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A: 欢迎大家来到这期的美语训练班! 我是杨琳!B: 我是Mike! 杨琳,来告诉大家今天都要学什么!A: 好! 今天,我们要一起来聊聊戒烟有什么好方法,看看不同工作场合的着装要求,还要告诉你怎么说得寸进尺!B: I feel like the dress code in DC is just formal. I see suits everywhere...A: 没错! 每天一上地铁都一片黑压压! 好了西装男, 咱们言归正传,先来进入第一个单元...B: Learn a word!Learn A Word 1719 hallmark今天我们要学的词是 hallmark. Hallmark is spelled h-a-l-l-m-a-r-k, hallmark. Hallmark 意思是特点,标志。A strong defense has always been the hallmark for our team. 我们球队最大的特点是防守能力强。Personalized customer service has been our hallmark for over 20 years. 贴心的顾务20多年来始终是我们的特色。Renewable technology development has been the hallmark for Steven Chus tenure as the U.S. Secretary of Energy. 朱棣文在任美国能源部长期间,政策核心一直是可再生能源的开发。 好的,今天我们学习的词是 hallmark, hallmark, hallmark...A: 看看美国推广可持续能源,我真羡慕! 这次回北京,每天都是雾霾天,想想小时候的蓝天,真让人沮丧!B: Yeah, you should not develop your economy at the cost of the environment! It took London 40 years to fix its fog problem, I hope Beijing can fix it soon...A: I dont know. It seems like we are pushing our luck. I really want the old Beijing back....the blue sky and the fresh air, you dont even need air conditioning in the summer!B: Well keep our fingers crossed! But you just mention an idiom, push ones luck, lets check it out!Words and Idioms 831 Push Ones Luck美国习惯用语第831讲我先生牙不好,但又特别不喜欢去看牙医。前不久,他补过的一颗牙里的填料掉了出来,我劝他赶紧去找牙医修补,这不,一个月过去了,他还是没给牙医打电话预约。或许现在那颗牙并不疼,不过,谁都知道,这是迟早的事。这让我想起了今天要学的习惯用语,叫M: Push ones luck. Push is spelled p-u-s-h, and luck; l-u-c-k. Push-ones-luck.大家都知道,动词 push 是推的意思,Luck 是运气。Push ones luck 这个习惯用语的意思就是,有点儿运气就得寸进尺,贪心不足。就说我先生吧,牙里的填料掉了,但是牙却不疼,够幸运的吧?但是他却得寸进尺,不赶紧去找牙医修补,这就叫 push his luck.我早上开车,路上听了一个关于汽车保养的节目。主持人念了一封听众寄来的电子邮件,让我们一起听听看。M: ;Every time I get my oil changed, the mechanic reminds me to bring the car back in another 3,000 miles. Now I see that Ive driven almost 8,000 more miles and still havent had any problem. Do you think Im PUSHING MY LUCK? Or do I really need to get my car serviced again?;这位听众在信中说:每次我去换机油,车铺的人都提醒我,每开三千英里就要来换一次机油。可是现在我都开了八千英里了,车子还好好的,没有出现任何问题。你觉得我这样做是贪心不足吗?我是不是真地需要把车隍7d到修车行去保养呢?要让我说,这个人绝对是在 push his luck。车子的定期保养是绝对不能放松的,车子跟人一样,人要吃好睡好锻炼好才能长寿,车子也要定期检查,保养才能长期给你务,否则坏了,又要去修,更得不偿失。好的,让我们再来听听上面那段话。M: ;Every time I get my oil changed, the mechanic reminds me to bring the car back in another 3,000 miles. Now I see that Ive driven almost 8,000 more miles and still havent had any problem. Do you think Im PUSHING MY LUCK? Or do I really need to get my car serviced again?;刚才我们说到,车子要定期保养,如果本应三千英里换一次机油,结果开到八千英里还不去的话,就是在 push your luck。老实说,我也犯过类似的错误。那天我鞋的后跟掉了,我就自己粘了回去,打算坚持两天,周末有时间拿去修。我得意洋洋地穿着去上班,结果上班的路上鞋跟又掉了下来,害我当众出丑。我当时唯一的想法是,I shouldnt have pushed my luck. 在下面这个例子中,一群登山爱好者要做出一项十分艰难的选择。让我们一起听听看。M: ;My friend and I had planned this climb for months. And there we were, almost to the top.But the sun was going down on us. Did we want to try and hurry? We decided not to PUSH OUR LUCK and risk an accident. After all, the mountain could wait until morning.;其中一个人说:我跟朋友们策划这次行动已经好几个月了,眼看就要到山顶的时候,偏偏太阳下山了。我们要决定,是否继续攀登,但是大家最后决定,还是不要挺而走险,可以等到早上,以免发生事故。英语里有一句常说的话,叫 better safe than sorry,意思是宁可加倍小心,也要比发生意外好。还好这些登山爱好者比较明智,没有 push their luck, 否则发生意外,后悔就完了。好的,我们再听一下上面的例句。