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淮安市中医院男科咨询淮安做包皮费用是多少Are You Poisoning Your Pet? The top "people foods" you should never feed your pet. Everyone knows is chocolate is bad to your pets, but you may be surprised some of the other people foods that not only bad for your animals could also kill them. GMA now, the veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker joins us again for some of the worst human foods you can feed you pet rather. But first stop, we want to meet two friends of human society of New York. This is Mea. What ‘s this little guys name? A Tellay.Tellay, both are production.They are friends. They are, so cute. Never seen too a little dog get, you know, get along so well. This guy understands fall 13 pennies?Well, a lot of dogs have pike up /, strange things and again that, they tell not the pass pennies, anything like that. So that’s a medical emergency, the owner, you know, had abandoned this dog because of throw the penny through, they did a life surgery there and thus for adoption. Make no sense to me. Dr. Becker.You want to see your Mama?Better pints. If you like to adopt these cuties, human society of New York. Thank you so much. OK. Let’s get to it. So chocolate, first thing first, it’s the first thing we think of foods that can potentially, you know, kill our pets.Not all chocolates are created equal. First of all, the chocolates are bad. Why chocolates so mussles and //. // is like café, if you think like that. But for dogs if eat chocolate, it causes increased increase heart rate , increased respiration, seizures, even death. (really). Now for dog chocolate only takes one ounce for a ten pounds dogs to cause problems, milk chocolates 10 ounces for a 10-pound dog, white chocolate which is basically sugar and butter surely no problem at all. Now lets move on. You mentioned on coffee. Coffee and caffeine are products, I don’t know if it cause the same harmony pets. Even two or three coffee beans can cause problem to a pet, and again, we can light the coffee jell, you know in starbuck. Get old days and star heart raise stuff, but it’s not good for pets, and again you just got do never leave something like that down, do never leave they can get that because they like that kind of aroma speice flavor of coffee. So don’t have them down.This is short mean, macadamia nut. I have no idea. We have, you know, I go to Hawaii, bring them home, and certain recipes you have, here is the thing they do, they can cause dime and rear or weakness and seizures, but they cause a immix a rear like paralysis, just like the dogs can put its has found put injury. Really? It happens 12 hours after they eat the macadamia nuts, within 40 hours they’re walking stiff 72 hours they recovered. There’s acid been pets has been used people found them no longer walk, when they find, they can just, just macadamia nuts. So, don’t let them run around cords or something, just keep some place quiet if they happen to enjesosed. Ok, we’ll keep it all quiet or bring it to Mom. OK, shocking, gumOh, guts.Gum’s no good.This is a big problem. Its polotica xylitol, and xylitol is something that’s a // lot of sugar with gums, other candies stuffs as well. Main gums. Just two little tiny pieces of this gum can cause a problem for every size of a dog. What it does cause a mass of lise seimi low blood sugar. So the pets can become weak, they becoming people may think that kind of drunk within several days the accident goes to livery failures. So this stuff don’t leave it in your purse and set down there, it will, you know, get the dog in the car, it can seek your purse. (all right.) don’t leave it in table. Keep that stuff just like it’s a poison. I’ve heard about this before. I’ve never give my dog frozen grapes. Apparently, it’s a bad idea. So I’ve never got never did it. You know. Well, a lot of people like it, because they like the texture of it. For one thing, you like to cool the stuff. We even don’t know what it causes the problem with this. We