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淮安那家医院治疗不孕不育淮安那个妇科医院好On Teachers' Day 在教师节那一天 -- :7:5 来源: On Teachers' Day 在教师节那一天  Bee Teachers' Day, we were thinking what gift we would give our English teacher on that day. Wang Ming said, "Our English teacher is tired and shirsty after class. Let's give her a bottle of water. " "That's a good idea,"we agreed.  On Teachers' Day, as soon as the teacher came into the classroom, we all stood up and shouted "Happy Teachers' Day!" Our monitor went to the from and gave her a card and a bottle of water with our best wishes. Our teacher drank at once and said with a smile, "This is the best water I've had.Thanks a lot."  在教师节来临之际,我们大家都在考虑在那天给我们的英语老师什么礼物王明说:“我们的老师下课后又累又渴,咱么给她买一瓶水吧!”大家都同意道:“那是个好主意”  在教师节那天,老师一走进教室,我们都起立大声说道:“教师节快乐!”我们的班长走上前送上一张卡片、一瓶水和我们的祝福我们的老师马上喝了口水,微笑着说道:“这是我喝的最甜的水,谢谢大家”淮安市妇幼保健医院妇科挂号 Landmarks in Guangzhou -- :: 来源: Landmarks in GuangzhouLandmarks in Guangzhou在广州这个改革开放的城市里,每天在路上你都可能遇上一个外国旅游者向你问路作为这个城市的小主人,这时你就可以把学校里学到的知识使用出来,在外国朋友面前显露两招了如果你是Sally, 你会像她那样,礼貌地给旅游者指路吗?Dear Coral:How is everything coming?Last week, my Chinese friend Mia took me to the Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family. It was lay on the seventh Zhongshan Road. Mia told me, the temple had 6 years' history; the Chen supported money to build it the students. I was attracted by the beautiful ornamengts on the wall there! They are colourful, lively, and also mysterious, it must be a rarely which is so grand! Besides, it showed feelings of native soil.Then we went to Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. Inside there is a picture gallery, an exhibition of Dr. Sun's life, and a large hall that may be used as a theater, concert, or meeting hall. Do you know Sun Yat-sen? He founded the first Republic in China in 19 after many years' fighting. He is a important person the past China.Now I am more and more enjoy Chinese trip, tomorrow we will go to the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees and Tianhe Sports Complex, I am excited it!Yours JoyceI Can't Remember the Station 我记不住那个车站 -- 19:5:51 来源: I Can't Remember the Station 我记不住那个车站  Hu Tu lives in Shenyang. One day his wife asked him to go to the countryside to see her sick uncle. Bee he left home, Mrs Hu said, "Take care of all your things on the train." Then he went to the station, bought a ticket and got on the train.  When the conductor began to check the tickets, Mr Hu couldn't find his ticket. "I have really bought a ticket, but I can't find it," Mr Hu said.  "I believe you bought a ticket. All right. You don't have to buy another ticket," said the conductor kindly.  But Mr Hu still looked worried."If I find my ticket, I can remember my station."    糊涂先生住在沈阳有一天,他太太请他去乡下看她的生病的叔叔在他离家之前,胡太太说,“在火车上要照看好你所有的东西”然后他去了火车站,买了票,上了火车  当列车员检票时,胡先生找不到车票了“我真的买票了,可是现在找不到了,”胡先生说  “我相信你买票了好吧,你不用再补票了”列车员好心地说  可是胡先生看起来还是很焦急:“只有我找到票,我才能知道在哪一站下车”淮安微管可视无痛人流医院

