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玉屏街道中医院门诊怎么样一都镇妇幼保健院预约挂号Voice 1: Later, he accepted a job at a secret ed States government organisation — the CIA. Here, Robert did not use his talent to create art. Instead, he used his skills to help the spies who worked the CIA. He worked hard to create disguises that could completely change a person’s appearance — the way the person looked.声音1:后来,他接受了美国政府的秘密机构中央情报局提供的一份工作但是,罗伯特在中央情报局并没有用他的天赋创造艺术而是用他的技能帮助为中央情报局工作的特工他努力创造可以完全改变一个人外貌的伪装物,目的是改变一个人的样貌Voice : One day he went to a conference to learn how to improve the disguises that he made. He met many people there who were experts in the design of false body parts. This branch of engineering is called prosthetics. The experts wanted to build prosthetic arms, legs, and other body parts. They wanted to help people in need.声音:有一天,他参加了一个会议,在那里他学习了如何改进他所制造的伪装物他认识了许多设计人体假体的专家这个工程学分叫做假体制作这些专家希望制作出假臂、假肢和身体其他部位的假体他们想帮助有需要的人们Robert saw many pictures of people who had suffered terrible changes to their appearance. Some had lost noses and skin because of disease. Others had lost body parts through accidents. Seeing these things had a strong effect on Robert. When he left the CIA he decided to use his talent making disguises to help people who suffered with these problems.罗伯特看到了许多外表遭遇可怕改变的人们的照片有些人因为疾病失去了鼻子和皮肤还有人因为遭遇事故而失去了部分身体部位这些照片对罗伯特产生了很大的影响他离开中央情报局以后,决定用他的天赋制造伪装物,帮助遭受这些问题的人 译文属 5976福清做无疼人流大概多少钱 Charles Schultz and Peanuts, how to become a police officer, you and I versus you and me, yippikaiye, to call dibsWords:comic stripto syndicatehigh school yearbookwithdrawnat its peakbarberhairdresserinferiority complexcriminal justiceagilitylaw encement officerpolice cecivil service examinationyippikaiyeto call dibs 36657大家对名人感兴趣吗?我想大家在提及自己的偶像时一定会滔滔不绝,你们想听听你们的偶像是如何用英语表述自己的吗?那么,还等什么?快快随我一起来倾听他们的声音吧!~ 955新厝镇儿童医院怎么样好吗

福建中心医院院长-#UOYIBXpBF%sIzYsUbw+ju5gm[8koB(80mKimberly was not happy. She was sad. She needed a job. She asked everyone a job. Everyone told her no. No one had a job her. She came home every day and cried. How could she live without a job? She had only ,000. After she spent the ,000, she would have no money. Then what would she do? She had nowhere to go. She had no friends. She had no family. She was all alone. She was very worried. She looked in the newspaper every day. She was y to take any job. If someone gave her a job, she would be so happy.-]5^0;f_~YJvI6(rRj|LB!~VaaDuCH(mEZ93A#|pUv*5P!][lO5YC+u;Nfh 380福建福清妇幼保健妇科怎么样 渔溪镇妇女医院做彩超B超价格

福清流产是药流好还是无痛人流好 burglar窃贼,show up出现,expect预料A Burglar Can’t Find Me EitherMy brother got a call from a security firm that offered him a promotional burglar alarm at no charge. Happy to get something free, he gave the caller directions to his farm. But no one showed up. The next morning the supplier called him to say that he was lost. “I’ll try again to find you,” he said.“Never mind,” said my brother. “If you can’t find me, I don’t expect a burglar can either.”窃贼也找不到我我弟弟接到保安公司的促销电话, 说要给他一个免费的防盗警报系统他听说又免费的东西,就高高兴兴地告诉那人,去他的农场怎么走但是没有人来第二天早上,那人来电话说他头一天走迷路了他说:“我会再试一次”我弟弟说:“不用了如果你找不到我,我想窃贼也找不到我”1.burglar窃贼Burglars broke into his house last night.昨夜窃贼闯进他家也可以作及物/不及物动词,有“盗窃/抢劫”的意思.security安全safeguard the security of one’s country保卫国家的安全“确信/把握”:The violinist played with great security.小提琴手满怀信心地演奏Are you sure of the security of the knot?你能肯定这个绳结牢吗?3.charge费用travel at one’s own charge自费旅行“内涵”poetry with an emotional charge感情洋溢的诗歌“责任”:The girl accepted her mother’s charge to put things in order.女孩接受母亲要她整理东西的任务“管理”:He has charge of the home office.他负责主管总公司.promotional提升的/发起的/促销的promotional civil service examinations公务员升级考试;a promotional job促销工作;prettily made promotional films制作精美的宣传影片5.show up出现这个短语还有“揭露”的意思:show up sb’s ignorance暴露出某人的无知;“变得突出”:White shows up well against a blue background.经蓝色的背景一衬托白色更为醒目6.expect预料了解一下与expect有关的惯用语:She is expecting.她怀了Her dark hair is beginning to turn grey, but at fifty-five that is only to be expected.她的黑发正开始变灰白,但对于五十五岁的人来说这完全正常What can you expect?你还能指望什么呢? 1福清医院妇科门诊福清港头镇医院能割包皮吗



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