don’t know how many it takes to cause the problem, but what it does grapes and raisins cause kidney failure. Use it two to three days after turn gestion. And it is what common causes for annual poison petrol. What get it, you know, though some go grocery shopping, the grapes settle grape two to three days later their kidney failure. So again no foods are contain raisins either. Avocados can harm your pet.Avocados are big problem for birds and small animals rotons. What avocados cause accumulates the fluid around on the lungs, accumulation the fluid on the heart. And it’s actually, you know, inside is not just, it’s just leaves, it’s in the skin, it’s in the fruit self. And so that’s just tables of you have birds or small animals.Birds and small animals, yeah, dogs, you’re saying OK?It’s actually ok for dogs.And cats, OK. 200810/53538江苏省淮安市中山医院腋臭科 Loyalty cards and insurance会员卡和保险Every little helps积少成多As it pushes into finance, Tescorsquo;s Clubcard gives it a competitive edge乐购进军金融界,其会员卡为之奠定优势SOME young drivers get tanked up and wrap their cars round lampposts; others drive carefully, and sober. Insurers would love to collect more background information on the personal habits of those buying motor, household and life policies, but do not want to put off potential customers with intrusive questionnaires. So they end up pooling groups of people by such basic factors as age, occupation and postcode, which means that some low-risk customers are lumped in with risky ones and subsidize their cover.一些年轻的司机给车加满油,不开而是停在路灯边上;也有一些谨慎上路,不过时刻清醒绝不酒驾。之于购置汽车,家居用品和人寿保险的消费者,保险商更乐意于收集他们的个人喜好,而不是用无礼的问卷赶走潜在客户。因此他们趋向于将收集的信息划成年龄,职业,地域邮编等分类,也就是说把不乐意冒风险的和有冒险意识的客户放在一起考虑,用后者的投资弥补前者的保险金。If only insurers could stealthily gather a few titbits about their potential policyholdersrsquo; consumption habits. Such hints might help them more accurately target those customers least likely to make claims, and attract them with better rates. As it happens, Tesco routinely collects such information from holders of its Clubcard loyalty card. As it bulks up in financial services, that may give Britainrsquo;s largest supermarket chain an edge over traditional insurers.若保险公司真能暗地里收集到些许潜在投保人的消费喜好也不是坏事。这些线索能帮他们更准确的找出不愿投保的人,并以优惠的利率将其吸引过来。碰巧乐购长期以来也正用会员忠诚卡收集客户的信息。乐购在金融务业正日益壮大,相较于传统保险公司,这种忠诚卡将会使这个英国最大的超市产业链在信息收集上更具优势。To give an obvious example, it would be worth offering pet insurance to someone who has started buying kitty-litter. Buying lots of booze does not make you a drunk-driver, but someone who buys little or none seems less likely to be one. Buyers of window locks are likely to be more security-conscious, and so on.举个典型的例子,向开始买猫砂的人推销宠物保险是值得一试的;疯狂买酒的人不一定会酒驾(车祸保险),但几乎不买酒的人可能性更小;买窗锁的人极有可能安全意识较强,等等。Tesco declined to discuss how it uses Clubcard data for this article. But a group of students at the London School of Economics carried out a class project in which they made several applications for Tesco car insurance. When they gave the number of an unused Clubcard it earned a 1% discount. When they gave the same personal details but ed the numbers of heavily used Clubcards, the discounts varied greatly, reaching 18%. To paraphrase Tescorsquo;s slogan, it seems that every little scrap of information helps.乐购拒绝在如何利用会员卡收集信息方面谈得过多。但伦敦经济学院的一组学生对此做了课题并投保了乐购车险。当他们报出一张已经闲置不用的卡号时,只得到1%的折扣;而当他们用同样的身份信息加上频繁一个使用的卡号时,折扣大的多,将近有18%。借用乐购的标语,似乎正是涓流成河,积少成多。201111/161224Out of the Blue Ridge Mountains in northwest Georgia, the cold waters of the Conasauga River descend toward Tennessee. Flowing back and forth across the state line, the River's abundant wildlife and unspoiled beauty is a remnant of the past--a fading memory that Carton Petty wants to restore. "I found out it phased out. Take care of the land and it’ll take care of you." It break, (if) you didn't. Petty purchased this land several years ago to grow corn and raise dairy cattle. Today, his farm covers more than 7,000 acres, 170 of them along the Conasauga. To preserve the beauty of the river and his property, Petty has built buffer zones--dedicated strips