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Don: Yael,can you help me with this crossword puzzle? I need a four letters word that had something to do with good table manners.唐:雅艾尔,你能帮我解这道填字游戏吗?我需要一个四个字母的单词,是关于保持良好的饭桌礼仪和举止。Yael: OK, but why are you jogging in place?雅艾尔:好的,但是你为什么原地慢跑呢?Don: Because Im trying to solve the puzzle.唐:因为我想解出这道字谜。Yael: Right. But what does jogging have to do with it?雅艾尔:对呀。但这与慢跑有什么关系吗?Don: Its what scientists call embodied cognition—how the body affects the mind, and vice versa. The idea is that moving your body in certain ways can help you solve problems. For example, in one study, participants were presented with a puzzle: they had to figure out how to tie together strings hanging from rafters spaced far enough apart that they couldnt grasp both at the same time. While they were trying to solve the puzzle, about half the participants were told to swing their arms back and forth. The others were told to stretch their arms.唐:这就是科学家所说的具体认知——身体是如何影响大脑的,反之亦然。这个观点是指以某种方式移动身体能帮助你解决问题。例如在一项研究中,给所有参与者一道难题:他们必须弄清楚怎样将挂在房橼上的绳子系在一起,并且房橼之间相隔足够远,不能同时用手抓住绳子。在他们试图解决难题的时候,让其中一半的参与者来回摇摆胳膊,其余一半则伸展胳膊。Yael: So,what happend?雅艾尔:那么,发生了什么?Don: The arm swingers were forty-percent more likely to solve the problem. It involved tying an object to one string and swinging it so they could grab it while holding the other string.唐:摇摆胳膊的参与者解决问题的概率要高出40%。办法就是将一个物体系在一根绳子上,然后摇晃绳子,这样他们就能在抓着另一根绳子的时候抓住它。Yael: So the physical act of arm swinging led to a similar mental solution.雅艾尔:所以摆臂的物理动作给予了他们相似的思维方式。Don: Right.The larger point is that the mind isnt separate from the body. How we move and behave in physical ways can affect, and enhance, how we think.唐:正确。更重要的一点是心理并不独立于身体。我们身理上的运动和行为会影响或加强我们的思维方式。Yael: Cool, and by the way, the word youre looking for is ;mind;, as an ;mind your manners;.雅艾尔:好吧。但是顺便说一说,你要找的单词是“mind”,意思是“注意你的举止”。Don: Thanks.唐:谢谢。原文译文属!201212/215103Hilbert thought that physics was much too important to be left to the physicists,希尔伯特认为物理太重要了,这些物理学家必须留下,so the mathematicians should take care of it.因此数学家们应该照顾好它。Stakes are very high here.赌注很高。All or nothing. To unlock the secret of light,拥有一切或一无所有。揭开光的神秘,to unlock the secret of gravity.揭开重力的秘密。Nobody can ever say that Einstein is not a fantastic mathematician because at that moment the problem is distilled into pure mathematics.没有人说爱因斯坦不是一位神奇的数学家,因为在那一刻问题被净化成纯粹的数学。Several times, Einstein thought he had it.爱因斯坦认为有好几次他就是这样。When he submitted one of the versions to the Prussian Academy,当他向普鲁士学院提交了一个版本,he wrote his son in Switzerland,他给在瑞士的儿子写信,you know, you will later understand this was a great day that changed history and your father was,you know, producing it.你知道,你以后会明白这是一个改变历史的伟大日子,你父亲,你知道,是这一切的缔造者。But it turned out again to be an erroneous version,但是很快结果再次变成一个错误的版本,he had to change it a week later once more.一个星期后他不得不再一次进行修改。He had tried many alleys before and they turned out to be deadends.他尝试过许多方法不过结果都是死路一条。How long do you wait developing this idea, writing the paper,在出版前你花多少时间等待开发这个想法,开始写论文,working out all the consequences before publishing it?计算出所有的后果吗?注:听力文本来源于普特 201205/180862We arrive back at the moments the universe began, and face the biggest questions in all of science.穿越回宇宙混沌初开的那一刻,直面科学界最重大的一门学说。This is the Holy Grail of Physics. 它被喻为物理学界的神秘圣杯。We want to know why it banged. We want to know what banged. We want to know what was there before the bang.宇宙为什么要爆炸,什么物质在爆炸,大爆炸之前这里是什么样子,对此我们要一探究竟。To get the answers, weve built machines the size of cities to simulate conditions when the universe was created, and space telescopes to peer deep into our past. 为了找寻,我们建造了粒子加速器(其规模巨大,跨越几个城市)去模拟宇宙形成的条件;我们建造了天文望远镜,去深入窥视我们的过去。