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Talking about an Accident谈论事故There was a car accident in Fucheng Road this afternoon.今天下午在阜成路发生了一起车祸The traffic in this area is so terrible.这一带的交通状况很糟糕Be careful when crossing the street.过马路时要小心Have you ever had a car accident?你以前发生过车祸吗?There is an accident at the crossroads.在十字路口发生了一起交通事故Traffic accidents are on the rise.交通事故在上涨How serious the car accident is!多么严重的一场车祸!I see there are many traffic police on the site.我看见许多交警在现场Why are there so many car accidents?为什么那儿车祸这么多? 55790Mountaineering乘坐缆车It so tired to climb to the top of the mountain.爬到山顶可真累I feel the same. What worse, we have to get back down.我也是,更糟糕的是,我们还要爬下山去Oh my god. I cant bear that. Arent there any cable cars?哦天呐,我受不了了这里没有缆车吗?Let me ask the officers.Excuse me, can you tell me where I can take cable cars?让我问问工作人员请问,能告诉我去哪里可以乘坐缆车吗?Walk further and you will see the sign. I am afraid you have to wait a long time.往前走走您会看到标志恐怕您得等很长时间 980

第一句:Is it possible to leave this bag here until we leave?我们想把这个包一直存放到我们离店的时候,可以吗?A: Is it possible to leave this bag here until we leave?我们想把这个包一直存放到我们离店的时候,可以吗?B: Yes.好的第二句:Can I deposit valuables here?我能在这儿寄存贵重物品吗?A: Can I deposit valuables here?我能在这儿寄存贵重物品吗?B: Yes, you can. Please fill out this m.可以,请填写这张表要寄存贵重物品时,还可以说:Could you please look after my valuables here? 你能帮我照看一些贵重物品的吗?deposit 有“暂时存放”的意思还可以说:Can I check my luggage here? 我可以把行李放在这儿吗?一般酒店都有这样寄存处,但护照和现金最好还是自己带着 070TWO Americans were awarded the Nobel economics prize yesterday for studies on the matchmaking taking place when doctors are coupled up with hospitals, students with schools and human organs with transplant recipients.两名美国人因研究医生与医院、学生与学校和人体器官与被移植者之间的有效匹配,昨天被授予诺贝尔经济学奖。The work of Alvin Roth and Lloyd Shapley has sparked a ;flourishing field of research; and helped improve the performance of many markets, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said.阿尔#12539;罗思和劳埃#12539;沙普利的工作鼓舞了“蓬勃发展的研究领域”,并帮助改善了许多市场上的表现,瑞典皇家科学院说。Roth, 60, is a professor at Harvard University in Boston. Shapley, 89, is a professor emeritus at University of California Los Angeles.现年60岁的罗斯是位于波士顿的哈佛大学的教授,9岁的沙普利是美国加州大学洛杉矶分校的教授;This years prize concerns a central economic problem: how to match different agents as well as possible,; the academy said.科学院说:“今年的诺奖关注的是经济学的一个中心问题:如何尽可能适当地匹配不同市场主体。”Shapley made early theoretical inroads into the subject, using game theory to analyze different matching methods in the 1950s and 1960s. Together with US economist David Gale, he developed a mathematical formula for how 10 men and 10 women could be coupled in a way so that no one would benefit from trading partners. While that may have had little impact on marriages and divorces, the algorithm they developed has been used to better understand many different markets.夏普利对这一主题提出了早期的理论,在20世纪50年代0年代利用弈论来分析不同的匹配方式。与美国经济学家大卫#8226;盖尔一起,他开发了一个数学公0个男人和10个女人如何配对才能保没有人会受益于配对伙伴。虽然这可能有一点影响到结婚和离婚,他们开发的算法已经被用于更好地理解许多不同的市场。In the 1990s, Roth applied it to the market for allocating US student doctors to hospitals. He developed a new algorithm that was adopted by the National Resident Matching Program, which helps match resident doctors with the right hospitals.0世纪90年代,罗斯把它应用到如何把美国医学生分配到医院。他开发了一种新的算法被全国驻地医师匹配程序所采用,这有助于把驻院医师分配到合适的医院;Even though these two researchers worked independently of one another, the combination of Shapleys basic theory and Roths empirical investigations, experiments and practical design has generated a flourishing field of research and improved the performance of many markets,; the academy said.“尽管这两位研究人员彼此独立工作,但夏普利的基本理论和罗斯的实调查、实验和实用的设计相结合,产生了一个蓬勃发展的研究领域,并改善了很多市场的功能,”皇家研究院说。The official prize citation said the two were awarded for ;the theory of stable allocations and the practice of market design.;两人的正式获奖词说的是表彰其“稳定匹配理论和市场设计实践”。来 /201210/203924

