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抚顺男科医院彩超预约电话抚顺职业病防治院治疗前列腺疾病哪家医院最好A manhunt was under way last night for a suspected Isis bomber after co-ordinated attacks in Brussels killed at least 30 people, injured hundreds of others and brought a terrorist atrocity to a European capital for the second time in four months. 警方昨夜开始追捕一名“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)的炸弹袭击嫌疑人,此前布鲁塞尔发生的连环爆炸造成至少30人遇难、数百人受伤,这是欧洲国家首都在4个月里第二次遭遇恐怖主义暴行Two explosions ripped through the check-in area at BrusselsZaventem airport, north-east of the EU’s capital and a few kilometres from Nato’s headquarters, shortly before 8am. A third device at the airport failed to detonate and was later dismantled by police. 昨天上午临近8点时,位于欧盟首府布鲁塞尔东北方向、距北约(Nato)总部仅数公里的扎芬特姆机Zaventem)办理登机手续的区域发生了两起爆炸。机场内的第3个炸弹未能引爆,后来被警方拆除Then a little more than an hour after the initial attacks, another blast ripped through a metro carriage at Maalbeek station in the heart of the district dominated by EU offices, killing at least 20 people. Belgian media reported 14 deaths at the airport, citing staff at hospitals. 最初这波袭击发生一小时后,位于欧盟办公大楼聚集的市中心Maalbeek地铁站的一个地铁车厢内再次发生爆炸,造成至少20人遇难。比利时媒体援引医院工作人员的话称,机场爆炸造成14人遇难At least two of the detonations were the work of suicide bombers, Belgian authorities said yesterday evening. Frédéric Van Leeuw, the country’s chief federal prosecutor, said two suspects photographed by CCTV at Zaventem airport had very probably killed themselves as suicide bombers. 比利时政府昨晚表示,至少有两次爆炸是自杀炸弹袭击者所为。联邦检察官弗雷德里#8226;范莱Frédéric Van Leeuw)称,扎芬特姆机场的闭路电视拍下的两名自杀式袭击嫌疑人很有可能已经在爆炸中自杀However, a third man caught on camera alongside them, dressed in a white jacket and a hat, was the subject of an active manhunt. 然而,摄像头拍摄到的与二人在一起的身着白色夹克、头戴一顶帽子的第三个人成为追捕目标Just days after police raids in the city had produced an apparent breakthrough in efforts to curb Belgium’s jihadi networks, Isisattacks, intelligence officials said, revealed an even deeper layer of operational capability for the terrorists in Europe than previously assessed. 情报官员称,警方在布鲁塞尔发起的突袭在遏制比利时圣战分子网络方面取得表面突破仅几天后,ISIS就能发动袭击,表明欧洲境内恐怖分子具有比此前的评估更深层次的行动能力“This kind of attack couldn’t really be organised in any less than four days and it would usually be weeks in the planning,said Matthew Henman, manager of IHS Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Centre. “It’s certainly possible it was accelerated by the arrest of Abdeslam, but there must aly have been an attack plot and capability that was close to fruition.“此类袭击不可能真的在不天内组织实施,通常需要策划数周,”简氏防IHS Jane’s)恐怖主义和叛乱中心主管马修#8226;亨曼(Matthew Henman)称,“当然可能因阿卜杜勒-萨拉Abdeslam)落网而加速,但是之前袭击的策划和实施能力肯定已经接近成熟。Isis made a series of claims of responsibility for the attacks in a phased manner that experts saw as evidence of co-ordination between the perpetrators and Isis’s central operations in Syria. ISIS以分阶段的方式多次声称对这一连环袭击负责,专家们认为,这明行凶者与叙利亚境内的ISIS行动中枢之间密切配合Belgium has been on alert since many of the perpetrators of last year’s attacks in Paris were linked to the poor Brussels neighbourhood of Molenbeek. 由于去年巴黎恐袭案多名元凶与布鲁塞尔贫穷的莫伦贝克区有关联,比利时已经处于警戒状态Charles Michel, Belgium’s prime minister, said terrorists had carried out a “blind, violent and cowardlyact. Additional security measures were being rolled out across the country, he added, including “reinforced border checks and specific restrictive measures for public transport Belgium has been put at the highest level of terror alert. 比利时首相夏#8226;米歇Charles Michel)称,恐怖分子实施了“不分青红皂癀?暴力以及怯弱”的行动。他补充称,整个比利时已经采取了额外安保措施,其中包括“加强边境检查以及对公共交通采取特定的限制措施”。