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A Silent Boy on the Train火车上沉默的男孩The first time I saw him I realized I had seen him bee ,though exactly why i had not realy seen him bee this ;first time;,i do not know.第一次看到他的时候,我就感觉到我们曾经在哪儿见过,但我不明白为什么我们以前竟然没见过面Probably I was too busy with the plot of the story I was writing or a line in a poem I was composing.或许是因为我正忙着构思小说,抑或正沉醉于润色某一行诗句Yet I had noted generally all the others—with their caps askew and their school sathels haning at various lengthes from their shoulders.我却像往常一样注意到了其他人——那些外带着学生帽,斜挎着书包的学生们I had heard them too –the laughing,the whispering,the compressed exuberance of youth in a too small space ,the carriage of a buss.不仅如此,我还听到他们的笑声,他们的窃窃私语声,目睹了他们那被压缩在这节狭小的火车车厢里的旺盛的青春活力It was the year I was living in England. Every day I would go back and th from Hertdshire to London by train.那一年,我住在英国每天,我都要乘坐火车来往于赫特福德郡和伦敦之间The journey took about half an hour each way. Every morning a group of schoolboys would board the bus and ride fifteen to twenty minutes .这段路程每趟大约要花费一个小时的时间每天早晨,都会有一群男孩子乘坐这趟火车去上学,大约需要~分钟I was aware of them , but not acutely so . in the beginning they seemed but a noisy blur. Other passengers on the bus did not seem to notice them at all ,they continue to doze, look out the windows or bury themselves in their favorite newspapers.我已经注意到了他们的存在,但并没有对他们给予太多的关注开始的时候,他们似乎只是一个个不起眼的吵吵嚷嚷的小斑点,并没有引起人们太多的注意,车上的其他乘客好像根本没有注意到他们似地,有的打瞌睡,有的茫然地望着窗外,有的则藏在报纸后面专心致志地看着新闻Then one day I saw him,a tiny figure bundle up warmly against the city’s autumn weather.就这样,终于有一天,我看到了他——一个瘦小的男孩子他把自己紧紧地过载衣里,抵御着乡下秋天日渐寒冷的天气I realized immediately that I had seen him many times bee, always in the same place, the seat directly opposite my own.我立即就意识到我曾经不止一次地见过他,而且都是在同一个地方——我的座位正对面的那个位置I smiled at him,having looked up, momentarily from the poem which I was trying to write.顿时,思绪从我正在构思的一首诗里回转过来,我抬起头,微笑地看着他His wide , dark eyes blinked in shyness, I thought, and he turnde his head to gaze out the window the rest of the journey.而他呢,也许是见我在看他的缘故,一双乌溜溜的大眼睛扑闪着,流露出羞涩的神情(我是这么想的),然后,把头转向车窗在剩下的路途里,他就这样一直望着窗外The next day I found myself waiting him to get on the train. At last he came with the others, yet seemingly apart from them.第二天,当我上了火车后,我竟然不由自主地向对面的车座看去——他还没来这是,我才发现自己竟然是那么期待他登上这趟火车He was surrounded by them, yet divorced from them. He seemed to carry his own special world with him a world of one, a world of silence , or so I mused as I watched.最终他还是和大家一起来了,却显得与众不同——虽然他被环绕在他们中间,却和他们显得格格不入他似乎沉浸在自己那个独特的世界 --- 一个孤独,寂静的世界里,或者说我冷眼看上去是那么回事The others jostled and poked on another. Their behavior toward him was gentle when they noticed him. But no one spoke to him.其他的学生则你推我一下,我挤你一下,互相嬉闹着然而,当他们注意到他走过来时,对他的举止却变得彬彬有礼起来但是没人和他讲话Quietly and deliberately he made his way to his usual seat. I kept my eyes on him.他平平静静,从容不迫地径直走向平时所坐的那个座位,而我则一直在看着他;Hello,” I said brightly,”I have been waiting foy you.”“嗨,你好,”我热情地向他打招呼,“我一直在这儿等你” 3976We chase after it,when it is waiting all about us我们苦苦追寻的,其实就在我们身边“Are you happy?;I asked my brother, Lan, one day.一天,我问哥哥伊恩:“你感到幸福吗?”;Yes. No. It depends what you mean,; hesaid.他回答说:“可以说幸福,也可以说不幸福,这要看你指什么了”; Then tell me,; I said, ;when was the last time you think you were happy?;“那你告诉我,”我说,“最近一次你感到幸福是什么时候?”; April 1967,; he said.“1967年月,”他答道It served me right putting a serious question to someone who has joked his way through life.向一个游戏人生的人提问这么严肃的问题,我真是自讨苦吃It served me right putting a serious question to someone who has joked his way through life.向一个游戏人生的人提问这么严肃的问题,我真是自讨苦吃But Lan answer reminded me that when we think about happiness, we usually think of something extraordinary, a pinnacle of sheer delight---and those pinnacles seem to get rarer the older we get.