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Little is known about Ahmed Angel, the Iraqi model who has taken the Internet by storm this week. However, we do know this: He#39;s a splendid specimen of mankind with a knack for flaunting his fabulous Photoshop skills. There#39;s even a tribute called ;Ahmed is planet.;关于艾哈默德安吉尔我们知之甚少,这位伊拉克模特这周爆红网络。不过我们了解的是:他是一位特别赞的人类同胞代表,懂得如何炫耀自己超棒的PS技术。 网络上甚至出现了一个叫;Ahmed is planet;的致敬视频。Just who is Ahmed Angel, the mysteriously bright-eyed, shiny-haired, self-loving poser trending online everywhere from Reddit to Kotaku to BuzzFeed? We#39;re not certain, honestly. But here#39;s what we#39;ve gathered so far:这个艾哈默德安吉尔究竟是谁?从社交新闻网站红迪网到游戏客小宅网到新闻聚合网站BuzzFeed,到处都在疯传这名网络新星的照片。说实话,我们并不确定这位有着明媚双眸、亮泽发质、特别自恋的神秘模特是何方神圣,这是我们目前搜集到了有关他的一些资料。1. He is planet. And in a loving tribute to himself, he shows us all what that means.他是行星,在他自己上传的那个叫;Ahmed is planet;的致敬视频中,安吉尔告诉我们这句话是什么意思。2. He rocks acid-washed jeans. And not only that—he can look equally divine in shades of mustard, turquoise, taupe, cherry-red, yellow, chartreuse, pink, and white.他和酸洗牛仔裤是绝配。不仅如此,各色衣穿在他身上都独具风味,不管是深黄色、宝石绿、灰褐色、樱桃红,还是纯黄色、黄绿色、粉色或白色。3. He’s accomplished, yet still learning. Angel is both a doctor and a student. (It all depends which Facebook account you’re referring to—the regular page, on which he’s a student, or the “official” page, on which he’s a doctor, and which is the only page “liked” by the regular one.)他才华横溢但仍在学习。安吉尔既是医生又是学生。(这得看你浏览的是哪个脸谱主页——普通版页面上显示他是学生,但“官方版” 页面上他是医生。而且后者是前者唯一的“喜欢”对象。)4. His FB fans are gushers. They tell him, “You make my life complete,” and, “You are a wonderful creature,” and call him “mega-inspirational,” “amazing,” “the best forever,” “more beautiful than the sun and the moon combined,” and, simply, “stunning.”安吉尔的脸谱粉丝毫不掩饰对其赞美之词:“你让我生命完整了” 还有“你是神一般的存在”,这些粉丝说他“有巨大的精神鼓舞力”、“无比迷人”、“永远世界第一”、“比太阳月亮加起来更美丽”,还有简洁概括的“美呆了”。5. His hometown is Iraq. But he’s aly a “superstar” in the Middle East, Europe, and Russia, he notes.根据安吉尔的说法,他的家乡是伊拉克,但现在他已经成为中东、欧洲和俄罗斯的“巨星”。6. He was a social-media Johnny Come Lately. Despite being a photographic and photogenic genius, Angel only first graced FB with his presence in January 2012. But he also has a vibrant presence on VK, a Russian social networking site with 43 million daily users.安吉尔是个社交媒体新人。虽然他十分上镜,在摄影上具有天分,却是在2012年第一次出现在脸谱网上。不过现在他会频繁登陆VK网,这是一家每日用户达4300万人的俄罗斯社交网站。7. He’s a holy man. Angel is a Muslim, according to VK, who is inspired by Allah and looks down upon drinking alcohol and smoking. (His “personal priority,” however, is “fame and influence.”)安吉尔有自己的信仰。据VK网透露,他是个穆斯林,信奉真主阿拉,拒绝抽烟喝酒。(然而他的“个人重点”却是“名望和影响”。)8. He’s nothing if not well coiffed. Note the shapely eyebrows, glossed hair, made-up eyes and perfectly placed beauty mark. Or is it real?如果他没有精心修整打理,就要逊色许多。看看他那匀称修剪的双眉、散发着光泽的头发、上过妆的眼睛和恰到好处的美人痣吧。真令人怀疑这是不是真的。9. He’s a nature lover. Doves, dolphins, Gerbera daisies, butterflies, lilies, clouds, the Milky Way, expanses of green lawn, and the cerulean sea: Angel lovingly shares photo space with each, and never hogs the frame.安吉尔热爱自然。他创建了多个照片分享空间,有鸽子、海豚、非洲菊、蝴蝶、百合花、云、系、广阔草坪和蔚蓝大海,各有主题,井然有序。10. He’s multi-lingual. Angel is a speaker of English, Russian, Arab and French. And love.安吉尔说多种语言:英语、俄语、阿拉伯语和法语,当然他也懂爱的语言。 /201305/240921