An increasing number of Chinese tourists are visiting the ed States, pleasing many American businesses in tough economic times. The number of U.S. tourist visas issued to Chinese has risen dramatically, from 203,000 travelers in 2004 to the latest number available, which is 1.1 million. That puts China ninth on the list of countries of origin for U.S. tourism.中国访美游客人数不断增加,令处于经济艰难时期的许多美国企业受益。美国向中国公民签发的旅游签数量已大幅增加,从2004年的20000增加到去年的110万,这是可获得的最新数字。这使中国成为美国的大旅游客源国。Ron Erdmann, deputy director of the U.S. Commerce Departments Office of Travel and Tourism Industries, told VOA the Chinese tourists are giving a boost to the U.S. economy. Erdmann said Chinese tourism also benefits the people of both countries culturally. Erdmann said the growth in tourism from China is also boosting the sector of the U.S. travel industry that specializes in providing services to Chinese visitors. He said the U.S. government, for its part, is working to make sure that most visa applicants are approved promptly.美国商务部旅游与旅行业办公室副主任罗恩·厄尔德曼对美国之音说,中国游客提振了美国经济。厄尔德曼说,中国游客访美还有利于两国人民的文化交流。厄尔德曼说,中国访美游客人数增加还促使美国旅游业改善向中国游客提供的务。他说,美国政府也在致力于确保大多数签申请快速获批。来 /201204/179098Steamed crabs蒸螃蟹Excuse me, sir, your steamed crabs is coming.打扰一下,先生,您的蒸螃蟹好了It looks delicious. Can you tell me how to enjoy it? It my first time to eat it.看上去很好吃能告诉我怎么吃吗?我第一次吃Mix a little soya sauce, vinegar and sliced ginger on this plate and dip the meat in it bee eating.把酱油和醋还有姜茸和到一起,在吃螃蟹前蘸一下就可以了Thanks a lot.非常感谢 83

1.惯用口语句子:I dont want to live in the dormitory.我不想住在宿舍里I hate to live in the dorm.我讨厌住在宿舍里.dormitory n. 宿舍(其简写形式为dorm)I want to rent an apartment.我想租一套公寓I want to rent a two-bedroom flat.我想租一套两居室Ive been told that you might have an apartment rent.有人告诉我说你们可能有一套公寓要出租Do you have an apartment to let?你有房子要出租吗?let v. 出租I want to share an apartment with a non-smoking male.我想和一位不吸烟的男性合租Id like to share an apartment with a non-smoking female.我想和一位不吸烟的女性合租male n. 男性female n. 女性hare with“分坦.分辜.共同使用”I need a spacious apartment.我需要一个宽敞的房子spacious n.宽敞的Is this an elevator building?楼里有电梯吗?elevator n. 升降电梯I dont want to live on the first floor because it too noisy.我不想住在一楼,因为太吵了I dont want to live on the top floor.我不想住在顶楼I want to live on the sixth floor.我想住在六楼Does the building have security?l楼里有保安人员吗?security n. 保安措施,警卫 3575 Taking a Taxi搭乘出租车Part 1 Vocabulary第一部分 词汇1.call a taxi1.打电话叫出租车.catch a taxi.拦出租车3.taxi stand3.出租车招呼站.meter.计费表5.safety belt5.安全带6.vacant6.空车7.trunk7.后行李箱8.fare8.车费9.keep the change9.不用找钱.traffic lights.红绿灯.intersection.十字路口.sidewalk.人行道.crosswalk.斑马线 389

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