但是伊恩的话启发了我,当我们考虑幸福的时候,我们通常想到一些不同寻常的事情和愉快无比的时刻,而随着年龄的增长,这种时刻是越来越少 a child, happiness has a magical quality. I remember making hide-outs in newly cut hay, playing cops and robbers in the woods, getting a speaking part in the school play.对一个孩子来说,幸福有着梦幻般的色记得我曾在新鲜的干草丛中捉迷藏;在树林里玩“警察与小偷”;在学校的戏剧里扮演有台词的角色Of course, kids also experience lows, but their delight at such peaks of pleasure as winning a race or getting a new bike is unreserved.当然,孩子也有情绪低落的时候;但是,因为赢得一场比赛,或得了一辆新车,他们会毫不掩饰地快乐到极点In the teenage years the concept of happiness changes. Suddenly it conditional on such things as excitement, love, popularity and whether that zit will clear up bee prom night.到了青少年时期,幸福观发生了变化突然间幸福有了条件,例如:刺激、爱情、名气以及舞会前青春痘是否能消除等I can still feel the agony of not being invited to a party that almost everyone else was going to. But I also recall the ecstasy of being plucked from obscurity at another event to dance with a John Travolta look-alike.我清楚地记得,大家都去参加一个舞会,而我末被邀请时的痛苦但也记得,在另—次活动中,我意外地与—个貌似约翰·特拉沃尔塔的人共舞时的兴奋In adulthood the things that bring profound joy---birth, love, marriage---also bring responsibility and the risk of loss. Love may not last, it isnt always good, loved ones die. adults, happiness is complicated.成年后,能带来深深欢乐的事情(如出生、爱情和婚姻),同时也带来了责任和失去的危险爱情可能会消逝,性爱也不总是如意,心爱的人可能会死去对于成人来说,幸福很复杂My dictionary defines happy as “lucky” or “tunate”, but I think a better definition of happiness is “the capacity enjoyment”.字典里幸福的定义是“幸运”或“好运”,但我认为幸福更好的定义是“感受快乐的能力”The more we can enjoy what we have, the happier we are. It easy to overlook the pleasure we get from loving and being loved, the company of friends, the freedom to live where we please, even good health.更多地享受我们拥有的一切,我们就能更多地享受幸福但是,爱与被爱,友人相伴,简单的生活,甚至健康的体魄,这些细碎的快乐却很容易被我们忽视 5769It’s been a long time since I’ve seen my friends Steve and Liz, and I thought this would be a good weekend to drive up to Santa Barbara to see them. Gas prices have been through the roof, but I decided to take the short road trip anyway. Bee getting on the road, I went to the gas station to fill up my tank. I drove past the full-service pump and parked at the first self-service one. I got out of the car and saw that there was an “out of order” sign telling customers to pay inside. I wanted to pay at the pump so I got back into the car and pulled up to the next one. Luckily me, this one was working. I swiped my credit card and took the gas cap off. I pushed the button the grade of unleaded gas I wanted and put the nozzle into my tank. There was a sign on the pump that , “Do not top off.” After the tank was full, I replaced the nozzle and pressed the button a receipt. Right when I was about to leave, I noticed that my windows were dirty, so I got the squeegee and some paper towels and cleaned them. Now, I was y my drive up north. Script by Dr. Lucy Tse 818The Origin of Carnival狂欢节的起源Carnival is a Christian creation derived from the Latin ;Carne vale;, meaning ;farewell meat;.狂欢节是基督教创造的,起源于拉丁文中的Carne vale,意思是“肉啊,再见”And this referred to stop eating the meat. Despite its religious origin, Carnival has developed a secular meaning.这是指停止吃肉尽管起源于宗教,但是狂欢节已经有了非宗教的意义Today, Carnival is time a revelry all. It is a celebration life and revival.现在,狂欢节是人们尽情狂欢的时候这是一个庆祝生命复苏的活动Thus parades, parties, with music and dances are part of it. Wild, noisy, colorful parades of revelers in bright costumes go to main streets to participate and share the joy.伴着音乐和舞蹈的游行、聚会是庆典的一部分在野性的、吵闹的、多的游行中,狂欢者们穿着明亮的装,走上大街,参与庆典并分享着快乐Carnival took on aspects of some spring rites and still keeps them.