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My boys are only 7 and 9, but the eye-rolling has begun. Last night I got it in spades. I started talking about what each color fruit and vegetable does for our bodies and why it is important to eat a rainbow of foods. Apparently, they have heard this too many times, because the minute I started talking they started rolling their eyes.我的两个儿子,一个7岁,一个9岁,但是我昨天晚上发现他们已经学会转眼珠了。我跟他们讲各种颜色的水果和蔬菜给身体带来的好处以及为什么我们要吃五颜六色的食物。很明显,他们已经听过太多次了,因为我刚一开始讲他们就开始转眼珠,表示很明白了。Because they are such experts, I asked whether they could please teach their toddler sister why each color food is good for her. I figured the timing was perfect, as she is learning her colors and body parts. They rolled their eyes at me again, asserting that a 1-year-old will not understand. But because they love to teach her anything, they went along with it. She relished all of the attention.因为他们几乎是专家级人物了,所以我问他们可不可以告诉他们刚学走路的为什么每种颜色的食物对她有好处。我觉得我小女儿这个年纪是了解这些知识的最佳时间,因为她正在学习各种颜色以及身体的部位。两个儿子又朝我转了转眼珠,坚定地认为一个1岁的小孩儿无法理解这么深奥的东西。但是因为他们喜欢教她一切事情,于是就陪她一起学。我的小女儿很喜欢两个哥哥的关心和照料。Here is what my boys told my daughter:以下就是我的儿子们告诉我的小女儿的事情。— Orange and yellow vegetables and fruits are good for your eyes, so if you want to see a baseball pitch coming your way or be able to at night, you should eat a lot of pineapple, yellow peppers and yellow summer squash.——橙色和黄色:橙色和黄色的蔬菜水果对于眼睛很有好处,所以如果你想要看清朝你飞来的棒球或者能够在晚上看书,你就应该多吃菠萝、黄辣椒以及黄色的西葫芦。— Blue and purple fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, blackberries, plums, eggplant and purple carrots have been shown to improve memory. If you want to remember all the things that Mom forgets, you should keep eating blue and purple foods.——蓝色和紫色:如同蓝莓、黑莓、李子、茄子和紫胡萝卜等蓝色和紫色的蔬果对于提升有很好的功效。如果你想要记住老妈忘记的所有事情,那你也应该坚持吃蓝色和紫色的食物。— Red foods, and unfortunately not the synthetic dyed ones, support your heart (by decreasing heart disease risk, preventing hardening of blood vessels and reducing inflammation). So eat lots of raspberries, strawberries, tomatoes and watermelon to help your heart pump.——红色:红色的食物(不包括那些人工染红的食物),能够使心脏运转正常,如降低得心脏病的奉献,预防动脉硬化以及减少心脏的炎症。所以多吃树莓、草莓、西红柿和西瓜等食物可以让你的心脏更健康。— Green vegetables are Mom#39;s favorites. They have been shown to help prevent cancer and other diseases, keep our blood healthy, and support the immune system that keeps us from getting sick. By keeping our blood healthy, green veggies give us energy, so eat lots of them if you want to keep up with your big brothers!——绿色:绿色蔬菜是老妈的最爱。据实,绿色蔬菜有助于预防癌症和其他疾病,保持血液健康以及保障免疫系统功能正常。通过使我们的血液保持健康,绿色蔬菜给我们带来能量。如果你想要赶上你的哥哥们,那就多吃绿色蔬菜吧!There are obviously more scientifically accurate reasons to eat your colors, but I thought my boys did a pretty good job. Life is colorful right now. The farmer#39;s markets are overflowing with yellow, orange, red, green and blue foods, so it couldn#39;t be simpler to eat the rainbow. And as I pointed out to my boys, it turns out it is not premature to teach a 1-year-old about nutrition. They just rolled their eyes.当然肯定有更多科学准确的理由来解释为什么要食用不同颜色的食物,但是我觉得我的两个儿子做得非常好。从现在起,生活中变得多。菜市场里随处可见黄色、橙色、红色、绿色以及蓝色的食物,所以吃得五缤纷十分容易。正如我跟儿子说的,事实明1岁就教孩子营养学的知识并不早。当然,我的两个儿子只是转了转眼珠。 /201207/192735

