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Spain's fabulouslyrich Duchess of Alba has signed awayher enormous wealth, string of palaces, priceless works of art and vast swathes of Spanish real estate to marry for love at 85, Spanish media has reported.  据西班牙媒体报道,腰缠万贯的西班牙阿尔巴女公爵在85岁高龄之际,签字放弃巨额财富,包括多座宫殿、价值连城的艺术珍宝、以及大片西班牙房产,只为嫁给心上人。  Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, a regular subject of gossip in Spain's glossy magazinesand said by Guinness World Records to have more titles than any other royal on the planet, wants to marry a humble civil servant 25 years her junior.  卡叶塔娜 菲茨-詹姆斯图亚特经常在西班牙时尚杂志上曝光。据《世界吉尼斯纪录大全》记载,她是全球拥有最多头衔的皇室成员。她要下嫁给一名小5岁的普通公务员。  The duchess has divided her fortune between her six children to convince them that her suitoris besottedwith her rather than her money and the kinds of possessions that are considered national treasures, reports said.  报道称,女公爵为了说子女们相信她的追求者爱的是她的人而不是她的钱,或是所谓的国家财富,而将财产分配给了自己个子女。  "Every great love story should end in marriage," the duchess told Vanity Fair magazine in May as she posed in the garden of one of her palaces, explaining why she wanted to make social security worker Alfonso Diez, 60, her third husband.  今年五月,她在自己一座宫殿的花园里接受《名利场》杂志采访时说:“每一段真爱最后都应走向婚姻”,解释了为什么她要选择60岁的社保工作者阿方索 迭斯做她第三任丈夫。  All her children were born to her first husband, engineer Luis Martinez de Irujo, son of the Duke of Sotomayor. She shocked many in Spain after his death by marrying former Jesuit priest Jesus Aguirre in 1978.  她的子女都是她和第一任丈夫索托马约尔公爵之子、工程师路易马丁内斯·德·伊鲁霍所生。路易斯去世后,她在1978年嫁给前耶稣会神父阿奎尔,令许多西班牙人为之震惊。  But her recent match has divided the Houseof Alba. Her son Cayetano Martinez de Irujo, the Duke of Salvatierra, said just a few weeks ago he had only met his mother's suitor three times and she shouldn't marry because of her historic responsibility.  但是她的第三次婚姻却遭到家人反对。她的儿子、萨尔瓦铁拉公爵卡耶塔马丁内斯·德·伊鲁霍几周前称,他才见了他母亲的追求次。他认为母亲不该再嫁人,因为她承担着历史责任。  It looked as if the duchess had caved into pressure from her children and a rumored request from Spain's King Juan Carlos not to formalize her relationship.  女公爵似乎已经屈于来自子女的压力,也有传言称西班牙国王胡安·卡洛斯劝她不要动真格的。  "I still don't know why my children are causing problems," the duchess complained to Spanish radio station La Cope in February.  今年2月,女公爵接受西班牙电台La Cope采访时抱怨道:“我不明白孩子们为什么要阻挠我。”  "We aren't hurting anyone. If only things could be fixed... Alfonso doesn't want anything, he's renounced everything. He doesn't want anything but me."  “我们没有伤害任何人。只要能结婚,阿方索什么都不要,他已经放弃一切。他只想和我在一起。”   /201108/148432A: Good day to you. How can I be of service today?早上好今天我如何为您效劳呢?B: Hello. Id like to open a eign Currency .你好我想开一个外汇账户A: I see. Well, this bank offers many different s of this nature. There are 7 to choose from: USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, HKD, CAD and CHF.明白了嗯,本行提供多种外币存款账户,共有7种选择:美元、英 镑、欧元、日元、港币、加拿大元和瑞士法郎B: Oh dear. I wanted AUD. Is that not possible?啊呀我要存澳大利亚元那是不可能了?A: Well, you could change your Australian dollars into, say British pounds and then open an . How does that sound?嗯,您可以把您的澳元兑换成,比如说英镑,然后开一个账户您意下如何?B: Maybe Ill go the US dollar .也许我选择美元账户吧 7799

导购口语:We dont take tips here, but thank you anyway.谢谢您的好意,我们这里不收小费Thank you very much, but we dont take tips in China.谢谢您的好意,不过在中国我们不收小费We dont accept tips, and thank you just the same.我们不收小费,但我仍然要谢谢您 语句:We dont take tips accept tips...我们不收小费……Tip:收小费是国外的习惯,老外为了表示对务员的感谢,给他的金钱酬谢收小费就是别人为你提供务,而向你收取的额外酬劳一般是付完帐之后,要照账单的%给务员小费我们国家没有这样的制度 情景再现:Well, there are customers who dont give you a tip.有些顾客不给你小费You need to check your bill to see if a tip is included or not.您要查看账单上是不是包括小费 3351

