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兰蔻发声明取消与何韵诗合作 -- ::1 来源: 兰蔻因选择于何韵诗合作引起中国大陆网民的不满,其后取消了其在香港的宣传演唱会 French cosmetics giant Lancome has cancelled a promotional concert in Hong Kong after an online backlash in mainland China over an artist apparently set to perm.法国化妆品巨头兰蔻因艺人的选择引起中国大陆网民的不满后,取消了其在香港的宣传演唱会Denise Ho, a well-known pro-democracy activist, said she had been due to sing at the sold-out concert on 19 June.何韵诗作为知名亲民主活动家,称她原本要在6月19日的演唱会上演出,该演出的门票已售罄The news sparked calls a boycott of Lancome in Chinese online ums.该消息引了在中国线上论坛上网民对兰蔻的抵制Lancome cancelled the event citing "possible safety reasons" without clarifying if she was set to perm.兰蔻声称“因潜在的安全因素”取消了该演出,但没有澄清她是否要表演Lancome also added, in a post on Facebook, that Ms Ho, 39, was not the brand’s spokesperson.兰蔻还在脸书上称,今年39岁的何韵诗不是其品牌代言人"Lancome is an international brand. Of course, even an international brand has to fall to its knees in the face of this kind of bullying. We have to seriously face up to this problem," she said.“兰蔻是一个国际品牌当然,即便是国际品牌,也要在这种抵制面前双膝跪地我们必须认真地面对这个问题,”她说Ms Ho was one of the first celebrities to be arrested participating in the pro-democracy Umbrella Movement in , when thousands of people occupied parts of Hong Kong to demand fully free elections.何韵诗是因参加年的亲民主雨伞运动而首先被捕的名人之一,该运动召集了几千人占领香港的一些区域,要求完全自由的选举The pro-democracy protest was seen by observers as the biggest challenge to Beijing’s rule since Hong Kong was returned to China by the British in 1997.该亲民主抗议被观察员认为是自1997年香港从英国回归以来对北京制度的最大挑战She had merly posted pictures of herself with Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, calling him a "loving grandfather".她曾经正式发布她和西藏精神领袖达赖喇嘛的照片,称他为“爱的祖父”Lancome announced the concert last week and Ms Ho said on her Facebook page that she would be perming.兰蔻于上周宣布了该演唱会,何韵诗在其脸书上说她将出席表演Then on Saturday, Beijing newspaper Global Times questioned her appearance, calling her a supporter of Hong Kong independence in a post on micro-blogging site Weibo.然后在周六,北京报纸《环球时报质疑她的出席,在微上称她是“港独”的持者Ms Ho has not publicly expressed her support independence the territory from China.何韵诗没有公开表示过持从中国独立出来The Global Times post, as well as Lancome’s Facebook post, drew an intense reaction from netizens with some condemning the move and other calling a boycott of Lancome products.《环球时报的帖子和兰蔻的脸书帖子,引起了网民激烈的反应,有些人谴责该举动,而有些人号召抵制兰蔻的产品One user said the brand could not both "earn Chinese money" and have "such a person" endorse the brand.一位用户说该品牌不可能同时“赚中国的钱”而让“这样的人”代言该品牌盘点全球颠倒屋:你也能飞檐走壁 -- :5:3 来源:sohu 地心引力赐予我们在大地上自由行走的能力而总有一些人不甘心于正常行走,即使没有条件进入无重力、微重力空间,他们也要尝试玩出倒立行走的感觉来自台北的一群青年艺术家在台北19文化创意园区就建造了这样一座倒立的房子,倒立的屋体、倒立的实体家具、倒立的汽车,他们真真正正的打造了一个倒立的世界,让你真实具有倒立行走的感觉 Photo shows visitors posing pictures in the upside-down house at 19 Culture Park in Taipei. The house and everything in the topsy-turvy two-storey building is fixed upside down. 想知道那个壁炉也是倒立的么? 颠倒屋全景 轻松玩起单手倒立,在这谁都可以是江湖高手 然而头脑怪异想要造一座颠倒屋绝不是湾湾人民的专利,世界各地都有类似这样的颠倒屋 1. Device to Root Out Evil, Canada . Norman Johnson’s Upside-Down House, USA 3. Wonderworks, Florida amp; Tennessee, USA . Upside-down house, Germany 5. The World Stands on Its Head, Germany 6. House Upside Down, Russia 7. Upside-Down House, Poland 8.Goldcity Tourism Center, Turkey 9.House Attack, Viena, Austria . House of Spain, Kathmandu Photo Source: yougodo

特朗普高颜值女儿花式炫父(附:跑步歌单) --30 18:: 来源:sohu 关注我们的小伙伴们肯定知道,特朗普已经正式成为美国共和党总统候选人 传送门→[国际] 高颜值大长腿: 新晋美国第一家庭?(双语) 周四,在共和党全国代表大会上,特朗普发表了演讲 看看现场这人山人海! 在一个多小时的演讲中,特朗普说了很多... Trump covered issues including law and order, national security, immigration, trade, tax-cutand the threat of terrorism. 他还表示他代表了美国人民的声音 He then proclaimed that ; I am your voice; to the American people. 但看完整场演讲的小编表示,他那高颜值闺女Ivanka Trump的演讲更有借鉴意义 她演讲的题目翻译过来就是《论如何花式夸奖自己的爸比从中学到的技巧,明年父亲节你们肯定用的上! BTW, Ivanka的出场音乐很好听,求歌名! 讲真,共和党大会上用的音乐简直就是运动必备歌单: 1.We are the Champions by Queen .Happy Together by Turtles 3.My Sharona by The Knack .Eight Days A Week by The Beatles 5.Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison 6.Roll with the Changes by Reo Speedwagon 7.Buy me a boat by Chris Janson 8.Limelight by Rush 看完歌单,也来看看Ivanka Trump 的“炫父”演讲吧! 演讲文稿: Good evening. Thank you. One year ago, I introduced my father when he declared his candidacy. In his own way, and through his own sheer ce of will, he sacrificed greatly to enter the political arena as an outsider. And he prevailed against a field of very talented competitors. (APPLAUSE) more than a year, Donald Trump has been the people’s champion, and tonight he’s the people’s nominee. (APPLAUSE) Like many of my fellow millenials, I do not consider myself categorically Republican or Democrat. More than party affiliation, I vote on based on what I believe is right, my family and my country. Sometimes it’s a tough choice. That is not the case this time. As the proud daughter of your nominee, I am here to tell you that this is the moment and Donald Trump is the person to make America great again. (APPLAUSE) Real change, the kind we have not seen in decades is only going to come from outside the system. And it’s only going to come from a man who’s spent his entire life doing what others said could not be done. My father is a fighter. When the primaries got tough and they were tough, he did what any great leader does. He dug deeper, worked harder, got better and became stronger. (APPLAUSE) I have seen him fight his family. I have seen him fight his employees. I have seen him fight his company. And now, I am seeing him fight our country. It’s been the story of his life and more recently the spirit of his campaign. It’s also a prelude to reaching the goal that es us all. When this party and better still this country knows what it is like to win again. (APPLAUSE) If it’s possible to be famous and yet not really well done, that describes the father who raised me. In the same office in Trump Tower, where we now work together, I remember playing on the floor by my father’s desk, constructing miniature buildings with Legos and Erector sets, while he did the same with concrete steel and glass. My father taught my siblings and me the importance of positive values and a strong ethical compass. He showed us how to be resilient, how to deal with challenges and how to strive excellence in all that we do. He taught us that there’s nothing that we cannot accomplish, if we marry vision and passion with an enduring work ethic. (APPLAUSE) One of my father’s greatest talents is the ability to see potential in people, bee they see it in themselves. It was like that us to growing up. He taught us that potential vanishes into nothing without eft. And like him, we each had a responsibility to work, not just ourselves but the betterment of the world around us. Over the years, on too many occasions to count, I saw my father tear stories out of the newspaper about people whom he had never met, who were facing some injustice or hardship. He’d write a note to his assistant, in a signature black felt tip pen, and request that the person be found and invited to Trump Tower to meet with him. He would talk to them and then draw upon his extensive network to find them a job or get them a break. And they would leave his office, as people so often do after having been with Donald Trump, feeling that life could be great again. (APPLAUSE) Throughout my entire life, I have witnessed his empathy and generosity towards other, especially those who are suffering. It is just his way of being in your corner when you’re down. My father not only has the strength and ability necessary to be our next President, but also the kindness and compassion that will enable him to be the leader that this country needs. (APPLAUSE) My father has a sense of fairness that touches every conviction he’s hold. I worked along side of him now more than a decade now at the Trump Organization and I’ve seen how he operates as a leader. Making important decisions that shape careers and that change lives. I’ve learned a lot about the world from walking construction jobs by his side. When run properly, construction sites are true meritocracies. Competence in the building trades is easy to spot and incompetence is impossible to