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《真爱如血第六季前瞻+剧透:回归角色及新成员名单 -- 3:55: 来源:   《真爱如血第五季已经完结,铁粉们(“Truebies”这个昵称挺特色)一定翘首期盼着《真爱如血第六季了吧今天为大家搜集了关于第六季的最新小道消息,赶快来看下吧!  True Blood season 5 is over, and Truebies are aly clamoring season 6. A few tidbits about True Blood season 6 have aly been released with more coming in once production resumes, and we’ll be collecting it all you right here. Be sure to bookmark this page to stay up to date on True Blood season 6, expected to premiere in June .  Warning: True Blood Season 6 Spoilers Ahead! 剧透警告:前方有剧透!  It’s a long wait until the next season; don’t on if you don’t want to be spoiled!  Dates to Know 重要日期  Production on True Blood season 6 began January 7, . Production began later than usual to accommodate Anna Paquin’s pregnancy.  《真爱如血第六季将于年1月7日开拍,开拍延期是因为女主角Anna Paquin怀了噢  True Blood season 5 will be released on DVD and Blu-ray Tuesday, May 1, .  《真爱如血第五季DVD将于年5月1日发售  True Blood season 6 will premiere at 98c Sunday, June , on HBO.  Plot Points 剧情要点   The season will pick up right where it left off. 《真爱如血第六季将把之前的落下的情节一一道来   In a bonus scene on HBO GO, Jason mentions Warlow and it’s obvious that Nora knows something about Warlow. Nora知道了关于Warlow的一些事情   “Who is Warlow?” will be a major part of the season, along with whatever is going on with Jason. (“Save Yourself” Inside the Episode) “谁是Warlow?”将是《真爱如血第六季的一大主要线索,另外Jason接下来会发生的事也是主题之一   Bill’s reincarnation as whatever he is now will be a major storyline. Bill的复活也成为一条主要的故事线   Pam and Tara will be an item, at least in the beginning. Pam and Tara也将会在这一季开头交代走向   True Blood Season 6 New Cast Members   《真爱如血第六季新角色:   Macklyn:Rutger Hauer is MacklynNiall (常规角色:神秘阴险,与Sookie 和 Jason有很深的渊源)   Jurnee Smollett is Nancy Jannsen   Arliss Howard is Governor Creighton Burrell   Rob Kazinsky is Ben(将对苏琪产生莫名情愫>>)   Amelia Rose Blaire is Willa Burrell   Luke Grimes is Wes   Karolina Wydra is Violet(三角恋之一:Voliet+Jason+sb.)   Who’s Returning?谁将回归?  Characters who are confirmed season 6 include:  目前已确定回归的角色包括:   Sookie   Bill   Eric   Alcide   Lafayette   Arlene   Terry   Jessica   Sam   Jason   Pam   Tara   Holly   Andy   Nora   Maurella   Luna   Steve Newlin   Lilith   Characters whose fates are unknown include:   命运未知的角色:   Emma   Martha   Jackson   Rikki。

高频恋人分手-- 3:19:56 A:I really hate to say this, but don't go away mad, just go away.   A:我真的很讨厌这样说,但是请你默默地走开,好吧   B:I knew this would happen some day.   B:我知道事情迟早会发生的   A:Then, why didn't you try to prevent it in the beginning?   A:那么,为什么不一开始就努力阻止它的发生呢?   B:Well. It's not all my fault, Anna. You are responsible, too.   B:安娜,那不全是我的错,你也有责任啊   A:I don't want to argue anymore. Please get out of my life!   A:我不想再争辩了请从我的生活中消失吧!   B:I think we can still talk.   B:我想我们还是可以谈谈的   A:No way! Please don't follow me around.   A:免谈!请不要再缠着我   B:Talk it easy, Anna. You really don't hate me. do you?   B:平心静气地想一想,安娜你并不是真的讨厌我吧?   A:Yes, I do. Leave me alone!   A:我是真的讨厌你别烦我了!   恋人分手()   dialogue   英语情景对话   A:Let's break up, Tom.   A:汤姆,我们分手吧   B:Are you serious?   B:你是认真的吗?   A:I think you should move on without me.   A:我想你应该离我而去   B:Um, OK, if you insist.   B:嗯,好吧,如果你坚持这样   A:l think we'll be better off if we are apart.   A:我想分手对我们彼此都好   B:Let's just be friends.   B:让我们做普通朋友吧   A:That's a good idea. I think we'll feel more comtable if we become just friends.   A:这提议不错我想如果我们成为普通朋友,会更自在一点   B:I agree with you.   B:我同意你的想法   A:So, we can still keep our friendship, right?   A:那么,我们仍可以保持我们之间的友谊,对吧?   B:I guess so.   B:大概吧。

