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When Ayumi Saito was 22 she broke up with her boyfriend. 来自东京的亚由美西户22岁时和男朋友分手了。But the Tokyo resident found an easy way to fill the void left by her ex lover#39;s departure. 但她发现了一个简单方法,能填补前任离开后的空虚感。She downloaded a romance gaming app onto her phone, and became one of the millions of women in Japan to swap real life intimacy for a fantasy. 她下载了一款恋爱手游,成为数百万日本女性玩家中的一员,用幻想替代现实亲密关系。;I felt lonely,; says Ito, now 31. ;Japanese men are shy and not good at flattering women. But girls want to hear #39;I love you#39;.; 今年31岁的亚由美西户说:“我感到孤独,日本男人很腼腆,也不会对女生说甜言蜜语。但女生想听到‘我爱你’。”The virtual boyfriends she found in games like ;Metro PD: Close To You; -- which sees a female detective discover a life-changing romance while fighting crime -- did all the things her former partner hadn#39;t. 在恋爱游戏《Metro PD: Close To You》中,一位女侦探在探案时收获了一段改变人生的恋情。亚由美西户在这个游戏中找到了自己的虚拟男友,他能做所有她前任不会做的事。;When I was tired at the end of the day, before going to sleep, I was so relieved to hear his sweet and gentle words,; she tells CNN.她对CNN表示,“辛苦了一整天后,在睡前听到他温柔的甜言蜜语,我感觉疲劳一扫而空。”Saito is by no means unusual. 像西户这样的女性不在少数。In 2014, the romance gaming industry in Japan was worth 0 million. 2014年,日本恋爱游戏产业的市值为1.3亿美元。In a society where 44.2% of women - almost half of Japan#39;s millennial singles aged between 18 and 34 - are virgins, this industry has seemingly tapped into a deep desire for simulated intimacy in Japan. 在日本,18至34岁的千禧一代单身人士中有44.2%的女性是处女,这几乎占了半数。恋爱游戏行业似乎正是利用了这一人群对虚拟亲密关系的强烈需求。The birth of romance gaming 浪漫游戏的诞生Dating simulation apps first appeared in Japan in the 1980s. Known as ;bishoujo; they would generally focus on a male protagonist pursuing pretty anime-style female characters. 20世纪80年代,虚拟约会游戏首次在日本出现。这种“美少女游戏”的内容一般都围绕着一个男主人公对动漫美女角色的追求。In 1994, a team of female coders at Japanese gaming company Koei broke with tradition, launching the first romance game for women, ;Angelique;. Based on the quest of a blonde teenage girl, who is a candidate to be the next ;Queen of the Universe;, to choose her perfect suitor, it was wildly successful. 1994年,日本光荣公司的一群女程序员打破常规,推出了首款针对女性的恋爱游戏《安琪莉可女王之路》。这款游戏是为一名金发碧眼的少女寻找完美恋人,她是下一任“宇宙女王”的候选人。游戏大获成功。Japanese businesswoman Nanako Higashi and her husband, Yuzi Tsutani, saw a niche in this lucrative sector. So, in the mid-2000s the duo pivoted their punk gaming business, Voltage, to cater to the female audience, debuting their first dating app for women ;My Lover is The No.1 Host; in 2006. 日本女商人菜菜子和她的老公津谷从这个有利可图的行业看到了商机。因此,这对夫妇在2005年前后成立了Voltage公司,以迎合女性受众的另类游戏为其核心业务,并于2006年发布了其首款虚拟约会应用《我的爱人是第一男公关》。Today, Voltage is a world leader in female romance simulation apps, catering to female ;otaku; -- intense fans of popular culture, such as anime and manga -- and other curious women. 如今,Voltage成了女性向恋爱游戏的全球领先企业,为女性御宅族(动漫等流行文化的发烧友)和其他对此感兴趣的女性务。;It doesn#39;t matter what your type of male would be, you#39;ll find a man that you#39;ll really like (in these games),; says Kukhee Choo, assistant professor of comparative culture at Sophia University, in Tokyo. 东京索菲亚大学的比较文化学助理教授Kukhee Choo称,“不论你是何种口味,都可以在这些游戏中找到自己喜欢的类型。”;What#39;s unique about the female romance genre is that there are so many men in each game,; says Choo, noting that few female characters aside from the protagonist are introduced. “女性向恋爱游戏的独特之处就在于每款游戏中都有很多的男性角色,”他说,除了女主角,游戏中很少会加入其他女性角色。