hide. (APPLAUSE) These sites are also incredible melting pots, gathering people from all walks of life and ing them to work towards a single mission. There have always been men of all background and ethnicities on my father’s job sites. And long bee it was common place, you also saw women. (APPLAUSE) My father values talent. He recognizes real knowledge and skill when he finds it. He is color blind and gender neutral. He hires the best person the job, period. (APPLAUSE) Words and promises, no matter visionary they sound will only get you so far. In our business, you’re not a builder, unless you’ve got a building to show it, or in my father’s case, city skylines. Most people strive their entire lives to achieve great success in a single industry. My father has succeeded in many on the highest level and on a global scale. One of the reasons he has thrived as an entrepreneur is because he listens to everyone. Billionaire executives don’t usually ask the people doing the work their opinion of the work. My father is an exception. TRUMP: On every one of his projects, you’ll see him talking to the super, the painter, the engineers, the electricians, he’ll ask them their feedback, if they think something should be done differently, or could be done better. When Donald Trump is in charge, all that counts is ability, eft and excellence. (APPLAUSE) This has long been the philosophy at the Trump Organization. At my father’s company, there are more female than male executives. Women are paid equally the work that we do and when a woman becomes a mother, she is supported, not shut out. (APPLAUSE) Women represent 6 percent of the total U.S. labor ce, and 0 percent of American households have female primary bwinners. In , women made 83 cents every dollar made by a man. Single women without children earn 9 cents each dollar earned by a man, whereas married mothers made only 77 cents. As researchers have noted, gender is no longer the factor creating the greatest wage discrepancy in this country, motherhood is. As President, my father will change the labor laws that were put into place at a time when women were not a significant portion of the workce. And he will focus on making quality childcare afdable and accessible all. (APPLAUSE) As a mother myself, of three young children, I know how hard it is to work while raising a family. And I also know that I’m far more tunate than most. American families need relief. Policies that allow women with children to thrive should not be novelties, they should be the norm. Politicians talk about wage equality, but my father has made it a practice at his company throughout his entire career. (APPLAUSE) He will fight equal pay equal work, and I will fight this too, right along side of him. (APPLAUSE) Americans today need an economy that permits people to rise again. A Trump Presidency will turn the economy around and restore the great American tradition of giving each new generation hope brighter opporties than those of the generation that came bee. In Donald Trump, you have a candidate who knows the difference between wanting something done and making it happen. When my father says that he will build a tower, keep an eye on the skyline. Floor by floor a soaring structure will appear, usually record setting in its height and iconic in its design. Real people are hired to do real work. Vision becomes reality. When my father says that he will make America great again, he will deliver. (APPLAUSE) We have a chance this year, to reclaim our heritage as a country that dreams big and makes the impossible happen. tunately, Donald Trump is incapable of thinking small. When I was a child, my father always told me, Ivanka if you’re going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think big. As President, my father will take on the bold and worthy fights. He will be unafraid to set lofty goals and he will be relentless in his determination to achieve them. To people all over America, I say, when you have my father in your corner, you will never again have to worry about being let down. He will fight you all the time, all the way, every time. (APPLAUSE) Maybe it’s the developer in him, but Donald Trump cannot stand to see empty main streets and boarded up factories. He can’t bear the injustice of college graduates who are crippled by student debt, and mothers who can’t afd of the childcare required to return to work to better the lives of their families. Other politicians see these hardships, see the unfairness of it all, and they say I feel you. Only my father will say, I’ll fight you. (APPLAUSE) The hard working men and women of this country identify with my father. He is tough and he is persevering. He is honest and he is real. He’s an optimist and he’s a relentless believer in America and all of her potential. He loves his family and he loves his country with his heart and his soul. Politicians ask to be judged by their promises, not their results. I ask you to judge my father by his results. Judge his values by those he’s instilled in his children. Judge his competency by the towers he’s built, the companies he’s founded, and the tens of thousands of jobs he’s created. He is the single most qualified serve as chief executive of an trillion economy. My father will call upon the best and brightest people from all spheres of industry and both side of the aisle. A new set of thinkers, to face our countries existing and future problems with fresh perspective and brave new solutions. Come January , all things will be possible again. We can hope and dream and think big again. No one has more faith in the American people than my father. He will be your greatest, your truest and your most loyal champion. (APPLAUSE) This is the fighter, the doer that you have chosen as your nominee, in ways no one expected, this moment in the life of our country has defined a mission and given it to an extraordinary man. He is y to see it all the way through, to speak to every man and every woman, of every background, in every part of this great country. To earn your trust and to earn your vote. He earned that and much more from me a long time ago. I’ve loved and respected him, my entire life. And I could not be more proud tonight, to present to you and to all of America, my father and our next President, Donald J. Trump. 演讲看完,留点感想吧!别忘了小编求歌名

汪洋副总理发言:中美对话为什么重要 --01 3:1:39 来源:   中美对话为什么重要?  Why Is It Important China and the ed States to Engage in Dialogue?  中华人民共和国国务院副总理 汪洋  Wang Yang, Vice Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China  从年第一次战略经济对话至今,中美围绕全局性、长期性、战略性问题的高层对话已有9年许多人士积极评价对话的作用也有人说,中美对话就像聋子间的争吵,相互指责多于实际效果在我看来,事实显然并非如此  It has been nine years since China and the ed States initiated a high-level and comprehensive dialogue on long-term and strategic issues. Since , the Strategic Economic Dialoguemechanism (later renamed SED) has been one of the ways we have made this happen. The role of this dialogue has been commended by many, but untunately also criticized by some, who see China-US dialogue as nothing more than a conversation between the deaf, producing more mutual accusations than actual results. The way I see it, facts clearly suggest otherwise.  对话让双方找到并扩大了重大利益契合点,实现了互利共赢比如,早在198年,中美就着手双边投资协定谈判,但长期搁浅正是通过对话谈判得以重启,并在第五轮战略与经济对话期间取得突破性进展双方同意以准入前国民待遇加负面清单的模式推进谈判,开辟了中美合作广阔空间又如,中美在应对气候变化领域拥有共同利益,也面临不少难题最近举行的三轮对话都将应对气候变化作为最优先的议题,不断凝聚共识,为去年月两国元首发表气候变化联合声明积累了重要成果,也有力地推动了多边谈判进程  Dialogue has helped both of us to identify and expand our common interests and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. example, dialogue was critical in kick-starting negotiations on a bilateral investment treaty (BIT) that had been stalled since 198. This breakthrough was made during the fifth round of the SED and involved the creation of a new model negotiations between us, namely, the model of Pre-Establishment National Treatment (PENT) plus a Negative List, unleashing huge potential China-US cooperation.  