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福清市中山有做缩阴吗渔溪镇治疗盆腔炎多少钱The plaster model is used to make the bridge in my dental laboratory.石膏模型是用来在我的牙料制造室里做齿桥用的,It will take one week the laboratory to make the bridge.在牙科制造室作假牙要一个星期What do I use in the meantime, Doctor?医生,在这期间我应该做些什么?Youll wear a temporary plastic bridge to protect your teeth during that time.在这期间你要戴上一个暂时性的塑料假牙以保护牙齿If there are no delays it will take three appointments to finish your case.假如没有延阻的话,经过预约三天治疗就做的完What type of bridge is this called? Will I be able to take it out of my mouth?这是什么类型的桥?我能把它从我的嘴里取出吗?This will be a fixed (non-removable) bridge.这是固定式的齿桥A removable bridge (Partial denture) is best in some cases, particularly if there are a lot of teeth missing.活动齿桥在某些方面是最理想的,特别是在脱落了不少牙齿的情况下更是如此A removable bridge is less expensive.活动假牙比较省钱,It doesnt need as much tooth reduction, because crowns arent always needed on the teeth that the bridge is attached to.作起来把牙齿磨掉较少, 因为齿桥所负着的地方并非一定要在牙齿上面做上牙冠Also a Partial denture is easier to clean, because it can be taken out of the mouth during cleaning.而且,局部假牙容易刷洗,因为刷洗是可以从嘴巴取出来Which type is usually better?通常哪一种好些?The non-removable bridge is usually better, because it firmly attached to the teeth.通常是固定的假牙好些,因为他牢固的负在牙齿之上It helps to prevent the teeth from loosening.它有助于是牙齿不脱落It more comtable to wear and chewing becomes easier.镶固定假牙感觉舒些,咬东西也方便点Thank you explaining this to me. Ill phone you an appointment, when Ive made up my mind.谢谢你给我讲解,什么时候我下定决心做假牙时,Im going to be very busy next month.我会打电话给你,与你预约I dont want to make an appointment that I cant keep. Im sorry that I had to cancel my last appointment.下月我会很忙我不想预约好了又不能遵守我对上次取消表示抱歉A broken appointment or a cancelled appointment can be a very costly waste of my time.预约了部来或是取消预约非常浪费我的时间If you have to reschedule an appointment,假如你想要更改时间,Id appreciate it if you would telephone me at least hours in advance.能在 小时内预先打电话通知我的话,那就十分感谢了 578福清男性不育 A PRIVATELY owned Chinese company is suing US President Barack Obama over his decision to block its Oregon wind farm project due to national security concerns, claiming the order violates its constitutional rights.一家中国私企将起诉美国总统奥巴马以“保护国家安全”为由阻止其俄勒冈州风力发电场项目的决定,声称该禁令违宪。On Friday, Obama barred Ralls Corp from building wind turbines close to a naval military site in Oregon. The order, the first time in 22 years that a US president has blocked a transaction on national security grounds, comes as he campaigns for a second term against Republican Mitt Romney.上周五,奥巴马禁止罗尔斯公司在俄勒冈州附近的一个海军军事基地建设风力涡轮机2年来美国总统首次以国家安全为由禁止交易,正当他和共和党的米特#8226;罗姆尼竞选第二个任期时该禁令颁布。Ralls Corp has been involved in installing wind turbine generators made by Sany Group, parent company of Shanghai-listed Sany Heavy Industry Co, Chinas biggest construction equipment maker and No. 7 in the world. Sanys chairman and controlling shareholder, Liang Wengen, is the Chinese mainlands fifth richest man, according to this years Hurun Report.罗尔斯公司已经参与了安装由三一集团制造的风力发电机组,其母公司是上海上市的三一重工股份有限公司,中国最大、世界第7的工程机械制造商。根据今年的胡润富豪榜,三一重工的董事会主席及控股股东梁稳根在中国大陆排富豪榜第五。The Obama administration says Ralls has four wind farm projects within or in the vicinity of restricted air space at a naval weapons systems training facility. ;There is credible evidence that leads me to believe; that Ralls Corp, Sany Group and the two Sany Group executives who own Ralls ;might take action that threatens to impair the national security of the ed States,; Obama said in issuing his decision.奥巴马政府说罗尔斯公司收购的4个风电厂项目都位于美国俄勒冈州的海军军事训练限制区内部或者附近,“他有理由相信,罗尔斯公司以及拥有该公司的三一集团高管都可能对美国的国家安全构成威胁,”奥巴马在签署的行政命令中说。Under US law, CFIUS can recommend the president block a foreign investment deal, rather than announce a termination itself. But the presidential order to block a deal in the US was rare as companies usually withdraw their deals or sell off their assets when the panel takes issue with their transactions.根据美国法律,美国外国投资委员会可以建议总统叫停外国投资协议,而不是宣布其终止。但总统命令阻止这笔交易在美国是很少有的,因为当他们交易面临问题时公司通常会取消交易或出售其资产。The last time a US president formally blocked a deal due to national security concerns was in 1990 when then President George Bush barred a Chinese aero-technology firm from acquiring a US manufacturing firm.上一次美国总统由于国家安全问题正式撤销了协议是990年,当时的总统乔治#8226;布什禁止了中国航空技术公司收购一家美国制造企业。Although the order gives the Chinese company 90 days to sell all its interests in the projects, Ralls Corp has no immediate plan to quit the deal. After the decision was announced on Friday, it said it was confident the US courts would vindicate the companys rights under the law and the US Constitution.尽管该禁令给了中国公0天时间出售其在该项目中的所有利益,罗尔斯公司目前并无计划停止交易。在上周五宣布了这一决定后,该公司表示它有信心美国法院将会在法律和美国宪法内维护其公司的权利。来 /201210/202511镜洋镇妇女儿童医院产妇做检查好吗

