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山东省中医医院妇科济南市妇幼保健院妇科地址The most likely explanation is probably that we are an accident.最可能的解释就是,也许我们的存在只是一次意外Just by chance, some molecules bumped into each other at random机缘巧合下,一些分子随机地进入其他分子until finally one formed that could copy itself.直到最后组合了一个可以自我复制的个体Then began the slow process of evolution接着,缓慢的进化过程开始了that led to all the extraordinary diversity of life on Earth.这形成了地球上生命的多样性Life seems to be simply只要有适宜的环境what matter does given the right conditions and enough time.和充足的时间,物质似乎就能构成生命I think that life is probably quite common throughout the universe,我认为生命遍及整个宇宙but thats another tale all together.不过那是另外一个故事了As life developed, it changed the planet on which it was born,生命在演替的同时,也改变着育它的星球altering the very fabric of the Earth.改变着地球特有的构造After four and a half billion years, the human race arrived on the scene.45亿年后,人类登场了But one thing often troubles people when they hear this story.但人们听这故事时,常常被一个问题困扰How could such an astounding chain of events一系列导致我们出现的事件which resulted in us be an accident?怎会仅出于偶然Perhaps science has revealed there is some higher authority at work,或许科学已经揭示还有更高等的权威在运作setting the laws of nature so that our universe and we can exist.制定自然法则,使宇宙和我们得以存在On the face of it,乍看起来 life does seem to be too unlikely to be just a coincidence.生命的出现不太可能是巧合Think about it.仔细想想The Earth lies at exactly the right distance地球恰好与太阳距离适当from the sun to allow liquid water to exist on its surface.使地表能够存在液态水And the sun just happens to be the right size而太阳也恰好大小适中to burn for billions of years long enough for life to have evolved.足以燃烧数十亿年,足够生命得以进化The solar system is littered with all the elements needed for life.太阳系中充满生命所需的所有元素These elements themselves are only possible只有古老恒星消亡because of older stars that have burned out.这些元素才能产生These older stars only existed而只因为早期原始气团的微不均匀because of a tiny unevenness in the early primordial gas,这些古老恒星才能存在that was itself produced by a one in a billion imbalance它自身源于大爆炸产生的粒子海洋中in the sea of particles that came from the Big Bang.十亿分之一的不平衡201509/400880济南省中医医院妇科医生 济南省妇保医院病房

平阴县中心医院剖腹产怎么样肥城市儿童医院有什么科 商河县妇幼保健站妇产科怎样

济南妇儿女子是不是有主任栏目简介:《英语视频之Top10》是英语视频听力下的子栏目,栏目包含中英字幕,而且能够了解世界上10大新奇或者有意思的事物,比如奇葩犯罪记录、科学骗局、邪恶老师等,通过简单有趣的讲述,能够提高学习英语的兴趣,积累一些英语知识,是比较生动的英语学习材料。201603/416308 Bringing vivid experiences to every aspect of life韩国虚拟现实技术为现实生活增添乐趣A research breakthrough in virtual reality technology has taken place in South Korea.韩国在虚拟现实技术研究课题中取得突破性进展。You can now mix fact with fiction, and even travel through time, all in a virtual world.现在您能够在虚拟的世界中将各个现实同小说的情境混合,甚至穿越时空。The improved technology processes images and actions using sensors.这种经过改进的技术是通过传感器对图像和动作进行操控。People can touch and move virtual objects without wearing any special device on their hands.人们无需在手上佩戴任何特殊设备就可以触摸及移动虚拟物品。Museums use this technology to bring visitors back in history, where they can fight wars alongside famous generals.凭借这种技术物馆可以将游客带回历史,在那里他们能和赫赫有名的将军过招。People can also use it to sing with stars, and have their photos taken.人们还可以通过它来和明星唱歌拍照。Applications for education, on-line shopping and tourism are in the works.现在教育、网上购物及旅游的相关应用正在研究中。 译文属201509/400131济南妇儿医院预约四维彩超滨州人民医院中药科



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