M: ;My friend and I had planned this climb for months. And there we were, almost to the top. But the sun was going down on us. Did we want to try and hurry? We decided not to PUSH OUR LUCK and risk an accident. After all, the mountain could wait until morning.;Push ones luck 这个习惯用语可以追溯到二十世纪,也有人说得更简单,就叫 push it. 我可以说,我先生不赶紧去看牙医,是在 push it. 我没有及时去修鞋,也是在 push it. 看来,我们大家都有这种时候。好的,这次美国习惯用语就到此结束了。M: This has been Words and Idioms. Until next time.我们下次节目再见。A: Yeah, I always push my luck when it comes to dental problems...I will think its just a small cavity that could be fixed in a heartbeat, but it always turns out to be a bigger problem.B: Exactly. You need to fix any health problems as soon as possible, otherwise you dont know whats going to happen. You just got to nip it in the bud.A: 没错,消灭在萌芽状态。B: Actually in todays business etiquette, we are going to talk about a thing that can affect your health, smoking. Lets get some tips about how to quit smoking!礼节美语 BE-231 Quit Smoking IDaisy在公司走廊上跟同事Johnny打招呼。Daisy: Hey Johnny, good to see you! How have you been? I havent seen you in almost a month.Johnny: Eleven days, six hours, 21 minutes, and let me see....twenty something seconds.D: Umm....eleven what?J: Eleven days since my last cigarette!D: Hey...good for you! High five!Daisy将近一个月没见到Johnny,Johnny在这期间把烟戒了,戒烟已经持续了 eleven days, six hours, 21 minutes, and twenty something seconds. 11天6小时21分钟20几秒。Daisy对Johnny表示赞扬,说 good for you! 有你的。这时候女同事Kathy凑了过来。Kathy: Good afternoon. What are we celebrating?D: Johnny here has been trying to quit cigarettes for years!J: And today Im almost 2 weeks into my program!K: Wow, congratulations! I quit 10 years ago, but then again, I was never really a serious smoker.D: Johnny here was a three-pack-a-day man!K: You smoked three packs a day! Thats some hard-core smoking! So...It must have been very difficult to quit.J: Well, Ive only been smoke-free for 11 days so I cant pat myself on the back too much. But yes, it has been really tough...probably the hardest thing Ive ever done in my life.Kathy说自己是十年前戒的烟,但戒烟前其实抽得也不是很多,I was never a serious smoker. 这一点跟 Johnny 比大不一样,Johnny原来每天抽三盒,He was a three-pack-a-day man. 英文里根据抽烟的多少,可以分为 social smoker 偶尔抽着玩的人;light smoker 烟瘾不大的人;heavy smoker 烟瘾很大的人,还有 chain smoker 一根接一根抽的人,Johnny显然就是这种人,a hard-core smoker 铁杆烟民。Johnny说,自己刚刚戒了11天,还不能 pat myself on the back 自满。to pat oneself on the back 是自我表扬,自我鼓励的意思。 Daisy说,D: I quit cold turkey, and that was pretty darn hard.J: Quitting smoking takes a lot of willpower, but these days a lot of help is available if you look for it.K: My uncle tried hypnosis. A specialist tried to hypnotize him to give him the suggestion that he should stop smoking.J: Did it work?K: He quit for a few months, but then he fell back into his old habit.D: A lot of my friends have tried nicotine patches. Nicotine is an addictive drug and when you quit using it, you get seriously grumpy. Sometimes a patch can help reduce nicotine cravings.戒烟需要毅力,It takes a lot of willpower. Daisy说自己当年说不抽就不抽了,to quit something cold turkey. 意思是干净利落地戒掉某种习惯。Kathy说,她叔叔曾尝试过hypnosis催眠,hypnosis is spelled h-y-p-n-o-s-i-s, hypnosis, 动词是 hypnotize, h-y-p-n-o-t-i-z-e, 但是只坚持了几个月,就又fell back into his old habit 重新捡起了旧习惯。