比利时已进入恐怖威胁预警的最高级别“We are confronted by a test, a difficult test and we have to confront this test united,Mr Michel said. “It is a black moment for our country.“我们面对着一场考验,一场艰难的考验,我们必须团结面对这场考验,”米歇尔称,“这是我国的一个黑暗时刻。”来 /201603/433229抚顺市男科医院在哪里 Angela Merkel has appealed to mainstream parties to unite against the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany, warning parliament that the AfD’s rise is a challenge for us all in this building.安格#8226;默克Angela Merkel)呼吁主流政党联合起来,对抗反对移民的德国新选项AfD)。她对议会警告称,AfD势力上升对于这座大厦里的所有人是一种威胁。In comments that marked one of her strongest interventions to date on the rightwing party, three days after it elbowed her own Christian Democrats into third place in a key regional election , the chancellor called on other parties to take the fight to the AfD, avoid populist policies and rebuild electorstrust.三天前,AfD在一次关键的地区选举中把默克尔领导的基民CDU)挤到第三名的位置。这位德国总理呼吁其他政党向AfD出击,避免民粹主义政策并重建选民的信任。这是默克尔对这个右翼政党迄今发出的干预意味最浓厚的言论之一。She also broke from her usual practice and referred to the AfD by name.她也打破了自己的惯例,直接点名AfD。Sunday’s vote in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, home to Ms Merkel’s constituency, was just the latest victory for the AfD, which has become postwar Germany’s most successful rightwing party.默克尔选区所在的梅克伦堡-前波莫瑞州(Mecklenburg-Vorpommern,简称梅前州)周日的投票结果只是AfD的最新胜利。该党已成为战后德国最成功的右翼政党。Discontent over the chancellor’s refugee policy appeared to drive many mainstream voters into the AfD’s arms. 对于这位总理的难民政策感到不满,似乎把许多主流选民推向AfD的怀抱。Instead of justifying last year’s decision to throw open Germany’s borders to more than 1m migrants as Ms Merkel has done repeatedly in the past 12 months the chancellor changed tack yesterday by emphasising the steps taken since then to restrict refugee inflows, notably the reinforcement of the EU’s Mediterranean borders.这位总理没有为去年对00万移民开放德国边境的决定辩解——过2个月她曾反复这么做——昨日她改变了策略,强调了自那以来采取的限制难民流入的措施,尤其是加固欧EU)的地中海边境。Ms Merkel also warned against targeting AfD supporters, saying that scolding the voters brings nothing. 默克尔还警告不要针对AfD的持者,她表示,责骂选民毫无作用。Instead, mainstream politicians had to focus on the facts, she advised.相反,她建议称,主流政治人士必须用事实来说话。The political temperature is rising in Germany ahead of the autumn 2017 Bundestag elections, when the AfD hopes to seize on growing disenchantment with Ms Merkel to become Germany’s first rightwing party since 1945 to enter parliament.017年秋季的联邦议会选举之前,德国的政治温度开始升高。AfD希望抓住选民对默克尔日益失望的机会,成为德国945年以来首个进入议会的右翼政党。In the meantime, the parties will contest local authority elections on Sunday in the western region of Lower Saxony and regional polls in Berlin on September 18.另一方面,各政党将于周日在西部的下萨克森Lower Saxony)竞逐地方政府选举8日竞逐柏林的地方投票。Until now, Ms Merkel has largely avoided talking directly about the AfD, for fear of legitimising it through debate. 此前默克尔基本上避免了直接谈及AfD,担心投入辩论反而使该党合法化。But she has long been under pressure from more aggressive CDU colleagues to take off the gloves amid concern that she was giving the AfD too much political space.但是,她一直面临基民盟内部更激进同僚的压力,要求她采取强硬姿态,他们担心默克尔让AfD获得太大政治空间。Yesterday, she also urged political leaders to stop trying to secure small advantages over each other, in a clear message to her coalition partners the Bavaria-based CSU and the centre-left Social Democrats.昨日,她还敦促各位政治领导人别再努力争取针对彼此的细微优势,此言向她的联盟伙伴——巴伐利亚的基社CSU)和中左的社民SPD)——发出了明确信息。来 /201609/465602抚顺市石油一厂职工医院包皮手术哪家医院最好