Were getting close to answering the age old questions: why are we here, where did we come from, does the universe, in fact, has a beginning or an end, and if so, what are they like. 我们为甚么会在这里;我们来自哪里;宇宙是否也有开端,是否会湮灭:这些问题的离我们越来越近了。If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason. We would know the mind of God.如果找到,这将是人类理性取得的最辉煌的胜利。我们便会了解上帝的旨意。The origin of the Big Bang is the greatest mystery of all time. And the more we learn, the deeper the mystery becomes.宇宙大爆炸的起源一直是最大的谜团。我们发现的越多,就会在这谜团里陷得越深。We like to think that our universe is unique. However, now we are not so sure. Perhaps, there is a multi-verse of universes.人们总是认为这个世界是唯一的。然而我们不确定。也许这个世界之外还有很多世界。Another possibility is that our Big Bang is just one of many Big Bangs.也许宇宙大爆炸不止一个;But it may be one of just an infinite number of universes and there may be other regions and that infinite number of universes where Big Bang is just happening today.也许宇宙是无数的,而大爆炸只有一个;也许在无限的宇宙里,某个地方今天才开始大爆炸。But there is only one universe we are sure of, and understanding this one is hard enough.但我们唯一确定的只有这一个宇宙,光是探究这个宇宙,就已经困难重重了。Since the late 1920s, everything we know about how our universe works has been turned upside down.自20世纪20年代起,人们传统的世界观念完全被颠覆了。Its important to realize how much our picture of the universe is changing in the last century.意识到上个世纪人们对宇宙的构想的改变是非常重要的。At the beginning of the 20th century, the conventional wisdom in science was that the universe was static and eternal.20世纪初,主流的科学认知为宇宙是静止不变的,是永恒的。In 1929, that all changed.在1929年,人们的观念就变了。201205/181568

Taking a leak may soon involve far less trickle of precious water, that is. A California-based company has developed the waterless urinal, saving facilities thousands of gallons of water per year. James Krug of Falcon water-free technologies, says that Californians have plenty of experience of water shortage.不久的未来,小便将不再会浪费大量水资源。一家位于加利福尼亚的公司发明了一种无水便池,这种便池每年都能节约成千上万加仑水资源。James Krug,无水设备研究者表示加利福尼亚州经常要面对水资源短缺的情况。;There are 55 million urinals approximately around the world. And if you multiple that by the 40,000 gallons, also that they are using for water, there is an opportunity to save billions and billions of gallons of water. And the idea of just flushing fresh water down a urinal is seemed to make no sense to me.;“全世界大概有5千5百万小便池。如果你再乘以每个小便池浪费的4万加仑水资源,将会是多少?如果把这些有水都换成无水小便池的话,则会节约十亿百亿加仑的水。在我看来用水冲刷小便池可不是个好主意。”A traditional urinal uses water to flush urine. But the folks at Falcon believed that because urine is aly liquid, gravity, not water is needed for flushing. They developed a plastic cartridge filled with biodegradable liquid sealant that traps gases and odors as urine flows through it. One cartridge lasts about 7,000 uses, and an average facility only needs 2 to 3 replacement cartridges a year. But surely no water means more bad smells and germs.传统的小便池用水冲走附着的池壁的尿液。但Falcon公司的人认为,既然尿液已经是液体了,加上地心引力,那就无需其他的水来冲刷了。他们发明了一个塑料筒,内置密封的生物降解剂,只有当尿液流经的时候吸收异味。40美元一筒,可用7千次。一般的公共卫生间一年只需要更换2到3次即可。而且,无水也意味着无气味和无菌。;The answer is actually much more hygienic. We know that we need water for life. So when you have a dryer system, when you have less water moisture in the urinal, you do not have the growth of bacteria.;“原因显而易见。我们知道,正常生活都需要水,而用了这套无水系统,小便器中的湿度会相应降低,也就不容易滋生细菌了。”The famous Hollywood Bowl Concert Venue has installed waterless urinals, saving them about 3 million gallons of water a year, according to COO, Avon Manoucher.雅芳首席运营官Manoucher透露,好莱坞的名人Bowl Concert Venue已经安装了这套无水系统,这套系统为他们每年节约了3百万加仑的水,;I think its important as a major venue and an icon in the city that we helped take the lead, and are trying to do things that are good for the environment and forward-looking, and for water-free technology its just one aspect of our program.;“我认为我们应该在城市的主干道和繁华地段应用这种新技术,因为这对于环境有益,具有前瞻性,而这只是我们要做的一部分工作。”Krugs company has installed 200,000 urinals worldwide, 100,000 in the US alone, insuring that this is one idea that wont be flushed down the toilet.Krug的公司在全世界已经安装了20万无水便池,仅美国就达到了10万部。看来无水便池的想法不会很快过时。Tara Cleary, Reuters.Tara Cleary,路透社报道。biodegradable adj. 生物所能分解的,能进行生物降解的sealant n. 【医学】密封剂注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201207/189908

