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A: So what brings you to my office today?B: My tooth is killing me!A: How long has your tooth been bothering you?B: It just started hurting me last night.A: Have you injured your tooth in any way?B: I think one of my fillings might be coming loose.A: Do you have a special kind of toothbrush that you like to use?B: I have an electric toothbrush.A: Does it bother you when you eat something really sweet?B: Oh yeah, when I do that, it hurts a lot more! 33After centuries, walls that once protected mighty emperors are beginning to show their age.历经几个世纪,曾经保护位高权重的一国之君的城墙开始显现出岁月的痕迹The Palace Museum in Beijing, also known as the bidden City, began a sweeping renovation of a 33-meter-long section of the walls north of the First Historical Archives inside the Xihua Gate.北京故宫物院(又称紫禁城)日前启动一项大规模修缮工程,修缮区域为西华门内第一历史档案馆以北一段33米的城墙The restoration work would focus on the inside of the city wall.修缮工作将以城墙内侧修缮为主Experts recently finished a survey on the condition of the 3,37 meters of wall. It shows hidden hazards:专家近日完成了对故宫37米城墙状况的勘察,发现一些隐患:Some sections have been hollowed out over time, and are sagging. Grass and tree roots that have infiltrated gaps pose another major threat to their stability.随着时间的流逝,部分城墙出现空心区、正在塌陷长在城墙缝隙之间的草、树根也对墙体的稳固构成威胁The western walls have sustained the most damage, Shan Jixiang, the museum curator said.故宫物院院长单霁翔表示,故宫西部区域的城墙受损最严重A 33-meter section on that side has been chosen as the first target renovation. Plans the rest are pending.该区域一段33米的城墙被选为第一个修缮对象其他城墙的修缮方案还在制定中Shan said he expects the whole project covering all endangered sections to be completed by October , when the bidden City celebrates its 600th birthday.单霁翔表示,他预计涉及所有危墙的整个修缮工程将于年月完成,届时恰逢紫禁城庆祝600岁生日 835Y 大家好,我是杨晨P 我是PatrickY amp; P 今天我们...Y Patrick,你不要跟我抢着说话,这是犯规要是赛跑你这就是抢跑,false start!P I apologize. In track and field, if an athlete committed two false starts, heshe will be disqualified.Y 两次false starts,就要被罚下场P 刚才你也是false starts为什么只有我道歉?Y Well, let move on, shall we?P OK, anyway, today we are going to talk about sprinting events.Y Sprinting events是田径比赛中的短跑项目我们先来讲起跑在起跑线,我们会听到发令员喊;各就位;P On your mark,Y 预备P get set,Y 没有发令就喊;跑;P :Go!Y: 正式比赛当然都用发令了P :A starting gun is used in official track meets.Y 起跑对短跑运动员很重要P:A runner start is crucial, especially sprinting events like the 0-m dash. You need to react to the gun fast, but not too fast; otherwise you will commit a false start.Y 响了要迅速冲出去,但起跑太快,据说快于0.1秒就是抢跑了你看,我懂得很多吧信不信我跑得比你快P 不相信Y 那我们出去比一比!Lets race.P OK. Lets race and see what happens.Announcer: On your mark, get set, go...Y: I win, I win!!!P: No, you didnt, you cheated! False start. 399The site of the World Expo in Shanghai is to be turned into the city biggest urban park according to the local authorities.上海相关部门日前表示,年上海世界览会的举办场地将变成该市最大的城市公园Stretching sq km along the east bank of the Huangpu River, the mer World Fair site is to be turned into a World Expo Culture Park, which will be a green area, free to local residents, comparable to Central Park in New York.地处黄浦江东岸,沿岸面积平方公里的世会原址将变成“世文化公园”--一个向上海市民免费开放、可媲美纽约中央公园的绿色区域The municipal government places great importance on the follow-up development of the city World Expo area, and the project is being seen as a renewed commitment to the ;Better City - Better Life; theme of the Shanghai World Expo, said Lu Yuexing, director of the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Afestation And City Appearance.上海市绿化和市容局长陆月星表示,市政府高度重视上海世会地区的后续开发工作该项目被视为对年上海世会“城市,让生活更美好”主题的全新承诺The thcoming transmation also marks a further step the city ambitious plans towards globalization, future development and the dream of becoming an international metropolis.即将进行的改造工作还标志着上海向全球化、未来发展以及成为国际大都市梦想的宏伟计划又迈进了一步With the reputation attracting the largest number of participating countries and regions, and as the most expensive Expo in the history of the world fairs, the Shanghai World Expo also holds the record being the largest World Fair site covering an area of 5. square kilometers.凭借名气吸引了数量最多的参与国和地区,并且作为有史以来世界上花费最高的世会,上海世会还以覆盖5.平方公里的面积,保持着全球最大的世界级盛会的纪录Shanghai authorities are seeking ideas from the public the park design.目前,上海相关部门正就公园的设计向民众征求思路 5900