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抚顺市东洲治疗阳痿早泄Pope Francis has waded into the US presidential race by saying Donald Trump is “not Christianjust two days before the New York mogul hopes to win the Republican primary in the heavily religious state of South Carolina.教皇方济Pope Francis)介入了美国总统选战,称唐纳德礠朗普(Donald Trump)“不是基督徒”。而特朗普这位纽约富豪正期待两天后能在宗教氛围浓厚的南卡罗来纳州赢得共和党初选。Speaking on his plane after departing Mexico, Pope Francis took aim at Mr Trump’s proposal to build a wall along the US border with its southern neighbour.教皇方济各是在乘飞机离开墨西哥的途中发表的这番讲话,他把矛头对准了特朗普在美墨边境修筑一道墙的提议;A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian,; the pontiff said. ;This is not in the Gospel.;“只考虑筑墙——无论是在哪筑墙——而不考虑搭桥的人,不是基督徒。”教皇表示,“这种行为不在福音书中。”Mr Trump, whose presidential campaign has been propelled by his promise to deport the 11m mostly Mexican illegal immigrants in the US hit back immediately, saying it was “disgracefulfor Pope Francis to question his faith and suggesting that the pontiff should pray for his election victory to prevent a terror attack on the Vatican.特朗普立刻对此展开回击,称教皇方济各质疑他的信仰是“有失体面的”,并暗示后者为了防止梵蒂冈受到恐怖袭击应祈祷他能够胜选。特朗普曾许诺要100万在美非法移民(主要是墨西哥人)驱逐出境,此举对他的选战势头起到了促进作用。“If and when the Vatican is attacked by Isis, which as everyone knows is Isis’s ultimate trophy, I can promise you that the Pope would have only wished and prayed that Donald Trump would have been president because this would not have happened,Mr Trump said in a rare emailed statement. “Isis would have been eradicated unlike what is happening now with our all talk, no action politicians.”在一份罕见的以电子邮件形式发出的声明中,特朗普表示:“有朝一日梵蒂冈受到ISIS(伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国)袭击时——大家都知道那是ISIS的终极目标——我可以向你保教皇只会希望并祈祷要是唐纳德礠朗普是总统就好了,因为只有那样这一切才不会发生。ISIS会被根除,而不会因我们那些只会空谈、没有行动的政客而出现像眼下这样的局面。”Mr Trump, who has promised to make Mexico pay for the wall, recently accused Pope Francis of being a political man and “pawnof the Mexican government. Asked to respond, the pontiff said he was glad the mogul called him a politician: “Aristotle defined the human person as ‘animal politicus so at least I am a human person.”特朗普已许诺要让墨西哥掏钱来修筑这道墙。他最近还谴责教皇方济各是一名政客,是墨西哥政府的“小卒子”。在记者请求就这一评价作出回应时,教皇方济各表示,他乐见这位富豪称他为政客:“亚里士多德对人类的定义是‘政治动物’,因此至少我是个人。”Asked whether he believed Catholics in the US should vote for Mr Trump, the pontiff replied: “I am not going to get involved in that. I say only that this man is not Christian if he has said things like that (about building a wall). We must see if he said things in that way and in this I give the benefit of the doubt.”在被问及他是否认为美国天主教徒应把票投给特朗普时,教皇方济各回应道:“我不打算介入此事。我只会说,如果他说过那样的话(指有关筑墙的事),那么这个人就不是基督徒。我们必须弄清楚他是否是那么说的,在这件事情上,我暂且先作无罪推定吧。”His comments come at a sensitive time in the presidential race. After winning New Hampshire but losing in Iowa, Mr Trump is hoping for a big victory in South Carolina to solidify his position as the Republican frontrunner. But he faces challenges from Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio.教皇发表这些言论之际,美国总统选战正处于敏感时刻。在新罕布什尔州初选获胜但在艾奥瓦州失利后,特朗普正寄望于在南卡罗来纳州大获全胜,以巩固其在共和党初选选战中的领跑位置。不过,他面临着来自特德克鲁Ted Cruz)和马尔科脠比Marco Rubio)的挑战。Underscoring the stakes for Mr Trump, one of his aides suggested on Twitter that Pope Francis was a hypocrite. “Amazing comments from the Pope- considering Vatican City is 100% surrounded by massive walls,the aide tweeted.凸显出这场口水战对特朗普有多重要的一个迹象是,他的一名助手在Twitter上暗示教皇方济各是个伪君子。这名助手在Twitter上发贴称:“考虑到梵蒂冈城是百分之百地被高墙围住,教皇的这些言论真是令人惊讶。”Mr Trump on Thursday said Pope Francis had “only heard one side of the storyduring his visit to Mexico and did not see “the crime, the drug trafficking and the negative economic impact the current policies have on the ed States周四特朗普表示,教皇方济各在访问墨西哥时“只听到了故事的一面”,而没有看到“现行政策给美国带来的犯罪、毒品交易和消极经济影响”。来 /201602/427487 抚顺做包茎手术要多少钱抚顺市职业病防治医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱



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