Daisy说,他很多朋友都用 nicotine patches 尼古丁贴片,减少身体对尼古丁的 cravings, cravings 指强烈愿望,在这是指对尼古丁的瘾头。戒烟还有其他什么好办法呢?我们下次继续听。A: Johnny是个铁杆烟民,a hard-core smoker, 原来每天都要抽三包。Daisy说,她当年戒烟,说不抽就不抽了,quit smoking cold turkey。Johnny觉得戒烟确实很难,it takes a lot of willpower, 需要很大的毅力。B:Yeah definitely. Once your body is addicted to nicotine, its pretty hard to get it out of your system.A: 我爷爷原来就是铁杆烟民,不过啊我天天在他的烟上写吸烟有害,现在呢,他每天抽三根,也算是戒烟成功一半了!B: Its always a good thing to have support from family and friends. Daisy is advising Johnny to participate in a therapy group so he can get support from people just like him. Lets keep listening!礼节美语 BE-232 Quit Smoking IIDaisy和Kathy听说同事Johnny戒烟,很替他高兴。Kathy问Johnny是怎么戒的。K: Whats worked so far?J: Well, for starters, I saw a doctor who specializes in helping people quit smoking. The doctor recommended a therapy group that meets twice a week.D: So everyone in the group is trying to quit smoking?J: yep...we were all in the same boat. We have a buddy system....if we need help, we call each other.K: Thats really great!J: Also, the doctor recommended getting some exercise so I started doing some cycling. I could barely make it down the street for the first couple of days, but now Im riding as much as 10 kilometers!原来,Johnny专门找了个医生,指导他如何戒烟,医生建议他加入一个 therapy group 治疗小组,小组成员都是想戒烟的烟民,同病相怜,they were all in the same boat. in the same boat是一个很常用的短语,意思是处境相同。另外,医生还建议Johnny锻炼身体,骑自行车。D: When you quit smoking you also have to change your lifestyle. I had to stop drinking too much beer, because when I drank, it made me want to smoke. I started eating more fruits and vegetables and I cut down on red meat.K: Yeah, that makes sense. Change your diet...change your lifestyle...start a new you!J: So far the toughest time is when Im hanging out with friends in clubs, bars or KTVs.D: I guess youll just have to chew a lot of gum.J: Yeah...the doctor told me to keep my mouth and hands busy! Chew gum, drink water, whistle, draw, hold a pencil...just try to distract my mind.Daisy说,戒烟的一部分是要改变生活习惯,比如他自己,原来爱喝啤酒,一喝啤酒就自然而然地想抽烟,所以为了戒烟他索性连酒也少喝了,开始多吃蔬菜水果,并且 cut down on red meat. 少吃红肉。to cut down on something 是减少的意思,red meat 红肉,包括猪肉,牛肉,羊肉等,跟 red meat 相对的是鸡肉和鱼肉等 white meat. Johnny说,最痛苦的时候是跟朋友到夜总会和酒吧那种地方去,周围抽烟喝酒的人太多,诱惑太大,医生曾建议他,不要让自己的嘴和手闲着,嚼口香糖,喝水,吹口哨,或者干脆手里拿根笔,都行。K: I applaud your efforts to quit! Im sure youll be much happier in the long run.D: Yeah...a couple of years from now, you look back and wonder how you couldve ever been a smoker!J: I hope so...because its been pretty tough.D: Dont worry; there is a light at the end of the tunnel!K: Keep up the good work!J: Thanks, guys!最后,Kathy 和Daisy都鼓励Johnny一定要坚持,Daisy说,there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 隧道尽头能看到光明,类似中文里说的曙光就在前面。A: 戒掉不好的习惯就靠毅力! 戒烟戒酒都是一样。B: Yep, the key is to be persistent. It applies to everything.A: 万事开头难! 接下去就好了。Speaking of which, I think its time that you should start working on your sweets addiction...B: Meh, I also exercise everyday, unlike......some people!A: 哈! 算了,不跟你贫! 咱们现在再来学个词儿!Learn A Word 1720 dress code今天我们要学的词是 dress code. dress is spelled d-r-e-s-s, dress, code, c-o-d-e, code, dress code. Dress code 着装要求。