狂欢节上有与春天相关的仪式,至今保留着In the ancient festival of Saturnalia the Romans used to burn the statue of the king of ancient Saturnalia.古代的农神节中,罗马人过去常会烧毁古代农神节中国王的雕像He was an ugly-looking man and the master of revels. He suffered a real death when the revels were over.他是一个丑陋的人,也是狂欢的主人当狂欢结束时,他就会经历真正的死亡In the countries like Italy, Spain, and France where the influence of Rome has been deepest and most lasting, the statue of Carnival is burnt, drowned, or beheaded to the pretended sorrow or true delight of the revelers.在诸如意大利、西班牙和法国这些受到罗马深刻而持久的影响的国家,狂欢节时会用火烧,用水淹雕像,或者对其斩首,狂欢者以此假装悲伤或者表达喜悦This burnt out statue, as pointed out by the famous anthropologist Sir James Frazer, is no other than the direct ruler after the old king of Saturnalia.著名的人类学家詹姆斯·弗雷泽爵士曾指出的那座烧坏了的雕像,就是古代农神节的国王,以后的直接统治者就没有这类的是发生了In fact, this tradition of statue burning had come as a part of an ancient rites of celebrating the end of the battle between summer and winter.事实上,这种雕像燃烧的传统是古老仪式的一部分,仪式通常在夏季和冬季的战斗结束时举办The wild revelry, which is an important part of Carnival, is also what is left of the same ancient tradition of spring festival.野外狂欢,是狂欢节重要的一部分,也是同样古老的传统春节留下的They are believed to imitate the wars between summer and winter so commonly fought at the coming of spring.他们在夏季和冬季之间模仿演练战争,为来年春天常有的战争做好准备The colorful costumes of the revelers are also said to represent the spring when the white face of nature is cast aside a colorful look.狂欢者五颜六色的装也象征着春天来临,冬日的白色会被春天多的自然所取代The popular tradition of wearing masks during the Carnival also comes from the feature of the New Year festivals.狂欢节带上面具也是受欢迎的一项传统,这也来源于新年庆典The masks are said to represent the dead or spirits from the nether world who come closest to the human at his time of changeover.据说,面具代表了死亡或者来自地狱的魂灵,这些都与人类在人世间的转换有关Carnival is still a wonderful festival of joy in Brazil, Peru, and other parts of South America.狂欢节在巴西、秘鲁等南美的其他一些地方,然后是一个奇妙的欢乐的节日It is also celebrated with much excitement in the European countries ruled by the Catholics.它也是一些信奉天主教的欧洲国家会热烈庆祝的节日Thus it is widely celebrated in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.意大利、法国、西班牙以及葡萄牙都会欢度狂欢节 360

Jin: Did you hear what happened to McQ Corp?金:你听说MCQ公司发生了什么变故吗?Dina: No, what?蒂娜:没有,什么?Jin: Hackers were able to get unauthorized access to its computer systems and cause a lot of problems over the weekend. They destroyed data and rendered the system unusable. In fact, the entire system crashed.金:黑客非法入侵MCQ公司的电脑系统,导致整个周末出现了许多问题他们摧毁了数据,使系统无法运转实际上,整个系统都瘫痪了Dina: I hadnt heard that. Why McQ Corp?蒂娜:我没听说过为什么要攻击MCQ公司?Jin: Well, the company announced last week that it had implemented new security measures, which made their systems impenetrable.金:其实,这家公司上星期就宣布已经实施了新的安保策略,保系统无坚不摧Dina: Ah, that explains it. Making an announcement like that is like issuing a challenge.蒂娜:啊,怪不得发表这样宣言就等于发起挑战Jin: Yeah, it was definitely a challenge. I bet a lot hackers were trying to breach those security measures, just to show that it could be done. One of them certainly found the system vulnerabilities and exploited them.金:是的,这绝对是一次挑战我猜许多黑客都在试图攻破这些安保措施,尽管只是为了明这是可以做到的肯定有人会发现系统的漏洞,然后利用它们Dina: What was McQ Corp thinking? Theyve had problems in the past with hackers and then they issue this challenge. I say that it serves them right!蒂娜:MCQ公司到底在想什么?过去他们也曾遭到过黑客攻击,之后便发起挑战要我说,这是自找的Jin: They shouldnt have bragged about their new security measures, but those hackers caused a lot of damage.金:他们不应该吹嘘新的安保系统,毕竟黑客们造成了许多损失Dina: I bet McQ Corp learned its lesson: Dont wave a red flag in front of a bull!蒂娜:我想MCQ公司肯定吸取了教训:以后决不在公牛面前扬红旗!原文译文属! 1858

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