;The strong and selfish men are the most popular,; says Higashi. ;The most popular characters are strong on the outside and only sometimes sweet for you.; 菜菜子发现,“强势自私的男人是最受欢迎的,他们外表强悍,只会偶尔对你温柔。” /201612/481147This piece addresses the challenge: Donald Trump was not an accident but the logical culmination of long-term trends in politics and society. 本篇回答的问题是:唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)的崛起并非偶然,而是政治、社会长期趋势的必然结果。Discuss.请就这一说法进行论述。Donald Trump’s defeat in the 2016 presidential election at first seemed a definitive rejection not only of Mr Trump but of the very notion of Trumpism. (本文有关2016美国大选结果的描述,为作者的虚构情境,编者注)唐纳德.特朗普在2016年总统选举中落败,最初看起来不仅是对特朗普的明确否决,而且还是对特朗普主义这个概念的明确否决。He lost the black vote by 94 points, the Hispanic vote by 66 points and the female vote by 16 points — 他以94个百分点的差距输掉黑人选票,66个百分点的差距输掉西裔美国人选票,16个百分点的差距输掉女性选票。and the demographic and cultural trends pointed to an ever larger non-white population and an increasingly empowered female population.美国的人口和文化呈现出这样的趋势:非白人人口越来越多,女性人口的力量越来越强大。No matter how angry white male voters became, simple maths implied that they had blown their last chance to take their country back.无论白人男性选民多么愤怒,简单的加减法表明,他们失去了夺回自己国家的最后机会。The future, according to one disappointed Trump supporter, belongs to some Hispanic lesbian with a plan for more inclusive bathrooms and a visceral hatred of red meat.一名失望的特朗普持者表示:未来属于某个西裔女同,她计划推广中性厕所、并发自内心地憎恶红肉。The Republican party’s famous report on its 2016 election loss, Autopsy 2: The History of a Dead Horse, appeared to acknowledge this harsh reality. 共和党发表的关于其2016年败选的著名报告《剖析2:一匹死马的历史》(Autopsy 2: The History of a Dead Horse)似乎承认了这一严峻的现实。Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, noted that the party had not sold its soul to Mr Trump. 美国共和党全国委员会(Republican National Committee)主席雷恩斯.普里巴斯(Reince Priebus)指出,共和党没有将灵魂出卖给特朗普。It was merely rented, Mr Priebus insisted, and it was returned with hardly any visible damage at all. 普里巴斯坚称:只是出借了一下,而且几乎没有造成任何明显的损害。Reform was in the air.改革呼之欲出。In a vicious counter-revolution, the Republican elite purged the Trumpian elements from its ranks. 在一场恶性的反革命行动中,共和党精英将特朗普主义元素从体系里清除了出去。Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani all abandoned politics and took jobs as commentators with Trump’s TV Huge#8482;, his cable news network (all were fired within six months). 克里斯.克里斯蒂(Chris Christie)、纽特.金里奇(Newt Gingrich)和鲁迪.朱利亚尼(Rudy Giuliani)全都退出政界,在特朗普的有线新闻台TV Huge#8482;担任员(而且全都在6个月里被炒了鱿鱼)。The party also cartelised its donors, cutting off the insurgent candidates from life-giving soft money. 共和党也垄断了捐赠者,切断了叛逆候选人赖以维持竞选的软钱。They seized control of the primary system, appointing hundreds of super-delegates, closing the state primaries and establishing a system for equal television time for candidates not aly blessed with celebrity.他们控制了初选体系,任命了数百名超级代表,搞定了各州的初选并创建了让尚不知名的候选人也能获得同等上电视时间的制度。The reform process worked. 这种改革进程取得了成效,At least, it worked for a while and to a degree. 至少在一段时间内、在某种程度上取得了成效。The Republican primary voters seemed dispirited but chastened. 共和党初选选民似乎积极性受挫,但也学乖了。In the next four primary elections, the party nominated a Bush and three Romney boys, whom no one could tell apart. 在接下来4场大选的初选中,共和党分别提名了一个来自布什家族的候选人和三个罗姆尼家的小伙子(这三个没人能分得清)。They were firmly from the Republican establishment. 