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Dozens of birds rained down from the sky over the Boston neighborhood of Dorchester last Thursday morning.上周四上午,数十只鸟在波士顿多切斯特街区的上空从天而降All of the birds ― either 7 or 8, depending on the report ― were grackles, a type of songbird. Thirty-three ultimately died, The Boston Herald reported.据报道,一共约有7或8只鸟,都是鹩哥(一种鸣禽)据《波士顿先驱报报道,其中有3只已经彻底死亡了;When I arrived, birds would fly, like from a house to a tree, they would flop in the tree and they would fall to the ground,; Lt. Alan Borgal of the Animal Rescue League of Boston told New England Cable News.波士顿动物救援联盟长官阿伦·伯尔格在接受新英格兰有线电视网采访时表示;;我到的时候,这些鸟还能飞,比如从房子上飞到树上,在树上扑腾几下然后掉到地上了;;The weaker ones were just falling right out the sky.;;比较虚弱的鸟只能从天空中落下来了;Local resident Shelora Levaud told CBS Boston that it seemed as if the birds were paralyzed on one side.当地居民谢罗拉·勒沃在接受哥伦比亚广播公司波士顿电台采访时表示,这些鸟好像都得了偏瘫一样;I tried to move them a little bit, and it just seemed like they were on one side, and you put them on their feet and they just fell,; she said.;我试着一点点挪动它们,但是它们就好像偏瘫了一样,扶着站起来也只会跌倒;And the birds werent the only victims. Willien Pugh found his beloved cat, Sally B, dying at his doorstep at around 8:30 that morning.受害者不仅仅只有鸟儿当天早上八点半左右,维里恩·皮尤发现他的宠物猫;萨里B;死在了门前的台阶上NECN reports that a second cat in the area also died suddenly, while a third was ;affected.;据新英格兰有线新闻网报道,该地区另外一只猫也突然死亡,并且还有一只猫;受到了影响;Investigators are trying to determine whether the deaths were the result of disease, poison or some other cause.调查人员正在试图确定死因到底是因为疾病、毒药还是其他原因 6765Two men who shared a photo of themselves urfing on the back of a protected turtle have received widesp condemnation and can face a ,000 dollars fine.两名男子分享了自己站在一只受保护的海龟背上“冲浪”的照片,之后受到了广泛谴责,并且可能面临万美元罚款The image which has since gone viral was taken at Fraser Island, off Queensland coast, and posted online by Gold Coast man Rick Rogers.这张照片拍摄于澳大利亚昆士兰省的弗雷泽岛,经由住在黄金海岸的瑞奇·罗杰上传到网络,之后迅速蹿红urfed a tortoise on zee weekend. gnarly duddddeeeee, his Instagram status accompanying the photo .他在Instragram上的这张照片附着“周末乘着乌龟冲浪,伙计,不错哦!”的文字The image which has since been deleted was copied and posted by members of the public hoping to find the idiots.虽然照片随后被删除,但是网友们已经转发,意图找到这两个“笨蛋”A fine would be good, a big one. Cowardly idiot! Colleen said.“一张大罚单对他们来说棒极了,胆小如鼠的笨蛋!”网友科琳说道Are these dudes brain dead? What the f**k is wrong with idiots like this? Theresa said.“这些家伙是脑袋进水了么?这种人是有毛病吧?”网友特丽萨说道A Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services spokesman confirmed to Daily Mail Australia that the matter is being investigated. There is some evidence to suggest that this turtle was deceased at the time of the photo, they said.昆士兰公园和野生动物务处的一位发言人向澳大利亚《每日邮报实,此事正在调查当中“有一些据表明,这只海龟在拍摄照片前就已经死亡”他们说道QPWS are taking this matter seriously and investigating further. The maximum penalty interfering with a natural resource is 19,965 dollars.昆士兰公园和野生动物务处很重视此事,正在进一步调查“破环自然资源的最高罚款可达19965美元”The turtle was definitely dead and looked like it had been dead some time, Tony Raistrick told Daily Mail Australia. It had black gunk coming from its mouth.托尼·雷斯特里克在接受澳大利亚《每日邮报采访时表示:“这只海龟确定已经死亡,并且看起来已经死去有一段时间它的口中有黑色粘稠物”But despite whether the animal was dead or alive many were left angry as they claim the image promotes animal cruelty.