在福清平潭县中医院人流要多少钱这些图片都是在芬兰经受那场大暴雨的前一刻,被瞬间抓拍的。这场超级暴风雨,被称作“超级气囊”。These dramatic images were taken in the moments before a powerful thunderstorm struck parts of Finland.  这些图片都是在芬兰经受那场大暴雨的前一刻,被瞬间抓拍的。来 /201008/111453福州福清市中山综合医院咨询 第18期:Buying a Bus Map 买公交车路线图Y:Excuse me.May I have a bus map,please?Y:对不起,请给我一份公交车路线图好吗?X:You mean one the city?X:您是说本市的吗?Y:Yes,within New York.Y:是的,纽约市区内的X:Im afraid we dont have any.If I were you,Id try one of the newspaper stands.X:我们没有如果我是您,就会到书报摊去看看Y:Thank you.Y:谢谢你其他出国旅游英语句型:If I were you,Id try one of the newspaper stands.如果我是你,我会到书报摊去看看a.本句是“虚拟语气”句型“虚拟语气”是一种表示虚拟状态的句型,由if引导的条件从句与结果主句构成b.虚拟语气可依时态不同,形成下列四种基本句型:1)条件虚拟语气—用现在式例:If Johnny is here,I will ask him.如果强尼在这儿,我会问他)与现在事实相反的虚拟语气—用过去式例:If Johnny were here,I would ask him.(But Johnny is not here.)如果强尼现在在这儿,我会问他—但他现在不在这儿3)与过去事实相反的虚拟语气—用过去完成式例:If Johnny had been here,I would have asked him.(But he was not here.)如果强尼当时在这儿,我会问他—但他当时不在这儿)与未来状况相反的虚拟语气—if从句要用助动词should(万一),结果从句则用过去式或现在式助动词例:If Johnny should be here,I would(或will)ask him.万一强尼在这儿,我会问他c.本文中的句子,乃属上述的第)项,亦即与现在事实相反的假设语气,if引导的条件从句的be动词得用过去式were,而表示结论的结果主句,则用助动词过去式,在本句中的Id,就是I would的缩写例:If I were you,I would many her.如果我是你,我就会娶她If Lily were here,she would agree with me.如果莉莉在这里,她会同意我的 35福建妇女儿童医院四维彩超价格

福清中山医院体检多少钱 Restaurant Nearby询问附近是否有其他饭店Good evening, May I help you?晚上好,我能帮您忙吗?I would like to book a table six tonight.我想订张今晚的桌子,6个人的Sorry,sir. We have only double tables left.抱歉,先生我们现在只有双人桌了What a pity. Can you recommend a nice restaurant near here?太遗憾了你能推荐一个这附近的好餐厅吗?Sure. In the middle part of the fifth street, there is a Phoenix Restaurant. Maybe you can go there.当然在第五大街的中部有一个凤凰饭店,或许你们可以去那里 93福清市医院预约福清前列腺哪里好



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