他们绝对属于共和党建制派,They all made an earnest effort to attract minority and female voters.而且全都竭尽全力吸引少数族裔和女性选民。But they did not get elected. 但他们没有当选。Minority voters were unimpressed with what became known as the Wonder B candidates. 少数族裔选民对这些后来被形容为奇妙面包(Wonder B)的候选人不感冒。The Trumpian Republican base lacked enthusiasm for their platform of tax cuts and strong defence, while swing voters were more inspired by exotic Democratic candidates. 曾经坚定持特朗普的那些共和党选民对他们提出的减税和巩固国防纲领缺乏热情,而摇摆选民对那些充满新鲜元素的民主党候选人更有共鸣。The Republicans lost in rapid succession to the first female president, the first Hispanic president and the first gay president. 共和党迷失在美国首位女性总统、首位西裔总统以及首位同性恋总统的快速更替中。Julian Castro’s vice-president was a transgender Iraqi war veteran, referred to in official functions by the gender neutral pronoun ne.朱利安.卡斯特罗(Julian Castro)的副总统是一个曾参加伊拉克战争的跨性别者,在官方场合中用中性代词ne来指代。The Republican base grew more restless and angry as the inaugural parade evolved into a multicultural showcase for alternative lifestyles. 随着总统就职典礼游行演变为另类生活方式的多文化展览场,共和党的基础选民越来越焦躁和愤怒。The court-ordered legalisation of polygamy in 2030 was the rightwing’s final, bitter defeat in the culture wars. 法庭在2030年裁定一夫多妻合法,标志着这场文化战争以右翼的惨败告终。The electorate was clearly waiting for a leader who could both respond to their cultural fears but also charm the mass of apathetic voters brainwashed by political correctness.所有选民显然都在等待这样一个领导人,即既能回应他们在文化方面的担忧,又能争取大量被政治正确性洗脑的麻木的选民。In 2036, that candidate emerged from the most obvious of places: the Trump family. 在2036年,这样一个候选人在最显而易见的地方出现了:特朗普家族。Building on the example of French president Marine Le Pen, Ivanka Trump set out to present the old Trumpism with a human face. 效仿法国总统马琳.勒庞(Marine Le Pen)的榜样,伊万卡.特朗普(Ivanka Trump)开始以人性化的面孔重新呈现老的特朗普主义。Her political programme was explicitly Trumpian in that it focused on ending immigration and restoring American greatness. 她的政治计划带有明显的特朗普色——着重于结束移民并恢复美国的伟大。In carefully chosen words, she signalled to her father’s core demographic that she was his political heir.她以谨慎的措辞向父亲的核心持者暗示,她是父亲的政治继承人。But she avoided the bluster that had obscured her father’s message. 但她从无狂言妄语,当年她父亲就是发表了太多狂言妄语,导致人们听不清他真正想要传达的意思。When her 90-year old father awkwardly tried to campaign for her, her staff sp the rumour that he was impotent. 当她90岁的老父亲颤悠悠试图为她助选时,她的工作人员散布消息说他阳痿。When he was found dead of a Viagra overdose, sympathy for Ivanka’s family travails only increased. 当他被发现死于过量用伟哥时,人们对伊万卡家中的不幸遭遇更是平添同情。Even the Republican establishment was charmed by her combination of flawless grace and steely nativism.甚至连共和党建制派也折于她完美无瑕的风度和强硬的本土主义。She was much better prepared for the general election than her father had been in 2016. 比起父亲在2016年参加大选时,伊万卡对参选要有准备得多。She was calm where he had been angry; inclusive where he had been racist; attractive where he had been ugly. 她在当年让父亲怒气冲冲的问题上心平气和,在父亲曾发表种族主义言论的问题上立场包容,在他失态的地方展示魅力。Her kinder, gentler Trumpism reinvigorated Trump Snr’s dispirited white working-class base. 伊万卡更友好、更温和的特朗普主义,让垂头丧气的老特朗普的白人劳动阶层持者恢复了活力。Her patriotic appeal to restore American greatness and finally end the wars in Iraq and post-Saudi Arabia won over independents tired of the Democrats’ missionary zeal. 她让美国再次变得伟大并最终结束伊拉克和后沙特战争的爱国主义呼吁,赢得了中间派选民的持,后者厌倦了民主党满腔热忱的使命感。And her friendly manner reassured many of those minorities that her father had so frightened.