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78.消遣常用应急场景范例一:Learn to play MajiangM: Have you ever played Majiang?W: Not really, but I know it is very popular a traditional Chinese gambling game.M: Yes, some friends play it all day, all night, and sometimes a whole weekend. I tried to about some basic rules online, but it is hard to understand. So I went to watch people play yesterday only to find I was even more confused. I think I have to work hard on those rules and more learning by doing. Practice makes the master. W: Typical Francis, whether you are at work, or engaged in leisure time activities, you always show the same eagerness and curiosity to learn something new and improve yourself.M: It is important to keep your mind up-to-date and active.范例二:Cool downM: I am going to celebrate my birthday with you all in a night club this year, what do you say?W: Fantastic! I enjoy clubbing, especially those clubs with live bands. The only fly in the ointment is that the air is bad, full of smoke, and the music is too loud, so conversations are not really possible. Once I nearly got burnt by a cigarette.M: How did that happen?W: A wild dancer dropped it on my left foot and said nothing about it. If I had drunk enough and I would have had the bold to punch him in the face.M: Sounds cool! But that is not what a lady should do. People are easy to lose head in a night club and being drunk. /201003/100148。

第一句:A large number of bedsps we ordered from you last year were found soiled when they reached us.我们去年订购的大量的床罩到达我方时已经受损了。A: A large number of bedsps we ordered from you last year were found soiled when they reached us.我们去年订购的大量的床罩到达我方时已经受损了。B: We are terribly sorry for the trouble we brought.我们对我方造成的麻烦深感抱歉。第二句:So I hope you will take necessary precautions in packing this consignment.所以我方希望以此包装货物时贵方能否早有防范。A: So I hope you will take necessary precautions in packing this consignment.所以我方希望以此包装货物时贵方能否早有防范。B: We will pay special attention to it this time.这次我们会格外注意的。A: All right.太好了。美国、加拿大、澳大利亚、新西兰等国,对未经过加工的原木和原木包装有严格的规定,规定这类货物包装必须在原出口国进行熏蒸,并出示熏蒸,进口国方可接受货物进口。否则将对出口国罚款或将货物退回原出口国。其他表达法:Please ship the goods in strong packing to ensure good condition on arrival.请注意在发货前牢固包装货物以确保抵达我方时保持原样。The packing must be in line with local market preference.包装要符合当地市场导向。 /201208/196938。

陈豪在美国A公司工作。他经常要用电子邮件和公司内外的人联系。今天他见到了一个他不认识的英文词,所以就去请教美籍华人Mary。C:Hey, Mary,我知道etiquette这个词的意思是礼节,礼貌。可是,什么是netiquette? NETIQUETTE。M:Netiquette是人们新创造的一个词。意思是网上礼节,也就是good behavior on the Internet。C:网上还有礼节!Why dont you give me an example.M:比如说,你最好不要全用大写来写email。If you type in all capital letters, people would think you are shouting your message。C:噢,怪不得那天销售部的Robert问我:Why did you yell at me? 可有的人给我email全用小写,那是什么意思呀?Whisper?说悄悄话呀?M:No。那天财务部的Kevin不是给我们俩写的email都用小写吗?全用小写一般是不正式的,like chatting with your friends。C:Email本身就是不正式的。M:Thats true, but that does not mean you can ignore appropriate etiquette。我得去开个会,午饭时再接著谈吧!C:Fine! See you at the cafeteria at 12:00pm.M:哟,陈豪,你怎么吃那么快呀!C:我刚才真是饿死了,不过我很想知道还有哪些网上礼节。M:首先,在你送出e-mail 之前,check if there are mistakes such as spelling, grammar, punctuation and word choice. If your e-mail is sloppy, you will be perceived as sloppy and disrespectful to the recipients.C:我有两次发e-mail给客户时忘了附件。几个客户马上回e-mail问我:What attachment?M:是呀,一旦e-mail发出去以后,你就没法收回了。发现错误后最好的办法就是纠正错误,再重新发一次。你应该在subject line里写:corrected version with attachment included。C:下回我一定这样做。M:最好是不要出这样的差错。Before you hit the send button, check your spelling, grammar, punctuation and word choice. Sloppiness gives people a bad impression and is disrespectful to others. When mistakes are found, correct them and resend the e-mail. Typing in all capital letters seems that you are shouting, or typing in all lower keys are like chatting with your friends. /201206/188035。