According to the Daily Mail of October 21, a study has found that many women will find themselves more miserable with their advancing years, while most men feel happier once retired.Men become more satisfied with their lives once they have escaped the "drudgery" of full-time work, but for old women, retirement is more likely to bring loneliness and monotony, researchers discovered.Women over the age of 75 were the worst affected, with women of this age particularly likely to have low levels of "wellbeing."Many reported suffering from depression, poor quality of life, loneliness and poor "life satisfaction."Professor Michael Marmot, who led the research, said that the over-50s in general had become less happy with their lives over the past four years.But he said that women in particular tended to be unhappy as they grew older because they had outlived their husbands and their children had grown up and moved away.Women were also disproportionately affected by the difficulties of having to care for sick relatives - something which was revealed to take a significant toll on wellbeing.But men appear to buck the trend after retirement, with higher levels of "life satisfaction" among those aged over 65 than in younger men, according to the report.Professor Michael suggested that this could be because men were enjoying retirement more than going to work every day, finding the time to concentrate on hobbies and spend time with friends and family.The study, carried out by researchers from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing, tracked more than 10,000 men and women aged over 50 since 2002. The study is the most comprehensive one of its kind, which monitored their spending levels, happiness and health. /201010/116417

Asian consumers have kept their countries#39; economies humming while exports to Europe and the U.S., long key sources of growth, have been a drag. Now there are signs consumer spending also is ticking down, which is bad news for one of the global economy#39;s few bright spots. 在对欧洲和美国的出口成为拖累经济增长的不利因素的情况下,亚洲消费者成了保持该地区各个国家经济活力的重要力量。而如今却有迹象表明,亚洲消费者出数量也在下降。对于全球经济少数亮点之一的亚洲地区来说,这是一个坏消息。长期以来,对欧美的出口是亚洲国家经济增长的重要因素。 Koreans are buying fewer cars. Chinese consumers are cutting back on new clothes. There aren#39;t as many shoppers lining up outside Louis Vuitton boutiques in Hong Kong. Bets at the baccarat tables in casinos in Macau and Singapore - a proxy for Chinese tourism and consumer spending - have grown more slowly than in the previous three years. 韩国人购置新车的数量减少,中国消费者削减了添置新衣的出。香港路易威登(Louis Vuitton)门店外排队的购物者数量没有以往那么多了。和新加坡赌桌上赌注──这是观察中国旅游业和消费出的一个窗口──的增长速度和前三年相比慢了不少。 Some economists say that in recent months, the high-performing consumer sector across much of Asia has lost its edge. Many shopkeepers and business owners say they are feeling the effects of the cautious consumer. 一些经济学家说,最近几个月,亚洲大部分地区曾经表现突出的消费业已经失去了优势。许多店主和企业主说,他们已经感到消费者谨慎消费带来的影响。 #39;The spending power is less than before,#39; said Shawkat Imran, chef and part-owner of several Italian restaurants in Hong Kong. #39;Sometimes customers come, they share food. Some who used to drink a glass of wine now order a glass of water.