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聊城治疗早孕多少钱即墨市中医院急诊电话青岛市第四医院收费怎样 即学即用英语会话词典B部分:挂断电话 即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200706/14996Thank you, Mr. Douglas, for your commitment as a Messenger of Peace. Im honored to stand here this afternoon alongside the great Ban Ki-moon, my fellow Messengers of Peace and all of you together on this International Day of Peace. The word ;peace; has many possible meanings, and the Messenger of Peace program has been vital to addressing some of the most pressing challenges of our time head-on – poverty, disease, human suffering – issues which defy the very concept of peace. For the past two years, as your Messenger of Peace for climate change, I have witnessed unimaginable human-caused devastation across our planet. With the potential of hundreds of millions of climate refugees, this could be a future that will be anything but peaceful. When I began this journey at the request of the Secretary-General, I feared that it was aly too late to stop the droughts, the floods, the famine and the devastation of everything from ancient rainforest to timeless coral reefs. Since then, I have recorded the impacts of climate change for this new documentary that you just saw the preview – Before the Flood. And what I witnessed firsthand and you will all see in the movie should terrify you. But it should also give you hope that the solutions are available and are available today if we begin to make real progress right now, which raises the question: How could mankind wait so long and accept so much suffering and self-destruction? Would we ever be wise enough to stop these forces of greed for fossil fuel profits to finally bring lasting peace and protection to our shared planet? Then last December in Paris, the world was hopeful that the answer would be yes. Almost 200 nations came together for the first time in two decades, and reached what amounts to a Peace Agreement. It was a global consensus for tackling climate change, achieved, in large measure, thanks to the tireless efforts of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Lets give him a round of applause. To be sure, this deal is only the beginning, but how else could we stop the destruction of planet Earth? Except by building a global coalition and all working together. Coalitions like the Secretary Generals Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance – a group of over 50 UN development agencies, financial institutions from all corners of the globe and NGOs led by the R20 – Regions of Climate Action. Alliances like these can turn the pledges of Paris into solar and wind power plants, and to clean transportation systems, and to ending the concept of wastes, and to a global economy that is sustainable for generations to come. Massive new infrastructure like that, thanks in large part to the Paris Agreement, will get us halfway there, halfway to the necessary reduction of greenhouse gases and begin a meaningful shift of our global economy away from fossil fuels to clean renewable energy, and efficient use of our precious resources. The rest is up to all of us. Yes! Each of us must play a part in holding our leaders accountable for their Paris promises and persuading them to finish the job. We must educate ourselves about the problem, speak up on behalf of the solutions, and most importantly, vote for leaders who respond before it is too late for things like ending tax breaks for fossil fuels, putting a price on carbon, and a rapid transition to a 100 percent renewable energy. We can use our purchasing power to support companies that understand the same thing and deliver sustainable low-carbon products and services to the world. We can support and volunteer for community organizations that are helping us to adapt to some of the harsh realities that climate change is aly reeking on our oceans, our cities, our farms, our health and the natural world all around us. We have waited too long and are aly