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VOA流行美语 105: to push one's luck/crackpotLarry 和李华正在课间休息的时候聊天,李华会学到两个常用语:to push one's luck和crackpot。LH: Larry, 我已经好久都没有为我的论文做研究了。我想今天不去上Wilkins教授的课而去图书馆。LL: I dunno, Li Hua. You'll really be pushing your luck if you miss class again.LH: Pushing-my-luck? Pushing是推的意思,luck是运气,我不懂耶!pushing my luck是什么意思。LL: I said you will be pushing your luck. "To push your luck" means to take a chance when you've aly done something risky.LH: 噢,pushing-your-luck就是已经做了冒风险的事,可是啊!还想再进一步碰碰运气,是这个意思吗?LL: That's right. The first two times, the professor didn't give you any trouble. But every time you miss a class, you are taking an even bigger risk. You are pushing your luck.LH: 对噢,那两次没去上课,教授没说什么。要是我今天再不去上课,万一教授不高兴,我不就麻烦了吗? Larry,你不也是这样吗?你那台车,煞车都坏了,你还到处开,不也是碰运气,希望它不出事吗?LL: That's right. One day, I was almost in a car wreck, so I decided to stop pushing my luck and have the brakes fixed. I was so stupid.LH: 我还不知道你差一点出车祸呢!哎呀,你看,你非要push your luck,非要到差一点出车祸的时候才去修车。真危险! Larry,这么说,to push one's luck只能指冒风险,碰运气吗?LL: Generally yes. But sometimes, if someone keeps asking you for favors, you might tell them "don't push your luck!"LH: 我最近就碰到这么一个人,我帮了她一点忙,她就没完没了了,要求一个接一个。下回我就可以对她说:Don't push your luck! 对了,Larry,我还真想要你帮个忙,我能再借你的电脑用吗?这不算是push my luck吧?LL: No, of course not. You're welcome to use my computer.LH: 谢谢,Larry,你总是那么大方。我今天下午能借你的车吗?LL: Yeah, OK... I guess...LH: 那我能不能把你的电脑搬回家用一个礼拜呢?LL: You're pushing your luck, Li Hua!LH: 哈哈... 跟你开玩笑嘛!******LH: 哎哟,老天爷, Wilkins教授真是怪。他在上课的时候花了最后二十分钟给我们讲他每天吃多少维他命,为什么要吃这些维他命。LL: What? (laughs) Don't worry about it, Li Hua. Everyone knows Professor Wilkins is a crackpot.LH: 他是什么?你是说他吸毒吗?LL: No, of course not... I said that he's a crackpot. A crackpot is a crazy person. Or maybe just someone who holds very strong, crazy opinions and ideas.LH: 噢,crackpot是一个很怪的人,有稀奇古怪想法的人。嗨,Larry,有名的人是不是也是很怪的?LL: Let me think... you know, most real crackpots don't become famous. But in his time, a lot of people thought that Christopher Columbus was a crackpot.LH: 没错,真正怪的人一般是不会成名的。可是哥伦布的情况就不一样了。当时人们认为他很怪,有神经病,因为他说航行可以围绕地球转,但是事实明他是对的,所以他是聪敏,不能算是crackpot。LL: I wonder if I or other students should talk to Professor Wilkins, and ask him to not talk about off-topic subjects in class. Would we be pushing our luck?LH: 你和其他学生去跟Wilkins教授说别在上课时讲那些离题的内容?我想他不会在意的啦!LL: What if we just told him to stop talking about his crackpot ideas in class.LH: 你说什么?叫他别在课堂上讲他的那些神神道道的想法!Now that would be pushing your luck!今天李华学到两个常用语。一个是:to push one's luck。意思是已经做了有点风险的事,还想进一步碰碰运气。李华学到的另一个 常用语是:crackpot。这是指那种想法很奇怪的人。 /200602/3325美国习惯用语-第48讲:to get a foot in the doorto be dead on one's feet 美国的商品推销员在不很久以前还是挨家挨户地去推销商品,例如吸尘机、厨房用品、百科全书和圣经等。当一位家庭主妇听到敲门声,把门打开的时候,精明能干的推销员就会把一只脚先伸到门里边,这样可以避免在他还没有机会介绍他的商品之前女主人就把门关上了。这种挨家挨户访问的推销员现在几乎已经消声匿迹了,大多数推销员现在都靠电话来招揽生意。可是,把一只脚先伸到门里边这个说法却成了一个人们经常用的俗语了,在英文里就是: to get a foot in the door。 To get a foot in the door 的意思就是:为了达到一个目的迈出了第一步,尽管你可能离达到目的的距离还很远。下面这个例子是一个学生说的话: 例句-1: "You know that beautiful girl who sits ahead of me in English class? She keeps turning me down for dates, but I finally got a foot in the door today: she met me for coffee after class." 这个学生说:“你知道英语课坐在我前面那个很漂亮的女孩子吗?我请她出去玩,她老是拒绝我。可是,今天我算是迈出了第一步。她答应下了课和我一起去喝咖啡。” 下面我们要举的例子是两个人在谈论一个很有政治野心的朋友。其中一个人说: 例句-2: "Getting into politics is tough. But Martin got his foot in the door when he volunteered to go around town putting up posters for the Republican candidate for Congress." 他说:“要进入政界是很难的。可是,马丁曾经在当地义务地帮助那些共和党竞选国会议员的候选人张贴标语,这样他为能够进入政界迈出了第一步。” 一整天在电线干上贴标语或招贴画确实是很累的。马丁回到家的时候可能会感到两只脚累得连站都站不动了。这也有一个俗语来形容这种情景的: to be dead on one's feet。美国虽然是最先进的国家之一,但仍然有好多职业需要工作人员站着做的。售货员就是其中之一。站了一天,到了下班的时候,他们必然会感到两只脚很累。下面就是一个售货员在对他的太太讲话: 例句-3: "Honey, I've got to sit down and rest before I take you out to dinner. I'm really dead on my feet tonight: we had the big year-end sale on and I was so busy I didn't even have time for lunch." 他说:“亲爱的,我得坐下歇一会儿再和你一起出去吃晚饭。我今天晚上两只脚实在累死了。我们正在举行年底大减价,我忙的连午饭都没有时间吃。” 下面的例子是一个孩子在跟他的同学说他们全家去看庆祝海湾战争游行的情况: 例句-4: "My parents took me to Constitution Avenue to see the parade. After standing there for a whole day, my mom was so dead on her feet that she could not even cook dinner for us by the time we got home." 这个孩子说:“我爸爸妈妈带我到宪法大街去看游行。我们在那儿站了一天,回到家的时候,我妈妈的脚累得要死,连做晚饭也做不动了。” 今天我们给大家讲解了两个和脚,也就是英文里的 foot 或者是 feet 有关的俗语。我们讲的第一个俗语是:to get a foot in the door,这是指为了达到一个目的而迈出了第一步。今天我们讲的第二个俗语是: to be dead on one's feet,这是指两只脚非常累。 /200601/3003