There#39;s nothing quite like a good prank. Whether you#39;re simply channeling the summer camp classic of sticking a sleeping bunkmate#39;s hand into a cup of warm water or plotting an elaborate Ocean#39;s Eleven heist-like scenario to pull one over on a buddy, when it all comes together in hilarious humiliation, you can#39;t help but crack a proud grin.炮制一出高妙的恶作剧给人的满足感实在无与伦比。不管你仅是套用夏令营经典恶作剧招数,将熟睡室友的手放进一杯温水里,还是对好友上演《十一罗汉》里那精妙设计的拦路抢劫剧情,只要让他人丑态毕露,引发爆笑,你总会禁不住自豪地奸笑起来。   And there#39;s no better time than now to talk to a couple experts on everything you need to know to appropriately bask in the tomfoolery this year.而此时正是向专家们请教今年该怎样尽情“愚人娱己”的最佳时机。  So, why do we pull pranks anyway? According to Tim Nyberg, author of The Practical Joker#39;s Handbook and The Practical Joker#39;s Handbook: The Sequel, such wanton acts of entertaining deviousness break the monotony of the everyday. ;Pranks are the part of the seasoning that makes life interesting,; he said. ;A sure cure for boredom is planning and executing a creative practical joke.;话又说回来,我们为何要开玩笑呢?根据《恶作剧者实用手册》和《恶作剧者实用手册(续)》的作者蒂姆·纽伯格的说法,这些淘气的娱人诡计打破了日常生活的单调。“恶作剧是为我们生活添加趣味的调味料,”他说,“要打破沉闷,一个绝对有效的做法就是策划并实施一个富有创意的恶作剧。”  Nyberg cited a number of motives from ;just for the hell of it; to the joy of preying on a friend#39;s gullibility. Or, for revenge, of course. Ah ye the payback prank. While the phrase ;an eye for an eye, makes the world blind; is often attributed to Gandhi, we#39;re pretty sure that even Mahatma would return the favor of a whoopee cushion slipped onto his seat by sprinkling itching powder into the perpetrator#39;s jockstrap.纽伯格列举了形形色色的恶作剧动机,从“就为了好玩”,到享受轻易骗到朋友的乐趣。当然还有,为了报复。啊,对了,还有报复恶作剧。我们都知道“以眼还眼(即以牙还牙),世界只会更盲目”的名言出自甘地,但我们还是能肯定,如果这位圣雄也遭遇过坐上放屁垫子这样的恶作剧,他也会回敬这位始作俑者的——在其运动内裤里撒上痒粉。  ;Is there any motive other than revenge?; said comedian and CollegeHumor.com writer Streeter Seidell, whose years-long war of escalating pranks with fellow CollegeHumor employee Amir Blumenfield have become an Internet sensation. ;Even the initial prank in a war is likely spurred by some offense you feel needs to be rectified,; he added.“除了报复,恶作剧还有别的理由吗?”喜剧演员、“大学幽默”网站的作家史崔特·赛德尔说道。他与“大学幽默”网站的同事阿默·布鲁曼菲尔德之间那长达数年、不断升级的恶作剧大战在网络上引起热议。他还说道:“引发恶作剧轮番大战的第一个捉弄把戏很可能不过是别人一次不经意的冒犯,但却激起了你的‘报复’心理。”  But maybe you don#39;t have any grievances that need to be addressed. Maybe you just want to have some devilish fun at another#39;s expense. In that case, Nyberg advised setting your sights on your friend preferably one with a good sense of humor. ;It#39;s always best when both parties (eventually) find humor in the prank,; he explained.不过你也可能没有什么冤屈特别需要平反的。你可能只想从别人身上获得这种邪恶的快意。如果是这样,纽伯格建议大家把对象限定在朋友圈里,最好是富有幽默感的人。“如果双方(最终)都能从恶作剧里找到幽默的乐趣,那就再好不过了。”他解释道。  