suffering the consequences. But Ive also seen the seeds of peace and the solutions to climate change – ideas and innovation planted in the minds of schoolchildren, world leaders, entrepreneurs, faith leaders, mothers and fathers. It is in that awareness and willingness to take action that we must place our faith and hopes in the future. So, my friends, my message to you today can be summed up by another Messenger of Peace, a great Mahatma Gandhi, who said, ;A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.; Let today be the day we all come become determined spirits together. I have faith that we can alter the course of our planets history before it is too late. But it is up to all of us. Thank you so much!201609/468972即墨市第一人民妇保中医院正规的吗

青岛新阳光妇科医院在哪5 EmploymentOne How is your job search going?你的工作找得怎么样了? 1 IntroductionThe textbooks and classes in school and college can only teach some of the materials for work. Because each different job has slightly different policies and procedures. A new employee needs to know how the office or job works. Some of these are quite specific, while others are so mundane that older workers might forget to show new employees what occurs. 在学校所学的课本、课程都只能教你工作中的一部分。因为每一份不同的工作都有稍微不同的政策和常规。一个新员工需要知道办公室或者这份工作到底是怎么运行的。其中一些很具体,另外一些很平淡无奇,连老员工也可能忘记带新员工看到底是怎么回事了。 2 Sample Sentences1. She was given some quick training at the vocational school. 她在职业学校受过速成训练。 2. The volunteers are in training.志愿人员在接受培训。3. There is a program for people like me who are willing to teach, but need certification. 有一个方案是针对于像我这样愿意教书的,但又需要合格的人。4. It is not unusual for people to change careers.人们换职业是很平常的一件事。5. I am old-fashioned; I want to stay in one job.我很守旧,我想保持做一份工作。6. What benefits does your company offer? 你们公司提供什么福利?7. I’m applying for the cashier position. 我想申请做收银员的工作。8. Americans are easily adaptable to working with new technologies.美国人很容易适应工作上采用新科技。9. What should happen to employees who get caught lying about their education on their resumes? 对于那些被逮住在他们的简历上撒谎他们所受的教育程度的人该怎么办? 10. I’m looking for work as an electronics assembler.我想找做电器装配工的工作。 3 Conversations1. The right attitude. A. How is your job search1 going, Janet?B. I found the ideal position. I’m working for a plumbing2 company. A. Are you serious? You studied mathematics at college for four years, and now you have a job working with your hands!B. Plumbing work requires mathematics knowledge, and creativity. I love this job. A. I can see that. But I didn’t know you had experience in that line of work.B. I didn’t, but I applied for an apprenticeship3, and since I studied math, AND I have a good attitude4, my application was accepted. A. Congratulations! You do have the right attitude.——珍妮特,你的工作找得怎么样?——我找到了一份很理想的工作。我在一家铅管公司工作。——你不是开玩笑的吧?你大学学了4年数学,而现在你在干手工活。——铅管工作也需要有数学知识,需要有创造力。我很喜欢这份工作。——我看得出来。但是我还不知道你做过那方面的工作呢。——我没有做过,但是我申请了做学徒,由于我学过数学,而且我的工作态度也很好,我的申请被接受了。——祝贺你!你的态度是很不错。Helpful Information: Many westerners believe a good attitude is the most important requirement in getting a good job and other things are just secondary.许多西方人认为好的态度是获得一份好工作的最重要的必要条件,其他方面都是次要的。2. Looking for a new career. A. I’m sick of my job, I always have to work late at night, and the company keeps me working in the office. B. Why don’t you find a new career where you can do what you enjoy; being outside working during the day?A. What do you suggest? I can’t afford to quit my job until I get a new one. B. Maybe you have two choices. You could attend school during the day, or you could get a position that provides training.——我很讨厌我的工作,我得经常晚上工作到很晚,公司又老是让我在办公室工作。——你为什么不找一个新工作,那样你就可以做你喜欢做的;白天在户外工作?——你有什么建议?在我找到一个新工作之前,我是没法放弃现在的工作的。——也许你有两种选择:你可以白天去上学,或者你可以找到一份提供培训的工作。3. Working after retirement. A. I can’t wait to retire. B. And then what? A. And then I’m moving to Florida where I can play golf all day, every day!B. That sounds boring to me. A. What do you plan on doing after you retire? B. Yes, I think I will do something new. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. I’m willing to begin studying to teach. A. I admire your energy, Ruth. You are young at heart.