她的友好态度安抚了许多曾被她父亲吓坏的少数族裔。She was also blessed in her opponent. 还有一件幸运的事情是,她的对手不是很强。Chelsea Clinton had enjoyed an impressive career in philanthropy and politics but she was still dogged by numerous nagging scandals, including the decades-old accusation that, in 1993, she had murdered Vince Foster, the deputy White House counsel, in a fit of pubescent pique.切尔西.克林顿(Chelsea Clinton)在慈善机构和政界取得了令人瞩目的成绩,但她仍受到诸多恼人丑闻的困扰,包括一个持续流传了几十年的说法,指控在1993年,正值青春期的她一时火起谋杀了白宫副法律顾问文斯.福斯特(Vince Foster)。Ivanka Trump’s electoral triumph was narrow but solid and she quickly consolidated control. 伊万卡.特朗普以微弱但坚实的优势赢得了选举,她很快掌控了局面。After five terms in office, three suspensions of the constitution and 15 million deportations, it was safe to say that President Trump’s iron rule had ushered in a new age in American politics.特朗普总统在任5个任期、3次暂停宪法并将1500万人驱逐出境,我们完全有理由说,她的铁腕统治为美国政治的一个新时代拉开了帷幕。A decade after Ivanka Trump’s bloody ousting by the Mormon-Trotskyist Romney Underground, it is clear that the political trends behind Trumpism did not culminate in 2016 — they had much further to go. 在伊万卡.特朗普被信奉门教-托洛茨基主义的罗姆尼地下组织(Romney Underground)血腥推翻十年后,可以清楚地看到,撑起特朗普主义的那些政治趋势并未在2016年达到顶峰——它们还会持续长得多的时间。After Donald Trump’s candidacy, they lay dormant, or maybe festered, awaiting the right messenger.在唐纳德.特朗普败选后,它们蛰伏起来,或许腐败溃烂,等待下一个合适的信使到来。Ivanka Trump’s ascension proved what has since become a truism in American politics: if you want to be a fascist president of the ed States, it helps to be friendly and attractive#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;and Jewish.伊万卡.特朗普的崛起明了一件事,这件事后来成为了美国政坛的常识:如果你想成为美国的法西斯总统,友善和富有魅力……以及有犹太身份有所帮助。 /201611/476278Congress should exercise greater scrutiny over trade and investment practices between the ed States and China in order to prevent China from taking advantage of the economic relationship, a congressional commission said in a report released on Wednesday.美国国会的一个委员会周三发布一份报告说,国会应该对美中之间的贸易和投资进行更严格的审查,以防止中国在两国经济关系上占便宜。In its long list of recommendations, the commission advised Congress to authorize a government panel that reviews foreign takeover deals to bar Chinese state-owned companies from acquiring or gaining effective control of American companies. 该委员会提出了许多建议,包括建议国会成立一个政府小组,专门审查外国的收购交易,以阻止中国国有企业收购美国公司,或获得美国公司的有效控制权。It also said Congress should ask a government watchdog agency to write a report on whether large-scale outsourcing of manufacturing to China is leading to the hollowing out of the defense industrial base.该委员会还说,国会应该要求一家政府监督机构,就制造业大规模外包到中国是否导致国防工业基地被掏空的问题起草一份报告。The commission also suggested ways in which Congress could better bring antidumping cases against China.该委员会还向国会建议了能更好地对中国提出反倾销诉讼的办法。Each year, the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission releases a report to Congress with recommendations based on months of research. 美中经济和安全审查委员会每年向国会提交一份报告,在几个月研究的基础上向国会提建议。The commission aims to make suggestions after examining trade, investment and national security issues between the two nations. 该委员会的目的是在审查了两国之间的贸易、投资和国家安全问题后,提出有关建议。Its recommendations are not binding.其建议没有法律约束力。The report this year took a critical look at the free-trade relationship between the ed States and China — for example, implying that the countries are not competing on a level playing field. 今年的报告对美中之间的自由贸易关系进行了批判性地审查,比如,报告暗示两国展开竞争的环境不公平。