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成都铸磁牙冠价格成都市种植牙|口碑最好的医院UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Its time for the ;Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了!What did Queen Elizabeth II, Martin Luther King Jr. and Mark Zuckerberg have in common? If you think you know it then shout it out. 伊丽莎白二世、马丁·路德·金和马克·扎克伯格有什么共同点?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Have they all been Nobel Prize winners? ;Times; Person of the Year? Awarded the Medal of Freedom? Or Harvard Graduates? Youve got three seconds, go!他们都是:诺贝尔奖得主、时代杂志的年度人物、获得自由勋章还是毕业于哈佛?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!The Queen, MLK and Zuckerberg have all been ;Times; Person of the Year. Thats your answer and thats your shoutout.女王、马丁·路德·金和马克·扎克伯格都曾经是《时代》杂志的年度人物。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: When picking a person of the year, the editors of ;Time; magazine consider who affected the news and peoples lives the most,Good or bad?在挑选年度人物的时候,《时代》杂志的编辑会考虑谁对新闻和人们的生活影响最大,不管是好是坏。And who embodied what was most important about the year. 谁体现了一年中最重要的事件。;Times; pick for 2013, Pope Francis. 《时代》杂志选出的2013年度人物,是教皇弗朗西斯。He was elected to lead the Roman Catholic Church in March of this year. 他于今年三月当选,来领导罗马天主教堂。One of ;Time; magazines editors says that since he became pope, Francis has changed he churchs image and its substance, focusing on service and helping the poor.《时代》杂志的一位编辑表示,当弗朗西斯成为教皇之后,他改变了教堂的形象和实质,致力于务和帮助穷人。 /201312/268722绵阳市404医院补牙什么价格 In this VideoJug film, author Sean Brickell gives a set of helpful hints and tricks on how to be able to wake up early every day.在VideoJug这段视频中,作家Sean Brickell介绍了一系列有用的小窍门,帮助你每天早早醒来。So, how to wake up early? Obviously, get an alarm clock, one that works and its been programmed. Get two alarm clocks. Alternatively, go to bed with someone who cant sleep.那么,怎样才能早点醒过来呢?很明显,定闹钟,可以随意进行设置。用两个闹钟最好。当然,也可以和一个难以入睡的人一起睡。Go to bed with more than one person or even several people who cant sleep just to make doubly sure. Or you could wake up to talk radio so its a bit more soothing, like somebody just talking you out of your slumber into the day. But focus on the advantages.跟多个难以入睡的人一起上床睡觉更加保险。在电台讨论广播的声音中醒来更加让人镇定,就好像有人跟你说着话让你走出睡眠状态,开始新的一天。但是尽量集中在优点方面。It is a great time to meditate, to reflect, because there is a quietness there when everybody else is still asleep. You have a chance to exercise. Walk the dog.早上是进行计划,进行反省的好时光,因为环境非常寂静,其他人都还沉浸在梦乡。你有机会进行锻炼或者遛。Get the dog to walk you. Do yoga somewhere random. Have breakfast early, you get to the fridge and the food earlier.让带着你散步。随便在哪个地方做瑜伽。早点享用早餐,早些在冰箱中准备好食物。You have a chance to do some work, prepare for your day. Beat the traffic. Have more time to get y if thats your thing, and also, you have the chance to get to know the sleepless people you spend the night with who helped you get up in the first place.你也有机会做一些工作,为一整天做好准备。避开交通高峰期。你有更多时间来做准备,同时,也有机会了解一整晚难以入睡帮助你起床的同伴。They actually say that one hour before midnight is worth two after and I say that is generally true, so get to bed earlier. So, essentially, get to bed early, look forward to getting up early for all the varied reasons, get a good alarm clock with a snooze button that actually keeps on coming back on again or as my cameraman has just told me, and he wants to get one of these, get one of those weights, dumbbell weights, barbells, that actually wont turn off until you have done thirty reps with it. Now, thats a great way to get up. .大家都说,午夜前的一个小时相当于午夜后的两个小时。我要说,这基本上是正确的,所以早点上床睡觉。早点上床,因为各种各样的原因,期待早上早点起床。