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Hello, mate.朋友,你好啊After almost a week something changes...等待近一个星期后 情况有了变化and a couple of dragons appear.几只科多龙现身了Have we got a ranger here? Guys, can we have a ranger?有管理员在附近吗 管理员可以过来一下吗Always know how dangerous a situation is,我们很清楚情况会有多危险but it does seem a bit concerning that one of our rangers is sat up in a tree.但是现在我有点担心 因为有一个管理员跑到树上去了But the dragons show no interest in the buffalo or the crew...但是科多龙对水牛 和拍摄团队兴致缺缺and the frustration continues.两人感到很沮丧Yet their task seems so simple.但是这项任务看来再简单不过So all we need is that...我们只需要他拍到him to film him attacking him.它攻击它的画面But it looks like he is about to attack him.但现在看来 它想攻击的好像是他Just cut myself, thats not good in dragon country.我刚割到手 在科多龙的地盘这样很危险I better be careful.我最好小心一点201307/249601。


新闻背景:致命的埃拉病毒持续发威,全球公共卫生拉警报,英国法尔茅斯,装备有全套医院设备的医疗船百眼巨人号(RFA Argus)及750名军事人员,启程驶往非洲塞拉利昂,帮助当地抗击严重的埃拉疫情。10月15日,世界卫生组织称,死于埃拉爆发的人数估计已上升到4447人,绝大多数是在西非,而塞拉利昂是疫情最为严重的国家之一,如果不加强全球抗击埃拉的努力,两个月内就会看到每周出现一万个新病例的情况。目前,共有8914例埃拉病例,包括死亡病例。曾在非洲参与打击伊毒工作的英国专家指出,除非研发有效疫苗对抗,否则不仅西非3国沦陷,还将威胁其它15个非洲国家。目前在英国、美国及在没有传出埃拉病毒病例的马利进行3种不同疫苗的测试,结果要到11月底或12月初才会揭晓,如果测试结果良好,将在圣诞节前提供给感染风险高的医护人员。 Well this is flyco which stands for flight control and this very small crammed room that overlook the main flight deck will be without doubt the busiest part of the ship when operations are in full swing, because from here the flights of the Merlin helicopters will be coordinated and controlled.Below deck there are four giant hangers, this is just half of one and this is where the supplies and the three Merlin helicopters will be out or looked after by hundreds of ground crew and royal naval personnel.As well as the helicopters on board, these royal marine launches will ferry people very quickly on and off shore, they are effectively speed boats, initially this deployment has been penciled and to last six months, but privately there is an acknowledgement that the British military contribution to defeat the sp of the Ebola virus will last as long as it needs to. /201410/337930。

How Lisa Marie Presley Got Back to Her Teenage WeightLets move on to Lisa Marie Presleys startling weight loss and says she weigh what is she did as a teenager and shes revealing just how she did it and how her legendary late father inspired her to drop those pounds. I cant wait to see what she looks like and shes all healthy right now and lets go to the piece. Shes the daughter of a legend and now Lisa Marie Presleys famed family history is one of the reasons for this remarkable transformation. At 46 years old shes aly outlived her late father.Lisa Marie Presley’s startling weight loss, she says now she weighs what she did as a teenaaager, and she’s revealing just how she did it, and how her legendary late father, actually inspired her to drop those pounds, Sarah has more on that story this morning.I sure do. I can’t wait to see what she looks like and she’s all healthy right now and let’s go to the pieces.She’s the daughter of a legend and now Lisa Marie Presley’s famed family history is one of the reasons for this remarkable transformation. At 46 years old, she’s aly outlived her late father, Elvis died at just 42. Now Presley tells People’s magazine, his health issues are inspiring her to change her life.Lisa Marie started taking a serious look at her weight in 2012 when she went on tour, she knows she knows she has a history on her father side, her family members dying at an early age. And she really decided to take action and make sure that she was living a healthy life, so that she could be around her children.The singer and song-writer is looking noticeably slender, telling people magazine she is now the same weight she was as a teenager. Like many women Presley said she tried fat diet in the past, but now she said she’s finally discovered what works, a diet of organic food and portion control, eating only half of what she’s given.Lisa Marie is basically focusing on healthy foods, fish, chicken, vegetables, fruits, all the things that we should include in our diets on a regular basis.As for exercise, the mom of 5 year old twins says her family is a huge part of her workout, regular 30 minute walks with her husband, and running around with her kids keeps her feeling fit.What I like about Lisa’s approach is it’s very realistic, she’s not spending hours and hours a day in the gym, I also like the fact that Lisa works out with her husband, and studies show that people who have someone to work out with tend to exercise more often, longer and more intensely, and overall, it makes you a healthier person.Now I think she’s raised the bar for most of us, getting to our high school weight, me included, maybe a little difficult, but the best part is she looks healthy which you mentioned earlier.Yes. Yes.Now she looks fantastic. /201404/286025。