Setting up a staff meetingA: We’re going to need everybody’s input on this project . So I’d like to fix a time to meet next week and hear what you all have to say.B: I’d prefer to meet in the morning. I’m going to be out of the office most afternoons next week.A: I don’t have any problem with that. Let’s set it up for 9:30 Wednesday morning. We can carry it over to Thursday if we need to.B: That’s fine. What do the rest of you think? 员工会议 A:我们需要大家同心协力投入到这个项目上来 ,因此我想和大伙定时间在下星期开个会,听取各位的建议。B:我倾向于定在上午。下周大部分的下午我都得外出。A:我没问题。咱们就定在星期三上午的9:30吧。如有必要星期四可以继续。B:好的。你们大家看怎么样? /200812/58154。

Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.你要重新振作起来啊!pull oneself up by ones own bootstraps直译过来就是:“通过自己的靴带站起身来”,这个短语的正确意思是:“不依靠他人,经过自己的努力来改善不良的处境”。因此,当美国人说;Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;Cheer up by your own strength.;、;Pull yourself together.;、;Get rid of the bad state by your own struggle.;情景对白:Shirley: I feel extremely embarrassed. I was beaten by a newcomer in this project.雪莉:我简直无地自容。在这个项目上我居然被一个新人给打败了。Benjamin: Honey, pull yourself up by your bootstraps!本杰明:亲爱的,你要重新振作起来啊!搭配句积累:①I was demoted to the grass-roots units.我被降职到基层。②I missed the plane and messed up this important contract.我错过了飞机,把这份重要的合同给搞砸了。③Whatever I proposed was all denied by the manager.我所有的提议都遭到了经理的否定。④The boss scolded my work and told me to leave the company.老板指责了我的工作,命令我离开公司。单词:1. embarrassed adj. 尴尬的He looked a bit embarrassed.他看起来有点尴尬。What made the hostess very embarrassed was that the so-called special guest did not show himself up after her invitation.使主持人非常难堪的是尽管再三邀请,所谓的特邀嘉宾也没有出现。He wore an embarrassed expression.他显出窘迫的神情。2. demote vt. 使降级、降职If they prove ineffective they should be demoted or asked to retire.如果事实明他们已无力胜任,应该将他们降级或让他们退休。The club was demoted at the end of last season.上个赛季末该俱乐部被降级了。It is illegal to demote an employee without reason.无缘无故将一名员工降级是违法的。3. grass-roots units 基层Cadres have gone down to different grass-roots units to take part in manual labour.干部们分别下基层参加劳动去了。The sociologist appeals that the new graduates go to the grass-roots units so that they can gain some practical experience.社会学家呼吁让刚毕业的大学生从最基层的工作做起,这样他们可以获取一些实际经验。 /201211/208381。

Cubicle Decor隔间装饰陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作。他中午去吃饭,正好遇到美国同事Amy。(Office ambience)C:Amy, 你去吃饭吗?A:As a matter of fact, I am.C:我准备到楼下的商店去随便买个汉堡。一起去吧?A:OK. I am looking for a quick bite myself. I would be delighted to join you.C:我刚好有个问题要请教你。A:What is it?C:现在很多人都在格间里工作,我还记得你告诉过我,工作时应该尽量设法不要影响到别人。A:Right. We have discussed keeping your voice down in your cubicle, not using a speaker phone or holding a meeting in your cube.C:对,除了声音不要太大以外,还有不要吃味道特别重的食物。不过Amy,我最近还注意到了另外一个问题。A:Im interested to hear what it is.C:主要是个人对工作格间的装饰。I call it ;cubicle decor.;A:Here we are at the sandwich shop. Lets get seated and then continue our conversation.陈豪和Amy坐下吃饭。A:You were talking about cubicle décor. What do you mean?C:有人的格间很整齐,没有任何私人物品,但有的人却好像是把家都搬来了。A:Can you be more specific?C:他们的工作间里到处是家人的照片、小装饰品、孩子的手工作品、出去玩买的纪念品,还有各种奖状。A:That bothers you?C:我确实觉得有点儿过份。A:Well, I agree with you. People need to add a personal touch to their office or cubicle without overdoing it.C:我觉得应该定个规矩,一律不许用私人物品来装饰办公室?A:I disagree. Putting personal touches around your desk reveals a dimension of your personality to your co-workers and associates. Its as important as small talk in the office.C:这么说也有道理,其实我就挺喜欢看同事们桌子上的照片的。但是你不觉得应该适当控制一下吗?A:People need to understand the limits of how much memorabilia to display as well as what is appropriate.C:那你觉得什么样的限制比较合理呢?A:Keep the number of family photos to one or two, no more than 5x7 inches each. Display a favorite art piece, knick-knack or a plague that expresses a personal philosophy, but not a collection.C:你的意思是可以放一、两张5x7的照片,外加一件小装饰品。还有些同事喜欢在办公室里养花,你觉得合适吗?A:Its OK to add a live plant or two. The bottom line is to make your work area represent you without diminishing your professionalism. /201209/200211。