Confirmation of inspection 检验事宜确认A: It time to come to the question of inspection.我们该讨论一下商品检验的问题了吧?B: Right. Then how can we arrange the deal?好的那么我们该怎么办安排这件事呢?A: Firstly, we demand that bee delivery your company should inspect all the details including quality, quantity and specification and make sure that the inspection process is made according to our contrast.首先,我方要求在发送货物之前贵公司对所有细节进行仔细检验,包括质量,数量和规格并且一定要保一切检验程序符合我们合同中的条款B: We will, sure. And at the same time we demand that the reinspection fee be borne by your company. Is that all right you?没问题同时我方也要求复检费由贵方承担你们可以接受吗?A: That sounds reasonable. I guess we can accept that.听起来很合理,我想我们能够接受B: When the commodities arrive, they must be carefully delivered and once they are damaged which falls within your responsibility, we will not bear the loss. You can turn to the insurance company.当货物到达后,请小心搬运,一旦由于贵方责任而造成了商品的任何损失,我方不承担责任,贵方可以向保险公司索赔A: OK, we can live with that. But if we find any discrepancy in the process of reinspection, we will inm you in days.好的,我们可以接受如果在复检中发现任何问题,我方会在日内通知贵公司B: That will be fine.很好;fall within one reponsibility;在这里的意思是;属于谁的责任; 186

It is a heartwarming sight to watch adults hold crying babies, gently rocking them while singing lullabies.一边摇晃着啼哭的孩子,一边口中哼着摇篮曲,这应该是很多人眼中无比温馨的场景But a recent incident in Taiwan has become a sensation and turned that image on its head. One father shook his seven-month-old baby girl to death as she slept.但最近发生在台湾的一次事件引起了轩然,完全颠覆了这一画面当7个月女儿睡觉时,该父亲摇晃孩子却致其死亡The man was the father of triplets in Xinbei, a city in Taiwan. One day, he sat with his seven-month-old baby girl on a rocking chair, shaking and teasing her as she dozed. But he never expected such a terrible outcome. He suddenly noticed that his daughter was foaming at the mouth and falling into a stupor. He and his wife rushed to the hospital, only to have their baby declared dead on arrival.据悉,这名男子是台湾新北市的一名三胞胎父亲,那天,因七个月大的女儿哭闹,他坐在女儿摇椅旁边,边摇晃边逗她开心然而他没有想到会有如此糟糕的结果他突然发现女儿口吐白沫,陷入昏迷状态他和妻子赶忙把女儿送往医院,可到达时,医院宣布孩子已经死亡The infant had no significant external injuries. She was diagnosed at the hospital as having suffered from ;shaken baby syndrome.; It seems that the father damaged the baby brain while rocking her body too vigorously.这名女婴没有明显的外部伤口医院诊断女婴患有“婴儿摇晃综合症”应该是父亲在用力摇晃女儿时损伤了婴儿的大脑;Adults often feel tired after a hard day of work, so it not unreasonable to want a crying baby to fall asleep as soon as possible. But parents with insufficient medical knowledge can easily hurt babies; one possible outcome of shaking a baby is cerebral hemorrhage,; said Tong Meiling, Chief Physician of the Children Health Center in Nanjing.南京市儿童保健所所长童梅玲表示:“家长一天上班下来很辛苦,看到孩子哭闹不止,试图摇晃来让孩子尽快入睡是可以理解的但是没有充分医学常识的家长很容易伤害到婴儿,用力摇晃婴儿可能导致脑出血,” 3

.Good luck!祝你好运!Good luck!祝你好运!Thank you.谢谢你.Thanks,I need it.谢谢,我需要好运气!You too.你也一样.Good luck to you,too.也祝你好运.Let hope I dont need luck.希望我不需要好运.

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