#39; 大厨伊姆兰(Shawkat Imran)说,顾客的消费能力不及以往了,有时顾客到店里会几个人分享一道美食,原来会点一杯葡萄酒的顾客现在只会点一杯水了。伊姆兰在香港多家意大利餐厅拥有股份。 The number of customers hasn#39;t dropped, Mr. Imran said, but they are sharing dishes and spending 20% less per bill. 伊姆兰说,顾客数量没有下降,但顾客现在经常会几个人分享一道美食,每餐消费金额降低了20%。 The shift in sentiment is subtle, and there isn#39;t yet evidence that spending has plunged as it did in Spain and Greece. But in many economies, spending growth has ebbed from high levels. Should Europe and the U.S. continue to slide and Asia#39;s trade picture get worse, Asian consumers will eventually be forced to cut back in more meaningful ways. 市场情绪的转变并不明显,目前还没有据表明亚洲地区的消费出像西班牙和希腊那样大幅下降。但亚洲很多经济体的消费出增速已经从高位下滑。如果欧洲和美国继续衰退,且亚洲的贸易前景进一步恶化,那么亚洲消费者最终将被迫大幅削减消费开。 The loss of the robust consumer - while not considered a given by most economists - would #39;represent the next leg down for Asia#39;s economies,#39; said Nigel Chalk, a former economist at the International Monetary Fund who now heads emerging-markets research at Barclays Capital in Singapore. 巴克莱资本(Barclays Capital)驻新加坡新兴市场研究负责人乔克(Nigel Chalk)说,失去强大的消费者──大多数经济学家并不认为强劲的消费是一个默认的前提条件──将成为亚洲经济体所遭受的下一个冲击。乔克曾在国际货币基金组织(IMF)任经济学家。 The Asian Development Bank figures the region, outside Japan, will slow to an annual rate of 6.6% growth this year, compared with 7.2% in 2011, its slowest pace since the 2009 financial crisis. Much of that decline is due to slowing exports. 亚洲开发(Asian Development Bank)估计今年亚洲地区(不含日本)的经济增速将降至6.6%,低于去年的7.2%,是自2009年金融危机以来的最低水平。造成经济增速放缓的主要原因是出口放缓。 Consumers in Asia have benefited from a healthy job market and rising wages. Employers are reluctant to cut positions, fearing that the current lull is just that, and not the beginning of broader recession. Despite the export slowdown, unemployment rates in trade-dependent economies such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea are near record lows. 亚洲消费者主要受益于健康的就业市场和工资水平的上升。雇主不愿意裁员,认为目前市场的暂时停滞并非更大规模经济衰退的开始。尽管出口增长放缓,但新加坡、香港、台湾和韩国等贸易依赖型经济体的失业率却接近记录低点。 #39;We aren#39;t seeing any major fallout from the broader world, but I wouldn#39;t describe it as booming either,#39; said Terry O#39;Connor, chief executive of Courts Asia, an electronics and home-furnishings retailer in Singapore and Malaysia. #39;There isn#39;t a jobs crisis here.#39; 在新加坡和马来西亚均有业务的电子产品和家装产品零售商Courts Asia的首席执行长奥康纳(Terry O#39;Connor)说,我们没有看到亚洲经济受到全球经济的重大影响,但我也不认为亚洲经济在蓬勃发展;亚洲不存在就业危机。 Nevertheless, the region#39;s employment outlook has cooled. A survey of 450 companies by Singapore recruiters Achieve Group found that two-thirds have frozen hiring for the rest of the year. Six months ago, only half the companies expected to do so. South Korea#39;s low rate of unemployment is deceptive, some economists say. Many older residents, unable to find jobs, have struck out on their own, opening food stands and markets that make little money. 尽管如此,该地区的就业前景已经变得冷清。新加坡人力资源公司Achieve Group对450家企业进行的调查发现,三分之二的企业在今年余下的时间里将不再招聘新员工。而六个月之前,只有50%的企业预计会这么做。一些经济学家说,韩国的低失业率数据具有欺骗性。许多年龄较大且找不到工作的韩国人已经开始自谋生路,比如依靠摆食品摊获得一些微薄的收入。 