It follows a populist airing of grievances over the downsides of free trade and a globalized economy in Western nations this year. 报告的内容,与西方国家今年对自由贸易和经济全球化的负面影响所表达出的民粹主义不满情绪相吻合。That helped lead to the election last week of Donald J. Trump as the next ed States president and to the vote by Britons in June to leave the European Union.这种不满在上周的大选中帮助唐纳德#8226;J#8226;特朗普当选了下任美国总统,也在今年6月让英国人投票脱离欧盟。China, in its recent public statements, has emphasized the tight economic ties between the two major trading partners and said the countries would benefit more from working together.中国在最近的公开声明中强调了中美这两个主要贸易伙伴之间的密切经济关系,并表示,两国将更多地从合作中受益。During his campaign, Mr Trump said he would bring manufacturing jobs back to Middle America and consider imposing a 45 percent tariff on Chinese exports, as well as labeling China a currency manipulator. 特朗普在竞选活动期间曾表示,他将让美国的中产阶层重新得到制造业的就业机会,并考虑对中国出口的产品征收45%的关税,他还要给中国贴上货币操纵者的标签。Some economists have said a trade war with China would harm the ed States economy and lead to a recession.一些经济学家说,与中国打贸易战将给美国经济带来损害,有可能导致经济衰退。In September, after prodding from some lawmakers, the Government Accountability Office, a watchdog agency, said that it would examine whether reviews of foreign purchases should include a stricter look at more types of foreign investments and be broadened to define more industries as important to the nation’s economy.今年9月,在一些立法者的督促下,监督机构美国政府问责局(Government Accountability Office)表示将展开调查,以决定对外国收购的审查是否应该更严格,包括对更多类型的外国投资进行更严格的审查,以及是否应该把更多的行业都作为美国经济重要的一部分。The review process is done by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the ed States, or Cfius, which approves most of the foreign purchases that it examines. 对收购的审查由美国外国投资委员会(简称CFIUS)进行,CFIUS对经其审查的大部分外国交易予以批准。The report released Wednesday said it is that panel that Congress should authorize to reject purchases by Chinese state-owned enterprises. 周三发布的报告说,国会应授权CFIUS拒绝中国国有企业的收购。Such companies are the main drivers of China’s economy.这些企业是中国经济的主要动力。The new report said Congress should also create an office in the International Trade Administration to identify and bring antidumping and countervailing duty cases. 新报告说,国会还应在国际贸易(International Trade Administration)下设立一个办公室,以发现反倾销和反补贴税的案子,并进行起诉。Countervailing duties are imposed on goods to offset the fact that the goods may have been made with the help of subsidies.反补贴税指对可能是在补贴的帮助下制造的产品征收关税,以抵消其得到的补贴。Besides trade and investment, the report covers topics like security relations, China’s global footprint and the ed States’ rebalancing to Asia.该报告除了贸易与投资的内容外,还涵盖其他主题,比如安全关系、中国的全球活动,以及美国向亚洲的重新平衡。In one section, the authors criticize what they see as meager American government efforts to block intelligence collection by China. 报告的作者在其中一个部分批评了美国政府没有完全努力去阻止来自中国的情报收集。The Obama administration has expressed concern over what it sees as state-sponsored hacking from China in recent years.奥巴马政府已对此表示过关注。他们认为近年来中国黑客的袭击,背后有政府的持。The US government response to the threat from Chinese intelligence collection has suffered from the lack of an integrated, coordinated effort within the US intelligence community, the report said.报告说,美国政府对来自中国情报收集的威胁所作出的反应很糟,原因是美国情报界缺乏一体化的、协调一致的努力。The US government’s efforts to counter Chinese intelligence collection operations have manifested largely as a series of espionage prosecutions rather than a strategic, whole-of-government response, it added. 