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The world's first amphibious ice cream van is touring Britain's seaside resorts and waterways. Called HMS Flake 99, the van was created to mark National Ice Cream Week and highlight how vans are being driven off the roads by soaring fuel costs and council red tape.世界第一辆水陆两栖冰淇淋车日前在英国海滨度假胜地以及各水道开动(见上图)这辆名为“HMS flake 99”的奇妙小车旨在纪念国际冰淇淋周,并提醒大家,由于油价上涨、财政赤字严重,车辆已日渐在陆地上“消失” 987。

Everybody seems to know how to kiss. The question is: Are you aware of a variety of interesting facts and details about a kiss? Is kissing good or bad you? Can you slim down by kissing too much? Below are some of the most curious things about kissing  谁都知道怎么接吻问题是:你知不知道关于接吻还有很多有趣的事情和细节?接吻对你是好还是不好?经常接吻能减肥么?下面这些就是与接吻有关的有趣事情    1. Sensitivity of the lips is 0 times higher than that of the fingers  嘴唇的敏感度是手指的0倍 6。

A French artist is preparing to be entombed a week inside a -tonne limestone boulder in a modern art museum in Paris, after which he will emerge and attempt to hatch a dozen eggs by sitting on them weeks on end.在巴黎的一家现代艺术物馆,法国行为艺术家亚伯拉罕?伯安什瓦尔要在重达吨的石灰岩里生活一周,一周之后,他会从石头里出来,然后用身体孵化个鸡蛋一连数周直到小鸡出壳“I think of it as an inner journey to find out what the world is,” said Abraham Poincheval, who has hollowed out a hole in the rock just big enough himself to fit inside.他把这块石头内部凿出了一个仅够他容身的空间,并且表示:“我把这次表演当作是了解世界的心灵旅程”Poincheval is no stranger to bizarre and hair-raising permances.另类惊悚的行为表演对伯安什瓦尔来说已是家常便饭He once spent a tnight inside a stuffed bear, was buried under a rock eight days and navigated France’s Rhone river inside a giant corked bottle.他曾在毛绒玩具熊肚子里生活了两周,被埋在一块岩石下八天,还曾呆在一个巨大的软木塞瓶里沿着法国罗纳河漂流He has also crossed the Alps in a barrel and last year spent a week on top of a -metre pole outside a Paris train station like the stylite saints of the early Christian church.他把自己塞进木桶里翻越了阿尔卑斯山,去年,他在巴黎一家车站外米高的电线杆顶呆了整整一个星期,像极了早期基督教教堂修行的圣人们He also played at being a human mole, and crossed France on foot in a straight line with a friend.他还曾像鼹鼠一样生活,也曾和朋友徒步直线穿越法国But curator Jean de Loisy, of the Palais de Tokyo museum where Poincheval’s “Stone” and “Egg” permances are being held, insisted that his work should not be regarded as stunts but as a series of mystical journeys.伯安什瓦尔名为“石头”与“蛋”的表演是在东京宫物馆开演的,该馆馆长让?德?路易西坚持认为,与其说他的表演是做秀,不如说是一系列神秘之旅Instead they are profound meditations on “inner exploration, on modifying the self and of living in other realms beyond our own,” De Loisy said.馆长表示:“这些表演谱写了一部关于心灵探索、自我修正、在异空间生活的沉思录”The artist said he has spent months mentally and physically preparing himself the practicalities of life inside the rock, where he will sit up with his arms outstretched.伯安什瓦尔表示,到时候他将张开双臂坐在石头里,为顺利度过石头里的生活,他花了数月时间进行心理和生理上的准备与调整Holes have been bored in the rock air and cables a heart monitor and emergency telephone line.这块大石灰岩上已经钻了一些孔给伯安什瓦尔透气,也连好了电缆,以方便进行心脏监测和艺术家拨打求救电话Poincheval said all he will have to eat during his entombment will be a little dried meat and cartons of soup and other liquids.伯安什瓦尔告诉我们,他呆在石头里的这一周,只会吃一点肉干和盒装的汤和饮料The only mystery is how he will go to the toilet, with the artist becoming uncharacteristically evasive when pressed on the subject.唯一搞不懂的便是他怎样解决如厕问题,但每每有人问及此,他就一反常态地闪烁其词Loneliness should not be a problem, he said. When he was buried under a rock outside a gallery in the southern city of Marseille, mer prisoners who had survived solitary confinement came to keep him company and a “young girl talked to me about the violin she had just bought three hours”.他说,孤独不是个问题他之前在法国南部城市马赛的一家画廊外,被埋在岩石下面的时候,曾经被单独监禁的犯人过来陪他,有个年轻女孩还与他聊起了三小时前刚买的那把小提琴呢In fact, so many people came to “talk to the stone” that security guards had to be stationed around the rock at night so he could get some sleep.其实会有很多人慕名前来与这块“石头”聊天,为了让伯安什瓦尔可以睡会儿觉,保安夜间还得在他附近驻守The real wrench this time may be having to leave the rock after the week, Poincheval admitted.伯安什瓦尔也承认,他这次表演最大的挑战,便是在石灰岩里呆了一周后重返正常生活After previous permances, the end has always been what he called “delicate”, marked by a “day in the dumps... and a lot of turbulence inside. It takes several weeks to get back to normal,” he said.他还告诉我们,以前表演结束后,他最终的感受往往是“脆弱”,“心情抑郁又躁动不安,要缓好几周才会恢复正常”His next permance “Egg” will begin on 9 March, with Poincheval sitting on a dozen eggs between three and four weeks until they hatch.他的下一场名为“蛋”的表演将于年3月9日开始,伯安什瓦尔会坐在一打鸡蛋上,坐上大约三四个星期直到小鸡破壳He will eat a special diet rich in ginger so he can keep the eggs at a minimum of 37 degrees Celsius, with only a half an hour break every hours to keep him from cracking.因为他得让鸡蛋保持在至少37摄氏度,所以他到时会摄入一种富含生姜的特殊膳食,而且他每天仅仅只有半小时的自由休息时间The chicks that hatch “will go and live with my parents”, Poincheval added.伯安什瓦尔补充道:“这些孵出来的小鸡将由我的父母来照看”But his ambitions do not end there.然而他的野心并不止于此His big dream is to “walk on the clouds. I have been working on it five years, but it is not quite there yet,” he add.他解释道:“我最大的梦想是有一天可以在云端行走我为此研究了5年,但目前还不成熟” 9595。