谁都想第一个拥有它。美国达人秀明星登场的一个广告。广告创意不错,表现手法也极尽夸张搞笑之能事,飞行器、外星人、绳索吊威亚等各种笑料层出不穷。 以下是中英对照:Jerry Seinfeld: I want it, I would love to have the first one.杰瑞·宋飞:我想要这个,并且很乐意成为拥有它的第一个人。(杰瑞·宋飞,美国著名喜剧演员,其代表作品《宋飞正传》)Car Salesman:I’m sorry, Mr. Seinfeld, youre number 2 on the list.导购员:不好意思,宋飞先生,您只能当名单上的第二位。Jerry Seinfeld: Whose number 1?杰瑞·宋飞:谁的数字是1号?Car Salesman:That guy.导购员:那位。Jerry Seinfeld: OK. So youre number 1?杰瑞·宋飞:好吧,所以你是1号?Guy: Ya.男人:是。Jerry Seinfeld: How would you like to be number 20?杰瑞·宋飞:你觉得当第20号怎么样?Jerry Seinfeld: I’ll throw in the Soup Nazi.杰瑞·宋飞:我要扔进汤纳粹。Soup Nazi: Soup for you.汤纳粹:你的汤。Jerry Seinfeld: I don’t know all the characters.杰瑞·宋飞:我不了解所有性格。Jerry Seinfeld: Last living Munchkin.杰瑞·宋飞:仅剩的仍活着的小矮人。Guy: I thought he past away.男人:我以为他死了。Jerry Seinfeld: I found another one.杰瑞·宋飞:我又找了一个。Jerry Seinfeld: Dancing holographic monkey?杰瑞·宋飞:要不要全息的会跳舞的猴子?Guy: I have one.男人:我也有。Jerry Seinfeld: I’ll make small talk with the omelet guy for you.杰瑞·宋飞:我要为了你跟蛋卷男沟通一下。Jerry Seinfeld: Do you ever take an egg home with you? Is your head that shape underneath the hat? Do you ever feel bad coming out of the toilet and coming right back to work here. Nobody knows it, you do.杰瑞·宋飞:你有没有带一个蛋回家过?你的头是照着你帽子的形状长的的吗?Jerry Seinfeld: Anybody like dirty limericks?杰瑞·宋飞:有喜欢打油诗的没?Elder Woman: Yams?年长女:地瓜?Jerry Seinfeld: Nobody wants any yams sweetheart, beat it, I’m trying to get a role going.杰瑞·宋飞:没人想要地瓜,亲,我只是想来个角色扮演。Jerry Seinfeld: I’ll re-cap last weeks episode of Jersey Gang Land for you with sock puppets. (Manicotti) is dead I am the elder one now!杰瑞·宋飞:我将用手偶给大家重现一遍上周泽西港地中的片段给大家看看。Manicotti死了现在我是老版的他!Wife: Is he still here?夫人:他还在这吗?Guy: Yes.男人:是的。Guy: Oh—– (bad smell)男人:哦——(什么难闻的味道)Jerry Seinfeld: That’s a bad idea.杰瑞·宋飞:那想法不好。Jerry Seinfeld: How about a new boat?杰瑞·宋飞:一个新大衣怎么样?Jerry Seinfeld amp; Guy: Whooooooooa!杰瑞·宋飞和男人:哇——!Jerry Seinfeld: Final offer! For the record I don’t think I like you as quite much as I did in the beginning.杰瑞·宋飞:最后争取一次!经过前几次之后我发现我不像最开始那么喜欢你了。Guy: I’m listening.男人:我听着呢。Jerry Seinfeld: Access to my personal network of Manhattan zip-lines.杰瑞·宋飞:连上我个人的曼哈顿链条网。Guy: Wow! Impressive! You got the first Acura NSX.男人:哇!不是吧!你竟然有第一个讴歌NSX。Jay Leno: How about a jet-pack flying squirrel suit New York to L.A. in 20 minutes.杰·雷诺:来一趟20分钟从纽约到洛杉矶的喷气飞鼠飞行怎么样?(杰·雷诺,美国脱口秀主持人)Guy: Sorry Jerry.男人:对不起杰瑞。Jay Leno amp; Guy:Ha ha ha ha ha! (laughs)杰·雷诺和男人:哈哈哈哈哈!Jerry Seinfeld: (holds fist)杰瑞·宋飞:(握拳)Alien: Leno!外星人:雷诺!Jerry Seinfeld: Alright, can we talk about something else.杰瑞·宋飞:够了,我们能唠点儿别的不。201405/298868。


So there were competing visions for the company?你们对公司的发展有不同的看法?Oh clearly … well... not so much competing visions for the company. Because I dont think John had a vision for the company.是,也不是,因为John根本没有自己的看法。Well, I guess Im asking was what was your vision at that time, lost out in sentence?我是想问的是,你当时的愿景是什么?It wasnt an issue of vision, it was an issue of execution. 这不是愿景的问题,而是执行的问题In a sense that my belief was that Apple needed much stronger leadership to sort of unite these various factions that we created with divisions. 我认为苹果应该有一位强势的领袖,团结各个部门That Macintosh was the future of Apple, that we needed to ram back expenses dramatically in the Apple II area…Macintosh才是苹果的未来,应该削减Apple II的项目开that we needed to be spending very heavily in the Macintosh area, err... things like that. 加大对Macintosh投资的力度Johns vision was that he should remain the CEO of the company, and anything that would help him do that would be acceptable.John的愿景是不惜一切代价保住他的CEO位置So you know I think that… you know Apple is in a state of paralysis in the early part of 1985, 1985年苹果处在一种瘫痪的状态and I wasnt at that time capable... of running the company as a whole. You know I was 30 years old. 我那时才30岁,觉得自己没有能力打理苹果And I dont think I had enough experiences to run a 2 billion dollar company. 我担心自己无法管理20亿资产的公司Unfortunately John didnt either. 可惜John也没这个能力And so anyway… I … I was told on certain terms that theres no job for me, its really tragic.总之他们说没有适合我的职位了,太悲剧了 /201307/247880。