——我等不及要退休了。——然后怎么样?——然后我就搬去佛罗里达州,在那里我可以每天打高尔夫球! ——我觉得这真没劲。——你退休后计划做什么?——是啊,我想我会尝试去做一些我没做过的事情。我一直想做一名老师。我愿意开始学习以备当老师。——我真钦佩你的干劲,露斯。你的心态很年轻。4. Getting certified. A. Lester, you are really fantastic at automobile repair.B. Thanks, June. But I think I need to be certified as a mechanic5 before I’m allowed to repair cars for a living.A. That’s not a big problem. There are many small schools for adults like you who can study to be certified.B. I guess I never thought of that before. A. And you can easily get a student loan6 from a vocational school7, or from the government.B. Wow, you’ve inspired me to do something!——莱斯特,你修理汽车可真行。——谢谢,琼。但是我想我需要考核一个机械工的执照,我才可以被允许以修车为业。 ——那不是什么大问题。有许多小学校专供像你这样的成年人学习并拿执照的。——我以前还从未想过这个呢。——而且你可以很容易从职业学校或者政府拿到一个学生贷款。——哇,你这么一鼓舞,我真的想去做了! 4 Words and Expressions1. job search 求职2. plumbing 铅管业;铅管工的工作 3. apprenticeship 学徒身份,学徒期 4. attitude 态度,意见,看法 5. mechanic 机械工,修理工,技工6. student loan 学生贷款7. vocational school 职业学校 /200603/5423山东青岛新阳光妇科医院上班时间 But all of you should think you can change the world Because you can. 但所有人都应该坚信 你们能改变世界因为你们有能力Your generation has the blessing of timing, and you know what they say timing is everything. 你们这一代人获得了时机的青睐 有人说时机就是一切Excuse me We live in a global community today. 对不起我们如今生活在一个全球化的世界One that offers tremendous opportunities We can connect and communicate instantaneously with each other all over the world. 这个世界提供了大量的机会不管在世界什么地方 人和人之间都能够即时通信We know more about each other than at any time in history That knowledge can also bring conflict . 比起人类历史以往任何时候 人之间的相互了解都更多了这种接触可能会导致冲突Between cultures, religions, even generations And these will become bigger and bigger issues. 出现在不同文化 不同宗教 甚至不同代人之间如果我们不认识到世界只有一个If we dont all understand that we only have one world There really isnt anywhere else to go. 这个问题将变得越来越严重要知道 我们没有别的地方可去Life on earth is our only option, and its a good one But we need to adapt and change. 生活在地球上是我们的唯一选择 这个选择也很棒但我们需要适应和改变Environmentally, economically, and even socially if were going to keep it viable. 环境上 经济上 社会上都是如此这样我们才能立足Our world needs to evolve and you are the people who will lead the evolution. 世界需要演变而你们将是引领变革的一代Your generation is moving and creating expectations and solutions at an increasingly accelerated speed. 你们这一代人正以不断加快的速度前进并创造出新的希望和解决方案Dont let up on that Get involved, form an opinion, and make a difference. 不要放松投身其中 提出见解 变革世界You can, and I would challenge all of you you must for all of our sakes, whatever the pursuit. 你们可以的 我向你们所有人提出挑战你们也必须这样 不管你们追求的是什么201609/465556青岛新阳光医院正规

青岛节育环一般多少钱Investing in the military means investing in peace在军事上投资,意味着在和平上投资because the best way to prevent war, as George Washington said, is to be prepared for it.因为避免战争的最好方式,正如乔治·华盛顿所说的,是准备好去应对它。Most importantly, an investment in the military is an investment in the incredible men and women who serve our country in uniform.最重要的,在军事上的投资,是对身着我们国家军装杰出男男女女的投资。They are the best of us.他们是我们当中最棒的人。They are the greatest force for peace and justice the world has ever known - and we will support them every single step of the way.他们是世界上有史以来最著名的和平和正义最伟大的捍卫力量--我们将在每一步上都持他们。These are truly exciting times. Amazing opportunities are unfolding before us这些是非常兴奋的时候。惊人的机会就展现在我们面前to strengthen our military, to reboot our economy, and to bring back our jobs.壮大我们的军队,重新启动我们的经济,并将我们的就业岗位带回国内。If we all work together, and put our country first, then anything is possible.如果我们所有人都一起工作,把我们国家放在第一位,那么任何事情都是可能的。Let us seize this moment and make the most of this incredible opportunity for national renewal.让我们抓住这样的时刻,让大部分这样不寻常的机遇成就国家的复兴。May God bless the men and women of our military, and may God bless the ed States of America, the country we love.愿上帝保佑我们军队的男男女女,愿上帝保佑美利坚合众国,我们深爱的国家。201703/498751 乐宁外教口语天天练No.66This new BMW is a "top of the line" model."Top of the line" 意指it is the best in its class.This new BMW is a "top of the line" model.这辆新的宝马汽车是最新型号。谢谢收听,明天继续^^ /200611/9620山东省青岛第三医院产妇做检查好吗青岛挂号网上预约



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