Another major success of dialogue has been in the area of climate change. This is an area where China and the US have enormous shared interests and also face daunting common challenges. The last three rounds of SED consistently focused on this issue and produced extensive common ground that paved the way the historic Joint Statement on Climate Change President Xi Jinping and President Barack Obama announced during the latter’s visit to China last November. Such progress also gave a strong boost to multilateral negotiations in this area.  对话有效管控了分歧,避免了一时一事的争端干扰中美合作大局人们还记得,年前有人动议对所有进入美国的中国商品加征7.5%的汇率税庆幸的是,双方选择对话而不是对抗的方式处理汇率问题,避免了一场贸易战年来,中国坚持汇率市场化改革的方向,人民币对美元汇率累计升值幅度达到35%,IMF最新评估认为人民币币值不再低估在此过程中,中国经常账户顺差占GDP的比例由%的峰值降至%,经济结构也得到了优化众所周知,美国对中国投资高耸的壁垒一度让中国企业满腹牢骚,也正是通过对话美方在安全审查、商务签等方面解决了中方一些关切过去6年,中国企业对美直接投资增长了5倍,雇佣美国员工超过8万人美方一项研究表明,到年中国企业累计对美投资将达00亿~00亿美元,为美国创造万~0万个就业岗位  Maintaining dialogue has helped both sides to effectively manage differences and minimize their impact on our relationship.  Some may recall the motion in the US a decade ago to impose a 7.5% pive tariff on all Chinese imports. tunately, both sides chose dialogue over confrontation, and worked together to estall a looming trade war.  Over the past decade, China has been committed to market-based currency rems, and the RMB has appreciated 35% against the US dollar. The recent IMF statement recognized the RMB as no longer undervalued.  These currency rems in China have also helped us to reduce the current surplus from the peak level of % of GDP to %, which means a big improvement in China’s economic structure.  At the same time, however, many Chinese companies were frustrated by the high barriers the ed States imposed on investments from China, such as security reviews and business visas. It is through dialogue that some of these concerns have been addressed by the US side. We look ward to more such positive steps.  Over the past six years, direct investment from Chinese companies to the ed States has increased five times, creating over 80,000 jobs across this country. With fewer obstacles to our investment, imagine how much more can be achieved. A study in the US show that accumulated Chinese investments in the US will reach US日本一白色海豚激动时变粉色 --30 :9:1 来源: 日本一白色海豚激动时变粉色Rare dolphin who turns PINK when it's angry makes waves at aquariumA rare albino dolphin that can go from white to pink when it is feeling flushed is pulling in the crowds at a water park in Japan.日本的一家水上公园中,一只珍稀的白化变种海豚在情绪激动的时候身体颜色会从白色变为粉色,这一奇观吸引了许多游客在此驻足流连Although bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops) are usually grey, this extremely rare creature is an albino and has no colouration – apart from a tendency to turn pink when feeling flushed.尽管宽吻海豚通常是灰色的,这只极为罕见的宽吻海豚却因为是白化变种而没有色——除了兴奋时会变粉Photos show how the animal is normally white, and occasionally pink when swimming along regular coloured grey dolphins.从照片中可以看出,这只海豚平常是白色的,和寻常的灰色海豚一起游泳,偶尔才会变成粉色Albino mammals are born without melanin, which gives the colour to both eyes and skin, and albino dolphins are extremely rare.白化哺乳动物在出生的时候体内就不含黑色素,而黑色素会让动物眼睛和皮肤有颜色白化变种海豚是非常罕见的In fact this specimen is believed to be only the second one ever put on display in an aquarium after it was purchased from fishermen.事实上,据认为这是有史以来在水族馆展出的第二只白化变种海豚,这只海豚是从渔民那里买来的And they may well have been doing the animal a favour, as albinos are easy prey out at sea as they lack the colouration to blend in like their grey coloured relatives.渔民们把这只海豚卖到水族馆可能倒是帮了它一个大忙,因为这只海豚在海上很容易被捕猎者发现,因为它不能像它灰色的同胞一样混迹于大海中Experts said that it was remarkable that the animal had actually lived so long bee ending up at the Taiji Whale Museum, in Higashimuro District, in southern Japan's Wakayama Prefecture.专家表示,这只海豚到太地町鲸鱼物馆定居之前,能存活这么长时间已经很令人惊奇太地町鲸鱼物馆位于日本和歌山县南部的东牟娄郡Controversially, the creature was captured during the annual dolphin hunt in the town of Taiji.这只海豚是在太地町一年一度的海豚捕猎期间捕获的,这一点颇具争议性The town and the hunt was made notorious by the Oscar-winning documentary "The Cove," which shows fishermen herding dolphins into a cove either to be captured aquariums or killed meat.年奥斯卡获奖纪录片《海豚湾致使太地町的捕猎活动臭名昭著纪录片中展示了渔民们的捕猎活动,他们在一个小海湾里围捕海豚,要么把它们抓起来送进水族馆,要么就杀掉吃肉It was reported that 1,18 dolphins and small whales were captured there in , though it did not specify how many of those captured were killed.据报道,在年海豚捕猎活动中捕到了18只海豚和小鲸,但没有明确说明其中有多少只被杀But the rare albino was one that did survive.不过这只罕见的白化海豚是幸存者Since then it has become the subject of a detailed study by the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology and the Institute of Cetacean Research who recently published a paper on the fascinating creature.其后,这只海豚成为了东京大学海洋科学技术专业和日本鲸类研究所的详细研究课题,他们近期还发表了一篇关于这一迷人生物的论文Vocabularyflushed: 激动的bottlenose dolphin: 宽吻海豚albino: 白化病者melanin: 黑色素aquarium: 水族馆(译者:高云BISTU 编辑:陈丹妮) to 0 billion by , adding 0,000 to 00,000 jobs US workers.  对话还有一个重要成果,就是双方加深了了解,增强了合作基础去年月,中国一项网络民意调查显示,大多数受访者认为“增进了解”是“两国和谐相处”的最佳途径在这些年的对话中,中方深切了解了美国各界关心什么、期待什么,以及美国政治的运作模式美方也深入了解到中国的发展变化,比如95%以上的企业是私人所有或控股的企业,国有企业也自主经营、自负盈亏,政府不能代企业做主对话就是一个相互了解、相向而行的过程,使双方越来越理性地看待和处理问题  China-US dialogue has also gone a long way to strengthening mutual understanding and the foundation cooperation between the two countries. An online survey conducted in China last November shows that the majority of respondents believed that “greater understanding” is the best means towards “harmonious co-existence between China and the US”.  Through dialogue, we gained better understanding of the concerns and expectations of the US side and deeper insight into the way the American political system works.  Dialogue has also helped the ed States to learn much more about latest changes in China, example, the fact that over 95% of Chinese businesses are privately owned or controlled; state-owned companies are responsible their own operations, rather than being simply dictated to by the state.  Dialogue has thus been a two-way process of learning and adapting, which enables the two sides to approach issues in a more collaborative and effective manner.  解决分歧和擦的办法不止一种,对话是投入产出比最高的方式中美建立高级别、全方位的对话平台,顺应了和平、发展、合作的时代潮流,是大国关系走向成熟的体现尽管对话需要花费很多时间和精力,但与收获的巨大共同利益相比,显得微不足道9年来,两国贸易额翻了一番,中国成为美国增长最快的出口市场之一,美国成为中国海外投资的重要目的地两国利益融合之深超出想象,谁也承担不起放弃对话、选择对抗的代价  There are different ways of resolving differences and frictions, and dialogue is certainly the most cost-effective means doing so. The establishment of the high-level, comprehensive dialogue serves the need peace, development and cooperation of our times and is a sign of the growing maturity of China-US relations.  Any time or energy the two countries put into the dialogue is more than worthwhile considering the enormous progress that results therefrom both sides. Bilateral trade has doubled over the past nine years. China has become one of the fastest growing export markets the ed States and the US an important investment destination China.  The convergence of interests between our two countries has gone beyond many people’s imagination. It is now such that neither of us could afd non-cooperation or even all-out confrontation.  当前,中美关系面临难得的发展机遇,也面临不少挑战对话机制的作用只能加强,不能削弱即将举行的第七轮中美战略与经济对话,肩负着为9月份习近平主席对美国进行国事访问做好铺垫的重任我们愿与美方开展坦诚对话,凝聚更多共识,解决更多问题,积累更多成果,把构建新型大国关系的意志一步一步转化为实实在在的行动  China-US relations are facing a rare opporty development. Yet many challenges remain. China-US dialogue can only be strengthened, not weakened.  On Monday (Today), I have the honor of co-chairing the seventh round of SED. This round is of particular significance as it lays the ground President Xi’s state visit to the ed States in September. We look ward to engaging in candid dialogue with our US colleagues to achieve broader consensus, better solutions and sustainable success. Let’s work together to add more building blocks to the new model of major-country relations the benefit of our peoples and the world.

