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The zoo built a special eight-foot-high enclosure for its newly acquired kangaroo, but the next morning the animal was found hopping around outside. The height of the fence was increased to 15 feet, but the kangaroo got out again. Exasperated, the zoo director had the height increased to 30 feet, but the kangaroo still escaped. A giraffe asked the kangaroo, "How high do you think they'll build the fence?"   "I don't know, " said the kangaroo. "Maybe a thousand feet if they keep leaving the gate unlocked.  动物园为刚引进的袋鼠建了一个特殊的八英尺高的围墙。但是第二天早上,人们发现这动物在围墙外面蹦跳着。于是围墙高度增加到十五英尺,但袋鼠还是跑了出来。动物园经理甚感恼火,又叫人把围墙高度加到三十英尺,但袋鼠还是逃了出来。一个长颈鹿问袋鼠:“你认为他们会把围墙建到多高?”  “我不知道,”袋鼠说,“如果他们继续开着大门,可能要修到一千英尺吧。” /201108/149463。

  • 1.Think of what you want. Do you want to get a certain style of clothes, but can't because your closet is filled with last year's summer outfits? The first thing you should do is clean out your closet and room and decide what to keep and what not to keep.想想自己想要的。你是不是看中了一款新装,却因为柜子里装满了去年的夏装而犹豫不决呢?第一步,整理你的衣橱,将那些淘汰的衣整理起来。 /201001/93995。
  • Why do gorillas have big nostrils?Because they have big fingers.为什么大猩猩的鼻孔那么大?因为它们的手指比较粗。内容来自: /201203/175359。
  • God Pan had an ugly face. He took care of the goat of Zeus but feared to sing with other gods. God Pan admired the harpist fairy in heaven but dared not express his love for her.牧神潘恩长得很丑。他日日看管着宙斯的牛羊,却不敢与众神一起歌唱;他一直爱慕着神殿里弹竖琴的仙子,却不敢向她表白(这一切都只因为他丑陋的外表。潘恩害羞而自卑,也没有什么法力,在天界几乎不名一文)。Nobody could understand his true heart behind his ugly face. There was a lake on the end of the Milky Way. No one dared to get close to it because it was cursed. Anyone setting foot in it would become a fish. But Pan did not care about it as he knew nobody would notice him even if he was in the masses. He preferred to play the flute and hoped fairy would hear him.没有人了解他那丑陋的外表下掩藏着的炽热的心,也没有人愿意走近他去聆听他那动人的箫声。在天河的尽头有一个湖泊,是谁也不敢涉足的,因为它的水是被诅咒过的,任何人踏进河水一步都会变成鱼,永远也变不回来。但是潘恩无所顾及,他知道即使自己在最热闹的地方也不会有人注意,还不如就在这湖泊边上吹箫,或许仙子可以听见呢!On day, when the gods got together for a banquet, a monster with many heads and eyes from the black forest rushed into the hall. This monster was overwhelmingly strong so that all the gods escaped instead of fighting it. However, the harpist fairy was scared stiff and stood there. While the monster rushed at her, the timid and shy boy Pan picked up the fairy and ran away. Suddenly, Pan remembered that cursed lake and ran towards it. The monster was aware of the curse in the lake and stopped chasing them.然而有一天,正当众神设宴欢聚的时候,黑森林里的多头百眼兽却突然窜进了大厅!这只怪兽呼天哮地,排山倒海,所有的神都无法制它,于是纷纷逃离。正弹着竖琴的仙子被吓坏了,她呆立在那里,不知道如何是好。眼看怪兽冲着仙子而去,胆小而害羞的潘恩却猛地跳了出来,他抱起仙子就跑,怪兽紧紧追赶。潘恩知道自己根本跑不过怪兽,情急之中忽然想起了天河尽头的湖泊,于是拼命的向湖泊跑去。怪兽也知道那湖泊的厉害,它暗笑潘恩的愚蠢,往那里跑岂不是自寻死路!But unexpectedly, Pan set his feet in the lake but held up the fairy. The fairy was grateful, but half of Pan’s body had become a fish. Then, Zeus created a constellation called Capricorn to remember Pan. Therefore, Capricorn people are like Pan, who have a cautious and introverted character.但是怪兽万万没有想到,潘恩竟义无返顾的踏进了那个湖泊,他把仙子高高擎在手中,自己站在湖泊的中央。怪兽这下没了办法,只好放弃。等到怪兽离开以后,潘恩才小心翼翼的挪到岸边放下仙子。仙子十分感激想把潘恩拉上来,但是潘恩的下半身已经变成了鱼!宙斯以他的形象创造了魔羯座,而魔羯座的人们也像潘恩一样,严谨而内敛,对于幸福有着自己独特的理解。 /201109/153247。
  • Opening an Umbrella Indoors Some people believe that opening an umbrella indoors and holding it over the head brings misfortune or death. People have given various reasons for this superstition, saying that doing so may offend gods. But the most practical and sensible reason is that when one opens an umbrella in the house, one may knock over a burning candle or a valuable vase, which is surely a misfortune. 屋内撑伞 有人认为在室内撑伞并举在头上会招致不幸或死亡。对此人们做了种种解释,说这样做会得罪某某神灵。但有一种最合乎常理的解释。这样做立竿见影的不幸后果往往是碰倒一燃烧着的蜡烛而酿成火灾,或是打翻一只贵重的花瓶。 /200906/75346。
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