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福清第一人民医院妇科是公立医院吗三山镇中医医院妇科挂号London, England: British Museum物馆巡礼 英国:大英物馆At the peak of its empire, when the Union Jack flew over a quarter of the planet, England collected art and artifacts as fast as it collected colonies. This place, the British Museum, is the showcase for those extraordinary treasures.在大英帝国的巅峰,在英国国旗飘扬于地球四分之一土地上时,英国收集艺术和工艺品的速度就和它收集殖民地一样快。这个地方,大英物馆,是那些出色宝物的展示处。Its centerpiece is the Great Court—an impressive example of Europes knack for preserving old architectural spaces by making them fresh, functional, and inviting. The stately Reading Room—a temple of knowledge and high thinking—was the study hall for Oscar Wilde, Rudyard Kipling, and T.S. Eliot. Karl Marx researched right here while writing Das Kapital.它的中央物是“大中庭”--一个欧洲维护古老建筑空间技巧的出色例子,借由使老建物变新、具功能性,且吸引人。宏伟的阅览室--一座知识及崇高思想的殿堂--曾是 Oscar Wilde、Rudyard Kipling,以及 T.S. Eliot 的自习室。Karl Marx 在写《资本论》时正是在这里做研究的。 The British Museum is the chronicle of Western civilization. You can study three great civilizations—Egypt, Assyria, and Greece—in one fascinating morning. The Egyptian collection is the greatest outside of Egypt. Its kicked off with the Rosetta Stone, which provided the breakthrough in deciphering ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Discovered in 1799, it told the same story in three languages: Greek, a modern form of Egyptian, and ancient Egyptian.大英物馆是西方文明的记录。你可以在一个迷人的早晨里看到三大文明 (埃及、 亚述以及希腊)。埃及展品是埃及境外最杰出的。它从罗赛塔石碑开始,罗赛塔石碑提供解开古埃及象形文字之谜的突破性发展。于 1799 年被发现,罗赛塔石碑描述一段相同的故事,使用三种语言:希腊文、当代的埃及字体以及古埃及文。This enabled archaeologists to compare the two languages they understood with the ancient Egyptian, which was yet to be deciphered. Thanks to this stone, they broke the code, opening the door to understanding a great civilization.这使考古学家得以将两种他们理解的语言和古埃及文做对照,当时古埃及文尚未被解开。托这块石碑的福,他们破解那密码,开启了解一个伟大文明的大门。The Egypt we think of—you know, pyramids, mummies, pharaohs, and guys who walk funny—lasted from about 3,000 to 1,000 B.C. It was a time of unprecedented stability—very little change in government, religion, or arts. Imagine 2,000 years of Eisenhower. Egyptian art was art with a purpose. It placated the gods—the entire pantheon, a cosmic zoo of deities, was sculpted and worshipped—and it served as propaganda for the pharaohs. They ruled with unquestioned authority and were considered gods on earth. And much of the art was for dead people—for a smoother departure and a happier afterlife. In ancient Egypt, you could take it with you.我们想到的埃及--你知道,金字塔、木乃伊、法老还有走路很好笑的家伙们--约从西元前三千年延续到西元前一千年。那是个前所未见安定的时期--在政治、宗教或者艺术上少有变动。想像两千年的艾森豪时期。埃及艺术是有目的的艺术。它安抚众神--所有神祇,无边无际的一群神,都被雕刻及膜拜--而且艺术有替法老宣传的效果。法老以不容置疑的权力统治,且被视为人世间的神。多数艺术是为往生的人所做--为了有个更顺遂的离去以及更幸福的来世。在古埃及,你可以将这带着走。Corpses were painstakingly mummified: The internal organs were removed and put in jars. Then the body was preserved with pitch, dried, and wrapped from head to toe. The wooden coffin was painted with magic spells and images thought to be useful in the next life.尸体被费心地制成木乃伊:体内器官被移开然后放进罐子里。然后身体用沥青防腐、干燥并被从头到脚包起来。木棺以被认为是在来生有用途的咒语和图像绘。The finely decorated coffins were put into a stone sarcophagus like this. These were then placed in a tomb, along with the allotted baggage for that ultimate trip. The great pyramids were just giant tombs for Egypts most powerful—carefully designed to protect their precious valuables for that voyage into the next life.装饰精美的棺材被放进像这样的石棺里。这些接着被置到坟墓里,连同替那最终之旅分配的行李一起。伟大的金字塔只是给埃及最有权者的巨大坟墓--谨慎设计来保护他们为进入来生旅程准备的珍贵财产。