  北京市将大力推进京剧进校园 -- :5:33 来源: 星期二,新京报报道,为了使年轻一代更好的传承中国传统文化,京剧正在被引入中小学课堂Peking Opera is being introduced to primary and middle school students in an eft to promote the traditional art to the younger generation, Beijing News reported on Tuesday.星期二,新京报报道,为了使年轻一代更好的传承中国传统文化,京剧正在被引入中小学课堂The countryrsquo;s first set of textbooks about Peking Opera was compiled and published by the Beijing Association of Promoting Quintessence of Chinese Culture and Peoplersquo;s Education Press in .年,北京国粹艺术传承促进会已经与人民教育出版社合作,编写、出版了中国第一套京剧教科书The textbooks optional courses have been put on trial use in middle schools in Fengtai district and will be used in middle schools across the city. The textbooks primary schools will also be rolled out.目前这套初中版的京剧选修教材已在丰台区初中阶段试用,将在全市推广同时小学版京剧教材也将适时推出Since , Beijing has promoted a program to provide opera training at dozens of primary schools. Schools apply funds from the cityrsquo;s education department to hire professional actors and actresses to work with students as young as 6 or 7.早在年,北京就推出了京剧进校园项目学校可向北京市的教育部门申请资金,以聘请专业表演家们给学生上课六七岁的孩子都可以参加培训Peking Opera arose during the rule of Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty (-19). It flourished decades in China and as its fame sp, it drew audiences in other countries, including the ed States and Japan.京剧形成于清朝(-19)乾隆皇帝统治时期,随着其声名鹊起,数十年来在中国盛极一时,甚至吸引了不少来自美国、日本的外国观众Yet over the years, its popularity diminished. While a significant number of people listened to radio productions of Peking Opera bee the 1980s, generations born after that pursued pop culture over the traditional arts.然而,近年来,它的热度开始消退出生于80年前的老一辈人中,有相当一部分只能去听一些京剧的音像制品,而80年以后的人们都渐渐只对流行文化感兴趣,摒弃了传统文化

  大变活人 会呼吸的3D油画 --30 1:38:38 来源: Alexa meade是洛杉矶的一名艺术家,因把模特儿画成D的真人绘艺术而倍受瞩目毫无疑问,她是独创领域里的一号大拿 The Los Angeles-based artist creates mind-boggling works of art on a walking, talking canvas: humans.这位洛杉矶艺术家Alexa Meade创作出了令人难以置信的作品:她在“人体”这张会走路会说话的画布上作画She paints directly onto the bodies and faces of models, using brushstrokes and shadows to camouflage figures into their background, turning a 3D scene into a D image.使用绘画和影子技巧,她将人物伪装成了作画的背景,直接在模特的身体、脸上绘出色She then captures each incredible illusion in a series of photographs. Her newest collection features actress Dominika Juillet posing a -image calendar series. The project was inspired by vintage American pin-up posters.接着,她用相机抓拍了一系列不可思议的镜头她最近的作品是用女演员多明尼克.茱丽叶作模特完成的一套日历系列Meade began experimenting with this technique in , and now has 56,000 Instagram fans, and 0,000 Facebook followers.Meade 自年开始体验这种艺术形式现在,她在Instagram上已经有了5.6万名粉丝,在脸书上更有万名追随者"I’ve always been interested in painting on humans, and it was on people that I first began experimenting with highlights and shadows. What I do now is paint a mask of light on top of people, and try to erase perception depth."“我一直着迷于在人体上作画最初开始试验光影效果时,我就是在人体上进行我现在做的就是在人体上画一幅面具,并试图淡化其视觉深度”The result is an incredible optical illusion, causing people and physical objects to appear as flat D works of art.结果就是令人惊叹的视错觉效果,使人和客体看起来像是D平面作品According to Meade, the most challenging part of creating these works of art, is getting people to stand still.据Meade介绍,创作这些作品最难的部分是让模特站着不动"You’re working with another person and you have to factor in their needs, how long can they stay in a certain position, what’s comtable them, how can you be flexible."“你得和另一个人协作,所以,得考虑他们的需求:他们能将一种姿势保持多久,怎样让他们能更舒,你如何灵活应变”She aims to complete her works in a single day.她一般都在一天内完成作品"I spend 8 hours painting the background and clothes, 1 hour painting the model, and then or 3 hours photography."“我花8个小时绘出背景和衣,1小时给模特上好色,再花到3小时拍照”It is in those final few moments that Meade truly feels like an artist.直到最后的时刻,Meade才真正感到一件艺术品完成了"The real artwork comes after the painting -- it’s more so within the photography. There is no Photoshop and there is so much spontaneity. It’s only once I’ve captured it all on camera that the artwork really comes to life."“在给模特上好色以后,真正的艺术品就已经产生了——即使没有拍摄成照片无需图像处理,一切都是那么的浑然天成直到我用相机把它记录下来,才发现艺术真的来源于生活”"The person can only inhabit the art so long, but in these photos, the art can live ever."“模特只为艺术品付出一天,但这些照片却是永恒”。

  加班1小时中风风险增加% -- :39:30 来源: 加班1小时中风风险增加%Staying late at the office can raise stroke risk by a thirdRegularly staying late at the office significantly increases the risk of having a stroke or heart attack, researchers have found.研究人员发现,经常在办公室里加班会使患中风或心脏病的风险显著增加Working just an hour extra each day pushes up stroke risk by per cent, according to a huge review of working patterns.一项针对工作模式的大型回顾总结性研究称,每天只加班一小时,中风的风险就会增加%And people who work an extra three hours a day - or 55 hours a week - are 33 per cent more likely to have a stroke, the scientists found.科学家还发现,若每天加班三小时或每周工作55小时,中风几率将增加33%The research, published in the Lancet medical journal, is based on health records of more than 500,000 people across Europe, the US and Australia.这项研究发表在医学杂志《柳叶刀(the Lancet)上该研究是基于超过50万人的健康记录进行的,这些人来自欧洲、美国和澳大利亚Scientists led by University College London warned that people who work longer hours tend to do less exercise, sit at a computer hours at a time, and drink more than people with a better work-life balance.英国伦敦大学学院(University College London)牵头组织的科学家警告称,相比工作、生活较平衡的人来说,长时间工作的人往往缺乏运动,在电脑前一坐就是好几个小时,过量饮酒Repeated stress may also be to be blame greater health problems, the scientists think.科学家认为,重复性压力可能也是造成健康问题越来越严重的罪魁祸首They looked at the combined result of previous studies, in which 59,000 people were tracked over an average of seven years.研究人员察看了之前项研究的结果,这些研究追踪调查了5.9万人平均七年的时间They found that people working 1 to 8 hours a week were per cent more likely to suffer a stroke than those who worked a typical 35 to 0-hour week.研究人员发现,与一般每周工作35-0小时的人相比,每周工作1-8小时的人患中风的几率会增加%People who worked 9 to 5 hours a week had a 7 per cent increased chance of suffering a stroke.每周工作9-5小时的人患中风的几率增加7%And those who worked 55 or more hours were 33 per cent more likely to fall victim.而那些每周工作55小时或以上的人患中风的几率会增加33%The researchers also looked at the link between hours worked and the risk of coronary heart disease, including heart attacks and angina.研究人员也研究了工作时间和患心力衰竭、心绞痛等冠心病的几率之间的联系Those who worked more than 55 hours a week had a per cent increased risk of heart disease, they found.他们发现,每周工作55小时以上的人患心脏病的几率增加%The authors wrote: "Sudden death from overwork is often caused by stroke and is believed to result from a repetitive triggering of the stress response.研究报告的作者写道:“过度工作导致的猝死往往是由中风引起的,这据信是反复触发应激反应的结果“‘Behavioural mechanisms, such as physical inactivity, might also link long working hours and stroke; a hypothesis supported by evidence of an increased risk of incident stroke in individuals who sit long periods at work.’“行为机制,比如体能活动不足,与长时间工作、中风可能也有联系有据表明工作时久坐不动的人群突发中风的几率更高,持了这一假设”Lead author Professor Mika Kivimaki, from University College London, said: ‘The pooling of all available studies on this topic allowed us to investigate the association between working hours and cardiovascular disease risk with greater precision than has previously been possible.该研究的首席作者米卡·卡维玛奇(Mika Kivimaki)教授来自伦敦大学学院,他说:“我们汇集所有针对这一课题所做的研究,从而能够比以往都更加准确地调查工作时间和患心血管疾病的风险之间的关系”'Health professionals should be aware that working long hours is associated with a significantly increased risk of stroke, and perhaps also coronary heart disease.'“健康专业人士应该意识到,长时间工作与患中风的几率大幅上升密切相关,或许还与患冠心病的几率增加有关”Experts stressed that the study had only found a link between hours worked and heart problems - it had not proved what had actually caused each death.专家强调,该研究只发现工作时间和心脏问题之间有一定联系,并不能明实际的死亡原因是什么But they warned people to take note of the findings.但是专家提醒人们应当留意研究的发现Dr Tim Chico, consultant cardiologist at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, said: ‘ many people, reducing their working hours would be difficult or impossible, and this study does not show that it would reduce the risk of stroke.蒂姆·奇科(Tim Chico)士是谢菲尔德教学医院(Sheffield Teaching Hospitals)的心脏科顾问医师,他说:“对于很多人来说,减少工作时间很难甚至是不可能的,而且该研究也未表明这样就可以降低中风的危险”‘Most of us could reduce the amount of time we spend sitting down, increase our physical activity and improve our diet while working and this might be more important the more time we spend at work.“但是大多数人可以减少坐着的时间,多进行锻炼,在工作时保健康饮食,我们加班的时间越多,这可能越重要”'We should all consider how the working environment could be altered to promote healthy behaviour that will reduce strokes, irrespective of how long we work.'“不管工作多长时间,我们都要考虑如何改变工作环境,以促进能够降低中风几率的健康行为”Dr Mike Knapton of the British Heart Foundation, which part-funded the study, said: 'This study highlights to doctors that they need to pay particular attention to cardiovascular risk factors when they advise people who work long hours.'英国心脏基金会(the British Heart Foundation)的迈克·耐普顿(Mike Knapton)士对这项研究提供了部分资助,他表示:“这项研究提醒医生在诊治长时间工作的患者时,尤其要注意他们患心血管疾病的风险”Dr Shamim Quadir of the Stroke Association added: 'Working long hours can involve sitting long periods of time, experiencing stress and leads to less time available to look after yourself.'英国中风协会(the Stroke Association)的沙米姆·卡迪尔(Shamim Quadir)士补充道:“长时间工作可能造成人们久坐不动、承受巨大压力,导致照料自己的时间减少”Vocabularycoronary:心脏的angina:心绞痛hypothesis:假说cardiovascular:心血管的英文来源:每日邮报译者:李朗