但是不论海龟活着还是已经死亡,许多网友仍然对此行为愤恨不已,他们声称这张图片传播了虐待动物的恶行Regardless if this animal is alive or not, this is clearly disgraceful. First of all it a turtle not a tortoise. Second these animals have such a high mortality rate to begin with, yet they still have to contend with ignorant fools like you, Virginia said.网友弗吉尼亚说道:“不管这只动物活着与否,这种行为都是可耻的首先这是只海龟,而不是乌龟;其次这些动物本身存活率就不高现在还得和你们这些无知的人做斗争”Point is, dead or alive these men are promoting animal cruelty on social media which is not okay. said Ella.“重点是,无论这只海龟死亡与否,这些人是在社交媒体上传播虐待动物的恶行,这种行为不可取”网友艾拉说 97An Egyptian woman, believed to be the world heaviest woman at 500kg, will soon be flown to India weight reduction surgery.一名重达500公斤的埃及女性被认为是世界上最重的女人,不久她将飞往印度进行减重手术Eman Ahmed, 36, will be flown on a chartered plane to Mumbai where bariatric surgeon Dr Muffazal Lakdawala plans to operate.36岁的埃曼·艾哈迈德将乘坐包机飞往孟买,在那里,肥胖外科医生穆法扎尔·拉达瓦拉计划为她实施手术The Indian embassy in Cairo initially denied her visa request as she was unable to travel there in person. After the surgeon tweeted to India eign minister that changed.由于她不能亲自前往孟买,起初驻开罗印度大使馆拒绝了她的签要求但当外科医生给印度外交部部长发推特以后,事情发生了变化India External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, who is herself in hospital awaiting a kidney transplant, was quick to respond with an offer of help.印度外交部长苏什马·斯瓦拉杰正在医院等待肾移植,她迅速做出回应提供帮助Ms Ahmed family says she hasnt been able to leave home 5 years now and claims she weighs 500kg.艾哈迈德女士的家人表示,5年以来,她一直无法离家,并声称她有500公斤重If the claim about her weight is true, then that would make her the world heaviest woman alive as the current Guinness record holder is Pauline Potter of the ed States who weighed 9kg in .如果关于她体重的声明是真实的,那她将成为世界上在世的最重女性,目前的吉尼斯纪录保持者是美国人保琳·波特,她年的体重为9公斤Ms Ahmed family says she weighed 5kg at birth and was diagnosed with elephantiasis, a condition in which a limb or other body parts swell due to a parasitic infection, Dr Lakdawala told the B in a phone call from Mumbai.拉达瓦拉医生在孟买同B通话时谈到,艾哈迈德女士的家人称,刚出生时,她的体重为五公斤,并且被诊断出象皮病--这是一种肢体或者身体其他部分由于寄生虫感染而肿胀的病;They said when she was , she had gained immense weight because of which she could not stand up and would crawl. And then she suffered a stroke which left her bedridden and she has not been able to leave home since then.;“他们说,她岁时体重暴涨,因为她站不起来也不能爬动之后,她受到中风的折磨,这使得她卧床不起,自此之后无法离家”;She would need to remain in Mumbai two to three months the surgery and treatment after which she would be able to return home, but it would take two to three years to bring her body weight under 0kg,; the surgeon said.拉达瓦拉医生说:“为了手术和治疗,她需要在孟买待两到三个月,之后能够回家但是需要两到三年的时间,她的体重才能降到0公斤內” 8186

A: I have a reservation. My name is John Sandals.B: May I see your ID, please, Mr. Sandals?A: Certainly. Here it is.B: Thank you. Do you have a credit card, Mr. Sandals?A: Yes, I do. Do you accept American Express?B: Sorry, sir, just VISA or MasterCard.A: Okay. Here's my VISA card.B: Okay. You're in room 5. It's a single queen-size bed, spacious, and nonsmoking. Is that suitable?A: Yes, it sounds like everything I expected.B: Here's your key, sir. If you need anything, just dial 0 on your room phone. 9618


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