of land to stop chemicals he sps on his crops from running into the river, and to prevent bank erosion. "Yep, this, this is just the new buffer we put in and it just, They were sold in November. And it’ll take about a year for you to get established good. " Buffers are an idea from the Conservation Reserve Program--a ed States Department of Agriculture backed initiative that brings landowners, local alliances, and other government agencies together. Nevertheless, keeping an old river like this one healthy in a modern world is difficult. Beneath the surface of these waters, a pollutant is killing one of its oldest residents --a rare kind of mussel(贻贝). And no one knows exactly where it is coming from. "This animal's, probably, 20 to 30 years old... " Paul Johnson with the Tennessee Aquarium has the task of figuring out how to preserve the mussels and help them reproduce. "This animal’s called... Its scientific name is Cora-bean Hellene. Its common name is the Georgia Pigtail. It was believed to be extinct, then we found this species alive in the Conasauga River, and as far as we know, Conasauga is the sole river that contains this species" It is a race against time. As long as they cannot figure out what is killing the mussels, that something poses a threat to the whole river. While the work goes on, the Petties will keep doing their part. "It's lucky we got something special here with the Conasauga. So, I think we all well understand and start to realize that. And we're trying to do the appropriate steps to keep it a clean and beautiful view."200812/58659淮安清浦区痛经哪家医院最好的

盱眙县妇保院治疗肛周囊肿多少钱HTC's patent problemsHTC的专利问题Android alert安卓系统,要当心了Using Google’s Android software has given HTC a boost, but it may now make the Taiwanese handset-maker vulnerable to costly lawsuits 使用谷歌的安卓软件推动了宏达电(HTC)的发展,但是现在它可能变成弱点,令这家台湾手机制造公司遭遇昂贵的诉讼Jul 21st 2011 | TAOYUAN, TAIWAN | from The Economist print edition UNTIL a few years ago HTC was pretty small and relatively obscure. But the Taiwanese company’s recent growth has been remarkable. In the second quarter it sold 11m smartphones, more than doubling its revenues in the same period last year. HTC’s main rivals, Nokia, Samsung and Apple, still sell around twice as many smartphones. But its rapid growth, especially on Apple’s American home turf, has made it a competitor to reckon with.几年前HTC还只是一个规模很小、相对不知名的公司。但是这家台湾公司最近的业绩增长却有目共睹。今年第二季度它共出售了1100万部智能手机,收入比去年同期增加了一倍多。HTC的主要竞争对手诺基亚、三星和苹果公司卖出的智能手机仍然是HTC的大概两倍。但是它的快速崛起、特别是在苹果的美国老家的迅速发展,已经使它成为不容小觑的对手。One reason for HTC’s surging sales is the relentless pace of its innovation: in the past quarter, in which Apple had no new iPhone to launch, HTC introduced ten new models. Another is Google’s Android operating system, on which most of HTC’s smartphones are now based, which has proved a hit among consumers.HTC手机销量猛增的原因之一是它源源不断的创新:上个季度,苹果公司没有发布任何新款iPhone,但是HTC却推出了10款新机型。还有一个原因是谷歌的安卓操作系统,现在HTC智能手机的大部分都以此系统为平台,它在消费者中间非常受欢迎。201107/146452淮安做人流要多少钱 Myanmar's food crisis Paul Risley of the World Food Programme joins CNN to discuss widesp food shortages in Myanmar. The UN has just issued a report saying that six million people in Myanmar need food right now. How critical is the situation? It's a real paradox, because in the same year that Cyclone Nargis devastated the, what had been the "rice bowl" of Myanmar, the Irrawaddy Delta. Other areas of the country reported very satisfactory harvest. There's plenty of rice within the country. The challenge is how to get that rice to the areas of the country, the more remote areas where people simply do not have enough food for them or their families, especially hit by Nargis were the farming communities in the Delta area. We believe we will probably have to provide emergency food assistance for nearly a million people in the Delta year, in the Delta area, in this coming year. In addition to that, the Chin State, in north of Rakhine State which is the home area of the Rohingya/ people. These areas are hardest hit and are considered real hunger