美国政府打击中国情报收集的努力,主要表现为一系列的间谍起诉,而不是战略性的、全政府的响应,报告还说。The Obama administration has taken steps to improve cybersecurity among US government agencies and defense contractors, but these measures could mitigate, not eliminate, the significant cyber espionage threats to these organizations.虽然奥巴马政府已采取措施改进美国政府机构和国防承包商的网络安全,但这些措施只能减轻、而不是消除这些机构所面临的来自网络间谍活动的重大威胁。 /201611/479210About 13 percent of China#39;s mobile payment users suffered from fraud while nearly 90 percent among these couldn#39;t get back the money they lost, according to a report by China Union Pay, the country#39;s biggest bankcard association.根据中国最大的卡联合组织—中国银联表示,中国移动付用户中有13%经历过诈骗,而其中近90%的人没有追回损失。China Union Pay asked its 95 members to conduct the three-month survey under the guidance of China#39;s public security departments. It collected more than 100,000 valid responses.在中国公安部门的监管下,中国银联展发动95名员工,展开对移动付用户的付情况的问卷调查。收到了10万份有效回复。The online payment fraud rate in 2015 increased by 6 percent compared to that of last year as the new payment method showed strong momentum. Over 80 percent completed payment via their cellphones.随着越来越多新颖的付手段的兴起,2015年在线付比去年增长了6%。有超过80%的付通过手机完成。Yuan Xiaohan, general manager of the China Union Pay risk control department, said fraud occurred by cheating social-media accounts, credit card spending and consumer refunds.中国银联风险管理部总经理袁霄汉表示,付诈骗行为大多通过社交账号诈骗、信用卡提额、消费退款等手段而发生。Yuan said mobile payment security has become the main priority in user experience.袁经理说,手机移动付已经成为用户遭受欺诈的主要方式。According to the survey, nearly 90 percent of customers exposed to deception did not get compensation due to complicated processing, with the successful recovery rate at 4 percent.根据调查,由于操作步骤繁琐,近90%用户遭受过欺诈而没有索回损失,只有4%用户追回了损失。Meanwhile, consumer safety awareness is growing in terms of online transactions. About 87 percent of respondents think customer identity and transaction verification are necessary; while another 13 percent of consumers would prefer to adopt fingerprint recognition.与此同时,消费者在线付的安全意识在逐渐加强。87%的受访者表示消费者身份验和交易验是必需的,另外13%的消费者更喜欢指纹识别验。;If your smart phone caught a virus, you#39;d better turn to professionals and let them reinstall its system instead of restarting it yourself,; Yuan suggested.“如果你的手机中毒了,你最好找专业人员来重装系统,不要自己重启手机,”袁经理建议。In addition, purchasing fund-guarantee insurance is another method to recover online fraud losses, it was added.此外,购买资金保障险是追回网上交易欺诈损失的另一种方法。 /201512/419065

An increase in the number of lawsuits lodged by foreigners has prompted China#39;s top court to consider how it might provide legal services in English. Such a move would help those filing disputes that typically involve commerce, property and marriage.随着诉讼案件涉及越来越多的外国人,中国最高法院准备提供英语法律务。此举有助于解决那些涉及经济、财产和婚姻纠纷的文件争议。Some courts in coastal areas have aly formed connections with translators to help foreigners file lawsuits, but more assistance is needed, said Jiang Qibo, chief judge of the Case-Filing Tribunal at the Supreme People#39;s Court. ;It is necessary to establish an English lawsuit service platform nationwide, and we are considering this,; Jiang said.姜启波是最高人民法院立案庭的庭长,他表示沿海地区的一些法庭一直以来就调用翻译人员来帮助外籍人员提起诉讼,但是这些还不够。“中国有必要设立英语诉讼平台,我们现在也正在考虑该方案。”姜启波说。Ada Jen, an administrator at a Beijing international school who comes from the ed States, said it is difficult to resolve disputes, ;because few resources about Chinese laws and legal procedures are translated into English;.