Speaking from the perspective of someone who has been on both ends of the joke, Seidell echoed Nyberg#39;s suggestion. ;I can always forgive Amir for whatever caliber of prank he pulls because he#39;s my friend and we work together every day,; he said. ;But if some random person decided to pull something on me just for fun, I can#39;t say I#39;d be as forgiving.;站在恶作剧施受双方的角度,赛德尔也赞同纽伯格的建议。“无论阿默开什么玩笑我都能原谅他,因为他是我的朋友,我们每天在一起工作,”他说,“但如果是一个随便的什么人想来愚弄我,拿我寻开心,我可不敢说我会如此宽容。” /201203/176127在床上翻来覆去、辗转反侧,就是睡不着,这种失眠滋味相信不少人都尝过。影响睡眠质量的因素有很多,如压力过大,不规律的作息时间以及心理情绪起伏。我们来看看十二星座的失眠原因都有什么不同吧!  Aries considers sleep too easy and makes a dare with themselves to stay up all night.  白羊座:把睡觉看做是件再容易不过的事,想尝尝通宵不睡的滋味。  Taurus forgot to pick up their silk sheets at the dry cleaner.  金牛座:忘了把丝制床单拿去干洗店清洗。  Gemini's twin just isn't tired.  双子座:失眠的唯一原因就是根本不累。  Cancer worries how everyone else is sleeping.  巨蟹座:琢磨为啥其它人都睡着了。  Leo is afraid to move around at all, fearful of what bedhead can do to their lovely mane.  狮子座:害怕有人在你床边来回晃悠,也担心床头可能伤到你可爱的“鬃毛”。  Virgo keeps getting up to re-tuck the sheets and fluff the pillows.  处女座:不停地起身整理床单和枕头是失眠的最大原因。  Libra can't quite decide what to wear tomorrow.  天秤座:哎,你还没想好明天该穿什么呢,怎么能睡得着呢?  Scorpio is doing something else entirely.  天蝎座:你要能失眠,估计该另当别论了。  Sagittarius can't stop thinking of all the better things they could be doing other than sleeping.  射手座:满脑子里尽想着如果不睡觉可以做哪些好玩的事。  Capricorn aly took a strategically planned power nap.  羯座:善于计划的你,通常在白天就不时小憩一下,这样一来,晚上当然睡不香了。  Aquarius suffers from a chat room addiction that keeps them up until all hours.  水瓶座:通宵聊天,半夜三更才肯爬上床,不失眠才怪呢。  Pisces has fitful dreams of past lives.  双鱼座:可怜的鱼儿做梦的时间太长了,影响了睡眠质量。 /201108/151161渴望保持良好身材的你是否总为吃得过多而发愁?种种美味的食物是否总是带给你许多困扰?本文给大家介绍几种实用而古怪的节食小技巧。 Step 1: Wear tight clothesWear tight clothes when you eat — especially if you’re in the habit of changing into something roomy when you come home from work. The snugness is a tactile reminder not to overindulge.方法 1: 穿紧身的衣在吃饭的时候穿上紧身的衣,特别是在你是一个酷爱一下班就换上宽松舒适衣的人。紧身的衣是一个感官的信号,提示你不能过分沉溺。Step 2: Pay cashPay cash for food, whether you’re at the grocery store or in a restaurant. People who use cash think more carefully about what they’re purchasing, and that extends to the food choices they make.方法2: 付现金用现金来购买食物,无论你是在杂货店还是在小餐馆里。付现金会使人们在购买时考周全,进而在选择食物时也更加慎重。Step 3: Highlight fruit and veggiesPut colorful fruits and vegetables in pretty bowls and stands in well-lit areas; you’ll eat more of them if they’re beautifully and conspicuously displayed.Conversely, place junk food in front of a mirror, and you’ll be less likely to eat it.方法3:把水果和蔬菜放在明显的地方把五颜六色的水果和蔬菜装在一个漂亮的碗里,然后放在光线明亮的地方;相信你如果它们被这样精心地装扮过后,你会愿意多吃一点。相反,把那些垃圾食物放在镜子面前,这样你可以少吃一点啦!Step 4: Use the rule of twoUse the “rule of 2” at a buffet: go as many times as you want, but limit yourself to no more than 2 types of food per trip. Studies have shown that variety makes us eat more.方法4:使用“2法则”在自助台前使用”2法则“:即不妨能走几趟就多走几趟,而且每次最多拿两种食物。研究说明食物种类越多,我们吃得也越多。Step 5: Eat in peaceEat some meals alone, in silence. People eat more in groups, and they eat more when the TV is on. Dining solo, with no distractions, forces you to focus on the food, which helps you recognize when you’ve had enough.People who were given a tall, thin glass poured themselves 74 percent less of a beverage than those sipping out of a short, squat glass.方法5:一个人吃饭偶尔一个人吃饭,安安静静地、专心地吃饭。一群人一起吃饭总是容易吃得很多,而在电视机前也是如此。一个人吃饭,没有干扰地,将会迫使你专注于食物。这样能帮助你意识到自己什么时候吃饱了。 /201104/130303