Under Irans Islamic dress code, women are required to cover their entire body in public. 根据伊朗的伊斯兰教着装要求,妇女在公共场合必须把身体遮盖得严严实实的。美国伊利诺伊州一个学生因为身穿美国海军陆战队T恤衫,T恤衫上画着两的图案,被学校指责违反着装标准。The students father asked the school district to reconsider its dress code after the incident. 事发后,学生父亲要求学校所在学区重新考虑对学生的着装要求。好的,今天我们学习的词是 dress code, dress code, dress code...A: Yeah, different work places have different dress codes. Im so glad we dont have any!B:Yeah....I mean, I still want to dress up for work though. I feel like when Im dressed in business professional clothes Im more productive. Dressing the part really makes a difference.A: Yeah, thats true. If Im wearing something casual, I feel like I should be outside exploring the city....B: Haha, we will have plenty of opportunities for that this weekend! Now lets move on to our last segment of the day!A: 来听今天的美国习惯用语, Make a dent in!Words and Idioms 832 Make a Dent in美国习惯用语第 832讲第一次用信用卡的人,都会觉得,这简直太方便了,身上不用带现金,就能想买什么就买什么。可以别忘了,刷卡也是花钱,帐户里要有足够的存款,账单来的时候才不会陷入被动。我侄女就是,第一次有了自己的信用卡,兴奋得忘乎所以,结果付不起账单,欠了信用卡公司很多钱,只好节衣缩食,用了整整一年的时间,才慢慢还上。这让我想起了今天要学的习惯用语,叫M: Make a dent in. Dent is spelled d-e-n-t. Make-a-dent-in. Make a dent in.名词 dent 在中文里是凹痕的意思。Make a dent in something 这个习惯用语的意思就是取得初步进展。从刚才我侄女的信用卡的例子里,我们就能看到,要还清信用卡债务,有多困难。It is very difficult to make a dent in credit card debt. 所以一定不能大意。生病总是难免的,特别是冬天。大家可能都有过类似经历,在家歇几天病假,回去上班时,会发现很多工作都在等着自己处理。让我们听听下面例子里这个可怜人是怎么说的。M: ;After being home with the flu for a week, I finally returned to the office. I cant believe how much I missed. Ive aly spent two days trying to catch up on the pile of paperwork on my desk. But Ive barely MADE A DENT IN it. Theres still a lot more I need to do.;这个人抱怨说:我因为流感在家歇了一星期的病假,真没想到短短一个星期,会积累下这么多工作。我花了整整两天的时间,处理桌子上堆积如山的文件,但是好象一点也不见少,还是有一大堆需要处理。我特别理解他的感受。前不久我去墨西哥渡了一个星期的假,没带电脑。结果回来后,信箱里积累了好几百封电子邮件,我整整用了一个晚上的时间,才基本上处理完毕。好的,让我们再来听听上面那段话。M: ;After being home with the flu for a week, I finally returned to the office. I cant believe how much I missed. Ive aly spent two days trying to catch up on the pile of paperwork on my desk. But Ive barely MADE A DENT IN it. Theres still a lot more I need to do.;每年圣诞节前夕,商店里都会拥挤不堪,大家都要给亲朋好友购买礼物。对于很多人来说,这是一件躲不过去的头疼事儿,但是下面这个顾客好象却很有成就感。让我们一起听听这是为什么。M: ;I come from a large family, so I have many people to buy for at Christmas. Im usually rushing around in stores until the last minute, but this year is different. Im really MAKING A DENT in my shopping list. Now I only have to pick up a few more presents and then Ill be y.;这个人说:我来自一个大家庭,圣诞节要给很多人买礼物。往年我都要等到最后一分钟才匆忙跑到店里去采购,但是今年不同,购物清单上的很多东西都已经买齐了。如今只剩下几件东西,我就万事大吉了。真是好样的,加油!最近,我们那个社区突然出现了很多胡乱涂鸦,破坏公物的情况。虽然警察局增派警力,加强巡逻,但丝毫没有改善。It hasnt made a dent in it. 好的,我们再听一下上面的例句。M: ;I come from a large family, so I have many people to buy for at Christmas. Im usually rushing around in stores until the last minute, but this year is different. Im really MAKING A DENT in my shopping list. Now I only have to pick up a few more presents and then Ill be y.;有些事情不能操之过急。比如说,我女儿念书的那所学校里,去年学生□c读考试的成绩普遍下降。校长决定使用一套新教材。整整花了一年的时间,The teachers finally made a dent in test scores. 老师们终于帮助学生提高了考核的成绩。好的,这次美国习惯用语就到此结束了。