1. get about excuses不要寻找借口 get rare exceptions no boss cares why an assignment wasn't done. It's your job to get it done and on time. 上司都会关心为什么分配的工作没有完成,这很少有例外及时完成工作是你的职责. Don't aim perfection不要苛求“完美”Getting it done well and on time is much more important than doing it "Perfectly" 及时把工作做好比做得"完美"重要得多 01937。

Girl on scooter with MS Europa in background.电动车上的女孩及背景中的欧洲号 777。

New Zealand fruit experts have unveiled their latest fruit hybrid creation, an apple-like fruit which looks like a pear, the Daily Mail reported.据英国《每日邮报报道,新西兰水果专家面向英国推出了一种长得像苹果、味道又与梨相近的最新杂交水果The rounded fleshy fruit described as a pear disguised as an apple has yet to be given an official name, though some have inevitably dubbed the creation the ;papple;.这种浑圆、多肉的水果看上去像苹果,但实际上却是梨尽管目前尚未正式命名,但人们自然而然地称它为“梨苹果”The papple, which is officially a member of the pear family, will go on sale in the UK next week at Marks and Spencer.梨苹果其实是梨属植物的一种,将于下周在英国玛莎百货上市The novelty products will cost 1 pound each when they hit the shelves.这种新奇水果上架价格为每个1英镑 1861。

White butterfly ginger lily, or simply ginger lily, is a tropical perennial and a cousin of culinary ginger (Zingiber officinale) of b, snap and ale fame. It's green stalks grow from thick rhizomes to a height of 3-7 ft (0.9-.1 m). Leaves are lance-shaped and sharp-pointed, 8- in (-61 cm) long and -5 in (5-.7 cm) wide and arranged in neat ranks that run the length of the stem. From midsummer through autumn the stalks are topped with 6- in (.-30.5 cm) long clusters of wonderfully fragrant white flowers that look like butterflies. The flowers eventually give way to showy seed pods chock full of bright red seeds. 又名香雪花,为姜科姜花属寿命约3年根茎与美人蕉相似,并具姜味,外皮淡红色根呈白色,长30—60厘米,茎强壮高1—米,不分枝叶为平行脉,宽厘米,长厘米,呈椭园披针形,叶柄长30厘米左右,包干茎上,叶—枚,互生于茎之两侧花穗生于茎顶,外具绿色鳞片状苞,苞中开花—6朵,萼薄如纸,花瓣3枚,不甚明显,雄蕊呈花瓣状,共3枚左右两枚呈长椭园形,中间一枚较大,上端略分裂,其中央有长约3厘米的雌雄合蕊体,花纯白色,花期夏季性喜高温、多湿、半荫环境LocationGinger lily, Hedychium coronarium is native to India. It is a popular landscape plant throughout Florida, the Gulf Coast, Calinia, the Caribbean and tropical and subtropical areas worldwide. Ginger lily also is grown in mild winter temperate regions of North America and Europe where it dies back in winter but re-emerges in spring.姜花(Hedychium coronarium)别名蝴蝶花、香雪花、夜寒苏、姜兰花,属姜科姜花属多年生草本植物本属约50~60种中国有余种云南产种,全省各地均有分布 同属植物中还有黄姜花(H. flavum),产于贡山、洱源等地 白姜花(H.chrysoleucum) 产云南大部分地区,生于海拔600~米的疏林灌丛中 姜花花色素雅,清香宜人,花形奇特,每年3~月都有不同品种的姜花开放 500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.style.cursor'hand'; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" onclick"if(!this.resized) {return true;} else {window.open('http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_98319137.jpg');}" alt"" src"http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_98319137.jpg" onload"if(this.width>500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" border0>CultureLight: Partial shade to full sun.Moisture: Likes rich soil with adequate moisture.Hardiness: USDA Zones 7b-. Ginger lily is a tropical plant. It tolerates an occasional light freeze and frost. A hard frost will kill it to the ground but it comes back quickly.Propagation: Ginger lily is easy to propagate - simply dig it up, cut the root into 8 in ( cm) pieces and replant. UsageGinger lily makes a beautiful background plant and looks great planted in large clumps at the edge of woodsy areas. Use the butterfly ginger in low wet areas where it will thrive. The fresh green foliage makes a great framework smaller plants and works well in tubs and outdoor container plantings. FeaturesEasy to grow and easy to propagate. The fresh sweet scent of this plant in bloom is a real treat on warm evenings. Plant it near a patio or window so you can enjoy the gardenia-like fragrance. The flowers attract moths at night. 生态习性 喜温暖、湿润、稍有的环境,要求肥沃、疏松、排水良好的微酸性沙质土壤多生于海拔900-00m的常绿阔叶林中沿喜马拉雅诸国及斯里兰卡、缅甸、越南也产 花语:无聊 337。