淮安哪做人流安全My Clamates --19 ::1 来源: I have many friends in my class. They're lovely and interesting. I would like to introduce some of them. Alice is very cute. She's also kind to everyone and she's very enthusiastic. She's always y to help everyone, but she is getful. She always gets to bring her textbooks, but our teachers always give her. Ben is the most talkative boy in our class. His nickname is “chatterbox.” He has a great sense of humor and he always makes me laugh Linda is a quiet student. She is good at every subject but she never shows off. Allen is a very tall boy. He plays basketball very well and he is on our school team. He often says, “playing basketball is good your health. How about your classmates? Do you like them? Try to admire your classmates. You will be happier.淮安开发区治疗便血多少钱 My friend --1 18:5:18 来源: My friendI have a friend. Her name is Candy. She is twelve year old. She has black and short hair. She has a little mouth, two big eyes. She is so cute. Her mom and dad love her. She has a happy family. Her friends like her too, So she’s happy every day. She is a student of Yi Zong Fu Xiao. She is in Class Four Grade Six. She studies very hard. English is her favourite subject. She likes to speak English. She can speak English very well now. She always says “Learn by doing.” So she thinks speaking is very important in learning English.We are very busy studying when we are in school. But on the weekend, we are free. We often do homework together on Saturdays. After that, we can watch TV at home. Sometimes, we play games. We have the same hobbies. She likes riding bikes and watching TV and so do I. Her favourite sport is swimming. She’s very good at it. She often teaches me how to swim in summer.I like her very much. I am lucky to be her friend.金湖县中医院看男科怎么样

涟水县治疗痔疮多少钱老外中国乡村旅行游记 -01-19 :53:5 来源: 老外中国乡村旅行游记Covering ,000 kilometers by train or bus, and walking hundreds more, US expatriate Jeff Brown spent days traveling rough through China's hinterlands, writes Mike Peters. The average expatriate in China never thinks there is enough time to see the country properly. Many eigners have two or three weeks of holiday, and if they want to go home once a year, that leaves no time to explore distant, rural locales far from the big cities where they work.So at first glance, Jeff Brown's adventure last year, recently published in book m as Days Backpacking in China, looks like a dream come true. But Brown's idea of a vacation may strike some as pretty hard work.In that six-week stretch, the 50-something American from Oklahoma covered ,000 kilometers by train or bus, and walked hundreds more. He knows that most eigners, even those that live in China like himself, have their ideas about the mainland's opening up shaped by a Beijing-Shanghai-Guangzhou perspective. So he wanted to visit the hinterlands - provinces he'd never seen - to see how rapid changes in China have affected people there.Brown is no stranger to eign places: He traveled to Brazil as a graduate student "seeking his tune" and then worked as a Peace Corps volunteer in Tunisia. He learned Arabic and French in the next eight years (198-1990), working in Africa and the Middle East, and then brought his French wife, Florence, to China seven years, where they had two sons and he learned to speak Chinese. After stints in France and the ed States, the Browns came back to China in ."I worked in corporate management and business ownership years, and teaching seven," he says. "All of these iterations have brought me into contact with thousands of individuals from every walk of life: princes, paupers, politicos, populists, tin-pot tyrants, worldly saints and humble citizens - originals all," he says. "Most were just trying to survive and be happy." Having summers off while he teaches at an international school provided the time his trek last year that prompted him to write Days. And while he deliberately chose to visit provinces he didn't see during his first years in China, it was people more than places that he sought out - eager to share their lives and experiences."That kind of travel is not everybody," he says, laughing. "I traveled really rugged, on local trains and no taxis - even in places where there were taxis. I stayed in local hostels and ate in local restaurants that most eigners wouldn't want to go to." 旅行游记 我又迟到了(I Am Late Again) -- :00:3 来源: 我又迟到了(I Am Late Again)  i opened my eyes in the morning and looked at the clock. "oh, dear! it's half past seven aly. i'll be late again," i thought. without breakfast, i hurried to school. but it began to rain hard.  when i got to the classroom, the maths teacher had aly begun his lesson. it was mr wang. all of us were afraid of him. i didn't like him, or his lessons. i opened the door. " i'm late again, mr wang." "i've told you not to be late, but you ..." he said angrily. but suddenly he stopped, and looked at my clothes. he quickly took off his own jacket and handed it to me. "now take off your wet coat and put shis one on." he said kindly.  it was a bit large me, but i felt warm in it.    早晨我睁开眼睛,看看钟表,“天啊!已经七点半了我又要迟到了,”我想没有吃早饭,我就匆匆朝学校赶去,可是天又下起雨来  当我到教室时,数学老师已经开始讲课了是王老师,所有的学生都怕他我不喜欢他,也不喜欢他的课我打开门,“王老师,我又迟到了”“我早就告诉你不要迟到,可是你……”他生气地说可是他突然停下来,看了看我的湿衣他很快脱下自己的上衣递给我“把你的湿衣脱下来,套上这件”他和蔼地说  衣套我身上有点大,可是穿上感觉很温暖淮安看男科怎么样淮安开发区耳鼻喉科



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