虽然英语里有成千上万的习惯用语,但是日积月累,必能滴水穿石。I am sure you are making a dent in them.M: This has been Words and Idioms. Until next time.我们下次节目再见。A: I think all that running has worked Mike! I see you are making a dent in losing your beer belly!B: Why thank you 杨琳! When you are y to make a dent in those love handles you are free to come with me!A:.....好了同学们,这次节目时间就到这里了。B: Tune in next time for American English Mosaic!A: See you next time! /201501/349710湖北省新华医院治疗生殖感染价格unit 54预约吃饭dialogue英语情景对话A:Why dont you have dinner with me tonight?A:今晚和我们一起吃晚饭怎么样?B:Id love to.B:太好了。A:Lets say about 6:00?A:6点钟好吗?B:Thats OK with me.B:好的。 /201505/374297武汉医生在线咨询泌尿男科Doron: So, we are both expats. We both left our home countries. Are you going to go back, do you think? And live in Jamaica?多伦:我们两个都是外国人。我们都离开了自己的国家。你认为你会回牙买加生活吗?Pernais: I will. I will, eventually. I think Jamaica is the only place that I could actually settle down in. Its the only place that I would really consider home, because so much of who I am is dependent on my culture.波纳斯:我会的,最后我会回去的。我认为牙买加是唯一能让我安居的地方。也是唯一我能称作家的地方,因为我依赖我的文化。Doron: Your roots.多伦:那里是你的根。Pernais: Yes.波纳斯:对。Doron: Do you have a lot of family back home?多伦:你的家人还在牙买加吗?Pernais: I do. I do. Yeah, thats the biggest part of home for me, my family.波纳斯:对,没错。我的家人对我非常重要。Doron: So when you say you will go back, when are you thinking? Like soon or in 20 years when you finish looking around the world?多伦:你刚才说你会回去,那你想什么时候回去?是马上就回去,还是在你游览过世界后,20年以后再回去?Pernais: Thats it. I want to see the world first, but I need to be home at least once a year to keep that connection with my family and with my culture really.波纳斯:对。我想先去看看这个世界,不过我至少一年要回一次家,和家人联系,回归我的文化。Doron: Hooray for air travel, right? You can always slip back. Im the opposite, I think the one place I couldnt settle down now is probably England.多伦:空中旅行万岁,对吧?你能经常回去。我和你相反,我最不可能安顿的地方就是英国。Pernais: Really?波纳斯:真的吗?Doron: Im the same as you, I think I have to see the world, but I think the world is just too big to ever settle in one place. One of my goals — I like to set myself targets — and one of them is to see every country in the world. And I thought Id been to quite a lot but I counted a few weeks ago. Ive only been to 30 and theres at least 6 or 7 times that many, so its going to take me awhile.多伦:我和你的看法一样,我也要先去世界各地看看,不过我认为这个世界太大了,我不能在任何一个地方安居。我喜欢为自己设定目标,我其中一个目标是去世界上所有国家看看。我以为我已经去过很多国家了,不过几周前我数了一下,我现在只去了30个国家,而且至少用了六七次时间,所以我要完成目标需要很长时间。Pernais: Hopefully, youll get it all done.波纳斯:希望你能实现你的目标。Doron: Yeah, I do have family at home of course in England and I miss them and I see them every couple of years but I think Ive got travel in my genes cause my mom left home when she was 17, my dad has moved all around the world, my brother now lives in America (he was born there), so I think our family just loves to travel. How about your family, are they all back in Jamaica?多伦:嗯,我也有家人还生活在英国,我很想他们,我每隔几年会见他们一次,不过我认为我的苦思决定我要四处去旅行,我妈妈在17岁时离开了家,我爸爸往返于世界各地,我哥哥现在生活在美国,他是在美国出生的,所以我认为我们家人喜欢四处旅行。你的家人呢,他们都在牙买加吗?Pernais: Not all of them. Actually a lot of my relatives live outside of Jamaica and its always good to go home for Christmas because everybody comes back home and its just like this really nice family atmosphere.