In its waning years, Egypt was conquered by Assyria—present-day Iraq. These winged lions guarded an Assyrian palace nearly 900 years before Christ. Assyria considered itself the lion of early Middle Eastern civilizations. It was a nation of hardy and disciplined warriors. Assyrian kings showed off their power in battle, and by hunting lions. This dying lioness, roaring in pain, was carved as Assyria was falling to the next mighty power: Babylon. History is a succession of seemingly invincible superpowers, which all eventually fall.在埃及的衰落年间,埃及被亚述征--现今伊拉克。这些有翼狮像在耶稣前近九百年前守护着一座亚述宫殿。亚述将自己视为早期中东文明的狮子。它是个勇敢且守纪律战士们的国家。亚述国王在战斗中,以及借着猎狮来炫耀他们的力量。这只垂死的母狮,痛苦地吼叫,是在亚述落入下一个强权:巴比伦时雕刻的。历史是看似所向无敌的强权的接替,那些强权全终将殒落。Greece, during its Golden Age—roughly 400 B.C.—set the tone of so much of Western civilization to follow. The city of Athens was the site of a cultural explosion, which, within a couple of generations, essentially invented our notion of democracy, theater, literature, mathematics, science, philosophy, and so much more.希腊,在它的黄金时期时--约西元前四百年--定下许多西方文明遵循的方式。雅典城是一次文化爆发的地点,那次文化爆发,在几世代内,基本上创造出我们对民主、戏剧、文学、数学、科学、哲学的概念,以及其他更多。An evocative remnant of Greeces glory days is the sculpture, which once decorated the Parthenon—a temple on the Acropolis Hill in Athens. Here, a long procession of citizens honors the goddess Athena. The carvings of the temples pediment—even in their ruined state—are a masterpiece, showing gods and goddesses celebrating the birthday of Athena. The Greeks prided themselves on creating order out of chaos, here, symbolized by the struggle between half-animal centaurs and civilized humans. First, the centaurs get the upper hand. Then, the humans rally and drive them off. In Golden Age Greece, civilization finally triumphed over barbarism.一项唤起希腊光荣时日的残物是那雕刻,它曾装饰帕德嫩神殿--一座位在雅典卫城山上的神庙。这儿,一列长长的市民队伍向雅典娜女神致敬。神殿山型牆的雕刻品--即便在它们毁损的状态下--都是个杰作,展示出众神和女神欢庆雅典娜的生日。希腊人以从混乱中创造秩序为豪,这儿,以半兽的人马和文明人类间的对抗为象征。最初,人马占上风。接着,人类重整并将人马击退。在黄金时期的希腊,文明终于战胜野蛮。201507/386884福建福清市妇女医院在哪个区 And after a while a pattern emerged.久而久之,人们就归纳出一个模式If you observe sun spots over several years,若连续观察太阳黑子好几年they come and go with an about an eleven year cycle.会发现它们约每隔11年会周期性地出现和消失From solar minimum where there can be no spots at all从连续数周或数月on the sun for weeks or months at a time,完全没有黑子的太阳活动极小期to at maximum where you can have a hundred spots visible到表面出现好几百个太阳黑子的太阳活动极大期on the surface of the sun,and then they decline again,接下来是为期约六年的衰退usually over about six years or so,to, back to minimum.直至进入太阳活动极小期为止Until recently no-one knew what was driving the solar cycle.我们到最近才得知太阳周期的原理Or where sun spots came from.及太阳黑子的由来But people had always suspected that the scars on the suns surface但人们早就怀疑太阳表面的瘢疤had an effect on the Earth.会影响地球But no-one could quite put their finger on what it was.只是说不出所以然来It has been correlated with all kinds of different things,人们认为太阳黑子与很多事情有关系er the price of wheat,the thickness of fur on animals,如谷物的价格,动物皮毛的厚度等Im inundated with it every day.我每天都会收到大量讯息I got a guy that comes to my website to try and predict the,有个人上我的网站,为的就是用太阳黑子的位置the stock market from the daily sunspot areas.预测股市走向You know, oh, you didnt post them today, I gotta know!他会说“你今天怎么没公布?我一定要知道”So, are you making money or what,I want some if you are.你究竟有没有赚到钱?有的话,我可是要分红的One effect sun spots do have on the earth is on the climate.我们可以确定的是,太阳黑子会影响地球气候But it is a subtle effect.但是影响并不明显Its greatest impact was其最大的冲击only noticed 3 hundred years after the event.