hotspots.Paul, will you be allowed to get to these areas and feed these desperate people?We will, we've had unprecedented cooperation from the government of Myanmar in first allowing us to do this survey that showed us where the most critical areas are. But they are also allowing both the World Food Program and non-governmental organization who we've worked with on the ground access to these very critical areas. Just last week, we were able to send our first shipment of rice and maize for people in the Chin State. The Chin State has been hit hard by a rodent infestation. It's the, are rats that are consuming the local maize crop and just last week we have begun to deliver food to the farmers and the farming communities in that area. OK, Paul, just quickly, do you think that the Rohingya refugees we've been / reporting on of, of late, that they are fleeing Myanmar because of this critical food shortage?We are very concerned by those reports. Um, the WFP team that went to Rakhine State, that traveled around, reported very high levels of malnutrition among children who lived there and large numbers of people without access to food largely because they can't afford food, because they don't have employment. There is no way for them to earn even the little money that they would need in order to purchase food. It's a great concern, / it's an area of a very large population and it's clear that many people are leaving that area. They are looking for economic advancement elsewhere, uh and in some cases, by leaving Myanmar entirely02/61715淮安无痛人流咨询网

淮安哪里治疗前列腺炎好Pakistani Forces Deploy in New Region Infiltrated by Taliban巴基斯坦向塔利班控制区增派兵力 Militants in Pakistan have ambushed paramilitary forces who were being rushed to a region near the capital that was recently overrun by Taliban forces from the nearby Swat valley. Witnesses say gunmen in Buner district, killed at least one of the paramilitary troops. Despite the latest clashes, political leaders say they continue to favor diplomacy in dealing with the militants.巴基斯坦激进分子伏击了奉命紧急赶往首都附近布内尔地区的准军事部队。那里最近被来自斯瓦特山谷的塔利班势力占领。目击者说,武装分子在布内尔区打死至少一名准军事部队军人。尽管发生这些最新的冲突事件,巴基斯坦政界领导人仍然表示继续持通过外交手段跟激进分子打交道。Troops take up key positionsLocals in Buner district, which is only about 100 kilometers from the Pakistani capital, say security forces began arriving Wednesday, taking up positions around government buildings and key roads. It is unclear how many additional forces have been ordered to Buner. Local officials say as many as eight platoons, or about 400 paramilitary troops have arrived in the mountainous region.布内尔区当地人说,安全部队星期三开始到达那里,把守政府办公楼周围的阵地和重要道路。布内尔距离巴基斯坦首都伊斯兰堡只有大约100公里。目前还不清楚还要向布内尔区增派多少兵力。当地官员说,多达8个排的兵力,也就是大约400名准军事部队军人已经到达这个山区。Sher Akbar, a retired lawmaker who represented Buner in parliament, tells VOA that Taliban fighters are now patrolling parts of the district and local police have not been seen in public.在巴基斯坦议会中曾经代表布内尔区的退休议员谢尔.阿克巴尔告诉美国之音记者,塔利班武装分子目前正在这个区的部分地方巡逻,公开场合根本看不见当地警察。Taliban controls BunerSpeaking by phone from Buner he says the Taliban are totally in control of the district and the local government has lost authority over the region.阿克巴尔在布内尔通过电话对记者说,塔利班现在完全控制了这个区,当地政府已经失去了对这个区的控制。Pakistani news media have reported government officials and aid groups have abandoned local offices. Sher Akbar says many in Buner are worried that fighting could break out soon between security forces and militants, and some people are preparing to leave.巴基斯坦新闻媒体报导说,政府官员和救援组织已经离开当地的办公地点。阿克巴尔说,布内尔区有许多人担心安全部队跟激进分子很快就会打起来,一些人正在准备逃离。Groups of militants infiltrated Buner last week, shortly after the government signed a peace deal to establish Islamic law in nearby Swat valley and other parts of the northwest. Local officials estimate more than 500,000 people live in the Buner area.在政府签署和平协议,同意在附近的斯瓦特山谷以及西北部其它地区实行伊斯兰法不久之后,几伙激进分子上星期渗透到布内尔区。当地官员估计,布内尔地区有50多万人。Since the Taliban's arrival, fighters have clashed with local police and armed tribal militias that initially tried to repel them from the area. Local leaders had reportedly asked the provincial government earlier for extra police and paramilitary troops when the controversial peace agreement in Swat was being negotiated but the request was ignored.