波纳斯:不是所有人都在牙买加。我有很多亲戚都在外国生活,回家过圣诞节感觉很好,因为那时所有人都会回家,会有很棒的家庭氛围。Doron: Where do they all live now?多伦:他们现在住在哪里?Pernais: Mostly in America and Canada.波纳斯:大多数人住在美国和加拿大。Doron: Have you been to visit them?多伦:你有去看望过他们吗?Pernais: Ive visited a few of my cousins in the States in Florida and New York, but I havent been to Canada. Ive been to Quebec but not to visit family.波纳斯:我去美国的佛罗里达州和纽约看过我的表兄弟,不过我没去过加拿大。我去过魁北克,不过不是去看亲戚。 译文属 /201606/450480unit 570病症诊断(2)dialogue 英语情景对话A:Ive got a temperature and my stomach hurts.A:我发烧了,胃也疼。B:How long have you been feeling this way?B:这种症状多长时间了?A:It all started the day before yesterday.A:前天开始的。B:You seem to have picked up some kind of infection.B:你似乎受了什么感染。A:What should I do?A:那我该怎么办?B:Take a few days off from work and dont wear yourself out.B:请几天假,不要让自己太疲劳了。 /201610/464697湖北省阳痿早泄价格

三峡大学仁和医院尿科武汉治疗非淋男性医院Peter: So thinking about your future, would you have your kids home-schooled, would you home-school themselves or do you think that its better for them to go to a normal school, what would you do?彼得:想象一下未来,你会让你的孩子在家上学吗?你是会让他们在家上学,还是你认为让孩子去学校接受教育更好?你会怎样做?Sarah: I used to say that I didnt know. But then I got my undergrad degree and elementary education and I had a chance to teach in public school. And thats when I decided, yes, absolutely, I would home-school my own children.萨拉:我以前会回答你我不知道。不过现在我拿到了本科学位和初等教育书,我有机会在公共学校教书。当时我就决定,我一定要让我的孩子在家上学。Peter: What was the main reason coming to that decision?彼得:你做出这一决定的主要理由是什么?Sarah: The main reason was the wasted time that I saw. And also there were so many children in one classroom. It was really hard to get them all to focus and pay attention at the same time, its nearly impossible. So if I could provide my child with one-on-one attention, I feel like they would learn more, thered be less wasted time.萨拉:主要原因是我看到了人们所浪费的时间。一个班级里通常有很多学生。很难让所有人同时集中注意力,这几乎是不可能做到的事。如果我让我的孩子进行一对一教育,我认为他们会学到更多知识,这样就可以少浪费时间。Peter: Right. So home-schooling helps with using time productively I guess?彼得:对。在家上学可以有效利用时间,对吧?Sarah: I would say so, yes.萨拉:没错,我认为是这样的。Peter: Right.彼得:好。Sarah: And now that I have the degree as well and elementary education I feel like Im equipped to be able to do it if I needed to.萨拉:现在我有本科学位,还有初等教育书,我认为在需要的时候我能做到在家教孩子。Peter: Right. Do you think there are any disadvantages to home-schooling?彼得:对。你认为在家上学有什么不足之处吗?Sarah: Probably the number one disadvantage that most people see with home-schooling is the social aspect. And this can be a big deal. It can be very hard, especially with sports, if your child wants to play on a sports team often its hard to get them in on a team at a regular school. Sometimes theres community groups, but definitely the social aspect is the hardest need to meet with home-schooling.萨拉:可能大部分人认为在家上学最大的缺点是缺乏社交。这可能会成为大问题。尤其是运动方面会遇到难题,如果你的孩子想参加运动队,通常很难让他们加入普通学校的运动队中。有时可以加入社区组织,但是的确社交需求是在家上学最难满足的。Peter: For home-schooling, what kind of exams or tests are there to make sure that children pass the grade that theyre in?彼得:就在家教育来说,有什么考试或测验能确保孩子达到他们应读年级的水平?Sarah: Im not sure what its like in all countries, but I know in the US theres ... you take the end-of-year state testing that everyone does, so its mailed to your house and your parents give you the test and the results are sent back to you.