在事发三百年后才被发现It was discovered in Greenwich by the astronomer Robert Maunder发现这件事的是天文学家罗伯蒙德who was studying the hundreds of years of sunspot records当时他在格林威治的皇家天文台held at the Royal Observatory.研究数百年来的太阳黑子纪录And in the late part of the 19th century he er他在十九世纪下半became particularly interested in the sunspots.开始对太阳黑子产生浓厚兴趣He discovered that there had been this peculiar effect他发现在十七和十八世纪下半in the second half of the 17th and the 18th centuries发生了奇怪的现象when the sunspot numbers diminished to a real,太阳黑子的数目减少really a fraction of what they are today.至今日的一小部分And he described this as the Maunder minimum.他将之称为“蒙德极小期”For seventy years,from 1645-1715 sunspots disappeared.从1645年到1715年,太阳黑子消失了70年It was as if the engine that drives the solar cycle had stopped.推动太阳周期的引擎仿佛熄火了And it correlated almost exactly with the last period北半球也在这段期间of prolonged cold to strike the Northern hemisphere.进入了漫长的寒冷期They call it the Little Ice Age.这就是“小冰河期”Whats interesting about a period like the little ice age is小冰河期有意思的地方是that you dont necessarily see a very large dip in temperatures,温度并没有大幅降低but nonetheless even a degree or two不过尽管只降低了一、两度is enough to see some really quite dramatic effects,仍然产生了明显的结果like pack ice advancing south from the north pole,如北极的浮冰向南方延伸like the Viking colonies in Greenland being wiped out格陵兰的维京人聚落消失by the changing climate and the population随着变化的气候of Iceland falling by half.冰岛人口锐减五成Now in Britain the weather was cold enough英国也很冷that the Thames would regularly freeze in winter以至于泰晤士河在冬天会结冰and one of the classic depictions of life当时生活的最好写照at the time is Frost Fairs,就是冰霜市集when the population would hold a fair on the frozen river.人们会在冰冻河面上举行市集So things really must have been a lot harsher可见当时的气候绝对比现在than they are today.严酷得多201504/368785栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201602/419824镜洋镇人民医院早孕检查

福清镜洋哪家医院做痔疮手术福清沙埔镇男性尿道炎的危害 We might be feet away from aliens我们距离外星生物也许只有几英尺远From a whole ecosystem of microbes, crustaceans, maybe even squid下面有微生物、甲克类,甚至有乌贼构成的生态系统The only thing between us and the possibility of alien life...我们和这些可能存在的外星生物之间this layer of ice.只隔着一层薄薄的冰But until we send a spacecraft to drill here...在我们派出飞船钻透它的冰层之前...Europas secrets will remain beyond reach木卫二仍会一直保守它的秘密Its captivated our imaginations, haunted our dreams它挑逗着我们的想像,萦绕在我们梦中And here it is, spinning before our eyes现在它就在我们面前自转Saturn.土星Named for the Roman god...由古罗马农神的名字命名who reigned over an golden age of peace and harmony他曾统治过一个祥和安宁的黄金时代This planets a giant ball of gas, so light it would float on water这个行星是一个巨大的气体球,轻到可以漂浮在水面上Its spectacular rings would stretch almost from Earth to the Moon.壮观的土星环展开的长度几乎等于地球到月球的距离Theres the Cassini orbiter那是卡西尼探测器Its picking up ghostly radio emissions它收到鬼魅般的无线电信号Probably generated by auroras around Saturns poles可能是由土星两极的极光产生的This is the real music of the spheres.这是真正的天体音乐Cassinis telling us where these rings came from.卡西尼告诉我们这些土星环的来历Theyre the remnants of a moon shattered by Saturns gravitational pull它们是被土星引力撕碎的卫星残骸Incomparable beauty from total destruction彻底毁灭产生的无比美景Billions of shards of ice无数的碎坚冰Some as small as ice cubes, others the size of houses.有些很小,就像冰块,有些则有房子那么大They collide, break apart, reassemble他们碰撞、破碎、重新聚集Its like a snapshot of our early solar system...就是我们太阳系的早期快照as dust and gas orbited the newly born Sun尘埃和气体环绕着初生的太阳and gravity worked this magic pulling the lumps together...然后引力施展魔力,吸引碎块聚在一起until from space trash like this, our home emerged直到这些碎块形成地球We could stay here forever我们可以一直呆在这里But theres so much further to go, so much more to see.但我们还要赶路,还有很多东西要看201506/380950福建福清儿童医院怎么去