  里约奥运,还没开就要完的节奏? -- :9:56 来源:chinadaily With just a few weeks left until the start of the Olympics, Brazil is still suffering from serious economic problems. The acting governor of Rio de Janeiro warned that the games could be a ;failure; if his state doesn't get its finances in order. 距离年奥运会开幕只有几周时间了,但巴西仍深陷于严重的经济问题之中里约热内卢州代理州长警告说,如果财政问题不解决,比赛或面临“失败” Brazil hasn't followed through on a promise to provide Rio with extra funding security and transportation, according to Dornelles. Police officers in the city aren't being fully paid and may not even have enough money gas. 根据多内莱斯的说法,巴西尚未兑现承诺为里约提供额外资金以解决安全和交通问题里约市的警察还没有拿到全部薪金,而且甚至可能连买天然气的钱也付不起 The missing funds are just the tip of Brazil's iceberg of turmoil. 未到位的资金只是巴西混乱的冰山一角 Crime 犯罪 A functioning police ce and transportation system are necessary, given the rising crime in Rio. Murder and robbery are up percent and 30 percent, respectively, since last year, NPR reports. The city is trying to get new buses off the ground to help tourists avoid the favelas — areas vulnerable to violence, theft and gang activity. 从里约上升的犯罪率来看,必须要有高效的警力和交通系统据NPR报道,自去年以来,谋杀和抢劫案件分别上升了%和30%城市正在努力引进不在地面运行的新公交车,以便帮助游客们避开贫民窟——那里太容易出现暴力案件、盗窃和帮派活动 Political Unrest 政局动荡 After months of protest from angry Brazilians, the Senate last month voted to impeach President Dilma Rousseff over allegations that she lied about the country's economic issues. Rousseff and several members of her cabinet are also accused of making billions off of the state-run oil company Petrobras. 在愤怒的巴西人民进行了数月抗议之后,上个月参议院终于投票弹劾总统迪尔玛;罗塞夫,因其遭到指控称其在国家经济问题上说谎,罗塞夫及其内阁数位成员还被控告涉嫌贪污国有石油公司Petrobras数十亿元资产 Wealth Gap 贫富差距 Economic inequality has long been an issue in Brazil. Recent figures indicate that the unemployment rate topped percent last month. Wages are also down. Meanwhile, those involved in the Petrobras scandal are said to have made over billion from bribes, kickbacks and money-laundering. 经济上的不平等问题长期以来一直困扰着巴西最近的数据显示上个月失业率已高达%,工资水平也非常低与此同时,据说与巴西石油公司Petrobras丑闻相关的人还通过贿赂、回扣、洗钱等手段贪污了50亿美元 The Worst Recession In Decades 几十年来最严重的经济衰退 Brazil is facing one of the worst recessions the country has ever faced. The economy shrank 5. percent in the first three months of the year, the government said. Additionally, as FT points out, export prices have shrunk, household debt has increased, and inflation has risen even more than expected. 巴西正面临着前所未有的一次最严重的经济衰退政府称今年前3个月经济缩水了5.%此外,正如FT指出的:出口萎缩,家庭债务增加,通货膨胀程度之高也超乎意料之外 Zika Fears 寨卡引发恐惧 The recent outbreak of the Zika virus has lead to athletes, journalists and other travelers vowing to skip the August games. Although the symptoms of Zika aren't serious, the virus can lead to severe birthdefects if contracted by a pregnant woman. There are currently no effective treatments or vaccinations. 最近爆发的寨卡病毒疫情使得诸多运动员、记者和其他游客发誓不会参加8月的赛事尽管寨卡症状并不严重,但如果期妇女感染却会导致严重的新生儿出生缺陷,而目前尚无有效的治疗手段或疫苗世界末日:人类只有一年时间来应对超级火山喷发 -- 18::5 来源: 美国科学家通过对加州史前超级火山的研究,发现超级火山一旦要喷发时,人类可能只有一年的时间来逃命 If a super-eruption were to occur, the blast would launch enough ash into the atmosphere to disrupt weather years to follow, potentially causing famine, health crisis, and global civil unrest.如果一座超级火山即将喷发,那么爆炸将喷射出足够多的火山灰到大气之中,从而扰乱接下来多年的天气,有可能会造成饥荒、健康危机和全球动乱And leading up to the catastrophic event, the world would have just one year to prepare.而在迎来这一悲惨事件之前,人类仅仅只有一年的时间来准备应对Researchers have determined this based on a microscopic analysis of quartz crystals in pumice from the Bishop Tuff in Calinia, the site of a super-eruption 760,000 years ago.通过对加利福尼亚主教凝灰岩(76万年前此地曾发生过一场超级火山喷发)浮石中的石英晶体进行显微分析,研究者们确定了这一结论The ancient super-eruption in eastern Calinia med the Long Valley Caldera – a feature that is nearly miles long and miles wide.古代东加尼福利亚这场超级火山喷发形成了长谷火山口--约英里长,英里宽In the study, the researchers from Vanderbilt University and the University of Chicago analyzed dozens of small quartz crystals, remnants from the original underground magma, from the Bishop Tuff.在这项研究中,来自范德堡大学和芝加哥大学的研究者们分析了几十块小石英晶体,这些石英晶体采自主教凝灰岩,是地下岩浆喷射而出后的残余物质Quartz crystals have distinctive rims, they explain in a paper published to the journal Plos One, and are rich in titanium.研究者们在《Plos One期刊上发表了一篇论文,解释说这些石英晶体有不同的轮辋,并且富含钛Along with this, they are bright in cathodoluminescence, which allowed them to make high-resolution measurements of variation in the titanium, providing detailed insight on the transition from pre-eruptive crystallization to the decompression and crystallization at the time of the blast.除此之外,这些石英晶体还被置于阴极射线的照射下,从而使得研究者们可以得到钛物质变动的高精确测量,进而可以详细地观察到喷发前的晶体减压、在爆炸时结晶的转化过程This analysis helped to determine rim growth times and growth rates – revealing that these processes largely occurred in a span of less than a year.这项分析能够帮助确定轮辋的生长时间和生长率--而分析结果显示,这些过程大部分都发送在不到一年的时间里‘Maximum rim growth times span from approximately 1 minute to 35 years, with a median of approximately days,’ the authors wrote.作者们写道:“大部分轮辋的生长时间都在约1分钟到35年之间,其中中位数大约是天”‘More than 70 percent of rim growth times are less than 1 year, showing that quartz rims have mostly grown in the days to months prior to eruption...“超过70%轮辋的生长时间不足1年,这表明石英轮辋生长的时间大多截止到超级火山喷发前几个月…’Growth took place under conditions of high supersaturation suggesting that rim growth marks the onset of decompression and the transition from pre-eruptive to syn-eruptive conditions.’“轮辋生长只会发生在高度饱和的情况下,这表明轮辋的生长记录下了减压的开始时间,以及从爆发前到爆发时的情况变化”It takes tens of thousands of years the crust to generate enough eruptible magma, but once med, these unstable magma bodies only last centuries to a few millennia.地壳聚集足够喷发的岩浆需要数万年的时间,但是一旦准备完毕,这些不稳定的岩浆体就只会在地壳内存在几百年到几千年的时间As the decompression occurs, the magma body would likely be expanding as well, having detectable effects at the surface.一旦减压作用发生,岩浆体就有可能膨胀,并在地表产生明显的影响豪车坟场--中国百万宾利弃之荒野 -- :35:37 来源: 在成都一处汽车坟场里,至少停放着两辆宾利、两辆路虎和三两奔驰在这处杂草丛生的停车场里,有0多辆被抛弃的汽车,目前当地政府正苦于该如何处理这些车辆 These startling images show an overgrown car park, where cars totalling millions have been left abandoned and taken over by weeds.据这些惊人的图片显示,在一个杂草丛生的停车场里,价值数百万的汽车被弃之不顾,周围长满了野草Inside this small lot in Chengdu, China, there are at least two Bentleys, two Land Rovers, three Mercedes Benz and even the odd motorbike according to People’s Daily Online.据《人民日报报道,在成都这处小小的停车场里,摆放着至少有两辆宾利、两辆路虎、三辆奔驰和零散的托车They all have one thing in common - they’ve been abandoned by their owners.它们都有一个共同点--被它们的主人弃之不顾了Where luxury motors go to die: One of the Bentleys currently parked in the car park in Chengdu, which has been dubbed ’tyrant’s car park’在成都“土豪停车场”,一辆宾利停在这里Abandoned: The vehicles have been abandoned by their owners, often over a space of years. Many were swallowed by the plants这些车辆被它们的主人遗弃了,停在这里大多已过数年许多车辆已经被周围疯长的植被所覆盖Gone: Dust has gathered on the surface as well as inside while vines and weeds have sprung up all around the vehicles (pictured)汽车表面和内里堆满了灰尘,杂草和藤蔓如雨后春笋般在周围疯长There are over 0 vehicles, dubbed ’zombie cars’, in the lot.这处停车场停放着0多辆汽车,人们戏称它们为“僵尸车”The place they’re kept in is called a ’tyrant’s car park’ because of the value contained in the storage space.由于停在这处停车场里的车很贵,人们戏称它为“土豪停车场”Some of the cars have been kept in the same place more than two years as bushes and trees grow up around them, shielding them from the outside world.有些车辆已经停在这里两年以上了,在它们周围灌木生长得十分茂密,将其和外界隔绝开来The two Bentleys, one a Bentley Continental GT and another Bentley Flying Spur, are worth at least 3 million Yuan (pound300,000) each in China.这里停在两辆宾利(一辆是宾利欧陆GT,另一辆是宾利飞驰),在中国每辆车都至少价值300万元人民币(约合30万英镑)Then there’s the Audi, Land Rover and Mercedes Benz.这里还停着有奥迪、路虎和奔驰Majority of the vehicles are involved in ongoing criminal case either directly or indirectly, which means they can’t be claimed by their owners.这里大多数的车辆都直接或间的地与刑事案件有关,车主不能要回这些汽车Others have been abandoned as they were y to be scrapped or their owners lacked the correct paperwork.其他车辆被遗弃在这里是因为它们即将报废,或者车主缺少正确的文书手续The cars have become a headache the local authorities, who struggle to decide what to do with them.这些汽车弄得当地政府非常头疼,他们很难决定应该怎么处置这些汽车While some have been cleared auctions, others continue to arrive and be stacked up in the graveyard of cars.尽管目前一些汽车已经被清理出来拍卖了,但是又有一些车辆被送来,堆积在这个汽车坟场里

