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Financial leaders face tough Ukraine talks As finance ministers gather in Washington DC for the IMF World Bank spring meetings all eyes will be on the Ukraine crisis.As Finance ministers of the worlds nations gather here in Washington D.C. for the IMF World Bank’s spring meetings, the topic of Ukraine will loom large. Members of the Fund will likely try to hammer out a timeframe for the disbursement of the 80-billion-dollar aid package awarded by the IMF to Ukraine. This, amid concerns of the spillover effects of Russias incursion, could shave as much as half of its percent of Russian’s own growth rate and perhaps even threaten to derail the worlds nascent economic recovery.While setting enough bit so cautions tone for these meetings, the IMF released its own research: putting global growth at 3.6% for this year with UK and the U.S. leading the charge.But question still relays on how the world economies will deal with the end of the quantities easing and rising rates in the future.We have begun to turn the corner from the global financial crisis. And the global financial stability is significantly improving. But I want to also tell you that it is too early to declare victory, because there is a need to move beyond liquidity dependence.The Weeks gathering will also see ECBS President take to the stage facing growing concerns about possible deflation and falling prices in the crisis-hit euro zone. As such, any comments that Mario Draghi make on the subject of monetary stimulus for the bloc will be keenly watched. Mind you, since he speaks on Saturday, markets will have to wait for a new trading week to respond. And in the meantime, they will spend days guessing. Nina Dos Santos CNN Washington. /201404/289496

doesnt make any difference to his cultural and historical importance,because his films changed the world.对他在文化和历史上的重要地位都没有任何影响,因为他的电影已经改变了世界。You got the job on The Green Hornet,where you played Kato, the chauffeur,mainly because youre the only Chinese-looking guy who could pronounce the name of the leading character, Britt Reid.你在《青蜂侠》里扮演司机加藤,主要是因为你是唯一一个名字跟布里特·雷德谐音的亚洲脸男子。I made that as a joke, of course.And its a heck of a name, man.Every time I said it at that time,I was super conscious.你说笑了,那个名字很棒。那时候我一说起这个名字就想到我自己的名字Mr Reids residence.As a kid, we watched Green Hornet for him.We could care less about Green Hornet.这是雷德先生家,小时候我们都是为了他看《青蜂侠》,我们对青蜂侠一点都没有兴趣。He had a fly car, Ill give him props for the car,but Kato was incredible.Everybody in the neighbourhood was fighting to be Bruce Lee,not the Green Hornet.他有个飞车,我只会觉得车不错,但加藤简直不可思议。周围的人个个争着要当李小龙,而不是青蜂侠。A lot of stunt guys didnt know how to react.You do the old John Wayne,you throw a punch and the guy goes down.With him,its boom, boom, boom, boom,lightning fast.《青蜂侠》里的很多特技演员碰到李小龙都不知所措。如果是打约翰·韦恩的话,你打一拳他就会趴下,但跟李小龙,你还没反应过来他已经出了好几招,像闪电一样。Theres a shot of Bruce and hes doing a kick,and his thigh, his inner thigh, is flat against his chest.And we would just look at that kick like,;Are you kidding me?;;Look how incredible this guy can kick.;有一幕是布鲁斯踢飞腿,他的大腿内侧贴着他的胸口。我当时就愣住了,想这不是开玩笑吧,这人太能踢了。I think about what my dad said about his first foray into Hollywood.There were all these seasoned actors doing their thing,and he felt like the only robot in the room.Thats something I can really relate to in my life, back when I was acting,and I was trying so hard to impress the right people.我想起我爸爸说起他第一次进军好莱坞,那些有经验的演员都在卖力表演,只有他像个机器人似的。这点我也深有感触,以前我演戏的时候我竭力想给别人留下好印象。201311/265251

The creation of new sound signs was probably quite a fast-moving process,创造新表音符号的过程很可能极快。and as they developed, the signs would have had to be listed-the earliest dictionaries if you like-beginning an intellectual process of categorising things and relationships, that has never stopped since.随着符号逐渐增多, 便有了将其全部列出的必要性,可以称之为最早的词典。由此也开始了一个将词汇、物品及其之间的关系分类记录的过程,这一过程现在还在延续。Our little beer-ration tablet leads directly, and swiftly, to a completely different way of thinking about ourselves and about the world that surrounds us.这块记录啤酒配给的写字板直接而迅速地让我们获得了一种重新思考自己、思考周围世界的新方式。But what does it do to the human mind when writing becomes part of culture? We asked John Searle, Professor of Philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley:加州大学伯克利分校的哲学教授约翰瑟尔描述了当文字成为文化的一部分时,人脑发生了怎样的变化:I think you dont understand the full import of the revolution brought by writing if you think of it just as preserving information into the future.文字是我们所认为的现代文明产生的关键。它具有我们无法了解的创造力。如果你认为它只是保存信息的一种方式,那你并没有真正理解文字革命所带来的巨大影响。There are two areas where writing makes an absolutely decisive difference to the whole history of the human species.它在两个方面决定性地改写了整个人类历史。One area is complex thought.其一是复杂的思考能力。Theres a limit to what you can do with the spoken word.口述的能力是有限的。You cannot really do higher mathematics or even more complex forms of philosophical argument of the kind that I am interested in, unless you have some way of writing it down and scanning it.如果没有一个记录并能反复查看的方式,人类无法进行高等数学运算或是更复杂的哲学辩论。So its not adequate to think of writing just as a way of recording, for the future, facts about the past and the present.因此仅仅认为文字是一种为未来记录现代和过去的方式是不够的。On the contrary, it is immensely creative.相反,它具有无限的创造力。But now a second thing about writing, which I think is just as important as that, and that is when you write down you dont just record what aly exists, but there are elements in which you create new entities.至于第二点也很重要:当你用文字书写时,你并不只记录了巳存在的内容,You create money, you create corporations, you create governments, you create complex forms of society, and writing is essential for all of that.还创造了新的实体一金钱、组织、政府、社会的复杂形式。文字是这一切的关鍵。 201406/307917