福清正规人流医院At Bohunt school in Hampshire, the Chinese school is entering its second week.在汉普郡的航特中学,中式学校项目已经进行到第二个星期50 Year 9 pupils, aged 13 and 14, are being taught the Chinese way.50位年龄介于13-14岁的九年级学生正接受中式教育But so far, the regime of discipline, hard work and competition isnt quite working.然而到目前为止,强调纪律,刻苦与竞争的制度并未奏效Guys, can you be quiet, please? Everyone, keep it down.同学们,你们可以安静下来吗,小声点Guys, keep it down.同学们,小声点Alex, be serious.亚历克斯,严肃In China, students are taught from an early age to respect their parents, their teachers and their country.在中国,学生们很早就被教育要尊重父母,老师,以及祖国Chinese education is not only delivery of the subject knowledge.中式教育不仅在于灌输课程知识Chinese education is, too, cultivating a human being.中式教育也注重培养一个有教养的人We teach them how to be sensible, responsible citizens of the country,我们教他们成为深明大义,心怀天下的国民because we serve our country.因为我们要为祖国尽忠Thats what we say.这就是我们所倡导的In China, the week starts with the important flag raising ceremony.在中国,一周始于庄严的升旗仪式For flag raising, first is a way to show the respect to the country.因为升旗这种方式,展现了对祖国的尊敬A sense of belongings.一种归属感We are raising flag because it reminds you, you are a citizen of China.我们升旗,因为它让你意识到自己是中国人And you have the responsibility to serve this country你有责任为生养你的祖国务where youve grown up and to make this country better, richer.为祖国的繁荣与富强贡献力量So, every day, raising flags, singing the national anthem, that gives you that sense of responsibility.所以每天升旗,唱国歌,民族责任感油然而生Stand still, please - and face that way.请肃立,面向这里Face...national flag.面向国旗But respect for the flag and the National Anthem但是对国旗和国歌的尊重doesnt seem to cut it with the average British teenager on a cold Monday morning.并不能在寒冷的周一早晨激励每一个英国学生I dont see the point in raising our flag, but thats what we do.我不理解升旗有任何意义,不过是个形式而已You know thats your flag, you dont need to see it every day and like, sing the national an...anth...anthem.你知道那是国旗就够了,你不用每天都见到它,还有唱国歌It was pretty boring, to be honest.说实话,这挺无聊的I didnt really see the point in it either,我也不觉得那有什么意义because its just raising a flag into the air and yeah,只是把旗子升到空中nobody is really going to see it, because were not allowed on the field, so...没人会注意它,因为我们不能去操场201603/429642 A new study found half of U.S. kids live in or near poverty, and that can have a big impact on long-term health. But the American Academy of Pediatrics says there might be a way to help.一项新的研究发现,一半的美国孩子生活在或接近贫困,这对长期健康有很大的影响。但美国儿科学会表示有可能帮助的方法。AAP says physicians asking patients a simple question like ;Do you have difficulty making ends meet at the end of the month?; during a checkup could help identify and chip away at mass poverty.美国儿科学会称医生询问病人一个简单的问题,例如“到月末你会入不敷出吗?”检查可以帮助识别和消除普遍贫困。By asking these types of questions, AAP hopes pediatricians will be able to connect families to resources to help with necessities, like balanced nutrition and affordable housing.通过问这类问题,美国儿科学会希望儿科医生能够联系家庭获得资源,如营养均衡和经济适用房。When kids are born into low-income households, they are more susceptible to heath issues, which can include obesity, infant death and even altered gene expression.当孩子出生在低收入家庭,他们更容易受到健康问题影响,包括肥胖、婴儿死亡甚至改变基因表达。AAP also recommends support for legislation and funding for improving overall well-being, like raising the minimum wage.美国儿科学会还建议持立法和提高整体福利,如提高最低工资标准。AAP President Dr. Benard P. Dreyer said: ;Fifty years ago, the U.S. came together and nearly eliminated poverty in the elderly. Its time to do the same for children.;美国儿科学会主席德雷尔士说:“五十年前,美国团结在一起,几乎消除老年贫困。是时候为孩子做同样的事。”译文属。201603/430689音西街道中心医院人流收费标准福清无痛人流较便宜医院



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