买一个有再响按钮的闹钟。或者像我的摄影师告诉我的,买一个有重量,有哑铃的闹钟,除非你拿着闹钟做三十次举重运动,否则闹钟不会停下来。现在,你不得不起床了。Thanks for watching How To Wake Up Early.感谢收看“早上如何早点醒来”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201307/248663Many people grab snacks without considering food quality. But there are healthy vending options.许多人选择零食时不考虑食品质量。但是自动贩卖机中也有比较健康的选择。You Will Need你需要A vending machine一台自动贩卖机Nutrition information营养信息Good judgment良好的判断力Steps步骤STEP 1 Choose a snack1.选择小吃Do you want something salty? Crunchy? Sweet? Decide which type of snack youre craving to make sure your choice will satisfy you.想吃一些比较咸,比较松脆,还是比较甜的食品?确定自己比较渴望哪种类型的小吃,确保你的选择能让自己满意。STEP 2 Pick a slim salty2.选择微咸食品If its salt youre after, go for peanuts or beef jerky. Though high in calories, nuts provide the good kind of fat,monounsaturated, and their protein will make you feel fuller longer. Beef jerky is also high in protein. Just be aware that that both treats are also high in sodium.如果你想吃咸的东西,选择花生或牛肉干。尽管热量比较高,坚果却可以提供比较优质的脂肪,单一不饱和脂肪,而且坚果中的蛋白质可以让你更长时间内感觉比较饱。牛肉干的蛋白质含量也比较高。但是要记住,这两种食品的钠含量都比较高。STEP 3 Munch this crunch3.拒绝松脆的食品Want something crunchy? Pretzels are a low-fat, low-calorie choice, though they may not keep you feeling full for very long because of their high carb content. Or get a single-serving bag of light popcorn or a package of cheese crackers; the former contains fiber and the latter has no trans fat. If you cant live without potato chips, look for baked ones.想吃一些比较松脆的食品?椒盐卷饼是低脂低热量的选择,不过由于碳含量较高,不会让你饱腹很长时间。或者吃一小袋爆米花或者一袋芝士饼,前者含有纤维,后者不含反式脂肪。如果没有薯片你就过不下去,选择烘烤的薯片。STEP 4 Select a sweet4.选择甜食To satisfy a sweet tooth, look for low-fat cookies, licorice, fruit-flavored candy, or a fruit snack. Though high in sugar,theyre low in fat. Avoid the chocolate mini-doughnuts; theres nothing mini about the 600 calories and 36 grams of fat some brands are packing!要满足想吃甜食的渴望,可以寻找低脂饼干,甘草糖,水果口味的糖果,或者水果小吃。尽管含糖量比较高,然而脂肪含量比较低。避免巧克力迷你炸面圈,一些牌子的炸面圈中含有大约600卡路里的热量和36克脂肪,热量一点都不迷你。Trail mix, which combines nuts and dried fruit, is a good choice if youre craving salty and sweet.干果中包含了坚果和烘干的水果,如果你既想吃咸的又想吃甜的,这是不错的选择。STEP 5 Sink your teeth into a ;candy bar;5.棒棒糖Craving a candy bar? See if theres a Payday, one of the few candy bars that gets a thumbs-up from some nutritionists because its loaded with nuts. If not, go for an energy or protein bar. Though most are little better than candy bars, they do offer a slight nutritional advantage.想吃棒棒糖?看一下是否有Payday,这中棒棒糖受到一些营养专家的称赞,因为其中含有很多坚果。如果没有的话,选择能量棒或蛋白质棒。尽管大部分并不比棒棒糖好多少,最少营养方面稍具优势。If you want Mamp;Ms, choose peanut over regular so you get some of the good fat in the nuts.如果你想吃Mamp;M糖果,选择花生口味而不是常规口味,这样你就可以从坚果中获得好的脂肪。STEP 6 Look for 100-calorie packs6.热量控制在100卡路里Not sure what you want? Try one of the 100-calorie pack options so that, whatever you choose, youll limit the damage to your waistline.不确定自己想吃什么?尝试热量为100卡路里的小包装零食,这样,无论你选择什么,都可以限制对腰围造成的影响。STEP 7 Advocate healthy snacks7.拥护健康零食If your workplace has a vending machine, ask the employee in charge of ordering refills to consider providing more healthy choices, like dried fruit or whole-wheat chips or pretzels.如果你工作的地方有自动贩卖机,补充货物时让雇员自己负责,考虑提供更加健康的选择,比如干果或全麦薯片或椒盐卷饼。Americans eat 2 billion pounds of potato chips annually.美国人平均每年吃掉20亿磅炸土豆片。视频听力译文由。 /201407/308969四川省妇幼保健院口腔修复口腔正畸怎么样好吗