  纽约流行“骨汤冰棍” 防暑又健康 -- 18::0 来源:chinadaily Anyone who was left scratching his or her head at the bone broth diet craze is going to be particularly flabbergasted by the latest development in the trend.对骨汤饮食热潮大惑不解的人们势必要对这一潮流的最新发展目瞪口呆了New York City restaurant Springbone Kitchen is one of the very hotspots that spearheaded the 'bone broth' movement, which sees health-conscious dieters sipping the warm meat-flavored soup as a meal replacement.名为“春骨厨房”的纽约餐馆是引领“骨汤”运动的先锋热店之一重视饮食健康的节食者们在此啜饮温暖的肉汤代替餐饭And it seems the Greenwich Village eatery is intent on enticing customers to down bone broth even when it's hot outside — and to that end, they've debuted a new bone broth popsicle, which mixes the meaty liquid with fruit and coconut milk a frozen dessert treat.而今,这家格林威治村的餐馆似乎铁了心要引诱顾客臣于骨汤,即使外面烈日炎炎——为此,他们推出了新的骨汤冰棍,将肉汤与水果和椰奶混合,制成冰冻甜点Bone broth as a healthy foodie trend first started to take off in , but really gained momentum during the winter earlier this year, with Gwyneth Paltrow, Salma Hayek, and Shailene Woodley coming out as fans.骨汤作为一种健康饮食潮流在年初露锋芒,但在今年早前的冬季才真正形成发展势头著名影星格温妮丝?帕特洛、萨尔玛?海耶克和谢琳?伍德蕾都成为其粉丝Dr. Kellyann's Bone Broth Diet, a guide book written by a nutritionist, became a bestseller, and several soup-focused stores and restaurants began popping up in major cities.一位营养学家所写的指南《凯莉安士的骨汤饮食成为畅销书,多家主打汤类的商店和餐馆开始出现在各大城市Made by slowly boiling animal bones in water, the trendy broth is specially prepared to have little sodium but plenty of collagen, vitamins, and minerals, promising health benefits like weight loss, shiny hair, radiant skin, and a stronger immune system.时尚骨汤是由动物骨头加水慢慢炖煮,特制而成只含有很少的钠,但富含大量骨胶原、维他命和矿物质,有望带来众多健康功效比如使人体重减少,秀发闪亮,皮肤有光泽,免疫系统增强So it's no surprise it became such a hit this past winter, when temps were frigid and a steaming cup of soup was a welcome meal-on-the-go.,骨汤在上个冬季成为爆点毫不奇怪当天气严寒,一杯热腾腾的汤无疑是大受欢迎的便携饮食Now, however, when temperatures are reaching into the 90s in New York City, Springbone Kitchen seems to have been searching a way to appeal to its broth-guzzling masses with something that would help with the heat, not make it worse.但现在,纽约市气温将达到90多华氏度(3摄氏度以上),“春骨厨房”餐馆似乎正寻找新的方式,满足其骨汤爱好者餐馆要提供解暑的食品,而不是让酷热加剧Though they tried just serving the broth cold, they found that it was 'too gelatinous', and instead decided to simply freeze it and sweeten it up.他们尝试过供应冷却的骨汤,却发现冷汤“凝胶似的太过粘稠”,于是决定干脆把汤冰冻再变得更甜Three weeks ago, they began selling a $ popsicle made with coconut milk, raspberry puree, pomegranate juice, maple sugar, and bone broth.三周前,他们开始出售美元一的冰棍冰棍由椰奶、覆盆子酱、石榴汁、枫糖和骨汤制成'It’s a little bit sweet,' 6-year-old Jordan Feldman, Springbone Kitchen's founder, told the New York Post — adding that the meat is barely detectable.餐馆创始人、6岁的乔丹?费尔德曼告诉《纽约邮报:“它有点甜”又补充说几乎尝不出肉味'It’s there, but it’s totally overwhelmed by the other flavors,' he said.他表示:“确实是有肉,但完全被其他味道盖住了”Not everyone seems to agree, however. Last week, Kelly Ripa and Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons tried the popsicles on air — and though they seemed pleased with the fruity flavor at first, they were less impressed with the surprise aftertaste.然而,并非所有人都能认同这一点上周,主持人凯莉?蕾帕和《生活大爆炸的主演吉姆?帕森斯在节目中尝试了这种冰棍尽管他们似乎很喜欢一开始的水果味儿,但对其令人惊讶的余味就不怎么受用了A young boy they called up from the audience had an even stronger reaction, pulling a face and remarking that he tasted 'raw meat' and 'something really disgusting'.节目邀请了观众一起品尝,一位年轻男孩的反应更为强烈他做了个鬼脸,评价说自己尝到了“生肉”和“极为恶心的东西”A reporter at Buzzfeed, however, didn't mind the pop, writing: 'It was tangy and vaguely fruity. I felt like I sensed a subtle, but not unpleasant meatness to it, but that could’ve just been psychological. It wasn’t bad!'Buzzfeed的一位记者倒是没有在意所谓流行风潮,而是写道:“冰棍味道挺重,有点儿水果味我觉得尝到了细微的、但并非令人不快的肉质感,当然也可能仅仅是心理作用它并不糟糕!”Vocabularyflabbergast: 哑然失色;使大吃一惊puree: 浓汤;果泥;菜泥pull a face: 做鬼脸英文来源:每日邮报翻译:实习生徐晓彤审校#38;编辑:丹妮网络走红!男子将一名脱鞋睡觉旅客的鞋子扔垃圾桶 --5 1:53: 来源: 近日,一段视频在中国社交网络上走红视频中,这名男子将一名脱鞋睡觉旅客的鞋子给扔了这份视频在中国社交网站上引起了一片热议The , uploaded to the popular web portal NetEase, shows an angry man at an airport in southern Xiamen province picking up the travellerrsquo;s shoes and throwing them into a nearby bin.这份视频被上传到了网易视频拍摄于厦门机场,视频中一名愤怒的男子捡起了另一名旅客的鞋子,并将其扔进了附近的垃圾箱里;I saw a man lying on the seats with his shoes and socks off,; the man says. ;What will eigners think if they see such ill manners - they will wonder about how low Chinese peoplesrsquo; standards are.;这名男子说道:;我看见一个男人躺在座位上,把鞋和袜子都脱了如果外国人看到这种恶心的行为,他们会怎么想?他们会惊讶于中国人素质之低;Over 7,000 social media users have left comments on his . A further ,000 have posted on shares of the on Sina Weibo by state media China Daily and China National Radio.有超过7000名社交媒体用户在这份视频下方留言随后《中国日报和中国国家广播电台在新浪微上转载了这份视频,又有了000多条相关The by the man, who has not yet been named by the media, has caused a stir because it is frowned upon to be barefoot in China.尽管未被提及姓名,但是这名男子拍摄的视频在中国引起了一场轩然,因为它对中国人打赤脚的行为给与了藐视Being barefoot is considered unhygienic, and in public it is an extreme taboo.人们认为打赤脚是不卫生的,而且在公共场合打赤脚是一个极度不文明的现象But it is also frowned upon in the home. It is common practice people - including visitors - to wear slippers around the house.但在自己家里打赤脚也不是太好人们(包括客人)在家里的时候一般都穿着拖鞋The unnamed man who threw away the shoes of a barefoot traveller has won online respect.在网上,一些人对这名男子扔掉光脚旅客鞋子的做法表示了尊敬Many popular comments on NetEase and Sina Weibo users praised the ;handsome; man his actions.在网易和新浪微上许多受欢迎的都赞扬了这位;帅气;男子的行为Many comments said he ;did the right thing; and that the shoeless man was ;breaking public order and morals;.许多都说这名男子;做得对;,而那名不穿鞋的旅客;违反了公共秩序和道德;;His approach is certainly right;, user ;Qing Agoin; says, but she asks whether his behaviour is ;a little extreme?;用户;情Agoin;表示;他的行为肯定是正确的;,但是她又质疑是否该名男子的做法;有点极端?;Many said that the shoeless manrsquo;s behaviour was ;uncivilised;, but others took an equally dim view of the vlogger, saying that ;throwing away someonersquo;s belongings is illegal;.许多人都说这名不穿鞋的旅客的做法;不文明;,但是其他人用一个平等的视角来看待这名男子的做法,指出主;丢弃别人的财物是违法的;Some accused the vlogger of seeking publicity and trying to ;get his name out there.;还有人指责这名主只不过是想要搞个大新闻,然后借此出名罢了;Marong; accused him of ;grandstanding;, asking why he wasnrsquo;t ;able to first talk with the man;.;马蓉;指责这名男子;哗众取宠;,质问他为什么不能;先和那么旅客谈一谈;And ;TristaBXGE; asked whether China needs to do more to improve its image which has been tarnished by badly-behaved tourists abroad.而;TristaBXGE;则表示,在中国形象已经被海外游客严重损害的情况下,还是否有必要来提升中国的形象;Why is everything linked to rsquo;overseas?rsquo;; she asked. ;Is rsquo;improving qualityrsquo; all eigners?;她质问道:;为什么每一件事都要和lsquo;国外rsquo;联系到一起呢?lsquo;提高素质rsquo;仅仅只是为了取悦外国人吗?;

  有一种友谊叫比尔盖茨与巴菲特(双语) --30 18:: 来源:sohu 鸡汤文有云:重要的不是去向哪里,而是与谁同行比尔;盖茨(Bill Gates)和沃伦;巴菲特(Warren Buffett),这两个曾经轮流登顶世界富豪排行榜的男人,用他们的故事告诉我们:鸡汤文说的是对的! 近日,盖茨亲自撰文,回忆了他和巴菲特之间长达5年的友谊两人甚至还应用时下最热的VR技术共同出镜拍摄了一部短片,以纪念这段友情一个是常穿短裤T恤的极客,一个是衣冠楚楚、富可敌国的投资家两个人一看就很不搭(mismatch),年龄还相差5岁他们究竟如何成为莫逆之交? 一起来看: 5 Years of Learning and Laughter I don’t remember the exact day I first met most of my friends, but with Warren Buffett I do. It was 5 years ago today: July 5, 1991. I think the date stands out in my mind so clearly(印象深刻) because it marked the beginning of a new and unexpected friendship Melinda(盖茨的夫人)and me—one that has changed our lives the better in every imaginable way. Warren has helped us do two things that are impossible to overdo in one lifetime: learn more and laugh more. 沃伦帮助我们做了两件事,两件在人的一生中怎么做也不嫌多的事情——学习更多,欢笑更多 Over the last quarter-century of our friendship, we’ve done a lot of both. Melinda and I often find ourselves recounting somegem of wisdom(智慧的结晶)Warren shared with us, or,chuckling(轻笑,呵呵)when we recall something funny he said or did. To mark the anniversary of our friendship, I thought I would share some of my favorite memories of our time together. Warren and I also created avirtual reality film(VR,哇,时下最火的技术) together at this year’s Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder’s Meeting, which you can watch on my blog. 