U.N.'s Top Climate Official To Resign The top climate-change official at the ed Nations is leaving to become a private consultant, a move that follows the failure of a U.N. climate summit in Copenhagen to produce a binding agreement to curb global greenhouse-gas emissions.Yvo de Boer said he will leave his post as the executive secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change on July 1 to take a job as a climate-change adviser with consulting firm KPMG. His term had been scheduled to end in September.The failure of the Copenhagen conference to come up with a legally binding global pact has highlighted fissures among nations about which of them should have to spend money to make the biggest cuts in the gases believed to contribute to global warming.It suggests that the world's biggest emitters are willing to curb their output of those so-called greenhouse-gases only to the extent that they believe doing so will help them in more immediate ways, such as fighting smog and creating jobs. Those economic realities will continue to face Mr. de Boer's successor.In a statement announcing his departure, Mr. de Boer cast the Copenhagen result in an optimistic light. 'Copenhagen did not provide us with a clear agreement in legal terms, but the political commitment and sense of direction toward a low-emissions world are overwhelming,' he said. A spokeswoman for Mr. de Boer said he was unavailable for additional comment.'It's a very difficult period,' Janos Pasztor, head of the climate-change team for U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who will name Mr. de Boer's successor, said in an interview. 'It doesn't matter what a senior U.N. civil servant does, ultimately,' he said. If governments are 'not y to sign off on an agreement, then they will not sign off on an agreement.'Mr. de Boer's exit comes as the U.N.'s push for a global crackdown on greenhouse-gas emissions faces mounting difficulties. A string of recent revelations about questionable practices and outright mistakes by scientists who contributed to a big 2007 U.N. climate-science report has led some politicians to advocate slowing the push for legislation that would cap greenhouse-gas emissions. Among those mistakes: The 2007 report by the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said Himalayan glaciers might disappear by 2035, a claim the IPCC now says was inaccurate.As U.N.-sponsored organizations, the IPCC and the UNFCCC are linked. The IPCC's mission is to provide assessments of climate science for use in policymaking -- including policies pursued by the U.N. climate-policy body, which Mr. de Boer headed.Mr. de Boer could have asked Mr. Ban to appoint him to another term. 'We never came to that point,' Mr. Pasztor said. Asked whether Mr. Ban would have reappointed Mr. de Boer, Mr. Pasztor said: 'That we don't know.'Mr. de Boer worked before coming to the U.N. as deputy director general of the environmental ministry of the Netherlands. He also previously worked as an adviser to the Chinese government and to the World Bank. KPMG said it was hiring Mr. de Boer for a global job 'advising business, governments and other organizations on sustainability issues.' The firm said it and many of its clients regard climate change as an increasingly important business issue.Mr. Ban will begin looking for a successor for Mr. de Boer 'extremely quickly,' said Mr. Pasztor, who said he didn't know who might be considered. /201002/96858U.S. President Barack Obama is calling on Congress to quickly approve an increase in the countrys borrowing limit and says he supports ;sensible; new gun controls to try to prevent more mass shootings in the country.美国总统奥巴马呼吁国会尽快通过增加美国借贷上限的法案。奥巴马表示,他持采取明智的管制新措施,以防止美国出现更多的大型杀案。Less than a week before he starts his second term, Mr. Obama said at a White House news conference Monday that it would be ;irresponsible; for his political opponents in Congress to even consider not raising the countrys .4 trillion borrowing limit in the coming weeks.在开始第二任总统任期的几天前,奥巴马在白宫举行的记者会上说,如果国会中的共和党人不在未来几个星期中考虑提高美国16.4万亿美元的借贷上限,那将是“不负责任”的。The U.S. has aly reached the debt ceiling, but has enough money to continue paying its bills for several weeks. The president said the borrowing limit needs to be increased, not so that government spending can be boosted, but so the U.S. can meet financial obligations it has aly incurred.美国目前已经达到债务上限,但在未来几星期中还有足够资金来付账单。奥巴马总统说,美国必须提高借贷上限,这不是因为政府就此可以增加开,而是只有这样美国才能兑现已做出的财政承诺。On gun control, the president said he expects to receive a list of ;sensible and common sense steps; from his special task force on preventing gun violence. He said he would meet later in the day with Vice President Joe Biden, who chaired the task force, to discuss the proposals. 在管制方面,奥巴马总统说,他期待从他任命的防止暴力特别行动小组那里得到一份“明智而且符合常理的步骤”清单。奥巴马说,他稍后将和负责特别行动小组的副总统拜登碰面,讨论有关提议。While he declined to provide specifics, Mr. Obama repeated his stance that he believes that stronger background checks, tighter control of high-capacity ammunition clips and an assault weapons ban are all proposals that make sense.尽管奥巴马拒绝提供细节,但他重申,他相信更严格的背景调查、加紧控制大容量弹匣并禁止攻击性武器都是合理的提议。Mr. Obamas news conference came a month after a man shocked the nation by going on a shooting rampage at an elementary school in the northeastern state of Connecticut, leaving 20 children and six adults dead.在奥巴马举行这次记者会个月前,美国东北部的康涅狄克州发生了令人震惊的小学校园杀案,导致20名学童和6名成人丧生。来 /201301/220727