Business Corporate crime Give a little whistle商业 公司犯罪 揭发The SEC offers a huge carrot to encourage whistle-blowers美国券交易委员会高额悬赏鼓励举报人;TOO many people remain silent in the face of fraud,; says Mary Schapiro, the chairman of Americas Securities amp; Exchange Commission (SEC). On May 25th she announced new rules to encourage corporate whistle-blowing. Inducements will include cash: 10-30% of fines of over m that result from tip-offs. The US Chamber of Commerce, a business lobby, calls it a ;bounty programme; that will reward ;amateur sleuths in search of a big payday;. It is threatening legal action to block it.;太多人在面对欺诈行为时选择了沉默。;美国券交易委员会(SEC)主席Mary Schapiro感叹道。5月25日,她公布了鼓励举报公司犯罪的新规定。举报的奖励将会包含现金:如果举报产生了100万美元以上的罚款,那么举报人可获得罚款金额的10-30%。企业游说组织美国商会将其称作;赏金计划;,奖励那些盼着一夜暴富的业余侦探。其威胁性会导致有人采取法律行动来阻止这一计划。The new rules were required by the Dodd-Frank act, Congresss response to the financial crisis, which was passed last year. They follow an earlier effort to encourage employees to speak up. After Enron, an energy firm, collapsed in a flurry of fraud, Congress passed the Sarbanes-Oxley act in 2002 which, among other things, protected whistle-blowers from retaliation.国会为应对金融危机在去年通过了多德佛兰克金融改革法案(Dodd-Frank act),这些新规定是应该法案的要求制定的。同时也延续了早就开始的鼓励公司员工站出来举报的做法。在能源公司安然(Enron)在连串的欺诈案件中轰然倒下之后,国会采取的善后措施中就包括通过了萨班-奥克利法案(Sarbanes-Oxley act)保护举报人免遭报复。Employees have never found it easy to squeal on employers. Perhaps the most celebrated of corporate whistle-blowers, Sherron Watkins, a former executive at Enron, never went public with her prediction that the company might be brought down by fraud. She reported her concerns internally, and was ignored.员工举报老板从来就不是件容易事。最著名的举报人,安然公司前高官Sherron Watkins,可能从没有将她对于公司会因诈骗倒闭的预测公布于众。她只是在公司内部提出了她的担忧,但是没有人理睬。When the SEC released draft rules in November, businesses fretted that the financial rewards would prompt insiders to go straight to the commission, bypassing their firms internal procedures—especially since that would reduce the risk of being victimised by the boss or branded a ;disgruntled employee;. The new rules try to correct this, for example by allowing a reward to be paid in some circumstances to whistle-blowers who only grumble internally.当券交易委员会在去年11月公布规定的草案时,公司担心金钱奖励会促使内部知情人越过内部程序直接向委员会举报,因为这样会降低被老板陷害或者被贴上;不满员工;标签的风险。新出台的规定试图改变这一状况,比如规定在一些情况下可以奖励只在内部举报没有外传的员工。The chance of making a fortune may encourage speculative whistle-blowing in the hope of winning the lottery. Ms Schapiros new Office of the Whistleblower may be deluged with useless tips. But even that might be better than the status quo.靠举报发财的机会也许会刺激一心想发财的投机式举报。Schapiro女士的新举报官可能会被无效的线索淹没。但是即使是这样也好过现状。 /201301/223705