强烈建议点击观看!若手机无法播放,请复制链接到电脑上观看拖动鼠标更有惊喜! https:www.gatesnotes.comAbout-Bill-Gates5-Years-of-Learning-and-Laughter?WT.mc_id____5YearsWarrenBuffett_BG-LI_amp;WT.tsrcBGLI An Awkward Start: At first glance, Warren and I may seem like a mismatch. I’m a technology nerd. He’s an investor who doesn’t use email. In fact, I never expected to be friends with him. 初看我俩确实很不搭:一个是只关注科技的书呆子,一个是连电子邮件都不用的投资人我根本没料到自己会和他做朋友 In 1991, when my mother called me to come out to our vacation home on Hood Canal to meet a group of friends, including Warren, I didn’t want to go. I told her I was too busy at work. Warren would be interesting, my mother insisted. But I wasn’t convinced. “Look, he just buys and sells pieces of paper. That’s not real value added. I don’t think we’d have much in common,” I told her. Eventually, she persuaded me to go. I agreed to stay no more than two hours bee getting back to work at Microsoft. 1991年,由于沃伦的存在,我一度拒绝了亲妈的邀请,因为我确实觉得自己和这个只会买进卖出却没有任何实际贡献的家伙有任何共同点后来还是在我妈的一再坚持下,我才最终答应去待两个小时 Then I met Warren. He started asking me some questions about the software business and why a small company like Microsoft could expect to compete with IBM and what were the skill sets and the pricing. These were amazingly good questions that nobody had ever asked. We were suddenly lost in conversation and hours and hoursslipped by(悄悄溜走). He didn’t come across as abig shot(大人物)investor. He had this modest way of talking about what he does. He was funny, but what impressed me most was how clearly he thought about the world. It was a deep friendship from our very first conversation. (姜还是老的辣)初次见面,沃伦用一个好问题开了个好头:微软这样的小公司要如何和IBM这种巨头竞争?从来没人问过我这种问题于是我们很快聊开了,不知不觉就过了好几个小时我发现,哇,这家伙又谦虚又幽默,对世界的认识还如此深刻!从第一次谈话开始,我们就结下了深厚的友谊 Oreos Breakfast: One thing that was surprising to learn about Warren is that he has basicallystuck to(坚持)eating what he liked when he was six years old. He did move past baby food, of course, but he mostly eats hamburgers, ice cream, and Coke. (That’s one reason it’s so fun to go out to dinner with him.) I remember one of the first times he stayed at our house and he opened up a package oeos(奥利奥!扭一扭,泡一泡!)to eat breakfast. Our kids immediately demanded they have some too. He mayset a poor example(他树立了一个坏榜样,至少在健康方面) young people, but it’s a diet that somehow works him. 很难想象这样一位大富豪最喜欢吃的都是孩子们的最爱——汉堡、冰淇淋和可口可乐第一次到我们家做客,巴菲特拆了一包奥利奥饼干当早餐,结果我家的娃纷纷表示:我们也要! “We love what you’ve done with the dining room, Warren!”When Warren invited Melinda and me to stay at his house in Omaha the first time, he gave us a tour. When we got to the dining room, we saw that there were no seats on the chairs. Warren was as surprised as we were. “What’s going on?” he said, examining his chairs. Eventually, he learned that the cushions had been removed months bee to getreupholstered(重装椅面), but he had not noticed until then. (He must have been eating his Oreos and ice cream in the kitchen.) We’ve been laughing about that visit ever since. 等到我们去沃伦位于奥马哈的家中做客,大家惊讶地发现餐厅里的椅子都没有垫子据说是几个月前就被拆了,一直没装回去,反正主人也没发现我们由此推断:这家伙压根就不用餐厅吧,在厨房里找点奥利奥和冰淇淋随便吃吃算了 Emotionally Invested: Warren earned a reputation as the“Oracle of Omaha”(奥马哈先知) his shrewd approach to investing in business. But he’sequally gifted at investing in people(对于人的投资,他同样是个天才). I’m always amazed how he is able to draw people in and make it fun them to learn from him. Even though he keeps up ahectic schedule(繁忙的日程), Warren finds time tonurture friendships(维系友情)like few other people I know. He picks up the phone and calls to say hello. He regularly sends s he’s in the mail that he thinks Melinda or I will find interesting. I’ve learned many things from Warren over the last 5 years, but maybe the most important thing is what friendship is all about. It’s about being the kind of friend you wish you had yourself. Everyone should be lucky enough to have a friend who is asthoughtful(体贴的)and kind as Warren. He goes out of his way to make people feel good about themselves and share his joy about life. 5年中,我从沃伦身上学习了很多,而其中最重要的就是友谊本身所谓友谊就是,你想结交什么样的朋友,你自己就要成为那样的人 To this day, every time I go to Omaha (which I try to do whenever I can), Warren still drives out to the airport topick me up. 时至今日,每当我去奥马哈(只要有机会我就会去),沃伦总是亲自开车到机场接我 It’s a small gesture, but it means the world to me. I’m always impatient the plane doors to open because I know Warren will be waiting with a new story or a joke and I’ll be learning and laughing with him all over again. 这对他可能是件小事,但对我来说意味着很多很多所以等待舱门打开的时候,我总是很着急,因为我知道他正在等着我,要和我分享一些新的故事或笑话 Thanks your friendship, Warren. It’s been an amazing 5 years. I look ward to making many more memories with you in the years ahead. 好啦,看完全文,小编帮大家总结一下: 第一,听妈妈的话,听妈妈的话,听妈妈的话!重要的事情说三遍如果当初盖茨没听他妈的话,将错过一个多么重要的朋友啊 第二,你想结交什么样的朋友,自己就要成为什么样的人圈子不同,就别强求先努力提升自己,再自然而然结交更高层次的朋友吧! 最后,帮盖茨补充一件很重要的事情,他和巴菲特一起干的—— 年,两人在先后捐出个人资产之后,又携手发起了“捐赠誓言”活动,号召世界上最富有的人及其家族拿出至少一半的财富用于慈善事业 Two of the world's richest men, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, made headlines in when they said they would seek to get fellow billionaires to commit half of their wealth to good causes as part of the ;Giving Pledge;. 截至今年的6月1日,已经有来自个国家的名宣誓人及其家族宣布加入这一活动最新一批名加入者当中包括来自中国的蒙牛创始人牛根生 仅凭这一件事儿,这对好朋友就值得我们给予热烈掌声 好啦,小伙伴们,你和你最好的朋友到目前为止已经认识多少年了?你们一起做过什么难忘的事儿吗?留言告诉我们吧

  羡慕别人生出双胞胎?科学家告诉你其中的奥秘 -- 19:56: 来源: 看到双胞胎宝贝,没有人不喜欢吧?多么盼望自己也能生出一对双胞胎呀今天小编就来告诉你,生出双胞胎的奥秘是什么Twins, and the reasons behind why some people have them and others donrsquo;t, has fascinated scientists centuries.双胞胎本身,以及为什么有的人能生出双胞胎有的人却不能,几个世纪以来一直是科学家感兴趣的问题They are relatively common - occurring once in 0 pregnancies - and while the cause of non-identical twins has been linked to genetics, the genes involved had not been identified until now.双胞胎近年来相对更加普遍了;;每0个产妇中就有1对以上双胞胎;;已经有据明异卵双生与遗传因素有关,但至今还没有人成功鉴别出自发性异卵双生的基因Researchers have pinpointed two gene varians related to twinning, and one can play a major role in the age of a girlrsquo;s first period, age at menopause and infertility.研究人员发现了两个与双胞胎有关的基因变异,其中一个基因对女孩的月经初潮年龄、更年期年龄与生育能力起着非常重要的作用The breakthrough was made by Dr Hamdi Mbarek and Professor Dorret Boomsma from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.阿姆斯特丹大学的Hamdi Mbarek士和Dorret Boomsma教授发现了这项重大突破The department established the Netherlands Twin Register nearly 30 years ago and questions about the etiology of twinning are among the most frequently asked by the participants.这个学院早在约30年前就建立了荷兰双胞胎注册中心,参与者询问频率最高的就是与双胞胎原因相关的问题The first gene variant is close to the gene coding the secretion of follicle stimulating hormone, called the FSHB gene.第一个基因突变与分泌卵巢激素的基因密码相近,被称为FSHB基因This hormone is released by the pituitary, the small brain region that governs almost all major hormonal events in the body这个激素是由脑垂体分泌的,它是小型的大脑器官,统治着几乎人体所有主激素的分泌This gene also has significant effects on fertility measures, including the age of a girlrsquo;s first menstruation, syndrome, which is a major cause of infertility in women.这个基因对生育能力以及女性月经初潮时间和多囊卵巢综合症有显著影响多囊卵巢综合症是女性不的主要原因The second variant relates to the so-called SMAD3 gene and is likely to be involved in the way the ovaries respond to follicle stimulating hormone.第二个突变与所谓的SMAD3基因相关,它可能与卵巢对卵泡刺激素的反应方式有关Both variants result in the multiple follicle growth needed the development of non-identical twins.这两个突变都会导致多重卵泡的生长,这是异卵双胞胎的基础条件Non-identical twins, medically known as dizygotic, develop from two separate eggs from separate follicles fertilised by separate sperm cells.异卵双胞胎,医学上是这样定义的:两个不同卵泡中单独的两个卵子,和两颗精子结合发育而成Whereas identical twins develop from one embryo that splits in half, dizygotic twinning thus starts with a multiple ovulation.与之相反,同卵双胞胎是由一个卵细胞一分为二发育而来的,异卵双胞胎的起因是超数排卵The researchers studied a sample of 1,980 mothers who gave birth to spontaneous dizygotic twins. The mothers were carefully selected to only include mothers who did not receive fertility treatments, such as IVF, which can also lead to twin pregnancies.这项研究总结了1980名自发异卵双胞胎母亲案例,这些人经过严格挑选,没有接受过试管受精之类的生育治疗,因为试管受精也会导致生育双胞胎Their genetic profiles were compared to those from a large group of people who were not related, either as mothers or as family members, to dizygotic twins.再将这些人的基因档案与大量的非异卵双胞胎母亲或异卵双胞胎的家属的人群作比较The findings were then were replicated using the deCODE group in another large population study in Iceland.冰岛的deCODE研究团队在对另一更大规模的人群进行研究时,也发现了同样的结果The relative chance of a mother having dizygotic twins is increased by 9 per cent if she has one copy of the twinning gene - or alleles - at both locations in the genome.如果一个母亲有在染色体两个参与位置有一个双生基因(或等位基因)的单拷贝,她生育异卵双胞胎的概率就会增加9%Discovery of the main genes behind the mystery of spontaneous dizygotic twinning was long awaited, and is of great scientific interest and clinical importance,rsquo; said Professor Boomsma.Boomsma士表示,;人类早就希望能解开自发性异卵双胞胎的秘密,这一直是科学界和临床研究中重要的课题;However, there are still more genes to be found that influence spontaneous dizygotic twinning.不过,还有很多与自发性异卵双胞胎有关的基因有待发现The findings appear in the international scientific journal The American Journal of Human Genetics.这个研究结果已经发表在国际科学期刊《美国人类遗传学上。