So theres more than three million of you know, last year I bought two iPad2s, with the Facetime chat and a little bit of the Duct Tape...所以你们有超过三百万人知道,去年我买了两台iPad2,用Facetime影音视讯和一点点“大力胶”...YouTuber Mark Rober...Mark Rober... A NASA engineer, his name is Mark Rober, he...YouTube使用者Mark Rober...Mark Rober...一位美国太空总署的工程师,他的名字叫Mark Rober,他...I created a costume that had basically blown a hole in my gut. So the most common reaction was, ;Cool idea, bro, but I dont have twelve hundred dollars to spend on a Halloween costume.;我做了一套装基本上在我的肠子部位打穿了个洞。所以最普遍的反应是“很棒的点子,老兄,但我可没有一千两百美金可以花在万圣节装扮上。”Or... as juiceypants27 put it: ;I have a great idea for a costume too... All I need is two Aston Martins, a titanium donkey and a metric ton of rabbit fur.;或者...像是juiceypants27留言:“我也有个很棒的万圣节装点子...我需要的只是两台奥斯顿马丁(天价超跑),一只白金驴子和一公吨的兔子毛。”Douch-e, juiceypants, I apologize.被发现了(注1),juiceypants,我跟你道歉。So for this year, all you need is some kind of Apple or Android mobile device...(Sorry Zack...) that can download a free APP called ;digital dudz; that I created for some buddies. So Im gonna go through a few really cool costumes you can make by accessing the interactive s in the APP.所以今年,你需要的只是某种Apple或android装置...(抱歉了Zack...)(注2)那能够下载一个我为一些好兄弟设计的,叫做“digital dudz”的免费APP。所以我要跟你讨论几个真的很酷的装,只要在这APP中使用互动视讯你就能做那些装。For example, you take a like this, combine it with the cool Muno shirt like this... So then you cut out his eye. You duct tape the device to the inside of the shirt. Play the animation, and then youre exactly this awesome. So heres a few more examples.举例来说,你用像这样的一段影片,把它跟像这样很酷的Muno衫(好莱坞红牌:Junk Food Muno)结合在一起...因此接着你剪下他的眼睛。用大力胶把手机黏在衣里面。播放动画,然后你就是真的这么棒。所以这里还有更多例子。Now all these t-shirt designs are a hundred percent original. So if theres one you really like, you can access it through the APP or at digitaldudz.com. Here you can double tap, or even use your Apple headphones to extinguish and reignite the flame.所有这些t-shirt设计百分之百都是原创的。所以如果有件你真的很喜欢的t-shirt,你可以从APP或digitaldudz.com上买到它。这里你可以双击,或甚至用你的Apple耳机去熄灭并再次点燃火焰。Halloween is just six days before the election. So wear this to show your support for one of these guys. Or...turn on Derp Mode to show your lack of support for one of these guys.万圣节只在总统大选前六天。所以穿上这个去展示你对这其中一人的持。或者...打开“智障模式”去表达你不持其中某人。Here you can choose a picture that goes inside the crystal ball. So before the party, you just photoshop yourself and the woman in your dreams. And then when you see her there, youd be like, ;What? Its the future! What can you do?;这里你可以选一张照片放到水晶球里面。在派对开始之前,你只要用Photoshop把你和你的梦中情人放在一起。然后当在那里看到她,你就可以像是:“啥?这就是未来!你能怎么办?”This one is straight up creepy awesome! So for the most of the animations, you guys have options to choose: things like eye color, music. Theres always some way to interact with it. In this case you can hook up your Apple headphones and then inconspicuously click the trigger to have them start and stop. Or you could just double tap.这个简直就是恐怖至极了!所以对于大部分的动画,你们有选择权:像是眼睛颜色、音乐之类的东西。总是有办法可以和它互动。这一款的你可以连上Apple耳机,然后不引人注意地按下开关启动并停止它们。或者你可以就双击它。So thats less than half the costumes. Youll actually find twelve more through the APP or digitaldudz.com, including my personal favorite: the freaking 80s cartoon bad guy picture frame, like from Scooby-doo.所以那只是一半不到的装。你实际上可以从APP或digitaldudz.com上面再找到十二种装,包括我个人的最爱:80年代的卡通坏人相框,像是“史酷比”的。But for the grand finale, Ive got one, and it isnt even a shirt. Its called the iWound, and I designed it with my buddy Christian. You just play animation and then slip it in the pocket on the back, which is designed to snugly fit pretty much any size mobile device. And there you go!但作为最终大结局,我有个东西,它甚至不是一件衣。它叫做“iWound”,我和我好兄弟Christian一起设计出来的。你只要播放动画然后把它塞进后面的口袋里,这口袋是设计给几乎任何大小的手机量身订做的。那就对了!Heres an example of costume I put together, ten minutes, with an old shirt, old tie, a little bit of red paint. Now iWound actually comes with double stick tape, so you could stick it directly to your body or you could just stick it to the back of your shirt. So my buddy Rahaad took the iWound down in public to see what they thought... And this is basically what they thought.这是个我组合的万圣节装例子,只要十分钟,一件旧衬衫、旧领带和一点红色油漆。现在iWound实际上附有双面胶,因此你可以直接把它黏到你身上,或者你可以把它黏在你的衬衫后面。所以我的好兄弟Rahaad把“iWound”带到公开场合,看看他们怎么想...而这基本上就是他们的想法。Not again! Hmm...不是又来了吧!嗯...So this year, look the other guy drop seventy dollars to be an Angry Bird! ;Hey! Guess who I am!; Or even worse, the rich jerk who can afford this costume. And you can spend four minutes preparing your costume and then show up at work or the party like a boss: Jeans and t-shirt, like its no big deal.所以今年,看看那个人花了七十美金变成一只“愤怒鸟”!“嘿!猜猜我扮啥!”或更糟的--那买得起这套装扮的凯子混蛋。而你可以花上四分钟准备你的装扮,然后像个老大一样的去办公室或是出席派对:牛仔裤加上t-shirt,像是没什么大不了的。And then when he says, ;What are YOU supposed to be?;然后当他说:“你”是在扮什么鬼?”Simply respond with...简单的回应...So feel free to use the APP animations to come up with your own ideas. But if you wanna take your game to the next level, you can buy any of the original shirt design you saw or the iWound. They are available through the APP or at digitaldudz.com. Well ship them till we run out.所以请自便使用APP动画想出你自己的点子。但如果想要升级到高手区的话,你可以买任何所看到的原创衫或是“iWound”。它们都可以透过APP或是digitaldudz.com购买。我们将会卖到售完为止。Note1:“Douch-e”的发音为“do-shay”,是个外来语,同时也是个双关语。其一是说:;You got me here!;(被你发现了、抓包了);另一种用法则是用作回应没礼貌、侮辱人的言论。在这影片中虽然翻作“被你发现了”,但作者同时想要表达的是“你这浑蛋”的意思。Note2:这里说的;Sorry, Zack.;是有典故的。Zack Morris是个美国80年代电视剧的人物名,由Mark-Paul Gosselaar演出。其人物形象总是带着个“黑金刚”手机,而“黑金刚”在美国被戏称“Zack Morris Phone”。所以用在这里是在说:“Zack,抱歉你的手机可能不能用这APP。”201411/341774