Cnet.com/live is the way to find your favourite CNet tech shows, from the hottest gadgets to the latest tech news. We stream live 5 days a week at Cnet.com/live.Cnet.com的live频道帮你找到你最爱的科技资讯,从最热单品到最新科技,所有信息应有尽有,每周五期,尽在Cnet.com的live频道。Its Thursday, May 5th. Im Mark Licea. And its time to get loaded. You can now tune in Pandora to get your laughs. The Internet raido service is adding 10,000 comedy clips from more than 700 comedians into its library. Big names like Bill Cusby, Bob Newhart, Jerry Sanfield, and George Collin are a few on the list. The company says adding comedians to the library has been a long time requests from users. Similar to listening the music, comedy beats would be spliced in with audio Ads.今天是5月5日,周三。我是Mark Licea。是时候了解今天的最新资讯了。现在你可以收听Pandora来找点儿乐子。这项网络广播务精选了700多部戏剧,添加了其中的1万个喜剧片段。喜剧大师Bill Cusby,Bob Newhart,Jerry Sanfield和George Collin都只是其中一部分。这家公司表示,长久以来用户一直要求听到喜剧片段。和收听音乐的方式相近,喜剧片段中间也会插播广告。Google and Facebook are flirting with buying skype, business insider says Facebook Excs are considering a buyout or joint venture. This would give Facebook a fully fledged vedio products to build into their service. Google aly has a voice and vedio chat service. So their reasoning is less clear. Skype delayed its IPO earlier this year, and its rumored to be considering a buyout for three to four billion.谷歌和脸谱网正在竞争购买skype,内部人士透露脸谱网高层考虑全部买下或是注资skype。skype的加入会帮助脸谱网构建出一套成熟的视频产品以完善脸谱网目前的务。谷歌现已有语音和视频聊天的功能。因此,谷歌收购skype的意图并不明确。Skype推迟了今年首次公开募股的日期,有传言称skype将以30到40亿的价格出售。Warner Brothers is acquiring Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes. This comes just after Warner Brothers announced a digital everywhere app, slated to roll out in the summer. The app will let users organize and access to the vedio content from one place and Flixster Rotten Tomatoes could possiblely be part of the service. Warner Brothers insists that both Rotten Tomatoes and Flixster will continue to operate independantly.华纳兄弟电影公司正在收购Flixster和烂番茄网站。这正是在华纳兄弟宣布在今年夏天全面推广其电子应用后的一大举动。这款应用将允许用户轻松获取视频,而Flixster和烂番茄会是其中的一项务。华纳兄弟将坚持独立运行这两家网站。If you see links to vedios and photos of Osama Bin Ladens death, you aly know not to click on them. They are spam and clicking will download viruses onto your computer that will steal personal information. Now, hackers are using Osama Bin Ladens death to allure victims into click on these malicious links. But you know better.如果你看到了奥萨马·本·拉登之死的视频和图片链接,你一定知道不要去点击它。它们只是垃圾邮件,一旦点击,病毒就会自动下载到你的电脑中并盗取你的个人信息。现在,黑客利用本·拉登之死诱惑受害者点击这些恶意链接。但我们已经知道这个小把戏了。Buzz Noble is planning to release a new E-er at the end of the month. The Wall Street Journal got wind of an SEC filing speculating that the new device may be a tablet e-er hybrid, possiblely running Horneycom Android 3.0. But Cnets own David Cornell is saying that the most likely scenario is that the company will upgrade their lower priced E-N crater. And that the look colour wont get refreshed until the fall. We will know in a few weeks.Buzz Noble计划在本月末发售最新的电子阅读器。《华尔街日报》得到消息,新产品可能是平板电脑和电子阅读器的混合体,它有可能运行Horneycom Android 3.0系统。但Cnet的David Cornell表示,这家公司只是升级了其低价产品E-N crater。直到秋天为止,这家公司将不会更新产品颜色。不过几周后我们就会知道真相了。You may not have to plug in your iphone to update any longer, thats the latest rumor from 925 mac. Theyre reporting that Apple is working with Verizon to offer over-the-air updates similar to Android phones. No word on if this is happening with ATamp;T.你可能不用再插线更新iPhone了,这是来自925mac的最新消息。925mac称,苹果和威瑞森联手将推出和安卓手机相近的无线更新功能。不知道将来Atamp;T会不会也推出类似功能。Thats your news for the day. And that wraps up your week of getting loaded, remember we dont have a show on Fridays any more, So, well see you on Monday. Im Mark Licea with Cnet.com. And Youve just been loaded.以上就是今天的科技资讯。你已经了解到本周的最新资讯,周五我们将不再更新节目。我们周一见。我是Cnet.com的Mark Licea,感谢您的收看。CNet.com/live is the place to find your favourite Cnet tech shows from the hottest gadgets to the latest tech news. We stream live 5 days a week at Cnet.com/live.Cnet.com的live频道帮你找到你最爱的科技资讯,从最热单品到最新科技,所有信息应有尽有,每周五期,尽在Cnet.com的live频道。slate 预定,规划注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201211/209970

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