In China, the region#39;s largest economy, retail sales grew 13% in July compared with the year earlier. That is still strong, but slower than the 20% growth rates of the past few years. To compensate, the government has unveiled tax incentives to goose purchases of home appliances and restarted a type of #39;cash for clunkers#39; program. 该地区最大的经济体中国7月份零售额同比增长了13%。这个增长势头仍然算是强劲,但却低于过去几年里20%的增幅。为应对这一状况,中国政府在税收方面推出了刺激政策,以促进家电的销售,中国政府还重新启动了“以旧换新”项目。 #39;Relative to a couple of years ago, things are crawling#39; said Stanley Szeto, chief executive of Lever Style Inc., a Hong Kong-based maker of high-end clothes for brands such as Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein. Lever Style has 7,000 employees and factories in China and Vietnam. 雨果斯(Hugo Boss)和Calvin Klein等高端品牌的高端成衣制造商利华成衣集团(Lever Style Inc.)首席执行长司徒志仁(Stanley Szeto)说,与前几年前相比,现在的生意可以说是在爬行。 Before, the clothing manufacturer had relied almost completely on demand from Europe and the U.S., Mr. Szeto said. However, in the past few years, Greater China, including Hong Kong and Taiwan, made up for weakness from the developed world, he said. Nowadays, Chinese retailers are #39;building fewer stores or their sales growth is a little slower and they are over-inventoried,#39; Mr. Szeto said. 司徒志仁说,利华成衣最初几乎完全依靠来自欧美的需求。然而过去几年,包括香港和台湾在内的大中华区弥补了发达国家需求不足的状况。他说,如今,中国的零售商放慢了开设新店的速度,或者是销售增长略有放缓,同时还存在库存过多的问题。 In South Korea, where the economy hinges on trade, consumers are downright moribund. Department-store sales and auto sales are shrinking. Home prices are starting to fall. The government has reacted with a raft of measures to support consumers, including easier terms on home loans. There also is talk of a major stimulus package. 在经济严重依赖贸易的韩国,消费完全停滞不前。百货公司的销售和汽车销量都在缩水。房地产价格已经开始下降。政府采取了大量措施刺激消费,包括放宽对购房贷款的限制。推出一项大规模一揽子刺激方案的讨论也浮出水面。 While Korea#39;s car makers are managing to turn a profit selling Hyundais and Kias in the U.S, at home, sales are contracting. 就在韩国的汽车制造商在美国销售现代(Hyundai)汽车和起亚(Kia)汽车刚开始盈利的当口,国内销量却正在下降。 #39;Vacation season and holidays are times when we used to make good sales, but not now,#39; says Park Jong-moon, manager at a Hyundai dealership in eastern Seoul. #39;The economy is not doing well. Customers with money can buy cars and other things but, since many have bank loans and debts, they don#39;t have money to spend.#39; 位于首尔东部的一家现代汽车经销商的经理Park Jong-moon说,以往节假日期间通常是销售旺季,但现在不是了;经济不景气,有钱的消费者确实买得起汽车和其他东西,但是,由于许多人都承担着贷款和其他债务,他们没钱消费。 In 2012, his showroom has seen sales decline in five of the past seven months. In June, sales were down 7% from May. Nationwide, car sales in the first half of the year were 6% lower than in 2011, according to the Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association. 在2012年已经过去的七个月里,Park Jong-moon的店面的销量有五个月都呈下降趋势。其6月的销量环比下降了7%。韩国汽车工业协会(Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association)说,今年上半年,全国范围汽车销量同比下降了6%。 Korea#39;s central role in the global supply chain of electronics and cars makes it something of a bellwether on exports. The rest of Asia is hoping Korean consumers aren#39;t bellwethers, too. 鉴于韩国在全球电子产品和汽车供应链中的核心地位,韩国是全球出口贸易的风向标,亚洲其他国家则希望本国的消费者不会步韩国消费者之后尘。 /201208/196191

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