Good evening, everyone. Thank you all for the warm welcome. It truly is an honour to be here. Its a privilege just to be invited to the St. Matthews Day Banquet, and an even greater privilege to be one of your keynotes this evening. Id like to start by thanking my friend Mayor Scholz for his gracious invitation. And to speak after Foreign Minister Gabriel is no small feat, but Ill do my modest, Canadian best. You know, when my office received the Mayors invitation to this historic dinner, there was no doubt in my mind that I would accept. Yes, I do appreciate the great meal and this foods certainly lived up to the height as high as this extraordinary room. But I knew I had to be here because of the important relationship between the people of Canada and the people of Germany. Our two countries have long been partners on the world stage. Canadians and Germans value democracy and the rule of law. We understand the importance of international cooperation and partnership. And we share a progressive vision of the world, realizing the immense potential that comes with embracing change. I talk a lot about how our goal as a government is to help the middle class and those working hard to join it. That, ultimately, was the platform for change that elected us. Regular Canadians were worried about their future, and we made a promise to help them through these uncertain times. But that worry – that anxiety – isnt unique to Canada. Its everywhere. Too many people around the world are anxious about what the future may hold. And who could blame them? With the pace of globalization and technological change, there is a very real fear that our kids will be worse off than we are; that they wont have the same kind of opportunities that we have, despite being generally much better educated, and infinitely more tech-savvy. Citizens around the world and across the political spectrum are looking for guidance. Theyre looking for leadership. Theyre looking for hope. And so far, theyre feeling a little let down. When companies post record profits on the backs of workers consistently refused full-time work and the job security that comes with it, people get defeated. And when governments serve special interests instead of the interests of the citizens who elected them – people lose faith. Increasing…increasing inequality has made citizens distrust their governments; distrust their employers. It turns into ;Us; vs. ;Them;. And were watching that anxiety transform into anger on an almost daily basis. It follows that peoples natural defence mechanism in times of stress and anxiety is to hunker down and recoil inward, to give in to cynicism, to retreat from one another.201703/498770

In July of 1911,在1911年七月,a 35-year-old Yale graduate and professor set out from his rainforest camp with his team.一名35岁的耶鲁毕业生兼教授,和他的团队一起从雨林营地出发。After climbing a steep hill and wiping the sweat from his brow,翻越了陡峭的山丘,擦去额头的滴滴汗珠后,he described what he saw beneath him.他描述了他的俯视所见。He saw rising from the dense rainforest foliage透过浓密的雨林树叶,他看到了this incredible interlocking maze of structures built of granite, beautifully put together.这不可思议的如迷宫般交错连锁的结构,它们由花岗岩建成,美丽地交织在一起。Whats amazing about this project is that it was the first funded by National Geographic该项目的独特之处在于,它是国家地理投资的第一个项目,and it graced the front cover of its magazine in 1912.同时在1912年受宠地登上了该杂志的封面。This professor used state-of-the-art photography equipment to record the site,这位教授使用了最先进的摄影器材来记录这令人难忘的遗址,forever changing the face of exploration.就此改变了探索的面貌。The site was Machu Picchu, discovered and explored by Hiram Bingham.这一地点叫马丘比丘,由海拉姆·宾厄姆发现并加以探索。When he saw the site, he asked, ;This is an impossible dream. What could it be?;当他见到了这个地方,他问道,“这是难以实现的梦想。它将是什么呢?”So today, 100 years later, I invite you all on an incredible journey with me, a 37-year-old Yale graduate and professor.所以100年后的今天,我作为一名37岁的耶鲁毕业生兼教授,邀请你们和我一同踏上这奇迹般的旅途。We will do nothing less than use state-of-the-art technology to map an entire country.我们将会使用最先进的科技来,描绘出国家的全貌。This is a dream started by Hiram Bingham, but we are expanding it to the world,这一梦想是由海拉姆·宾厄姆来编织的,但我们将把这梦想撒向全世界。making archaeological exploration more open, inclusive, and at a scale simply not previously possible.使得考古勘探更加包容开放,达到了未曾企及的高度。201702/493178

即学即用英语会话词典C部分:有关年龄身高体重 即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200706/15067

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