萨拉:我不知道其他国家是怎样做的,不过在美国,要参加年末进行的状态测试,试卷会寄到家里,由父母监督孩子完成测试,结果也会以邮寄的方式寄到家里。Peter: Okay. So its all standardized and everybody goes through the same test?彼得:好。这是标准化测试吗,所有人都参加同样的测试?Sarah: Yes.萨拉:对。Peter: Right.彼得:好。Sarah: And then when it comes time to take the SAT or the end of high school test then you can actually go and take them at a public school with everyone else, theyll allow you to do that.萨拉:在到了该参加学业能力倾向测验或高中考试的时候,你可以和其他学生一起在公立学校参加考试,他们批准你可以参加。Peter: Okay. When you arrived in college did you notice any differences between the education you had and like the education other kids had not having gone through home-schooling?彼得:好。你上大学以后,你有注意到你接受的教育和其他不是在家上学的孩子有什么不同吗?Sarah: The main difference I saw was the social aspect. There are many things sort of culturally almost that I didnt know, that I was sheltered from, just things and sayings and popular things that happen in school that I had no clue about. Its almost a completely different culture than what I was raised in. So that was very different. And also I saw a difference then, it was really hard for me to learn with someone lecturing because I was so used to learning everything out of a book, ing it for myself, and so Id have to listen and take notes, was a big struggle for me.萨拉:我认为最大的不同在于社交方面。很多与文化有关的事情我都不知道,学校里发生的事情、流行的事物我都不了解。那和我成长的环境是完全不同的。非常不同。另外,我很难和其他人一起学习,因为我已经习惯通过书本自学了,习惯自己看书学习,所以听课和记笔记对我来说非常难。Peter: Really?彼得:真的吗?Sarah: Yes.萨拉:对。Peter: But it sounds like you ended up being quite a self-driven and self-disciplined learner, if youd gone through the textbooks yourself.彼得:看起来如果通过书本自学,你会成为自主自律的学习者。Sarah: Yes; I think you really cant help but be if you are home-schooled, so yeah.萨拉:对,这的确是在家上学所带来的。Peter: Right. Thank you very much, it was really interesting.彼得:好。非常谢谢你,这很有趣。Sarah: Absolutely.萨拉:当然了。 译文属 /201703/494178武汉华夏男子医院前列腺炎本期内容:Without passion, even the most compelling vision will wither on the vine. Without passion, your energy and enthusiasm will flag when you encounter inevitable obstacles.Make your passion into an almost physical characteristic of your personality, an inexorable force that keeps you engaged every moment of every workday, bringing you one step closer to the measure of success that you desire.没有,即使是最激动人心的愿景也将无果而终。没有,当你遇到不可避免的阻碍时,你的能量和热情也将烟消云散。让你的成为你个性中的一部分,让你的成为一股不可抵挡的力量,带着它去迎接每一天每一刻,让你向着渴望的成功更近一步。单词及实用短语:Compelling [英][k#601;m#712;pel#618;#331;][美][k#601;m#712;p#603;l#618;#331;] adj.引人入胜的; 扣人心弦的wither英 [w#618;#240;#601;(r)] 美 [w#618;#240;#601;r] vi.枯萎,干枯;凋谢wither on the vine 无果而终flag英 [fl#230;ɡ] 美 [fl#230;ɡ] n.旗;旗帜;信号旗vt.(以旗子)标出v.无力地下垂;减退;枯萎(除了常见的作名词旗帜的意思外,还可以做动词,意为“减退”,“枯萎”)inevitable英 [ #618;n#712;ev#618;t#601;bl ] 美 [ #618;n#712;#603;v#618;t#601;b#601;l ] 不可避免的; 必然发生的obstacle英 [#594;bst#601;kl] 美 [ɑ#720;bst#601;kl] n.障碍;绊脚石inexorable美[#618;neks#601;r#601;b(#601;)l],英[#618;neks#601;r#601;b(#601;)l],adj无情的,铁面无私的; 不可动摇的,不屈不挠的; 不能变更的; 不可阻挡的关注微信公众号@ 口语侠(ID: xia2015) 查看更多英语资讯!好玩有趣有料,有外教,有英语大咖! /201611/473468武汉省人民医院男科电话

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