Which end of the carriage do I leave from?从车厢的哪头下车?Make sure you have everything with you.记住带上所有的东西Let follow the crowd.我们跟着人群走Someone is coming to collect me.会有人来接我的I have left my handbag in the train.我把手提袋忘在火车上了Would you please tell me where the exit is?你能告诉我出口在哪里吗? 581我请客It will be my treat.A: How about this...We make it a working lunch this afternoon.It will be my treat.B: I like pizza.Let make it a date pizza and the selling at :00.订外卖order some takeaway foodfood deliveryA: Everyone,it time a break.You have been busy the whole day,thank you.B: It doesnt matter.We are used to it recently, weve been burying our heads in work since getting here.A: I know you have been working very hard these days.We really had too much of a burden.Well,I will order some food delivery,it will be my treat.留出更多时间吃午饭leavegive sb.more time a longer lunchA: our lunch meeting with the investors,do we have to make a reservation at the restaurant or do we just show up?B: To be on the safe side,I will order a table oclock.Will that suit your schedule?A: Can you make the reservation a little earlier?If we start earlier,it will give us more time a longer lunch.丰盛的午餐a fullcourserich mealA: Are you planning to treat the investors to a fullcourse meal?B: Yes,well start with appetizers,follow with a soup and salad course,then main dishes of prime rib or chicken cordon bleu,and finish up with a delicious rich dessert of some sort.地道的美味It really delicious!A: The dish is called the sweet and sour fish.How do you like it?B: It really delicious!Better than that of the other restaurants.别扯远了Let not get carried awaytoo farA: I believe the new look will make the customers notice them more,and the high quality will keep them satisfied.B: Maybe the ads company will also give us some surprise.A: That will be great,but let not get carried away.Wed better finish the dishes.为合作干杯(Let drink) to our cooperation!A: That something rather special.I would like to have some more.B: Im glad you like it.Let drink to our cooperation.有意义的午餐a productivemeaningful lunchA: Well,that was a wonderful meal,thank you so much.B: Were delighted that you joined us.It was a very productive lunch.很高兴您能赏光Im really glad you could come.A: Thank you very much.Lunch was delicious.B: Dont mention it.I am really glad you could come. 36

Starbucks Plans Big Expansion In ChinaStarbucks Corp. Chief Executive Howard Schultz said China is set to usurp Japan as its biggest market outside North America, as the coffee titan plans to open 'thousands of stores' in China over time.He also said the Seattle-based chain was eager to crack the potentially lucrative Indian and Vietnamese markets, where it doesn't yet have a presence.'Asia clearly represents the most significant growth opportunity on a go-forward basis,' said Mr. Schultz, in an interview.Starbucks has searched for new areas of growth following a deep retrenchment in the U.S. during the past year, which involved Starbucks closing hundreds of underperforming stores and shaving nearly 0 million of costs.Mr. Schultz says the company has turned its fortunes around, allowing it to now shift its attention to international markets. In January, Starbucks reported its first quarter of same-store sales growth since the end of 2008.But he said the company would plan its China growth carefully. 'Over time there will be thousands of stores in China,' said Mr. Schultz. 'But it's a complicated market that requires significant discipline and thoughtfulness.'Despite its long presence in the Chinese market -- Starbucks opened its first shop in Beijing in 1999 -- the coffee company only has 376 stores on the China mainland, compared with 878 in Japan.'Cracking the code in China for any company is not an easy task -- there will be a number of winners and lots of losers of people who go there and rush to judgment and don't succeed,' said Mr. Schultz. 'The thing I am most interested in when I go to China is whether or not local Chinese are buying Starbucks coffee and sitting in our stores.' /201004/101425A: Welcome to IBJ. How can I help you?欢迎光临IBJ我能如何为您效劳?B: You called yesterday to tell me that our funds under the LC had arrived? It Ming Cha Legal Services.你们昨天给我打过电话,说是我们的信用收汇已经到了吧?是明察法律务公司的A: Oh, yes. I remember. You must be Mr Xie. It nice to put a face to a voice.哦,是的我记得您一定是谢先生,很高兴能将面孔和声音对上B: Yes,it sure is. The LC number is JD1856900.是呀,的确如此信用号码是JD1856900A: JD1856900? Yes, found it. 5,000 Euros, is that correct?JD1856900?是的,找到了5000 欧元,对吗?B: Correct. Could I convert that into RMB?对我可以兑换成人民币吗?A: Yes, you can. Just wait a moment and Ill do that you now.是的,可以请稍等片刻,我现在就为您办理B: That fine, thanks.太好了,谢谢 8

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