自从塔利班来到布内尔区,武装分子跟起初试图赶走他们的当地警察和部落民兵发生了战斗。据说,在有争议的斯瓦特山谷和平协议还在磋商的过程中,当地领导人早些时候曾请求省政府增派警力和准军事部队,但这个要求没有受到重视。Clinton: situation poses 'mortal threat' to USThe government's peace agreement in the northwest, and subsequent Taliban expansion into nearby areas including Buner, has drawn intense concern in Washington. On Wednesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accused the Pakistani government of ceding more and more territory to the Taliban. She said the deteriorating situation poses what she called a "mortal threat" to the ed States and the world.政府在西北部地区的和平协议以及塔利班随后在包括布内尔区在内的附近地区的扩张引起华盛顿的密切关注。星期三,美国国务卿希拉里.克林顿指责巴基斯坦政府把越来越多的领土割让给塔利班。她说,局势的日益恶化对美国和全世界构成“致命威胁”。"I think that we cannot underscore the seriousness of the existential threat posed to the state of Pakistan by the continuing advances, now within hours of Islamabad, that are being made by the loosely confederated group of terrorists and others who are seeking the overthrow of the Pakistani state, which is, as we all know, a nuclear-armed state," she said.克林顿说:“我认为,巴基斯坦目前存在的威胁的严重性不言而喻。组织松散的恐怖分子组织正在继续向首都伊斯兰堡推进,目前距离首都只有几个小时的行程,他们企图推翻巴基斯坦,而我们都清楚这是一个拥有核武器的国家。”Pakistan defends anti-Taliban strategyWhen asked about the criticism on Thursday, Pakistan's prime minister defended the government's strategy, saying officials continue to favor pursuing talks with mediator Sufi Muhammad in dealing with the situation.记者星期四向巴基斯坦总理吉拉尼问起克林顿的上述指责,吉拉尼为巴基斯坦政府的战略辩解说,巴基斯坦官员继续持通过跟调解人苏菲.穆罕默德谈判,解决目前的局势。"In case peace is not restored, then naturally the mandate is the provincial government - they will discuss with the jirga, with all of the political forces of their province, they will discuss with Sufi Muhammad. And if the provincial government decides otherwise or if peace is not restored, certainly we have to review our policy," said Prime Minister Gilani. 吉拉尼说:“万一和平没有恢复,那么通常省政府就要承担起责任,他们将跟族长会议,他们所在省的所有政治力量进行磋商,也要跟穆罕默德进行讨论。如果省政府做出不同的决定,或者如果没有恢复和平,我们当然要重新审视我们的政策。”The Islamic courts have drawn criticism among lawmakers in recent days after Taliban fighters refused to disarm and Sufi Muhammad said militants believe the new courts will not be integrated into Pakistan's legal system. Political leaders have said the creation of a parallel legal system is unacceptable and a violation of the peace agreement.塔利班武装分子拒绝放下武器,而且穆罕默德也说,激进分子认为新的法庭不会被纳入巴基斯坦司法体系,这使伊斯兰法庭招致议员们的指责。巴基斯坦政界领导人说,建立两个平行的司法制度是不可接受的,也违反了和平协议。04/68046 Ever worried if your feet smell? Especially when you have to take off your shoes in front of other people?你曾经担心过自己的脚散发出难闻气味嘛?尤其是你必须得在其他人面前脱鞋的时候。Well, at least in Japan, such circumstances are very common in places like private homes, Japanese-style bars and restaurants. And one shoemaker in Tokyo is offering a solution to smelly feet with new minty footwear.至少在日本,这样的情形十分普通,比如在家里,日式的酒吧和饭店。东京的一个造鞋商发明出带有薄荷味的些来解决脚臭问题。When I wear stockings or tights, they get sweaty. And that worries me when I have to take off my shoes in places like Japanese-style bars. Somewhere in my mind, I'd always think, “Ah, do my feet smell? ”当我穿长袜或紧身衣时,衣物会有捍卫。当我在日式酒吧这类的场所,必须脱鞋的时候,那令我很担忧。我总是在想“我的脚闻起来臭吗?”But since Miura started using these insoles a few months ago, she says foul smell in her boots has been replaced by the refreshing scent of mint.自从Miura 几个月前开始使用这样的鞋垫,她说靴子里的汗味被清新的薄荷味所取代。The system is pretty simple: A mint-imbued sponge embedded in the heel of this insole pumps out mint fumes into the shoe as the wearer walks around.原理很简单:鞋垫的脚跟部里有薄荷浸透的海绵,当人走路时,就会散发出薄荷味。Some restaurant owners hope that the mint-puffing insoles would help bring more female customers to traditional Japanese-style bars and restaurants in the future.一些饭店的店主希望有薄荷味的鞋垫将来会使更多的女性顾客来传统的日式酒吧和饭店。【生词注释】smell v.发臭,散发难闻气味private adj.私人的minty adj.有薄荷味的footwear n.鞋类sweaty adj.出汗的insole n.鞋垫foul a.难闻的embedded adj.植入的; 内含的pump out 散发出201110/157172涟水县治疗阳痿早泄淮安中山医院好吗



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