古英语时期(又称盎格鲁-撒克逊时期 the Anglo-Saxon Period)日耳曼部落在不列颠定居以后,各自占领一些地区。盎格鲁人占领了泰晤士河以北的英格兰大部分地区和苏格兰的低地,朱特人占领了肯特郡一带地区,撒克逊人占领了泰晤士河以南的大部分地区。各个部落建立了一些小王国,出现了英语史上的七国时代(the Anglo-Saxon Heptarchy)。直到公元830年,阿尔弗烈德大王(Alfred the Great)才统一了整个英格兰地区。由于全国长期没有统一,所以古英语时期存在着多种方言,主要的方言有四种:西撒克逊语(West Saxon)、肯特语(Kentish)、莫西亚语(Mercian)和北恩布瑞安语(Northumbrian)。这四种方言都曾一度占主导地位。西撒克逊语保存下来的手稿最多,其它方言在形成英语的过程中也起到了重要的作用。古英语的词汇有着浓厚的日耳曼语族的特点。这主要表现为复合法是重要的构词方法,复合词在古英语词汇中占有显著的地位。据统计,在史诗《贝奥武夫》(Beowulf)3183行的诗句中,竟有1069个复合词。有些复合词中不重读的部分,渐渐失去独立地位,而演变为词缀,如 for-,in-,-ful等派生法在古英语中也广泛使用,共有24个名词后缀、15个形容词后缀,-dom,-hood,-ship,-ness,- the,-ful,-ish 等词缀都可溯源到古英语时期。古英语时期诗歌有一种特殊的修辞手法,即头韵(alliteration),由此产生的许多短语一直保留至今,如 might and main(全力地),friend and foe(敌友),a labour of love(出自喜爱而做的事)。古英语时期有两个重要历史事件,给英语词汇带来较大影响。第一件事是基督教传入英语。公元597年,一个名叫奥古斯丁(Augustine)的牧师从罗马来到英国传教。罗马文化随着基督教传入了英国。与此同时,一批拉丁词进入英语。第二件事是北欧人入侵英国。从公元790年开始,大批斯堪的纳维人在英国定居,丹麦国王卡纽特(Knut)还一度成为英国的君主。斯堪的纳维亚人和英国人交往频繁,所以有许多斯堪的纳维亚各国词语进入英语。/200903/642141. If you think he is a good man, think again.  如果你认为他是好人,那你就大错特错了。 /201103/129509

Infertility rate rises in young generation80后成不不育主力军 Recent surveys show infertility rate is on the rise in Chinese between the ages 25 and 30, Xkb.com.cn reported. 据新快网报道,最新调查显示,我国25岁至30岁人群中,不不育者的数量正在上升。 Repeated abortions, excessive sex and unhealthy bodyweight have all lead to this rise, Dr. Zhang Meimei, a chief gynecologist in Guangzhou Women's Hospital, said. 广州女子医院张梅梅主任表示,反复流产、性生活过于频繁和不健康的体重都导致了这一趋势。 Zhang said that repeated abortions will severely damage the women's physical functions, resulting in infertility. 张梅梅医生说,反复流产会严重损害女性生理机能,导致不。 Zhang also said young couples who plan to have children tend to be indulgent in sex, wishing to increase the odds. "That's also bad for health and will reduce the ability to have children," Zhang said. 她还说很多夫妻为了能早日生育,不控制性生活频率,“那对健康不利,而且也会降低生育能力”。 Moreover, unhealthy bodyweight -- too heavy and too thin—may also be a major cause, Zhang said, adding that first-time pregnancy is the most important, and young couples should cherish it. 此外,体重过胖或过瘦也是不不育的主要原因。张医生还提醒,第一次怀非常重要,夫妇都要特别珍惜。 /201110/1588591.The Importance of Finding Out what Motivates Youlet’s find out what the importance of motivation exactly is. Simply put, motivation is that driving force which allows you to achieve your goals and go after what you want in life. If you want to change your personality for the better, get a promotion at work, start a new habit, be a better person who is part of the community, become a better parent for your kid – all of these things would be easier accomplished if you are properly motivated.找出自己的梦想你的动力源是什么?动力是你生活的推力,是通往成功的阶梯,无论你的理想是什么:完善自己的性格,升职,培养一个新的兴趣,你必须找到自己的动力所在。 /201001/95121

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