阿达珍是一名美国人,是北京国际学校的一名行政助理。她说解决争议太难了,“因为中国的法律和法律程序很少有翻译成英文的。”;As I dealt with cases in China, I had to turn to educational institutions such as Peking University to interpret judicial documents,; said Jen, adding that she is looking forward to seeing the English platform set up.“当我在中国处理案件的时候,我不得不去像北京大学这样的教育体系寻求帮助,翻译法律文件。”珍说,她表示自己非常期待能够建立英语平台。Jiang said courts in the Pudong district of Shanghai and in Yiwu, Zhejiang province-two areas where foreign investment is increasing-have taken measures to better serve litigants in English.姜启波表示,现在上海浦东区和浙江义乌的外籍投资越来越多,这两个地区已经采取相应的英语诉讼务。;These courts have built up an interpreter database to serve and guide foreigners who file cases. Judicial documents in English can be supplied for foreigners. We#39;ll study examples of serving foreigners from these courts and try to establish a unified lawsuit service platform in English and extend it across the country to satisfy foreign litigants promptly.; Jiang said.“这些地区的法庭建立了翻译资料库,可以务和引导外国人起诉。同时可以向外国人提供英文的法律文件。我们要从这些向外国人提供英语务的案例中学习,创建英语务诉讼平台,将平台引入整个中国,更好地务外籍诉讼者。”姜启波说。Under Chinese laws, foreign litigants have the same rights as citizens in lawsuits if their disputes occur in China.在中国法律中,外籍诉讼人在中国出现纠纷后,享有同中国公民一样的权利。 /201512/416395

Japan’s big three shipping conglomerates have outlined plans to set aside one of the country’s most ferocious industrial rivalries amid brutal market conditions to establish a joint venture for their container-shipping businesses.日本三大航运集团提出计划,拟搁置该国最激烈的行业竞争之一,为它们的集装箱航运业务建立一家合资企业。此举的背景是严峻的市场条件。Nippon Yusen Kaisha, Mitsui OSK Lines and K Line said that, if approved by regulators, the joint venture would operate the world’s sixth biggest #172;container fleet, with about 7 per cent of global capacity.日本邮船(Nippon Yusen Kaisha)、商船三井(Mitsui OSK Lines)和川崎汽船(K Line)表示,如果获得监管机构的批准,合资公司将经营世界第六大集装箱船队,约占全球总运力的7%。The deal is the latest in a series of mergers involving container-shipping lines, spurred by sluggish trade growth and overcapacity that have served to create some of the worst conditions in the sector’s 60-year history.这一协议是涉及集装箱航运业的一系列合并的最新发展,其推动因素是贸易增长乏力和运力过剩,给该行业造成60年历史上最糟糕的经营条件。The three-way Japanese joint venture, set to be officially created on July 1 next year, is the industry’s first big deal since Hanjin Shipping, South Korea’s largest container line, in August became the first significant company in the #172;sector to seek bankruptcy protection in 30 years.此前韩国最大的集装箱班轮公司韩进海运(Hanjin Shipping)在今年8月成为30年来业内第一家寻求破产保护的大型公司。将于明年7月1日正式成立的三家日本航运公司的合资企业,是该事件之后该行业第一笔大型合并交易。The deal comes after Germany’s Hapag-Lloyd in July announced plans to take over ed Arab Shipping. Last year, France’s CMA CGM announced it was taking over Singapore’s Neptune Orient Lines, while China Cosco and China Shipping outlined plans to merge.这笔交易达成之前,德国赫伯罗特(Hapag-Lloyd)今年7月宣布并购阿拉伯联合航运公司(ed Arab Shipping)。去年法国达飞海运集团(CMA CGM)宣布并购新加坡东方海皇集团(Neptune Orient Lines),而中国的中远(Cosco)和中国海运(China Shipping)介绍了合并计划。All the deals have been driven by shipping lines’ efforts to create economies of scale. Analysts said there was little to disguise the defensive nature of the deal.这些交易的驱动因素都是航运公司努力挖掘规模效益。分析师们表示,没有什么可以掩饰这些交易的防御性质。 /201611/475835

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