段视频中,一名男子拿着一面中国国旗站在一辆被掀翻的车上手舞足蹈,周围人群为他加油鼓劲。 #39;I hate Japan, but those compatriots in these anti-Japan protests are sick,#39; wrote Weibo user on Monday. 新浪微一位用户周一写道,我恨日本,但这些反日游行中的同胞有病。 #39;No matter if the Japanese occupy the Diaoyu islands, if you are smashing Chinese people#39;s cars on Chinese land or capturing and beating up a Japanese person, these actions are all illegal,#39; wrote another user. 另一位用户写道,不管是日本占领钓鱼岛,还是你在中国土地上砸中国人的车,或抓住并殴打一位日本人,这些行为都是非法的。 Renewed anti-Japanese sentiment boiled over the weekend after a group of Japanese activists successfully landed on the disputed Senkaku islands in the East China Sea. The islands are controlled by Japan, but also claimed by China, which calls them the Diaoyu. Taiwan claims the islands as well. 在周末爆发新的反日情绪之前,一群日本活动人士成功登陆了东中国海一片存在主权争议的岛屿。日本称其控制的这片岛屿为尖阁列岛,中国称这片岛屿为钓鱼岛,宣布它是自己的领土。台湾方面也声称拥有钓鱼岛主权。 Sovereignty over the islands is economically and strategically important because the area serves as important fishing grounds and holds potentially valuable oil and natural gas reserves. 拥有这片岛屿的主权具有重要的经济和战略意义,因为这片海域是一个重要的渔场,并蕴藏有可能非常有价值的石油和天然气资源。 Some online users stepped-up calls for a boycott of Japanese products on Monday. One photo posted on Weibo showed a sign posted outside a gas station refusing Japanese cars#39; entry. The photo#39;s authenticity couldn#39;t be independently verified. 一些网民周一进一步呼吁抵制日货。新浪微一张照片显示一个加油站外贴有标语,拒绝日本车进入。照片的真实性无法得到独立消息来源的验。 Chinese media meanwhile kept up calls for solidarity over the Senkaku. Nationalist rhetoric in mainstream media comes as growing numbers of Chinese are calling for Foreign Ministry officials and other government leaders to act more assertively on territorial disputes in the East China Sea and South China Sea, among other issues. 与此同时,中国媒体继续呼吁在钓鱼岛问题上同仇敌忾。在主流媒体发表民族主义言论的同时,越来越多的中国人呼吁外交部官员和其他政府领导人在东中国海、南中国海领土争端等问题上采取更强硬的姿态。 #39;The national strength of China, as long as its growth continues, will become the bargaining chips that force Japan to back off,#39; the Global Times, a popular tabloid with nationalist leanings, wrote in an editorial in its English edition on Monday. #39;The reluctance to resort to military means doesn#39;t mean China is afraid of war.#39; 具有民族主义倾向的流行小报《环球时报》周一在其英文版发表社论说,只要中国继续发展,其国力就将成为逼迫日本让步的谈判筹码;不愿诉诸军事手段并不意味着中国害怕战争。 /201208/196183。

  • A new website has been launched to allow university students to meet for casual sex and its designer claims it is being dominated by female students at Oxford.英国新建的一个大学生一夜情社交网站吸引了大批学生注册。其创建者表示以牛津大学女生用户最多。Tom Thurlow#39;s #39;shagatuni.com#39; encourages members to send each other saucy messages and meet up for no-strings-attached liaisons. It allows users to post a Facebook-style profile which explicitly advertises what they are looking for in a sexual partner.这家一夜情网站名为shagatuni.com,由汤姆·瑟罗创建,鼓励用户互相发送色情信息,并为一夜情见面。注册用户还可以拥有Facebook式的个人主页,明确说明理想的一夜情对象的条件。Mr Thurlow claims the biggest uptake so far appears to have been from young women studying at Oxford University. He says statistics show a whopping 722 women from Oxford signed up since the site launched in October.瑟罗表示,目前来自牛津大学的年轻女生注册人数最多。他说数据显示,自网站10月份创建以来,已有722名来自牛津大学的女生注册。But Oxford’s bitter rivals Cambridge University prove to be the most prudish - with the lowest amount of members in the whole country.但事实明牛津大学的老对手剑桥大学却最正经,在全国来看注册人数最少。#39;The site is aimed at 18-30s university students, college students and people who may be friends of students.#39; he said.他说:“此网站主要针对18至30岁的各大高校学生以及大学生朋友人群。”#39;I am not surprised. When I tour the country filming MTV Freshers the Oxford students are always the most wild.“我一点儿也不惊讶。我去很多学校拍大学新生的视频时就发现,牛津大学的学生是最狂野的。”#39;They are always uptight in the day but by night they were always the craziest. It doesn’t surprise me they have the highest proportion of women looking for sex.#39;“白天他们都学习紧张,晚上就变得很疯狂。牛津大学想找一夜情的女生最多,这丝毫不让我惊讶。”The seedy site advertises itself as a space for students to have sex without #39;the strings attached with dating#39;. It boasts 26,933 members with 18,400 men and 8,533 women signing up for membership since it went live two months ago.这家网站宣称自己是为了给大学生寻找一夜情提供空间。自网站建立两个月以来,已经吸引了26933名注册用户,其中男生达1.84万,女生达8533人。Some of the academic members even include naked self portraits and explicit details of where and how they like to have sex.有些学生甚至直接贴出裸照,详细说明了自己想在哪里,以及如何进行性生活。Mr Thurlow, who has never studied at University, said: #39;At uni it is all night parties, partying on a Monday, Wednesday never mind the weekends.瑟罗本人从未上过大学,他说:“在大学里整夜都是派对,连工作日都有,更别说周末了。”#39;People don’t go to university anymore to learn, they just want to have a good time - and part of that is having lots of sex. I think the reason the site is so popular is that students don’t want commitment and they just want a casual lifestyle.“大家上大学不再是去学习,只是想好好享受生活,包括很多性生活。我觉得网站如此受欢迎是因为学生之间不想要承诺,就想要轻松随意的生活方式。”Membership is a one off £5 for men and free for women giving users the chance to message each other, “wink” at each other and arrange to meet.会员费为男性一次性付清5英镑,女性免费。用户可以互发信息,互送秋波,并安排约会。 /201211/210664。
  • 工作评语   如果你在一家大公司工作,那么你很可能会定期接受人事部门的考评,得到一两句简短的评语,但你了解它们的意思吗?  1、普通员工(不是太聪明)Common colleague(not that smart) /200910/87731。
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