眉山市妇幼保健院牙髓炎氟斑牙牙齿美容怎么样好吗成都牙科医院磨牙牙套需要多少钱 视频出处:本影片片段来自《非洲》This is the White Desert, in Egypt.眼前是埃及境内的白沙漠The landscape is littered with giant chalk pillars,此处遍布着巨大的柱形白垩carved by innumerable sandstorms.是由长期的风沙侵蚀而成This glaring white oven is lethally hot.这些耀眼的白岩石极其炙热Food here is almost non-existent.在这里根本无法找到食物But theres a rare gift from a passing camel.但路过此处的骆驼会留下珍贵的小礼物The smell has lured dung beetles from miles around.粪便的气味能够引来数英里外的蜣螂For them, this is manna from heaven.对他们来说 这就是天上掉下的馅饼One dung ball could provide enough food一个粪球足以供这只雌蜣螂to last this female beetle the rest of her life.享用一辈子了But she has a problem.但她面临一个问题To keep it fresh,为了保持粪便的新鲜she must bury it in moist ground.她必须把粪球埋入潮湿的土壤中And thats not easy to find.那可不容易找到The temperature has aly risen ten degrees.此时 温度已上升了10度This lizard avoids the roasting sand.这只蜥蜴逃离了炽热的沙地Only 30 centimetres above the surface,虽然离地面只有30厘米its significantly cooler.但已经凉快多了201404/293246成都哪家医院口腔科好

成都做烤瓷牙的医院Once you know what makes a Leo tick, it will be easy to get under his or her skin.一旦你知道什么能够让狮子座的人打动,要俘获TA的芳心将轻而易举。You Will Need你需要Flattery奉承An uncritical nature不批判的态度Steps步骤STEP 1 Admire them1.称赞他们Admire them. Leos have a very healthy self-image, to say the least, so the first step to ingratiating yourself is to flatter them shamelessly. Trust us: You cannot overdo this.称赞他们。至少可以这样讲,狮子座的人自我形象非常健康,迎合对方的第一步就是大方地称赞他们。相信我们:你这样做绝对不会过分。STEP 2 Invite them to a pricey restaurant2.邀请他们去昂贵的餐馆用餐Invite them to a pricey restaurant – the more expensive and exclusive, the better. The only thing Leos love more than spending money on themselves is having someone else do it.邀请他们去一个昂贵的餐馆——越昂贵越奢侈就越好。除了为自己花钱之外,狮子座最喜欢的就是让别人为他们花钱。STEP 3 Let them talk3.让他们说话Let them talk. And talk. And talk some more. Leos love to talk. So ask lots of questions and, above all, do not interrupt them.让他们说话,说话,说更多的话。狮子座的人喜欢说话。所以,问他们许多问题,最重要的是,不要打断他们。Never steal a Leo’s thunder in any way; they’ll resent you for it.千万不要剽窃狮子座尚未发表的想法和观点,他们会为此憎恨你的。STEP 4 Make them laugh4.让他们笑Make them laugh. Leos have a great sense of humor and love to laugh – as long as the joke is not on them. Expect dire consequences if you dare to make them the butt of a joke.让他们笑。狮子座很有幽默感,喜欢笑——只要不是关于他们的玩笑。如果把他们作为笑话的对象,你将遭遇无法承受的后果。STEP 5 Give extravagant gifts5.赠送奢华的礼物Give them extravagant gifts, because Leos adore luxury. If you’re a cheapskate at heart, don’t even think about wooing a Leo.送一些奢华的礼物给他们,因为狮子座喜欢奢侈。如果你内心是一个吝啬鬼,不要想着追求狮子座的人。Airline tickets to faraway places and adventure travel packages make fine gifts for Leos, who love the exotic.前往远方的飞机票和旅行套餐对狮子座来说是很好的礼物。他们喜欢异域风情。STEP 6 Throw them a party6.为他们举办派对Throw them a party, especially if it’s to celebrate one of their accomplishments. Leos like nothing more than to be the center of attention, though they’d rather be in the spotlight for getting a big promotion than for turning 40.为他们举办派对,尤其是庆祝他们的某项成就。狮子座最喜欢的就是成为关注的焦点,不过他们更喜欢因为升职而成为焦点,而不是因为40岁生日。STEP 7 Give them space7.给他们一点空间Give them space. Leos need freedom and hate routine, so expecting them to meet you at the same place for sushi every Friday night is a quick way to alienate them.给他们一点空间。狮子座需要自由,讨厌束缚。所以期望每个周五在同一家寿司店遇到他们是疏远他们的快速方法。STEP 8 Never let your guard down8.永远不要放松警惕When it comes to massaging Leo’s ego, never let your guard down. A good-natured jibe about budding love handles will not be appreciated.在推敲狮子座的自负方面,永远不要放松警惕。善意地嘲笑TA的游泳圈不会让TA开心。Keep the flattery up and the criticism to yourself, and you have a good chance of winning Leo’s famed loyalty.奉承献给他们,批评留给自己,你将很有可能赢得狮子座忠贞的爱。视频听力译文由。201410/337016 As we have heard from our reporter Stanley Lee, who was at the press conference earlier, a new director surely brings new energy to the gala, and theres a lot to expect from Feng.冯小刚导演被提名2014年春晚总导演,我们期待冯小刚导演给我们带来不一样视觉盛宴。201307/248116四川烤瓷牙什么价格四川省隐形矫正牙齿多少钱



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