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Its time for the shoutout. “大声喊出来”时间到了!About how fast is the speed of sound?音速大约有多快?If you think you know it, then shout it out. 如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it around 250, 580, 760 or 1,500 miles per hour? Youve got three seconds, go.它是大约250英里每小时、589英里每小时、760英里每小时、还是1500英里每小时?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!At sea level, the speed of sound is about 760 miles per hour. That is your answer and thats your shoutout.在海平面,音速大概是每小时760英里左右。那就是你的,那就是你的大喊。AZUZ: There are vehicles, like some fighter jets, that travel faster than the speed of sound. 有一些交通工具,比如说一些战斗机,它们的速度比声音快。But most folks, you and I, dont have access to them. 但大多数的民众,就像你和我,都没有机会接近它们。A billionaire who is involved in private space travel and electric cars wants to change that. 一位涉足私人太空旅行和电动车的亿万富翁想要改变这一现状。These are designs for something called the Hyperloop. 这是名为“超回路”的设计。Elon Musk, a billionaire, says it can get from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 30 minutes. Elon Musk是一名百万富翁,他说“超回路”能在30分钟内从旧金山到洛杉矶。It would move at around the speed of sound, using electric motors and air pressure to zip back and forth through a tube. 它会以接近光速的速度移动,用电动机和空气压力通过一个管子来使之前后移动。Musk admits there are challenges, but the idea has people talking.Musk承认有一些挑战,但是人们有这个想法。 /201308/252736

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