  飞行汽车:有钱任性的人真的可以上天了 -- 3:: 来源: 介于高端跑车和轻型飞机之间,飞行汽车正在研发之中,或许在不久后的明年我们就可以看到这一新型交通工具的出现了 If Back to the Future holds your standards technology there are a lot of things we should have by now -- one of them being flying cars. But while modified DeLoreans haven’t dotted the skies, Slovakia-based AeroMobil says we’ll be seeing flying cars on the markets soon as .如果“回到未来”让你对科技有了新的标准,那么我们现在应该有很多东西——其中之一就是,飞行汽车然而改良后的罗德宁还未形成燎原之势,斯洛伐克的AeroMobil公司就已声明,飞行汽车在年即将上市!Speaking at SXSW Interactive , AeroMobil co-founder and CEO Juraj Vaculik talked about his company’s vision a future where flying cars are just as ubiquitous as planes, trains, and standard automobiles.在年西南偏南交流大会上的讲话中,AeroMobil的联合创始人兼总裁尤拉伊·瓦库利克谈论到他们公司对飞行汽车未来的展望时说,它们将会像飞机、火车及标准汽车一样普遍存在The company has aly unveiled a prototype its "Flying Roadster," the AeroMobil 3.0. The two-seater functions as both a car and personal airplane, measuring at about 3 x 36 inches in airplane mode and 88 x 36 inches in car mode with its wings collapsed -- thin enough but too long to qualify as a compact car in the US.该公司已经发布了飞行跑车AeroMobil 3.0的原型这辆双开门跑车既可以当汽车开又可以变身为私人飞机,其大小尺寸,在飞机模式时仅为3 x 36英寸,收起双翼变为汽车模式时仅为88 x 36英寸,虽宽度合适但长度有余,所以在美国不能称之为小型汽车The steel framework, carbon coating construction has a Rotax 9 engine under the hood with a top speed of mph when flying and 99 mph on the road -- though Vaculik said the final version may be faster. The vehicle has a 81 mph takeoff speed.这款车内部是钢架结构,外部是碳涂层,配置Rotax 9航空引擎,飞行时最高时速可达英里,路面行驶最高时速可达99英里,但是瓦库利克说它的最终版本速度将会更快该车的起飞速度可达81英里时Vaculik also emphasized the AeroMobil 3.0’s need only 650 ft takeoff and 0 ft to land -- meaning the vehicle can land in a field of grass or onto existing highways without the need new or special airports.瓦库利克同时强调AeroMobil 3.0仅需要650次的起飞测试和0次的降落测试,意味着这部车可以降落草地、现有的高速公路上,无需新的或特殊的机场He didn’t comment on the effect that having planes landing on the highways might have on rush-hour traffic but did say that AeroMobil is initially targeting medium-distance travel. As a plane the AeroMobil 3.0 has a reported range of 35 miles and 55 miles on the road.他没有谈到让飞机降落到高速公路上会对上下班高峰期产生影响,但是他说AeroMobil的最初定位是中等距离的行程据报道,AeroMobil 3.0在天空可飞行35英里,在地面可行驶55英里It won’t take you cross country but it is plenty a trip from say, LA to Vegas. Vaculik said the vehicle also runs on regular gasoline so there will be no need to find a special refueling spot.它也许不能带你横穿整个国家,但是带着你从洛杉矶到维加斯却是绰绰有余瓦库利克说,这部车加普通汽油也可正常行驶,所以不存在到处跑着找特殊燃料站点的问题While the Flying Roadster is still in development -- the working prototype is currently undergoing recommends real flight testing -- Vaculik was confident his company could hit its mark.虽然飞行汽车还处在发展阶段,但样机模型目前已经在进行真实的飞行测试——瓦库利克非常自信他们公司可以达成年的目标What’s more, the company isn’t just stopping at flying cars -- it wants them to be self-drivingself-flying someday, as well. Vaculik said this would only be the logical next step.而且,该公司不会止步于飞行汽车,还要实现无人驾驶飞行瓦库利克说这是很合乎逻辑的下一步He did not confirm if his company is currently developing such a product but said such a vehicle could take advantage of autonomous car and plane technology aly available, including vehicle-to-vehicle communication.他没有实目前他们公司是否在研发这款产品,但是他说,这款利用自动驾驶汽车、飞机技术和车辆对车辆的通讯技术的汽车,是可实现的AeroMobil recommends a private pilot license its Flying Roadster but said a sport pilot license should be sufficient early models. Right now the prototype qualifies as a Light Sports Aircraft under US regulations and as a Ultra Light aircraft in the EU.AeroMobil公司建议为他们的飞行汽车推出私人飞行员执照,但是据说飞行员执照对初期型号来说是足够的目前这辆飞行汽车原型在美国被看作轻型飞机,在欧盟被看作是超轻型飞机But those excited at the possibility of flying your car to Thanksgiving dinner in two years should start saving now. The company is initially targeting the Flying Roadster at elite consumers and expects the vehicle to retail in the several hundred thousand dollar range commiserate with high-end sports car and sport aircraft prices.但是那些幻想在两年之内,驾驶着飞行汽车直接飞到感恩节餐桌旁的小伙伴们,该醒醒了该公司的飞行汽车最初定位是精英消费者,为了向高端跑车和轻型飞机表示同情,预计零售价也就在数十万美元之内吧

  波音公司变废为宝 地沟油可做航空燃料 --5 01:3:36 来源: Boeing and Commercial Aircraft Corp. of China today opened a demonstration facility that will turn waste cooking oil, commonly referred to as "gutter oil" in China, into sustainable aviation biofuel. The two companies estimate that 500 million gallons (1.8 billion liters) of biofuel could be made annually in China from used cooking oil.   波音公司和中国商用飞机有限责任公司合作建立了一个航空生物示范项目,该项目将把废弃食用油,即人们常说的“地沟油”,转化为航空生物燃料两家公司预计该项目每年能将中国的“地沟油”转化成的生物燃料可达5亿加仑(约18亿升)   "Strong and continuing teamwork between Boeing and COMAC is helping our industry make progress on environmental challenges that no single company or country can solve alone," said Ian Thomas, President, Boeing China. "By working together mutual benefit, we're finding innovative ways to support China's aviation industry and build a sustainable future."   “波音和中国商飞之间稳固持续的合作能够帮助我们企业更好地应对环境问题的挑战,这是任何一个公司或国家无法靠一己之力完成的”波音公司中国区总裁伊恩·托马斯说:“为了共同利益我们相互合作,共同创新,为持中国的航天事业、建立一个可持续发展的未来而努力”   Boeing and COMAC are sponsoring the facility, which is called the China-U.S. Aviation Biofuel Pilot Project. It will use a technology developed by Hangzhou Energy Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (HEET) to clean contaminants from waste oils and convert it into jet fuel at a rate of 0 gallons (650 liters) per day. The project's goal is to assess the technical feasibility and cost of producing higher volumes of biofuel.   该合作项目被称作中美航空生物燃料示范项目项目采用杭州能源工程技术有公司开发的新技术,将地沟油中的杂质清除,使其转化为航空燃料,当前日产量可达0加仑(约650升)该项目旨在评估项目的技术可行性以及降低大规模生产的成本   "We are very happy to see the progress that has been made in the collaboration between Boeing and COMAC, especially the achievement in aviation biofuel technology," said Dr. Guangqiu Wang, Vice President of COMAC's Beijing Aeronautical Science Technology Research Institute. "We will continue to work with Boeing in energy conservation and emissions reduction areas to promote the sustainable development of the aviation industry."   “我们很高兴看到波音和中国商飞在合作中尤其是在航空生物燃料科技方面取得的进步” 中国商飞北京研究中心副主任王光秋说:“我们会继续与波音开展在节能减排方面的合作,以促进航天事业的可持续发展”   Sustainably produced biofuel, which reduces carbon emissions by 50 to 80 percent compared to petroleum through its lifecycle, is expected to play a key role in supporting aviation's growth while meeting environmental goals. The Boeing Current Market Outlook has ecast that China will require more than 6,000 new airplanes by 3 to meet fast-growing passenger demand domestic and international air travel.   这种可持续生产的航空生物燃料比传统燃料的碳排放降低了50%-80%,使用它既可以满足保护环境的需要,又可以促进航天产业的健康发展波音公司预计,为了满足乘客日益增长的国内外出航需求,到3年中国将需要6千架以上的新飞机   Boeing and COMAC have been collaborating since to support the growth of China's commercial aviation industry. Their Boeing-COMAC Aviation Energy Conservation and Emissions Reductions Technology Center in Beijing works with Chinese universities and research institutions to expand knowledge in areas that improve aviation's efficiency, such as aviation biofuel and air traffic management.   波音和中国商飞为持中国商业航空事业的发展从年开始合作两者在北京建立的中国商飞-波音航空节能技术中心与中国多所大学和研究机构合作,为提高航空生物燃料、空中交通管理等航空效率而共同努力   Biofuel produced by the China-U.S. Aviation Biofuel Pilot Project will meet international specifications approved in jet fuel made from plant oils and animal fats. This type of biofuel has aly been used more than 1,600 commercial flights.   中美航空生物示范项目生产的生物燃料符合年通过的从植物油和动物脂肪提取燃料的国际标准这种生物燃料目前已在超过00次商业飞行中得到了应用


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