新版3D怪兽电影《哥斯拉中国上映 -- :3:59 来源: 新版3D怪兽电影《哥斯拉中国上映春夏季是好莱坞英雄系列大片争夺中国票房的热季但是,这一回,却是经典怪兽系列电影《哥斯拉吸引了众影迷眼球!《哥斯拉于周五登上了中国大荧幕The spring and summer seasons have witnessed Hollywood superheroes scrambling the Chinese box office one after another. But this time, it's a remake of the classic monster film Godzilla that's causing all the buzz. The 3-D blockbuster made its China debut on Friday.The spring and summer seasons have witnessed Hollywood superheroes scrambling the Chinese box office one after another."Invasion of the monster. After sweeping across America's cinema lines, Godzilla has landed in China, right on the 60th anniversary of the monster's creation."The sci-fi flick stars Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen, and has been a global sensation since its premiere in North America on May th. 60 years since the debut of the Japanese franchise, Godzilla, one of the most globally recognizable movie monsters of all time, still has a strong allure movie-goers."I came to watch Godzilla with my child. He likes blockbusters like this very much." a movie-goer said."Godzilla. That's what I came today." a movie-goer said."I have seen the Godzilla filmed 60 years ago. This time it is shot in 3D and has better visual effects, which is normally what I come at the cinema. As domestic films, if I have a lot of time to kill, I'll buy tickets and watch them." a movie-goer said.During the first half of this year, Chinese audiences have been overwhelmed by Hollywood monsters wreaking havoc on the world, and superheroes who manage to save it. From the most recent "X-Men: Days of Future Past" to "Amazing Spiderman II" and "Captain America II", superhero stories with cutting edge visual effects have been the most powerful attraction movie goers.Domestic small-budget films defy Hollywood superheroesAnd as the Chinese film market has become the second largest in the world, Chinese actors have started to appear in Hollywood blockbusters, and Beijing and Shanghai have become unavoidable stops promotion.In the past three months, Beijing fans have seen Hugh Jackman and Peter Dinklage "X-MEN", which also stars Fan Bingbing, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johanson and Samuel Jackson "Captain America", as well as Johny Depp "Transcendence."Although half of the top ten films that grabbed the highest box-office revenues in China are Hollywood films, the top of the list is the domestic film "The Monkey King." The 3D film based on the Chinese legend hit big screens during the Chinese Spring Festival and raked in over 1 billion yuan. The four other Chinese films in the top ten are "Dad, where are we going?", "From Vegas to Macau", "My Old Classmates", and "Beijing Love Story". Although made with a relatively small budgets, these domestic films still managed to succeed.Box office estimated to rake in bln yuan by year's endChina's annual box office revenue reached the billion yuan threshold in , and has been increasing steadily ever since. Domestic films have ed over 56 percent of the takings.It is estimated that box office revenue will reach billion by the end of this year. The expansion is due to the increase of screens in second and third tier cities, and currently there are over ,000 screens across the country. 哥斯拉。

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 控制你的坏脾气Smile.微笑 When your temper has flared, the last thing most people wont to do is smile. 当你感觉自己生气的时候,大部分人最不想做的事就是微笑However, smiling lowers your body stress response.但是,微笑会帮助降低你身体的压力反应lower v.降低; 减少; 缩小例句:The Central Bank has lowered interest rates by percent.中央已将利率调低了两个百分点更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 360。

这次我请客-31 :01:37 A:It's my treat this time. Could we get the bill?这次我请.麻烦结账.B:Here you go.给您.A:Here's the meal, and this fruit is you.这是35块钱的饭钱,而水果是给你的.B:Lao Wang, it's usually customary to tip money.老汪,我们一般是用金钱来当小费的.A:But money's so impersonal. And besides, people don't eat enough fruit nowadays.但是金钱过于冷冰冰了.而且,现在的人们吃的水果太少了.B:You have a good point. I really like mango anyway. Thanks a lot.您言之有理.我确实很喜欢吃芒果.非常感谢.A:Well, it looks like you've reinvented the tip!看上去,你又重新发明了消费啊!。

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活Pitfalls that lie athwart every pathway to success成功路上的绊脚石Disconnection孤立 The old sayings ;no man is an island; and ;there strength in numbers; may sound corny, but that doesnt make them any less true. “没有人是与世隔绝的孤岛”和“人多力量大” 这两句俗语可能听起来毫无新意,但这丝毫不能影响到它的正确性Even with self-discipline, in the long run, youll need contact with kindred spirits and mentors. 从长远来看,即使有了自律,你还需要和亲近的精神领袖和导师进行交流Meeting regularly can be a great boost to your morale and provide new perspectives on your approach. 常常和他们见面可以大大提升你的斗志,并为你的处理方法提供新的视角The Internet makes it extraordinarily easy to find a coach, mentor, or master mind group that can provide the emotional support, experience, and wisdom to help turn your vision into reality.互联网使得我们非常容易就找到教练、导师或智囊团,为我们提供情感持、经验和智慧,帮助我们把梦想变成现实corny adj.谷类的;平淡无奇的;乡巴佬的;陈词滥调;长鸡眼的例句:Fred jokes are always so corny.弗雷德的笑话总是如此毫无新意kindred adj.同族的;同类的;血缘的例句:Only a few of his kindred were present at his funeral.只有少数亲戚参加了他的葬礼turn into (使)变成;进入,驶入,拐入例句:A flicker of interest soon turn into the burning flames of desire.一丝情趣的星星之火未几演成了乾柴烈火更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 131。